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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Seth0708

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                                  Snake's Revenge
                             FAQ/Walkthrough Version 1.0
                                    by Seth0708
    [SNR] Snake's Revenge
    [BSC] The Basics
    	[CTL] Controls
    	[SUB] Sub-Screen
    	[WPN] Weapons
    	[ITM] Equipment
    	[CHR] Characters
    	[GGC] Game Genie Codes
    [WLK] Walkthrough
    	[WK1] Part 1
    	[WK2] Part 2
    	[WK3] Part 3
    	[WK4] Part 4
    	[WK5] Part 5
    [ANY] Analysis
    	[PLT] Plot Analysis
    	[GPY] Gameplay Analysis
    	[KOJ] Hideo Kojima's Thoughts
    [CLO] Closing
    	[FLT] Final Thoughts
    	[CPY] Copyrights
    |                       |
    | [SNR] Snake's Revenge |
     Metal Gear: Snake's Revenge was released for the Nintendo Entertainment
     System in April of 1990. It was a European and American release only. Hideo
     Kojima, creator of the Metal Gear series, was not involved in the development
     of this game. Because of this it is often criticized by fans of the series,
     but even the staunchest critic of Metal Gear: Snake's Revenge does have to
     be thankful it was released. Hideo Kojima in an interview has stated that it
     was the release of this game that prompted him to push for the development of
     a sequel to the original Metal Gear on the MSX. This project eventually ended
     with the release of Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake, without which it is unlikely
     that any other Metal Gear games would've been released.
     Critics of Metal Gear: Snake's Revenge point out a number of things present
     in the game they feel are not consistent with the rest of the Metal Gear
     series, most notably Snake's appearance. Dressed in a large red suit of some
     kind, it is fairly obvious that Snake would not be able to sneak anywhere in
     it. They also point to the inclusion of side-scrolling segments in various
     buildings throughout the game, something that is not to be found in any other
     Metal Gear game. These, in my opinion, are the most valid arguments made
     against the game. There are others, but they are largely invalid if one has
     actually played the game; the oft-cited train incident, for example, in which
     you are lied to over the radio is used to attack the game, but if one actually
     plays through the train you discover the individual lying to you is in fact an
     enemy posing as a member of Foxhound.
     Fans of Metal Gear: Snake's Revenge point to the still intact elements to be
     found in the other games of the series. They point to the similarity in terms
     of gameplay between this and the other games of the series. Sneaking and the
     use of varied equipment that is a staple of the rest of the series is to be
     found here.
     Personally I would place myself between the two main views of the game. While
     I think the game is true to the Metal Gear concept established by the first
     game, the inclusion of side-scrolling elements was a bad call. The red suit
     Snake wears is also a puzzling aspect of the game that no one has adaquetely
     explained. However I do not think that it should be dismissed entirely as the
     critics do. Being the original sequel to the first Metal Gear the programmers
     tried some new things and some of it did not work out very well, but that is
     no reason to "write it out" of Metal Gear history. Much like the superior
     Metal Gear: Ghost Babel, Metal Gear: Snake's Revenge should be considered a
     seperate story from the primary series of games.
    |                  |
    | [BSC] The Basics |
     This section covers the controls, the equipment and weapons, and the main
     characters of Metal Gear: Snake's Revenge. If you already know how to play and
     just want to get started, skip to the walkthrough using the Search Function
     code [WLK]. Otherwise, here's how to play.
     *[CTL] Controls*
     Overhead Controls
      Directional Pad: Move
      A-Button: Use Weapons/Equipment
      B-Button: Punch
      Start: Sub-Screen
      Select: Pause
     Side-Scrolling Controls
      Directional Pad: Move
      A-Button: Jump
      B-Button: Use Weapons
      Start: Sub-Screen
      Select: Pause
     *[SUB] Sub-Screen*
     By pressing Select you will bring up the Sub-Screen. From here you can chose
     your weapons and/or equipment and use the radio. All three of these options
     are spelled out once you hit Select. Press the A-Button to confirm a choice.
     When you are finished, highlight the final option to return to the main screen
     you were previously on.
     The Radio has some special attributes to it that may need to be explained in
     some detail. When you select it four choices will pop up. Three of these are
     frequencies for calling the two members of your team and your plant. The last
     option is to activate a transceiver detector. This will show you where a
     transceiver has been placed by members of your team (explained in more detail
     in the walkthrough where it arises). Your radio will not work if the alarm is
     sounded, so don't even try it.
     *[WPN] Weapons*
     Beretta M92
      Your basic pistol. Initially holds forty shots, but without a silencer it
      will make noise alerting enemies on the screen of your presence. You begin
      the game with this weapon.
     Claymore Mine
      A remote landmine. Press the A-Button to set it, then press it again to make
      it explode. There are two types of mines, but both operate in the same way.
      The difference comes in the amount of damage each deals and the number that
      you can place at one time.
      Although this is located in your weapon inventory, the flaregun is not truly
      a weapon. Instead it can be used to light up darkened areas. Simply use it
      once then switch back to a real weapon.
     Guided Missile
      The guided missile can be directed with the directional pad. Once fired you
      can control where it goes with the pad.
     H&K MP5 Machinegun
      A submachinegun. Deals about the same damage as the pistol, but it has rapid
      fire. A silencer can be attached to this weapon.
      You begin the game with a knife. Used just like your basic punch, but it
      provides a little more bite than just your fists of fury.
     M31 Shotgun
      A shotgun that fires a large pellet burst. Good for using against the hit
      squads that appear if you are detected by the enemy.
     M67 Grenade
      A handheld explosive that will deal a considerable amount of damage upon
      impact. Can hit more than one enemy at a time.
     Plastic Explosives
      A timed landmine. It will explode a short time after being set.
     *[ITM] Equipment*
      Needed at one point to allow your radio to function when the enemy begins to
      block radio signals. See the walkthrough for more details.
      Presumably if you are poisoned, an antidote will cure you. Strangely however
      there doesn't seem to be any places where you get poisoned.
      Increases your missile and mine carrying capacity by twice its original
     Body Armor
      When equipped the body armor reduces damage inflicted on you by half.
      Said to allow you to walk across poisoned areas, but strangely there do not
      seem to be any such areas.
     Bugging Kit
      The Bugging Kit allows you to listen in on conversations. Where it is needed
      is explained in the walkthrough.
