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    FAQ/Walkthrough by SubSane

    Version: 0.9 | Updated: 07/08/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                       Based on the Nintendo version
                Written and maintained by Torro (aka SubSane)
                         Last Updated July 8, 2004
         1.1 Game Details
         1.2 Story
    2.0 BASICS
         2.1 Game Start
         2.2 Status and Menu Screens
         2.3 Controls
         2.4 Items
         3.01 Space Madness
         3.02 Out West
         3.03 Robin Hoek
         3.04 Madness II, Part 1
         3.05 Madness II, Part 2
         3.06 Salad-Bar-Room-Brawl
         3.07 Rescue the Maiden
         3.08 Madness III, Part 1
         3.09 Madness III, Part 2
         3.10 Madness III, Part 3
         3.11 Horse Play
         3.12 Horse Play 2
         3.13 Madness IV, Part 1
         3.14 Madness IV, Part 2
         3.15 Madness IV, Part 3
         3.16 Sick Bay
    5.0 LEGAL / MISC.
         5.1 Version History
         5.2 Guide Credits
         5.3 Contact Information
         5.4 Legal Stuff
    ===== 1.0 INTRODUCTION =============================================
                            1.1  Game Details
    This game was released in 1993 for the NES, and later on for the
    SNES. It was one of the many mediocre games based on Nickelodeon's
    Ren & Stimpy Show (well, except for Stimpy's Invention on the
    Sega Genesis. That game rocked.)
    Developed by THQ and Imagineering Inc.
                                1.2  Story
    It was late in the evening, and Stimpy was working on his latest
    invention. A few tweaks here and there and... eureka! The Gametron
    5000 Moneymaker is now fully operational. It's the first video
    game machine in the world that rewards the player with big bucks.
    Ren snatches the machine from Stimpy and they get to playing.
    ===== 2.0 BASICS ===================================================
                               2.1  Game Start
    Press Start
    Press start to begin the game. You will then get to choose a
    control configuration before the game starts.
                         2.2  Status and Menu Screens
    The red bar on the left represents the character's health. Each
    hit takes away a portion of the bar until there is no health left.
    Press Select and items will appear under the health bar. Keep
    pressing Select to scroll through the items.
    Press Start to see the number of lives in the top-left corner.
    The lives appear under the points.
    Sacks of cash
    Your sacks of cash will be under the lives.
                              2.3  Controls
    Command        |  Character Action               |  Other           
    Start          |  Pause                          |  -
    Select         |  Change item                    |  -
    Left           |  Walk or jump left              |  -
    Right          |  Walk or jump right             |  -
    Up             |  Climb up ropes / Pipes         |  -
    Down           |  Duck / Climb down ropes        |  -
    B button       |  Varies based on configuration  |  -
    A button       |  Varies based on configuration  |  -
                                 2.4  Items
       Item           |  Purpose of item
       Money bags     |  Cash that has to be collected in every level
       Springs        |  Spring Ren up in Madness levels
       Dirty socks    |  Keep Ren still in Madness levels
       Litter box     |  Turn Ren around in Madness levels
       Decoder ring   |  Used as radar to locate Ren
       Beaver         |  Used to cut holes in the floor
       Laser remote   |  An extra weapon for Stimpy in Madness levels
       Wantid Poster  |  Swap between Ren and Stimpy in Western levels
       Ham            |  Ren's health
       Apples         |  Ren's weapon
       Chicken/Eggs   |  Ren's weapon
       Dumbell        |  Ren's temporary invincibility
       Pies           |  Health
       Baster/turkeys |  Ammo for Rescue the Maiden level
       Kitty treats   |  Stimpy's health
       Socks          |  Stimpy's weapon
       Bubble gum     |  Stimpy floats around for a while
       Burrito        |  Stimpy's temporary invincibility
       Mouse          |  Temporary speed boost
    ===== 3.0 WALKTHROUGH ==============================================
                             3.01  Space Madness                    
    Mission: Spring Ren past the transporter and get him to the Exit.
    The first level isn't all that bad. The goal here is to use the
    springs to get Ren over the transporter and electric pole on the
    right, and into the door.
    Start by jumping up and collecting the socks, litter box, and
    springs near the table at the beginning. You can use Stimpy's
    hair balls to get rid of that jumping thing near the transporter.
