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    FAQ/Walkthrough by EntropicLobo

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                     "BIG MONEY! BIG PRIZES! I LOVE IT!"
                                     .'  .'       .-'''''--. ..---  .---''
            _                       / |   '      /     _   /|    |  |    |
            \ -.         '.        .   .  #  .  |    .' './ |    |  |    |
             \   \        .\       |   |   .'|  |    |   ' .|    |  |    |
               \   \      .  \ __..|   .----.|  |    \.-. / |    |  |    |
                \    '.    | .    |   .      .  |     ''.   |    |-'     |
          ___     _--''. . |.     |   |      |-'|        -. |            |
       .'    '.  |     |    |     |   |       | \           \            |
      /        '.|      \   |      | |        | \ \          \           |
     /     __   /|       \ |       | |    |   |  \ '-.        \    .-    |
     |    /  \ / |        \|       ||    ||    |  \_   '.      |  | |    |
    .    | __   /|        \        ||    | |   |   /'-.  |     |  |_|    |
    |    \/  \ / |                 |     --     | / \   /      |  | |    |
    |      -.-'' |                 |            |     -       /|  | |    |
     |        '- |                 |            |            / |  | |    |
     |           \                 |             |   ____________________
     |'._         \          /|    |    -----    |\_| ________  _      _ |
      .  '.        .   |     ||    |   |    |     | | |__  ___| |\    / ||
       -.   '.     |   |\    ||    |   |-----|    | |    ||     ..    .. |
       .'--. |     |   | .  . |    |   |     |     ||    ||      ..   .. |
      .' '__.'     |   |.\__| |---'|  |    |\||    ||    ||      ..  ..  |
     .'           .|__--\   | |   _|  | \   |||___--|    ||       .. ..  |
     \           / /    ||  | --''   _|  \  | |    ||    ||       .  .   |
    | \        .' . __--  -'   ||-''''|   \ | |__-- |    || __    \  /__ |
    \   --..--   .            |   ___-     \|       |    '' ''     \/ '' |
     \__________/             |_                    |____________________|
    Version 1.0 (08/29/2007)
    Version History:
    1.0: Basic Guide Complete - (09/03/2007)
    Written for the NES FAQ Completion Project - faqs.retronintendo.com
    This Guide is Copyright, 2007, Matthew McIntyre
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    Game by ACCLAIM/Williams
    *                            Table of Contents                               *
    *To jump to a section, hold the Control Key and press F, then type in the
    section number as it appears (ie type ST1)
    ST1: Intro
    ST2: Gameplay
    ST3: Items
    ST4: Walthrough
    ST5: Enemies
    ST6: Credits
    Smash TV is rated "M" for "Mutoid," it contains scenes of tacky game show hosts
    and dizzying amounts of enemies. Player Discretion is advised.
    |                                ST1: Intro                                  |
    Smash TV is pretty well known for its arcade and super smash tv versions. The
    NES game may be a littl emore under the radar. It's definitely different in
    some respects, but it's still fun. The carnage is still there.
    Smash TV is a great way to kill some time. It gets absolutely mesmerizing at
    times with the volume of enemies, but that just adds to the hectic nature of
    the game. It's the kind of game that is far more based on personal skill and
    exploitation of enemy patterns than it is to know where things are. The
    treasure rooms are important, of course, but all of the rooms have one thing in
    common - swarms of enemies that are there to keep you away from the prize.
    There's never been anything wrong with that as long as the game does it well,
    and Smash TV does.
    |                               ST2: Gameplay                                |
    Smash TV has two controller functions...
    One controller:
    B - Lock in Place
    A - Shoot in walking direction
    Control Pad: Move
    Two Controllers:
    Control pad of one controller moves while the other fires.
    If you are able to master teh two controller set-up, then you will be able to
    really clean house. This means you will be able to adjust your shots as you
    walk, or from a standing position. With the first set-up, you have to move and
    shoot using A to adjust your weapon, and use B to hold it in place. Try the
    two controller set-up with NES advantages...
    The object of Smash TV is to collect money and prizes while fending off wave
    after wave of enemies. You travel through rooms, the doors open when all
    enemies have been destroyed.
    At the end of a stage is a boss. You must beat this boss to progress to the
    next level.
