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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Psychopulse75

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    FAQ #12
    *                                                                      *
    *             ##       ##  #####  #####    #      #                    *
    *             # #     # #  #        #     # #     #                    *
    *             #  #   #  #  #####    #    #####    #                    *
    *             #   # #   #  #        #   #     #   #                    *
    *             #    #    #  #####    #  #       #  ######               *
    *                                                                      *
    *                                                                      *
    *           ######   #####    ####    #######       #####              *
    *          ######    ##      ##  ##   ###  ###     ### ###             *
    *         ###        ##     ###  ###  ###  ###         ###             *
    *        ###   ####  #####  ########  #######         ###              *
    *         ###    ### ##     ###  ###  ###  ###       ###               *
    *          ###  ###  ##     ###  ###  ###   ###     ######             *
    *           ######   #####  ###  ###  ###    ###    ######             *
    *                                                                      *
    *                       Snake's Revenge                                *
    *                                                                      *
                              (For the NES)
                        The Official Wakthrough!
                    Author: Cedric Cooks/Oda (Cedoda)
                  E-mail address: cedric60914@yahoo.com
    Okey doke, here's a more complete, detailed walkthrough you'll be getting
    for this game, designed to get you through the game without having to say,
    hear more bad english in the game than the prequel.  I myself never heard
    of the Metal Gear series until Metal Gear Solid, but Metal Gear Solid 2 was
    the first one I've ever played.  (My brother showed it to me on his PS2, I
    exagerrated and I apologize.).  So, I've decided to see what the other two
    were like.  And since the other guide for this game wasn't detailed
    enough...I'm writing this.
    Update history:
    The guide's first release.
    Added something new in the infiltrating tips section, fixed careless errors,
    and threw in a new strategy for the side-scrolling areas.  I meant to update
    this, but it slipped my mind.
    Table of Contents
    1. Controls
    2. Infiltraing tips
    3. Weapons
    4. Gadgets and other doohickeys
    5. Walkthrough
    6. Credits
    7. Disclaimer
    1.  Controls
    Overhead areas
    Control Pad: Move
    A: Fire weapon
    B: Punch/use knife
    Start: Pause
    Select: A menu will pop up.  "WEAPON" lets you pick your weapon, "EQUIPMENT"
    will let you use one of your items or gadgets in the inventory, and "TRCVR"
    Lets you answer your transreciver.
    Side Scrolling areas
    Left/Right: Move
    B: Attack with gun or knife
    A: Jump
    Down: Duck/lie down (Use left or right to crawl)
    Up: Stand up
    Select: Switch (Knife, gun and food are your choices)
    Start: Pause
    2. Infiltrating Areas
    Like in every other Metal Gear game, you have to sneak through enemy territory
    to get to a secret weapon known as Metal Gear.  Basically, you'll want to
    attract as little attention as possible to get there.  So, a few nice little
    pointers on infiltration wouldn't hurt anyone for anyone who's new to the
    A. Don't be seen by anyone.  PERIOD.  Guards can spot you from all the way
    across the screen if you're lined up with them.  Doing so will send in
    reinforcements.  The number of backup guards increases as you go through the
    game farther.
    B. Don't stand under secruity cameras.  This isn't Metal Gear Solid 2.  You'll
    have to hide behind something in order to avoid them.
    C. Don't use your rations unless you really need to.  If you have to use rations
    whenever you're low on health, you won't make it.  Save them  for something
    more dangerous, like a boss.  Don't use them while your infiltraing.
    D. Noise creates attention.  Explosions count, as well.  And until you get
    the silencer for your handgun, don't fire-the noise will sound the alarm.
    E. All guards have certain patrol routes, and some stand still (Like in the
    original Metal Gear).  After memorizing them, you'll take care of them like
    a pro.
    F. Always equip the knife for unarmed combat.  It's more helpful than your
    G. In Side scrolling areas, if you're on the same floor as a guard, duck.
    He's too stupid to look below, so stab him with a knife.
    H. Plastic explosives do not attract attention in side scrolling areas.
    I. Weapons and food regenrate every time you re-enter the area you found them
    in (Like in the original Metal Gear).
    J. Never use handgun bullets for the Bosses.  Save them for Infiltrating
    K. If you've unintentionally attracted attention in a building, enter an
    elevator and the chaos will stop.
    L. Looks like punches aren't as useless as I thought.  Sometimes guards drop
    rations or ammo after them out.  This doesn't work all the time, though.
    3. Weapons
    Punch: Knocks out enemies.  Hit them three times and they're gone.  They
    sometimes drop rations or ammo.
    Knife: Stabs enemies to death.  One hit is all it takes and they're dead.
    Handgun: The weapon of choice of infiltraing areas.  Get a silencer first
    so enemies can't hear your shots.
    Machine Gun: Self explanatory, so to speak.  It fires in a wavy spread.
    Shotgun: Fires a spread of bullets.
    Mine: Set one down and watch as the enemies are blown up!
    Claymore Mine: It's different from the regular mine, set one down, then hit
    a to detonate.  It'll fire a spread of bullets depending on the way Snake's
    currently facing when fired.  The bullets can hurt you, too.
    Plastic Explosive: Use this for blowing up weak walls.
    Grenades: Throw and take cover.  A aiming cursor is there to help you.
    Remote Controlled Missiles: Once fired, you control them with the control
    stick until you detonate them (Press A) or they hit something.
    Flare gun: Used for lighting dark areas.
    Silencer: An add-on for your handgun.  This "Silences" your shots.
