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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Celtic Forest

    Version: 1.6 | Updated: 05/20/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

        _______     ________   _______   ________   _______   ________   _______
      .|   _   |   /        \.|   _   \ /        \./       | /        \.|   _   |
      .|  |_|  |  .|   __   |.|  |_|  |.|   __   |.|    ___|.|   __   |.|  |_|  |
      .|   _   /  .|  |  |  |.|      / .|  |  |  |.|   |... .|  |  |  |.|   ____|
      .|  |.\  \  .|  |__|  |.|   _  \ .|  |__|  |.|   |___ .|  |__|  |.|  |....
      .|  | .\  \ .|        |.|  |_|  |.|        |.|       |.|        |.|  |
      .|__|  .\__\.\________/.|_______/.\________/.\_______|.\________/.|__|
       ...    ....  ........ .........   ........  ........   ........   ..
                   A FAQ/Walkthrough for the game ROBOCOP (for NES)
                                     Version 1.6
                       Written by Celtic Forest (Linus Olsson)
                       FAQ first submitted: 11 September 2005
                        Latest update submitted: 21 May 2007
                         Copyright (c) 2005 by Linus Olsson
    |                          ¤¤¤ TABLE OF CONTENTS ¤¤¤                          |
    1.0. FAQ introduction
           1.1. Legal info
           1.2. About Robocop
           1.3. Revision history
    2.0  The game
           2.1. Story
           2.2. Gameplay basics
           2.3. Controls
           2.4. The game screen
    3.0  Equipment
           3.1. Robocop's four special senses
           3.2. Weapons
           3.3. Bonus items
    4.0. Walkthrough
           4.1. Stage 1 - Streets of Old Detroit
           4.2. Stage 2 - The city hall
           4.3. Stage 3 - The storage building
           4.4. Stage 4 - O.C.P.'s headquarters
           4.5. Stage 5 - The steel factory
           4.6. Stage 6 - Return to O.C.P.'s headquarters
           4.7. The bonus stage
    5.0. Dangers
           4.1. Enemies
           4.2. Bosses
    6.0. Advanced stuff
           6.1. Locations of power drinks
           6.2. Locations of batteries
           6.3. Locations of weapons
           6.4. Secrets
    7.0. FAQ epilogue
    |                        ¤¤¤ 1.0. FAQ INTRODUCTION ¤¤¤                        |
    |                              1.1. LEGAL INFO                                |
    Robocop and all its trademarks, names and logotypes etc. are copyrighted
    properties of its owners, and used for non-profit means only.
    This FAQ is copyrighted, and ripping, stealing or imitating any piece of
    information from this FAQ is not allowed! If you want to borrow some ideas
    or info from this FAQ, mail me and ask for permission, and I will allow
    you to do so on condition that you make it clear that you got the information
    from this FAQ, and that I made it. Also make sure my e-mail is displayed.
    This FAQ is made for freeware usage only. No money affairs should be included
    at either sides, neither for the creator of this FAQ, the distributors of it,
    or the readers. Hiring, selling, paying people money for reading it etc. is
    strictly prohibited. The FAQ is intended as a simple guide for private gamers
    around the world, that want to get some help with this game, and not for any
    mass-production business.
    Only the following sites have got the permission to host this FAQ:
    GameFaqs     [http://www.gamefaqs.com]
    NeoSeeker    [http://www.neoseeker.com]
    1-UP         [http://www.1up.com]
    HonestGamers [http://www.honestgamers.com]
    If you find this FAQ on any other site, you must immediately report this to
    me via a mail! The mail adress is: Linuso@hotmail.com
    If another site wants to host this FAQ, send me a mail, asking me politely,
    and give me the URL of the site, and I am very willing to give you the
    permission. The only important condition for this is that the FAQ is not
    to be a changed in any single way, on any single part! All of its content
    must remain unchanged, as it was. If you wish to change anything in this
    FAQ, give me an e-mail about it, and we will discuss it. If I find your
    suggestions intelligent and important, I will update the FAQ.
    |                             1.2. ABOUT ROBOCOP                              |
    Robocop was originally a very famous movie, which everyone should have seen.
    Released in 1987, it was a huge hit, and became a classic almost directly. It
    was followed up with a second and a third movie, but they never got the sales
    nor the fame of the first movie.
    2 years after the first movie, in 1989, the gaming company Ocean made a video
    game based on the first movie. The game was first released in Japan 25 August
    by the distribution company Data East, and then in the USA in December, the
    same year. It didn't come to Europe until two more years later, in 25 April
    1991. Despite being a quite low-quality game, with many serious flaws, the
    game sold well on its Robocop image. As the years have passed, there have
    been countless games on the Robocop phenomena, including many spin-offs and
    games not related to any new movie. This FAQ covers the first NES-game of
    Robocop only.
    The game follows the movie very loosely, but the major scenes are still there,
    in a more or less edited form, to fit the game and console standards at that
    time. Fans of Robocop might enjoy this product, but most of us other gamers
    will probably avoid this game.
    (Dates taken from GameFaqs section about Robocop:
    |                           1.3. REVISION HISTORY                             |
    21 May 2007:
    Updates: -Added HonestGamers to the list of hosts that have the permission to
              host my FAQ.
    19 October 2006:
    Updates: -Added a lot of hints I got from Shadow 460, including a solution to
              the steel arm problem I had at the stage 5 boss. The FAQ is now much
              more informative.
             -Added 1-UP to the list of hosts that have the permission to host my
    11 September 2005:
    This was the first version of this FAQ.
    |                            ¤¤¤ 2.0. THE GAME ¤¤¤                            |
    |                                 2.1. STORY                                  |
    Detroit city in a near future. The city is flooded with crime and drug
    traffic. The police and the city mayor have lost control over the city, and
    huge business companies now control most of the city's functions. The biggest
    of these companies is the electronics developers O.C.P. Their current
    research project is to develop a new crime fighting robot, that will clean
    up the streets.
    The first massive new crime-fighting weapon that O.C.P. develops is the huge
    robot ED-209. A heavy armed, AI warrior robot with powerful machine guns and
    a cold-hearted mind. The ED-209 also has a few programming glitches, which
    makes it a very dangerous robot to deal with. Even for O.C.P.
    Shortly after the finishing of ED-209, O.C.P. develops yet a new crime-
    fighting machine - RoboCop. The basis of RoboCop is the dead body of an
    ex-police officer named Alex Murphy. He was killed by a narcotics leader
    criminal named Clarence Boddicker, in a brutal execution. Murphy's brain
    is attached to the computer chips and the metallic plates, and he becomes
    the latest and best weapon against crime. A machine with the good mind
    of a human, but the deadliness of a robot.
