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    Treasure Island Dizzy FAQ by AdamL

    Version: 1.6 | Updated: 03/09/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    A Quattro Adventure release:
    ___ __  __     __     __  __    __            __    __  ______
     | |__)|_  /\ (_ /  \|__)|_   |(_ |   /\ |\ ||  \  |  \| _/ _/\_/
     | | \ |__/--\__)\__/| \ |__  |__)|__/--\| \||__/  |__/|/__/__ |   v1.6
    v1.6 - Completed 3/9/02
    Written and maintained by Adam Lamontagne
    Copyright ©1996, 2001, 2002 Adam Lamontagne (alamont1@maine.rr.com)
    Treasure Island Dizzy on the Quattro Adventure 4-in-1 game cartridge is a game
    for play on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) published by Camerica Ltd
    Inc. and licensed by Code Masters Software Company Ltd. 1991.
    I.     Revision History
    II.    Introduction
    III.   Story
    IV.    General Info
    V.     Controls
    VI.    Areas in the Game
    VII.   Items
    VIII.  Finding all the Coins
    IX.    Frequently Asked Questions
    X.     Game Genie Codes
    XI.    Acknowledgements
    XII.   Disclaimer
    3/9/02: V1.6
    -Added my current email address.
    -Removed a site that hosted the FAQ.
    3/26/01: v1.5
    -Major overhaul of a FAQ untouched since early 1996.
    -Added a small ASCII art title.
    -Changed email address.
    -Added Table of Contents.
    -Added Revision History section.
    -Changed the Story (added from the game manual).
    -Added a Controls section.
    -Reorganized the Areas in the Game section.
    -Reorganized Item section.
    -Reorganized the Coins section.
    -Added Game Genie Codes section.
    -Added Acknowledgements section.
    -Added Disclaimer.
    -Added 1 Frequently Asked Question
    4/10/96: v1.0
    -First version complete.
    [NOTE: All of my revisions up to 1.0 are based roughly on about what percentage
    of the FAQ/Walkthrough I think is completed.   When I finish all the sections
    and consider the FAQ/Walkthrough complete, that will be version 1.0.  Any small
    updates after that will raise the version 0.1 points and any major update that
    really shakes things up will raise the version 1.0 points.]
    The following is part FAQ, part walkthrough for Treasure Island Dizzy, which is
    one of the four games on Camerica's unlicensed Quattro Adventure cart for the
    NES.  It is not a straightforward walkthrough, though I tried to include all of
    the information known on the game but, as unlikely as it may seem, may have
    missed a thing or two :) If you have any info to add to this FAQ/Walkthrough,
    please contact me at alamont1@maine.rr.com so I can throw it in.  Thanks for
    reading, and maybe this will actually help someone out!
    Taken directly from the manual:
    "All the Yolkfolk gathered at the beach to wave goodbye to Dizzy (TM) in his
    new boat.  He had built it himself and it really was very nice, with its bright
    white sails and shiny red hull.  Dizzy felt proud as Daisy kissed him goodbye
    and the fresh sea breeze filled the sails, and the boat sailed out to sea on
    its first voyage."
    "The sky was clear and the weather was fine as Yolkfolk's village disappeared
    over the horizon.  Dizzy dangled his fishing rod over the side and daydreamed
    about what adventures might lie ahead in strange, distant lands.  Suddenly the
    wind stiffened, the boat started to roll, and dark clouds gathered in the sky."
    "'Grand Dizzy was wrong about the weather', thought Dizzy as the waves started
    breaking over the side of the boat.  Before long a ferocious storm was raging,
    and Dizzy's little boat was being tossed about in the enormous waves. 
    Lightning crackled and thunder roared as Dizzy tried bravely to keep the boat
    afloat, but it was no use."
    "Just before the boat sank below the surface, Dizzy spotted a distant island
    illuminated by a flash of lightning.  He dived into the heaving waters and
    started to swim.  That was how Dizzy came to find himself poaching on the
    silent, sun-kissed beach of a seemingly deserted island.  Now he had to somehow
    find a way back to Zakeria, land of the Yolkfolk."
