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    FAQ/Walkthrough by snoocete

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    Phantom Fighter
    Complete FAQ/Walkthrough
    September 05, 2003
    Version 2.00
    author: Aaron Madrinan (snoocete)
    e-mail: snoocete@yahoo.com
    subject: "RE: Phantom Fighter FAQ/Walkthrough"
    The gaming world is changing very rapidly. Games are released on
    breakneck speed that we need more than a lifetime to play even just
    the good ones. The result? The other not-so-famous games are
    forgotten and put aside by future gamers. In other words, they
    become underrated. Such is what happened to a game called
    Phantom Fighter.
    I've played it since I was a kid. Though not as extremely fun as
    games like Kirby or Pokemon, it very much dwells on the concept in
    which Contra flourished: you can never let the game beat you.
    Supposedly, it would be as famous as that. But, heck there wasn't
    even a walkthrough on GameFAQs, only some codes that lets you skip
    to the last town and a very bad review. Sigh.
    You want my opinion? Here is what I can say: don't let the big names
    fool you. A lot of gems are hidden in the dump of really bad games,
    I admit, but they only need a little spotlight to shine. Here is my
    share of that spotlight =).
    You are free to save this guide onto your hard drive and/or print for
    your personal viewing pleasure. You may distibute it to other people
    as long as you don't claim it as yours, okay? Since this game doesn't
    have that much coverage, you may post this at your site in its full,
    unedited version even without my permission as long as its credits
    point to me. Deal!
    ---> CONTENTS
    1. Updates
    2. FAQ
    3. Walkthrough
    4. Credits
    This is FAQ #2, hope I got a bit better.
    ---> UPDATES
    -2.00-   -21Kb-
    Look above (^_^). It's a whole number change!
    A kind soul mailed to me the names of the Kyonshies. Yay!
    Added peace and order (where there was chaos).
    Formatting change.
    E-mail change.
    Lastly, look at the disclaimer.
    -1.00-   -19Kb-
    This FAQ is complete, however the Japanese names of the Kyonshies are
    missing. Not that anybody would care, but it still important. If you
    have an instruction manual (because I kinda lost it), kindly e-mail
    me and let me know, ok?
    ---> FAQ
    --Who are you?
    Just a humble freelance (a bit newbie-ish, but wants to learn a lot)
    FAQ writer who writes for his favorite games whenever he has the time.
    --What are these "Kyonshi" that I'm fighting?
    If you have ever watched the anime series "Shaman King", or knew
    a bit about Chinese folkore, you have the idea. These are what we
    call the undead; they are supposed to be immobile, rotting bodies.
    They still are, but they are being controlled by some mysterious
    power. You know about rigor mortis? It also applies to these
    phantoms. That explains why they could only move their feet and
    knees to hop and turn around, and their elbows to puncture your face
    with their dirty, sharp nails.
    --How do I fight these enemies?
    You have to move around. A lot. Whenever you stay on one spot, the
    Kyonshi will follow you with small hops, then when it gets in range,
    it suddenly does a big dive toward you. Unless you hit the Kyonshi
    in a critical point or you kill it in transit, you cannot stop that
    from homing to you. So you got to move. That's your ace against these
    creatures. They have lockjaw and every known bone and muscle disease,
    while you could just move out of their way. For example, the moment
    they land on the ground, give them a kick or two on their sleeves
    then they will be knocked down. When they wake up and hops around
    again, repeat. Soon they will burst in flames, and the door that
    lets you continue through the building opens.
    --What does that man who follows me around do?
    That's your assistant. Whenever you are inside a building, if you
    return to the exit, you talk to him. He asks if you want to have
    an item, stay at the building, or just leave the place.
    --And those items are...?
    There are a total of four (4) items in the game. You can find them
    from the households you rescue from kyonshies. They replace the use
    of the punch attack, but it's worth it.
    1. Tonten - the kyonshi you show this with is knocked back to the
    ground because a) there is holy white light coming from it, or
    b) he saw his face, squirming with maggots (hey, thanks mate for the
    mirror, 'bout time I fix my hair... what the he... *faints*). DON'T
    use this when you're about to get hit; it also acts as your armor,
    and because it's a mirror and was hit by diamond hard claws, you know
    what happens.