    Robocop sweeps the streets and does a terrific job. He clears up 90% of the
    crime in no time, and everyone is pleased. However, after an encounter with
    his old nemesis Clarence Boddicker, Robocop gets his memories back, and
    wants personal revenge for his execution. He starts to track down Boddicker,
    and discovers a vast field of corruption and crime inside his mother company
    O.C.P.! O.C.P. appearently has contacts with Boddicker and his drug affairs,
    and are willing to sacrifice anything or anyone to reach their goals. Now
    Robocop must stand up against the mighty company that created him, and that
    controls the whole city. He will also have to face their other weapon:
    NOTE: The game is based mostly on the plot of the film, but many parts have
    been left out. The first two levels are mostly about Robocop's cleaning up
    on the streets in the beginning of the movie, but from stage three, the
    main plot starts. Many important segments have been cut out, and the
    sequences between the levels give you almost no clue of what is happening,
    so if you haven't seen the movie, you are not going to understand the
    |                            2.2. GAMEPLAY BASICS                             |
    On the title screen, you have two options: Start and Continue.
    * Start lets you begin a new game from the first level.
    * Continue lets you continue at the beginning of the stage
      where you last perished. Your health and battery gauges
      will be refilled to 100%, but all the weapons and ammo
      you collected so far will be gone. You have three
      continues. When they are used, you are forced to begin
      a new game.
    You control Robocop through each stage. Your aim is to shoot and battle
    yourself through all the resistance, and finally reach the goal of each
    level. There, a powerful boss will await you. Defeat the boss to
    complete the level and move on to the next one.
    There are a total of six stages in the game. Robocop can punch, shoot
    with various weapons, dodge and use his special senses to detect secrets and
    info about his enemies. However, he cannot jump. He can use stairs
    and elevators that he encounters during the levels. Robocop can
    shoot in seven different directions (all except straight down). He can also
    shoot both high and low in the left and right directions.
    Since Robocop has the status of a police officer, he is not allowed
    to have his weapon out in public at all times. In public areas, such
    as in the streets and in main buildings, he is not allowed to use
    the weapon, and must rely on his fists if the resistance becomes
    tough. In more closed areas, or when the resistance just gets too
    harsh, he may use his gun. Mostly, the areas where the gun is not
    permitted are focused on the early stages in the game. On the
    later levels, Robocop mostly has his gun out all the time.
    Robocop has two life gauges: The health gauge and the battery gauge.
    When Robocop takes damage from enemies, his health gauge decreases.
    As you spend more and more time on the same stage, his battery
    gauge starts to decrease. If any of the two gauges is lowered
    completely, Robocop will die. Find bonus items to restore the
    gauges. When Robocop dies, you get a game over, and have to start
    all over again, unless you still have a continue left. There are
    three continues available.
    Between some of the stages, Robocop will participate in a shoot-
    out contest. The aim here is to shoot down as many of the moving
    targets as he can before the time runs out. The more targets he
    can get down, the higher score he will get.
    |                              2.3. CONTROLS                                  |
    This is an ASCII-picture of a NES-controller:
    |                |                 |               |
    |      ___       |                 |               |
    |     |   |      |                 |               |
    |   __| _ |__    |                 |               |
    |  |   / \   |   |                 |    B     A    |
    |  |__ \_/ __|   |  select  start  |   ___   ___   |
    |     |   |      |  _____   _____  |  /   \ /   \  |
    |     |___|      | |_____| |_____| |  |   | |   |  |
    |                |                 |  \___/ \___/  |
    The big cross-button is called the "D-Pad". All the other buttons's
    names should be obvious.
    * D-Pad Up:
    -Aim up with gun
    -Move up the stairs
    -Move elevator up
    -Enter doors
    -Select weapon
    -Move cross-hair up on the bonus stage
    * D-Pad Up/Right:
    -Aim up/right with the gun
    * D-Pad Up/Left:
    -Aim up/left with the gun
    * D-Pad Down:
    -Crouch down
    -Move down the stairs
    -Move elevator down
    -Pick up objects
    -Select weapon
    -Move cross-hair down on the bonus stage
    * D-Pad Down/Right:
    -Aim down/right with the gun
    * D-Pad Down/Left:
    -Aim down/left with the gun
    * D-Pad Right:
    -Move right
    -Move cross-hair right on the bonus stage
    * D-Pad Left:
    -Move left
    -Move cross-hair left on the bonus stage
    * Select:
    -Choose options on title screen
    * Start:
    -Starts the game
    -Pauses/Unpauses the game
    -Skips the sequences
    -Confirms options on title screen
    * B-button:
    * A-button:
    -Fire weapon
    -Punch (when weapons are prohibited)
    -Fire gun on the bonus stage
    |                           2.4. THE GAME SCREEN                              |
    While playing the game, you have a control panel at the bottom of the screen
    that gives you all the important data you need. This is an ASCII-picture of
    that control panel:
    |      INDICATORS        	 WEAPON        	FUNCTIONS        |
    | T ||||||||||||||||||        _________         _______________  | 
    | P ||||||||||||||||||       |         |       |   |   |   |   | |
    |                            |_________|       | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | |
    |     SCORE 000000            |=>  000         |___|___|___|___| |
    |                              MAX 000                           |
    The following functions are represented:
    Shows Robocop's status. "T" means the battery gauge, which indicates how
    much time Robocop has left before his poor Duracell batteries go out, and
    he turns into a bit of rust. The "P" gauge means Robocop's health. Every
    time he gets hit, he loses some of this. If it drops to zero, Robocop will
    Displays Robocop's score as he proceeds through the game. Things such as
    defeating enemies gives Robocop a certain sum of points.
    Tells you what type of weapon you are currently armed with. The box shows
    what type of weapon you have equipped at the moment. The bullet symbol
    ( |=> ), shows how many bullets you have in your gun. The "MAX" symbol
    shows how many bullets this weapon can hold as a maximum. To change weapons,
    pause the game and press up-arrow or down-arrow. See section "3.2. Weapons"
    for more info about weapons and bullet amounts.
    Displays Robocop's four special functions that help him a lot on his
    missions. Each square represents a unique function. The functions are the
    1 = Weak Wall-sensor
    2 = Punching Only-sensor
    3 = Enemy Detector
    4 = Low Energy-alarm
    Refer to section "3.1. Robocop's four special senses" for more info about
    each function.
    |                          ¤¤¤ 3.0. EQUIPMENT ¤¤¤                             |
    |                   3.1. ROBOCOP'S FOUR SPECIAL SENSES                        |
    Robocop has four special senses that aid him in his quest. They are
    shown as four different icons in the lower right corner. They flash
    differently depending on what is going on in the current area.
