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    FAQ/Walkthrough by MMcPhun

    Version: 2.0 | Updated: 04/18/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles FAQ 	(starring Melzo McPhun)
    date is most likely sometime around: April 18th, 2001
    this is version: 2.0 (another update, this is just crazy…)
     if anybody has any sudden insights or revelations about this game, why don't 
    you mail: phunruss@hotmail.com
     Contents of this FAQ:
     1: Intro: This is the part you can skip. As I reflect tearfully on my 
    childhood, I may get violent, but don't take it personally.
     2: Our Heroes: A quick rundown of the good guys. They actually vary quite a 
    bit, so pay attention, pal.
     3: Food and Other Stuff: What does all this Japanese equipment do? 
     4: Where to Go and Who to Meet: A fairly complete walkthrough of this game. 
    This is my first FAQ, so if I go off track and rant about society a little, 
    blame my editing. I've also cleaned up most of my profanity, I'm proud to say.
     5: Stuff From Behind the Fridge: Rumors, hints, oddities, and... recycling?
     6: Special Thanks and Copyright Info: Helps cover my literary ass.
     What's new in this version, huh?
     - various punctuation, grammar, and spelling errors have been inserted to 
    keep those emails coming
    - a few shortcuts have been found and are noted
    - restored some sexual innuendos eliminated in the last revision
    - 45% more bitching and complaining
     Changes in version 1.0…
     - more specific descriptions and locations for the overhead map, so you can 
    better understand what the hell I'm talking about 
    - much more info on the enemy grouping system, an aspect of the game that 
    didn't get nearly enough attention last time
     - corrected some info errors
     - edited the ever-present spee1ing and punctuation mistakes
     Special thanks and free parking should go to:
     - Frank Maggiore (golden_road15@hotmail.com) for his helpful and incredibly 
    thorough info regarding the enemy change system (check out the miscellaneous 
    section if you're interested), and a few other random corrections.
     - Bob Myers (kornincubus@hotmail.com) for various little tidbits I left out, 
    as well as some Party Wagon navigating tips.
     - Brian Weireter (ssjcow@hotmail.com) for pointing out the correct way to 
    obtain the Missiles in Area 3.
     - Don Rickles (cave_of_sylph@hotmail.com) for getting me off my ass to write 
    this damn thing. Donny also claims the Bizarre Spinning Thing is, in fact, a 
    turbine or propeller of some sort commonly found in dams. Uh… do turbines 
    usually resemble salad shooters?
     - Gamefaqs.com and about.com for helping this information reach the masses 
    (yes, all six) of NES owners that still have an interest in this game.
     ONE: So why the hell did I write this?
     Remember these guys? You probably do if you own this game. When I first 
    bought this, I was sorely disappointed (I was also only eight years old). I 
    recently found it moldering in my closet and gave it another try. To my 
    amazement not only do I enjoy it, I also feel it is the best of the NES 
    trilogy (which also includes The Arcade Game and the lackluster Manhattan 
    Project). Ultra chose not to use villains from the TV show and action figure 
    line, and instead decided to create their own. Even though most of the enemies 
    in this game are less menacing than ridiculous, it's still possible to really 
    enjoy it. But hey, I'm here to explain how to beat this game, not go on about 
    how I used to hate it. That's what advertisers are paid for, and I'm not 
    getting paid a dime for this. No, sir. So don't complain to me if something 
    here is missing or incorrect, because you know what? I'll laugh in your face. 
    Then I'll send my brother Jelbo McCormick round to your house with his guitar. 