     Clairvoyant Binoculars
      Allows you to see the screens surrounding your current screen.
     Dry Cell
      A battery you will need at one point when your radio begins to go dead. See
      the walkthrough for more details.
     Infrared Goggles
      Used to detect trip lasers.
     Key Cards
      Needed to open different level doors. There are a total of eight key cards
      scattered throughout the game. They are not universal, so key card eight will
      not open doors for keycard seven. You literally have to shuffle through them
      at some doors to find the right one.
     Mine Detector
      Used to locate landmines.
     Oxygen Tank
      Allows you to spend more time underwater. An indicator will appear on the
      screen when it is used.
     Power Armor
      Magically this allows you to move large boulders with ease.
      Refills some of your health. Your carrying capacity increases with each new
      rank you achieve.
      Needed to suppress the noise made by your Beretta M92 and H&K MP5 Machinegun.
      Just having it in your inventory puts it into effect for both of these guns.
     Smoke Bomb
      Used to call in support from the helicopter at the very end of the game.
     Truth Gas
      Used when interrogating captured enemies to gain information needed to
      proceed. Where it is needed is explained in the walkthrough.
     X-Ray Detector
      Used to find weak points in walls, which can then be blown open with plastic
     *[CHR] Characters*
     I've compiled a list and brief descriptions of all the named characters found
     in Metal Gear: Snake's Revenge for easy reference.
     Solid Snake
     The protagonist and player character. After destroying the first Metal Gear
     and defeating Big Boss in Outer Haven he has been sent as a member of a three
     man team into Fortress Fanatic.
     John Turner
     John Turner is an operative originally from Air Force Intelligence Service. He
     was apparently recruited by Foxhound sometime during the latter part of the
     Vietnam War. He is one of the three operatives infiltrating Fortress Fanatic.
     Nick Myers
     Nick Myers was originally a demolition expert in the Marine Corps. He was
     assigned to Foxhound to assist in his infiltration of Fortress Fanatic. He is
     the third member of the assault team.
     Jennifer X
     Jennifer X begins the game working undercover as a computer technician in
     Fortress Fanatic. She provides Snake with information from the enemy's nerve
     Chopper Pilot
     He is never named, but the guy who flies the helicopter talks just as much as
     anyone else in the game. He'll aid you a lot when you're on board the ship and
     in getting to the Metal Gear 2.
     Higharolla Kockamamie
     Dictator of Ishkabibil. Higharolla has seized a carrier holding several Metal
     Gears and the nuclear payload that they utilize. He is currently located
     somewhere within Fortress Fanatic. Destroying both his supply of weapons and
     the dictator himself are your goals in this mission. (Sidenote: Apparently his
     name is supposed to be based on Ayatollah Khomeini.)
     Ultra-Sheik Assault Unit
     A five man cybernetic team. These brusers are the first bosses faced by Snake
     in Fortress Fanatic. They attack in tandem and can be downright brutal.
     Grenader Unit
     These three guys guard the ship housing the mass-produced Metal Gears. Not
     overly smart nor overly active, they are little more than stooges.
     The Imposter
     Somewhere in Fortress Fanatic is a master in the arts of disguise. He could be
     anywhere and could look like anybody...
     Big Boss
     The greatest soldier of the latter half of the Twentieth Century. Solid Snake
     defeated, and presumably killed, him during the events of the original Metal
     *[GGC] Game Genie Codes*
     These codes come straight from the source at Galoob.
     AXXVGYAG        Start with half bullets for Beretta M92
     EEXVGYAG        Start with double bullets for Beretta M92
     SZEEOUSE        Infinite Beretta ammo
     SXOASKSE        Infinite Shotgun ammo
     SZKAKKSE        Infinite Grenades
     SXVEOKSE        Infinite Missiles
     XTNTZVEE        Infinite ammo for all weapons
     SXKVKASA        Infinite energy
     AEUVOAYA        Reduce your injuries by up to 50%
     XVUYTUZE + XTKZXKZE     Play with less energy
     ZEOVAYPA + XKXVTYEG     Start with Machine Gun instead of Beretta 
     GEOVAYPA + KKXVTYEG     Start with Shotgun instead of Beretta
     AXOVAYPA + VKXVTYEG     Start with Grenades instead of Beretta
     EEOVAYPA + EKXVTYEK     Start with Missiles instead of Beretta
    |                   |
    | [WLK] Walkthrough |
     It has been a short time since Solid Snake defeated Big Boss at Outer Haven
     and destroyed the original Metal Gear. Foxhound continues to operate in a
     still dangerous world. American development of more Metal Gears continues. A
     number of mass-produced units have been created and were in transit in a Navy
     carrier. It was this carrier that was attacked by the forces of Ishkabibil, a
     Middle Eastern nation under the rule of Higharolla Kockamamie.
     Higharolla Kockamamie has seized both the Metal Gear units and the nuclear
     payload they are designed to utilize. He has brought them to his headquarters,
     Fortress Fanatic, and is threatening to use them if a series of demands he
     will issue are not met. This information was obtained by Foxhound through one
     of their operatives working within the defense forces of Ishkabibil. In
     response, Foxhound had dropped three of their operatives into the outskirts of
     Fortress Fanatic. Their mission is to destroy the Metal Gear units and their
     nuclear weapons and to eliminate Higharolla Kockamamie himself.
     *[WK1] Part 1*
     Solid Snake begins in a small jungle clearing. John Turner and Nick Myers are
     dropped in with him and immediately head through the jungle foliage on either
     side of the clearing. You begin with forty shots and a Beretta M92.
     Head north and follow the path through the jungle. Watch out for the soldiers
     in the gyrocopters. Unlike the later Metal Gear games, enemies in Metal Gear:
     Snake's Revenge see in a straight line ahead of them. Assuming nothing is in
     the way, they will see clear across the screen. They cannot, however, see the
     area right beside or behind themselves. Use this to your advantage as you
     make your way through the jungle. If you are seen, a four-man hit squad will
     enter the screen. Running to a new screen will not lose them, so if they find
     you you have to kill them.
     When you come to the searchlights, move so to avoid touching them. If you do
     the guards will be alerted. Head west and follow the path to a ration. Grab it
     and move off the screen. Return and get it again. Do this until you have three
     (and are maxed out). Once you're done, go back and head north until you come
     to a prisoner tied up next to some jeeps. Release him and then head west. Take
     the second northern path to get a call from John telling you to head to the
     main gate.