    4. Gadgets and other doohickeys
    Card Keys: They are numbered, but they serve the same purpose-to unlock enemy
    Infra Red Goggles: Helps you see lasers.
    Binoculars: The game says it's optic lens, but it's basically binoculars.
    you can see past more than one screen (Unlike in Metal Gear) and see the entire
    area and how much it covers.
    Food: Replenishies Snake's health to full.
    Antidote: Get rid of poisoned conditions.
    Power Armor: Pushes stones.
    X-Ray Lens: Helps you see which walls are fake and which ones are useless.
    Oxygen Tank: Helps Snake stay underwater longer.  Be warned, though-they're
    used pretty quickly.
    Body Armor: Decreases the damage you take.
    Mine Detector: Helps you see where the mines are placed.
    Bugging Kit:  Helps you see what the enemies are saying on the other side
    of the wall.
    Boots: Protects you from Poisoned needles.
    Antenna: Helps your radio transmit better.
    Backpack: Doubles your weapons firepower.
    Smoke Bomb: Sends a signal to the command group.
    Battery: A new set will replace the old, worn out ones you have later in the
    Truth Gas: Makes your enemies give away classifed information.
    5. Walkthrough
    Part 1: The Jungle
    After you and your teammates exit the helicopter, you'll see a flare bomb
    go off.  Afterwards, equip your knife and handgun.  Go to the left, and another
    flare bomb will go off.  Stay in the middle, because there's someone in a
    helicopter coming from the left at the bottom of the screen, and one will
    come from the right very shortly afterwards.   Since your in the middle, they
    shouldm't see you.  Go up to the next screen, and another flare goes off.
    You'll go to the left this time.  On the next screen, someone in a helicopter
    will come from the left at the bottom, and one will come from the right at
    the top.  As before, stay in the middle, and go up when the coast is clear.
    The final flare will go off, go up, and you'll see three searchlights.  This
    part is kind of tricky for first timers.  When you enter, you'll see three
    flashlights like this:
    Map 1
    * = Searchlight starts/ends here
    . = Searchlight path
    # = Guard tower
    They go back and forth from left to right.  Carefully work your way to the
    left, staying in between the top and middle searchlights, then go down between
    the bottom and middle searchlights.  Next, you'll see three searchlights like
    Map 2
                            #  .
    Hug to the right of the tower to avoid the searchlight hitting seeing you.
    Obviously, at the beginning, you must wait for the searchlight in the middle
    to go up first.  You'll get to an area where you'll find a Ration.  This is
    a dead end.  Exit, then re-enter until maxed out at 3.  Make them last!  As
    for exiting, go through the middle, the searchlight at the top should miss
    Once you're back to the spot where the three searchlights are moving back
    and forth, go up.  You'll see set of searchligihts similar to map 2.  Hug
    the guard tower to the left as before and move up.  You'll rescue a prisoner.
    Go to left to exit, then down and to the left (Staying along the guard tower
    of course) to avoid getting spotted.  Go to the right.
    You'll be in an area similar to map #1.  Go up very carefully and you'll see
    the same searchlight pattern to map #2.  Continue going up, that's the only
    way.  You'll be in a clear area for a while, go to the right, and a new
    searchlight pattern will go like this:
    Map 3
                .    #
    It's easy to be caught in the light since you're entering from the left.  Stay
    at the bottom.  Go up and you'll find another prisoner.  As you exit, a
    spotlight will be on you, but it won't count as you being spotted, so they'll
    let it slide (For now).  You can go to the right, but you won't find anything
    of interest there, so go back.  As you exit the well-lit area, you'll have
    to IMMEDIATELY go to the left and down so you're next to the guard tower.
    It's tricky to pull off, but you can do it.
    Once back to the set of searchlights going back and forth (The second set,
    not the first set at the beginning), go to the right.  Another set of
    searchlights similiar to the ones in map 2 are there, and it's the final part.
    Go up and first, and answer your TRCVR.  Pick up the ammo to max it out at
    50 rounds.  Stay on the left side when you exit and immediately go down.  Work
    your way past the other two and stay at the bottom when you exit.
    You're now at the enterance.  Hide behind the bush and asnwer your
    Transreciver (It's required this time, you HAVE to answer).  John will create
    a diversion so the two guards will capture him.  You can't skip the cut-scene,
    so watch it and you're inside building #1.
    Part 2: The first building
    NOTE: If you need rations or ammo, punch the guards instead of using the knife.
    (Floor 1)
    Go down a screen and stab the guard on the right from above before he walks
    down the hallway you're in.  When the guard on the left starts walking to
    the left, stab him from behind.  Go down to the next screen and enter the
    door to the right.  The guard won't see you, don't worry.  Here, you'll get
    Card #1!
    Go up, taking care to stab the guard near the box, and go up, when the guard
    on the left comes back, quicky stab him before he spots you.  Go up and wait
    for the guard on the right to go down, then go up, right back to the beginning.
    Card #1 is already equipped, use it on the door ahead.  You're in another
    room.  Go to the door on the left.  You'll be back outside, where you'll find
    a Silencer.
    Go back in through the door and go down two screens.  Shoot the guard from
    behind and go down and to right from the bottom of the screen.  Go up a little,
    but not all the way.  A guard is patrolling the door, when he starts to walk
    to the right again after walking to the left, quickly shoot him and enter.
    Save the prisoner, who'll tell you about truth gas.  Shoot the guard next
    to door after exiting and go forward.