    You only have one life to live, so be careful at every step of the way (almost
    to a point of paranoia).  Unless noted otherwise in this FAQ, anything that
    moves will kill you.  Anything that doesn't move may kill you as well :)  Be
    careful of cages in the Tree Hut area.  They don't look like much, but if you
    walk under them, they will drop onto ol' Egghead and finish him.  Just jump
    past the area directly underneath them.  NEVER, EVER enter the water without
    the Snorkel.  Instant death!  You can jump from any height and Dizzy won't get
    hurt (he's no Humpty Dumpty!), as long as you don't jump onto something nasty.
    You can carry up to 3 items at once.  You often have to leave certain items
    behind and backtrack for them later.  I'll refer to the 3 items you can carry
    as the top, middle and bottom items.  When you pick up an item (by pressing B
    it starts in the bottom spot, and if you pick up another item (or just press B
    again), the item in the bottom spot moves up to the middle spot and the item
    you just picked up (or the word "nothing" if you picked up nothing and just
    pressed B) is now in the bottom spot.  Once you move an item to the top spot on
    the list and then press B again, you will get rid of the item (it just
    reappears on the screen, where you can pick it up again, or leave it) or you
    will "use" the item to perform a certain task.
    All this nonsense is important because if you have the Snorkel in the top
    position while you are under water and you go to pick up an item, you will
    quickly find yourself as fish-bait, because the item you just picked up moved
    the Snorkel off of your item list and you can no longer breath. Always be aware
    of the order in which your items are displayed.
    The controls are pretty basic:
                   |                             |
                   |     +                       |
                   |   +++++           (*)  (*)  |
                   |     +     ==  ==   B    A   |
                   |           SE  ST            |
    The LEFT and RIGHT buttons walk Dizzy around the landscape.
    The A button is for jumping.
    The B button will pickup/drop/use items.
    The START button will begin the game and pause during play.
    There are several different areas in the game.  There aren't any official names
    for each area, so I just used what seemed appropriate:
    -Doh!  I will use this as a reference point when pointing out the location of
    other areas.
    -Just to the left of the starting point, to the right of Hookjaw's grave.
    -Left of Hookjaw's Bridge.  This area extends upward into the sky and is where
    a lot of items and coins can be found.
    -The leftmost area of the game, next to the Tree Hut area.
    -To the right of the starting point, in The Ocean.
    -The big area of water which is centrally located in this game.
    -To the right of the underwater ship; found after dislodging a rock with a
    -Use the Pogo stick on the underwater ship to vault to this area.
    -Above ground, to the right of the water area.  Consists of a Hut, a tree, a
    cloud, and a weird, totem-like thing that extends into the sky.
    -To the left of the Totem Pole Screen.
    -Found under the Second Grave.
    -In the Smuggler's Cave.
    -A Hut to the right of the Totem Pole Screen where a Dude dressed in red trades
    items for the Four Treasures.
    -To the right of the Red Guy's Hut.
    -Get here by jumping from the upper right most hut in the Tree Hut Area.  There
    is also a Secret Warp (#2) which takes you here.
    -Get here by using the Magic Pebble at the Totem Pole.
    Listed below are all of the items in the game, where they are found, and what
    they are used for.  This isn't a "real" walkthrough, but if you piece it
    together with the COINS section and the FAQ's, you should be able to figure out
    what you need to know.
    -Found: The beach near the starting point.
    -Use: Pick it up and carry it one screen over to use as a step.
    -Found: In the Tree Hut Area.
    -Use: Use it in front of the Totem Pole to warp to the Right Cloud Area.
    -Found: In the Tree Hut Area.
    -Use: Put it under a hook in the same area to lower a platform to a new area.
    -Found: In the Tree Hut Area.
    -Use: You must have this as one of your three items when entering the water.
    -Found: In the Tree Hut Area.