    This one is shown as a picture of Robocop's face, and will give a
    signal if there is a weak wall nearby that can be destroyed by
    punching it. Such walls often hide secret passages that leads to
    shortcuts. If you find a wall that you are able to destroy, you
    will get an alarm signal, and a green field will flash on the weak
    point of the wall.
    The fist icon starts to blink each time Robocop encounters an enemy
    or an obstacle that can only be taken down with punches. As soon as
    this one starts to blink, don't try your weapons.
    Displayed as a half circle, it is the only sense that keeps on giving
    signals through the whole level. It shows you how close you are to the
    boss. The faster it blinks, the closer you are. If the icon doesn't
    blink at all, there will be no enemies attacking at the current
    area. I have hardly found any use for this one.
    This one is shown as a capital "E" on white background, and starts
    to flash when Robocop's health or battery gauge runs low. You will
    also get a sound signal along with the icon flashing.
    |                               3.2. WEAPONS                                  |
    Robocop has several ways of disposing his enemies. He comes equipped with
    two of them, and two more can be collected during his journey. I have
    graded all the weapons on all classes, using 5 different classes: Bad, Poor,
    Okay, Good and Excellent.
    Status: Standard weapon
    Strength: Okay
    Speed: Poor
    Range: Bad
    Requires ammo: No
    Nothing is as good as the good ol' fists of yers, right? Well, in this
    game, there are in fact a lot of better weapons. Your punches have an okay
    strength, but they have a very short range, and can only take out ground
    bound enemies that are placed just next to you. Besides, the punches aren't
    especially fast either. Every time you are forbidden to use your gun, you
    can only use the punches.
    Status: Standard weapon
    Strength: Okay
    Speed: Good
    Range: Good
    Requires ammo: No
    A special built gun for Robocop. It is always a part of your arsenal, and hosts
    infinite ammo. As it is the first gun you use, it isn't especially strong or
    effective, but it works fine at most times. It has a quite good strength, and
    its speed and range are totally acceptable. An okay weapon that works if
    you haven't got anything better to blast your foes with.
    Status: Hidden weapon
    Strength: Good
    Speed: Excellent
    Range: Poor
    Requires ammo: Yes
    The first of the two collectable weapons. It requires ammo to use, and it can
    host a maximum of 255 bullets. It fires its bullets at very high speed,
    quickly consuming the bullet storage. It is a fairly powerful weapon, and
    the fastest one in the game. Its only disadvantage is its poor range. To
    be able to hit your enemies, you must be quite close them. If they get
    caught in the stream of bullets, however, they are going down quickly due
    to the high firing speed.
    Status: Hidden weapon
    Strength: Excellent
    Speed: Good
    Range: Excellent
    Requires ammo: Yes
    The best weapon in the game! Because of this, it is very rare and very well-
    guarded by the enemies. It fires a very strong blast of energy that kills
    anything that comes in its path directly (except most bosses). It even
    kills the annoying Armored Giants, that normally need punches to go down.
    Whenever you possess one of these, use them sparingly, and only in dire
    emergencies, as they are very rare. They host only 3 bullets.
    Update note: According to Shadow 460 (shadow_460@hotmail.com), the NTSC
    version of this game allows the Cobra Rifle to host 6 bullets at maximum.
    |                             3.3. BONUS ITEMS                                |
    There are two types of bonus items you can pick up in the game. They are
    scattered around the levels, and are always welcome. As soon as you see these,
    pick them up, for they really help you. Note: Some of the more difficult
    enemies sometimes drop these when they perish.
    A white bottle with a "P" on it. When taken, it increases Robocop's health
    gauge. How much it will refill depends on the level number. On the early
    levels, it can refill as much as 50%. On the final levels, it will refill
    only about 3 units or less.
    A black battery with a spark symbol on it. When taken, it increases Robocop's
    battery gauge with 3 points.
    |                        ¤¤¤ 4.0. WALKTHROUGH ¤¤¤                             |
    |                 4.1. STAGE 1 - STREETS OF OLD DETROIT                       |
    The very first level isn't difficult at all. The boss isn't even a real boss,
    it's just one of the slightly harder enemies you will encounter. Take it
    easy and get a feel for the game and the controls.
    At the very beginning of the level, you are not carrying your gun, so you'll
    have to trust your fists. Move to the right, and be aware that thugs will
    attack you from both sides. They will try to run up to you, and stab you
    with their knives. Punch them quickly before they get to you. Very soon, you
    will meet a purple thug, who will jump kick you. Punch him quickly before
    he puts his foot out, and you will take him down. Keep going, and soon,
    a motorcycle will attack you. Duck and punch early to destroy it. Keep on
    moving until you see a brown house. Beware now, because a purple thug will
    jump out of the window. Move slowly forwards, and quickly step back when
    the thug jumps out. He will miss you, and you can easily knock him out.
    Your next opponent is a dog. It will leap on you when it gets close, so
    duck and hit it quickly with your fist.
    Now you'll get to a new house, and see a staircase leading up to the top
    floor. Up there is a health drink. Go up the stairs and take it, and go
    down again. Beware, because when you have reached the street again, a
    purple thug will jump out the window above. Quickly, punch him before
    he kicks you. Now go right again. You will now enter a dangerous
    territory, and Robocop will be allowed to draw his gun.
    A purple thug will jump from above, so be aware, and shoot upwards when
    he leaps out. He will die before he reaches the ground. Now, there
    will be some dogs attacking. They are no match for your gun. Just duck
    and shoot them long before they reach you. There will be one dog
    coming from behind though, so watch out for that one. A purple thug
    will try to attack you from street level, but he is no match for your
    gun. There will be some more dogs and purple thugs from both directions
    now, so stay alert and take them out. Quite soon, you will be attacked
    by another motorcycle guy. Duck and punch him in the same way as you did
    with that other one.
    You will now see a battery on the ground. Pick it up, but watch out for
    the purple thug who comes out of the second window from the left of the
    gray building. When you reach the stone wall, the dogs will go away and
    be replaced by normal thugs. You will see another health drink on the
    ground. Take it, but be aware that a helicopter will attack you as you
    reach the potion. Shoot upwards to destroy him or just sneak past his
    bombs. When you reach the brown house, there will be more dogs and
    purple thugs attacking you from both sides. Out of the third window from
    the left, a purple thug will jump out. Take him out and move on. Now
    you'll see the entryway to the boss room. Be aware that some dogs will
    still attack you before you enter. Take them out and enter. Beat the boss
    to go to the next level.
    |                      4.2. STAGE 2 - THE CITY HALL                           |
    Directly when you start, you will be harassed by those thugs. Knock them down
    and proceed through the level. Very soon, a hitman will shoot at you from the
    window, and at the same time, you will be allowed to draw your gun. If you
    just stand still at the same spot where you drew your gun, the hitman can't
    hit you. Shoot the hitman, and move on. Pick up that health drink too.
