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"The first really good football game"

Looa around your local video game store, and you'll see a bunch of football games. madden. Gameday. Blitz. There is a lot of selection to choose from, and thankfully a lot of them are pretty good. Well, back in the old days of the NES, there wasn't a huge selection of NES football games to choose from. Sure, there was John Elway's Quaretrback and NES Play Action football, but those were not really good games. So that's why tecmo Bowl became such a huge hit. The fun gameplay and good control led to an instant classic. So what if Tecmo Super Bowl is better? Tecmo Bowl was great for its time, and is still fun to play even today (and yes, I like it more than madden 2000). Overall, this is one of my favorite football video games of all time.

Graphics (6.4/10)
Today these graphics would not look so good, but they were perfectly acceptable for its time. The players were not really detailed much, basically they were little dots with dotty helmets, but it didn't matter to me much. The overall feel of the graphics seemed a lot less bright to me than the graphics in tecmo Super Bowl, and this is always a good thing. Overall, the graphics are pretty good.

Music/Sound (5.5/10)
Again, there really isn't much featured here that would be considered technical marvels, but the music and sound in Tecmo Bowl is average, and actually decent considering this is an old game. The music got to be a little annoying after a while, but it is acceptable. The sound effects are pretty well done, although it was annoying to hear the same sounds over and over again. Overall, Tecmo Bowl has decent sounds and music.

Gameplay/Control (8.3/10)
Tecmo Bowl for the NES was also a port of the arcade Tecmo Bowl game. The game was easy to get into, because the control was so good. It was very easy to select your play and to execute it. Gameplay wise, tecmo Bowl is like its sequel, tecmo Super Bowl. But Tecmo Bowl only features 8 teams, opposed to the 28 teams featured in TSB. Overall, good gameplay.

Replay Value


Overall (8.2/10)
Worth a spot in your NES game collection.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 04/19/00, Updated 07/16/01

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