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    FAQ/Walkthrough by zeldadomer

    Version: 3.00 | Updated: 05/25/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Solstice Walkthrough by Mike Jenista 
    Version 3.00
    May, 2006
    Version History
    1.00: Finally, a complete Solstice guide!
    1.01: Finally, a complete, spelling-error-free Solstice guide!
    1.21: Better solution for room 243, and cleared up some confusing stuff.
    2.00: Added the brilliant 30.85% Completion Rate Walkthrough!
    3.00: Added maps, fixed more typos.
    Table of Contents
    I. Introduction
    II. Controls
    III. Items
    IV. Monsters
    V. Castle Contraptions
    VI. Maneuvers
    VII. General Tips
    VIII. Maps
    IX. Walkthrough
    X. 30.85% Completion Challenge
    XI. The Only Solstice Code
    XII. Acknowledgements
    XIII. Legal Mumbo-jumbo
    I. Introduction
    Solstice is an excellent game for the NES.  It has challenging puzzles, both 
    physical and mental, as well as great graphics and sound, simple gameplay, and
    a non-linear nature.  I found this game sitting in a used-game bin for fifty
    cents (no kidding!), but after I played it, I would gladly pay ten to twenty 
    bucks for it.  I hope you feel the same way.
    You play as Shadax, a brave wizard, as he tries to navigate the evil Morbius'
    castle to rebuild the Staff of Demnos and save Princess Eleanor before the
    Solstice.  Ah... a fine NES plot.
    II. Controls
    Directional Pad: Because Solstice has a rotated, 3D view, the controls take a
    little warming up to.  Up moves Shadax NE (which I will call North), Right 
    moves shadax SE (which I will call East), Down moves Shadax SW (which I will 
    call South), and Left moves Shadax NW (which I will call West).  Remember, 
    Up=North, Right=East, Down=South, Left=West.
    Select: Opens the map and item screen.  Here you can view your map, see how 
    many keys, staff pieces, and hats (lives) you have, and also select a potion.
    Press A for completion info.
    Note about the Map:  Often, as you progress through an area, rooms you have not
    been in for a while will disappear from the map.  I highly encourage you to
    keep your own map on paper.  First, it shows you all exits in a 
    room, even if you haven't opened them yet (described later).  Second, if a room
    is bordered in white, this means you can go up or down to new rooms.
    Start: Activates the selected potion
    A button: Jumps
    B button: Picks up items and blocks, also uses teleporters
    III. Items
    Items are objects that you pick up (except for blocks).  Note that when you
    have picked up a block, you can not pick up items until you drop the block.
    You need to get EVERY item to get the full 100% completion rate, not just all
    Credit: This will preserve the number of potions, keys, and staff pieces you
    have when you pick it up so that if you lose all your lives, you will return 
    to the last credit you picked up with that number of keys, staff pieces, and 
    potions, but everything you got after that will have to be picked up again.
    Also, the credit disappears, so if you lose all your lives again, you will go
    back to the second-to-last credit you picked up.  I recommend not losing all 
    your lives.  :)
    Magic Elfin Boots: These allow you to jump higher.  They are essential to the
    Staff Piece: There are six pieces of the Staff of Demnos hidden throughout the
    castle.  Collecting them is your main objective.
    Key: There are four keys hidden throughout the castle.  You need them to open 
    certain doors, or release hidden blocks in a room.
    Hat: 1-ups!  They are everywhere, but often require skill or skullduggery to
    Potions: These are little bottles of any one of four different magic potions. 
    When you pick one up, it fills up your corresponding bottle on the item 
    screen.  There are four "doses" in a full bottle, so watch your levels 
    carefully!  Each time you use a potion, its effect lasts as long as you stay in
    the room.
    Green Potion: Reveals any hidden blocks in a room.  After one or two times
    through the game, you will rarely use these anymore.
    Yellow Potion: Probably my favorite potion, this one freezes enemies,
    elevators, and blocks (but NOT conveyor belts!).
    Blue Potion (represented as blue or purple depending on what room you find it
    in, but always as purple on the item screen): This makes Shadax invincible to
    enemies, but NOT spikes.  Very useful for riding on tops of enemies.
    Purple potion (always represented by pink on both game screen and item screen):
    Destroys all enemies in a room (and blocks and items, so be careful!).  There
    are only a few rooms where this is absolutely necessary, and then only if you
    are going for 100% completion.
    IV. Monsters
    Most of the time, you can avoid monsters easily, but sometimes they are 
    necessary elements to solutions.  Also, enemies may have set paths, random 
    paths, or home in on you.  If you become familiar with each room's enemies,
    you will get through the game easier.  If you touch a monster, you die, and 
    the only way to kill them is with a purple potion.  Be very sparing in using 
    the purple potion, though, since there is a finite number of them in the 
    Trolls: These big guys ALWAYS have a set path.  They are also often used
    as transports in rooms with spiky floors, with either a block or blue potion 
    to protect you.  Trolls come in a variety of ghastly colors and clothes.
    Spiky Balls: These float up and down over one square, often blocking the only
    path through a room.  You can use either a blue or purple potion to get past
    them (or a yellow by freezing it at its highest/lowest point so you can walk
    under/jump over it, but that is not recommended), or you can get very close to
    it, then run under when you have room.  You should master the second method,
    as it will save you a LOT of potions.
    Three-Legged, Ugly-Faced Spiders:  I hate these guys.  They usually home in on 
    you.  Very annoying.
    Little Blobs:  Slow losers, very easy to avoid.
    Worms: These guys are also kind of slow, but come in groups most of the time.
    Should be easy to avoid.
    Zombies: Skeleton-looking guys with ragged clothes.  Usually have set paths.
    Easy to avoid.
    Tusk Demons: By far the coolest-sounding monsters, these guys look like 
    serpents with bug faces.  They usually home in on Shadax, but also have random
    paths in some rooms.
    Walking Eyeballs: Same as Zombies, really.
    Hideous FootFace: Looks like a foot with an angry face (you'd be angry if you
    were a foot), and only found in one room in the castle.  Thank God, because
    these guys are the ugliest Nintendo characters I've ever seen.  Just run past
    V. Castle Contraptions
    In the castle, there are all manner of things you use to solve puzzles or that
    block your path.  Learn how to master each, and you will dominate Solstice.
    Squares: These are the basic building blocks of any room.  Sometimes, they are
    in mid-air and it's hard to tell where they are, but after a few experimental 
    jumps (and probably a few deaths) you will learn where they are situated.
    Disappearing Squares: These disappear when you step on them, but you have a 
    moment to jump off them before you fall.  They are fairly common, so try and 
    remember where they are as you explore (and die).  Most of the time, they 
    appear as only an outline, but sometimes will be disguised as regular blocks.
    Invisisquares: These are squares that you can not see unless you step on them 
    or use a green potion to reveal them.  Rooms that look "impossible" to cross 
    usually have invisisquares.
    Little Spikes: These are found on the floors of many rooms, and are deadly to
    Shadax AND everything else.  Any items or blocks that fall on these will be
    Big Spikes: The difference here is that blocks will not disappear upon contact
    with big spikes.  You can use these (provided you have a block) to get across
    Conveyor Belts: These are squares that look like conveyor belts, and move you
    in one of two directions (depending on how they are oriented and which room 
    you are in).  They are a slight nuisance, but a simple continuous jump will 
    neutralize them.  Caution!  There are one or two disappearing conveyor belts in
    the castle!