    Stab the guard from above by waiting next to the boxes.  Go foward again,
    waiting for the guard to come to you.  After he's finished, enter the next
    door, you'll get card #2. Go back to the area where you entered the left door
    to get the silencer, but take the top door this time.  You'll find some truth
    gas.  Exit, then re-enter until you have three of them.
    Go back to where you got Card #2.  Go up and shoot the guard walking by the
    door at the top and use Card #2 to enter.  If you talk to the officer, he
    won't say anything, but give him a face full of Truth gas and he'll spill
    some info out for you.  You should also have gone up a rank by then.
    After you exit, you'll realize there's no way to get through without being
    spotted, but you can still escape the fight.  Go to the left, then go down.
    The guard will spot you, go to the bottom and shoot the guard on the way down.
    You shouldn't get hit, and by going down to the next screen, the chasing will
    somehow stop.
    Go all the way to the left, then up one screen.  You should be in front of
    a door.  Enter with Card #1 and you'll save another prisoner. Go one screen
    to the left and you'll see the elevator door (It should have an "X" on the
    front).  Board it and go down a floor.
    (Second Floor from the bottom)
    Two guards are standing there, looking in different directions.  Shoot them
    when both aren't seeing you.  Go down the path on the right, and shoot the
    guard ahead of you.  From there go left and use Card #1 on the door.  Use
    Truth gas on the officer for mofe secret info.  Go back to where you got off
    the elevator and go to the left path this time.
    Go down first, shooting the guard quickly.  Enter the door on the right with
    Card #2 to get the Machine gun.  Enter the door on the left with Card #1 next,
    you'll find Plastic Explosives.  Stock them up to 15 and continue.  Go up
    to the hallway on the right of the screen and open the Door with Card #1.
    Some sort of gas decreases your health rapidly.  Inside, you'll find oxygen
    tanks.  Repeat until you have three.  Exit quickly, you should escape with
    only two (Sometimes one) bars of your health gone each time.
    The hallway on the left is the one we haven't explored yet.  Go up, and shoot
    the guard ahead.  It needs Card #1 to open.  Go up and take cover behind the
    box.  When the Camera closest to you is at the top, run next to the wall and
    wait at the corner.  When the other camera is pointing towards the wall you're
    taking cover behind, move down at once.  Kill and the guard and open the door
    with Card #2 for ammo and grenades.  Grenades should be at 15, while ammo
    for BOTH the Machine Gun and Handgun should be at 100.  Double check to make
    sure, too.
    After that, go up and wait at the wall.  Once both cameras are at their highest
    point in the screen, go up to the wall.  When the camera farthest from you
    is at it's lowest point, quickly go left and up before it starts moving again.
    Wait at the very top left corner in the next screen.  When the camera at the
    bottom is pointing at the boxes, move to the elevator pronto.
    (Third floor from the bottom)
    The two guards are easy to work past, so go to the door.  Afterwards, you'll
    be in a side-scrolling area.
    (Side scrolling area)
    Equip your gun and go to the right.  Shoot the guard ahead (His back's turned)
    and go up the stairs.  The next guard also has his back turned, so kill him.
    Go foward into the water, but don't jump.  A camera is moving up and down.
    "Swim" under the three mines and jump out of the pool.  You'll go into another
    one, where you'll "swim" under an enclosed passageway (He can't stand up in
    one) for a few seconds.  As you stand up, you'll see a man walking, when he
    starts to walk with his back turned, shoot him. Continue and shoot the next
    man (The bullet will hit him in the head) and go down the stairs.  You're
    done here!
    (End Side Scrolling area)
    Now we must face a boss.  Five guys who rush at you kamikaze style are the
    first of the irritating bosses you have to face.  Switch to the grenades,
    go to the right a little when they start, then go to the left when they start
    to close in you and stay there until they go away.  They'll run toward you
    again, repeat.  Use grenades first. Always go for the one in the center, and
    as the men start dying, they'll change formations.  You'll eventually be out
    of grenades, so use your machine gun next.  When you're down to the last man,
    go to the left of right side of screen near the top and do the same as before.
    If you're on the top or bottom, chances are you'll hit everytime.  When the
    last one's dead, go through the door and take the elevator up.
    Here, two blocks will block your path.  Stab them mulitple times with the
    knife until they go away, we want to conserve ammo.  Of other note, you can
    use plastic explosives, since no one will hear the explosions.  Use Card #2
    on the door.
    Asnwer your TRCVR and Nick will tell you John is a hostage on the ship.  board
    it, the guards aren't threating.
    Part 3: The boat
    (The Deck)
    Shoot the guard ahead, then go to the left from the bottom of the screen.
    Stab the guard and enter the door with Card #2 for Truth gas.  The maximum
    is 3 as before.  Kill both guards and go up.  You can shoot the guard ahead
    with your gun, but wait for the guard on the right to walk away again, because
    by the time you go up, he'll have seen you.
    After going up a little, go to the right, killing guards.  You'll find a room
    where you can get some Plastic Explosives.  Stay low so the guard can't see
    you and use Card #2 for that door.  If you haven't used them yet, don't bother
    going there.  Go down a screen and enter the door ahead to the right, also
    with Card #2.
    Once inside, go to the right one screen and open the door with Card #1.  Use
    truthgas on the officer, which will tell you wipe out the ammo dump and the
    first Metal Gear mech.  Spiffy!  Go down and enter the next door with Card
    #1 as well, you'll find grenades.  Get them back up to 15 before going.
    Go to the left and open the door at the top with Card #2, and you'll rescue
    a prisoner.  Go out through the door on the bottom and you'll be back outside.
