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    FAQ/Walkthrough by AdamL

    Version: 3.2 | Updated: 03/08/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    _______ _________ _______  _        _        _______
    (  ____ \\__   __/(  ___  )( (    /|( \      (  ____ \|\     /|
    | (    \/   ) (   | (   ) ||  \  ( || (      | (    \/( \   / )
    | (_____    | |   | (___) ||   \ | || |      | (__     \ (_) /
    (_____  )   | |   |  ___  || (\ \) || |      |  __)     \   /
          ) |   | |   | (   ) || | \   || |      | (         ) (
    /\____) |   | |   | )   ( || )  \  || (____/\| (____/\   | |
    \_______)   )_(   |/     \||/    )_)(_______/(_______/   \_/
    ____       __           _       __
     /  / _   (  _ _ _ _ / (_   _  /  )_     /  '   '  _  __/
    (  /)(-  __)(-(// ( /) / ()/  /(_// .   (__/ \///)(/_) /()/)
    Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)
    Stanley: The Search for Dr. Livingston
    by Electro Brain
    Electro Brain Corporation's original "Cart of Darkness"
    Survival Guide (Walkthrough)
    Version 3.2
    by Adam Lamontagne (alamont1@maine.rr.com)
    I.    Revision History
    II.   Introduction
    III.  Story
    IV.   Controls
    V.    Weapons
    VI.   Items
    VII.  Map
    VIII. Walkthrough
    IX.   Ending
    X.    Comments
    XI.   Credits
    XII.  Disclaimer
    3/8/02: v3.2
    -Added my current email address.
    -Made some cosmetic changes.
    -Added a site where this guide can be posted.
    6/28/00: v3.1
    -Added an ascii art title.
    6/20/00: v3.0
    -Completely re-wrote story section using the game manual's story.
    -Added the full names of all the creators of the game in Credits section.
    -Added a Weapons section.
    -Added an Items section.
    -Added a Controls section.
    -Changed some other minor things.
    -Revised format.
    1/25/00: v2.1
    -New email address added.
    -Fixed spelling errors.
    -Added comments here and there.
    -Added a Table of Contents.
    6/7/97: v2.0
    -Changed the style of the game map, making it easier to follow.
    11/7/96: v1.0
    -Finished the walkthrough and sent it to Gamefaqs.com.
    The following is intended to help anyone who has actually played this game
    make it to the end.  There are no known Game Genie codes for this game (to
    my knowledge), so you have to do a lot of trial and error to familiarize
    yourself with the game, as you would any other game, and die many, many
    I finished this game using a Game Action Replay, so I was fortunate enough to
    not have to repeatedly start over from the beginning of a level a hundred
    times.  There is only one other person I know of who has beaten this game (Hi
    Dolores!) and she and her grandson did it without any game enhancers, so this
    game CAN be beaten normally.
    Good luck!
    There is a good-sized story to go along with this game.  Since I had such a
    hard time tracking down the manual of this game (had to buy another copy of the
    game for it!) I figured that I'd include the opening story of the game from the
    manual, word for word.  I don't usually like doing this in my walkthroughs, but
    the story actually gets you more into the game and explains to you why a nerdy
    little guy is wandering the jungle over...enjoy:
    [excerpt from game manual]
    "Our adventure begins this evening ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls on a
    blustery day.  The date: May 11, 1870.  The place: the immense African jungle
    known as the Congo.  Imagine if you will that it is a time of ferocious world
    wide imperialism.  Each nation has sent to Africa their finest explorers, the
    best the world has ever known.  The purpose: to explore new lands, to brave
    fierce animals and unknown civilizations, to boldly explore where no explorer
    has explored before.  Their desire: to claim these new found lands for their
    mother country.
    "You, as the impeccable roving reporter Henry M. Stanley (1841-1904) are about
    to embark on a historic expedition that will forever change man's perception of
    the world's most mysterious and ominous continent, Africa.  Your exploits, for
    example, will subsequently lead to other expeditions that will open up the
    Congo for King Leopold of Belgium and other prominent leaders of this era.
    "The main theme of this historical period is the creation of European colonies.
     Dr. Livingston, being an advocate of exploration, felt that it furthered the
    success of potential empires and promoted peace and prosperity.