    -Use: Place this to the right of the brown square in the Blasting Area AFTER
    placing the Sticks of Dynamite to the right of the grey rock on the same
    -Found: Another Tree Hut Area item.
    -Use: Use it on the Second Grave in the area to the right of The Ocean (make
    sure the Snorkel is one of your 3 items when you use the Spade).  You can use
    it on Hookjaw's Grave, but you will see that the grave must be breached in
    another way (later in the game).
    -Found: In the Underwater Ship.
    -Use: Use it while standing on the rock that is one screen over from where you
    found it, although before you use it, you will have to exit the Ocean Area to
    switch around your items so that the Crowbar is in the top spot.
    -Found: On the Totem Pole Screen.
    -Use: Bring it with you, along with the Snorkel, when going to get the Cursed
    Treasure under Hookjaw's Bridge later in the game.
    -Found: This is on the Pier.
    -Use: To move the floor panel aside in the Smuggler's Cave to get to
    Blackbeard's Secret Kitchen.
    -Found: In the water to the left of the Smuggler's Cave.
    -Use: Place it next to the grey rock in the Blasting Area, then place the
    Infrared Detonator to the right of the brown square to blast the rock out of
    the way (the brown square protects Egghead from the explosion).
    -Found: On the Second Grave screen.
    -Use: Go to Hookjaw's Bridge and use it while standing on the grey part of the
    bridge.  Make sure the Snorkel is one of your 3 items, as you fall into a water
    -Found: Behind the large grey rock you just blasted in the Blasting Area.
    -Use: Give it to the Red Guy for an item.  This is one of the 4 Treasures.
    -Found: In the Left Cloud Area.
    -Use: Use this at the "Official Pogo Jumping Area" on the Underwater Ship to
    get to the Island in the Sky. Just press A with this as one of your 3 items at
    the Pogo Area and you'll vault upward.
    -Found: In the Right Cloud Area.
    -Use: Take them with you into the water and you can swim around.  You need
    these to get out of the water beneath the Air Pocket.
    -Found: This is the only thing of importance on the Island in the Sky.
    -Use: This gets you past the candle in the Smuggler's Cave.
    -Found: The Red Guy gives you this when you present him with one of the 4
    -Use: Use it at the Pier to make the boat appear (you still need 3 more items
    to make the boat run).
    VINTAGE BRANDY (Has anyone ever seen this in a video game?)
    -Found: Get this in (where else!) Blackbeard's Secret Kitchen.
    -Use: Yes, that Red Guy values the Brandy as one of the 4 Treasures.  He'll
    give you an item for it.
    -Found: This is on an altar in the Smuggler's Cave.
    -Use: The Red Guy also takes this in trade and gives you another item.  One of
    the 4 Treasures.
    -Found: One of those items that the Red Guy gives you.
    -Use: Use it at the Pier and it magically appears on the boat.
    -Found: The Red Guy surrenders this for one of the 4 Treasures too.
    -Use: Use this at the Pier also and it lowers the boat further into the
    water...just one more item needed to get the boat going!
    -Found: This is the infamous treasure of Hookjaw, found underwater beneath
    Hookjaw's Bridge.
    -Use: Give this to the Red Guy as well for another item.  This is one of the 4
    Treasures.  You won't escape Hookjaw's underwater grave with the Cursed
    Treasure unless you take along the Holy Bible.
    -Found: This is the last item the Red Guy gives you (afterwards he softens up
    and tells you that you were his best customer...no doubt his only one!).
    -Use: Bring this to the Pier and use it to get the boat running.
    -There are 30 coins to be found in all.  You must find all 30 to get the "best"
    -Most coins are in plain sight.  Just stand over them and press B to add them
    to your collection.  Some take a little exploring and probing to find.
    -Here are the 2 I had a hard time finding.  Go two screens left from the
    Starting Point.  Hit B in front of the tree and a coin will drop out of it.
    Pick it up.  The other hard one to find is located 3 screens to the right of
    the Blasting Area.  Go to the second tree from the left at the bottom of this
    screen and hit B.  Another coin will fall to the ground.  Pick it up.