    Go back to the beginning of the stage and board the elevator-it should be
    a black and white diagonal stripe pattern.  Take the "Down" elevator (Press
    down and the platform should carry you to the next floor).
    (First floor below the deck)
    NOTE: The guards will be easy for a while, so I won't mention on how to take
    care of them.
    Go to the right one screen, then up on screen, then to the right again.  Open
    the door below with Card #2 for some Claymore Mines.  Stock them up until
    they're at 10.  The door at the top can be opened with Card #1, and that leads
    to...A BOSS!!!
    This time, three fat guys chuck grenades toward you.  Always take care of
    the one in the middle first, since he's closer to you.  Here, throw grenades
    of your own, then move to either the guy on the left or right.  Thrown grenades
    there, then go to the middle and repeat.  The grenades can wipe you out in
    two hits, so watch it!  By the time you're out of grenades, two of them should
    be dead.  For the one you left alone, run around the center sandbag, taking
    care not to fall into the holes.  Set either a Plastic Explosive or Claymore
    Mine, keeping in mind that Snake must face toward the enemy when he uses them.
    I hope you have about one or two rations left...
    After they're finally dead, head into the door for Card #3.
    Go all the way to the left, and open the door with Card #2 and you'll find
    a flare gun.  Go to the left and go down, open the door on the left with Card
    #3 and you'll have a mine detector.  Go back to the deck for a moment.
    Go up a screen and enter the door on the left with Card #2, you'll find flare
    bombs!  Get them up to ten before taking the elevator all the way down.
    (Second floor from the deck)
    There's only one guard, and he can't call for reinforcements, so don't worry
    about being spotted.  After killing him, open the door with Card #3 and equip
    the flare Gun.  Fire it immediately and you'll see some sort of disc moving
    around.  In fact, there are five of them!  They move unpredictably and one
    touch will call in the calvary, so try to work around them and go to the right.
    Fire the flare gun again and open the door with Card #3.  Inside, you'll see
    the ammo dump.  Set a plastic explosive on it anywhere you please.  You'll
    automatically exit.
    Go to the elevator AT ONCE and take the elevator up to the top.  You can either
    go to the right and enter the door, then go to the right and up, or go up
    one screen, then to the right all the way.  You're there either way.  As long
    as you remember that the enterance to the either the top or bottom part of
    the ship has to require Card #2, it's no problem.
    Metal Gear 1 is destroyed, but the second one isn't.  Yes, another Metal Gear
    has come up and guess who has to destroy it.
    Part 4: Prison Camp #1
    NOTE: I won't list the locations of the mines, so use your Mine Detector.
    If you forgot it, start the game over or use a password to take you to the
    boat.  Passwords won't be mentioned here, though, so look at the cheats
    section of the game.
    Go up while avoiding mines until you get a call on your TRCVR.  It's out of
    batteries, however, so you can't answer.  Go up one more screen and enter
    the door on the right with Card #3, you'll find grenades and more importantly,
    a battery for your transreciver.  That battery will last you for the reat
    of the game, so don't worry.  Here, Grenades should be at 20, since you just
    went up a rank.  And always equip your Mine detector after leaving a room.
    Go up and enter the door on the left with Card #1.  Inside are some remote
    controlled missiles and some rations!  Stock up missiles to 20 and the rations
    to 9, and make them last!  The door at the top is also opened with card #1,
    a prisoner is inside.
    Go to the left and open the door with Card #2.  Here, you'll find oxygen tanks.
    Stock them up to 5, you'll need them.  Then go down and open the door on the
    right with Card #2, there are some plastic explosives.  Max them out to 20.
    Go back to the spot where you found the oxygen tanks at the door in the top,
    and use a plastic explosive on the farthest sandbag to the left.  A man will
    fire a missile that follows you.  Immediately set a plastic explosive next
    to him and run to avoid the missile.  After he dies, fall in the hole before
    the missile hits you.
    (Side scrolling area)
    Don't go to the left, you'll be sent back outside to the camp via an elevator.
    Go to the right instead.  Crawl under the narrow passageway with water and
    bomb the walls with your plastic explosives.  You'll jump out of the pool
    eventually and go into another one.  Immediately duck, under the water,
    because a security camera is there.  Jump over the mines and go under the
    second camera as well.  You'll see an underwater mine and some sort of object
    in the water.  Touching it will cause an electric shock in the water and of
    course, raise the alarm.  When the mine is on the elft and the buoy is on
    the right, jump over the mine and duck under the buoy.  You'll see one more
    like it, too.  Now a guard is walking.  Shoot him when his back is turned
    and jump out of the pool and you're done.
    Now go up and you'll see two guards.  Kill them both and board the train on
    the left.  If you board the one on the right, you'll be spotted.
    Part 5: The Train
    (Car 1)
    As you enter, John will tell you there are no traps on the train.  Yeah,
    right...kill the two guards and go into the next room with Card #3, where
    inside spikes flash everywhere and take off two bars of health each!  This
    can add up fast, so study their patterns a bit before making your move.  You'll
    exit with Card #3, as well.  Carefully cross the buckler (That device joining
    two car trains together) and enter the next car.
    (Car 2)
    Inside, John will tell you that he's in the third car.  Open the first door
    you see with Card #1 and you'll get some grenades.  You haven't used these
    yet (According to the walkthrough at least), so ignore them unless you've
    used at least one.  Go up and enter the next door with Card #2, and a clone
    of John will attack you with Claymore Mines!  You may want to use a ration
    first, because the shots from the Claymore mines he sets down is four bars
    of health each time!  It's hard to avoid the blast, too.  Shoot him as fast
    as you can with the handgun and he might not set down a second one.  He'll
    leave a ration behind, too.