    "Originally sent out by your employer, a New York City Newspaper, to chronicle
    the exploits of the famous Livingston, led the Dr. to begin the adventure
    without you--see, he hates the press.  What's worse is that he's taken some of
    your supplies like a special grapnel and your favorite machete.  Fortunately
    for you, however, is that the ole' Dr. being a tad absent-minded has left
    various clues lying around the entire Congo as to the location of his
    whereabouts.  Some pages from his journal have also been left behind in spots,
    the work of the jungle wind.
    "After thorough investigation you assume that Dr. Livingson has actually
    abandoned his original quest of exploration, and now is hot on the trail of
    re-discovering the legendary lost temple of the Amut people, "Am-Zutuk."  The
    people of your first destination, Port Harken, tell you about the legendary
    "The Amut were a race of people that lived in the Congo jungle, once called
    Masza, hundreds or maybe thousands of years ago.  They were a highly developed
    culture, with some surprisingly advanced technologies.  They were master
    builders and architects, who enjoyed rich and finely crafted art and sculpture.
     Their machinery was advanced and ingenious.  Their culture was, in general, a
    highly civilized one, with a deep respect for nature and animals.  The Amut
    believed a man's (or animal's) soul could be caught between one life and the
    next, and so haunt the living.  The wisdom of the Amut was well known.  Even
    neighboring tribes and enemies of the Amut would sometimes seek the advice of
    the Amut wise men through offerings.  However, the Amut could also become
    warlike if angered, and were absolutely merciless in battle.  The Amut were,
    therefore, both feared and respected by other cultures of their time, before
    seemingly disappearing into the jungle...and some say, the demon-spirit world.
    "'Am-Zutuk' properly translated, means "Temple of Wisdom."  To the people who
    lived in the Masza, the present day Congo, and belive in the legend, it has
    long been known as "Am-Satuk," or "Temple of Demons."  Legend says the temple
    of "Am-Zutuk" was built by the Amut people to hold great magic they possessed. 
    When looked upon, this magic would give a man great wisdom and power over men. 
    Legend also says the temple is filled to the brim with ghosts and demons, and
    those who enter never, ever leave.  Many have sought "Am-Zutuk", but the few
    who have returned say it does not, and never has, existed.
    "While hot on the trail of the "Am-Zutuk" temple Dr. Livingston mysteriously
    disappeared.  Dr. Livingston believed the temple was not a myth, but really
    existed, and as a culmination of his life's work, was going to find "Am-Zutuk."
     Dr. Livingston's reputation in archeological circles was always something of
    an eccentric.  His ideas were considered unconventional, his methods
    unorthodox, and his steadfast belief in the legend of "Am-Zutuk" downright
    "You have been, as you well remember, an acquaintance of Livingston's, and had
    a deep respect for the man and his teachings.  In time you came to believe that
    Livingston may be right about the "Am-Zutuk" temple.  Upon returning to the
    United States after working abroad for many years, you were very surprised to
    learn of Livingston's Congo quest.  You are sure that Livingston could prove
    "Am-Zutuk's" existence, if only he could find it, or if that was really what he
    was looking for.
    "Being very unconventional like Dr. Livingston to begin with, you decide to set
    out after him.  Arriving with only what you could carry, you greet the Congo
    jungle equipped with only your backpack (in which the auto-gyro is stowed, a
    gift from a friend, Juan De La Cierva), and his and Dr. Livingston's notes. 
    You step out towards the jungle and maybe, YOUR DOOM!
                   |                             |
                   |     +                       |
                   |   +++++           (*)  (*)  |
                   |     +     ==  ==   B    A   |
                   |     D     SE  ST            |
    -To make a move right.
    -To make a move left.
    -To go up vines, ladders, some stairs and to pass through doorways.
    -To go down vines and ladders only.  Hold down to squat.  You can crawl while
    squatting by moving left or right on the controller.
    -Use this to jump.  Hold A while you jump and the auto-gyro copter will pop out
    of your backpack and let you float to the ground.  Use this a lot, as you can
    control your fall from high places using the copter.  Also, press A to enter
    areas on the map.