    Teleporters: These look like big evil machines.  Get on and press the B button
    to be teleported to a nearby room.  The teleporter in the new room will return
    you to the previous one.
    Bombs: These looks like two red balls with sticks that spin around on one 
    square.  They will make a hole in the wall when detonated by the appropriate 
    Plungers: These look like blocks with little plates on top.  Jump on them to
    detonate a nearby bomb.
    Crystal Balls: These are neat; when you push them, they move in that direction
    until they hit something, then stop.  They never fall!  To ride one, push it,
    then quickly jump on top.  This is an essential part of some rooms, so learn 
    it well.  
    Floating Plates: These little squares are small, move back and forth at some 
    fixed altitude, and you usually have to jump from one to another over spikes. 
    A little nerve-racking at first, you should get very good at using these or 
    you will die often.
    Elevators: These are blocks that move up and down over one square.  You can 
    ride them up to rooms above if there are any, but never down to rooms below.
    Falling Blocks: These look like floating blocks, but when you step on them, 
    they slowly fall.  Jump to safety quick!
    Blocks: Blocks are the most crucial element of the game.  Pick them up with the
    B button (you can only carry one at a time).  You must use them constantly to
    get to high places, ride monsters, and jump over spikes.  They are all over,
    and often in a room where you don't need to use them.  I recommend practicing
    in such rooms in order to hone your skills.  Using them is described in detail
    in the Maneuvers Section (next).
    VI. Maneuvers
    The puzzles in Solstice are sometimes tough, but I find that even once solved,
    it is still tough to complete them if they are physical puzzles.  The 
    maneuvers listed below detail the various basics, and you must master these.
    It can be taxing at first, but this game is about perserverance, so keep at
    Block-Jump: This describes jumping off a block and picking it up at the same 
    time.  All you have to do is stand on a block, then press both the A and B 
    buttons simultaneously.  This is the most critical move in the game, along with
    its variants.
    Block-Double-Jump: After you block-jump, you can jump once more by pressing 
    both A and B again, which drops the block you are carrying, then jumps off it.
    This gets you to high ledges and over long spike beds, or even around tricky
    corners if you are good.  Also, you can simply drop the block onto something
    safe by pressing only B and stand on it rather than jump again.  I will not
    distinguish between the jump and the double-jump in the walkthrough, since it
    is easy to tell which you will need, but I will specify when you need to keep
    a block rather than leave it behind by double-jumping.
    Yellow-Blocking: This is named for Yellow Potions, since you must use one to do
    this.  If you use a yellow potion, then pick up a block, you can drop it
    wherever you want, and it will stay suspended in air.  Basically, you can  
    yellow-block across an entire room with ease.  To do this, use the yellow
    potion.  Then press A and B to pick up a frozen block and jump at the same
    time, but instead of pressing A and B again as in a block-jump, press only B
    to drop the block.  You and the block will stay still, and you can do this
    again and again.  You can go the whole game without using this (and you should
    use it sparingly to conserve potions), but there are a few rooms that are a
    pure headache without it.
    Block Stack: Not really a maneuver, but I thought I should mention that the
    added height of stacked blocks makes some rooms a little easier.
    Troll Ride: This is accomplished two ways: 1) use a blue potion and simply jump
    on a troll's head, or 2) drop a block on his head, then jump on the block (or
    jump on to his head, dropping the block at the last second so you don't die).
    Be careful that the block (or Shadax) doesn't get knocked off by squares along
    the troll's path in the room.
    Continuous Jump: By holding the A button, Shadax will jump constantly.  This is
    great for disappearing blocks, conveyor belts, and rooms with lots of little
    monsters running around.
    Observation:  This is a very useful tool!  If you have a safe place to stand,
    just sit and look.  Think about what devious trap there might be, or what path
    you might take through the room.  Also, many rooms have little gimmicks that
    serve no purpose other than the sheer joy of watching them, so take a moment
    to admire the programmers' beautiful creations.
    VII. General Tips
    This section is intended for anyone who is not looking for a complete solution,
    but merely a hint.  I encourage you to use this section before the walkthrough,
    as the satisfaction of solving some of the puzzles in Solstice is pure nirvana.
    -Pits are never deadly.  Jump in and see where they go!
    -Constantly check your map screen for white-bordered rooms.  If you're in one,
    think about how to go up and/or down.
    -Keep your own map!
    -Experiment, experiment, experiment, especially in rooms where there are lots
    of suspicious elements that seem to have no purpose.  You can often find a 
    solution that saves potions or makes crossing the room easier.
    -Don't be afraid to die.  There are a lot of hats throughout the game, and you
    should not expect to get through the whole game without messing up a lot.
    Just conquer the game one room at a time.
    -You can change direction in mid-air, and you can stand on the ledges with only
    half of Shadax's body.  These two facts are useful in many rooms.
    -Most of the time, there is a way to go through a room without using a potion.
    I know the temptation to use purple and blue potions is overwhelming in some
    rooms, but you should only use them if you lose a lot of lives trying to pass
    -Watch the introduction screen before playing to see a few demos.  This can
    often help to release your brain from bad assumptions (I was astounded when I
    discovered you could ride monsters when I watched the intro the first time).
    -If you can get to the end of the game, then you can use the permenant 
    invincibility and infinite potions to explore the castle fully.  Just backtrack
    and look around.
    VIII. Maps
    In the process of making these maps, I made a lot of "corrections" in order to
    make the layout nicer.  If you make your own map, you will find that the rooms
    are jumbled a little bit from the nice presentation I have here.  However, the
    maps I have made here are much easier to look at than the ones I originally
    made on paper while going through the game.  In short, don't e-mail me about
    my inaccurate maps--they are accurate in terms of room connections and items,
    and that's all you need.