    The next door is entered with Card #1, and you'll find some ammo, but wait
    a second, don't go to the right just yet.  If you do, a hole will be made
    in the ground and you'll fall to your death!  Go up first, then to the right
    to reach it.  Do it a few times too, since we need to max out both our machine
    gun and handgun ammo to 150 rounds.  Kill the guard and open the door with
    Card #1 and head to the next car!
    (Car 3)
    Here, open the first door with Card #3, you'll find X-ray Goggles.  Kill the
    guards carefully, since they send out more reinforcements.  You can't open
    the next door yet, you need Card #4 for that.  Head to the next car...
    (Car 4)
    Oi!  Another room with spikes!  Carefully make your way across.  Kill the
    guard and open the door with Card #3 and rescue the prisoner.  The next door
    is also opened with Card #3.  This one has Card #4, but this one also has
    a hole if you go too far to the right.  Go DOWN this time, then to the right
    to get it.  The door in the last car is opened with Card #1, inside is an
    officer.  You know what to do...only this time, he really doesn't know
    anything if you use the truth gas on him!
    (Car 3)
    Go back to the third car and open the door you couldn't open before.  inside
    is John.  There's another hole that'll surprize you, so go up first, then
    to the right.  Save him and...
    ...he's a spy!  You must fight him.
    First off, look at your health.  It's four bars or below, use a Ration at
    once.  Move to the bottom left corner and fire remote controlled missiles
    at him from a distance (Try to avoid the spread shots from the Claymore mines
    by moving left or right).  After about 6 or 7, he'll die.  He'll drop a Power
    Armor too.  Pick it up before leaving.
    The train will stop.  Exit and go off the Buckler to exit.
    Part 6: Desert Base
    (Part 1)
    You can answer your TRCVR, if you wish, then go up.  Here, you'll find a guard.
    Kill and open the door with Card #4.  Inside are some Plastic Explosives.
    Go up and stab the guard, then open the Door with Card #1 for some Oxygen
    Tanks.  Max them to 5 if you haven't done that already.  Go back down, this
    is a dead end.
    Go to the left and you'll see a rock.  Use the Powered armor to push the rock
    all the way to the left.  Then slap on your X-ray Goggles.  You should see
    a weak wall in front of you.  Use a plastic explosive, but the alarm will
    sound.  Open the door ahead with Card #1 and save the prisoner.  Go up and
    kill any guards that come.  When things are calm, use a plastic explosive
    on the wall to the left (Use your X-ray Goggles to make sure) and get ready
    for another chase...
    Go up and kill all the guards again, then use your X-ray Goggles, you'll see
    another weak wall.  We know what to use and we know what'll happen...but keep
    going to left anyway.  Both paths are being blocked by rocks.  Before moving
    them, open the door with Card #2.  You'll find the Binoculars (Optic lens
    as the game calls them).  Now push the top rock with your power armor and
    go up.  Open the door with Card #4 and the shotgun is yours!  Go back down
    and open the top door on the right with Card #3.
    You're in a room with platforms moving across back and forth.  Step Carefully!
    Work your way to the bottom door on the right side of the room (You're on
    the left side).  You're now on the path blocked by the rock on the bottom.
    Go down and open the door with Card #4 to save another prisoner (And go up
    a rank!).  Go back to the room with all the platforms, and work your way over
    to the door on the far right.  Blow up both walls with your Plastic Explosives
    and kill all the guards.  Countinue down, killing both guards and entering
    the door on the left with Card #4 (The door on the right can't be opened).
    Claymore mines are inside, stock them up to 20.  Then blow up the sandbag
    with a Plastic Explosive and go down the hole.
    (Side Scrolling area)
    As before, don't go to the left.  Go right instead.  Shoot the guard
    immediately and jump over the rock.  Crawl your way to the right before moving
    on, because two guards are here, ane one of them is facing you!  Equip your
    knife also.  Crawl along the floor and stab them in the legs with it.  Stay
    low, another one is facing you also.  Afterwards, stab the guy next to you
    with the knife and wait for the one far away while is back is turned.  During
    that time crawl your way over to the edge (Don't drop yet).  When his back's
    turned again, go.  He shouldn't see you if done correctly.  Stand up, as he
    cant you at that time.  Equip you gun, wait 'til his back's turned once more,
    than make the kill.
    We're not done yet.  Start crawling, another guard is walking toward you.
    Crawl under the camera and you'll see another ahead.  Stay low, wait until
    the camera is at it's highest point, then go.  After that, get down once more.
    Two guards are standing on top of rocks.  Thismis pretty tough, because you
    need to wait until BOTH backs are turned, fire a shot, and get down before
    the other one notices.  When both backs are turned for the first time, shoot
    the guard and get down quickly.  The the guard farthest from you is not looking,
    move and shoot, then duck.  If the bullet doesn't hit, try again.  Afterwards,
    you're home free!
    (Part 2)
    NOTE: I'll no longer say who's calling, so listen for the familiar answering
    sound.  You'll also be in touch with Jennifer.
    Push the rock with your Power Armor and go to the right.  Go down and open
    the Door with Card #1 for ammo.  Get the machine gun and handgun up to 200
    rounds of ammo, you'll need it.  Follow the linear path to an open space,
    and open the left door with Card #4 for some mines (As before, the door on
    the right cannot be opened.).  Get them up to 25.  Blow up the wall on the
    left with your plastic explosives and open the door with Card #3.  If possible,
    avoid fighting the guards.