     Go back to the first northern path and follow it. At the first turn go north
     and free another prisoner. Head back to the beginning area and continue east
     until you come to the gate. You now need to hide behind the bush without
     letting the guards see you. If you do this, John will call you up and put the
     infiltration plan into action. He'll rush in and get captured, forcing the
     guards to open the main gate. You'll then sneak inside.
     Make your way south. Kill the first two guards by kniving them from behind and
     take the left path. Enter the room below to get the first key card. Head back
     around and go down the other route. Continue heading east. Use the key card to
     enter the door in the far eastern area and claim the second key card. Go back
     one screen and make sure you enter every room, using one or the other card to
     do so. You should get both truth gas and a silencer before moving on. Also be
     sure to free the two prisoners on this floor and to question the officer in
     the northeast room with the truth gas. When you're ready, head to the double
     door north and west of where the second key card was. Enter the large door to
     begin a side-scrolling segment. Here you simply need to move to the elevator
     and take it down.
     If you tripled up on truth gas, which you should do with all items you find by
     entering and leaving the room where they are repeatedly, take the right route
     south. The room at the end has another enemy officer you can question with it.
     Once he's talked, head back to the split.
     Move south along the left route. Follow this until you come to a room with two
     guards. Equip the second key card and enter the lowest door to claim the H&K
     MP5 Machinegun. Switch back to the first key card and enter the other door to
     get the plastic explosives. Head north through the right path. Grab the oxygen
     tank in the room three times (there is poison gas here, so move fast) and then
     loop back to the right path. The cameras in this next area see just like the
     guards, in a straight line. Take the southern route at the first turn to get
     some ammo and grenades. Head back up and run east as high as you can when the
     camera is at its lowest point. Enter the door in the next room to begin
     another side-scrolling segment.
     Before going on make sure you're at rank two and that your rations are full.
     The upcoming boss battle is one helluva fight and you need every edge you can
     get. Double-back into the jungle to stock up on rations and then head back to
     this point.
     The oxygen mask is needed for this segment, so make sure you got it as I
     prescribed earlier. From there the rest of the side-scrolling area is fairly
     straightforward. At the end you'll reach the first boss fight.
     BOSS BATTLE: The Ultra-Sheik Assault Unit
     Your first boss battle can be pretty rough if you're low on rations. The
     Ultra-Sheik Assault Unit is composed of five robotic soldiers. They act very
     simply. They'll form up ranks, in different shapes depending upon how many are
     left, and then charge at Snake. They then repeat this. Dodging a charge is
     very difficult and you probably will not do it often. Begin this battle by
     using your grenades and plastic explosives. Once they run out switch to your
     H&K MP5 Machinegun. As they drop off the group becomes easier and easier to
     dodge. Watch they will move in on your position and follow you as you try to
     shift out of the way, but if you have enough space you can outrun them once
     you've killed one or two of them. Begin in one of the upper corners and move
     down as they approach, but don't get boxed into a corner or they might get two
     hits on you instead of the usual one. When you are hit, run out of the group
     so this does not happen. It takes five grenade hits to kill one robot, but if
     you hit more than one with a blast you can take a hit off each one you hit. If
     you have full rations and grenades you should be able to make it through this
     fight even if you take a hit every time they charge.
     Once you've destroyed all five of them, exit through the door in the upper
     right. Kill the two guards and enter the large door to go into yet another
     side-scrolling sequence. Ride the elevator up and exit the sequence. You'll
     come to a door blocked by two ornage things. Stab them repeatedly then enter
     the door with key card two.
     *[WK2] Part 2*
     Duck behind the crates and answer your radio. Nick will inform you that John
     has been taken aboard the carrier that is housing the Metal Gears. Exit out
     and take out the two guards. Head north and carefully kill the three guards
     there. Board the ship.
     Once you are on board the ship will begin to leave port. There are three decks
     on this ship. The black and white doors function as elevators between the
     various decks. For now just head right and enter the interior of the main
     deck. Inside you'll find a prisoner, grenades, and an enemy officer you can
     question. Get all of these and then exit through the northern door.
     Head north and enter the east door to stock up on plastic explosives. Now go
     all the way west and all the way south. Enter the room to stock up on truth
     gas. Once you have all of this, enter the elevator on the screen where you
     started to go down to the second deck.
     Head east and north. You'll get a call from the helicopter pilot who brought
     you in at the beginning of the game. He'll tell you he's on his way there.
     For now just head west and enter the far door. Claim the flaregun and then
     head back to the main deck. In the central area you will find a room with
     flare bombs for the gun. Stock up on them and return to the second deck.
     Return to the second deck and go east, north, and east. Enter the bottom door
     and stock up on claymore mines. When you're ready enter the upper door to
     face the second boss battle.
     BOSS BATTLE: The Grenader Unit
     Harry, Curly, and Moe await you behind some sandbag barricades. These guys are
     actually quite easy and the fact that there are no rations to be found on the
     ship really shouldn't matter. The three grenaders will not move from behind
     the sandbags, but instead will each toss a grenade every few seconds. Switch
     to your own grenades and start running. Keep moving and you should be able to
     dodge their attacks without any trouble. When you get an opening, toss two or
     three grenades over the sandbags at one of the trio. Each of the stooges takes
     six hit to kill. Take out the middle guy first as his grenades don't need to
     travel as far as the others to hit you. From there take out one or the other
     of the other two. When you run out of grenades, swith to your plastic
     explosives and rush between the sandbags. (Do not step in the holes the bosses
     occupied because it causes instant death.) Lay one right next to the remaining
     grenader and run out. Run in a circle around the middle sandbag, laying a mine
     as you go by him. Two or three of these will finish him off.
     Enter the door that opens upon their defeat to get the third key card. Head
     back towards the elevator and enter the previously locked door on the way with
     this card to get the mine detector. Return to the main deck and resupply your
     weapons. Once you've done that, take the elevator down to the hold (the third
     Enter the hold using the third key card. Inside you'll need to use the flare
     gun to light up the room. Once you do, you'll see a whole fleet of Metal Gears
     lined up in the hold. Move east and enter the room on the next screen (you'll
     need to use a flare to see it). Place a plastic explosive on the ammunition
     heap you find there.