    Each room also has a number attached to it-this is the room number used in the
    G = green potion
    Y = yellow potion
    P = pink (purple) potion
    B = blue potion
    S = staff piece
    C = credit
    L = extra life
    k(number) = key (with its number)
    K(number) = "locked wall," opens when you pick up key with matching number
    % = detonator
    @ = bomb
    ### = in-room barrier
    T = transporter
    $ = elfin boots
    X = door
    To"blah" = marker that connects to the diagram labeled "blah" (this is used to
    	map the various pits and multi-storied rooms in the game)
    			* Main Castle *
                                                   |                          |
    	+------+  To North Garden  +------+    |            Tower 1       |
            |Tower1|     |             |Tower2|    |                          |
            |      +---+-X-+---+-------+      |    |            +-----+       |
            | 161  |165|166|167|       |      |    |            |  G  |       |
            |      X   X   X   X  168  X  169 |    |          2 |     |       |
            |      |   |   |   |       |      |    |            | 164 |       |
            +----X-+---+-X-+---+-------+-X----+    |            +-----+       |
               |   |   |   |   |       |   |       |                          |
               |160| 4 X 3 X 2 |    15 |170|       |            +-----+       |
               |   |   |   |   |       |   |       |            |     |       |
               +-X-+-X-+---+-X-+ $     +-X-+       |          1 | 163 |       |
               |   |   |   |   |       |   |       |            |     |       |
               |159| 5 X 6 X 1 |       |171|       |            +-----+       |
      To       |   |   |   |   |       |   |       |                          |
           +---+-X-+-X-+---+-X-+---+-X-+-X-+       |            +-----+       |
     West  | C |   |   |11 |   | C |   |   |       |            |     |       |
         <-X   X155| 7 |   X   K1  X 14|   |       |     Ground | 161 X       |
    Garden |154|   |   |   | 12| 13|   |172|       |            |     |       | 
           +---+-X-+-X-+-X-+---+---+-X-+   |       |            +---X-+       |
               |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |       |                          |
               |156| 8 X 10|   X19 X 16| S |       |            +----+        |
               |   |   |   |20 |   |   |   |       |         -1 |    |        |
               |-X-+-X-+-X-+   +-X-+-X-+---+       |            | 162|        |
               |   |   |G  |   |18 |   |30 |       |            +----+        |
               |157| 9 |   X   |   X 17|   |       |__________________________|
               |   |k1 | 21|   |ToA|   |ToB|        
            |      |   |   |       |   |Tower3|
            |  158 X   X   X   24  X   X      |
            |      | 23| 22|       | 25|      |
            | L    +---+---+-------+---+   26 |
            |      |                   |      |
            +------+                   +------+
    	____________________________ 		___________________________
           |                            |          |                           |
           |         Tower 2            |          |          Tower 3          |
           |                            |          |                           |
           |         +-----+            |          |          +-----+          |
           |         |    !|  ! = fake  |          |          |     |          |
           | Ground  X     |     spike  |          |       2  |  28 |          |
           |         |  169|            |          |          |     |          |
           |         +--X--+            |          |          +-----+          |
           |                            |          |                           |
           |         +-----+            |          |          +---+            |
           |         |173 L|            |          |          |ToB|-29         |
           |     -1  |     |            |          |          |S  |            |
           |         | BY  |            |          |          +-X-+-+          |
           |         +-----+            |          |          |     |          |
           |____________________________|          |       1  |  27 |          |
                                                   |          |     |          |
                                                   |          +-----+          |
                                                   |                           |
                                                   |          +-----+          |
                                                   |          |     |          |
                                                   |  Ground  X  26 |          |
    					       |          |     |          |
           					       |          +-----+          |
    	__________________	  _________________	
           |                  |      |                 |    
           |   Shaft A        |      |     Shaft B     |     
           |	          |      |                 |    
           |        +-X--+    |      |         +---+   |       
           |        |    |    |      | Tower 3 | 29|   |        
           | Ground	|    X    |      |         |S  |   |        
           |	| 18 |    |      |         +-X-+   |    
           |	+----+    |      |                 |     
           |	          |      |         +---+   |     
           |       	+---+     |      |  Ground | 30|   |     
           |    -1	|206|     |      |         |   |   |     
           |	|   |     |      |         +---+   |    
           |	+---+     |      |                 |     
           |	          |      |         +---+   |      
           |        +---+     |      |     -1  |L  |   |       
           |    -2  |207|     |      |         | 31|   |       
           |        |   |     |      |         +---+   |
           |        +---+     |      |                 |
           |                  |      |         +---+   |
           |        +---+---+ |      |     -2  |   |   |
           |    -3  |208|209| |      |         | 32|   |
           |        |   X P | |      |         +---+   |
           |        +---+---+ |      |                 |
           |                  |      |         +---+   |
           |        +---+     |      |  Caves  X 33X   |
           | Caves  X210X     |      |         +---+   |
           |        +---+     |      |_________________|
    			* North Garden *
      ____________________                     +---+---+---+
     |                    |                    |S  |199|198|
     |     Tower 1        |                    |   |   X   |
     |                    |                    |204|   |   |
     |          +-----+   |                    +-X-+-X-+-X-+
     |          |     |   |                    |   |   |   |
     |       3  | 186 |   |     +------+       |203|200X197|
     |          |     |   |     |Tower1|       |   |   |   |
     |          +-X-+-+   |     |      +---+---+-X-+-X-+-X-+   To
     |          |   |     |     |      |191|192|   |   |   |     
     |          |187|     |     | 182  X   X  C|   X   |196|-> Mines
     |          +---+     |     |      |   |   |202|201|   |
     |                    |     +--+-X-+-X-+-X-+---+-+-+-X-+   of Insanity
     |          +-----+   |     |L |   |   |   |     |     |
     |          |     |   |  190|  X   |179|Y  X     @     |
     |       2  | 185 |   |     +--+181|   |193| 194 |  195|
     |          |     |   |        +-X-+-X-+-X-+-----+-----+
     |          +---+-+   |        |   |   |   |
     |          |   |     |        |   X   |205|
     |          |188|     |        |180|178|   |
     |          +---+     |        +---+-X-+-X-+---+
     |                    |            |   |   | % |
     |          +-----+   |            |   X   X   |
     |          |     |   |            |177|175|176|
     |       1  | 184 |   |            +---+-X-+---+
     |          |     |   |                |   |
     |          +---+-+   |                |174| 
     |          |   |     |                |   | 
     |          |189|     |                +-X-+
     |          +---+     |                  |
     |                    |                  
     |          +-----+   |            To Main Castle
     |          |     |   |
     |  Ground  | 182 X   |
     |          |     |   |
     |          +--+X-+   |
     |          |L |      |
     |          |  X 190  |
     |          +--+      |
     |                    |
     |          +---+     |
     |          |   |     |
     |      -1  |183|     |
     |          +---+     |
                                 * West Garden *
                                               |127| C |125|
                                               |   X   X   |
                                               |   |126|   |
                                           |129|   |124|   |123|
                                 139 138   |   X   |   X   X   |
                                  |   |    |   |128|   |   |   |
                             +---+--+--+---+-X-+---+-X-+   +-K3+
                         150-|   X  |  |137|   |   |   |122|   |
                             |###|  X  X   |130X   X  G|   |   |
                             |T  |  |  |   |   |131|132|   |153|
                         +---+-X-++-+--+-X-+-X-+---+---+-X-+   |   To
                         |C# |    |P # |L  |   |   |120|  L|   |
                     145-| # X S  X 1# X   X133|T  K2  X   K3  X-> Main
                         | # |####| 5# |136|   |149|   |121|   |
                         +X--+ 151| 2# |   +-X-+---+-X-+---+---+   Castle
                         |144+-X--+----+-X-+   | L |   |
                         |   |    |    |   |   X   X119|
                         +-X-+    X    X   |134|135|   |
                         |k2 | 142|    |140+---+---+-X-+---+
                     143-|   X    | 141|   X   |   |118|117|
                         +---+----+----+---+146|   X   X   |
                                           |   |   |   |   |
                                           +-X-+   +-X-+-X-+---+
                                           |   |148|   |       |
                                           |   X   |   |   116 |
                                           |147|   |   |       |
                                           +---+---+   +---+-X-+   To
                                                   |   |   |   |   
                                                   |   X   X   |-> The Caves
                                 * Mines of Insanity *
                        To        +---+
                        North   <-|   |
                                  |   |
                        Garden    +-X-+
                                  |   |
                                  |   |
                                  |   |   |216|
                                  |   X   X   |
                                  |214|215|   |