    -Use whatever weapon you have selected.  B also lets you start a conversation
    when standing next to someone.  Press B to keep the conversation going.
    -Press this to make the password screen appear.  You will see 2 passwords.  The
    top one is for your current level and the bottom one can be changed to move to
    a different level.
    -This button brings you to the subscreen where you can select weapons and
    items.  If you press A or B while in the subscreen, Stanley's personal status
    screen will pop up.
    -Lets you hack through most enemies.
    -Collect as many as you can to toss at enemies.
    Blow Gun and Darts
    -This is a nice projectile weapon.
    -Use this against enemies or walls.
    Golden Fist
    -This thing does a lot of damage.
    Bow and Arrows
    -Great for long range attacks.
    -Another vermin-bashing weapon.
    -Another good projectile weapon.
    Rock Battle Axe
    -Collect these and use them on foes.
    -One of the earlier weapons you will find.
    Small Hearts
    -Collect these to replenish some health.
    Big Hearts
    -These will fill more health than the small ones.
    -Find these to protect Stanley against enemy-inflicted damage.
    -These are hidden somewhere in the Congo.
    -These contain items Dr. Livingston left around, like notes, keys, etc.
    Water Gourd
    -This serves a particular purpose later in the game.
    Kelka Key
    -Use this to get into a Kelka or to open a Gate.
    Gate Key (Seal of Chikta)
    -Opens the...gate.
    Bridge Map
    -Find this early in the game...it kinda corresponds to my map in this
    Water Stones
    -You'll find out what these do later.
    Lightning Stones
    -These are a secret too.
    Grapnel and Rope
    -You'll find this early in the game and use it a lot.  Step close to a wall and
    press Up and B to use it.  It won't attach to all walls though.
    Iron Breastplate
    -Need it to enter the final temple.
    Power of the Cranis
    -Destroys those that are dark of heart.
    Spirit Magic Vessel
    -Find this and you'll be able to enter previously unaccessible areas.
    Gem Stones
    -These are also a secret.
    Skull and Crossbones
    Obelisk Keys
    -These will allow you to enter "Am-Zutuk," if it exists at all.
    VII. MAP
    Here's a map of the game that I made.  I counted over 100 actual stages
    that you can enter.  They're not numbered, so I numbered them myself.
    There are a lot of useless, impassable, or basically unimportant areas on
    the Masza map which I marked with a "*" symbol on my map.  Do not go into
    areas marked with "*" unless you want to waste time or, sometimes, get
    killed.  These include the river areas on the map and the barrier areas
    (though not all barriers on the game map are impassable, but I'll represent
    the passable areas with a letter or number on my map).  I used lower and
    upper case letters as well as numbers to represent areas on the map.  I
    will refer to these throughout this guide.  I ran out of letters and
    numbers, so instead of using a bunch of different symbols, I reused the
    letters and numbers on different areas of the map (for instance, the upper
    case letters A through Z are in the southeast section of the map and also
    in the northwest section, but I will be careful to verify which one I am
    using throughout the guide).  The "@" symbol is for the final temple of the
    game.  This map looks like shit, but if you're playing the game, you'll
    understand it.  I suggest printing it out and comparing it to the Masza map
    game screen as you go through this walkthrough, as I refer to the section
    by the numbers or letters below.