    -Two coins are found by running into bees.  Both are in the areas left of the
    Starting Point.  Just make contact with the bee and the coin will fly to the
    next screen.  What are ya waiting for?  Go get it!  These bees are some of the
    rare "friendly" creatures that won't kill you when you touch them.  One of the
    bees can only be reached by dropping on it from the clouds.  This one will also
    yield a coin.  A third bee won't give up a coin but if you touch it, something
    strange will happen.....
    -A bunch of coins can be found by pressing B in front of many of the hut doors.
     Not all of them, but quite a few will reveal coins.  You can only get one coin
    per door, if you get one at all.
    -There is a big fish above the area where you used the Crowbar to pry away the
    rock.  This is another of the "friendly" creatures in the game.  Jump on the
    weird green guy that doubles as an elevator and ride him up to the big fish. 
    Jump into the big fish and you'll find yourself in its belly. Unfortunately,
    the fish wasn't very hungry before he gobbled you up, as he only has one coin
    in him.  Grab the measly thing and get out of there.  Oh yeah, don't touch the
    identical looking big fish on the screen to the left of the "friendly" one, as
    he will kill you without as much as a second thought.
    -One coin is in Blackbeard's Secret Kitchen (next to that Brandy).  Another
    out-of-the-way coin is on a ledge on a screen above the Sunken Ship.  Use the
    flippers to swim to it, or get lucky and manage to fall onto the ledge from the
    Island in the Sky.
    -There is also a coin on the shore where you end the game, after constructing
    the fully operational boat.
    Send any questions to: alamont1@maine.rr.com
    Actually, I haven't heard any of these questions asked, but they would probably
    have been asked to me if I was a Game Counselor at Camerica.  If I had
    Camerica's number, I probably would have annoyed them with a few questions
    myself.  Ask away little dude:
    Q:  Okay, why the heck do I die when I go into the water?  Even the shallow
    water kills Dizzy.  This isn't very realistic!
    A:  No, it isn't realistic, unless of course the water is boiling hot.
    Hard-boiled Dizzy anyone?  Get the Snorkel first.  It even works deep
    Q:  Will those bees kill me?  I'm afraid to touch them, since whoever
    programmed this game only allows you to have one life.
    A:  Yeah, those Camerica people are no dummies.  They also made the Game Genie,
    and if you buy one of those, Dizzy will be invincible.  If they gave you a
    bunch of Dizzy's to complete the game, you might not feel the need to go out
    and buy the Genie, though you probably have one anyway.  Sorry, I digress...go
    back and read the FINDING ALL THE COINS section and find out how the bees can
    be your friends.
    Q:  Why in the world am I walking backwards?  Is this permanent?
    A:  You ran into that weird low-flying bee who endows you with his Michael
    Jackson Moonwalking technique.  It's pretty cool actually and only lasts for a
    minute or two, though has no apparent use other than to confuse you and make
    you ask dumb questions.  If you have a Genie, you can Moonwalk to your heart's
    Q:  There's a coin in the area above the Blasting Area.  How do you get up
    A:  Make like a Wookiee.  Climb to the upper left most hut in the Tree Hut area
    and take a leap of faith to the left off the ledge.  Somehow Egghead lands next
    to that coin without even a hairline fracture of his dome. Chewbacca would be
    Q:  How do I get to the treasure in Hookjaw's Grave?
    A:  You don't.  Actually, it's in the area under his grave.
    Q:  But how do I get in there?
    A:  Listen you greedy little...whoops, sorry dude.  You need to get the
    Woodcutter's Axe and chop the grey segment off Hookjaw's Bridge.  Make sure you
    have the Bible and the Snorkel as your middle and bottom items.  You'll fall
    into the water where you can grab a couple coins and the Cursed Treasure.
    Q:  Alright, I did this, but when I left the underwater area under Hookjaw's
    Bridge, I get zapped by a lightning bolt.