     The ammunition will explode and the ship will begin to sink. The helicopter
     pilot will call you up to say he's hovering just above the carrier's helipad.
     A clock will appear in the corner of the screen. You have to get on the main
     deck and to the helipad before it counts all the way down. Race to the main
     deck and check your radio for a transceiver signal. Rush to the location it
     indicates (near where the enemy officer you questioned was) and he'll blast
     open the wall allowing you to jump on the helicopter as the ship sinks into
     the ocean.
     *[WK3] Part 3*
     The pilot will inform you that Nick has now been captured as well. His last
     known whereabouts were along the railyard on the outskirts of Fortress
     Fanatic. The pilot will drop you down near there and suggest you call the spy
     on the inside. Unfortunately your radio is dead so your first order of
     business is to get a new battery.
     Equip your mine detector and slowly head north, avoiding the mines as you come
     near them. Pass the edge of the first building and continue north. Enter the
     door on the upper edge with the third key card to find grenades and a battery.
     Head back south to answer a call from the helicopter pilot who will tell you
     about a secret entrance being somewhere nearby. Head back north (keeping the
     mine detector on the whole time) until you come to two doors. One has the
     remote missiles and rations. Stock up on these and enter the other door. This
     one has a prisoner who will tell you that Nick was becoming very suspicious of
     John. Exit and head east. Enter the door on the next screen. Restock your
     oxygen tanks here and then head south. Enter the door here to restock your
     plastic explosives.
     Return north and use the remote missiles to blow apart the leftmost sandbag
     barricade. A missle-totting soldier will be revealed. It takes two missiles to
     kill him. Once he's dead drop down into the hole and go right. (Going left
     takes you back to the minefield you just came from.) Switch to your gun and
     crawl through the underwater passage. Plant explosives on the barricades along
     the way and keep going. You'll emerge eventually. Continue onward, ducking
     under the cameras and jumping the bombs. Eventually you'll come out of the
     side-scrolling sequence.
     Resupply your oxygen tanks from the room you are in and exit. John will call
     you and tell you he's on board the train. Head north and board the train via
     the left door. (The right door is a dead end filled with guards.) Kill the two
     guards in the first car as the train begins to move. John will soon call, so
     answer your radio.
     This is the infamous train sequence of Metal Gear: Snake's Revenge. John
     will inform you that the train is free of traps, but you better watch out
     anyway. You'll find in the next car that there are traps everywhere. Avoid the
     spikes rising from the floor and contiue ahead. Jump to the next car where you
     will get another call. This time John will tell you he's safely in the next
     car and is unguarded. There are enemies in this car, so something is up. The
     doors in this car all have things in them you might want. The first one has
     grenades, the second has a particularly strong enemy, the third has ammo but
     there is a floor trap (run along the upper edge to avoid it), and the fourth
     has another brutal enemy. You get nothing for fighting either of the enemies,
     but if you think you're tough you can try to take them. They utilize claymore
     mines while running back and forth in the small room. It takes a good number
     of shots to kill one, so I do not recommend taking them on.
     Jump to the third car and enter. Enter the first room to claim the X-Ray
     Detector (called the X-Ray Lens in the game). The next room is John's cell,
     but it cannot be opened without the fourth key card. Kill the guards and jump
     to the next car. Navigate around the traps and open the doors at the end of
     the car. The first has a prisoner who will tell you to jump off the coupler
     between the cars when the train stops. The next door has the fourth key card,
     but it has a weak floor so hug the lower wall and walk over to it otherwise
     you're dead. The third door has an enemy officer you can question. Once you've
     cleared all three rooms, return to the third car and go to the cell. Open the
     door. It is booby-trapped just like the room with the ammo, so hug the upper
     wall and approach John.
     BOSS BATTLE: The Imposter
     Once you touch "John" he will reveal that he is in fact not John at all. He'll
     take off some of your life and then will attack you with claymore mines. Hug
     the upper wall and run back towards the door. If you step anywhere in the
     middle the floor will fall out and you will die. Just get back to the other
     side and whip out your remote missiles. Dodge the shrapnel from the claymore
     mines not-John fires and take aim with a remote missile when you have an
     opening. It takes about eight missiles to kill him. Once he's dead the floor
     remains trapped, but you need to go over to his body and claim the power armor
     off of it.
     Exit the room and the train pulls to a stop. Leave the car through the upper
     door and leap off the coupling. You'll land in a new area of Fortress Fanatic
     right as you get a call from Nick. He'll inform you that the operation is
     still a "go" inspite of John's apparent death.
     *[WK4] Part 4*
     Head north and stock up on grenades and oxygen if you need it. After you that
     head west and equip the power armor. Push the rock into the corner and then
     switch to the x-ray lens to find the weak point in the wall. Blow it open with
     plastic explosives and free the prisoner in the room on the left.
     Continue north and kill the guards there. Use the lens again to find the weak
     point in the wall and blow it open. Move north and then use the lens once more
     to find the weak point. Blast through and run east. Claim the binoculars in
     the room here and then move the lower rock and go south. Free the prisoner
     and then return north. Take the upper route now and claim the shotgun. Return
     to the split again and take either of the righthand doors (they both lead the
     same place). Navigate across the moving platforms to the far door.
     Use your x-ray lens in the new area and blast your way down. Stock up on
     claymores in the left room below, then use your remote missiles to blow apart
     the sandbags in the corner. Drop down into another side-scrolling sequence.
     Going left will return you to the area above, so go right instead. Kill the
     first guard without being detected and crawl unto the next screen. Crawl up
     to each guard and kill them silently. Keep going, but always remain low. You
     will come out of the area soon enough.
     Push the rock aside with the power armor follow the path. Jennifer will call
     you on the next screen and arrange a rendezvous at the main base. Enter the
     only room available and refill your ammo. Head south and follow the trail in
     a loop. Enter the one door you can to get some mines. Use the x-ray lens to
     find another weak wall and blow it down. Run north and kill the hit squad
     one-by-one as they follow you on the next screen. (It's narrow, making it a
     whole lot easier here.) Open the door and navigate through another platform
     area to the lower right door. Move down and blow apart the sandbags with a
     missile. Drop in the hole to go through another side-scrolling sequence.
     Once you make it through you'll get a call from Jennifer again telling you to
     meet her at the main base. Enter the new door and be on your guard. You'll
     come out on a bridge and will immediately fall under fire.