     This, being the first of the TMNT line of games, is somewhat surprising since 
    it is so radically different from the others in the series. The game is set  
    up more like a maze with some adventure elements (it's kinda like Zelda 2 
    without the spells, experience, weapons, towns... actually, it's nothing like 
    Zelda). Each area has its own separate little plot and goal, all with the 
    common idea of defeating Shredder and the Foot Clan. There is also an 
    interesting system of enemies that I have never seen before or in any game 
    since. You start with the standard Foot Soldiers, Mousers, and these weird 
    purple flying vulture things. However, if you kill all the enemies on a screen 
    and linger in an area for a bit, the set of enemies will change. Sometimes you 
    get giant frogs replacing the Foot Soldiers, or these stone wrestler guys, or 
    a gold-colored cyborg thing with a chainsaw. Likewise, the other enemies are 
    replaced. It's really an interesting and unique way to add challenge to a 
    game. You never know when the change will occur, or if it will be for the 
     TWO: The Turtles
     The heroes' real difference is in the range and power of their weapons; they 
    are exactly the same in terms of speed and endurance. 
     Leonardo: His katana blades have a decent range, but somewhat weak attacking 
    power. Use him frequently in the earlier levels to get a hang of the controls 
    when the going's not so tough.
     Raphael: You'll probably only want to bust out this guy in the first few 
    stages, or in the swimming level in case you lose somebody. His sais only hit 
    up close but do a good amount of damage.
     Michelangelo: Mike's the loser in this adventure. He's doesn't really have 
    any positive qualities at all, besides his speed. That's really too bad, 
    because he was my favorite in the cartoon.
     Donatello: By far the character of choice. His bo has great range and kills 
    most foes (even some sub-bosses) in a couple hits. Do whatever it takes to 
    keep him alive.
     THREE: Weapons and Items
     Weapons are left behind randomly by enemies and come in packs of twenty, 
    whereas the items are found along the trail in plain sight.
     Single Shuriken: If you're battling on ground level, these are perfect to 
    dispatch most weaker enemies in a single shot.
     Triple Shuriken: Three at a time makes it a lot easier to deal with those 
    bloodthirsty creatures of the sewers that have an annoying habit of flying 
    just out of reach.
     Boomerangs: The really neat thing about these powerful projectiles is that 
    you can catch them to reuse them again and again. Who would've thought that 
    something so cheap, productive, and economically sound could come from the 
    wild and wacky land of Australia?
     Scrolls: The instruction manual gives some unpronounceable Japanese name for 
    these things but I just refer to them as The Really Powerful Paper Thingies 
    That Beat The Crap Out Of Anything They Come Into Contact With. That's a bit 
    technical, so I refer to them as Scrolls to save space. (Unlike the other 
    weapons, this one must be found in specific places. No enemy will leave it 
    behind for you.)
     Missiles: Ammo for the Party Wagon, which appears only in key areas in the 
    third stage. They come only in packs of ten. Unfortunately, they're a 
    necessary evil to destroy the odd purple barriers you encounter while 
     Mr. Invincibility: Pretty self-explanatory, although very, very rare. I think 
    maybe I found three of these in the whole game. You spin around in a sort of 
    continuous somersault with your weapon in front of you. Of course, this 
    ridiculous-looking attack mortally wounds any bad guy in a single hit. 
     Ropes: These seem like kind of an unnecessary afterthought to the game. They 
    are needed to grapple across gaps between rooftops (a requirement in Area 
    four). Otherwise they look kind of cute with the icon of the funny little man 
    in the corner of your screen.
     Quarter Slice of Pizza: These teaser powerups refill a scant two life bars 
    and don't help much near the game's conclusion, when a single attack can take 
    that much from you.
     Half Slice of Pizza: They are much more valuable than the Quarter Slices, 
    because they regenerate... yes, half of your energy! Unfortunately, that also 
    means they're a lot rarer.
     Whole Pizza: These can be a lifesaver when a turtle is ready to throw in the 
    towel. They are usually found at dead ends or past a large group of enemies. 
    Needless to say, they replenish every life bar.
     FOUR: The Walkthrough
     Each enemy will be described as encountered. Since this isn't King's Quest V, 
    enemy hit points and such shouldn't be a big deal. A brief description should 
    do, right? There are only a few enemies on the overhead map...
