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    Boss FAQ by Seth0708

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    Metal Gear 2: Snake's Revenge was released for the Nintendo Entertainment System in April of 1990. It was a European and American release only. Hideo Kojima, creator of the Metal Gear series, was not involved in the development of this game. Because of this it is often criticized by fans of the series, but even the staunchest critic of Metal Gear 2: Snake's Revenge does have to be thankful it was released. Hideo Kojima in an interview has stated that it was the release of this game that prompted him to push for the development of a sequel to the original Metal Gear on the MSX. This project eventually ended with the release of Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake, without which it is unlikely that any other Metal Gear games would've been released.

    This guide solely covers the bosses present in Metal Gear 2: Snake's Revenge. You will not find a general walkthrough here; if that is what you need, there are several here on GameFAQs. This guide assumes you have all the available equipment up to each given boss and does not tell you where to find it. So without further adieu we will move on to the bosses themselves.

    Ultra-Sheik Assault Unit

    Before facing this boss make sure your rations are full and you are at rank two. Double-back into the jungle to stock up on rations if you have to. The Ultra-Sheik Assault Unit is composed of five robotic soldiers. They act very simply. They'll form up ranks, in different shapes depending upon how many are left, and then charge at Snake. They then repeat this. Dodging a charge is very difficult and you probably will not do it often. Begin this battle by using your grenades and plastic explosives. Once they run out switch to your H&K MP5 Machinegun. As they drop off the group becomes easier and easier to dodge. Watch they will move in on your position and follow you as you try to shift out of the way, but if you have enough space you can outrun them once you've killed one or two of them. Begin in one of the upper corners and move down as they approach, but don't get boxed into a corner or they might get two hits on you instead of the usual one. When you are hit, run out of the group so this does not happen. It takes five grenade hits to kill one robot, but if you hit more than one with a blast you can take a hit off each one you hit. If you have full rations and grenades you should be able to make it through this fight even if you take a hit every time they charge.

    Grenader Unit

    Harry, Curly, and Moe await you behind some sandbag barricades. These guys are actually quite easy and the fact that there are no rations to be found on the ship really shouldn't matter. The three grenaders will not move from behind the sandbags, but instead will each toss a grenade every few seconds. Switch to your own grenades and start running. Keep moving and you should be able to dodge their attacks without any trouble. When you get an opening, toss two or three grenades over the sandbags at one of the trio. Each of the stooges takes six hit to kill. Take out the middle guy first as his grenades don't need to travel as far as the others to hit you. From there take out one or the other of the other two. When you run out of grenades, swith to your plastic explosives and rush between the sandbags. (Do not step in the holes the bosses occupied because it causes instant death.) Lay one right next to the remaining grenader and run out. Run in a circle around the middle sandbag, laying a mine as you go by him. Two or three of these will finish him off. By far this is the easiest boss battle of the game (I beat them without taking a hit myself) so it shouldn't be too much trouble to get through.

    The Imposter

    On the train in John Turner's cell you will discover that the Foxhound operative has been killed and replaced by the Imposter. Immediately he will take off some of your life and then will attack you with claymore mines. Hug the upper wall and run back towards the door. If you step anywhere in the middle the floor will fall out and you will die. Just get back to the other side and whip out your remote missiles. Dodge the shrapnel from the claymore mines not-John fires and take aim with a remote missile when you have an opening. It takes about eight missiles to kill him. Once he's dead the floor remains trapped, but you need to go over to his body and claim the Power Armor off of it. From there this fight is over.

    Nagmachon (Tank)

    This fight takes place across several screens. You'll face the Nagmachon on a bridge that stretches vertically. The tank will fire exploding shells down the bridge while it rushes back and forth across it. It consumes the entire width of the bridge, save a few small openings on either side. You can step into these to avoid getting run over, but if you step too far you'll fall into the water and die. Getting run over by the tank will also result in immediate death, so you basically have to get through this fight without once getting hit. The only weapon that damages the tank is the mines. Switch to them and move forward. Be warned that the tank continues to move even when it is off the screen, so it can run you over as you enter a screen. Essentially what you need to do is move to the center of the bridge (the middle screen) and plant three mines near the top. Wait for the tank to come down onto the screen and hang near the bottom while it runs over the mines. Once it hits all three, quickly retreat down a screen. Lay three mines on the bottom screen and move to the dirt at the very bottom. Wait for the tank to run over these mines and fall back. Once it does move up a screen and repeat. It takes fifteen or so mines to destroy the tank.

    Higharolla Kockamamie

    Okay not really. Higharolla Kockamamie is revealed to be none other than Big Boss right before this fight. For the Search Function of this guide, however, I decided not to spoil it so I used his alias for the heading of this fight. Immediately run to the upper right corner. Equip the body armor and the remote missile. Begin firing and direct the missiles at Big Boss. His first form will fall in nine hits. Big Boss isn't done yet though. He'll transform himself into a cyborg (or snatcher, depending on who you ask) and proclaim his sheer invincibility. Switch to the fifth key card and flee through the bottom middle door. Big Boss will give chase, so switch to the fourth key card and flee south again. In the next room switch to the third key card and flee through the far right door. From here equip your body armor and either your mines or plastic explosives. You need to lay them at his feet. This is the only way to damage him. It takes twenty-five mines/explosives to defeat him. The best method I have discovered for killing him is to simply equip the mines and walk right up beside him. Start dropping mines immediately. They'll start to explode immediately, allowing you to continuosly drop them. When your health starts to run low, simply use a ration. He'll fall in thirty seconds or less.

    Metal Gear 2 (Ultra-Sheik Nuclear Attack Tank)

    I'm listing both names this thing goes by (the first in-game, the second in the manual). Although this thing has no attacks, it is quite difficult if you aren't too good with the remote missiles. What you need to do is to launch a missile through the small shaft above you, pray that none of the three shutters close while you guide it through, and then hit the yellow area with an arrow on the Metal Gear 2. You have to do this ten times and you have a time limit. There's really not a lot to say about it. The shutters open and close at random, aggaravating the situation. Once you hit the Metal Gear 2 ten times you finish the game.


    Metal Gear 2: Snake's Revenge is (c) Konami/Ultra Games

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