                                  |218|       |
                                  |   X  217  |
                                  |   |       |
                                  |   | C |   | 
                                  |   X   X   |
                                  +---+---+-X-+   To
                                          |   | 
                                          |   |-> East 
                                          +---+   Garden
                                 * The Caves *
                                                                 +-------+   To East
                                   From Main Castle              |   To A|    
                                       |       |                 |       |   Garden 
                                       v       v                 |   45  |      |
                                 |211|210| 49| 33|       |       | 36| 37| 38| 39|
                                 |   X   X   X   X  34   X   35  X   X   X   X   |
                                 |   |   |   |   |       |       |   |   |   |   |
                         |55 |   |   |   |   |   |72 |  C|#######|44 | 41    |   |
                         |   X   X   X   X   X   |   X   |#######|   |       X 40|
                         |   | 54| 53| 52| 50| 51|   | 73|#######|ToB|  To B |   |
     To West             +-X-+---+---+---+---+---+-X-+-X-+#######+---+-X-+---+---+
                         |   |###|60 |61 |62 | 63|   |   |###########|   |
     Garden              |56 |###|   X   X   X   | 71| 74|###########|   |
                         |   |###|   |   |   |   |   |   |###########|   |
       |             +---+-X-+---+-X-+---+---+-X-+-X-+-X-+###+-------+ 81|
     +---+---+---+---+k3 |   | 58|   |  T|T  |   |   |   |###|       |   |
     |112X111X110X109X   X   X   X 59|   |   X   X 66| 75|###|       X   |
     +---+---+---+---+108|57 |   |   |99 | 65| 64|   |   |###|  80   |   |
                     +---+---+-X-+-X-+-X-+---+---+-X-+-X-+---+       +---+
                     |B  |104|   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |       |
                     |   X   X106|107| 98|69 X   X 67|76 X 77|   To C|
                     |105|   |   |   |   |   | 68|   |   |   |       |
                         |   |100| 96|   |   |###|83 |   |   |   |
                         |   X   X   X 97| 70|###|   X   |   X   |
                         |103|   |   |   |P  |###|   | 82|78 | 79|
                             |   |   | 92| 91| 90|   |   |
                             |101| 95|   X   X   X 84X 85|
                             |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |
                             |102|   |   |   |   |   |   |
                             |   |   X   |   |88 X   X   |
                             |L  | 94| 93|   |   | 87| 86|
                             +---+---+---+   +-X-+---+---+
                                             | 89|
                                             |S  |
        ____________________     _______________________    ____________________
       |                    |   |                       |  |                    |
       |     Shaft A        |   |      Basement B       |  |     Basement C     |
       |                    |   |                       |  |                    |
       |        +-----+     |   |          +----+----+  |  |          +----+    |
       |     2  |  LLY|     |   |     -1   |Up  |% Up|  |  |          |  B |    |
       |        |47   |     |   |          |43  X 42 |  |  |      -1  |    |    |
       |        +--+-X+  To |   |          +----+----+  |  |          |232 |    |
       |           |48|->   |   |                       |  |          +----+    |
       |           +--+  37 |   |_______________________|  |____________________|
       |                    |
       |        +-----+     |
       |     1  |  LL |     |
       |        |46   |     |
       |        +-----+     |
       |                    |
       |        +-----+     |
       | Ground |   45|     |
       |        |     |     |
       |        +-@---+     |
                                 * East Garden *
                                 Morbius (need whole staff to pass K5)
            To           +---+   +---+-------+
                         |223|   |   |       |
            Mines      <-|   |   |   K5      |
                         |   |   |   |       |
            of Insanity  +-X-+---+---+ Tower |
                         |   |228|227|       |       +-------+
                         |224X   X Y |  246  |       |       |
                         |   |   |   |       |       |       |
                         +-X-+-+-+-X-+---+-X-+---+---+       |
                         |     |     |229|   |244|243|  242  |
                         | 225 X 226 X   |   X   X   X       |
                         |     |     |   |245|   |  C|       |
                                     |   |234|235|       |T  |-241
                                     |230|   X Q |   k4  |###|    
                                     |   |   |   |       |   |   Can not pass 'Q'
                            To       +-X-+-X-+-X-+       +-X-+   without five staff
                                     |   |   |   |  237  |   |   pieces
                            The    <-|   X   |   X       X238|
                                     |231|233|236|       |   |
                            Caves    +---+---+---+---+---+-K4+
                                                     |T  |   | 
                                                     |   X239|
                                                     |240|  Y| 
              |                        |
              |         Tower          |
              |                        |
              |             +-----+    |
              |             |251  |    |
              |         5   |     |    |
              |             |   % |    |
              |             +-----+    |
              |                        |
              |             +---+      |
              |             |BYL|-252  |
              |             |   |      |
              |             +-@-+-+    |
              |         4   |     |    |
              |             | S   |    |
              |             |  250|    |
              |             +-----+    |
              |                        |
              |             +-----+    |
              |             |     |    |
              |         3   | 249 |    |
              |             |     |    |
              |             +-----+    |
              |                        |
              |             +-----+    |
              |             |     |    |
              |         2   | 248 |    |
              |             |     |    |
              |             +-----+    |
              |                        |
              |             +-----+    |
              |             |     |    |
              |         1   | 247 |    |
              |             |     |    |
              |             +-----+    |
              |                        |
              |             +-----+    |
              |             |     |    |
              |    Ground  K5 246 |    |
              |             |     X    |
              |             +-----+    |
    IX. The Walkthrough
    This walkthrough is a 100% walkthrough, i.e. it picks up all items and goes to
    every room.  You only have to go through about 30% percent of the castle to 
    beat Solstice, but Joshua Harring already wrote a guide that gets you through
    the game without getting everything.  This walkthrough will take you
    everywhere, but be warned, it is my own personal path, and once you figure out
    how to solve each puzzle and where everything is, you can take whatever path
    you want if you find mine annoying or weird.  Just remember there are certain
    things you need to do before others.
    "Peek" refers to going into a room and going right back out, simply to register
    that room as one you have visited without messing around in it unnecessarily.  
    Also, I have numbered the rooms in the order that this guide visits them, and
    when you go to a room you've been to before, it will be the old number.  As
    you go through, periodically check the map screen for the completion rate and 
    rooms-visited information; if you go to a new room and its number matches the 
    number of rooms you've visited, then you're on track.  (If it's below, you
    missed something, if it's above, you went into a room early)
    The letter at the end of each room indicates which exit to take (N=north,
    W=west, E=east, S=south).  Some rooms have no solution; this is because the
    room is either REALLY easy to go through or I have described how to get 
    through it already.  The walkthrough is in clusters; this is to make it shorter
    when scrolling up and down, but don't worry, each cluster consists of a room
    with a lengthy solution and the rooms leading up to it.  Very easy to follow.
    Opening Scene: That dastardly Morbius... You get deposited into the castle, GO!
    Main Castle
    1)N  2)W  3)W (avoid trolls)  4)S  5)E  6)Peek,W  5)S  7)S  8)S  9)continuous
    jump up the elevators to the key, N
    8)E  10)This room is great for practicing you block jumps and yellow-blocking,
    but if you already mastered these, block-jump to north exit, N
    11)avoid blobs, E  12)block jump to east exit, E  13)get credit and jump over 
    invisisquares, E  14)N  15) To get the boots, either yellow-block up to them 
    (don't forget to drop the block before picking them up), or you can ride the 
    troll to them (watch game demo to see this done), then jump back to the south
    exit.  You can also simply do a great block-double-jump from the square in
    front of the exit, but be sure to line Shadax up so that half his body will
    land on the column with the boots.  S
    14)S  16)get on the green plate and wait for it to go the to NE corner.  Jump
    to the next plate, which is lined up along the east wall.  Then jump to the
    south exit, S
    17)W  18)N  19)W  20)get on the plate, ride it to the pink block, which starts
    to fall, so immediately leap to the south ledge, then take the west exit, W
    21)block jump to green potion, then jump to south exit, S
    22)The invisisquares are spaced one block apart in a predictable pattern; use a
    green if you need to the first time, but head to the west exit, W
    23)Peek, E  22)E  24)Use a green to see the blocks here, then go to east exit,
    E  25) continuous jump to exit over falling block, or simply leap to the east
    ledge E  26) Those pink blocks in the corner are for block-jumping to the main
    path.  If you fall from the rooms above, try to aim for either these blocks or
    the main path.  Use the elevator to go up.  27)go along the south wall to the
    top step (ignore the blocks), then jump to go up another floor  28)you must
    immediately jump east and continuous jump to the square near the SE corner.