     Foot Soldiers: These poor bastards hopelessly wander around, with no clear 
    idea of where you are. A single hit takes care of them, and you can squish 
    them while riding the Party Wagon.
     Roller Cars: Be very careful around them, because they move faster than you 
    and will crush you to death in one hit.... er... I mean... they'll refill all 
    your energy...
     Planes: In the fourth area, a low-flying jet will occasionally drop you a 
    little present in the form of an incendiary bomb. Here's a weird trick: Attack 
    the bomb as it hits the ground and explodes and you'll destroy it, causing a 
    second explosion. You might even get points. Practical? Hell no! But think of 
    how you'll amaze the in-laws...
     Searchlight Drones: Helicopters search all corners of the fifth Area. They'll 
    pose no threat to you unless you're spotted by their searchlights, in which 
    case they'll send those wickedly clever Foot Soldiers after you.
     < Area 1: Rescue April >
     Best Route: Sewer 2, Sewer 4, Warehouse 2
     Captured Turtle: none, despite Splinter's bogus hints
       -- Sewer 1 --
      (Note: You can skip this level by simply walking around the building. Keep 
    to the outside to avoid the Roller Car. It's possible to destroy the Car with 
    patience and timing, but why the hell would you take a risk like that?)
     New Enemies: 
     Mouser: An annoying critter that slowly follows you along the floor. You may 
    have to kneel to take it out.
     Purple Flying Thing: Pesky vulture-like creatures may pose a bit of a problem 
    for Raph and Mike, who seriously blow when it comes to overhead attacking.
     Foot Soldier: Much smarter than they are on the map, they can actually jump 
    and throw shuriken at you. Donatello can take them down with barely a glance.
     Comments: This stage was probably only meant to serve as a warm-up. Take your 
    time learning all of the techniques here (oh, wait... there really aren't any) 
    and be sure to get used to each turtle's attack and range properties. The 
    enemy type won't change in this level, so you can practice all you want 
    without fear of suddenly running into... oh, say a crazed chainsaw-wielding 
    maniac like in the next area. About halfway you'll pause for a quick Sub-Boss 
    battle with a Foot Soldier, but don't worry. He's no different from the others 
    in the game. Be sure to grab the Quarter Slice on the way out. (Here's a bit 
    of advice: pizza slices will always reappear if you reenter the stage from the 
    Area map. Don't listen to Splinter. His advice is for the first graders that 
    this game was probably meant to appeal to.)
       -- Sewer 2 --
     New Enemies:
     Bebop: He's not a Boss, but he's not quite a regular enemy, either. If you 
    hit him a few times with Donatello's big wooden stick, he'll explode and 
    you'll be showered with confetti.
     Comments: Your first real fight will occur at the end of this stage. As 
    Rocksteady and April wait on a ledge overhead, you will need to take on Bebop. 
    He doesn't have much for fighting style. He just runs around with his head 
    down and jumps around a bit. He has five life bars, which are easily depleted 
    by Donatello. After Bebop's apparent demise, Rocksteady will flee the scene 
    with April in tow.
       -- Warehouse 1 --
      (Note: This stage is unnecessary. Unless you need the Whole Pizza, which is 
    a bitch to reach, there is no point in visiting here.)
     New Enemies:
     Wall Leaper: This remarkably boring pest does pretty much nothing but jump 
    around on the ceiling. A single strike from even Mike will dispatch him.
     Chainsaw-Wielding Maniac: Looking much more dangerous than he really is, this 
    guy just walks around and occasionally jabs at you with his chainsaw. He can 
    take a few hits, though, so it's best to take care of him from above or below.
     Stone Wrestler Guy: If you get too close to him, he'll duck down like those 
    tornado drills at school and be invulnerable. Attack him from a few paces away 
    before he has a chance to launch one of his annoying crescent-shaped objects 
    at you.