                                *   _   *   *   *   *
                                *   -   *   *   *   *
                                    |   |       |   |
                *   *   *   *   *   _   _   *   _   _   *
                *   *   *   *   *   -   -   *   -   -   *
                    |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |
                *   _   _   *   _   _   _   *   _   _   _   *
                *   -   -   *   -   -   -   *   -   -   -   *
                    |   |       |   |   |       |   |   |
                *   *   _   *   *   *   _   *   _   _   _   *   *
                *   *   -   *   *   *   -   *   -   -   -   *   *
                |   |   |   |   |   |   |       |   |   |       |
            *   _   _   _   _   _   _   _   *   _   _   _   *   _   *
            *   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   *   -   -   -   *   -   *
                |   |   |   |   |   |   |       |   |   |       |
            *   _   _   _   *   *   *   _   *   *   *   _   *   _   *   *
            *   -   -   -   *   *   *   -   *   *   *   -   *   -   *   *
                |   |   |   |           |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |
            *   _   _   _   _   *   *   _   _   _   _   _   _   _   _   _   *
            *   -   -   -   -   *   *   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   *
                |   |   |   |           |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |
            *   *   *   *   _   *   *   *   *   *   *   _   _   _   _   *
            *   *   *   *   -   *   *   *   *   *   *   -   -   -   -   *
            |   |   |   |   |                   |       |   |   |   |
        *   _   _   _   _   _   *   *   *   *   _   *   *   *   *   *   *   *
        *   -   -   -   -   -   *   *   *   *   -   *   *   *   *   *   *   *
            |   |   |   |   |       |   |   |   |       |   |   |   |   |
            *   _   _   *   *   *   _   _   _   _   *   _   _   _   _   _   *
            *   -   -   *   *   *   -   -   -   -   *   -   -   -   -   -   *
                |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |       |   |   |   |   |
            *   _   _   _   _   _   _   _   *   *   *   _   _   _   _   *   *
            *   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   *   *   *   -   -   -   -   *   *
            |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |       |       |   |   |   |
        *   _   _   _   _   _   *   _   _   *   _   *   _   *   _   _   *
        *   -   -   -   -   -   *   -   -   *   -   *   -   *   -   -   *
            |   |   |   |   |       |   |       |   |   |       |   |
            *   *   _   _   _   *   _   _   *   _   _   _   *   *   _   *
            *   *   -   -   -   *   -   -   *   -   -   -   *   *   -   *
                    |   |   |       |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |
                    *   _   _   *   _   _   _   _   _   _   _   _   *
                    *   -   -   *   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   *
                        |   |       |   |   |   |   |   |   |
                        *   _   *   _   _   _   _   _   _   *
                        *   -   *   -   -   -   -   -   -   *
                            |       |   |   |   |   |   |
                            *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *
                            *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *
    Below is the path I took through the game.  I will put down the section
    number and what, if anything, is of importance in that section.  Don't
    bother going to the sections which have nothing in them unless you need to
    go through them to get to another section.
    Note: Once you clear a section, you can pass right over it on the Masza
    map.  Also, I didn't include a lower case L in my map because it looks like
    an uppercase i.
    The following upper case letters (sections) are the ones in the southeast
    portion of my map.
    You start here, at Port Harken, armed only with your fists.  Talk to
    everybody.  One guy tells you that the Grapnel and Machete have been
    stolen.  You'll find them soon enough.  Most sections in this game are
    short and somewhat repetitive, but Port Harken is one of the biggest and
    easiest in the game.
    You'll find your first minor weapon, the Knives, in one of the houses.
    Enter and exit the house several times to get a small supply of them, but
    lookout for the spider.  To beat these spiders throughout the game, just
    inch forward until they descend, then hit it while it goes up and down.
    You'll also find spears in one of the houses.
    Talk with Chilo in this town before you leave.  He tells you the Grapnel is
    to the north.
    You'll encounter cobras in this section.  Just hit them, jump to avoid
    their shot, hit them again, jump again, and repeat until they're finished.
    Cobras will always leave life replenishing hearts.  In this section you'll
    find a shield symbol, which increases your defense.  You start with one
    already, so now you have two.  Press Start then A to view your Life Stats.
    To get it, climb the vine near the spider then jump to the right, holding A
    to float over with your backpack copter.  You can fall from any ledge and
    land safely as long as you hold A before you land.
    You'll also find the Grapnel, your most important item, underground in this
    section.  Use it by holding Up then pressing B.  You can climb up some
    cliffs by doing this, getting to those hard to reach places.  The Grapnel
    icon doesn't need to be displayed to use it.
    Note:  You'll find other minor weapons by defeating various enemies.
    You'll find a note left behind by Dr. Livingston here.  It reads, "Jump
    high and fall with faith when you you reach the heads."  This is a clue for
    something near the end of the game.
    The first temple!  Stand on the red rock next to the entrance and it will
    open.  Inside you will find the Bridge Map, which shows you the location of
    bridges on the Masza Map.
    Use the Grapnel to get to a 1-Up.  That's all that's here.
    Get the Fist symbol, which increases your strength.  You start off with
    one, so you got two.