    2. Sacred Sword - even a swordless Link (of Legend of Zelda) would
    not use this nicely-named weapon (he might even throw it back at you
    so don't even try). It does little damage, and it also gets broken
    easily as if it is made by glass. The only edge it has is that it
    has a rather long range for a physical attack, you could corner a
    kyonshi with it, but you would like to beat them up yourself,
    wouldn't you?
    3. Talisman - freezes the enemy in place until it's effect is gone or
    they got hit. You have to make contact with the kyonshi you want to
    victimize it with, so there is a chance you get hit and the item
    breaks. Useful on the tall kyonshies, you could sneak under them,
    paste the talisman on their belly, then kick them in the butt.
    4. Bell - If you use this in the middle of a heated battle, it does
    nothing except probably makes a little chime that is pleasant to hear
    for you but instead boils the blood of the kyonshi, making him more
    aggressive. Actually, use it to control the kyonshi kid.
    --What are the scrolls for?
    Whenever you cleanse a building from kyonshies, you get a varying
    amount of scrolls. You use them at the Training Hall to learn new
    --The guard won't let me in because I can't answer his questions...
    got a list there that could help me? Please?
    Of course I do. I intend to make this the complete-est FAQ you'll
    ever see (for PF, of course). Here they are (if you noticed, the
    stupid comments are gone. just learned not to learn from the likes
    of ArchNacho and Tortilla Godzilla):
    Q - Question
    A - Answer
    Q: Why do Kyonshies come out only at night?
    A: Hate the sun.
    Q: What country do Samurais come from?
    A: Japan
    Q: What is another word for one?
    A: Any answer will do.
    Q: Who built the Great Wall of China?
    A: Any answer will do.
    Q: What is the food Kyonshies hate?
    A: Ice Cream
    Q: Who created Ultima?
    A: Lord British
    SC: Who is he?
    Q: What is Kyonshi's most powerful weapon?
    A: Sharp claws
    Q: What is the skill when you hold an opponent's arms from the back
       and throw him backward?
    A: Dragon Suplex
    Q: What kind of place do Kyonshies usually live in?
    A: Any answer will do.
    Q: What is a horrible skill when you head-banged against an
       opponent's head?
    A: Any answer will do.
    Q: Name an FCI video game.
    A: Any answer will do.
    Q: What is the famous Chinese newspaper?
    A: Wall poster
    Q: How many stars are there in the American flag?
    A: 50
    Q: What is the best thing used to  capture Kyonshies?
    A: Urn
    Q: What is a Chinese martial art usually called?
    A: Kung fu
    Q: What is the best method to make sure Kyonshies never revive again?
    A: Fry in oil
    Q: What is the teaching taught by Confucius called?
    A: Confucianism
    Q: What's the name of George Bush's dog?
    A: Millie
    Q: Who is the emperor called the Last Emperor?
    A: Fugi
    --Can I kill the guard?
    If you are not a super nerd, who knows NES rom-editing to change the
    layer which the guard resides to your characters layer and set its
    attributes to "hittable", has an HP count, and many other things,
    definitely no. I know it's a big disappointment.
    --What are these new abilities you will learn from the Training Hall?
    New techniques in martial arts. When you started the game, you have
    a weak punch and a weak kick. Learn these and you will become stronger
    and better to fight kyonshies.
    Town 1 (2scr)
    =2 Thrust - punch and you will hit the enemy twice
    =2 Kick - same with 2 Thrust but you kick instead
    =High Jump - self-explanatory
    =Wolf Move - speed up
    Town 2 (6scr)
    =3 Thrust - three fists-of-fury in one swift delivery
    =Turn Kick - most versatile move in the game
    =Wind Jump - jump and hold left/right to do a spin jump
    =Tiger Move - more speed up
    =Mirage Move - combine with Tiger Mv. for better effect
    Town 3 (18scr)
    =Mirage Walk - move while crouching
    =Dragon Move - whoosh! last speed upgrade
    Town 4 (50scr)
    =Wind Kick - jump then kick furiously in mid-air to form a spin kick
    =Mirage Thrust - punch while crouching
    Town 5
    =<no training hall>
    Town 6 (80scr)
    =Jump Kick - hold left/right then kick to see this fantastic move
    Town 7 (90scr)
    =4 Thrust - most powerful move in the game
    Town 8
    =<no training hall>
    --What are the names of these Kyonshies?
    What I have here are unofficial names which I made up by their looks,
    color, and strength:
    Pink - weak household form of kyonshi.