    On every floor there are treasure rooms. It's worth your time to visit these.
    You start every floor with five lives.
    |                                ST3: Items                                  |
    There are multiple items in Smash TV. The weapons are some of the most useful.
    When you have a weapon, let loose, you cannot save them. They have a limited
    use, so use them up. If you have something powerful, and there is a powerful
    enemie present in the room, you may want to conserve your ammo to use against
    these. But otherwise, you should use the weapons you find because they're
    *Extra Life: Looks like a stick figure, grants you one extra life.
    *Fast Feet: Speed increase.
    *Missile: Most powerful weapon, travels through enemies. It doesn't have the
              biggest payload, so use it with care (don't waste shots on empty
              air). Best against the big enemies.
    *Ninja Blades: Blades that surround you, harming enemies. Blades dissappear the
                   more you hit, and will not travel with you to the next room.
                   Great item to have in the bigger swarm rooms though.
    *Prizes: Money, Gold, and Presents that you collect to increase your score.
    *Scatter gun/Three-Way: Shoots slight more powerful shots in three directions.
                            The best crowd control weapon.
    *Shield: Temporary protection as long as that circle is around you. BEWARE!
             You can barely see the circle on green floors, so watch carefully for
             it to run out.
    *Spew Weapon/Grenades: Shoots grenades in a wide wedge burst in front of you.
                           Excellent when you are moving backwards or standing
                           still. If you move forward with it, you have shorter
                           range. Pretty strong.
    |                              ST4: Walkthrough                              |
    This walkthrough is only meant to give you a general idea of each rooms. To be
    fair, this game requires you to do most of the work. There's strategy involved,
    but the enemies stay relatively the same throughout.
    Treasure rooms on the map are marked with "*". The recommened paths are also
    layed out before each stage.
                                   STV4.1: Stage 1
            | 4 | 5 |*6*|
    | 1 | 2 | 3 | 7 | 8 |End|
            | 9 | 10|
    Recommended: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, End
    This is the tv station, and the start of the game. There are no enemies to
    fight, and you'll go to map tile 2 right away.
    There's only really Hulk Clubbers in this room - no problem, yes? It's worth it
    to collect a lot of presents over the course of this area as you will be too
    distracted later on to get them all.
    I like to lock my gun in position and strafe along a wall, always going for new
    items. You don't want to get between two groups of hulk clubbers, but they're
    pretty easy otherwise.
    This particular phase introduces the shrapnel bombs. They are rather tough so
    the amount of hulk clubbers on screen may make it difficult to take them out
    with your normal weapon. If you're stuck with the standard gun, just stay a
    screen opposite of the bombs.
    If you can get something like the missiles then you can take these out rather
    quickly, and it's advised then. The hulk clubbers will persist in this area for
    a much longer time than the shrapnel bombs.
    I recommend going UP when you beat this area, for the treasure/key room.
    There is a wall gunner in the upper left. He is absolutely a priority target -
    aim your weapon toward him and dodge the shrapnel bombs and the hulks through
    evasion. Of course you need to kill the hulks and grab power-ups, but your
    true focus needs to be killing the wall gunner.
    There are many, many hulks in this room, so just keep moving and firing.
    There are TWO wall gunners in here. Take them out ASAP. GRab either an early
    power-up or use one you carried over from the previous room. Take out one, get
    some hits in before he starts to move. Removing one with great expediency is
    useful because it gives you room to move and focus on one from a greater
    distance, and dodge the many shrapnel bombs.
    It should be a simple matter to deal with the hulk clubbers that appear now.
    When the path opens again, take the EAST (right) door.
    The treasure room, grab the vast piles of loot that appear while fending off
    the hulk clubbers. Many waves of the hulks and bombs will be arriving, so stay
    to the centre for easier crowd control.
    Grab any power-ups as the stage begins and take out the red orbs. Destroying
    these before the shrapnel bombs start exploding is paramount. After this, you
    will want to train your sights on the wall gunner. Hulk clubbers will start to
    appear, but the wall gunner is priority for sure.
    Just lock your aim to the wall gunner's position and circle around the hulks
    until the turret is destroyed.