    G - H - I
    Nothing but enemies in these 3 sections.  Don't bother.
    You can get Fist projectiles underground in this stage, but they are
    not essential to your quest.
    Get a Water Gourd here. You'll need it for later.  It doesn't show up on
    any screen, but you got it.
    Nothing here.
    Cross the bridge but keep jumping so you don't fall through.
    Nothing here.  Avoid the Lightning Bug's lightning, though contact with the
    bugs doesn't damage you.
    Note: A lot of enemies (like the natives) don't damage you through direct
    contact, but their weapons are what does the damage.  However, some
    enemies, like tigers and hoverbugs and the enemies under the lake later in
    the game will hurt you through contact, as will the mini-bosses (Mortuk,
    O - P - Q - R
    Nothing in these 4 sections
    You'll find a Key to the Kelka here, which you give to a guard to enter the
    Nothing here but more enemies.
    You'll find another Shield symbol in the bottom left part of this section.
    Now you have three of them.  There's also a 1-Up to the bottom right.
    A tough section with nothing in it, though you have to pass through here to
    reach the temple.
    The second temple.  Give the Key of the Kelka to the guard to gain
    entrance.  Inside you'll find a note left behind by Livingston mentioning a
    secret passage through the wall.  Watch out for the spiders in all of the
    temples, as you are usually distracted going for the treasure.
    X - Y - Z
    Nothing in these 3 sections
    The following number are the ones in the southern portion of my map.
    You'll find the Machete here.  It is a permanent weapon and is the best
    weapon until later in the game when you get the Golden Fist.
    Nothing here
    On the Masza map, this looks like a barrier, but it is a short cut into the
    next area.  At the start of this stage, move to the right until you fall
    through the ground.  Instead of climbing down the ladder where you fall
    through, get to the top of it and walk through the ground to the ladder
    leading back to the surface.  There's nothing to be had underground„
    Nothing here
    A small village with one inhabitant.  The woman says not to challenge
    Mortuk because he is too strong.  Umm, okay.
    Nothing here
    Mortuk is here, but you cannot beat him yet.  Return to section 3 and move
    on to section 9.
    Nothing important here
    You'll find an old guy in this village.  He offers you the Gem Stones,
    good, powerful projectile weapons, to use on Mortuk.  If you beat Mortuk,
    the old guy will help you out.
    Arm yourself with the Gem Stones.  Mortuk is no match for them, as one hit
    takes him out.  Do not collect the Skull and Crossbones he leaves behind, as it
    will damage you.  Defeat the other Mortuk and return to the guy in section 8.
    The old guy gives you the Seal of Chikta (Gate Key), which is the same exact
    type of item as the Key of Kelka...give it to a guard and he'll let you in a
    temple.  You can return to the old guy throught the game to get more Seals if
    you need them.  Grab the Gem Stones again before leaving.
    The following lower case letters are in the southwest portion of my map
    g - a
    Nothing in these two sections
    Tough enemies here!  Instead of doing battle with the lightning bugs and
    snakes, just grapnel up and run past them.  Grab your third Fist symbol in
    this section.  Now you're at half your total strength!
    Go underground and (1) to the left for a 1-Up and (2) to the right for
    another Water Gourd which you'll need later.
    The third temple.  Give the Seal of Chikta to the guard to gain entrance.
    There's nothing in this temple, but it's still cool to visit :)
    You can get a 1-Up underground here.  Use your auto-gyro copter and ride the
    current back above ground.  You'll also find the important Spirit Magic
    under a bird statue, which you'll use in a bit.
    If you go underground in this section, you can get the Club.  It's a
    permanent weapon, but I still prefer the Machete.  The enemies are tough
    and the area is cramped down there, so I wouldn't bother.
    Use the Spirit Magic you got in section e to walk through the barrier in
    this section.
    i - j - k - m - n - o - p - q
    Nothing in these 8 stages
    Civilization!  Well, sort of.  A village elder tells you the village needs
    rain and that maybe Tinok can help you.  He gives you a seal that Tinok
    will be able to identify you by and tells you to see the man to the north.
    The mountain background graphics in this stage look awesome and reminded me
    of the Rambo game a little.