     BOSS BATTLE: Nagmachon (Tank)
     This fight takes place across several screens. You'll face the Nagmachon on a
     bridge that stretches vertically. The tank will fire exploding shells down
     the bridge while it rushes back and forth across it. It consumes the entire
     width of the bridge, save a few small openings on either side. You can step
     into these to avoid getting run over, but if you step too far you'll fall into
     the water and die. Getting run over by the tank will also result in immediate
     death, so you basically have to get through this fight without once getting
     hit. The only weapon that damages the tank is the mines. Switch to them and
     move forward. Be warned that the tank continues to move even when it is off
     the screen, so it can run you over as you enter a screen. Essentially what you
     need to do is move to the center of the bridge (the middle screen) and plant
     three mines near the top. Wait for the tank to come down onto the screen and
     hang near the bottom while it runs over the mines. Once it hits all three,
     quickly retreat down a screen. Lay three mines on the bottom screen and move
     to the dirt at the very bottom. Wait for the tank to run over these mines and
     fall back. Once it does move up a screen and repeat. It takes fifteen or so
     mines to destroy the tank.
     Once the tank is destroyed move north and enter the stronghold of Fortress
     Fanatic itself.
     *[WK5] Part 5*
     Begin moving through the fortress, but stay on the first floor. Eliminate the
     guards and dodge the cameras to claim the infrared goggles. Also take the time
     to restock your truth gas. Once you've done these two things, use the elevator
     to go to the roof.
     Equip the infrared goggles once you make it to the roof. You'll see that the
     small pillars standing about are actually transmitting laser tripwires.
     Carefully navigate through them when there is an opening and follow the path.
     Navigate through the next area and climb onboard either gondala. You'll find
     yourself forced to defend yourself on the trip in a side-scrolling sequence.
     Guards inside the gondala will periodically look up. Once a guard appears in
     a window move to either side to avoid his gaze. Eventually the sequence will
     Once you make it to the other side move right. Use the goggles to get through
     the trips and enter the building. Inside make your way down the path (question
     the officer along the way) until you come to a split. Move down and free the
     prisoner, then move up and enter the guarded room to claim the sixth key card
     and to stock up on antidote. Return to the gondalas and ride the upper gondala
     north. You will have to repeat the side-scrolling sequence again.
     In the next building make your way through the trip lasers as before and
     descend into the building. In here you will find another prisoner and an
     antenna. Once you have both return to the gondalas and ride north. One more
     side-scrolling sequence awaits.
     Use the sixth key card to enter the final building on the gondala line. Head
     through the castle until you get a call from Jennifer. She'll inform you that
     Nick is already ahead of you and that the three of you need to meet up further
     inside the castle. Continue along, questioning the officer along the way, and
     enter the elevator.
     Go to the second floor. In the upper right screen is a room with oxygen tanks.
     Stock up and go to the lower right screen. There is a room with plastic
     explosives, so stock up. Lastly go to the lower left screen. The room there
     has a prisoner, but the floor it booby-trapped so watch out. Move along the
     lower wall to avoid the trap. By freeing this prisoner you should go up to
     rank five. Return to the elevator.
     Go to the third floor. Enter the upper door to go into a difficult side-
     scrolling sequence. At the end you will come to an apparent dead end. Use the
     x-ray lens to find the weak wall and blow it open with plastic explosives.
     From here take the far left route up. In this next room is ammo, the fifth key
     card, and the boots, but the middle of the room has a floor that will fall out
     if get near it. Hug the wall and carefully collect these things. Return back
     through the side-scrolling area to the main room of the floor.
     Take the left door now through another side-scrolling area. You'll come out in
     a room with those spike floors from the train. Make your way to the door to
     come to an elevator. Take this up and then head left in the halls you arrive
     in. Use the fifth key card to open the door there and claim the body armor.
     Move north and use the fourth key card to get the bugging kit in the next
     room. Go east and use the fifth key card to stock up on truth gas. Now return
     to the main room of this floor.
     (Make sure your plastic explosives and oxygen tanks are full before going on.)
     Go through the right door now. Navigate another side-scrolling sequence, this
     one slightly easier. You will need to blow up quite a number of blocks while
     crawling underwater, so be prepared.
     Once you come out enter the new elevator and go up a floor. Jennifer will call
     you and inform you that Higharolla is planning on launching a nuclear attack
     with his remaining Metal Gear. After the message search every room on the
     floor to free a prisoner, question an enemy officer, refill your grenades, and
     get the seventh key card. Be cautious in the area just past the prisoner as
     the floor falls out. Hug the right wall and enter the door to get the seventh
     key card. Once you have it head back to the elevator.
     Ride to the highest accessible floor. Jennifer will call you again to tell you
     that Higharolla is currently on the highest floor of the mountain fortress.
     For now follow the path to the first door. Enter here and restock your plastic
     explosives. Move down and use your flaregun to see. Hug the left wall and
     enter the room on the left to rescue a prisoner and hopefully go up to rank
     six. Exit the room and hug the left crates and avoid the center of the floor.
     Hug the bottom of the right crates to avoid another floor trap. Hug the crates
     and wall over to the door. Inside is an enemy officer. Once you've gotten him
     to talk, hug the wall up and just past the center crate. Run down along this
     crate to the next room.
     Enter the door you find and navigate across the platforms to the upper right
     door. Restock your rations in this room and enter the next room. Hug the upper
     wall and resuce another prisoner. Head back to the platforms and enter the
     lower right door. Enter the next door and rush to the blocks in front of the
     next door. Poison gas is flooding the room, so quickly destroy the blocks with
     your knife. You will need to use a rations to get through this. Once they are
     gone, exit through the now open door with key card seven.
     Move on, but do not free the prisoner in the cell in the next room. He is in
     fact a suicide bomber who will explode if you touch him. Just keep following
     the path before you. Traverse the spiked room and make for the northern hall.
     You will soon come to spear holes in the walls. Approach these, but do not
     cross the lines on the floor. The first spear emerges on the right, so move to
     the left side of the corridor. Run to the next safe patch along that side and
     then switch sides for each spear after that. Enter the door at the end of the
     hallway to get a backpack and to restock your plastic explosives.
     Return to the area with the cell for the suicide bomber. Use the x-ray lens to
     find a weak point in the wall and blow it apart with the plastic explosives.
