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    FAQ by RoyalRanger

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    Star Voyager NES FAQ v1.2
    by Stephen Maiorana (RoyalRanger)
    E-mail: RoyalRanger@safeplace.net
    AIM: RoyalRanger85
    RoyalRanger's NES Site:
    Last Update: 3-1-01
    Update History:
    3-1-01 - Updated E-mail and legal information.
    12-16-00 - Added information about the Star-Bomb.
    Main Screen
    Information Screen
    Space Stations
    Tips & Tricks
    Final Notes
    The Place: Spiral Galaxy IX
    The Problem: A flotilla of Molok Wardrivers are holding your temporary home, 
    CosmoStation Noah, captive.
    You and your people never wanted any trouble. You had boarded CosmoStation Noah 
    in an attempt to flee a Galaxy whose sun was quickly dying.
    Your hope was to find a new home. In a Galaxy whose sun was young and strong.
    But suddenly - as you entered Spiral Galaxy IX - all hope began to dwindle. For 
    you were confronted with one of the most ruthless astral terrorist groups in the 
    universe: the Molok Wardrivers.
    The Molok Wardrivers are renowned for their total disrespect for anything but 
    rampant destruction. And they need no provocation to be driven into action.
    Fortunately, the planners of CosmoStation Noah had thought to include the RH 119 
    in their inventory of equipment.
    The RH 119 is one of the most supra-tech space vehicles ever designed. And it's 
    equiped with Laser Cannons, Barrier Shields, a Life Support System and Adam, a 
    fully-integrated bio-computer.
    The thing is, there were only a handful of CosmoStation Noah inhabitants trained 
    to work with Adam. And one of them was you.
    After a series of stringent tests - for reflexes, endurance, intelligence and 
    physical and psychological strength - you were chosen from all the rest.
    And now it is your job to leave the CosmoStation and go meet the enemy. All hope 
    rides in your hands.
    Control Pad - Use this to navigate your way around the sector you are in.
    Select - Use this button to toggle between the main screen and the information 
    Start - Use this button to pause and unpause the game.
    B - Hold this button to accelerate. Then release it to stay at your current 
    speed. Press it again to decelerate your speed. (The left column of lights 
    indicates your speed.)
    A - Use this button to fire your laser cannons.
    The upper left horizontal bar is your warp meter. This is used to show your warp 
    distance when you are preparing to warp to another sector of the galaxy. 
    (Warping will be explained later.)
    The upper right horizontal bar is your energy capsule meter. Each capsule 
    contains fuel crystals, which you need in order to accelerate, warp, and use 
    your laser. When you run out of energy capsules, the game is over.
    The large horizontal bar at the top of the screen is your ship's computer 
    screen. Computer messages are displayed here.
    The left vertical bar is your speed meter. This, of course, displays your 
    current speed.
    The right vertical bar is your fuel crystal meter. This displays how many fuel 
    crystals remain in the current energy capsule you are using. When all the fuel 
    crystals run out in one energy capsule, another energy capsule begins to be 
    The lower left circle is your gyro compass. This shows which sector of the 
    galaxy you are aimed at. This is pretty much unimportant unless you are warping.
    The lower right circle is your radar. This is supposed to show where you are in 
    the current sector, but your ship (represented by a dot) continually roams off 
    of the screen. Therefore, this is pretty useless.
    The small box at the bottom of the screen is your warp distance display. This 
    displays the distance you need to go in order to warp to the sector you are 
    aimed at.
    There will be three areas on the information screen. In the upper left corner is 
    the map. In the bottom left corner is your damage report. On the right side of 
    the screen is your damage blueprint.
    There are quite a few symbols on the map. I will give an explanation of each.
    @@@@@@@ = PLANET. There are about nine of these randomly scattered throughout
    @@@@@@@   galaxy. The planets are not dangerous and will not damage your ship.
    @@@@@@@@@ = SPACE STATION. These are a few of these randomly scattered around 
    @@@@@@@@@   the galaxy. These are friendly and will not harm your ship.
    @@      @@
      @@  @@   = ENEMY. These enemies will slowly advance toward your ship as the
        @@       game progresses.
      @@  @@
    @@      @@
    @@@  @@@
    @@@  @@@
             = ASTEROID BELT. Avoid this, it will do damage to your ship.
    @@@  @@@
    @@@  @@@
    @@@   @@@ = BLACK HOLE. Avoid this. If you fly into the black hole, you can
    @@@   @@@   never return. The game will end immediately.
    @  @ = COSMOSTATION. This is your mothership, which you are to protect.
    @@@@@@   TARGET LOCATION. You can move this around the map using your control
    @@@@@@ = pad. When you return to the main screen, your ship will be pointing
    @@@@@@   towards the target location.
    @         @
    @         @
    @         @ = CURRENT LOCATION. The sector you are currently at.
    @         @
    @         @
    (This is not indicated by the map, but some sectors will have strong space 
    winds. There are only a couple of these. They won't damage your ship, but it 
    will be virtually impossible to leave a sector with space winds while setting a 
    certain course.)
    Damage Report
    If any part of your ship is damaged(except for the life support system), it will 
    flash on this part of the screen. The damageable ship parts are the engine, the 
    radar, the cannons, and the barrier shields.
    Damage Blueprint
    If any part of your ship is damaged, it will flash on your damage blueprint. The 
    lights at the bottom of this section of the screen(there are ten total) is your 
    life support system. This is an essential part of your ship. If your life 
    support system becomes damaged, you will hear a continuing bell sound and the 
    lights will slowly disappear. If all of the lights disappear, the game is over.