    In section t, Tinok recognizes the seal the elder gave you and tells you
    that the Water Stones must be found and returned to restore the rains.
    They are in a cave to the west.  He'll give you something if you bring them
    There's nothing here, but go through this section to get to the next
    one...the cave.
    On the Masza map this section looks like one of those useless, unaccessible
    areas.  It's not.  Enter, then go left and enter a cave.  Beat the tiger
    inside and grab the 3 Water Stones...just don't fall into the pits.  Exit
    this section and return to Tinok.
    Tinok tells you to throw the stones into the fountain.  Don't make a
    mistake or you'll have to go back to the cave to get more.  Stand to the
    left of the fountain, jump, then throw a stone at the height of your jump.
    Do this two more times and watch Tinok jump for joy as water is restored to
    the village.  He gives you a Shield which helps you defeat demons on your
    way to the next temple.
    If you go back to this section to see the elder, he thanks you.  No gift,
    but you do get to see those cool mountains again :)
    s - u - v - y - z
    Nothing in these 5 sections.  Section v has those damn birds...Hitchcock
    would be proud ;)
    The following uppercase letters are in the western portion of my map
    The only way to beat the demons in this section is with the Shield Tinok
    gave you.  Use it as a weapon and you'll scrap all the demons.  There's
    nothing in this section, but it leads to the temple.
    This is one of the rare temples where you don't need a Key of Kelka or Seal
    of Chikta.  Just hop on the red rock and it will sink down, opening the
    temple gate.  You'll find a Key to the Gates (not a Key to Kelka) inside
    the temple.  It doesn't show up on the Item Screen, but you have it.
    C - D
    Nothing in these 2 sections
    Yes, another Fist power-up.  Now you have four of them.
    A 1-Up is the only thing important here.
    Nothing here
    Get a Shield power-up underground.  Now you got four of those too.
    Nothing here
    You can grab the Blow Gun in this section.  It's a good distance weapon
    with unlimited ammo.
    A temple.  Grab the note at the beginning of the area.  It mentions that
    Lightning Stones are in the northern part of the jungle.  These are
    essential for finishing the game.  It seems as if those are what Dr.
    Livingston was after before he disappeared.  Damn, you need to get into the
    temple.  Head back to section 8 to get another Seal of Chikta from the old
    man.  Inside the temple you'll find another Key to the Gates.
    L - M - N - O - P
    Nothing is in these 3 sections, except a 1-Up in section N and some Knives to
    add to your collection in section O.
    Another bridge to cross.
    Nothing here
    Work your way to the left.  Look out for the fish in the waterfall, as they
    will knock you into the pits.  A woman makes this place her home.  She
    tells you that the Evil Gut will come for a scent that she gives to you
    and to go south then east along the wall to fight the Gut and get a Key to
    the Kelka.  If you didn't have a Water Gourd when you talked to her she
    would have sent you for one instead of babbling about the Gut.  She's got
    all that water in the cave...why the hell does she need a Water Gourd?
    T - U
    Nothing in these 2 sections
    You'll find the third Key to the Gates at the beginning of this section.
    You can grab Bow & Arrows underground in this section, but they're not
    You'll find a 1-Up and your 5th Shield power-up in this section.
    Nothing here
    A strange, robed dude says the temple here is locked by the Power of the
    Cranis.  He doesn't know Livingston and communes with the Cranis for his
    own reasons.  Hmm.  You'll have to come back later.
    The following numbers are in the north portion of my map
    Nothing here
    This is another area on the Masza map that is obscure and looks like a
    boundary.  Enter the cave in here and get the two essential Lightning
    Stones.  They won't show up on your Item List, but you got 'em.
    Get the 5th Fist symbol to power up your strength.
    A large walking brain attacks you...The Cranis!  Just hack at it with your
    Machete and you'll destroy it, getting the Power of the Cranis.  Head back
    to section Z (not the Capcom game :>).
    The robed dude decides to attack you and demands the Power of the Cranis
    from you, but the Power destroys those dark of heart, so the robed dude is
    no more.  Pick up the Power of Cranis again (you dropped it in the attack)
    and head into the temple.  The guards move right out of your way.  Inside
    you'll find the Key to the Portal Under the Lake.