    Now, the thugs won't bother you for a while. Move on, but watch out. In the
    second house, in the second window, a pyro-shooter will blast you with fire.
    And in the window to the right of him, a hitman will shoot at you. Take them
    both out, and move on. About in time when you reach the third house, some
    dogs and a purple thug will ambush you. Take them out and move on, but be
    careful, since a pyro-shooter will attack you from the first window from
    the left. Take him out and move on. Just be aware that another pyro-shooter
    will be in the very last window of this house. Dispose him off, and move on.
    In the first window of the forthcoming house, a hitman dwells. Take him out
    before he can hit you, and move on. In the window next to him, a pyro-shooter
    is, and in the window to the right of that guard, a purple thug will jump
    out and attack you. Make sure you take them both out without damaging
    yourself. Also, some dogs will attack you on the ground, so stay alert.
    When you reach the door to the city hall, a bombman will attack you. Move
    left and right to avoid his bombs, and shoot him. His shield doesn't protect
    him from your shots. To the right of the door is a power drink. Take it and
    enter the city hall.
    When you get inside the building, Robocop somehow decides that he doesn't
    need his gun anymore. Quite weird, I say, but anyways. Go to the left, and
    take out any thugs that attack you. Enter the first door you see. In there,
    you will find a valuable sub-machine gun. Exit the door next to the weapon,
    and continue left. Take out the thugs and the purple thug, and ignore the
    next door. Pick up the battery to the left of the stairs, and then climb
    the stairs up to the next floor.
    On the second floor, you can take either the normal path, or the secret
    path. Refer to section "6.4. Secrets" to see the secret path. To use the
    normal path, ignore the doors, and continue onwards. You will be attacked
    by loads of thugs. Let them taste your knuckles, and move on. You will get
    attacked by two armored giants too. Make sure to take them out carefully,
    and pick up the power drinks they leave. Go to the right, and take the
    battery next to the stairs leading up to the next floor. Now go up.
    On the third floor, move close to the wall. Your "weak wall"-sense should
    start to signal, and at the same time, a spike wall will attack you, slowly
    coming from the left. Quickly move to the wall and punch it until it is
    destroyed. Now enter here. In the next room, you will meet the boss. Defeat
    him to proceed.
    |                  4.3. STAGE 3 - THE STORAGE BUILDING                        |
    This is the first stage where you get to use your gun right from the
    beginning! Walk to the right. The regular thugs will attack you as usual,
    but this time they can also arrive at the top floor, which gives you a lot
    of problem, since they then will use their handguns to shoot down at you.
    Shoot diagonally up/right before they get a clear view of you and shoot you.
    Also make sure you don't forget to sweep your floor of enemies.
    Before you go up the stairs, go past them and pick up the power drink lying
    there. What's that behind the wall? Yes, it is a Cobra Rifle! Oh gimme gimme!
    How? Well, we'll get there later on in the game, so hold your horses for
    now. Pick up the power drink and go up the stairs. Make sure you pick up
    the sub-machine gun lying at top of the stairs. Go left, and take out all
    thugs and purple thugs that attack you. Continue left until you reach the
    elevator. Take it up.
    Now, don't step out of the elevator directly! Instead, ride it up to the top
    floor, and pick up the power drink and the sub-machine gun that is placed
    there. Take the elevator down one floor and go right. Go all the way to the
    right and make sure you take out all the thugs on both floors. When you
    reach the stairs, don't go up them yet. Move behind them, and you will find
    another sub-machine gun. Now go up the stairs. Go the furthest to the right,
    and pick up the power drink and the battery. Now go back and take those
    stairs down.
    From here, you won't be able to use your gun anymore, for some idiotic
    reason (really, Robocop is a retard!). You can choose two paths now. Either
    you go down to the bottom floor again, and pick up that Cobra Rifle you saw
    earlier. However, that will put you up against some difficult enemies AND
    a huge loss of battery power (and possibly health). Your other option is
    to go straight forward, and skip the Cobra Rifle, but then you will get a
    very tough challenge on the coming levels. I suggest you go for the rifle.
    ***Taking the Cobra Rifle***
    If you decide to ignore this weapon, then go to the next paragraph directly.
    Go right and take out the thugs. When you see the stairs, go down, and
    take the power drink if you are hurt. If you are not, DON'T TAKE IT YET!
    You will need it later! Walk to the left now. There will be no enemies
    attacking you. Weird huh? That's because they're sending out their special
    enemy - An armored giant! He will attack you just as you pick up the Cobra
    Rifle. You can toast him with the new weapon, but it's better to save the
    shots. You should know how to take him out with punches by now. Go right,
    take the drink if you want to and if it is there, go up the stairs, go to
    the left again, take out any opponents, and go up the stairs.
    Go right, and take out the thugs. And go right. Go directly up the stairs,
    as there are nothing important behind them. When you get to the top floor,
    you can use your gun again! Yay! Go right and ride the elevator. Go down
    one floor and pick up the damn precious battery lying there. Then ride all
    the way down. Go down the stairs you now see. An annoying bombman will
    attack you. You can't do much but to go down and take him out directly,
    so expect a few bruises here. Enter the doorway, and prepare to meet the
    third boss.
    |                 4.4. STAGE 4 - O.C.P.'S HEADQUARTERS                        |
    You are free to use your pistol directly from the start, so make sure you use
    it. In the whole first corridor, robot spiders will keep attacking you. Kneel
    down and fire your gun quickly to kill them. Remember that they walk at
    different speeds, so stay alert, and don't let them come too close to you.
    Advance with caution, and don't step into the explosions that appear when
    you destroy a spider, since they damage you. The faster moving spiders leave
    bonuses when they are defeated, so it's a good time to stack up. They can
    leave either power drinks, batteries or sub-machine guns.
    Right before you reach the fourth pillar, a purple thug will attack you.
    Quickly take care of him and go on. There will be another purple thug next
    to pillar seven, so take out him too. Right before the elevator, a bombman
    will appear. Take him out and enter the elevator.
    On the second floor, thugs will keep attacking you. Move left, but watch
    out, as there is a laser cannon hidden in the roof. When you get close, it
    will fire at you, either diagonally left/right or down. It can only fire
    in a very sharp angle, so if you stand between the three angles, it can't
    hit you. Stay in safety there, and move on when it reloads. It can be
    destroyed by a Cobra Rifle only, but you should NOT waste your ammo on
    an enemy like this one. Keep moving, and take out the thugs.
    Soon, a purple thug will come from behind, and small aeroplanes will come
    down and attack you. Take out the purple thug and duck when the planes come.
