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"The Best Damn Sports Game, Period!"

The pinnacle of early sports games. This game is still hailed by many as the greatest football game of all time. The first football game to track stats, keep standings and have the feel of a real football game. My personal favorite.

The game was introduced in 1991, based on the 1990 NFL season. Compared to other football games of it\'s time, it could possibly be called the \'\'God of Football Games\'\'. Comparing it to Madden would be unfair and ridiculous, but it definitely is more fun. Other football games of the time had no stat tracking, not even season play! This is why Tecmo Super Bowl is so much better than all others.

There actually was a prequel to this game. Tecmo Bowl. For it\'s time, it was the best until Tecmo Super Bowl came along. Tecmo Bowl had no stat tracking, no season play options and didn\'t even have every NFL team! It was a fun game, but extremely easy. Tecmo Super Bowl blows it out of the water in every aspect of a football game.

Tecmo Super Bowl is the best football game of all time. If you like football, there is no reason why you should not pick this game up!! It\'s got every aspect in a football game you could possibly want. Furthermore, it has the nostalgia factor for all of you football fans who loved the players of the late 80\'s, early 90\'s!

Preseason - It\'s an exhibition game to play. Instead of starting a full season, you can play the computer in an exhibition game where you choose their team. You could also use this to play against a friend, since you don\'t need to wait till your game comes up during the regular season.

A) Team Control: Choose your team. You can choose between any of the 1990 NFL teams. Pick your favorite team and go for the Super Bowl.

B) Schedule: Self explanatory. See the 1991 NFL Schedule. Check who you play and who your division rivals play to see where you stand in your division race. You can also set an Auto-Skip to not see the stats of computer-simulated games and go straight to your game. You can also reset the schedule if you want to play a new season.

C) Game Start: Advance to your game and see the scores of the games as they go by. If you choose not to set the Auto-Skip setting on the schedule, you can see the stats of the leading players in the computer-simulated games. If you have an injured player, there is a chance they come back before your game starts. It\'s fun to see them running out of a hospital onto the field!

D) NFL Standings: See the standings of each of the 6 NFL divisions. Check if you are in the playoff race or if you can get home field advantage still. It also shows your points scored and points against. See if you\'re number 1 in the NFL in points!

E) Team Rankings: Do you have the best rushing offense in the NFL? How is your passing defense? Come to Team Rankings and you can see where your offense and defense rank NFL wise. If you have some kind of personal goal[I usually do!] you can see if you\'re meeting your own standards here as well.

F) NFL Leaders: Full stat tracking in it\'s earliest form. There are 9 categories to check out.
Passing, Recieving, Rushing, Scoring, Punting, Interceptions, Sacks, Punt Returns, Kickoff Returns.
You can see every stat you would like to check out. Maybe your DT leads the NFL in sacks? Or your QB leads the NFL in TD passes? This is place to check it out.

G) Team Data: You can customize the teams playbook or roster to your liking. Substitute any offensive player for any other offensive player you like. Defense is not customizable. If you don\'t like the plays they have setup for you, you can re-arrange them to what you think would suit you better.

Pro Bowl: You can pick either the AFC or NFC Pro Bowlers. Play vs the computer or vs your friend. Also, what you can do here is create a team of your own favorite players! There is an option that you switch out any player on the team, for any player in the conference of that position. Make your favorite team and go at it!

n aTeam Data: Same as the In-Season Team Data option.

This is by far, the most entertaining game I\'ve ever played. The buttons are very simple[As they should be!], you have 8 set plays; 4 passing and 4 running. You choose a play, and do what it says to do. If the computer chose the same play you did though, on the defensive end, then they blitz you. A blitz in this game is ridiculous! The whole defensive line and linebackers throw your blockers and drill your QB for a big loss. It\'s very tough to get past a blitz. The same goes for you on the defensive end of the ball, if you choose the same play as the computer, you blitz! I love the little movie clips they show during the game as well. When you make a jumping catch, the game cuts away to a little screen of your reciever jumping up to make the catch, and coming down with the ball with his name in white letters across the bottom of the screen. Kicking a FG is the same way. It shows your kicker running up and booting the ball through the uprights, or if you missed it\'ll bounce off the left or right! The game is pretty unrealistic in some areas, you can throw long bombs every play and score 150 points if you like, but that doesn\'t mean it isn\'t fun!!

Multiplayer in this game is, obviously, the most enjoyable factor. Playing vs your friends and scoring a 60 yard TD, yelling in their face! Or when they do it to you, and you start cursing up a storm and throw your NES controller, breaking it and having to buy a new one. What can beat this amazingly enjoyable experience? Running up the score to a ridiculous amount, driving your friend mad. How about spying on his choice of plays, so you can blitz him alot? There is alot of fun in multiplayer in any football game, this one especially. You can injure his star player and start bitching at your friend while he has to put in some scrubby backup that you then abuse! If you\'re good enough, you can laugh at your buddy while you get a shut out and intercept half of his passes, I know, I\'ve done it before!!