    Nothing here
    The key you just got opens the gate so you can travel under the great lake.
    The enemies under the lake are nasty and the water droplets also sap your
    strength.  Use Gem Stones of you got 'em.  It takes 4 hits on them with the
    Pretty much the same as section 6
    Get your last Shield power-up in here.
    Grab a 1-Up in here.
    The following lowercase letters are from the northeast section of my map
    Nothing here, but rush through this section quickly to avoid the enemies.
    Grab the last Fist power-up here.  Now you're at full strength!
    Don't go underground in this stage.  Just grapnel over the ledge and keep
    Uh-oh, another robed guy.  This guy's wearing blue though, so he's cool :)
    He tends the Wisdom of Amut.  He asks you to offer all you have.  Say yes.
    You won't lose a thing and he'll grant you one question.  You ask where the
    Final Temple is and he says you must pass through the Gate of Alnuk to get
    to the north, but that the Alnuk can only be defeated with the Golden Fist.
    You find that you also need 4 Keys (which you get by defeating 4 Alnuk)
    and the Breast Plate to enter the Final Temple.  What are you waiting for?
    Don't go underground in this section, just get through and out.
    Underground and to the left are 3 more Gem Stones, while underground and to
    the right is another 1-Up.
    Here's another temple, the last one before the Final Temple.  You need a
    Key of the Kelka or a Seal of Chikta to enter, so go back to section 8 down
    south and get a Seal.  Inside this temple you find your most powerful
    weapon, the Golden Fist!  To use it, punch as you normally would and a
    large fist projectile launches at your enemy.
    There's a 1-Up underground here, but you have to tangle with Red Lightning
    Bugs and Hoverbugs in cramped quarters to get to it.
    This stage is tough and all you get is a Key of the Kelka, so it's easier
    to get the Seal of Chikta back in section 8 rather than risking your life
    in here.  However, if you're masochistic...
    Remember that clue at the beginning of the game about taking a leap of
    faith?  Well, stand on the second or fourth stone head at the beginning of
    this section and jump high and let yourself land on the center head with
    full force (DO NOT use your auto-gyro copter to land softly).  You will not
    die, but will make the statue's eyes move.  Do this 4 times and you'll
    dislodge the stone head, letting you venture underground.
    From the entrance, take your first left, fall all the way down several
    screens, hugging the left wall, and land softly on the vertically moving
    skull platform.  Walk off of it to the left and work your way up the
    ladder, avoiding the centipede.  You can't climb past the hole at the top,
    but just get off at the top right space and jump up to the next screen.
    Work your way up a bunch of screens, avoiding the centipede, to the Key of
    Kelka.  Go out the way you came in.
    j - k
    Nothing in these two stages.
    Here's the first Alnuk warrior you'll face.  He fires three shots at you,
    his first shot always going over your head, but you must jump over the next
    two.  As you're coming down from the second jump, fire a Golden Fist at him
    from about 5 or 6 steps away.  You'll know you hit him because he will
    flash and be knocked back.  Repeat this process until you hit him twice,
    defeating him.  You must knock out two Alnuk in this section.
    Defeat the Alnuk guarding the building and grab the 1st of four keys
    inside.  When you leave the building, exit quickly to the right to avoid
    the revived Alnuk.  Back on the Masza map you'll still be at section m, so
    just enter section n again and exit immediately to the left.  You'll now be
    able to move on.
    Nothing here.
    Defeat the Alnuk here for the 2nd of the four keys.
    Note:  I left out the letter r by accident on my map, but don't let it
    worry you...just an oversight on my part :)
    t - q
    There's nothing in these 2 sections. Do not go underground in section q.
    You'll find the Iron Breast Plate in this section.  Now all you need are
    two more keys to enter the Final Temple!  Do not go underground in this
    section either.
    Defeat the Alnuk and grab the 3rd key.
    Nothing here
    Beat the Alnuk here and you get the 4th and final key.
    Nothing here
    This is it, the Final Temple!  Use your Golden Fist to dispatch of the
    tough enemies outside the temple.  Don't go in any of the doors yet.  Work
    your way to the uppermost door and go in this one.