    Barrier Shields
    Your barrier shields can be turned on in the information screen. All you have to 
    do to active and deactivate the shields is to press the A button. When the 
    shields are on, the information screen and the main screen will turn slightly 
    green. The shields will help protect your ship from the enemy, but it will take 
    more fuel to warp when it is on.
    Warping is an essential part of the game. If you don't know how to warp, you 
    will never be able to finish this game.
    Here's a step-by-step guide to warping:
    1) Press select to take you to the information screen.
    2) On the map, set your target location to where you want to warp.
    3) Return to the main screen.
    4) Accelerate your ship until your speed meter is one light away from the top of
       the meter.
    5) Your warp meter at the top of the screen will start to fill up with lights. 
       When the number of lights in your warp mater is equal to the number in your
       warp distance display at the bottom of the screen, hold down the B button.
    6) Keep holding down the B button as you keep your eye on the gyro compass. If
       you start to fly off course as you are warping, you may have to tap the
       buttons on your control pad to keep yourself on course.
    7) When the number on your warp distance display reaches zero, you can release
       the B button. Your warp is over.
    The Cosmostation is located in the upper left corner of the galaxy. The 
    Cosmostation can refuel your ship and can repair any damaged parts of your ship.
    The space stations are randomly located throughout the galaxy. The space 
    stations can refuel your ship and can repair your radar and your engine (the 
    Star Voyager instruction booklet doesn't say so, but your engine CAN be repaired 
    at the space stations).
    In order to dock with a space station or with the Cosmostation, you must first 
    make sure that the station is in front of you. Then, approach the space station 
    at a speed no faster than two lights on the speed meter. When the station 
    approaches, your ship will be refueled and repaired and placed right in the 
    middle of the sector.
    There will be about nine planets randomly scattered throughout the galaxy. Two 
    of these planets will have helpful items on them. One planet will have a 
    HyperDrive engine on it; the HyperDrive engine can accelerate faster than your 
    normal engine. Another planet will have a Super Laser on it, which can destroy 
    an enemy mothership quicker than with your regular lasers.
    To land on a planet, use the same method as you do when you are docking with a 
    space station. Approach the planet at a speed no faster than two lights on the 
    speed meter.
    There is one more item you can collect called a Star-Bomb. The sector where this 
    is located is not indicated by the map on the information screen. If you happen 
    to fly to the random sector where the Star-Bomb is located, your information 
    screen will say "Faint Message Received". Somewhere in the sector will be a 
    vertical line floating around. Dock with the line, as you would a planet, and it 
    will give you the Star-Bomb, which you can only get once.
    To use the Star-Bomb, you have to have another paddle and have it plugged in to 
    the second controller port on your NES system. When you visit a sector of 
    enemies, try to shoot the enemy mothership with the Star-Bomb. Try not to just 
    bomb a bunch of smaller enemy ships because the mothership can just create more. 
    I'm not exactly sure how to shoot it because I've only found the Star-Bomb once 
    and I don't really remember completely. You have to hit either the 'A' or 'B' 
    button on the second controller.
    If you really want to win the game, I don't recommend you try to find the Star-
    Bomb. It can take a lot of your time to find it and you will most likely not 
    accomplish much when you try to use it. It will be much faster if you try to use 
    your laser on all of the enemies.
    When planning to warp to an enemy sector, it's best to warp to one close to the 
    Cosmostation before it gets too close and destroys your home. It's also good to 
    warp to an enemy sector close to a space station, just incase you have to make a 
    quick refueling or repair while battling the enemy.
    When in an enemy sector, many small ships (ones you can destroy with one hit) 
    will fly around; but no matter how many you destroy, they just seem to return. 
    Therefore, it's best to go after the mothership first and then handle the rest 
    of the enemy ships later.
    If you must quickly warp out of an enemy sector to a space station without 
    totally destroying the enemy, keep moving as you accelerate because every time 
    the enemy fire hits you, your ship slows down. It's best to use a zig-zag 
    pattern to avoid enemy fire. When your speed meter is only one light away from 
    the top, release the B button and press SELECT. Set your target destination on 
    the map. Return to the main screen and finish the warping process until you're 
    gone. This is the best way to leave an enemy-filled sector while trying to avoid 
    being hit (although you still may be hit doing it this way, you will most likely 
    avoid being hit). Also, when warping out of an enemy-filled sector, it's best to 
    warp to somewhere very nearby. The farther the warp, the more chances you have 
    of being hit while preparing your warp.
    Game Genie Codes:
    GZSZSTVG - Infinite energy capsules
    GPKIASZA - Start with double life support pods
    TPKIASZE - Start with triple life support pods
    AASLSLLA - Barrier won't take damage
    AOKLVLEI - Radar won't take damage
    ENXLXLEI - Cannon won't take damage
    AAXUXLLA - Engine won't take damage
    Special thanks to PM and Adre2k2 for giving me the information about the Star-
    The introduction to this FAQ was taken from the Star Voyager instruction 
    booklet, Copyright 1987 Acclaim Entertainment, Inc.
    The Game Genie codes were taken from the Game Genie Programming Manual and 
    Codebook, Copyright 1994 Lewis Galoob Toys, Inc.
     Final Notes
    This guide may be used for personal use ONLY. Do not alter this document in any 
    way or post it on any other website without first attaining my permission. Do 
    not sell or take credit for this document.
    If you have any comments or suggestions, e-mail me at RoyalRanger@safeplace.net
    Copyright 2001 Stephen Maiorana

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