     Comments: There isn't really much to say about this level that hasn't already 
    been said. If you decide to pursue the Quarter Slice and Whole Pizza on the 
    upper floor, just make sure you take out the Chainsaw Maniac from below and 
    keep in mind that you'll need to defeat him and at least one Stone Wrestler 
    again before you return to the map.
       -- Sewer 3 --
     (Note: Although Splinter may happen to mention that one of your captured 
    friends is here, you won't find him hanging around anywhere. The only possible 
    reason you could have for willfully venturing in here is to see the incredibly 
    rare Mr. Invincibility item, which appears about as often in this game as the 
    ghost of Louis Farrakhan.)
     New Enemies:
     Patriot Bug: A colorful flying insect will dive at you if it happens to fly 
    over you. A quick upward strike will decimate them, as they often show up in 
     Armored Toad: This one often appears as a Sub-Boss early on. He's not much to 
    fuss over, with only a short range tongue attack and a leap providing any 
     Flaming Pyromaniac: Apparently smoking at the gas station is some sort of 
    trend, because this burning baddie is all over the place. He can throw out 
    smaller flames that act of their own accord, but a single hit takes them out. 
    The fireman himself isn't much of a problem, either.
     Comments: The enemy type will almost definitely start changing here, so get 
    used to it. If you grab the invincibility and haul ass to the end, you can 
    kill the Sub-Boss (which will most likely be an Armored Toad) and make it 
    partway back before it expires. Use Donatello to take out the Pyros in two 
    hits. If you're watching for the kamikaze insects, you should be fine.
       -- Sewer 4 --
     New Enemies:
     Inflyte: This bizarre-looking creature will fly in your general direction and 
    off the screen if you approach it. Of course, Don can bring it down with a 
    single strike; the other folks should play keep-away if possible.
     Comments: There's another one of those helpful Quarter Slices at the entrance 
    to this stage, which will regenerate if you leave and return. There's a Sub-
    Boss battle halfway through this incredibly short level. Your opponent will 
    most likely either be an Armored Toad or a Chainsaw Maniac, although sometimes 
    a Foot Soldier will appear.
       -- Warehouse 2 --
     New Enemies:
     Large Hornet: The strongest of the flying enemies, this creature will move 
    horizontally until you kill it. Raph is a great choice for dealing with them, 
    but Leo and Mike need two or three strikes to finish it. Swarms of them are 
     Tank Bot: This irritating mechanical being clomps around, shooting lasers 
    your way. The lasers can be destroyed, but they take more damage than the Bot 
    itself. A couple of hits from Don will destroy it.
     Foot Bandit: The programmer that designed this guy must have been really in a 
    hurry to get the hell out of the office. This ridiculous looking enemy will 
    follow you around while hopping on one foot and throwing strange boomerang-
    like projectiles your way. Pull out Don to put him away in a hurry.
     Comments: Get a feel for how the conveyor belts work. You'll be seeing a lot 
    of them later. (Not that there's really any trick to them.) After you climb 
    the ladder, wait a moment and the Foot Bandit (note from Frank Maggiore: look 
    closely and you'll see there're actually TWO of these guys, overlapping each 
    other almost completely… good eye, Frankie) will hop over you harmlessly, 
    allowing you to pass as long as you don't attack him. Just over the stack of 
    crates you'll find April and your first real Boss.
          ___ Kidnapper of April: Rocksteady ___ 
     Tactics: Rocksteady can jump at you and shoot his machine gun, but why would 
    you bother fighting him on the floor? There are two ways to tackle this guy. 
    The courageous (ie: stupid) technique is to battle it out on the ground, which 
    means probably taking heavy damage and switching turtles. Of course, you can 
    always jump back onto the crates, change to Donatello, and swing downward 
    repeatedly. Rocksteady will run into the corner and make a small hop every 
    once in a while, which should be just high enough for your bo to hit him, 
    emptying his six life bars rather quickly. After you defeat him, April is 
     < Area 2: Defuse Bombs >
     Stages: 2
     Best Route: (If you need me to explain this, you're probably hooked up to an 
    artificial respirator and suffering from some cataclysmic retardation.) 