    A:  You weren't listening, were you?  They don't call it the Cursed Treasure
    for nothing.  If you plan on stealing Hookjaw's Cursed Treasure and escaping
    alive, make sure to bring that Bible with you.  It protects you from getting
    cooked from above.
    Q:  Man, I was just jumping around on Hookjaw's Bridge and I suddenly died. Is
    there a time limit or something?
    A:  I wondered this myself.  There is no time limit in this game, but if you
    look at the bridge area, you notice two candles on posts on each side of the
    bridge.  These kill you if you jump into them (or actually, near them) unless
    you are wearing the Fire Resistant Suit.  This Hookjaw character meant
    business!  There are two candles in the Smuggler's Cave as well, one of which
    blocks your path, so wear that Suit!
    Q:  How come I die when switching items around under water?
    A:  You probably had the Snorkel in the top slot, and when you hit B it moved
    the Snorkel out of your inventory, therefore cutting off your oxygen supply,
    therefore making you fishbait.  Make sure whenever you go into the water you
    are careful about the order of your items and try to keep the Snorkel as the
    bottom item.
    Q:  Hey look, I found an Air Pocket.  Wait a second...how do I get out of the
    water area below it?
    A:  Well, if you jumped into that section of water without the flippers, the
    only way out is to hit the reset button :(    Take the Flippers with you next
    time you go down there.
    Q:  That goofy looking drunk, I mean Red Guy, wants something for a boat. What
    does he want?
    A:  Booze, jewels, cursed treasure, you know, the usual stuff.  Actually, this
    guy is a key part of the game.  Bring him the 4 Treasures (Bag of Gold Coins,
    Vintage Brandy, Large Diamond, and the Cursed Treasure) and in turn he'll give
    you an item for each of those you bring him, which will help you make a boat to
    escape the island.  The items he gives you are the Dehydrated Boat, an Outboard
    Motor, a Gallon of Petrol (he even throws in the can!), and the Ignition Key to
    start her up.
    Q:  When I grab the Large Diamond in the Smuggler's Cave, the item I had in the
    top spot is left where the Diamond was and I can't get to it after. How do I
    get out of this mess?
    A:  The programmers of this game gave us a low blow with this one.  The only
    way out of it is by doing the following.  Make sure you don't have any item in
    the top spot of your inventory when you grab the Diamond.  After grabbing it
    from the altar, a large boulder rolls after you (Indiana Dizzy?).  Run like
    hell to the left and get out of there.  Be sure to dodge the falling rocks that
    suddenly appear in the next room.
    Q:  You told me that there were two secret warps in this game.  Were you just
    pulling my leg?
    A:  Would I pull your leg?  There are indeed two secret warps (besides the
    Magic Pebble/Totem Pole warp I mentioned earlier).
    Secret Warp #1:  Go to the Left Cloud Area.  Fall off of one of these clouds to
    land on another cloud on a screen below (you can touch that bee from here to
    get the coin).  Jump one screen to the right to land on the cloud on the screen
    with Hookjaw's Grave.  Stand on the right half of this cloud and press B.  Make
    sure that faithful Snorkel is equipped, as you'll be warped to the area to the
    right of the Sunken Ship.
    Secret Warp #2:  After using the Magic Pebble at the Totem Pole to get to the
    Right Cloud Area, jump left off of the cloud to the next screen, where you'll
    land on another cloud.  Stand on the left half of this cloud and press B to
    warp over to the Left Cloud Area.
    These warps aren't necessary to complete the game, but they are pretty useful
    if you want to bypass certain areas of the game and get someplace quick.
    Q:  Oh no, the I just used the Ignition Key for the boat and it started moving.
     Should I jump?
    A:  Calm down little fella.  The boat harmlessly moves back and forth on the
    screen.  Just walk off the Pier onto the boat and walk right to the next
    screen.  Jump onto the shore and read the sign for the game's ending! (You can
    also jump onto the stationary boat first and then use the Ignition Key, but
    that kinda takes the fun out of it)
    Q:  Well, I read the sign and it says I only found 28 out of 30 coins.  I'm
    never gonna find those two, am I?