    When the grey robots start appearing, stay towards the centre. Missiles work
    much better than grenades on these robots. You should aim for them and walk
    around the hulks. They need to be killed too, but the robots are priority.
    There are two wall-gunners, and a grey robot tank right from the start. You
    should destroy one of the wlal turrets ASAP. Grab a decent weapon and take it
    From here, you destroy the robot tank, then focus on the wall-turret. There
    are multiple tanks, so you focus on the gunner until another tank appears.
    When the shrapnel bombs appear, stay toward the centre of the screen. Things
    get kind of hairy when those are blowing up close to you.
    There are numerous red orbs in this room. Destroy them wuickly with missiles
    or grenades (if possible) because shrapnel bombs will start pouring into the
    room. This particular array of orbs is fairly easy, just stay a half-length of
    room away from it and fire, with a special weapon if possible.
    Once the orbs are destroyed, it will be an assortment of hulks and bombs. Use
    any special weapons on the bombs, then focus on the hulks. This is very much
    like room 3, which you just came from.
    This is largely an assault of hulk clubbers and a constant procession of
    shrapnel bombs. Stay toward the middle of the screen, walking around groups and
    training your sights in on them.
    When you are almost through, some red orbs will appear. Pull away from them and
    blast them out of the sky.
    The Mutoid Man. The Mutoid Man starts off pretty simply. Stay a full screen
    away from him because he will try to ram you. Grab any power ups you see and
    pump him full of it.
    Mainly if you line up with him, he will move towards you. You have to line up
    to hit him, but do it from a good distance, this way you have plenty of time
    to evade.
    You will eventually remove his arms and head, but keep firing. When the body
    blows up you will reveal a second head. Fire at the head but keep moving
    because he shoots lasers now. These will reach you across the room, so you NEED
    to move.
    Try to entice him down to the bottom of the screen, then loop around him. You
    can actually keep ahead of the lasers if you make short circles around him, but
    this is only useful if you are good at aiming. Otherwise, the margin for error
    is too great.
                                   STV4.2: Stage 2
                | 10|*11|
        | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 |
    | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 |End|
        | 12|*13| 14| 15|
                | 16| 17|
    Path splits at 2. The mid and bottom paths both have treasure rooms, but this
    is unles syou want to take the lower impact 3 and 4 before going 8, 10, 11, 9,
    5, End. This is because 4 only splits up and down, preventing you from making a
    swift run for the exit.
    You can go up in 8 if you take the path from 4 and up. This may actually be a
    less intensive path.
    3 also splits in 3 ways.
    Again, just the tv studio.
    Orbs! When these stop, look at the direction they are poitning. They will fire
    from the two pointed ends. Do not line up with this fire or you'll be killed.
    Instead, keep your distance and fire at these orbs until they drop and blow up.
    There are three possible exits here. You will want to work your way toward one
    of the treasure rooms.
    This is largely a group of yellow flying robots, which swarm you. Work your
    way around the group like you did the hulks in stage 1. These are just faster
    variants. For the few shrapnel bombs that appear, avoid them and watch where
    they stop so you can avoid the explosion. The swarm of robots is priority.
    Red orb swarms will scatter when you shoot them enough, and blade snakes need
    to be hit near the leading blade orb for any real damage to be dealt. Most of
    these big targets appear one at a time. A lot of flying robots will also
    appear, the big targets are priority but if you work your way around the group
    firing at the big threats, you'll toast a lot of the robots too.
    The room before the boss, "Lazer Death Zone." This room starts with grey tank
    robots and blade orbs. The tanks are your main target. Avoid the orbs, and
    shoot at the tanks. Avoid both if you're having trouble with the normal gun,
    and return when you pick up a weapon.Either way, focus your attention on the
    tanks and orbs are surely going to be destroyed in the meantime.
    When the tanks stop, blue orbs take over. Blade orbs should be shot if they
    get too close to you, but blues become priority. Try to stay a good distance
    away fromt hem so you can respond to their lasers.
    Once the blades are all gone, however, it's just a bunch of blues to the end.
    So if you're careful to stay clear of the blues, this room isn't so bad at all.
    Worm like formations of bladed orbs make up the main threat of this level.
    These blade worms are best handled by shooting out the leading orb, and working
    your way down the line. Grenades and missiles do this job extremely quickly.
