Review by Rick L

"I'm gonna show off my cool moves, boy! All three frames of 'em!"

While I like wrestling games, this one just sucks and got done poorly. So poor, that I give it my lowest score to date on a game. This game could have really been improved.

Graphics: 7/10

The graphics do look good. That's about where the goodness ends. Things look pretty decent, the crowd looks nice, and the side view of the outside of the ring is pretty cool. Very well done. The only comment is the lack of wrestlers in which to look at. Now, normally, I mix in the animation with the graphics section, but not this time......

Animation: -5830572/10

Hell, I don't even know if I made that low enough. The animation just blows. The back drop, it consists of the guy being grabbed, the two guys being magically teleported to the upper part of the screen, then a magic teleport across the ring where the poor bastard is hit with the move! This isn't Harry Potter wrestling, this is Tag Team Wrestling. The dropkick looks like he's dragging himself over to the running opponent in a very still pose. Whazzupwitdat?! The wrestlers going in/out of the ring look like they do a huge jump, then they shake and it looks like they hump the ropes. Whazzupwitdat as well?!

Sound: 2/10

Lousy, crappy, horrible. The only things that sounds good are the crowd, the ''boing'' off the ropes and the ''Ugh!'' when the wrestler gets hit by the turnpost outside. The ref counts like he's constipated, (Then disappears to get some ex-lax and go to the bathroom) The bell sounds muffled, and things just suck in general.

Gameplay: 1/10

Horrid. Really, really, horrid. You grab the guy with the ''A'' button, actually have to SELECT a move from a menu in 1.48545 seconds, then press A to execute it. S-T-U-P-I-D!! The computer is a pain in the ass to fight, since it will screw you out of many victories. And really, the ''Strong Bads'' vs. the ''Ricky Fighters''? Geez, someone sure hired a good translator......

Replay Value: -343546/10

You'd be a complete mental case if you want to play this again. Here's something more fun you can do. Take your index and middle fingers, shove them down your throat until you gag, and repeat until you vomit. There! You've done something more fun than playing this game!

Overall: 2/10

A potentially good game marred my many annoyances and stupid s---. Play only if you have an irrisitible urge for bad games, like me.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

Originally Posted: 01/25/02, Updated 01/25/02

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