    If you duck, you can't get hit. Move left when there are rows in the stream
    of the planes. Purple thugs will attack you over and over again, so take
    them out while advancing forwards. After a while, it will stop, and your
    path will be cut of by a wall, and a giant web cannon will appear in the
    roof. Quickly move backwards, so it can't hit you, but not too far,
    because then it will disappear, and you will have to battle it again. When
    you stand here, you are safe from its webs, and can easily take it out with
    your normal gun. After the wall, you will get a power drink. Take it and
    enter the elevator.
    On the third floor, thugs will attack you from both directions. Take them
    out and move on. Right at the first "steel cross" in the background, a
    cannon guard will appear and fire at you. It is almost impossible to kill
    him without getting hit once, so just quickly shoot him as soon as you see
    him, and ignore being hit. Just make sure you stand close to him when he
    goes down, as you won't get the power drink if he falls out of the screen.
    Take his drink and crush the thugs that keep pestering you. Soon you will
    come to a special scene with a huge flame thrower.
    The screen changes, and you are taken to a special battle scene with the
    flame thrower. One shot of the cobra rifle takes out the cannon directly
    before it can fire at you, but if you don't want to waste Cobra Rifle
    ammo, you can just kneel in front of it, and spray it with your sub-
    machine gun. When the cannon goes down, the scenes reverts back to normal
    Go to the right, and take out all the thugs. A green cannon guard will
    appear again. Take him out and make sure to get his power drink. There is
    one more laser cannon in the roof again, so wait until you see a row in the
    shots, and pass. Now enter the final elevator. You will get up to the fine
    quarters with leather sofas and office furniture. Keep going right, and
    you will encounter your first fight with the mighty ED-209!
    |                     4.5. STAGE 5 - THE STEEL PLANT                          |
    This level takes place in what looks like a slum block, except that it is
    meant to be a steel plant, really. In the beginning, you can't use your gun,
    but fear not, since Robocop will draw it after just a few steps into the
    area. However, what you should fear, is the enemies. The resistance gets much
    tougher from now on, and the normal thugs now need two pistol shots to go
    down. At this time, it is actually perhaps better to take them down with the
    punches, as you only require one of them to kill them.
    Walk to the right, and watch out, as a dog will charge you directly. This is
    the only enemy you will have to take out with your punches, so stay alert
    and knock it down when it gets close. Now, be careful, as a hitman will
    attack you from above. Move closer slowly, and take out the hitman as he
    appears. Also be sure to kill the dogs that attack. Move to the right, and
    take out more dogs. Here is a power drink. Take the power drink and move on.
    Be very careful, as another hitman will pop up right after the power drink.
    Advance with caution, and take him out, and watch out for the dogs at the
    same time.
    Now, it gets really nasty. The thugs attack, both from above and on your
    ground, and they take two shots! Try to take out the thugs above you as
    quickly as possible, to prevent them from damaging you. The thugs on the
    ground might be best taken out with punches when they get close, as shooting
    them takes too much time.
    After the building, you will get attacked by a purple thug, and a dog. Shoot
    upwards and then forwards to take them out. Directly, you will be attacked
    by a motorcycle dude, and some more dogs. Take them out and go to the next
    building. Right behind the stairs, there is a power drink. Take it, and go
    up the stairs. If you continue on the bottom floor, you will just get a
    solid wall, and you will have to go all the way back to the stairs, and
    risk getting shot by the thugs on the top floor, so I suggest you avoid
    On the top floor, there will be more thugs, and also one thug that throws
    an item on you. Kill all of them, and go down the stairs. Take the power
    drink behind the stairs, but be aware that a Cobra Rifle guard will attack
    you. It might be a good idea to make him appear, as you will get a cobra
    rifle when you kill him! Take him out, and go right.
    Cool tip from Shadow 460 [shadow_460@hotmail.com]:
    "Once you get the gun, walk back to the left and the guard will re appear,
    ready to be killed again. Repeat this process three times over to fill up
    the cobra gun's ammo."
    Robocop will put his gun away. Keep going to the right, and you will meet
    a bombman. He is harder now, since you only have your fists, but move up
    to him and knock him down. Enter the building.
    Inside, we get a battery. Aaah! Thank goodness! Keep going, and you will
    get a real thug-o-mania! They attack you from all sides! Punch them away,
    and move on until you see a power drink. Take it, and go right. A helicopter
    will attack you, and at that moment, Robocop draws his gun. Quickly take
    out the helicopter, because if you ignore it, it will start to move very
    quickly and fire with a machine gun. When it is finished, go right, and you
    will enter the final duel with Clarence Boddicker!
    |             4.6. STAGE 6 - RETURN TO O.C.P.'S HEADQUARTERS                  |
    Marching towards the final battle! However, Robocop is once again very stupid.
    Instead of using the main entrance, like any other normal person would do, he
    decides to enter via the local conveyor belt. The only problem is, he hopped
    on the wrong one! The belt goes in the opposite direction you want to go in,
    so you must hurry to advance forward, or you will get pushed back to the
    beginning. To make things worse, there are barrels coming towards you!
    Keep holding right button, and force yourself right on the belt. Don't
    shoot the barrels. Punch them. At first, there will be a lot of annoying
    choppers attacking you. Take them out with your gun, but don't waste time
    shooting too much on them, as you will only get pushed back too far. The
    good thing is that if you manage to advance so the screen rolls forward, it
    will never go back again. This means that every little inch you move on is
    worth a million. Keep going, and after a while, the helicopters will be
    replaced with purple thugs. Don't shoot them directly, but wait until they
    are close to you and jump up. Then shoot them up/right, and you will take
    out all of them, without getting pushed back. Move on and on until you
    reach the safe ground. Here, thugs will attack you from behind. As in the
    last level, they need 2 shots to go down, so use your fists instead of
    shooting them. When you reach the entrance to the building, a bombman will
    appear. Shoot him and enter.
    Inside the main HQ of the enemy, Robocop will decide to put away his gun
    once again. I wouldn't have done that if I had just entered the main
    fortress of my worst enemy, but this is Robocop we are speaking of. Anyway,
    thugs will attack you wildly from left and right sides, so stay alert and
    punch them away before they can attack you. In the middle of the room, an
    armored giant will await you. Punch him in the same way as with the thugs.
    He won't drop anything though. No enemy in level 6 drops anything. Keep
    moving right until you reach the elevator.
    Aha! So it was good to wear my gun after all! You can now shoot the enemy!