     Captured Turtle: none
       -- Hoover Dam --
     Comments: The wildlife here is of the standard variety. The enemy type will 
    switch several times, most likely. There are three Sub-Bosses here, one at the 
    end of each floor. The first is either a Chainsaw Maniac or a Foot Soldier, 
    but the other two are almost always Stone Wrestlers. After you get the Half 
    Pizza Slice, try not to get too close to the left edge of the screen, since 
    the irritating Inflytes are everywhere. The third floor is somewhat 
    challenging; you have to climb a ladder to the upper tier and make a difficult 
    jump to the exit. Make sure you're on the very edge of the platform and tap A 
    as lightly as possible while holding left. It may take a couple of tries. 
    Don't get hit by any remaining Wall Leapers when you land, or you'll get 
    knocked off. You can skip the third Sub-Boss if you don't need the Whole 
       -- Hudson River --
     (Special directions: From the Dam exit, head east and look for a broken 
    section in the railing. Don't be afraid to jump in- remember, you can breathe 
    in water.)
     New Enemies: 
     Electric Current: I guess New York water is different from Chicago's, because 
    you can get as close to the electricity in this stage as you want without 
    touching it and you won't be hurt. Anyway, this isn't a big deal unless 
    there's a long line of them. You can only pass unharmed when the current is 
     Seaweed: Don't get anywhere near this crap, or you'll be dragged down to a 
    watery grave. This is fatal no matter how healthy your turtle is, so if you 
    find yourself drifting toward it, change to Raph or Mike.
     Coral: Touching this causes you some sort of electric shock, with only minor 
    damage. The real danger is when there's a lot of it, which can drain your 
    energy pretty quick. Again, Raph or Mike is your victim of choice.
     Bizarre Spinning Thing: Just what the hell is this anyway? I'm convinced it's 
    some sort of graphical glitch. Timing is critical if you wish to escape the 
    wrath of the Bizarre Spinning Thing. Although the damage is negligible, it can 
    hit you multiple times unexpectedly, and the pain adds up.
     Time: You have two minutes and twenty seconds to defuse the eight bombs the 
    Foot Clan has set to blow up the Hoover Dam. Why exactly they plot to do this 
    is unclear. Personally, some of my targets would be the Headquarters of the 
    American Dairy Association, the DMV, and the studio where they filmed Wild 
    Wild West. If you suddenly realize you have no chance of getting them all on 
    time, take your turtle with the lowest health and kill him quick. Not only 
    does this spare you a Continue, but the bombs you have already disarmed stay 
    that way.
     Comments: Your mission is to disarm the bombs and escape alive. It's not 
    overly difficult, but it really helps if you know where they are. They're not 
    hard to recognize. 
     Bomb #1: This one's just to the right of where you start. Simply touch a bomb 
    to defuse it.
     Bomb #2: Take the first passage up and you'll find it in the upper left 
     Bomb #3: Return to the lower area from #2 and head to the right. It's just 
    past a couple of those annoying Currents.
     Bomb #4: Continue right to the passage leading upward. Negotiate the devilish 
    Bizarre Spinning Thing and you'll spot it as soon as the screen finishes 
    scrolling up.
     Bomb #5: This one is located in a slightly out of the way alcove just to the 
    right of #4. You'll be pulled in toward it, which makes bypassing the 
    electricity much easier. Of course, the reverse is also true as you try to 
     Bomb #6: Go up a screen after #5 and attempt to navigate this corridor. The 
    walls are lined with Coral, so make sure you have at least two other fresh 
    turtles to see you through to the end. If you're very lucky, you can make it 
    without having to switch characters. When you reach the split in the path, 
    take the higher route. You'll find the bomb waiting patiently up here.