    For the first portion of the level, these worms are one at a time, but are
    eventually joined by flying robots.
    These robots swarm you like the hulk clubbers did in stage 1. Move away from
    them while aiming at the blade worms. You should clear out a lot of robots in
    the process.
    Vacuum clean? Well, let's clean house. There are some swarms of red balls
    right from the start. Stay at least half a room away and shoot until they
    scatter. They are soon joined by flying robots, which you will need to avoid
    for now. Concentrate fire on the red orbs, and they'll soon stop.
    When it's just you and the robots, walk around them and fire into the group to
    cause the most damage you can. There will be quite a few of these robots to
    destroy before you can proceed.
    There are lots of blade orbs around, but take out the red balls first. Then,
    focus your attention on staying clear of the blade orbs while you fire at
    The trouble really picks up when the flying robots appear. Just get to a clear
    area and face a group, mix of robots and blade orbs, and fire. The blade orbs
    are so spread out in this room that focusing on just them is no different than
    making it general.
    If you DO get grenades, or missiles, you can deviate from this plan and go
    after the blade orbs until the weapon runs out. Eventually the blade orbs will
    run out and it will be a simple matter of starfing groups of robots.
    If you enter this room from below, you can go _up_.
    This area starts with red ball swarms and blade orbs. The red ball swarms are
    priority targets, get away fromt hem and fire in. The turns the orbs make are
    obvious enough that you can dodge them.
    When shrapnel bombs begin arriving, focus on shooting blade orbs and dodging
    This leads into flying robots + shrapnel bombs. Avoid teh shrapnel and work
    your way around the group destroying the robots as you did in the previous
    Two blade worms will appear on screen at once, these are your primary targets.
    Even after the robots start pouring in, just aim at the worms for the most part
    and, as usual, many of the robots should get caught in the crossfire. Avoid the
    robots and make sure to make an attempt at any misisles or grenades that appear
    as they will very quickly destroy a worm.
    Get the three piles of loot and any useful crowd control weapon that appears.
    This is a treasure room, and as usual on the third pile that appears, a swarm
    ememies, flying robots in this case, will appear.
    They are joined by shrapnel bombs. Just keep towards the centre of the screen,
    dodging shrapnel explosions and working your way around groups of enemies. Go
    after the bombs only if you get a powerful weapon, the robots appear in such
    numbers that they take priority.
    The blades that enter the room attempt to ram you. Stay toward the centre of
    the room, knocking them back. Eventually, flying robots will swarm you, but
    the blades keep it up so make circles around the room without ever straying
    too close to the door.
    When it becomes apparent that no more blades will appear, you can move around
    much more freely.
    A prizes room, collect the few stacks of prizes that appear before the robots
    start swarming in. The blades that appear are like a worm, they have a
    predictable, bouncing off the wall movement so avoid the robots while you
    track the worms' motion. Grenades work really well if you pick any up, aim
    for the leading blade pod.
    When the shrapnel bombs appear and blade worms stop, stay towards the middle.
    "Trutles nearby". Destroy the grey tank robot as it appears and then get ready
    for the orbs. These are the blue ones which stop and fire, so stay at least a
    half-room length away from them so that you can respond to their laser when
    they extend it. Try to keep one quadrant clear for relative safety, if you see
    one stop moving, make note of which way it's pointing.
    This is similar to 17, which you would have played earlier. A few red swarms,
    take them out at a distance. Instead of worms there are individual blade orbs.
    Keep your distance and let them have it. Eventually, a ton of flying robots
    and a steady assemblage of shrapnel bombs will complicate matters. The bombs
    and orbs are priority targets. Get a grendade, three-way, or missile item and
    take out as many orbs as you can
    You should aim your gun towards your priority target and circle around the
    group of floating robots. You'll waste quite a few in the process. Eventually,
    the bombs and orbs will stop and you're left with robots.
    The title of the area speaks thr truth, these _are_ fast. And in great numbers
    to boot. The floating robots swarm in from all four doors. Stay toward the
    middle and walk around the groups with your gun blazing. Work your way back
    into the centre, or if that's out of the question, around the whole group. You
    need to keep moving and you need to keep generating new space.
