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           /S\  /h\  /o\  /o\  /t\  /i\  /n\  /g\     /R\  /a\  /n\  /g\  /e\ 
          <___><___><___><___><___><___><___><___>   <___><___><___><___><___>
    NES 1989
    Version: 1.0
    The game is a lightgun game, so input your zapper lightgun into port 2 to start
    playing. The aim is to shoot the discs on screen without time or energy running
    out before your pass target. The game offers you a continue if any of this
    happens, which means you restart the last stage you were playing. However, you
    lose any points you might have obtained in the previous stages.
    Press START at the title screen and then select the number of players with the
    directional keys. Confirm with A and select either Normal or Party game.
    Choose between different difficulty levels. They affect the time you have to
    complete the stages. For 1 you get 300 game time, 2 gives you 250 and the 3rd
    difficulty level only 200. One game unit is around half a second of real time.
    During the game, use START to pause the game.
    Items you can shoot during the game include
    Sandclock           Extends time by 50
    E                   100 points + 1 Energy bar
    E in white square   100 points + 2 Energy bars
    Reverse E           - 1 Energy bar
    C                   100 points
    W                   100 points
    Discs               100 - 500 points
    Apart of shooting targets and items that pop up, each 20 units left on the
    clock gives an extra 100 points or so. Every bar of energy also results in a
    100 point bonus.
    Normal Game:
    Missing a lot will drain your energy quickly. Only hit what you really need to.
    The game doesn't punish you for single misses but a lot of them will cause a
    huge loss.
    Stage 1: Western:
    Native Americans will walk through with discs on their head. They are worth 100
    points each. The birds carry discs worth 500 and drop E items. Cowboys will
    sometimes stop and hold a target to shoot too, but generally just pass through
    When you hit 5000 points the stage is over.
    Stage 2: Ghosthouse:
    Here is a list of the creatures and how much their discs are worth when they
    are shot.
    Mummy               100
    Vampire             100 & might drop E in white square
    Red Monster         200 & might drop Sandclock
    Witch               200 & might drop E
    Ghost               300 & might drop reverse E
    After 7000 points you pass the stage. I've seen very long stretches of nothing
    in this stage, which may prevent your from passing. Make sure you get the red
    monster to extend time, but I think it could still be unlucky that simply
    nothing shows up for an extremely long time, or even until time runs out. Blame
    the game in this case.
    Bonus Stage:
    This bonus stage does not have a target to achieve, but instead you need to
    attempt to shoot as many bottles as you can in the given time and with the
    given energy. Every large bottle you shoot is worth 100 points and every small
    one 300. Of course it's not as simple as just shooting the bottles. They will
    flash when you are able to break them. At the start there are many bottles the
    flashing will cycle through but as there are less on the bar it is much easier
    to target them. If you hit all bottles there is a 10,000 point bonus in for
    you as added...bonus.
    Stage 3: Space:
    The creatures are little hard to explain, but here is an attempt. Keep in mind
    they are space creatures but this is close enough to a real live animal/thing.
    Frog                100
    Circle              200 & might drop reverse E.
    Spider              200 & might drop E.
    Crab                200 & might drop E.
    There is no total score to aim for. Instead, when the timer is below 100 a
    giant brain will appear. Shoot the target within its mouth for 200 points each
    time. You can shoot it at least twice if you hit it at the top of the screen
    and later again near the bottom before it disappears to the right side again.
    After 5 shots it will be dead and the stage is clear.
    Depending on your score you get a different ending screen after all stages have
    been completed. Ending 1 is at 30,000 points, Ending 2 is for 35,000 points,
    and the third Ending is for 40,000 points. Otherwise it's just a plain old hi-
    score screen instead. For the top ending you will definately need to get the
    10,000 bonus and hope there are no hic-ups in Stage 2.
    Party Game:
    This is just one long stage. You have 400 seconds to get the highest score
    possible. Start by shooting one of the pink lights that come on at the top.
    Hitting on yields 50 points as well as stars the discs at the bottom of the
    screen. Shoot them as they pop out from the small holes. They are worth 100
    points each. After a while the discs will stop again and the lights start to
    flash as before. Repeat this process to get a high score, or at least try.
    This guide is available for and to anyone who wishes to use the information on
    their site or in their own guide. Remember this was posted on GameFAQs first if
    you want to copy and credit anything.

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