     Bomb #7: Careful after defusing #6: you will slowly but inevitably be pushed 
    toward the Seaweed. Head back to the fork in the road and go down. The bomb 
    will be right there.
     Bomb #8: Head downward one last time (take either path) and make your way 
    through the passage filled with Coral and Seaweed. If you absolutely must take 
    hits, make sure to stick to the top so the Seaweed doesn't pull you under. It 
    is possible to make it to the end and the last bomb without getting hit here, 
    but have someone with nearly full health do it just in case.
     < Area 3: Find Splinter >
     Stages: 7
     Best Route: Building 1 (missiles), Waste Facility 2, Building 5
     Captured Turtle: immediately inside the right entrance of Building 3
       -- Building 1 --
     (Note: Found west of your starting point.)
     New Enemies: 
     Tracker Eye: You may have run into this critter earlier, but what difference 
    does it make? A single strike will take him down. You'll find it rambling 
    around on the floor, and it can hit you some if you don't get rid of it right 
     Blue Mangler: Another single-hit pest, it poses really no threat unless you 
    let it get close to you. Otherwise, it just kind of hops around aimlessly.
     Foot Balloon: If this odd-looking thing happens to fly over you, it'll drop 
    what looks like a key or something on you for minor damage. Use overhead 
    strikes to dispose of it quickly.
     Vulcan Bot: Not only does this monster breathe flame at you, but its head 
    will also attack you after the body is destroyed. Don can do this in two hits, 
    but the others will need to be cautious.
     Comments: Besides the Missiles, there's not much to do here. The Quarter 
    Slice on the first floor should be given to Don, if he's hurting at all. When 
    you reach the upper floor, the first thing you'll notice is the Missiles icon 
    in the upper left. (Thanks go to Brian Weireter for finding the non-retarded 
    way to do this.) Proceed to the right end of the floor, hop the pit, and 
    circle around to the top where the Missiles are chilling. Just walk across the 
    small gap, and you should be able to collect them with no problem. If you're 
    taking the direct route to the end, ten Missiles will do the job nicely. 
    However, if you plan on exploring, you should probably pick up twenty. 
    Unfortunately, you'll have to exit and return to get the next ten. When your 
    Missile reserves are satisfactory, you can continue.
       -- Waste Facility 1 --
     (Note: There's really no reason for traveling this far off the beaten path. 
    The only point of interest is, of course, the Missiles at the end, but since 
    you should be fully stocked already, it ends up just being a waste of time.)
     Comments: If you use the manhole to enter this area, you won't get far. To 
    collect the Missiles, you need to find the building entrance, which is down 
    and to the right of the sewer. You'll have to use one Missile to get here. 
    When you reach the sidewalk, press Select to leave the Party Wagon and proceed 
    on foot. Inside, there's more of the same action you saw in the first 
    Building. When you reach the lower floor, the ladder leading up will take you 
    to the Whole Pizza you couldn't get earlier. If you are knocked into the water 
    while fighting in the sewer, you'll mysteriously be unable to swim and will 
    reappear at the sewer entrance (with the Party Wagon waiting for you) . When 
    you do finish successfully, you'll have to walk from the manhole all the way 
    around to the Party Wagon (the barrier you destroyed previously will be gone), 
    avoiding the Roller Cars and fighting a few wacky Foot Soldiers.
       -- Building 2 --
     (Note: You'll be passing these twin structures after the first few barriers, 
    and it might not be a bad idea to stop in. There's a new weapon here that will 
    make the Boss incredibly easy.)
     New Enemies:
     Schizo: Here is the first guy you'll really want to be careful of. When you 
    hit him, he'll split into two smaller guys, and _those_ two will multiply 
    again. Since it takes three or four hits from even Donatello to put down the 
    smallest men, you should avoid hitting him if at all possible.                
        Comments: The two Sub-Bosses (either Pyros or Vulcan Bots) are no problem, 
    and other than the newly introduced enemy, the battles should be pretty easy. 