    Green - stronger and faster than the pink
    Dwarf - a real pain, their size and speed make them hard to hit.
    Tall - vulnerable to punch attacks, mirage thrust
    Fat - looks tough but slow, easy target
    Short-armed - has a high resistance to hits, has high attack power
    Their original Japanese names (courtesy of SatelliteGeibor@aol.com):
    Pink Kyonshi: Sosekushi
    Green Kyonshi: Zanshi
    Fat Kyonshi: Kimenshi
    Dwarf Kyonshi: WeeKyonshi (literally)
    Tall Kyonshi: Ryukyoshi
    Graveyard Ghost: Shanshi
    --Know any GameGenie codes?
    Nope. Go to the Codes and Secrets page of this game and you might
    find something to help, you cheater!
    In case you don't have a manual, here is the juicy bit of the story:
    You are Kenchi, China's savior from the Kyonshi, the eastern counter-
    part of the vampire. Someone had let them loose on seven towns, with
    the eighth one being totally controlled by that being. Of course,
    you as the hero walks in the scene and puts a stop to the onslaught.
    However, it won't be easy: the Kyonshi are undead, has little sense
    of pain and their conscience all gone. Which makes them more fun to
    battle, isn't it?
    |Town 1 - A taste of Kyonshi power|
    Enter the temple. This holy building looks always the same in every
    town you come to; it also functions the same thing; as a rest point
    for your character. That's why you should also invade this first.
    Oh, the controls:
    left/right: moves you in the direction you press.
    up: jump (not so high right now, so don't use it much)
    down: crouch/duck
    B button: punch
    A button: kick
    Select: when outside, changes message display speed
    Start: pauses the game
    Kill the introductory kyonshi inside, then the temple could now be
    used as an inn. The ASCII art below shows the lay-out of the town:
     T  S  O  S  S  O  H  S  O  I  I  B
    H-Training Hall
    I-Item inside
    S-Scroll inside
    O-Orb inside
    B-Boss inside
    Enter houses and fight kyonshies to have scrolls and some items.
    Pink kyonshies are weaker than green ones, but later in the game,
    most of the time you will fight green ones so you have to practice on
    them, too. Heal at the temple if you are hurt. Every time you get
    enough scrolls, head to the Training Hall and learn a new ability, in
    the order 2 Kick, Wolf Move, 2 Thrust, then High Jump. Afterwards,
    enter the Orb buildings, defeat the more difficult kyonshies there
    and get the Orb they leave. After you have three orbs, enter the boss
    cave and fight...
    AFTERIMAGE KYONSHI (Japanese name: Genyoshi)
    Difficulty: */*****
    --I just made up the name, sorry. This boss is small but jumps ultra
    high. Also it takes up many hits to bring down so don't you dare
    stand in its path to kick/punch. You could a) wait until it reaches
    the high point in its jump, then as it falls down, attack it, or
    b) my favorite way. Use the talisman to freeze it then kick it from
    behind. Rinse and repeat.
    Your reward? Being congratulated by your assistant and access to the
    next town =). Don't forget to copy the password.
    |Town 2 - The baby Kyonshi|
     I  H  S  S  O  O  T  I  O  *  I  B
    The * contains Conshi, the baby Kyonshi. You can have him in your
    party by letting your assistant be snatched by the light in the
    graveyard, defeating her (she's very strong, but not too hard), then
    afterwards you will get the bell. You may want to try it to know how
    it feels to be a Kyonshi; otherwise do the same modus operandi in
    Town 1 (learn the Turn Kick as soon as you can), and at the end is
    another cave...
    KNIFE KYONSHI (Japanese name: Raunshi)
    Difficulty: **/*****
    --As soon as you enter, stop for the boss is throwing knives at you.
    After enough knives, he pauses, that's your signal to get near and
    whack him. If he hits you with his knife, it does a lot of damage so
    be careful. You may either use the Tonten to knock him out fast when
    he is about to use the knives, or the Talisman to freeze him then
    hit him from behind so he has to turn around to hit you with knives.
    And if you're wondering whether you can beat this boss using Conshi,
    well, YOU CAN. It's quite difficult however, and I'm not 100% sure if
    there are rewards somewhere, but it's quite fun watching him knock
    out that big guy =).
    |Town 3 - Woo! A bit of difficulty!|
     S  I  I  S  S  T  H  O  S  O  O  B
    Save the temple, get some scrolls, learn at the training hall, and
    then get the three orbs. Simple as that.