    Now set a spring near the transporter and wait for Ren to approach
    from the left. He will bounce up over the transporter and to the
    It's not as easy for Stimpy. When you jump into the transporter
    you'll be sent to a space mission much like the old shooter games.
    Use the A button to shoot through the fish, baseballs, and even
    toilets floating around in outer space. Be careful what you shoot
    near the end because a lot of money bags will start to appear.
    Once you return you'll have to spring Ren over an electric pole
    using another spring. That'll get Ren into the door area, but
    you still have to fight through some announcer dude. Grab the
    laser remote near the electric pole and use it to kill the
    announcer and get to the door.
                               3.02  Out West                     
    Mission: Collect lots of cash and avoid the cutthroat cowboys.
    The level begins in front of the sheriff's office. Make your way
    to the right and grab the money bag and ham from the roof of the
    office. That bird on the right will then begin attacking.
    Unfortunately, Ren has no hair balls or other projectile like
    Stimpy does. All he has is his patented slap. Slap the bird if
    you like, but I recommend jumping over it to the ledge of the
    next building. You'll spot a Wantid poster with a picture of Stimpy
    on it. Grab it!
    You will then take control of Stimpy and his amazing super hair
    balls, which are way better than Ren's cheap slaps. Also keep in
    mind that you can switch back to the other character later on,
    complete with refilled health.
    Continue on to the green building and destroy the bull skull at
    the bottom. There's also a poster at the top, but I recommend you
    stick with Stimpy until you start to run low on health. Run over
    water trough and jump up to avoid the shark in the water.
    Jump over the broken lumber and grab the money bag, then destroy
    the next skull when you reach the brown building. Run along to the
    right and switch character with one of the posters at the top if
    you're low on health. You can reach the roofs by jumping on the
    small windows of the green building.
    The next empty stretch of land will involve many air attacks from
    some cacti and, for some reason, a giant piggy bank. Ren really
    sucks for this part, so I must once again suggest using Stimpy.
    Go to the right until you reach the large wooden structure. 
    There are several health items, a few money bags, and various other
    small items that you can get here. Unfortunately, there are also
    plenty of tumbleweeds and floating hats to get in the way. I suggest
    sticking to the very left side. I mean FAR left, on the small pieces
    of timber that jut out. You'll avoid most of the stuff until you
    reach the top. From there make your way to the right, and remember
    to hold Down to look down and clear the way. Keep going right until
    you reach the brown roof.
    On to the right as always until you see the next wooden structure.
    Go ahead and jump your way up to the top by jumping up from the left
    side, then jump down to the ground again. If you're Ren I think you
    should have enough apples or eggs to kill the few cacti ahead, and
    Stimpy should have no problem. Just keep going along until you see
    the building, and by now you should be able to handle the skull and
    bird flying around.
    The next building will involve a bout with a cowboy and his rope.
    He'll really just hop around and should be no problem to kill off,
    but the blue boots falling from the sky could be annoying. Move
    around to avoid those.
    The next cowboy in red will use his rope, so I suggest switching
    character if you're low on health. It's only about five hits to
    kill him off. Collect as many of the falling money bags as you can
    to complete the level.
                              3.03  Robin Hoek                    
    Mission: Storm the castle and defeat the evil Sheriff.
    You'll start off in a quaint hamlet. The pink chicks don't really
    do anything, but those knights in blue armor are up to no good.
    You can kill the first knight by jumping and slapping him a few
    times, then you can collect the apples for ammo. Jump up on the
    window to get the ham ahead.
    Use the apples to kill off any knights ahead. Get to the wheel 
    barrow and pitch fork and you should spot a pitchfork sticking out
    of the hay. That pitchfork can bounce you up to the two hams above,
    but it will also take away a health point. I say do it since you'll
    come out with an extra health point anyway. Slap the barrel ahead
    for yet another ham.
    Grab those apples and use one to kill the squirting hamster, then
    grab the chicken for some eggs ammo. Slap the next barrel ahead
    for the money bag inside. Look out for the falling anvils and the
    fat lady's flower pots and continue on to the right. Grab that
    money bag from the wheel barrow and use it to jump onto the ledge
    of the building you just passed.
    Jump to the top and use the clothesline to reach the roofs and the
    many money bags above. If you fall down to the top level of the
    building and go left you can also find a pie for some extra health.
    Get to the clothesline and remember not to EVERY stand still on it.
