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Reviewed: 01/06/01 | Updated: 07/16/01

Edthemoogle was right for once..

I have always been a fan of certain games on the NES. Well, actually, I have been a fan of a wide variety of games on the NES. I have also hated a lot of games on the console. Games like Heroes of the Lance, or Total Recall, or my personal favorite, Hydlide. But there is another game I will rarely ever mention that deserves mention right alongside those infamous games I bring up a lot. That game is Solar Jetman: Hunt for the Golden Warfare. Needless to say, this game plain old sucked.

My grandfather bought me this game about four years ago, and I was enamored with it at first. It was a very fun game to play and provided a little bit of fun to go along with it. The basic point of the game was pretty simple, yet highly effective for its time. Basically, you were this little ship who was flying in space, and you needed to attach certain items that were lost in space, and return them to the space station. There were also these cool mini games that played in between some of the stages of the game, those were cool.

However, the game all fell apart somewhere in the middle. The whole concept that you were a ship flying in outer space was cool, but it got annoying really quickly. See, your ship had to keep boosted at all times, but your boosters ran out quickly. This means you would end up having a huge thing stuck behind your ship, and it will be dragging you down, while the lack of oxygen itself will be pulling you down. It did not lead to comfortable game play, I can assure you.

The story line to the game was fairly stupid and lame. It was totally unoriginal in the fact you needed to save the world from some random alien guys again. Is it realy that tough for a video game developer to sit down and say, ''okay guys, let's have a video game in which the main character needs to refuel the ship by having him fly around the world, and he needs to stop at the gas stations!''. Now, that would be totally dumb, but at least it would be original. I guess the fact the guy needs to find parts of his spaceship is pretty cool, but otherwise the story line was totally unoriginal and boring.

The graphics in the game were pretty good for its time, although they were nothing to write home about nowadays. The backgrounds in the game were basically a black screen with some random colors on the top and bottom. This did not look too great, but I guess I will live with them. The enemy designs in the game were fairly original but did not look too hot. And the character designs, well the main spaceship was basically this purple thing that looked like the spaceship from the Super Mario Brothers 2 game, I swear to God. I was not that impressed with the graphics in the game, but I guess they were better than nothing.

The music and sound effects in the game could have been better, but I guess they could have been better. I was especially annoyed by the music. The music could have been, and should have been, so much more than what it ended up being. First off, the music was kind of annoying in the fact the same upbeat kind of tunes played a lot, so that got quickly annoying. Secondly, I could have lived without the music that played during the bonus scenes. The sound effects were your basic fare, with guns shooting, enemies crashing, the whole nine yards. The game actually sounded kind of cool, but oh well. The rest of it was plain crap.

The controls in the game were slippery, loose, and just not very good. The thing about this game, as I already pointed out, is that it takes place in outer space, so the game tries to be realistic and make it seem like you are actually in outer space. That means there is no freaking gravity whatsoever. You are basically flying around, in a ship, with rocket boosters and stuff. But, the ship will fall, and the boosters need to keep you up. But if you run out of booster, you fall until you regain some power. I really did not like this aspect, at all.

The game itself is extremely boring and pointless to play. Besides the fact that there is no gravity in the game, causing your ship to do extremely weird things (that is the basis of me hating this game, by the way). But there are some other things about this game that annoys me. The thing I liked about this game was the fact you can take an item from outer space, find it, attach it to the back of your ship, and bring it back to home base. Of course, that will weigh your ship down, so you need to deattach it from time to time, then pick it back up. Oh, and have I mentioned you lose energy when you ram into the sides of outer space? And enemies shoot at you? The cool thing about this game was the bonus stages featured within it. You basically go flying around and collecting crystals within a certain time limit. It was fun and pretty addictive.

The replay value in the game suffers because of the fact that the game is just not that fun. The game seems fun to play at first, and it has a lot of fun elements to it, but overall it was rather boring to play. You may find it fun to play through at first, but after a while you will just get sick of it. The game is also pretty long, and the only thing you can really use to continue the game several times is by the password system, and the passwords are so long and annoying, they are probably not even worth the effort of typing in.

This is one of the more challenging games around, so I think it does have a pretty high challenge level. Of course, I also found this game to be extremely annoying, so take it for what you will. I just did not find much to like about this game, and this is a tough game. The lack of oxygen makes the game almost impossible to control, and the rest of the game is just as challenging. Imagine being focred to move a ship around while only using rocket boosters, and holding a gigantic item in the back, while not being able to crash into the walls. Then add in the added affect of enemies shooting at you, and that is the challenge level of the game in a nutshell.

Overall, I found this to be an extremely annoying and tedious game. I did not expect this game to set the world on fire, but I at least expected this game to be somewhat enjoyable. And it sort of was, but I was not satisfied with it much, at all. The game was boring to play, and rather tedious. Flying around in a purple spaceship whiel trying to latch onto items in a mindless space of a world with no oxygen is present is not my idea of fun, I can assure you. Just stay away from this game and we all can be one big happy family.. or something.

Good Points
-Some of the music was okay, I guess.
-The game was pretty innovative.
-The dudes shot at you and stuff!

Not So Good Points
-No oxygen = Me mad!
-The music and sound effects could have been improved.
-The graphics could have used some work.
-Not exactly the most original story line around..

I Run Down the Ratings.. DaLadiesMan Style!
Story Line - 5.5/10
Graphics - 6.8/10
Music - 6.2/10
Sound Effects - 5.5/10
Control - 1.3/10
Game Play - 1.7/10
Replay Value - Below Average (Ric Flair)
Challenge - Above Average (Mike Sanders)
Is this game worth a purchase? - Not really.
Overall - 2.1/10

The Last Line
I really was not impressed with this game that much, although others liked it a lot, so maybe it really was just me. Anyway, this game simply was not very fun for me to play, at all. I enjoyed it somewhat, but mostly I was turned off by its many flaws. Just realize this game is not perfect, and you may enjoy it. I am not guaranteeing anything, however.

And that's a Ladies Man guarantee!

Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

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