    There are mostly the swarms of small red balls here, shoot at them from at the
    very least half a screen away so you aren't hit when they scatter. After a few
    swarms, blade worms will begin to appear... Take these on one at a time, but
    make your primary focus the swarms. Shoot at the swarms (lock your gun if you
    have to) while you walk out of the way of the worms.
    The worms will appear two at a time, and eventually the red balls will stop.
    If you can fire at a worm as it is coming out of a door, you can knock most of
    its segments off before it becomes a threat.
    This gets really hard to dodge when the flying robots appear. The worms are
    your priority target this time, however. Shoot the worms and dodge the robots.
    You will destroy more than one of them in the meantime.
    This area is long, so make good use of special weapons.
    Scarface. Scarface's first form is actually kind of easy. Avoid him as he moves
    around the room, and avoid his shots. He will open his mouth and eyes before he
    shoots so it's a huge giveaway. Shoot at the grey plates all around his body
    from at least half a room away. His shots bounce of walls (if they travel far
    enough) so keep on the move.
    It is extremely easy to make your way around scarface, his turns are slow and
    obvious. Unlike the larger arcade scarface, he's also pretty small so it
    becomes a simpler task to walk around him.
    Once he "explodes" he becoems a skull. He is faster in this form, but he is
    much the same. His eyes will glow before he shots, this time two shots (but
    they land quite close together). Again you have to shoot all around of him,
    this time denting the boss' body.
    After he explodes this time, he's dead.
                                   STV4.3: Stage 3
                | 10|*11|
        | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 |
    | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 |End|
        | 12|*13| 14| 15|
                | 16| 17|
    Yeah, it has the same layout as stage 2. 3 again has 3 ways to go. 4 goes up
    and down. I'd recommend 1, 2, 12, 13, 14, 16, 17, 15, 5 or 1, 2, 3, 4, 8, 10,
    11, 9, 5 as your path.
    Just the studio again.
    This room should begin with a grey robot entering the arena. Destroy the tanks
    as they enter the room, and eventually it will be flooded with snakes (from the
    statue heads). Move away from the wall and attack groups of clubbers that
    appear and the grey robots (priority). The snakes will not follow you around
    the room, so get a few of them, but they aren't priority.
    Just a note, the snakes do not come out indefinitely. Watch for them to start
    appearing again and respond in turn. They can also swarm from a door, so don't
    get careless.
    When snakes come from the top door, you will need to stay to one side, and
    blast a path through the cubbers if they get too close. This is when the room
    is most dangerous, because you have very little room to move. There are many
    clubbers with the occasional rush of snakes in this area.
    Grey robot tanks will appear in this area as well. They are a priority target
    EXCEPT when you are stuck on one side of the screen, cut off by the middle top
    door spewing snakes.
    Snakes start ASAP in this stage, so get to the right side of the screen, they
    will probably come from the top middle. For a long time, the main enemies are
    the clubbers.
    Now, this changes when shrapnel bombs and grey tank robots start to appear. If
    you get boxed in by snakes, then focus on the hulk clubbbers - stay in the
    corner and break through when they get close. Otherwise, concentrate on the
    grey robot tanks.
    There are blade worms and swarms of red balls. The balls are priority. It's
    easy enough to dodge the worm while getting enough distance between you and
    a swarm to safely take it down.
    Eventually, hulk clubbers will start pouring in. At this time, only a swarm or
    a worm will be present. They are priority targets, the hulk clubbers will just
    get consumed in the crossfire.
    This arena is very long, but at least it isn't too crowded.
    Stick to the right side of the screen until the first wave of snakes passes.
    There are many clubbers here, work your way around teh groups shooting them up.
    When snakes come from the top door, you will need to stay to one side, and
    blast a path through the cubbers if they get too close. This is when the room
    is most dangerous, because you have very little room to move.
    Again with the clubbers and snakes, but this time there are two stone heads, so
    there are no "safe" spots in the room. Again, when they come from the top 
    door, it's most dangerous. Stick to a corner in this instance, and bull your
    way through the clubbers when they near. Or if you're feeling adventurous,
    walk between the snakes. Indiana Jones would never try that, but you might.
    Shrapnel bombs also make an appearance, but they aren't a crucial target. Just
    be aware that they're there, and be ready for them.