     Grey soldiers will rush in. They too are suicide bombers who will explode once
     they get close enough to you. Proceed quickly through the passage you've
     opened before they can reach you. Use the x-ray lens here to find two more
     weak walls you need to open. Blow them both open, then use the walls to hide
     behind. Lure the enemy towards you one at a time and take eliminate them
     individually. Eventually the flow will stop and you can enter the door here.
     Approach the wall and use the bugging kit to hear some soldiers talking about
     Higharolla. They'll say that his soles are his only weak points. Remember that
     for later.
     Proceed down the hallway past another set of spears. They start on the right
     on each screen and behave just like before. Once you pass all of them enter
     the large door at the end of the hallway. Take the elevator down.
     You'll emerge in a room with several large statues. Move downwards quickly
     because they will begin to shoot homing missiles at you. On the next two
     screens you will be attacked by soldiers with claymore mines. Avoid the
     shrapnel the first claymore sends out like you did against the Imposter and
     then run downwards before the next soldier can get you. The fourth screen has
     two more statues, so make a break for the right path. Skip the cell you find
     in the narrow hallway after this because it contains another suicide bomber.
     Instead enter the door at the far end.
     You'll be in another poison gas room. Destroy the blocks as before and use the
     first key card to enter the door. Follow the hallway and take the far left
     path when you come to a fork. Resupply your ammo and claymore mines in the
     anteroom on the way. Proceed forward and max out your regular mines in the
     next anteroom. Move on and enter the elevator. Go up one floor.
     Make your way through this floor. Soon you'll get a call from Nick. He'll say
     something about being careless and then the other end will go silent. Move
     down and enter the cell on the next screen. Claim the eighth and final key
     card then approach Nick. He'll tell you Jennifer is actually a spy and that
     Big Boss, the renegade commander who commandeered the first Metal Gear, is
     still alive. Higharolla Kockamamie is none other than the infamous mercenary.
     The villan is being kept alive by some sort of life support system in his
     room, but if Snake could lure him away from it he might be able to finish off
     the mercenary king. Nick will then die.
     Head back up and make your way right and down. Do not immediately go down or
     you will be discovered. Grab the smoke bomb in the first anteroom. Proceed
     through the rest of the floor and restock your remote missiles in the last
     room. Now go back to the elevator and go up to the top floor.
     On the last floor you will encounter strange mech-like enemies. They take
     three remote missiles to destroy and can do a lot of damage before you can
     take them down. Make sure you have that body armor equipped before you move
     past the initial screen of this floor. Destroy the two you see on the second
     screen, but equip the eighth key card and run past the mech on the third
     screen. Move all the way left and open the far left door with key card three.
     In this next room open the uppermost door with key card four. In the following
     room open the upper central door with key card five.
     BOSS BATTLE: Big Boss
     Immediately run to the upper right corner. Equip the body armor and the remote
     missile. Begin firing and direct the missiles at Big Boss. His first form will
     fall in nine hits. Big Boss isn't done yet though. He'll transform himself
     into a cyborg (or snatcher, depending on who you ask) and proclaim his sheer
     invincibility. Switch to the fifth key card and flee through the bottom middle
     door. Big Boss will give chase, so switch to the fourth key card and flee
     south again. In the next room switch to the third key card and flee through
     the far right door. From here equip your body armor and either your mines or
     plastic explosives. You need to lay them at his feet. This is the only way to
     damage him. It takes twenty-five mines/explosives to defeat him. The best
     method I have discovered for killing him is to simply equip the mines and walk
     right up beside him. Start dropping mines immediately. They'll start to
     explode immediately, allowing you to continuosly drop them. When your health
     starts to run low, simply use a ration. He'll fall in thirty seconds or less.
     Once Big Boss is dead you will have a limited amount of time to complete the
     game. Quickly rush back to the room Big Boss was originally in and enter the
     previously locked door there. Untie Jennifer, who apparently isn't a traitor
     afterall, and listen to her when she tells you to go through the door above
     you. Ride the gondala across to the plant. When you reach the other side the
     helicopter pilot will call you and tell you to mark the locked door on this
     side with your smoke bomb so he can blow it up. Do so and enter the ruined
     A siren will blare that New York, Tokyo, and Moscow are automatically being
     targeted by the Metal Gear 2. Run to the upper door and open it with key card
     seven. Take the central route on the next screen. Follow this to a fork and
     take the far left route. Open the door at the end with key card eight.
     BOSS BATTLE: Metal Gear 2 (Ultra-Sheik Nuclear Attack Tank)
     I'm listing both names this thing goes by (the first in-game, the second in
     the manual). Although this thing has no attacks, it is quite difficult if you
     aren't too good with the remote missiles. What you need to do is to launch a
     missile through the small shaft above you, pray that none of the three
     shutters close while you guide it through, and then hit the yellow area with
     an arrow on the Metal Gear 2. You have to do this ten times and you have a
     time limit. There's really not a lot to say about it. The shutters open and
     close at random, aggaravating the situation. Once you hit the Metal Gear 2 ten
     times you finish the game.
     Snake escapes the self-destructing Fortress Fanatic. Big Boss is dead, but
     so are Foxhound operatives John Turner and Nick Myers. Myers is posthumously
     promoted three ranks, but Turner is simply declared missing in action. The
     fate of Jennifer is never revealed.
    |                |
    | [ANY] Analysis |
     This section contains a summary and analysis of both the plot and gameplay of
     Metal Gear: Snake's Revenge. It also contains an excerpt from an interview of
     Hideo Kojima where the creator of the Metal Gear series expresses his views on
     the oft-overlooked spin-off of the franchise.
     *[PLT] Plot Analysis*
     A brief synopsis of the plot follows below. At the end is a brief commentary
     on the plot itself and how it relates to the rest of the Metal Gear series.
     It has been a short time since Solid Snake defeated Big Boss at Outer Haven
     and destroyed the original Metal Gear. Foxhound continues to operate in a
     still dangerous world. American development of more Metal Gears continues. A
     number of mass-produced units have been created and were in transit in a Navy
     carrier. It was this carrier that was attacked by the forces of Ishkabibil, a
     Middle Eastern nation under the rule of Higharolla Kockamamie.
