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Reviewed: 11/01/99 | Updated: 11/01/99

If you loved the 1st, this one delivers even more...

I give this a 10 for many reasons. One, I love the good graphics. Two, I love the music. And Three, I love the action! Here are descriptons of those reasons, along with a few more:

1st: Music
I love the music in ths game because it is upbeat, and always with the time period. It's also stick in your head for days f you play the game too long ;)Also a major addition to music is sound effects. The sound effects in this game are funny, befitting [Like, when TNT blows up it goes "KA-BOOM!", not "Oink Oink" ;)].

2. Graphics
The major part of any game. I think the graphics are great and very smooth. Fire looks like fire, and dust cloud below in the wake of a blast. And the art is very nice for some smaller objects [Like the owls for instance]. You can tel they put much artwok in the face artwork, as well as the ending artwork [anyone who's beaten it knows what I mean ;)].

3. Gameplay
Now here the major part of the game. What is the gameplay like? In StarTropics 2:Zoda's Revenge, the gameplay is seen from a 3/4 overhead veiw [Like Zelda 1].During the game, you also have another mode of play. Which is a smaller, non-infested world. In this world, you talk with people, enter building, and prepare for the next adventure. I also think Mike looks cute in this mode. ^_^

4. Story
I know this is getting lengthy, but I gotta give you a peice of the storyline. Well it's ting you can colect in the storyline, as well as story. Mike has set off on a jourey thru time to collect Tetrads, blocks which play a part in the ending [I'm not adding any spoilers to this..]. Along the way, you collect new weapons and additional strengths to help you as you prepare for the ultamite evil....

5. Overall
This will be short. Overall, I think this game is a must have, or at least try for anyone. I recommend this to all of ou who own a NES and nothing else.. all 10 of you ;)

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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