    Once there, feel free to use a green potion, but the invisisquares are in very
    predictable locations.  At the north wall, aim for the space between the last
    two windows and jump  27)You should land right in front of the north exit, N
    29)get that staff piece, and then go to the back of the room and fall down the
    hidden pit!
    30) You will be falling along the NW corner, don't move!  31)grab the hat, then
    jump  32)fall
    The Caves
    33)E  34)avoid Eyeballs, E  35)wait for the spiky balls to be low, then jump 
    over them, E  36)E  37)run east to avoid worms, E  38)E  39)S  40)W  41)use a
    purple potion to destroy the spiky balls, then jump into the hole
    42)use the plunger to destroy the bomb you walked by earlier, W  43)avoid
    zombies, go up steps and jump south to land on south ledge of room above
    44)block jump across spikes, N  36)N  45)use a purple potion to kill these
    guys, go up steps to room above  46)collect the two hats, ride elevator up
    47) collect two more hats and a yellow potion, S  48)jump down  37)avoid
    worms, W
    36)W  35)W  34)W  33)W  49)S  50)E  51)W  50)W  52)W  53)W  54)W  55)S  56)S
    57)E  58)E  59)N  60)E  61)E  62)E  63)S  64)W  65)E  64)E  66)S  67)W  68)W
    69)S  70)get purple potion, N  69)E  68)E  67)N  66)N  71)N  72)E  73)grab
    credit, S  74)S  75)S  76)E  77)S  78)E  79)N  80)go around the path, avoiding
    trolls, E  81)Peek, (careful of the conveyors), W  80)S  79)W  78)N  77)W  76)S
    82)W  83)S  84)E  85)S  86)W  87)W  88)S  89)pick up the staff piece, N
    88)E  87)N  84)W  90)W  91)W  92)S  93)W  94)N  95)N  96)E  97)N  98)N  99)S
    98)S  97)W  96)W  100)S  101)S  102)grab hat, N  101)N  100)W  103)N  104)W
    105)grab blue potion, E  104)E  106)N  58)E  59)S  107)N  59)W  58)W  57)W
    108)get key, W
    109)carefully go past trolls, W  110)there is an invisisquare in the very
    middle of the room, slightly below the level of the conveyors, jump to it,
    then to the west exit, W  111)wait for the next elevator to be far below you,
    then jump, W  112) climb stairs and jump to ledge in room above
    West Garden
    113)W  114)W  115)Peek, E  114)E  113)N  116)be ready to jump!  As the plate
    carries you to the SW corner, jump up on top of the block.  When the plate
    carries you back, block-jump over the spikes, then to the elevator, and
    through north exit, N  
    117)Wait for the elevator to be almost to the lowest point, then continuous
    jump along the disappearing squares to the elevator.  Go through the west
    exit, W
    118)Stack the blocks on the middle square, then block jump up to north ledge, N
    119)Immediately start continuous jumping, then proceed to north exit, N
    120)The eyeballs don't move as fast as you, so when you try to work around the
    ring of the room, make sure not to run into the eyeball in front of you, E
    121)Wait for the troll to drop the hat, then pick it up and go N
    122)Ride the crystal ball north, then jump east to that exit, E  123)Peek, W
    122)ride crystal west, then go out west exit, W  124)Peek, E  122)N
    125)Start continuous jumping, then proceed around to west exit, W
    126)Continuous jump to stay on conveyor belt, then jump to elevator when it's
    low enough.  Get the credit and go west, W
    127)S  128)You can use a yellow potion to make this really easy (yellow-block
    to exit), or you can block jump to NE corner, but CONTINUOUS JUMP since it is
    a disappearing square, then drop your block on the spikes as you jump south.
    Block jump to SW corner, then go west.  You can also pick up the block, then
    when you are ready, jump from the elevator to the middle of the room, then 
    block-jump west to the exit.  It's cool to do, so try it. W
    129)watch the monsters for a while, hooray! S
    130)avoid zombie, E  131)go under spiky ball, E  132)grab green potion, then
    watch the blocks for a while and have your moment of Zen, then go W  131)W
    130)Now you have two choices: Purple potion these guys to the stone age, or
    wait for the eyeball to come down the stairs, jump over that disappearing
    square right in front of you when the zombie heads to the west wall, and when
    the eyeball passes behind you, jump back and race for up around the ledge to
    the south exit, but be careful since the second step disappears and some of the
    squares on the west ledge are actually conveyors in disguise.  Very weird, and
    these are the only disguised conveyors in the game.  S
    133)Jump to south exit, S  134)Jump down, E  135)Take a look at this room for a
    second, watch the hat die, then go out and back in.  When you do, jump at the
    hat, making sure to change directions so that you don't hit the spikes.
    Quickly press B to grab the hat and then jump to safety before you get
    killed, exit west, W (you can use a yellow potion, but don't forget that the
    conveyor belt will not stop)
    134)Block-jump north, N  133)W  136) avoid the two monsters, and jump to the
    top of the pyramid.  When the square disappears, press B to collect a hidden
    hat.  Go to the north exit, N
    137)W  138) jump quick to SE corner, then to SW corner, then to the falling
    block and quickly out the west exit, W  139)Peek, E  138)repeat previous
    solution in reverse, E  137)S  136)S
    140) Don't get suckered into using a potion unless it's green!  There is an
    invisisquare right in front of the spiky ball, so use it to get to the west
    exit, W
    141)Be careful going around the room to the west exit, W
    142)Wait for the elevator, then ride it up to the square over the exit. 
    Continuous jump off the disappearing squares to the block in front of the 
    spikes, then block jump over them, up to the ledge, and go west, W
    143)Both plates are running alongside the south wall, so you need to go to the
    SE corner.  Wait for the green plate to come to you, then jump on.  As the
    pink gets close, jump STRAIGHT UP.  If you time it right, you will land right
    on it.  Then jump to the key and go through north exit, N
    144)If you have two yellow potions, feel free to freeze these plates as they
    line up through the middle of the room (once going north, once coming back
    south), but if not, time your jumps well to the north exit, best done one
    plate at a time, or if you're ballsy, simply leap for the north exit right
    away.  You can make it, but make sure that you're lined up so that you won't 
    hit the spikes.  N  
    145)grab credit, S  144)S  143)jump down, E  142)jump down to SW block, then
    block-jump over spikes, then block jump again to disappearing blocks in SE
    corner, then to the east exit, E
    141)E  140)E  146)easily avoid these worms, S  147)jump down, avoid blobs, E
    148)grab the gray block, then drop it and stand to the east of the bottom
    'stair.'  As the troll passes, block-jump up and run around ledge to east
    exit, E
    118)N  119)N  120)go through the newly opened west exit, W
    149)take the teleporter  150)S  151)grab the staff piece, E  152)grab the
    purple potion, W  151)N  150)teleport back  149)E  120)E  121)E  153)avoid
    monsters, go east, E
    Main Castle
    154)grab the credit, then go east, E  155)S  156)S  157)block jump to spikes,
    then block jump to exit, S  158)Pick up the block, then drop it in front of
    east exit for extra height.  When elevator is low, block-jump to elevator.