    Does this room look familiar?  Sort of, but it's a little different.  using
    the platforms, go all the way to the farthest door on the right.  Go down
    and blow up the sand bag with...yup...a plastic explosive.  Go down the
    (Side Scrolling area)
    Duck down again, equip your gun, and head to the right.  When the guard turns
    his back, shoot him and go up.  Crawl along after climbing the stairs and
    stab the guard.  Go into the water and duck under the buoy.  That's what you'll
    be doing most of time in the water.  After jumping out of the pool and going
    into another one, you'll have to do it again with two buoy and two mines.
    If worse comes to worse, take damage from the mines.  After that, a guard
    is standing.  Wait until his back is turned and let him have hit!
    Start crawling and stab the guard in front of you.  For the one below, don't
    get too close or he'll see you!  Feel free to stand up though.  Wait until
    he walks away and shoot him!
    (Part 3)
    Now open the door next to you and...oh god...A TANK!!!  The shell it fires
    kills instantly, and so will getting ran over!  Thankfully, I know an easy
    way to it.
    Get to the left or right side to those spots where the tank can't run you
    over.  It can fire in 8 directions, but it usually misses.  Start planting
    mines like crazy and it'll do down! Woohoo!
    Cross the bridge and enter.
    Part 7: The three buildings
    (Building #1)
    Go to the right and kill the guard.  Go up and to the left.  To avoid the
    cameras, wait until they're away from you, then hide behind the walls when
    they pass.  Then stay in the middle until they move away and repeat to the
    end.  Eventually, you'll get to the door, open it with Card #2 for the
    Infra-Red Goggles.  Go back, taking care to avoid the cameras.  Go to the
    right, but don't go down yet.  Kill the guards and go to the door on the right
    and open it with Card #2 for some truth gas.  Get them until you have 5 of
    these.  Go down and go to the elevator, and go up a floor.
    Slap on the Infra-Red goggles, you'll need them to see the lazers.  After
    working your way through them, get top of the cable car (Either one doesn't
    matter) and get ready to take a ride.
    (Side Scrolling Area)
    While on top of the cable car, a man will look out to see if anyone's up there.
    if he sees you, heck breaks loose with guys in jetpacks!  Yikes!  So how do
    we avoid this?  Stand on the far left of the cable car, because when he looks
    out any of the windows, it's ALWAYS to the right, never to the left.  Apply
    for the next two times you're doing this, too.
    (Building #2)
    After that, the cable car will stop at another building.  Use your X-ray
    goggles to work your way to the elevator door.  Take the elevator down and
    shoot the guards.  Go to the left, carefully killing guards, I hope.  You'll
    see a door on the left, use Card #1 to open it.  You may want to kill the
    two guards first, though...
    Use truth gas on the officer, he'll tell you Metal Gear two is 7 times more
    powerful!  Exit, and kill the two guards while going to the right.  Go down
    first and open the door with Card #3 to save a prisoner.  Go up a little,
    and wait for one of the guards to come to you.  Kill him, then his partner.
    And use Card #3 to open the door they were guarding.  You'll get Card #6 and
    some antidote!  Get 12 antiodotes, you can never have too many of them.  Work
    your way to the elevator use the Infra-Red Goggles, and hop on the cable car
    coming from the top!
    (Side Scrolling Area)
    As before, stay on the far left and they can't see you.
    (Building #3)
    Use your Infra-Red goggles again and head to the elevator, avoiding lazers.
    Go down and take out the guards and head to the left.  Open the door with
    Card #2, and prisoner is inside.  Go up, and hide along walls and stab the
    guards with your knife as they walk past.  You'll get to the door, open it
    with Card #4 to get the antenna.  Go to the door below you and you're next
    to the elevator!  Take the elevator up, avoid the lazers, and board the last
    Cable Car!
    (Side Scrolling Area)
    See above.
    After that, open the door with Card #6!
    Part 8: The Castle, part 1
    (Floor 1)
    Go to the right, then go down.  Open the door on the right with Card #3.  Use
    Truth Gas on the officer and go up.  Go to the left to the elevator door and
    go down a floor.
    (Second floor from the bottom)
    Go to the left and open the door with Card #2.  Inside are some oxygen tanks.
    Stock them up to 7, you'll need them.  Go down on the right side, kill the
    guards, and open the door with Card #1 for some Plastic Explosives.  Max them
    out to 25 of them.  Go left and open the door with Card #4 to save a prisoner,
    but go down, then to the left, because a hloe will appear if you go to far
    too the left.  You'll go up another rank, also.  Take the time to, if you
    wish, add 5 more plastic explosives to a maximum of 30 and two more oxygen
    tanks for a total of 9.  Head back to the elevator and go down another floor.
    Now you're in a room with three doors.  Enter the top one first.
    (Side scrolling area)
    Immediately duck when you enter the area, a camera is there and will see you.
    Crawl under it.  Stay low, you'll see two guards one walking, another standing
    there.  Wait until both backs are turned, then fire at the one who's moving.
    Duck at once, and move when his back's turned, then lie down immediately in
    case he turns around.  Once he's not looking, fire.  Stay low and a lone guard
    is walking around.  Wait until his back is turned, then jump and fire.  Now
    you have to work around two cameras.  Crouch, and wait until the first one
    is at its highest point, then jump and crawl under it.  Wait for the second
    one to pass, and move.
    Another camera is your next obstacle, do the same as before.  Stay low and
    you'll see a guard by himself, you know what to do.  After he's dead, you'll
    see a buoy and two underwater mines.  Work your way around them as best you
    can.  Jump out of the pool and you'll go into another one, where you must
    do the same thing.  Next, wait for the camera to up and jump out of the pool.