    A:  Why ya asking me?  Would I ask a question like that (hey tsr)?  Look back
    at the FINDING ALL THE COINS section, or don't even bother trying to find those
    two coins.   You'll get the same cheesy ending anyway for all your trouble. The
    only difference is that you get basically the same message, except it says you
    found all 30 coins.  No Princess, no fireworks, no King or Queen to greet you. 
    Just that Dizzy character flipping up and down like a mad man (or egg).
    Q:  You mean they don't even show you credits?  I played this game non-stop for
    over a week and all they show is that one little screen!!!  I wanted to see who
    was responsible for this game.
    A:  Alright, quit yer whining.  You've been a studious, faithful 8-bit Power
    Player for awhile now, so I'll let you in on a little secret.  You can resume
    your game even after ending it by pressing Start at that wonderful ending
    screen, though all you can do is go back and sight-see
    (hey, you've done everything there is to do, or have you?).  Actually, grab
    that Snorkel and head back to the Sunken Ship.  On the leftmost side of the
    Ship is a platform.  Jump onto it and stand on the right half of the platform. 
    Now hit the B button.  Voila...the Programmer's Screen!!!  Who the heck are the
    Highlanders?  Actually, you can access this at any point in the game, but wait
    until you finish the game...it's more rewarding.  Now go play Wizardry or
    something...  :)
    Q: Quattro Adventure, which includes Treasure Island Dizzy, was also released
    as an Aladdin cart by Code Masters.  Are there any differences between the
    regular NES version and the Aladdin version?
    A: The Aladdin cart is smaller :)   Seriously, I haven't played through the
    Aladdin version yet.  I know that the game Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy was
    released as both a regular NES cart and an Aladdin cart and there are several
    differences between versions, so I'm willing to bet there are probably some
    minor differences in Treasure Island Dizzy.  I guess this gives me another
    reason to update this FAQ in the future.
    Just in case you feel the need to cheat:
    Game starts on island in the sky. Walk left to begin at the normal starting
    Walk backwards:
    Start with Snorkel:
    Start with Axe:
    Start with Dynamite:
    Start with Heavy Weight:
    Code Masters: For making such a cool series.  Check out Fantastic Adventures of
    Dizzy as well as Dizzy the Adventurer, also for the NES.
    Niall Kavanagh (dizzyfan@doramail.com): For being the only person since this
    FAQ came out in '96 to send me email about it.  He was nice enough to inform me
    	"I know it's an old FAQ, but I figured I would tell you something you missed
    on Treasure Island Dizzy. The reason the ending is so crap is because it's a
    conversion of a hella old spectrum game, Dizzy was a bit of a video game super
    star in the UK 'til the Playstation came out and the Codemasters only really
    made sports and racing games. The Highlander's are the Oliver Twins [I think he
    means the Darling brothers, who created Code Masters], I think. They've moved
    on to other things as well."
    Ken Gifford (aka |tsr): For lending me the Quattro Adventure cart way back when
    I first got on the 'net in '96 in a temporary trade.  He also has the best NES
    site of all time (http://atarihq.com/tsr/) even though he will probably never
    update it again :(
    This walkthrough is not endorsed by Code Masters, Camerica or Nintendo of
    America. The information contained within this document is provided without
    guarantee.  All copyrights and trademarks are recognized.
    This FAQ may be reprinted, posted in newsgroups, or placed on web sites, as
    long as the proper credit is given to the author.  The most recent version of
    this walkthrough can be found at:
    ©1996, 2001, 2002 Adam Lamontagne (alamont1@maine.rr.com)
    Hope you liked!
    Closing Credits:
    Quattro Adventure by Camerica (Codemasters)
    Game used for original FAQ owned by |tsr (thanks man!)
    Game Genie by Camerica (Codemasters)
    The three other games on Quattro Adventure:
    1-Boomerang Kid
    2-Linus Spacehead
    3-Super Robin Hood

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