    YOU MUST KEEP THE BLOCK!  From elevator, continuous jump to NW corner, then
    continuous jump to the spikes, dropping it for safety.  Jump to the hat, then
    jump back, and block-jump to floor, N
    157)N  156)N  155)be careful of the disappearing squares, N  159)jump down, N
    161)In this room, you must jump down to register the room below, but get ready
    to use a blue potion, or to avoid using it you can stand on the middle square
    of either the west or east ledge, then jump towards the middle of the hole.
    You should land on the stairs beneath.
    162)Use blue (or purple if you want) immediately, OR avoid the monsters if you
    think you can and go up the stairs, or if you landed on the stairs, don't
    worry at all.  At the top square, jump west and you will land on the west
    ledge of the room above.
    161) Ride elevator up  163)ride up  164)at the top of elevator's height, jump
    to the east along south wall and you should land on the SE corner of the room
    below  163)pick up the block, then continuous jump along disappearing squares
    to the NW corner.  Use the block to jump up the ledge with the other block,
    then use that block to jump up to the room above.  164) grab the potion, then
    jump all the way down to first room.
    161)E  165)I usually use a purple potion here, but if you don't have a lot, you
    CAN make it through here by timing alone. Sit in SW corner for a while,
    watching how the troll gets stuck behind the spiy balls.  These are your
    windows of opportunity to go under the spiky balls, but you need to go fast,
    so time it well, E.
    166) avoid blob, E  167)go under spiky ball, E  168)push the crystal ball north
    up against the middle column.  Now use the block and the crsytal to get up to
    the top, then block jump to the ledge and go east, E
    169)These guys have random paths, so you can avoid them if you're pretty quick,
    but feel free to use a blue potion if you have some since you are getting one
    soon.  Go through the south exit, S
    170)Now, using your excellent skills, get right in front of the center spiky
    ball.  As is goes above your head, walk into the little pit, then jump right
    back out before the spiky ball kills you, and proceed to the south exit, S
    171)S  172)This can be a little tricky.  Get the block, then go to the second
    highest square near the NW corner.  As the troll walks by, drop the block and
    ride him, but if the block gets caught on the NW square, jump to safety and
    try again.  If it works, ride the troll around to the shortest column on the
    south wall, then block-jump up to the ledge.  Make sure to keep the block!
    drop it, then get the staff, then go back and use the block to block jump all
    the way back or ride the troll back.  However, if you have a yellow potion,
    just yellow-block this room and be done with it.  Leave by the north exit, N
    171)N  170)N  169)Now, this is probably the greatest puzzle in the game.  Avoid
    the monsters or use a blue potion, and JUMP ONTO the spikes in the NE corner.
    They will disappear, and you will fall below to a new room.
    173)Immediately move under the falling hat so that it gets stuck on top of you.
    If it does not fall on top of you, DO NOT GET THE HAT, go back up the stairs,
    up to the room above, then come back down and try again.  Once you have it,
    walk the hat over to the potions, then jump and move out from under the hat so
    that it falls close to the ledge.  Now, use it as a step-stool and jump up to
    the potions.  If you grab the hat before you do this, you won't be able to get
    the potions, so be careful.  Once done, grab the hat, go up the stairs, and up
    to the room above.
    169)W  168)W  167)W  166)N
    North Garden
    174)Wait for the zombies to approach, then jump over them to the north exit, N
    175)E  176)Immediately jump to the east ledge and then to the plunger.  If you
    miss, just go out and try again.  When done, go west, W
    175)Use the blocks to get up to the west exit, W  177)Quickly get to the safety
    of the SE corner, and when the tusk demons get stuck below, jump over and go
    to the NW corner, where a block is hiding.  Grab it, block jump to the north
    exit, N
    178)use the block to get to the north exit, N  179)Peek, S  178)use block to
    get to west exit, W  180)N  181)N  182)Jump down, get ready to use a potion,
    or jump down into the pit directly under the elevator.  This will land you on 
    the elevator below.
    183)Use a purple or blue potion to get past the spider (blue is cool because
    then you can watch the spider hump you as you wait for the elevator), or if you
    landed on the elevator, just wait.  Either way, take the elevator up
    184)ride up  185)ride up  186)when you have enough height, jump to the conveyor
    belts, continuous jump to the south ledge, collect the hat and go through the
    south exit, S  187)you immediately start falling, but head for the NW corner as
    you do  188) start pressing B once you're over the hat to grab it  189)last
    chance to grab that hat!  190) fall to the middle of the north wall for safety,
    then go east, E
    181)N  182)E  191)use block to block jump over spikes and to east exit, E  192)
    grab credit, S
    193)use the plate to get to the east ledge, then use the block to get up to the
    spikes, up to the yellow potion, then back down to the east ledge, E
    194)immediately run east until you get to the east exit.  If you run 
    immediately, you will make it past the tusk demons, E
    195)you must use the plates; just be careful and you should stay alive, N
    196)jump over the pit to the north exit, N
    197)avoid the tusk demons, N  198)W  199)get on the purple plate, and wait for
    a good jump to the orange plate.  The best timing is when the orange plate is
    still approaching so you don't have to jump after it.  Then jump to south
    exit, S.  However, if you have balls, line yourself up so that half of
    Shadax's body is hanging over the southern edge of the east ledge.  Then jump
    west to the south ledge, and Shadax will land on it, hanging over the north
    edge.  Go S.
    200)don't bother getting the block, just continuous jump to the other side of
    the room, S 
    201)the middle square disappears, so be careful, W
    202)proceed to the west exit.  You have two choices.  Go out, come in, and use
    a yellow potion when the block is low enough to jump to, then block jump up to
    ledge.  Or you can go out, come in, hesitate a second, then jump to the block,
    holding A.  If you time it right, you will bounce off the block up to the
    ledge.  It's difficult but saves a yellow potion, and makes you feel like a 
    bad-ass, N.
    203) block jump over spikes, N  204)Immediately jump under block and to the SW
    corner. Watch out for that disappearing square between the exit and the SW
    corner.  Once you have the block in the corner, get it on the conveyor belt,
    and it will fall to the next one, move back, and push the staff piece out to
    you.  Grab it, then go S
    203)S  202)W  192)S  193)S  205)walk under spiky balls, S  175)S  174)S
    Main Castle (where are we going, you ask?  We have to backtrack so we can get
    100%.  This is the farthest out of the way you need to go in this walkthrough)
    166)S 3)E  2)S  1)S  12)E  13)E  14)S  16)W  19)S  18)jump into the pit, always
    moving east as you do  206)push east as you fall  207)push east as you fall
    208)push east to land on east ledge, E  209)grab blue potion, W  208)fall  
    The Caves (We're back!)