    Crawl right away and stab the two guards with your knife.  Finally, shoot
    the guard below you.  It won't matter if you're spotted, you'll escape with
    little damage.
    Next, find a weak wall with your X-ray Goggles and set a plastic explosives
    there.  Go ALL the way to the left and up, you'll find some Boots, Card #5,
    and some ammo, which you ahould max out at 250 rounds.  Of other note, if
    you go through the middle when you enter, a hole will take you by surprize.
    Now you have to go back, but I'm not re-writing a walkthrough for the other
    way around.  just remember what to exepect, and you'll be all right.
    Now enter the elevator, but don't go up any floors.  Just exit, that way you
    can keep the 5th card and everything else.  Enter the door on the left next.
    (Side Scrolling Area)
    Go up the stairs, hop in the pool and go under the two buoys.  The next two
    parts here have you ducking under buoys and avoiding mines.  Afterwards, you
    must avoid two mines while in ditches.  Stay low and move when both are away.
    When they're close, stay low.  Wait for the guard to turn his back, then fire.
    Do the same for the guard near the end.
    Equip the boots and go to the elevator so the spikes can't hurt you.  Go down
    and shoot the guard.  Go to the left, kill the next two, and open the door
    with Card #5.  Inside is a Body Armor.  Exit and go up.  Kill the guard at
    the top quickly, then stab the guard with the knife as he comes toward you.
    Open the door with Card #4 for the Hidden Microphone.  Go to the left, wipe
    out both guards, then open the door with Card #5 for truth gas.  Max them
    out to 6 of them.  Now you have to go back to the area with the three doors.
    Once you're back, go to the elevator, and refill your oxygen tanks back to
    9.  Then go back to the three door area and enter the one on the right.
    (Side Scrolling area)
    Stay low and shoot the guard when he's not looking.  Do the same for the next
    one.  Crawl under the camera and hop into the water when the mines are away
    from you.  Next, Duck under the buoy and jump over the mines.  Then you must
    go through a long shaft while blowing up walls along the way.  At the end,
    stay low under the mines that are floating at the end.  Around this time,
    you'll have used up almost all of your oxygen tanks!!!!  What the?!
    And it doesn't end there.  You'll be in the water with mines and buoys!  If
    worse comes to worse, touch a mine.  You may have to use a ration or two here,
    provided you saved up a good number of them.  After this insane madness, kill
    the guard and escape.  Simply let him spot you, but make sure you have some
    health left before doing this!
    Finally, we're done!  Take the elevator up to the middle floor.
    Part 9: The castle, part two
    (Floor 1)
    First, go down.  Open the door with Card #6 and you'll get some flare bombs.
    Get them up to 30, then continue down some more.  Open the next door with
    Card #5 and use truth gas on the prisoner.  Go down, stab the guard with the
    knife as he comes, and go up to the middle.  Open the door with Card #4 for
    some grenades and bring the total up to 40.  Go down and kill the guard as
    he comes toward you (With the knife).
    Open the door with Card #2 to save a prisoner. then go down, but not all the
    way down.  A hole will take you by surprize!  Go to the right to avoid it
    and open the door with Card #4 for Card #7!  You have to go up, though, as
    there are two (Not just one, but two) holes that'll make Snake fall faster
    than the contestants on Russian Roulette (A Game Show Network original).  Just
    go back to the elevator.
    (Floor 2)
    Go to the left, kill the guard with your knife, and push the block to the
    left.  Open the door with Card #7 for Plastic Explosives.  Go down and use
    the flare gun, and go to the left.  Going straight down sends you down a hidden
    hole, so go to the left and open the door with Card #4 to save a prisoner.
    Go down, though, there's a hole at the top.  Go to the left, but not at the
    very bottom, another hole is there.  Go up near the boxes.
    Fire another flare.  Go right and up, sticking next to the boxes to avoid
    the hole.  Head along the wall to the door on the right.  Open it with Card
    #2 and use some Truth Gas on the prisoner.  Go up, next to the lone box, and
    walk on the left side of it to avoid the other hole below you.  Go down and
    enter the door with Card #5, you're in that room with moving platforms.  Go
    to the door of the far right first.  Inside is a ration, and in the next door,
    open it with Card #2 to save a prisoner.  There's a hole at the bottom, so
    stick to the top.  Refill your rations up to 18 before going, since it
    regenerates after you re-enter the room.
    Go back up to the room with the platforms. Here, go to the bottom right door.
    Open it with Card #6.  Go down and you're in that room with gas.  Use Plastic
    Explosives on it and open the door with Card #7.  You may need to use a ration
    for this.
    Go to the left and kill the guard, but don't open the door above (Card #4
    opens it).  That prisoner is really a bomb.  Continue left, using the boots
    to go around the fields of spikes, and go up, killing the guard.  Now you'll
    see several notches in the ground.  Pointy sticks come out and poke you in
    side and give you poision.  Here, you'll want go to the left sticking to the
    wall, then while in the middle, go to the right, and you'll avoid the second
    one.  At the end, use Card #7 to open the door, which has a backpack and some
    Plastic explosives.
    Go back, but first, use you X-ray Scanner to find a weak wall.  Get ready
    for a fight, 'cause you'll be getting some attention.  GO up and use the X-ray
    scanner to find two more weak walls, then stop the army of soldiers.  Don't
    bother going in the next door (Uses Card #7), there's nothing there.  Go up
    and you'll see those black notches.  Go in this pattern to avoid the spikes,
    remebering to change sides whenever you're in between two of them.  Left,
    right, left, right, left, right.  Take the elevator down a floor.