    Keep moving right to make it to the next building and a bunch of
    money bags above those roofs. Watch out for the red things falling
    from the sky, and there's a chicken and a pie along the top floor
    if you want some more ammo and health.
    Fall to the bottom and head to the right. Definitely grab the
    money bag above the hamster, but the one below it is optional.
    Climb up the pole when you reach it and use it to reach the tent
    to the right and grab the two hams from above.
    Slap any and all barrels to the right for the sweet money bags
    inside, then use that pitchfork for the hams and money bag above
    it. Remember you lose a health point, but will gain two.
    The next set of buildings will be tough to navigate. See, you have
    to use the awnings to bounce up, but you can only go up two floors.
    So if you're bouncing and can't reach the awning above, you
    probably have to bounce over to an awning on the adjacent building.
    Before you do that, run along to the bottom to find a money bag,
    ham, and a ham inside the barrel at the end. Once you have that
    stuff (or skipped it) return to the left and use the flag poles to
    jump up to the first building and use the first two awnings to
    bounce up.
    Now high-bounce to the right onto the window ledges, then jump as
    far as you can to the next building on the right. Bounce to the
    roof of this building to find a few goodies and rest for a minute.
    Then, jump to the left and get on highest window ledges you can
    reach. Head to the left and bounce on the highest awning you can
    reach to eventually bounce to the roof.
    Grab the many money bags and apples at the top and head to the
    right along the roofs. Remember to keep moving left and right at
    the clothesline or you'll fall. While crossing the clothesline 
    you'll run into a guy dressed in red. Use 2 apples or eggs to
    kill him off, and continue to the right.
    Slide down the poles carefully while avoiding the spikes along the
    way. There are three poles to jump around on, so it should be
    pretty easy.
    Head to the right when you hit the ground and use the flag pole to
    get the dumbell above the tent. That thing gives Ren temporary
    invincibility, so use it and run! Slap the barrels for some cash,
    and use the pitchforks to get the goodies in the air.
    Use apples or eggs to kill the knights along the way until you get
    to another pond. You'll need to use the pitchfork to jump over the
    pond, but remember to hold your Speed button (which you chose at
    the beginning of the game) to get some serious air. Otherwise
    you'll fall short and die.
    The evil sheriff will be there to meet you when you land. All it
    takes is 2 hits with the apples or eggs to take him out. Jump up
    along the window ledges (and watch for falling objects) to reach
    the window at the top.
                           3.04  Madness II, Part 1
    Mission: Use springs, hole-cutting beavers, stay-put socks, and
    direction-reversing stinky litter boxes to get Ren out of the
    button room.
    A few things about this level. There are several buttons all over
    the place that Ren can push to screw with you. The two main ones
    are the reversal button and history eraser. The reversal button
    will reverse the cross commands (Left, Right, Up, Down), which
    mean everything is opposite. I suggest you work with it and
    continue playing to avoid wasting time. The history eraser is
    located in the middle of the room and is used to erase all the
    points you've acquired so far. It's pretty difficult for Ren to
    reach it, so I wouldn't worry too much about it.
    Also, remember that you can only use ONE item at a time. So if
    if you put down another item, the first item will disappear.
    Right... you don't actually need all that stuff in the mission
    description. I found a pretty short way to beat the level. Here's
    a general map of the area you'll be working in:
    G = Ground, 2-5 = Floor numbers
    -------------------------------- 5
    -P-------------- 4
    -P-------------- 3
    ------------P--- 2
    -------------------- G
    Start by allowing Ren to run his course to the right. Grab the
    litter box near the pipe and use it to turn him to the left.
    Put a litter box at the right edge of the third floor in case
    he heads in that direction, then go up to the fourth floor and get
    the springs. Wait for Ren to head up to the fourth floor and put
    a spring in front of Ren when he pops up. This will send him up to
    the fifth floor.
    Now head to the right and kill that announcer guy. Go up that pipe
    next to the announcer to go up to the fifth floor. Put a spring
    on the left side of the pipe and wait for Ren to bounce over.
    Then just run to the door on the right to end the level.
                          3.05  Madness II, Part 2
    Mission: Get the bowl of hot water. It's part of Ren's cure.
    This one is too easy to beat. Grab the springs from the air and
    use one of them to bounce Ren up to the bowl.
    Bada bing, you're done!
                          3.06  Salad-Bar-Room-Brawl
    Mission: Survive the salad bar!