    210)W  211)S  53)W  54)W  55)S  56)S  57)W  108)W  109)W  110)W  111)W  112)up
    West Garden
    113)N  116)N  117)W  118)N  119)N  120)E  121)E  153)E
    Main Castle (continuing the long journey to get back on track)
    154)E  155)N  159)N  160)N  161)E  165)E  166)N
    North Garden (nearly back on track)
    174)N  175)N  205)N  193)E  194)E  195)N  196) jump into pit
    The Mines (of Insanity, according to the Solstice Manual, but they're really
    only insane because they are easy and also the lair of the Hideous FootFace)
    212)S  213)push the crystal ball to the west, then push it south and ride it to
    the south exit, S
    214) When you go in, hold still for a second and the two trolls will bounce off
    each other.  After they split, just run past them and avoid the third troll to
    get to the east exit, E.
    215)E  216)watch out for the disappearing square about halfway along the path,
    217)THE HIDEOUS FOOTFACES!  Avoid them and go east, or use a blue potion and
    shiver at their hideousness, W
    218)take a quick south exit, S  219) jump onto blob, then to exit, E  220) grab
    credit, E
    221) Wait for the spiders to cluster around you; stand at the north edge to get
    them away from the exit path, then jump down and run south before they get you,
    222)go up to room above
    The East Garden and the Home Stretch
    223)S  224)S  225)feel free to yellow-block here, since you'll get a new yellow
    potion soon, but you can also just block jump across in two or three jumps, E
    226)walk with the trolls, go through north exit, N
    227)grab yellow, W  228)use a purple if you have it, or use a blue to get past
    the spiky balls, E
    224)S  225)E  226)E  229)ride the plate and jump to the exit, S  230) avoid the
    blobs, S
    231)go to the last square on the west wall, and jump down to room 39, but be
    careful since there is not much safe flooring below.
    39)S  40)W  41)S  81)continuous jump to west exit, but be careful since some of
    these disappear, W  80)jump into that middle hole, aiming for the exact center
    232)grab the blue potion, then jump down and ride elevator up.  You will need
    to jump right at the top to make it up to the ledge above.
    80)E  81)N  41)E  40)N  39)Now that you have a full blue potion (which you
    absolutely need in a few rooms), you need to perform a small miracle.  Go to
    the crystal ball.  Push it west, but ride it, and then jump off its west edge
    and stop it before it gets to the far wall (running ahead of it and then simply
    standing in front of where you want it to stop works best).  What you want is
    to have the crystal ball about one-half or one square away from the west wall.
    If you don't get it right, go out and try again.  Now push it north, but wait
    for the troll to be heading east.  You want that crystal ball to hit the north
    wall, and then the troll will hit it and walk south, which he won't do
    otherwise. If he is walking south and making it all the way to the walkway you
    are on, then use a blue potion, jump onto the troll's head, and as he gets
    close to the SW ledge, jump to it, then up to the room above.  If you mess this
    up too many times and only have one blue potion left, then go all the way out
    of the Caves, through the West Garden, through the Main Castle, through the
    North Garden, through the Mines, and then back to room 231 where you can simply
    line yourself up halfway off the north ledge, then jump to the east ledge
    landing halfway off of that.  But whatever you do, make it to room 231 with at
    least one blue potion left!  Also, be warned, you CAN NOT use that NW ledge to 
    get up to the room above, there is simply not enough height, so don't try!
    231)If you came up by the SW corner, ride the crystal ball east and then jump
    north to the exit, if you came the long way, use the above solution to jump to
    the east exit, E
    233)Use a blue potion, then carefully jump from troll to troll until you get to
    the north exit.  If you want, push the first and second troll a little south,
    making it easier to jump to them, but make sure not to push them too much, as
    you might irreversibly screw up your chances of getting to that ledge, N.  (I 
    am pretty sure that this and another room later are the only ones that require
    a potion to solve.  Keep this in mind when plotting your own route through the
    castle and using potions.)
    234)Get a yellow potion ready.  When that block in the NW corner hits the
    second-to-last disappearing square, use the yellow potion.  Now continuous
    jump to the block.  You can yellow-block to the exit OR block jump to the
    conveyor belt, but remember that the conveyor is still on.  Then jump right in
    front of the exit, dropping the block for stability.  Then simply jump to the
    exit.  If you have no yellow potions left or you simply feel awesome, then just
    jump to the SW corner at once, then to the next square.  Wait for the last two
    disappearing squares, then continuous jump from them along the north wall, then
    to the conveyor belt in the corner.  Keep jumping, and when the plate comes 
    near, you can jump to it, then through the exit, E.
    235)block jump up, S (if you don't have five staff pieces, these blocks do not
    236)avoid worms, E  237)jump up to knock the key off the plate (if it gets
    stuck somewhere, go out and come back in).  Get the key, E  
    238)S  239) get on the plate, and if you have a yellow potion left, wait for
    the two plates to line up with the exit and use the yellow potion so that you
    can easily jump to the new potion and back.  If you don't have a yellow left,
    time your jump carefully (try to lead the plate you're jumping to by one
    square, this usually works well), collect the potion, and then jump back,
    using a yellow potion if want, W
    240)Immediately push the crystal west, it will carry the block the the conveyor
    belt and then to the floor.  Grab the block, then drop it as close to the
    north edge of the square in front of the east exit as you can.  Now block jump
    to that NE ledge. This can be a little tricky, so concentrate.  But you should
    make it without too much trouble.  Go to the NW corner and teleport.
    241)N  242)If you kick ass at block-jumping, you can do this without a yellow
    potion, but if you don't want to die twenty-thousand times, yellow-block to
    the west exit.  Without using a yellow, pick up the block and drop it as close
    to the NW edge as you can, hanging over even.  Then position Shadax as far to
    the NW as you can on top of the block. Now block-double-jump, and swerve west
    at the last second to make it to the west exit.  Very hard, but I did it that
    way for a long time before I figured out how to yellow-block.  You can also 
    take the obvious route, by block-double-jumping from the SE corner to the NE 
    corner, then to the NW corner, but remember to always put the block on the edge
    and then position Shadax on the edge of the block before you jump.  This will 
    give you extra length before you even jump, and you will need it, W.  
    243)Jump on top of the credit, then block-jump.  You should get the credit, 
    and then when the little 'collection' screen disappears, you should be 
    jumping still, and you can get on to the squares.  Just jump down and take
    the west exit.  If you miss the jump off the credit, blast those spiky
    balls with a purple or walk past with a blue, W.
    244)Use a green to see the invisisquare near the west side of the room.  If you
    don't have any (how is that possible, you dork?), it is the square NE of the
    square in front of the exit.  Jump to the plate, then to the invisisquare, then
    to the next plate, and to the west exit, W.
    245)when the blocks are low enough, use a yellow potion, then jump from one to
    the next to the north exit.  I recommend picking up the first one as you go so
    that you can block jump if you slip or miss.  If you don't have a yellow or you
    are feeling like one last show of skill, then immediately run and continuous 
    jump along the squares to the exit.  You will have to just push that first 
    block out of your way, so ram it.  The last square might disappear before you 
    get there, so just jump off that last block.  Another method is to wait for a
    second, then jump to the first block, block jump with it, then as you
    continuous jump towards the exit, you can use it for one more block jump.  I 
    find that the timing on this is a little rough, not to mention the coordination
    so choose wisely, my son.  Once you are at the exit, go north, N.
    246) Rejoice!  You are now in the final tower of the game.  It is very hard to
    die, and you don't need any potions (although a yellow can be useful near the
    top).  This puzzle is quite complicated and you often fail at first, but it is
    easy to start over.  Get on the elevator and ride up.
    247)Notice the hazardous west wall.  If you fall at any point, go ahead and
    fall EAST so as to avoid this bunch of crap.  Continue up.