The sound in this game is pretty cool. I love the music that plays in the background of the game when you\'re playing. It changes depending on the setting as well. Preseason has it\'s own music, Season games, playoff games and Super Bowls as well, have their own music. The sound effects are good, you hear the players hitting each other and getting tossed around. When you fumble, you hear the ball bouncing around the field until someone picks it up. The sound in this game is very good!

For an 8-Bit Nintendo game, the graphics are nice. They aren\'t blocky or choppy. It\'s smooth and even though all the players look alike, some are black and some are white! Unlike a previous football game named 10-Yard Fight, where every single player in the whole game was white. The cutaway scenes all look very cool. When you score a TD, depending on whether you ran it or passed it, it\'ll show either your QB pumping his fist and your WR jumping into a fellow players arms to be held up, or it\'ll show you the guy who ran the ball spiking it into the ground. When you block a FG, it shows your guy diving through the air and the ball hitting his chest and falling to the ground. Sometimes, very rarely though, when a WR and the defensive CB covering him jump up for the ball, it shows a cut scene of the two jumping really high, and one guy coming down with it, though you don\'t know who it is until the cut scene ends! Very cool graphics.

The controls are incredibly simple, as I\'ve stated before. You use A or B and any D-Pad direction to choose a play. A plus a direction is a running play, and B plus a direction is a passing play. If you hit A by itself, a little menu screen comes up where you can either make substitutions, call time out, or choose to kick a FG or punt the ball. Once you choose your play, A hikes the ball and changes the WR you want to pass to if you chose a pass, or it can throw a defensive guy off of you if they grab you, by hitting the button really fast. B passes the ball to the chosen WR.

Learning the controls shouldn\'t take you more than 2 minutes. If it does, you\'re even dumber than a deranged sea lion. I\'m sorry, but that is the honest truth!

My opinion on this game has been stated throughout this review. It is the best football game of all time, \'\'The God of Football Games\'\'. It is one of my personal favorite games I ever played. I still play it now! In fact, before I started this review, I was playing it against my friend! I lost, but that\'s besides the point! This game is absolutely amazing. It has every thing you could want in an enjoyable football game. The difficulty isn\'t bad, sometimes the computer gets a little ridiculous and goes crazy on you, but for the most part, if you\'re ANY good at this game, you should win. That always makes things more fun! I love to check out the stat tracking to see what everyone on my team is doing, who needs to be replaced and who is leading my team, or possibly the NFL in certain categories. This game is definitely worth picking up, if you have a Nintendo and like football games!

Replay? This game has a shitload of replay!! It\'s an extremely fun football game, why would you not want to keep playing the game? I\'ve been playing the game since 1991. That should say it all right there. If not, then why not just try and go 16-0 and win the Super Bowl with every team in the game? That kept me busy for years! I still don\'t think I\'ve finished that task. Overall, the replay on this game is very high.

Story - 10. The story of the game is go through the season, the playoffs and win the Super Bowl. Not much to a storyline, but it\'s great! It\'s been proven time and time again, the \'\'story\'\' in football games is always fun to play out.

Gameplay - 10. What reason could you possibly find that would downplay the gameplay? None. It\'s perfect. Very simple, very fun. I\'ve enjoyed it for the past 11 years and I hope to keep enjoying it for the next 11 years!! The gameplay is what makes it the best football game of all time.

Sound - 8. I love the music and the little sound effects that are all over the game. Of course, they could make some improvements, but then again, no game has perfect sound, there\'s always something to change in someone\'s mind. I\'d change the crowd noise to make it sound more realistic, instead of a bunch of whistling and cheering. Maybe add some boo\'s if you\'re playing like crap.

Graphics - 9. For a Nintendo game, the graphics are superb. The way everything looks is almost like an actual football game. The angle that it\'s played at it very unique, no football game since the Nintendo era has used a side-view of the field. It works fine and actually makes it more enjoyable. The cut scenes are great, as I\'ve mentioned before. They just need to change how the players look a little, everyone looks exactly the same!

Controls - 10. Like I stated before. Unless you are a deranged sea lion, or worse. You should easily pick up the control and find it amazingly simple to play. It took me all of 20 seconds to figure it out. Nobody can possibly not understand the controls!

My final thoughts on this game have been stated all throughout this review. It is THE BEST FOOTBALL GAME EVER. GET IT NOW IF YOU DON\'T HAVE IT. I actually had broke it out of anger and paid $40 to get a new one! I\'m the only fool I know who\'d pay $40 for a used Nintendo game, but I didn\'t care! It\'s worth $70 to me! I\'d pay it again and again if I had to! I love the game, and it will always remain as one of my favorite games of all time. Pick it up, football fans. A game like this should not be missed.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/06/03

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