    Inside the temple, go down the first two ladders, grapnel up the small
    ledge, then go down the ladder.  Crawl to the right and softly fall off the
    screen.  You'll land on a lift.  Crawl to the right and fall softly off the
    screen again. landing on another lift.  Go to the left where you meet a
    spearchucker.  Three Golden Fists will do him (or her) in.
    Continue left, then drop down one screen.  Ride the skull lift down to the
    floor and go right.  Move past the two smashers.  Before you drop down to
    the next screen, get the Golden Fist ready.  Fall softly and when you land,
    immediately fire to the left at the spearchucker.  Be sure to hit him with
    the Golden Fist projectiles.  If he gets to close you'll be hitting him
    with your fists and it will take many more hits to kill him.  Repeat this
    with the second spearchucker.
    Follow the path left, then down and right past a smasher to a moving skull
    platform.  Move right until you get to a shaft with purple lightning.  Fly
    all the way up the shaft to the top and outside.  Drop into the two rooms
    and grab the two Lightning Stones.  Now go back down the shaft.  For some
    reason the lightning isn't damaging you anymore!
    Float down and land softly at the bottom of the shaft.  WHOA!!  You're shot
    out of the temple and up into the clouds!  Check out those cool cinema
    scenes.  You land on some kind of floating island in the sky, but you're
    not alone.
    If you don't want to know the ending, don't read any further.  If you do,
    scroll down...
    "Doctor Livingston I presume?"  You talk to the doctor and find out that he
    is living comfortably up here and that when Amut wisemen reach a certain
    age, a ceremony would take place.  The eldest wiseman would be given the
    Iron Breast Plate (which you are now wearing) and would travel to this
    place where he would live out the rest of his life having an unequaled view
    of the Earth and man's effect.  Cool, huh?
    You ask him if he'll come home with you and he replies, "Certainly not!"
    He wants to spend his last days there.  The game ends with Stanley flying
    off into the clouds with his backpack copter as the credits roll by.  Neat
    I eventually liked this game when I got into it, but thought it was really
    difficult to get into up until then.  It takes a lot of patience, but once you
    get familiar with it, you'll make some headway and get caught up in the whole
    exploration theme.
    The passwords in the game remain a paradox to me.  The password I copied
    down right before the Final Temple starts you about 3/4 throught the game
    for some reason, with some items I didn't have and missing some items I did
    have.  If you're interested, it is LQDLJJJG.  Try changing around a few of
    the letters to see what other things you can get.
    I don't recommend this game to anybody who wants an easy game to blow through. 
    If I wasn't committed to beating every NES game out there, I probably wouldn't
    have played it as much as I did, but I did unwillingly find myself liking the
    subtle charm and vulnerable main character.  Don't move the controller for
    awhile and watch Stanley scratch his head...
    -Joe Hitchens, Ken Moore, Hal Rushton, Lorin Nelson and Paul Webb of Sculptured
    Software:  For this different little game.  Whichever one of these guys wrote
    the manual has a great sense of humor...and actually KNOWS HOW TO write a video
    game manual.  I'm wondering why a cool game like this got barely any coverage
    in Nintendo Power.
    -Dolores Demyan:  For being the only person who has sent me email about this
    game.  I know this game is obscure, but 1 person in 4 years!!  Dolores and her
    grandson actually finished this game, WITHOUT any kind of game enhancer. 
    They're probably the only reason why I actually update this
    walkthrough...thanks :)
    Stanley: The Search for Dr. Livingston was developed by Joe Hitchens, Ken
    Moore, Hal Rushton, Lorin Nelson and Paul Webb of Sculptured Software, and is
    the trademark and copyright of Electro Brain Corp. 1992.
    Nintendo and Nintendo Entertainment System is the trademark and copyright
    of Nintendo of America
    This walkthrough is not endorsed by Electro Brain or Nintendo. The information
    contained within this document is provided without guarantee.  All copyrights
    and trademarks are recognized.
    This walkthrough may be reprinted, posted in newsgroups, or placed on web
    sites, as long as the proper credit is given to the author.  The most recent
    version of this walkthrough can be found at:
    Copyright (c) 1996, 1997, 2000, 2002 Adam Lamontagne (alamont1@maine.rr.com)

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