    It's a brawl in a good ol' fashioned salad bar! Begin by quickly
    moving to the right to avoid those things from the jar. Grab the
    Wantid poster above the door if you want to play as the superior
    So, this one's real simple. Just make your way to the right and
    use the green wheels and mounted horns to grab the items along the
    top. Jump along the mirror when you get to the bars or the fish
    will hit you, and NEVER run across the salad bar unless you want
    to get hit by the vegetables.
    Use the many socks you've collected to beat the fat cowboy at the
    end and you'll be good to go.
                           3.07  Rescue the Maiden
    Mission: Save the fair Maid Moron from the evil sheriff.
    This one isn't that bad. The mission is to kill the sheriff and
    save Maid Moron. The weapon of choice is the baster, and the ammo
    are big greasy turkeys.
    First grab the baster above the table at the beginning, and the
    turkey. From there you will have to jump around the room and grab
    turkeys to get more baster ammo. The turkeys will always be found
    on window ledges. Also watch for the hats that drop down from
    Once you have about nine shots you're good to go. It only takes
    eight hits to kill the sheriff, and his weak hat toss is nothing.
    Get down there and kill him off as quickly as you can.
    A white rope will then fall from above. Grab on and start to
    climb up, but every time you pass by a platform you should jump
    on it. It usually means that a hat is going to fall. A bit further
    and some birds will appear, but don't slow down. Keep jumping past
    them until you reach the "fair" Maid Moron at the top.
                          3.08  Madness III, Part 1
    Mission: Spring Ren to the laboratory.
    Grab the kitty snacks from the left and litter box and springs that
    are above the door. Head to the right, and watch out for that Air
    Lock button next to the green door. If Ren pushes the button a
    count-down will begin, giving you 30 seconds to push the button and
    close the Air Lock.
    Kill the flying alien and bouncing red thing and head to the right.
    Put down a spring next to the transporter to get Ren to the other
    side, then jump in. Shoot your way through the space debris and
    collect any money bags until you return to the inside of the ship.
    Head to the right and down the pipe to find Ren and another
    bouncing red thing. Get to the door to complete the level.
                          3.09  Madness III, Part 2
    Mission: Get Ren out of the laboratory. Don't let Ren smash rat
    cages, mutant fly jars, and alien containers. The beaver will dig
    you out of a tough spot.
    Well, a couple of basic things about this level. The rat cages are
    these stacked purple boxes, and if Ren hits one a small pink rat
    will come out. They are easy to jump over. The alien containers are
    yellow, and if they are hit a green tentacle will appear. Use a
    weapon to lower the tentacle and jump over. The mutant fly jars
    can be annoying. Just avoid the flies to move on.
    There are also some yellow electric balls scattered all over the
    place. Wait for the electric sparks to be at the top and quickly
    run under to get past them.
    Now then, this one seems tough, but it's quite easy with a little
    patience. The main item you'll need is the beaver, but make sure
    to pick up everything else along the way. Head to the right and go
    up the first pipe. Keep going up the pipes until you get to the
    top floor. Go down the next pipe on the left and head left to
    another pipe. Go up and right to find the beaver above a table.
    Head right and up the next pipe, then left and up one more pipe to
    return to the top floor. Go all the way to the right on the top
    floor and wait on the far right side, next to an alien container.
    Use your decoder ring (the eyeball in the items) to keep track of
    Ren. He will eventually head up the three long pipes to the top
    floor. Throw a beaver on the right side somewhere and let it chew
    a hole in the ground, then wait for Ren to make sure he's going
    to fall in.
    Fall in after him and quickly put another beaver on the right side,
    and use your hair balls to make sure Ren stays on the right side
    as well. Shoot him and keep him stuck on the right.
    Continue putting down beavers and shooting Ren to keep him on the
    right and you will eventually reach the door at the bottom. Fall
    in and meet Ren at the door to complete the level.
                          3.10  Madness III, Part 3
    Mission: Get the chicken to make Ren's cure... chicken soup.
    Simple. Let Ren hit the 2X button and jump onto the circles on
    the left. Use the speed to get the chicken on the right.
                              3.11  Horse Play
    Mission: Defeat the sheriff and his deputy.
    This is almost an EXACT copy of Out West. Just make your way to the
    right while shooting what you need to and collecting all the items.
    When you reach the second piggy bank and two health items you're
    ready to face the sheriff and his deputy. Use any socks you may have
    to kill them both with relative ease, then collect the shower of
    money bags.