     Higharolla Kockamamie has seized both the Metal Gear units and the nuclear
     payload they are designed to utilize. He has brought them to his headquarters,
     Fortress Fanatic, and is threatening to use them if a series of demands he
     will issue are not met. This information was obtained by Foxhound through one
     of their operatives working within the defense forces of Ishkabibil. In
     response, Foxhound had dropped three of their operatives into the outskirts of
     Fortress Fanatic. Their mission is to destroy the Metal Gear units and their
     nuclear weapons and to eliminate Higharolla Kockamamie himself.
     Solid Snake, John Turner, and Nick Myers are all dropped into a small clearing
     in the dead of night just outside Fortress Fanatic. They split up and make
     their way towards the fortress. Evading enemy patrols and searchlights Snake
     arrives at the fortress first. He hides just outside the main gate and calls
     Turner over his radio. Turner's objective is to feign capture, allowing Snake
     and Myers to infiltrate the fortress secretly. Turner is then on his own in
     effecting his own escape. This plan is put into action and Turner is captured
     just outside the gate. Snake uses the confusion to infiltrate the outer wall
     of Fortress Fanatic.
     Snake proceeds quietly through the first building of the fortress. Just beyond
     it is the harbor holding the seized carrier. Snake works his way there, but
     as he tries to enter the port he is attacked by the five man Ultra-Sheik
     Assault Unit. They are five cybernetic warriors who battle in tandem. Snake is
     forced to fight the unit and emerges victorious. The path clear he enters the
     Myers contacts Snake via radio just outside the carrier. Myers informs Snake
     that Turner is being held onboard the carrier and that the original model
     Metal Gears are still onboard. As they speak the carrier begins to get move.
     Apparently the deaths of the Ultra-Sheik Assault Unit have not gone unnoticed
     and Higharolla is trying to get the carrier out of the harbor. Snake quickly
     climbs aboard as the carrier moves out to sea.
     Snake sneaks into the hold of the ship and into the brig. There he finds a
     prisoner, but the man is not Turner. Snake is told that Turner was actually
     taken by train to another part of the fortress. The prisoner then suggests
     that Snake destroy the ship and sink the Metal Gears. Snake agrees and towards
     the hold.
     Snake is contacted by the helicopter pilot who dropped the team in and is told
     he is on the way, providing Snake a means of escape once the carrier begins to
     go down. Snake tries to get into the hold, but finds the door locked. Snake
     decides to search for a means to unlock the hold and runs head-on with a
     grenader unit. Snake quickly dispatches the three soldiers and acquires the
     key card that unlocks the hold. Snake enters the hold and finds a large
     ammunition dump alongside the Metal Gear units. He places some explosives on
     the ammo and runs.
     The bombs explode and the carrier begins to sink. Snake is contacted by the
     helicopter via radio and told to make for the helipad on the main deck. Snake
     rushes there and escapes as the ship goes down. As they fly back towards
     Fortress Fanatic the pilot will inform Snake that contact with Myers has been
     lost and that his last known whereabouts were near the railyard of Fortress
     Fanatic. He suggests that Snake call Jennifer, their operative on the inside.
     Snake is dropped in the railyard and tries to call Jennifer. Snake finds his
     radio dead, however, and has to procure a new battery. He is unable to reach
     Jennifer because of the distance so he calls the pilot back instead. The pilot
     mentions that there is a secret entrance to the inner railyard somewhere in
     Snake's vicinity. Snake searches and soon finds a hidden tunnel. He follows
     this inside and climbs aboard a prisoner train as it begins to move.
     Once inside Turner calls Snake. He tells Snake that the train is unguarded and
     that he waits in the third car in one of the cells. Snake moves forward, but
     discovers the train swarming with guards. Carefully he makes it to the third
     car and enters Turner's cell. He approaches the soldier, but is attacked by
     his fellow operative. The man in the cell reveals that he is in fact not John
     Turner at all but an imposter. Snake and the imposter fight briefly, but Snake
     manages to defeat the interloper without trouble. As he does the train begins
     to come to a stop, so Snake leaps off the coupler between the third and fourth
     Myers contacts Snake and lets him know he's loose once more. The real Turner
     is apparently dead, but the mission is still a "go." Switching frequencies
     Snake is now able to contact Jennifer. Jennifer arranges for Myers and Snake
     to meet up with her. She tells them to head to the gate of the fortress proper
     where she will let them in. The two agree and seperately move towards the
     gate. Snake arrives there, but is rudely welcomed by a Nagmachon tank on the
     bridge to the gate. Forced to do battle once more, Snake ingeniously uses a
     series of land mines to blow the tank treads and destroy the Nagmachon. With
     the path clear, Snake infiltrates the fortress proper.
     Snake moves through the lower fortress and to the roof. There he silently
     climbs on top of a gondala filled with guards and rides to the upper mountain
     fortress. Once inside he is contacted by Jennifer. She tells him Myers is up
     ahead of him already. She'll also tell you that Higharolla is planning on
     launching a small nuclear strike in retaliation for the destruction Snake and
     crew have already caused. Snake asks where Higharolla is and Jennifer tells
     him that he is at the top of the fortress.
     Snake makes his way through the massive fortress and to the second highest
     floor. There he gets a desperate call from a wounded Myers. Snake rushes to
     the location of the signal and finds a shot Myers. The dying man warns Snake
     that Jennifer is actually a spy and is working against them. He'll then tell
     Snake something even more important, that Higharolla Kockamamie is actually
     none other than Big Boss. It seems Big Boss survived the incident at Outer
     Haven and has been planning his revenge under the guise of the dictator of
     Ishkabibil. Enraged Snake proceeds to the suite of the duplicitous warrior.
     Big Boss greets Snake upon his arrival by threatening to kill him. Big Boss
     informs Snake that he survived the incident in Outer Haven by becoming a
     cyborg and that now he wants revenge. The two fight, but Snake quickly shoots
     the former Foxhound commander down. Big Boss falls to the ground, but begins
     to laugh. Shedding his flesh, Big Boss expands in size and reveals that he has
     become largely cybernetic. Snake tries to fight him, but his bullets bounce
     harmlessly off the cyborg. Snake falls back as Big Boss gives chase. Snake
     puts his gun away and switches to explosives. After a grueling battle Snake
     manages to blow Big Boss apart.