    (Floor 1, revisted)
    Slap on your body armor and go down this hallway filled with statues that
    fire missiles, and clones of John Turner setting Claymore mines.  Go to the
    right next to the statue and go down, using the pillars as cover.  Don't open
    the next door with Card #6, the hostage is a bomb in here.  The next one can
    be opened, however.  It's another room with gas and a blockcade!  As before,
    you'll have to use a ration when you're near death.  Destroy it with Plastic
    Explosives and enter the door with Card #1.  Why they can't give you a gas
    mask is beyond me!
    Remember this spot?  We couldn't access the bottom half, but thanks to the
    door, we can now.  Go down, then all the way to the left.  Go up and enter
    the door on the left with with Card #7 for some ammo and some Claymore mines.
    Re-enter until you have 30 Claymore mines and 300 rounds of ammo for both
    the Machine Gun and Handgun.  Go up to the next door, also using Card #7,
    you'll find mines.  Thanks to the backpack, you should go up to a total of
    80.  Kill the guards and head to the elevator!
    (Floor 2, revisited)
    Kill the guards and go all the way to the right.  Go down and open the door
    of the right with Card #7 for a smoke bomb.  Go down, then up the next hallway,
    removing all guards from your presence.  Enter the door of the left with Card
    #4 and...
    Yes, after getting Keycard #8, Nick's ready to kick the bucket. He'll tell
    you that Jennifer (That woman who communicates with you) is a spy and tell
    you some details about Big Boss (The guy who *SPOILER* ran Outer Heaven in
    the original Metal Gear) before dying.  After leaving go up, then to the right,
    and down.  Kill the guards and go to the left at the top (If you went down,
    the guard will immediately see you.).  Go to the left and open the Door with
    Card #6 and you'll get remote controlled missiles!  Get these babies up to
    90 of them and head back to the elevator!
    (Floor 3)
    Go the right, you'll immediately see a new foe.  They walk on two legs and
    shoot at you when they stop!  Three missiles can kill them, but run away
    instead and open the door below with Card #8.  Go to the left and you'll
    enocounter a puzzle.  On door opens with a with a certain Card #, the others
    don't.  To save time, I'll do a step by step format.
    1. Open the door on the far left with Card #3.
    2. Open the door on the far right with Card #4.
    3. The middle door should be opened with Card #5.
    Hey, look!  It's Big Boss!  How are you doing?  Oh, boss fight...I see...
    You have an advantage, though.  Put on your body armor and stand a little
    to the left of the door you entered from.  Eventually, he'll fire in a straight
    line and you'll avoid the bullets, since you're on one side of them.  Nine
    missiles will do the trick.  But he's not dead yet.  He'll turn into a cyborg!
    Work your way back to the big room and use a ration.  Get in front of him
    and set about forty mines on him while standing next to him.  Keep doing it
    and use rations every chance you get.
    Now you must work your way to the shelter.  You're timed for the remainder
    of the game, so don't blow it.
    Go back to where Big Boss was, and open the door with Card #5.  Save Jennifer,
    because although she's a spy, she's on your side and can still help you
    (Although we never see it at the end).  Exit through the the door at the top,
    and take either cable car there, then use the smoke bomb.  A hole will be
    blown in the door for you.
    Part 10: The Factory
    Use Keycard #7 to open the door.  Now you must go through the left corridor
    on the right side.  Do the same for the left side and open the door with Card
    So THIS is Metal Gear 2....
    Okey doke, fire missiles into the very small corridor (There's a hole that
    you.  It's tough at first, becuase you have to get used to how fast it travels,
    not to mention than you must work your way through three doors which open
    and close at random times.  after that, you must work your way to the yellow
    spot on the Metal Gear mech.  You've got to hit that spot about 15 times,
    too.  Plus, you're still timed.  So...work fast or something like that.
    After beating it, enjoy the bittersweet ending...
    6. Credits
    Myself: Typing this guide out
    Konami: They made this game......
    CJayC: Webmaster of www.gamefaqs.com
    7. Disclaimer
    This guide is copyrighted by Cedric Cooks/Oda (Cedoda).  I have nothing to
    do with Nintendo, Konami, or any other parties involved in the making of this
    game.  It can be printed out, but not for money.  Also, make sure you give
    me credit if you wish to put this one your site.  If you say this is yours
    you will be in serious trouble (Not to mention the CJayC (Gamefaqs webmaster)
    will send out powerful lawyers afterwards.  The latest verison of the guide
    is always at www.gamefaqs.com, and I'd appreciate it if you update it when
    I update it, unless you like the previous one better.
    FOR THE COMMONFOLK (Normal people)
    So you want to print this guide out?  Well, first you need my permission,
    and you must promise not to sell it.  You will the guide as the thing it's
    intended to be-a guide.  Either that, or out of entertainment (Reading it
    just for fun).  If you must send me E-mail, send me informative E-mail, which
    includes hints, secrets, and thank oyu's for the guide.  Don't send me idiotic
    E-mail, which includes job applications for the site, complaints, insults,
    stuff already mentioned in the guide, etc.  Trust me, it won't make it.
    Both of you people must follow these rules.  Failure to do this will result
    in you not using the guide altogether.
    Until the next guide, everyone...
    Copyright 2002 Cedric Cooks/Oda
    All rights reserved
                  -"And that's the end of that chapter!"-

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