Review by MacDaddy Mike

"Great game, but can it ever match up to the original?"

Well, it’s no Star Tropics, but it’s a very good sequel to an excellent game. It improved on the worst parts of Star Tropics, but has also gone down in others. So, let’s go.

Story 7/10
Mike is back in school after his adventure in the South Seas, where he saved 7 space children from an evil alien named Zoda. While in school, he gets a telepathic message from the oldest of the children, Mica. She says that her father appeared in her dream and told her “Was it a cat I saw? Was it a rat I saw?”. Not knowing what to do, he turns to his uncle, who is busy deciphering a message on the alien space craft. When Mike tells him the message, his uncle realizes that he has to read the cipher backwards. Mike reads it aloud, and disappears. He awakens back in time, and after helping the village people with one of their problems, Mica telepathically messages him. It turns out that Mica’s father, Hirocon, left behind these special stones called Tetrads, spread out through time, and it was Mike’s duty to get them back and put them together.

GamePlay 8/10
Well, there’s still the Travel and Action screens, but the switch tiles were replaced by some weird tiles. You have to walk over them and the right one will flash, and you have to jump on that one. Then a weird orb will appear, and you have to get that. All this work to open a door?! You have a much smaller arsenal then before, with less secondary weapons and less items. But now you have 2 primary weapons, which is a plus. The game has improved on the worse part of Star Tropics: you can jump forward when on normal land. The bosses are awesome, and a lot harder, but the game is still very easy. The item placement is horrible, as you’ll find a hidden medicine potion every 3 rooms. You don’t get hearts or stars from killing enemies anymore either. The only thing that brought this up from a 5 is the fact that the last level brings you back to C-Island.

Graphics 10/10.
They’re a lot better than the original. The areas are more detailed, more variety, and even the cutscenes are 10 times better. You probably wouldn’t notice the graphics change until you got to the last level. Compare level 1 from Star Tropics to that, and you’ll see what I mean.

Sound 9/10
Unfortunately, the island music we all love is gone. Yes, it’s truly bad news. Fortunately, there are tons of new songs, and lots of variety. Different music for every travel area in each chapter, and the dungeon music is great. The final boss music is fun to listen to too.

Replay Value: Medium
The game is still pretty good, but I can’t match it up to Star Tropics. Basically the only thing that keeps bringing me back are the bosses, and the last level, and that level is a great reason for you to play the game.

To buy or to rent
I can’t really decide on this one. It’s a great game, and worth beating, but is it good enough to own? I may lean a little more to buy, but that’s just my taste. Definitely worth playing though...enjoy.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 02/26/02, Updated 02/26/02

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