Review by Mike Truitt

"After 10 Years Tecmo Super Bowl is still the Best"

As far as football games go, Tecmo Super Bowl is the game that nobody could go without having. With enthralling gameplay and immaculate controls, it is no suprize that Tecmo Super Bowl became an instant classic. Anybody that has ever enjoyed a football game, will enjoy Tecmo Super Bowl. Weather it is the controls, or the gameplay, or the overall fun factor of the game, you will love Super Bowl.

The simplistic configuration of the NES controler allows for most of its games to have either perfect controls or difficult, almost sloppy controls, and as far Tecmo Super Bowl is concerned, it is perfection. Choosing your plays and setting them into motion are easier than any other football game that you will ever play. With every sports games, there are little tricks that you can do to reach the level of master, and with Super Bowl, you will be figuring them out from the first time that you play the game, until you have speant countless hours of your life playing it.

Every great video game has to allow its players to be able to play with multiple people in one game. I mean, what is worse than a close game, that comes down to the final seconds of the fourth quarter, your friend has a third and six on your 40 yard line. As a final resort, he throws up a bomb, but right at that exact same moment, his super-hot sister walks in the room, so you look at her, and then.... Bam!!!! He catches the ball and is heading for the endzone, the only thing you can think of doing is diving at the NES and hit the power button, just to say that you did not have to have the agony of defeat, but accidentally, you hit your head on the television. You look up and see that his sister is laughing at your feeble attempts to impress her. It is this reason why the multi-player is both a great feature and the worst thing that has ever been introduced.

For some reason, most of the Nintendo sports games have the little nitches about them that allow you to score a touchdown on every third play with out any real challenge. This is what has frustrated me more than anything else. All I want to know is are there any real hard sports games for the NES that are still fun to play.

Every fan of football games, or video games altogether, should get this game. In fact, I would be suprised if most of the gamers have not played this game. It has been popular since the day it was released, and has not shown any signs of falter. Next time you go out to get some games for your old NES, and you see Tecmo Super Bowl in with the games, spend the few dollars and get it, you will not be disapointed.

SOUND: 9/10
BUY RENT?: As soon as you get a chance, get this game.


Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/06/02, Updated 06/06/02

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