    248) When the elevator gets to the apex here, jump to the east and land on the
    disappearing squares on the east side of room 247.
    247)Immediately continuous jump to the substantial squares, then get up to the
    top square, and jump up to the next ledge, but be careful!  The ledge above is
    one square to the west. 
    248)When the elevator is about to hit the top of its path, push and ride the
    crystal west, and you should get on top of the elevator with the crystal
    between you and the elevator.  If you fail to do this, start over because you
    can't get enough height to go up.  If you succeed, jump up to the next floor.
    249)Immediately go to the crystal and push it east so that it catches that
    block and carries it to the east wall, OR if you have yellow potion, freeze
    the block when its low enough to jump to, jump to it, block jump back to the
    ledge, and then ride the crystal over to the east wall.  From here, push and
    ride the crystal to the SE corner.  Drop the block for extra height, then
    block jump to the ledges.  Get up to the top ledge, but each time remember to
    drop the block, then block-jump up to the next ledge.  Jump up to the room
    above.  Do not try to yellow-block up to the next room if you used a yellow 
    potion!  You will most likely land on nothing and fall back down, or you might
    end up under the pyramid above and have to jump back down.
    250)Go to the top of the pyramid, the zombies won't bother you.  Instead of 
    getting the staff, jump off it.  You will arrive in the highest room.
    251)Jump to the other platform, use the plunger, fall to room 250.
    250)Watch out for zombies, then grab the staff.  You are now invincible and 
    have infinite potions.  Hooray!  But you still have a few things to pick up.
    See that door that appeared from the plunger?  You need to go in there.  Go to
    the NE corner, and fall down to room 249.
    249) use one of your infinite yellow potions to freeze the block and grab it,
    then yellow-block up under the NW corner of the pyramid, or push the crystal
    onto the elevator and immediately ride it up (the crystal will get stuck, so
    you must ride it immediately!) then jump up under the pyramid above.
    250) Using your map if you need help, go through the door, N
    252) collect the three items in here.  Your completion rate should say 100%
    now!  Congratulations!  Jump down to room 246.
    246) go through the new west exit, watch Shadax defeat Morbius and save
    Princess Eleanor with the Staff, and pat yourself on the back.
    X. 30.85% Completion Rate Walkthrough
    This section is a discussion on how to get the lowest possible completion rate.
    I am a mathematician, and I am pretty confident that my algorithm skills have
    allowed me to find the shortest possible path in terms of rooms visited and 
    items picked up.  This does NOT mean that it is the shortest path to complete
    the game, since there is a lot of backtracking in order to reduce the number
    of rooms visited, and not using potions forces you to use lengthier solutions
    in various rooms.  But when you finish the game, you will see your completion
    rate is 30.85%, and I am 99.99% certain that this is the lowest possible rate.
    If you can get a lower rate, please e-mail me, but I think you will be lying.
    There are 252 and 52 items (detonating a bomb counts as getting an item), but
    the items are worth five times as much as a room in terms of the completion 
    rate that appears on the map screen.  Thus, there are 252 + 5*52 = 512 units
    to complete.  That means that each room is worth .1953125 completion points,
    and an item is worth five times as much (these are EXACT figures).
    What does that all mean?  It means, in order to minimize your completion rate,
    it is imperative that any item you pick up is either necessary or saves you at
    least five rooms (but trust me, there are no items that you can pick up to 
    save enough rooms).
    Here are the only necessary items:
    The six staff pieces (duh)
    The boots (I tried for a while to do it without them, but it's impossible)
    Three keys (the one in the caves is not necessary)
    DO NOT pick up ANY potions, credits, or lives.  You can do the whole game with
    ONLY the potions you start with, and if you can't avoid dying, well, that's 
    just something you need to fix before trying this.
    Okay, without further ado, here is the walkthrough.  This goes through 108 
    rooms, and unless explicitly stated, DO NOT use any blue potions.  There are
    two places where you NEED to use them, so don't waste them.  You are free to 
    use the yellow and purple potions where you want, but I advise not using them
    in order to feel extra bad-ass when you win with only your blue potions gone.
    Remember to always use the potionless solutions from the regular walkthrough to
    conserve potions.
    (note that I am not numbering the rooms here nor explaining easy rooms)
    S, W, S, W, S
    Get the first key.
    N, E, N, E, E, E, N
    Get the boots.
    S, W, W, N, N, W, N, E, E, E, S, S, S
    Get the first piece of staff.
    N, N, N, W, W, W, N, N, N, N, N
    In this room, run under the falling credit so it lands on your head.  Now move
    it over to the ledge in front of the south exit.  Drop it close to the tall 
    pillar, but on top of the ledge.  Now jump on top of it (be careful not to
    press B and collect it) and up to the pillar to take the east exit!
    Use the potionless solution for room 202, since you will want your two yellow
    later, if at all.  Take the north exit, and go one more north.
    Get the second staff piece.
    S, S, W, S, S, S, S, S, S, E, S, S, W, S, S, S, E, E, E, up.
    Quickly jump to the block on the conveyor belt and grab it before it falls.  If
    you miss it, go down and try again.  When you have it, double-jump to the north
    exit, but under no circumstances should you go up to the next room!  That will
    add an unnecessary room to your completion rate.  Take the north exit.
    Grab that third piece of staff and jump down the secret exit until you land in
    the caves.
    W, W, W, S, W, W, S, S, W, W, W, W, W, up.
    N, N, W, N, W, W, N, W, S, W, W, W.
    Get the second key.
    E, E, E, E, S, E, E, N, N, W, teleport, S.
    Get the fourth piece of staff.
    N, teleport, E, S, S, E, S, S, down.
    E, E, E, E, E, N, N, E, E, N, E, E, E, E, E, E, E, E, S, S, W, S, W, N, W, S, 
    W, S, S, W, S.
    Get the fifth piece of staff.
    N, E, N, N, E, N, E, S, E, N, E, N, N, E.
    Use the blue potion solution for room 39 to go up.
    E, use your last blue to go north, E, S, E.
    Get the third key.
    E, S, W, teleport, N.
    I recommend a yellow here, but you can use the potionless solution for room 242
    if you want to be awesome; go west.
    W, W.
    I recommend a yellow here as well, but you can use the potionless solution for
    room 245; go north.
    Solve the final tower, get the last piece of staff (DO NOT go to the secret 
    room above the staff piece by accidentally bouncing off the staff, or you will
    feel REALLY dumb).  Jump down and whoop Morbius' ass to claim your minimalist
    prize!  Congratulations.
    XI. The Only Solstice Code
    As far as I know, this is the only Solstice code in existence.  I got it out of
    a deteriorating Nintendo Power from my childhood.
    Open your item/map screen, then press the B button and the Start button in 
    this sequence: BSS BBS SBB SSS BSB BBS SSB SBS SBS SBB SBS.  This will give you
    90 something lives (basically infinity) and it fills all your potions.  Use 
    this only if you have already beaten the game, because it will ruin the 
    satisfaction of winning if you have that much help.
    XII. Acknowledgements
    In preparing this guide, I made heavy use of the maps on Col. G.L. Sicherman's
    homepage, drawing on them, numbering things, etc.  However, the maps in section
    VIII are my own.
    Also, I thank the guys at Imagesoft who made this game; it's one of my 
    XIII. Legal Mumbo-Jumbo
    Copyright 2005, Mike Jenista
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
    violation of copyright.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective trademark and copyright holders.

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