    When the number of clubbers REALLY picks up, you'll need to try and herd them
    just so you have room to breathe.
    The hulk clubbers are quite spread out in this level, and this situation is
    further complicated by the presence of two shrapnel bombs on screen at a time.
    You will need to circle the group - but get back towards the middle asap so you
    aren't taken by surprise by the shrapnel. Move around the group, concentrate on
    the hulks moreso than the bombs.
    Many flying robots will begin to pour in after you. Just try to get them toward
    the middle of the screen then strafe the group. This room is justa  swarm of
    these robots, and even then it's not a lengthy swarm.
    Multiple grey robot tanks will come onscreen. Stay to one corner and focus your
    attack to a tank. Move to another quadrant if things get choppy. Missiles
    REALLY help. If you get some missiles, fire them one at a time at tanks to get
    the most out of your payload.
    There are hulk clubbers after the tanks. But if you can kill all of the tanks
    before the hulks arrive, they won't last very long. A difficult task, made
    easier with missiles and careful conservation of ammo.
    A treasure room. After teh third pile appears, a blade worm will appear. These
    are joined by hulks, but the worms are priority. They are eventually replaced
    by red ball swarms, which are also priority. Just make sure you stay a half
    screen away fromt hem and don't wait next to any doors.
    No turtles allowed? I believe this is referring to the blade worms, which
    appear amongst the massive groups of clubbers. This is like stage 2, focus on
    the big guys and the smaller ones will die in the crossfire.
    Hulk clubbers are slower than flying robots, so working your way around these
    groups is an easier task. However, they are much more numerous.
    When the Shrapnel Bombs appear, it's time to focus primarily on the hulk
    clubbers. And one more note - be careful of snakes, the head in the top left
    will probably spit some before the end of this stage.
    A treasure room, the usual three piles will appear before enemies start to file
    into the rooms. These are mainly hulk clubbers and shrapnel bombs, take care of
    the clubbers as your primary target.
    This starts with a load of hulks, but the blade worms soon arrive. They only
    seem to arrive one at a time, with a decent amount of time between each one. So
    you do have time to grab new power-ups or clear some clubbers between rounds.
    This is a very easy room until the flying robots arrive, but handle them and
    the clubbers at the same time. They aren't any great change from them and it'll
    be simplest to group them together.
    There are many flying robots here. Take them out by luring them toward the
    centre, walking around the group, and shooting. Three-way is the way to go, so
    if you see one - snack it up. There are also red ball swarms in this room. When
    they appear, make them priority. Run away, and shoot them down. Then re-focus
    your efforts on the robots.
    This room is pretty long, but patience and rpecision win the day.
    Similar to 14 in that it's a lot of hulk clubbers and blade worms. The worms
    are still one at a time, but the intervals between arrivals are much smaller.
    They are still the priority target over the clubbers.
    Unlike 14, this room is shorter and lacks the flying robots. Tres bien.
    Clubbers and blade worms. Move around the clubbers while shooting at the worms,
    you'll hit a lot of the clubbers at the same time. There are shrapnel bombs as
    well, but focus more on avoiding them than anything.
    When the swarms of red balls appear, try to get some distance and shoot them
    down. They take priority over blade worms, then blade worms are priority over
    To paraphrase Cobra Commander, "Welcome to the Cobra Arena of Sport." This is
    not one boss as you may expect, Cobra Boss actually has a twin. This twin will
    eventually appear onscreen. I deeply recommend you focus on ONE cobra ata time.
    Never let them line their head up with you, they will shoot you, and stay near
    to the one you are attacking.
    All segemnts of the cobras are destructible. When a segment explodes, it sends
    shards horizontally and vertically. You will want to note where they slough off
    and dodge the explosion.
    As they get injured they will actually lay these down by their own volition.
    Move to the other side of the screen when one starts flashing and spinning. It
    is about to die and explode. Once you are down to one Cobra, it should be a
    simple matter to kill the other.
                                   STV4.4: Stage 4
    Stage 4 is just a continuation of stage 3. Apparently, you need "Keys" to get
    here, but it seemed to me I never found one key during the game. I still
    managed to get here though. If they were in the treasure room, then I visited
    one on every stage so it must have been there.
