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"Worthy sequel to an awesome game."

Startropics has to be one of most memorable games I've played back when I had only an NES- was about 95 or so and I was around 7. (I know I should of been playing snes, but never seemed to get one) Its a shame this game wasnt very widely known, could of been turned into a popular series if they pulled it off right in 3D.

Definitely one of the best but not well known NES games- but I never managed to complete the original yet. Have had both since 95, but I remember Startropics 1 the most. Anyways after beating Star tropics 2 recently, I figure ill make a review.

Gameplay-(9.5/10) Very similar to the original, but different in some ways. 'Tile hopping' one of startropics most used aspect is still here in a sense, but only to activate tiles that can contain health/hidden weapons/opens next door.

It also plays very similar to the original, a unlimited primary weapon with collectable limited-use weapons. These can include sling shot, rocks, even invincibility stars that weren't seen in ST1. The game itself is first off by doing stuff on a world map, then you get to explore the many dungeons that can get a bit challenging , but not as hard as the original got at the end. Also has a nice variety of enemies that have certain patterns and attack methods.

Theres quite a few bosses, ranging from close-your eyes easy to moderately hard. Theres also a added depth, so the dungeons aren't just 'flat' but there's now varied heights of platforms.

Overall- the gameplay just felt like the original with some upgrades and different story/levels which is what I like in a sequel.

Story-(8.5/10) Story starts where the original left off, saving the Hirocons and then you end up collecting tetrads that look exactly like tetris pieces. I also liked the fact that you find many realistic people during the game (Holmes, Cleopatra) to name a few. Enough variety of chapters to keep you going.

Music and Sounds-(8/10) The music for dungeons was defiantly upgraded. Original lacked variety of dungeon BGM's- which was fixed here and the sound effects are still good as ever.

Graphics-(8.5/10) Nothing mindblowing for a NES game made in '94, but everything from the backgrounds to obstacles have much more detail put into them.

Controls-(10/10) FINALLY! The controls have been majorly upgraded compared to the original, and does it quite nicely. Instead of the 4-way directions and odd jumping- its now possible to do diagonals and you can control where your jump ends up. Controls are pretty much perfect now, no problems here.

Difficulty- 6. This game was hard to me at first, but overall it isn't as hard as the original ST. It s hard but not to the point you end up throwing the controller. Chapter 9 is defiantly a nice challenge.

Replay/Length-7. Even after finally beating it I've come back numerous times replaying it, defiantly worth a few plays. It took me a good month to finally master the game, worth what it would cost to buy these days.

Overall- 9.5/10 Rounded to 9(nothings perfect)
If you liked the original, then this should be just that and more. Someone whose never played id pick it up, since its probably cheap anyway ($5-)

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/16/05, Updated 04/18/05

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