                             3.12  Horse Play 2
    Mission: Tame Mr. Horse!
    This level is actually pretty fun (for a change). See that bucket
    attached to a rope? If you get on that thing it will force
    Mr. Horse's tail up from the stable. Go and shoot it a few times
    before the stables closes, then do it all again. The flies will
    really become annoying when you go to jump on the bucket, so kill
    them before they hit you.
    Once you've destroyed the tail (ouch) open the stable again and
    jump onto Mr. Horse's back to ride off into the sunset.
                          3.13  Madness IV, Part 1
    Mission: Get Ren to the space diner.
    Collect all the items and head to the right. Close the Air Lock
    if Ren opens it, then put a spring to launch Ren over the
    transporter. Jump in and have another go at the same ol' space
    shooting fun.
    Head down the next pipe and put a spring under it so Ren will jump
    around to the door. Head inside to end the level.
                          3.14  Madness IV, Part 2
    Mission: Help Ren get through the space diner safely.
    Let's cover the stuff that Ren shouldn't touch. First are the
    green vending machines that spill out blue sodas, then the orange
    cabbage cookers that spit out mutant cabbages, and finally the
    juke boxes that shoot out records. Watch out for all that stuff.
    Now then, head to the right. Collect anything you like and kill
    any obstacle you can't avoid, but make sure to have some springs
    on you. Wait for Ren to go up the first pipe up to the second floor.
    Wait for him to pass by you to the right (toward an orange cabbage
    cooker) and drop a spring on the right side of the pipe. When he
    turns left again the spring should launch him over the pipe and to
    the left.
    Run to the next pipe at the left side of the second floor and go up.
    Drop a spring on the left side of the pipe and wait for Ren to
    bounce on it, then run to the right where the next gap is. Put a
    spring on the edge and jump over the gap, then wait for Ren to jump
    Go down the pipe as soon as he makes it over and drop a spring on
    the right edge of the platform. Ren will come down the pipe and
    spring to the exit door on the other side.
                          3.15  Madness IV, Part 3
    Mission: Grab the spoon at the top.
    Grab the springs from air, but keep in mind that if the reversal
    button is pressed you'll need to do everything backwards. Still,
    not too tough.
    Use the springs to get Ren up to the spoon at the top.
                               3.16  Sick Bay
    Mission: Feed Ren three spoonfuls of chicken soup!
    Look for the floating bowl of soup to grab a spoonful of soup,
    then find the floating Ren and hit him with the spoon. His soaps
    and the various drops throughout the level may get in the way,
    but it's not at all difficult.
    Three spoonfuls of soup and Ren will FINALLY be cured of space
                 Enjoy the ending, and thanks for playing!
    ===== 4.0 CODES & SECRETS ==========================================
    Sorry, but I don't know of any codes for this thing. Email me if
    anybody has anything.
    ===== 5.0 LEGAL / MISC. ============================================
                            5.1  Version History
    July 8: Version 0.9
    - - - - - - - - - -
    Another old NES game gets the FAQ treatment. Enjoy!
                             5.2  Guide Credits
    Thanks to...
    1. Wilson Lau gets mad props for his kick ass 'Bart vs. the Space
    Mutants' guide. It was the inspiration for this waste of time I call
    FAQ writing. :)
    2. THQ and Imagineering Inc. for creating the game.
    3. Nickelodeon for one of the many cartoons I enjoyed as a kid.
    4. Thank YOU for reading. After all, I didn't write this for my own
                          5.3  Contact Information
    The address is: subsane@gmail.com
    The issue of too many e-mails isn't a problem, so I'll most likely
    respond to any questions (for now). But, I do delete e-mails without
    a subject. Put 'Ren and Stimpy FAQ' or something similar in the
    subject line.
                              5.4  Legal Stuff
    1. "The Ren & Stimpy Show" is copyright © 1993 Nickelodeon/THQ.
    Ren & Stimpy and all related characters are trademarks owned and
    licensed for use by Nickelodeon.
    2. This guide copyright © 2004 Torro (AKA SubSane). This guide may
    be distributed freely as long as it remains in it's ORIGINAL and
    UNALTERED form. It is only for private use and may not be reproduced
    for commercial purposes.
    If I discover that this guide has been altered in any way and is
    being displayed publicly, I reserve the right to have the guide
    removed from that location.

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