    On this floor, those small robot spiders will attack you again. Duck and
    blast them before they get close to you. There will be a purple thug later
    on too. Take him out and go to the weird floor area. Here you will get
    another battle with those annoying giant flame throwers. For your own sake,
    I hope you have a sub-machine gun or a cobra rifle ready, otherwise, you
    will get a hard day! Take the flame thrower down with a blast from your
    cobra rifle or a spray from your sub-machine gun. After the battle, move
    right. You will now get attacked by a cobra rifle guard. Duck and shoot
    him to get some new nice cobra rifle bullets. After him, there will be
    more robot spiders and purple thugs. Kill them and keep going. You will
    now encounter a laser cannon in the roof. Stay just to the left below it,
    and it can't hit you. Wait for a row in the spiders, and move right when
    it is safe. Stop before you get too far away from the laser cannon, or it
    will spot you and hit you. When the coast is clear, enter the elevator.
    After the elevators, you will meet one last armored man. You should know
    how to take care of him by now. Knock him down and move close to the doors
    to enter the room. You will now get a re-match with your arch enemy: The
    ED-209! Pick up your cobra rifle (it should be max-loaded now), and blast
    him into scrap pieces! Hurrah! You just beat the game!
    |                         4.7. THE BONUS STAGE                                |
    Between stage 2 and 3, and 4 and 5, you will play a bonus level, in which
    you can get bonus points. The concept of the level is a shootout contest,
    with moving targets made out of paper. You have 30 seconds on you to take
    down as many targets as you can. Each target shot down gives you 1000 points.
    You have infinite ammo, so just blaster on. You control your cross-hairs
    over the area, and place them on the target you want to shoot at. If you
    manage to hit 30 targets in one round, you will be awarded with an extra
    life (thanks to Shadow 460 [shadow_460@hotmail.com] for clarifying this).
    The targets appear on three different heights: Hanging in the roof, popping
    up in windows in the middle of the room, or appearing on the floor, quickly
    moving towards the screen to disappear when they reach the edge. Each
    target lasts open only for a few seconds, so you must be quick to take out
    as many as you can. The targets in the roof and on the floor will stay open
    for 4 seconds (game seconds), the middle ones only for 3 seconds, so go for
    them first.
    New strategies from Shadow 460 (shadow_460@hotmail.com):
    "The key to this is getting the middle targets wiped out as soon as they
    appear. The player must also wipe out the upper row of targets quickly. You do
    this so that new targets can appear faster. The bottom row targets are on
    screen for a set amount of time regardless of how quickly the player shoots
    |                         ¤¤¤ 5.0. DANGERS ¤¤¤                                |
    |                             5.1. ENEMIES                                    |
    A brown clothed young criminal who runs towards you on the ground. When he
    reaches you, he will try to stab you with his knife. If he is on the floor
    above you, he will shoot with his gun straight down.
    Points awarded: 30 for slow moving, and 40 for fast moving
    Appears on: Stage 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
    A more agile thug who runs towards you, but then tries to pull off a jump
    kick on you. He can sometimes leap out of windows above you and kick down.
    He has the same health and damage power as the normal thug, but is a lot
    harder to hit. If he is on your level, he will duck under your high shots
    and jump over your low shots. Try to combine high and low shots and he
    will go down.
    Points awarded: 140 for those jumping out of windows, and 50 for those
    Appears on: Stage 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
    He charges at you with a motorcycle. When he gets close, he lifts up the
    bike and drives on the back wheel, trying to ram you. The gun isn't fast
    enough to take him down, but if you duck and punch at the right moment,
    he will go down directly. If he manages to hit you, he will turn around,
    and charge at you again. He damages you 1 point.
    Points awarded: 100
    Appears on: Stage 1, 5
    They run towards you and when they get close, they quickly leap on you.
    They can be unpredictable, so try to shoot them on the distance. You
    must duck when you attack them. They can often attack from behind, so
    be ready. They damage you 1 point.
    Points awarded: 140
    Appears on: Stage 1, 2, 5
    It moves slowly in the air, dropping bombs at you. You can either shoot
    it or sneak past its bombs. Remember that it is the bomb itself that
    damages you, not the explosion.
    Points awarded: 100
    Appears on: Stage 1, 5, 6
    A quite annoying enemy that can only be taken out with punches, not
    the normal guns (the Cobra Rifle can kill him directly, though). He
    appears as a boss on stage 1, and then as a normal enemy on the later
    stages. Whenever he arrives, prepare for a battle. He charges at you,
    and then tries to punch you when he gets close. Block his punches,
    and then counter-punch. Or, you can try to punch him just as he gets
    close to you. It works surprisingly well. He takes 2 health points
    of you, so watch out. You cannot duck to avoid his punches.
    Points awarded: 100
    Appears on: Stage 1, 2, 3, 6
    Hides in a window, and pops up when you get close. He fires at you with
    his machine gun. Fortunately, the bullets do not reach that far, so if you
    stay far away, they won't hit you. Aim diagonally upwards when he reloads,
    and blast him away.
    Points awarded: 110
    Appears on: Stage 2, 5
    Acts like the hitman, except that he carries a flame thrower instead of a
    machine gun, and fires downwards instead of diagonally. He appears later than
    the hitman, while you are almost underneath him. Duck under his fire, and
    then aim upwards and take him out. Make sure you don't stand up too early,
    or you will get hit by the fire anyway.
    Points awarded: 100
    Appears on: Stage 2
    A guy wearing a shield, that throws bombs at you. I don't understand why he
    uses a shield, since your shots damage him anyway. He throws bombs at you
    in different angles. Walk away from them and quickly shoot him with your
    Points awarded: 50
    Appears on: Stage 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
    A spiky wall on wheels that attack you when you get close to the mayor's
    room. you can either punch it until it goes down, or escape from it by
    destroying the wall and find an exit. If you destroy it, more will come
    after you.
    Points awarded: 140
    Appears on: Stage 2
    A gray dressed thug that assists Clarence Boddicker on the third boss
    battle. They always come in pair, but do not differ from the normal thugs
    in any other way.
    Points awarded: 30 for slow moving, and 40 for fast moving
    Appears on: Stage 3
    They walk either slowly or quickly towards you on the ground. You must
    duck to be able to hit them. Their explosions can hurt you, so when one
    is defeated, make sure to stand still until the flames have gone away.
    The faster ones always leave items behind when they perish. It can be
    either a power drink, a battery or a sub-machine gun.
    Points awarded: 140
    Appears on: Stage 4, 6
    It hangs in the roof, and fires at you in three different directions: Down,
    left/down or right/down. It fires in sharp angles, so you can stand between
    the three angles, and wait for it to reload as you sneak past it. It can
    only be destroyed with the Cobra Rifle, but slip past it rather than waste
    your ammo.
    Points awarded: 430
    Appears on: Stage 4, 6
    They descend from small holes in the roof, and aim for your head. Duck, and
    they can't hit you.