    Part 1:
    "Enter Key Room 1"
    Short waves of hulks with a grey tank robot will appear on screen. Take out the
    tanks and the waves quickly, and you will have a brief moment before the next
    wave. I suggest you collect items.
    When the blue laser orbs appear, they become priority. While there are hulks,
    they are only in very small spurts. Instead, taking out the laser orbs is the
    best course of action. During this section, destroy any shrapnel bombs that
    appear on the wall NEAR you.
    These last quite a long time, but will eventually stop. It gets much easier
    when the hulks stop.
    Head east.
    Part 2:
    "Enter Key Room 2"
    Two blade worms and a ton of hulks make this arena their home. Destroy the two
    worms, then you can focus on the huge amount of hulks. Try to herd them toward
    the middle, then run around the group firing in.
    Eventually, you will encounter shrapnel bombers. Keep at the hulks now though.
    When the red ball swarms arrive, they become the priority target, however. That
    is, if you can get across teh screen to take them out. Charge through the
    hulks, turn and crush the swarm. Luckily, there aren't many swarms.
    This is another very long battle, but eventually the door east opens up.
    PART 3: The Host:
    The Game Show Host with the Most is very much like Mutoid Man. If you forget
    how to take on Mutoid Man, rmemeber that he will charge you when he lines
    up with you on the x axis or on the y axis. He will not attack with projectiles
    in this stage. Try to stay on the left or right of the screen and ravage him
    withshots. Getting above him or below him more than neccessary is not
    When both arms are gone, he can shoot eyeballs. He seems to open his eyes prior
    to using this attack. Well, keep on the move regardless. he doesn't always
    fire the lasers/eyes.
    When the head is gone, he will try to attack you more frequently. Stay away
    from him and just let him have it. His attack is incapacitated for the time
    When it is justa  head on threads, take aim as you did when both of his arms
    were gone. Avoid his ranged attack by always staying on the move. You may
    consider the three-way gun or such if it appears, as they will help in power
    and accuracy. I recommend not getting too close to use grenades though.
    And that's it.
    |                               ST5: Enemies                                 |
    *Floating/Flying Robot:
    500 Points each
    Fly after the player, and are a little quicker than hulk clubbers. Try to get
    them to group together, then spray them as you move around them.
    *Hulk Clubber/Spear Men:
    500 Points
    Run after the player and attempt to hit him. Low range, but appear in great
    numbers. Move in circles around their groups spraying them. I called both hulks
    in the walkthough. Spear men are justa  green palette swap.
    *Orb Train/"Blade Worm":
    850 Points per segment
    Just to simplify the enemy, I refered to it as a blade worm. Shoot at the front
    of these, destroying the segments with multiple hits. They mostly seem to
    bounce of walls, but don't expect them to. Missiles make them cake, if you have
    a missile, try to hit multiple segments at once.
    *Red Swarmers:
    375 (followers), 750 (leaders) Points
    Swarms of red balls that follow the player and scatter when the leader is
    shot. Try to get across the screen and shoot these things down. They are a
    high priority target.
    *Shrapnel Bomb:
    1055 Points
    A large black bomb that spews shrapnel when it explodes. It is best avoided,
    dodging the shrapnel when it blows. Just make sure you keep an eye on it.
    *Single Blue Orb:
    650 Points
    A bladed orb that attempts to ram you. Priority over clubbers, but not over a
    lot of the bigger enemies. They make definite turns, so they are easy to
    175 Points
    Emerge fromt he north door or statue mouths, and travel from one side of the
    room to the other. They are best avoided altogether.
    3175 Points
    Grey robot tanks that move and spray bullets. They are a high priority target.
    Keep away from them and fire, using a special weapon if at all possible.
    *Wall Gun Man:
    4055 Points
    Can point in three direction and fire from the top of the screen. These are
    priority targets. Destroy them above all others.
    |                               ST6: Credits                                 |
    Thanks to Midway/Williams for the original games, and ACCLAIM for their hand in
    the NES translation. Smash TV has always been a lot of fun, and even though the
    NES game is slightly watered down, it retains all of what's important.
    Thanks of course go out to my hosts, as without them you would not be reading
    this guide.
    Websites with permission to use this Guide:
    Game by ACCLAIM/Williams

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