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    FAQ/Move List by DKeith

    Version: 1.20 | Updated: 03/09/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Tag Team Wrestling - NES Version - TM 1986 Data East
    FAQ/Movelist Version 1.20 [3/9/99]
    Donovan Keith - indigo_twilight_@hotmail.com
    Revision History:
    12/98  Ver1.00 - Basic info and moves included.
    12/98  Ver1.10 - Added #8 moves for each character, plus names and info on
           character rivals. Rewrote description of game modes, and added 'rage'
    3/99   Ver1.20 - Added additional info on championships, and a few minor
           corrections to the move names and game info.
    P1 - The Ricky Fighters
    (#1) Ricky and (#2) Ultramachine
    P2 - The Strong Bads (oooh...scary!)
    (#1) Mascross and (#2) Worly
    Game Basics:
    U,D,L,R (in-ring view) - move wrestler around
    U/D (out-of-ring view) - enter/exit ring
    A - grapple/pin/confirm maneuver/call in partner illegally
    B - select maneuver/tag partner
    Select - choose between '1P' and '2P' modes
    Start - begin the game/pause
    A 1-player match continues infinitely until the player loses a match. A
    trophy is awarded which increases in size after a set # of wins, up to 25.
    The titles won are as follows:
    3 wins - American Tag Team Champions
    8 wins - European Tag Team Champions
    15 wins - World Tag Team Champions
    25 wins - Super Tag Team Champions
    After 25 wins, the trophy screen will turn blue, but the size of the trophy
    will remain the same. A 2-player match is 2 out of 3 falls to decide a winner.
    After connecting with a grapple attack (A), you have three seconds to cycle
    thru a list of moves using the B button and execute the chosen move with
    the A button. Each character has 7 regular moves plus an eighth move that
    can only be used against one of the opponents (their 'rival'). Executing
    certain moves while close to the ropes will toss the opponent out to the
    floor and switch to the out-of-ring view (duh). If both wrestlers go out
    to the floor simultaneously, there will be a steel chair outside, and neither
    wrestler can reenter the ring until someone uses it.
    At certain times, the computer wrestlers will turn red, at which point they
    are in a 'rage' and cannot be hurt until they hit you. This happens most
    often when you do not attack for a while or if the computer is seriously
    behind (cheating!).
    If your wrestler is in a submission hold and is close to giving up, you can
    press the A button to summon your partner illegally.
    In certain matches, you can 'power up' your wrestler by making a # of tags to
    your partner without touching the opponent at all. The rounds are:
    Round 5: 1 tag, Round 11: 2 tags, Round 18: 3 tags, Round 28: 3 tags
    Wrestler moves:
    Move Name	Translation (description if necessary)
    1:B.Atac	BodyAttack (Running Shoulder Tackle)
    2:D.Kick	Dropkick
    3:B.Slam	Bodyslam
    4:B.Drop	BackDrop (Vertical Suplex)
    5:F.Hbat	Flying Headbutt
    6:B.Brik	Backbreaker <submission hold>
    7:N.Hang	Neck Hang <submission hold>
    8:S.Gata	Sasori Gatame () <vs. Worly>
    1:D.Kick	Dropkick
    2:B.Slam	Bodyslam
    3:N.Hang	Neck Hang <submission hold>
    4:F.Hbat	Flying Headbutt
    5:B.Brik	Backbreaker <submission hold>
    6:B.Atac	BodyAttack (Running Shoulder Tackle)
    7:B.Drop	BackDrop (Vertical Suplex)
    8:B.Bust	Brainbuster (2 punches + Power Bomb) <vs. Mascross>
    1:B.Slam	Bodyslam
    2:D.Kick	Dropkick
    3:B.Atac	BodyAttack (Running Shoulder Tackle)
    4:F.Hbat	Flying Headbutt
    5:B.Drop	BackDrop (Vertical Suplex)
    6:N.Hang	Neck Hang <submission hold>
    7:B.Brik	Backbreaker <submission hold>
    8:E.Guri	Enzui Giri Kick (Jumping Roundhouse) <vs. Ultramachine>
    1:B.Slam	Bodyslam
    2:B.Atac	BodyAttack (Running Shoulder Tackle)
    3:D.Kick	Dropkick
    4:B.Drop	BackDrop (Vertical Suplex)
    5:F.Hbat	Flying Headbutt
    6:N.Hang	Neck Hang <submission hold>
    7:B.Brik	Backbreaker <submission hold>
    8:W.Lari	Western Lariat (3 punches + Running Clothesline) <vs. Ricky>
    All wrestlers have the same moves outside the ring:
    1:B.Slam	Bodyslam
    2:B.Drop	BackDrop (Vertical Suplex)
    3:Tecchu	?? (Ram opponent's face into ringpost)
    Kyuuki	?? (Steel chair shot)
    Special thanx to Gunstar Red (gunstarred@hotmail.com) for info on fighter's
    names and rivals, final moves, and chair info.
    Thanx to the VGA Game Archive (http://www.io.com/~vga2000) for having a
    copy of the manual to the game (and a couple o' 1000 others!).
    Please feel free to send any comments, suggestions, additions, or corrections
    to the above e-mail address. Enjoy!

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