    Points awarded: 100
    Appears on: Stage 4
    A huge cannon that appears in the roof, and fires large clusters of web on
    you. A wall blocks the road forwards, so you must take it out before moving
    on. Walk away so you stand out of its hit range, but so you can hit it. There
    you can destroy it without trouble.
    Points awarded: 100
    Appears on: Stage 4
    A green man that appears and fires at you with a cannon. It is almost
    impossible to dodge his shot, so just crush him with your gun as soon as
    possible. Make sure he is "in screen" when he drops on the ground,
    because then he will give you a power drink.
    Points awarded: 70
    Appears on: Stage 4
    Appears only a few times, and has its own special battle scene. It comes up
    from the ground, and then starts to blast you with flames. One shot of the
    Cobra Rifle takes it out directly, but you can also duck in front of it and
    spray it with your sub-machine gun. When it goes down, the scene goes back
    to normal. On level 6, it will also fire small attack robots on you.
    Points awarded: None
    Appears on: Stage 4, 6
    A guard wielding a cobra rifle. He is not that difficult actually. Just duck
    and shoot him quickly. When he is dead, you will get a free cobra rifle!
    Make sure you don't get hit by his shots, or you will lose a lot of energy.
    Points awarded: 110
    Appears on: Stage 5, 6
    |                              5.2. BOSSES                                    |
    This is in fact not a boss, but a normal enemy. You better get used to
    fighting him now, or you will get a lot of trouble in the later levels.
    He can only be taken out with punches. The gun doesn't work. He takes 2
    health points of you, so watch out.  He charges at you, and then tries to
    punch you when he gets close. You cannot duck to avoid his punches.
    Block his punches, and then counter-punch. Or, you can try to punch him
    just as he gets close to you. It works surprisingly well.
    Points awarded: 100
    The mean criminal has taken the mayor as hostage! He walks around with him
    in a throat lock, holding a gun to his head. At first, DON'T SHOOT! If your
    bullets hit the mayor, you will lose health yourself! Wait until the
    criminal and the mayor stops, and the criminal wants to shoot. Then, the
    mayor will duck under his shot. This is your time to strike back. When the
    couple stops. Duck, and be ready. As soon as the shot flies over you, raise
    up and fire ONE bullet. The criminal will get hurt, and the process will
    continue. After you get three successful hits on the criminal, the mayor
    will escape his clutches and run to safety. Now, the criminal will attack
    you wildly, jumping up and down or ducking to avoid your shots. Use a mix
    of high and low shots to take him out. Don't get too close to him, since
    you can still hit the mayor, and lose health. A few more shots will take
    the criminal out.
    Strategy tips from Shadow 460 (shadow_460@hotmail.com):
    "In Stage 2, RoboCop can move about halfway to the right when he's in the
    boss battle. This will allow the player to fire two shots each of the first
    two times the mayor ducks. The third time, the player should fire once,
    then move left and duck. Once RoboCop is far enough away from the mayor, he
    can fire repeatedly to take the bad guy down."
    Points awarded: 6500
    The third boss is actually split up into two fights. The first one puts you
    up with Clarence Boddicker himself and tons of his favourite thugs. Clarence
    stands in the top right corner, throwing bombs at you, while his thugs run
    in from the left trying to attack you. Quickly move over to the right, so
    you stand just below Clarence's "barrel", then keep shooting upwards with
    your normal gun. Clarence's bombs won't touch you. Anytime the thugs run
    in, shoot them before they get close. After six hits, Boddicker will escape
    with the elevator, and his thugs will leave you alone.
    Points awarded: None
    At least they look like militaries! These three enemies attack you right
    after Boddicker has fled. They appear on the top floor, and will soon jump
    down to your floor. They make small jump attacks, and throw bombs both
    straight at you or from above. Kill them as soon as possible, since they
    can damage you a whole lot very quickly. Use your sub-machine gun, and they
    will go down very quickly. I really hope you have saved up enough bullets
    for this battle, as it is very hard to defeat them without that gun.
    Note from Shadow 460 (shadow_460@hotmail.com): The army men will go down
    directly if they are hit with a cobra shot. Try to line up all three in
    one row and then fire one blast, and you're ahead.
    Points awarded: 500 (when all are finished)
    STAGE 4 - ED-209
    Quite easy for being such a giant monster with that reputation! The
    ED-209 walks slowly left and right, and has two moves: Firing its
    mega machine gun, or making a swinging hit if you get too close. Both
    moves take a high amount of damage, so don't get beat up too often!
    Walk up next to it, and let it push you left. Aim up/right all the time
    and keep blasting it. When it gets to the left edge of the screen, it will
    try to do its rotating punch. Then move away to the left, and when it keeps
    on going back, keep on shooting it in the same way. Watch out when it gets
    close to the right edge, as it will fire its machine gun on you. Then
    step away. Follow this procedure until its cannon is destroyed. It will
    then try to escape. Let it do so, and you have completed the level.
    Points awarded: 100
    Clarence is a lot tougher this time than when you first met him, but don't
    show any fear! He will weild a cobra rifle, which is a major "ouch!" if it
    hits you, so try to avoid his shots as much as you can. During the fight,
    there will also be an iron arm carrying steel pieces around, and dropping
    them on you. The pieces bounce when they hit the ground, and they can hit
    you when they bounce too, so never get close to them, even when they hit
    the ground. Clarence himself jumps to three different levels, and when
    he reaches the top floor, he fires a cobra blast diagonally down in the
    direction he is facing. Then he runs over to the other side, and repeats
    the process. Try to hit him as much as possible, while watching out for
    the steel pieces. This battle requires a lot of concentration and steel
    nerves, but Robocop's poor batteries won't allow for a long fight. Move
    left and right, never stand still! Shoot on Clarence as much as you can,
    never cease your fire! Try to shoot him just when he is about to fire
    his cobra rifle, then he will lose his aim, and start to run again. Make
    sure you don't get too far away from him when he is on the ground, as he
    will start to shoot you. When he does it from here, it is impossible to
    avoid his shots. Eventually, he will go down.
    Note: Sometimes, the arm can stop moving. If this happens, you get a
    real leeway in defeating Clarence. First I thought it was some kind of a
    glitch, but eventually, Shadow 460 (shadow_460@hotmail.com) pointed out
    the true reason behind this. The simple reason is that a blast of the
    cobra rifle will stop the arm forever. This can either happen if you
    shoot the arm, or if Clarence accidentally shoots the arm himself.
    Refer to section "6.4. Secrets" for a furhter explanation and an exact
    Points awarded: 7500
    STAGE 6 - ED-209 (RE-MATCH)
    This fight works just like the previous one, except that the beckground is
    blood red, and that ED-209 has a lot more energy than before. You should
    have all your cobra rifle shots, and a lot of sub-machine gun shots when you
    get here, so take the heavy guns out and start to mash it. The biggest
    problem might be the time, which is very low, due to the fact that there
    are no batteries around on the level. Use the same tactics as before. When
    its energy goes down to zero, it will explode instead of running away, and
    you will have completed the game.