     As the tyrant dies he activates an automated nuclear launching system. A siren
     blares saying that the base is about to explode. Snake returns to Big Boss'
     suite and finds Jennifer tied up in an anteroom. She tells Snake the location
     of the Metal Gear 2, set to automatically launch its nuclear payload. Snake
     rushes there. As he approaches the Metal Gear 2 another siren blares the
     targets of the strike: New York, Tokyo, and Moscow. Snake finds the bipedal
     battletank unattended and goes to work. After hitting it with a number of
     missiles the Metal Gear 2 explodes, ending its threat. Snake rushes out and
     boards the helicopter as Fortress Fanatic self-destructs.
     Snake escapes the self-destructing Fortress Fanatic. Big Boss is dead, but
     so are Foxhound operatives John Turner and Nick Myers. Myers is posthumously
     promoted three ranks, but Turner is simply declared missing in action. The
     fate of Jennifer is never revealed.
     As this plot is written, it cannot happen in the same timeline as the
     cannonical timeline for the series. Big Boss' ressurection simply does not fit
     with the events of Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake. The only way this story can fit
     in the timeline is if discount Big Boss' involvement, as the story was
     rewritten around the time of Metal Gear Solid, and state unequivicably that
     Higharolla Kockamamie is in fact Higharolla Kockamamie and not a ressurected
     Big Boss. If you make that change the story could conceivably fit into the
     timeline between Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake. The current
     official timeline does not accept Metal Gear: Snake's Revenge and likely will
     not ever.
     This game is best viewed as a sidestory like Metal Gear: Ghost Babel and, in
     that light, this game can find a place in the Metal Gear universe. There is no
     contradiction if one creates an alternate timeline composed of (1) Metal Gear,
     (2) Metal Gear: Snake's Revenge, and (3) Metal Gear: Ghost Babel. If one
     created an alternate timeline of the two alternate games and the original you
     could place this game in a timeline of sorts. The fact remains, however, for
     now that Metal Gear: Snake's Revenge is an alternate sidestory much like Metal
     Gear: Ghost Babel.
     As for some storyline specifics, there are three major points I think should
     be covered. Firstly we have the infamous train incident. As pointed out in
     this walkthrough, and in the game itself, "John" is lying to Snake because he
     is in fact not John Turner at all. The second issue is the character Jennifer
     X. Nick Myers unequivicably tells you she is a traitor, yet at the end of the
     game Snake finds her tied up and she aids him in locating the Metal Gear 2.
     One possible explanation of this is that Jennifer, whom none of the operatives
     had met in person at the point of Myer's death, was forced to lure him to his
     doom by Big Boss or face death. The other possibility is that there was a bad
     translation along the way and something was lost (something that occurs in
     other points of the game, so a good possibility). The third possibility is of
     course that the writers for the game screwed up and didn't care to fix it. I
     am more inclined to accept the first possibility as it reconiles Myer's
     statements and explains why she's tied up in Big Boss' room when you find her.
     The last issue is Big Boss' transformation in a cyborg. While this would seem
     to be out of step with the rest of the series, I have heard it argued that he
     has become a cybernetic creature called a "snatcher" from another Kojima game.
     The evidence I've seen to back this up actually comes from Metal Gear 2: Solid
     Snake, so I'm skeptical on this point. It is however something that is debated
     in relation to this game so I fell it is worth throwing out there.
     *[GPY] Gameplay Analysis*
     For the most part, Metal Gear: Snake's Revenge's gameplay is consistent with
     the rest of the series. There is a definite emphasis on sneaking and hiding
     from enemy sight. This was also the first game to feature "hit squads" if
     Snake is discovered from off-screen. The sheer number of enemies that are in
     these squads makes stealth a necessity. Sadly, once Snake is discovered the
     only way to stop the hit squads from coming is to kill every enemy that is on
     the screen; changing screens just results in the hit squad chasing Snake. Some
     sort of "alert mode" with a timer, as seen in the games of the series made
     after this, would've been a welcome addition. Boss battles play much like the
     boss battles of the other top-down Metal Gear games. The boss characters
     themselves are rather flat and have no backstory, but gameplay-wise they are
     on par with other Metal Gear bosses.
     There is one notable area where the gameplay is quite weak and that is the
     side-scrolling segments. Clearly the programmers were trying to create variety
     in gameplay by putting these in, but their sheer difficulty and poor design
     make them more of a pain than anything else. The very concept is criticized by
     most and I would have to agree. As often happens with sequels, in trying to
     make something new the "feel" of the original can be lost. The respawning
     items are a mixed bag. Clearly the programmers knew that they had programmed
     items to function in that manner so they made it necessary that one "restock"
     every time you found an item location. Snake's appearance is also an issue.
     Why the programmers made him red, especially when he is green in the first
     game, is a total mystery. This does not directly affect gameplay, but is an
     irritating fact nonetheless.
     *[KOJ] Hideo Kojima's Thoughts*
     From "Hideo Kojima: Game Guru, Movie Maniac" by Steven Kent
     (Originally appeared on Screenager Central)
     Steven Kent: Was Snake's Revenge your next game? 
     Hideo Kojima: I had nothing to do with that game. 
     Steven Kent: Not with MSX or Famicom? 
     Hideo Kojima: I made Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake, an MSX game. 
     Steven Kent: And the Famicom game, Snake's Revenge? 
     Hideo Kojima: No, that's completely different. When I was in this MSX division,
    	this one guy in the Famicom division developed Snake's Revenge without
    	talking to me or anybody else. One day this guy and I hopped on a train
    	(the Tokyo transit system) together. We were talking to each other, and
    	he says, "By the way, I'm developing this game called Snake's Revenge,
    	but I know it's not the authentic Snake, so please create a new Snake
    	game of your own." That was when I decided to create Metal Gear 2:
    	Solid Snake.
     Steven Kent: Interesting. What did you think of Snake's Revenge? 
     Hideo Kojima: I thought it was very faithful to the Metal Gear concept. I
    	enjoyed it.
     For the full text of the interview, check out:
    |               |
    | [CLO] Closing |
     *[FLT] Final Thoughts*
     My final word on Metal Gear: Snake's Revenge is to not believe either the fans
     or the skeptics. With the advent of the internet and emulation anyone can try
     this game for themselves. Make up your own mind about the game. Too often it
     seems people quote one side or the other and have no idea what they're talking
     about. And don't play it for five minutes and pronounce a judgement either,
     give it a good hour like you would any game before making up your mind.
     *[CPY] Copyrights*
     Metal Gear and all related trademarks are (c) Konami/Ultra Games

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