    Difficulty: ***/*****
    --From here, the manual doesn't say the Japanese names, so you have
    to deal with the translation above. Sorry.
    --No, he doesn't throw balls of lightning at you. It's that the back-
    ground flashes every now and then. The boss itself is like any other
    tall Kyonshi, except he's much faster than the others, much stronger,
    and much more HP.
    |Town 4 - Hey! Be careful! WATCH OUT!!|
     H  S  S  O  S  I  O  I  T  O  I  B
    Don't bother learning the Wind Kick; it's pretty much useless. The
    other move, Mirage Thrust, is a must-have. You can easily kill tall
    bosses without even getting stratched. I know it's cheap, but an army
    of kyonshies vs. one phantom fighter isn't fair, too.
    Difficulty: *****/*****
    --This is the part where I always got stuck when I was a kid. This
    boss attacks you at a speed in which you could rarely, if ever, react
    in time. If you don't hit him with anything in your arsenal, he WILL
    tackle you. Talisman does not work on him. The Tonten and the Sacred
    Sword does work on preventing him to attack, but does little to no
    damage. Try to put him into a corner then attack him whenever he goes
    floats back up so the chances of him tackling you will be minimized.
    |Town 5 - Who shakes in terror? You, or them?|
     I  *  S  I  S  I  T  I  O  O  O  B
    As you notice, there is no training hall. That means it is at the
    other town, so collect scrolls till you reach the maximum of 99.
    Difficulty: ****/*****
    --Why the "earthquake"? Because when it lands on the ground, it
    actually shakes it so much that Kenchi falls over. Also, when you're
    hit by the claws, you are sent to the other side of the room. The
    good thing? You could use the Mirage Thrust to post a talisman on
    him, or just plain punch his knees till his life meter runs out.
    |Town 6 - THIS, has gotta be, the weirdest flying kick ever...|
     H  T  O  O  O  B
    The moment you enter, enroll at the training hall and avail of the
    powerful Jump Kick. It's a shame you would learn it this late in the
    game. You may choose to save the temple, or if you feel really
    almighty, just leave it there and snatch the orbs one by one until
    you can enter the boss lair...
    Difficulty: ****/*****
    --He does not throw axes at you; it's his melee weapon. He just holds
    it out in front of him, swinging it once his near enough. Don't punch
    him; use your feet both for kicking and dancing around him.
    |Town 7 - What?! I thought I could use magic in this game...|
     O  O  S  S  S  T  H  S  S  S  O  B
    No items. Save the last temple, collect scrolls this one last time,
    then learn 4 Thrust at the last training hall. After three orbs,
    fight the last boss...
    Difficulty: ***/*****
    --Obviously, he throws fireballs. Very easy to dodge; just jump high
    then drop behind him. If you learned every skill, you could do it the
    easy way (crouch then punch) or the exciting way (stand in front of
    him and flaunt your amazing abilities). Just don't get burned by
    fireballs, 'cause it HURTS.
    |Town 8 - The stupid final boss|
     O  O  O     FB
    The --- represents a bridge, and FB is the FINAL BOSS. Are you ready?
    There are no temples in here, so once you enter a building, you have
    to make it till the end. There's no turning back. I just hope you
    really mastered those moves...
    Difficulty: ***/*****
    --First time I said she was easy, I forgot you have to fight an army
    of assorted Kyonshies to get to her :).
    --You're fighting, for the second time (the first was a ghost,
    remember?), a non-kyonshi. Besides teleportation and magic fireballs,
    she does nothing but stand there, waiting for you to hit her. Unless
    you are cursed with kyonshi-slow reflexes, she is very disappointing.
    Sure wish she was a lot more powerful.
    You may watch the credits roll, but you won't get a new game.
    Now it's all over. Kyonshies will never bug you again =).
    ---> CREDITS
    My father, for buying me a cartidge a looong time ago (back in 1989);
    FCI, for making the game;
    Nintendo, for a really good console that'll last for ages;
    CJayC, for hosting the guide on his site, GameFAQs;
    SatelliteGeibor@aol.com, for the Kyonshi names;
    and you, for playing the game.
    Contributor Recognition:
    |>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Copyright 2003 Aaron Madrinan<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<|

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