    Points awarded: None
    |                      ¤¤¤ 6.0. ADVANCED STUFF ¤¤¤                            |
    |                     6.1. LOCATIONS OF POWER DRINKS                          |
    STAGE 1:
    -Collect a power drink on the 2nd floor of the building right before the point
     where you get allowed to use your weapon.
    -A power drink is placed on the street ground by the stone wall, where the
     helicopter attacks you.
    STAGE 2:
    -There is one in the very beginning of the stage, right before the first
     hitman attacks you.
    -There is also one right next to the entrance door of the city hall, after
     the bombman.
    -Defeat the armored giants on floor 2 inside the city hall. They will leave
     a power drink when defeated.
    -Enter the third door you see when on floor 2. The room will host a power
    STAGE 3:
    -There is one behind the first set of stairs.
    -There is one on the second floor in the room where you start.
    -There is one on the very top floor when riding with the first elevator.
    -Find a fourth one on the top floor at the end of the second room.
    -Behind a set of stairs in the secret area with the Cobra Rifle, there is
    -Defeat the armored giant that guards the Cobra Rifle, and another power
     drink is yours.
    STAGE 4:
    -The robot spiders drop these on occasions when they are defeated.
    -There is one after the mega web-cannon.
    -All green cannon guards drop them when they perish.
    STAGE 5:
    -Pick up one quite near the starting point. Watch out for the hitman that
     attacks right after you've taken the drink.
    -A bit further into the stage, there is another one on the ground.
    -There is one behind the first set of stairs you meet.
    -There is another one behind the second set of stairs.
    -A fourth one can be found inside the large building.
    |                       6.2. LOCATIONS OF BATTERIES                           |
    STAGE 1:
    -There is a battery on the ground just before the stone wall, right after you
     get attacked by a motorcycle guy.
    STAGE 2:
    -When inside the city hall, pick up a battery to the left of the stairs
     leading up to the second floor.
    -There will be a battery to the right of the stairs leading up to the third
    STAGE 3:
    -Far away on the top floor, there are some batteries on the floor. You must
     take the stairs up from the floor below to be able to reach them.
    -There is one on the second highest floor, furthest away to the right, near
     the elevator.
    STAGE 4:
    -The robot spiders drop these on occasions when they are defeated.
    STAGE 5:
    -Just as you've entered the big building, you will find one on the ground.
    |                         6.3. LOCATIONS OF WEAPONS                           |
    -Stage 2: Find one inside the very first room on the city hall's first floor.
     Enter the first door you see, and walk all the way to the other side of the
     room. The gun will be on the floor next to the exit door.
    -Stage 3: Pick up another one right at top of the first stairs you see.
    -Stage 3: Ride the first elevator all the way up to the top floor and walk to
     the end of the corridor here. A sub-machine gun will be placed at the end of
    -Stage 3: On the floor just below the top floor, a sub-machine gun is placed
     behind the set of stairs leading up to the top floor.
    -Stage 4: The robot spiders drop these on occasions when they are defeated.
    -Stage 6: The robot spiders drop these on occasions when they are defeated.
     However, this is very seldom, so don't rely on it.
    -Stage 3: In the secret area in stage 3, there is a Cobra Rifle. Refer to
     walkthrough section "4.3. Stage 3 - The Storage Building" to see how to
     get it.
    -Stage 5: Kill the cobra rifle guard that appears when you pick up the power
     drink behind the stairs to get a new gun!
    -Stage 6: A cobra rifle guard will attack you on one of the higher floors.
     Kill him to get his rifle.
    |                                6.4. SECRETS                                 |
    As soon as you reach the second floor inside the city hall, enter the first
    door you see. You will find yourself in an empty room that seems to be of
    no use. However, if you approach the right wall, your "weak wall"-sensor
    will start to signal, and a part of the wall will flash. Punch the wall a
    number of times, and it will break. Enter the hole. You will now proceed
    through a hidden corridor, which takes you directly to the room with the
    spike wall trap outside the president's room!
    You have only got 3 continues available through the game, but if you hold
    down A-button, B-button and Select-button at the same time on the Game Over-
    screen, and press start, you will be awarded with an extra continue!
    - Thanks to DJ Tigresa [djtigresa@classicgaming.com] and MC Pantera
      [mcpantera@classicgaming.com] for this tip
    Before, I didn't understand why the arm dropping steel cargo on you could
    suddenly stop in the middle of the battle. It seemed to me it was a glitch.
    However, then I got a mail from Shadow 460 (shadow_460@hotmail.com):
    The simple reason for this was that a blast from the cobra rifle
    stops the arm! This is no matter if Robocop or Clarence blasts the arm.
    Either you can shoot the arm yourself with a cobra shot, or you can hope that
    Clarence accidentally blasts the arm himself. Would you look at that?
    Sometimes things are more simple than you think!
    Here is Shadow 460's own words in an exact quote:
    "When you're fighting Clarence, the robot arm is always dropping steel beams
    on you. I figured out back then that there was an easier way to defeat
    Clarence. A cobra gun shot will stop the arm. It'll drop whatever it is
    holding, and freeze in place for the rest of the battle. Evidently Clarence
    is clipping the arm with his own cobra gun. RoboCop can stop the arm with a
    cobra shot of his own."
    |                           ¤¤¤ 7.0. FAQ EPILOGUE ¤¤¤                         |
    Thank you for reading through my Robocop FAQ. I hope you found use for it, and
    liked it. If you find any errors or things you dislike, feel free to contact
    me via mail to discuss them with me. I am very open to criticism, but please
    make it constructive. Flames, hate letters, pointless suggestions or messages
    without any logic won't be accepted. Remember to put in "Robocop FAQ" or
    something similar in the subject line, so I know what the mail is about.
    Mail to: Linuso@hotmail.com
    Finally, my big thanks to the following people/organizations:
    * GameFaqs:
    For being the universal database for all gamers in the world, and for hosting
    this FAQ.
    * Neoseeker:
    For hosting my FAQ.
    * 1-UP:
    For hosting my FAQ.
    * HonestGamers:
    For hosting my FAQ.
    * Ocean and Data East:
    For creating Robocop for NES, but guys, you could have done a lot better
    * Nintendo:
    For making the NES (Famicom), one of the best consoles ever, and the home of
    this game.
    * DJ Tigresa and MC Pantera:
    For providing a great cheat on getting more continues when game over.
    * Shadow 460:
    For giving me the solution to the problem with the steel arm at the level 5
    boss (finally!), as well as a bunch of other great hints. Thanks!

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