    When you first reach the sewers, you can grab a Whole Pizza by carefully 
    jumping into the small alcove. If you can get it without falling in, you 
    should have no problems with jumps in the future. At the end of the sewer 
    section, you'll find your first Ropes. While they're not really necessary 
    until the next Area, you'll need them if you plan on exploring any further 
    here. The next screen up presents you with a very powerful new weapon: the 
    Scrolls! Give these to a rarely used turtle (so you don't accidentally grab 
    another item) and save them for emergencies.
       -- Building 3 --
     (Note: Head south and to the east of Building 2 to find this place, although 
    there's not really much to find here except one of your captured friends. If 
    you've lost more than one turtle at this point, you will rescue the very first 
    one you lost.)
     Comments: You can get all of the helpful stuff here without venturing onto 
    the dangerous roof. The Ropes in the left Building aren't really a big deal, 
    but the Half Slice you find on the right side can be regenerated with 
    patience. If you do decide to check out what's above, make sure to grab the 
    Whole Pizza, which is probably much-needed by now. The huge gap on the right 
    side can only be jumped from the left (and even then it's damn near 
    impossible) so don't bother with it. If you do fall, you'll miraculously only 
    lose a single life bar. 
       -- Building 4 --
     (Note: To find this place, you'll have to ditch the Wagon for a bit to walk 
    through the alley and reach the two buildings. You might encounter a few Foot 
    Soldiers, but everyone knows they aren't a problem.)
     Comments: Make use of your ability to strike upward through floors. 
    Otherwise, you're going to take a beating. When you ascend the first ladder 
    (assuming you entered the left building), switch to Don to take out the 
    tougher enemies you'll find (if you get Schizos, move to the left and let them 
    approach so they fall down the ladder). Get the Half Pizza Slice and go to the 
    roof. This is where those Ropes make their function known. The gap with the 
    orange pipes on either side is the one you'll have to cross. More Scrolls will 
    appear in case you lost the others. Careful hopping between buildings, though. 
    The enemies on the other side will often knock you down, so jump to the right 
    to get them to appear and they'll walk off the edge. The functional Rope will 
    not save you if you fall on it from an enemy's attack. The right building only 
    has Missiles, so you can bypass it if you want. 
       -- Waste Facility 2 --
     Comments: From Building 4, take the lowest street possible so you can go 
    around all those annoying barriers. When you reach the extreme bottom right of 
    the map, shoot a Missile up and follow it for a bit so it destroys all the 
    Roller Cars and the barrier. If you've got ten or more Missiles, you can spare 
    a few on any other Roller Cars you encounter. There's nothing aside from the 
    usual enemy variety inside the building, but the sewer section can be slightly 
    difficult. Grab the Half Pizza Slice along the way. When you reach a tall 
    brick platform with an enemy (usually a Vulcan Bot) on top, just let it walk 
    off the edge. The Whole Pizza at the end is incredibly helpful; regenerate it 
    and get ready for the last stage of this Area. 
       -- Building 5 --
     Comments: Use Donatello, and this place is cake. At least until you reach the 
          __ Splinter's Captor: Mecha-Turtle __
     Tactics: This Boss has two forms, and both can be pretty difficult if you 
    aren't equipped with Scrolls. If you are, let em fly and you'll win easily. If 
    not, this is going to be tough. He first appears as a blue version of you, 
    using Leo's sword. Try to lure him up into the air and attack him from below. 
    Donatello can hit him from long range carefully without being hurt. His one 
    advantage over you is that he won't get knocked back when hit. After you 
    manage to take his five life bars, he'll transform into some sort of flying 
    robot that can fire rockets. He gains back six life bars. There's not much you 
    can do about it except destroy the projectiles when you can and watch out for 
    the small gun he can shoot. If you decide to escape, you can jump into the 
    pit, but you'll be sent back to the Waste Facility 2 entrance. Upon destroying 
    the impostor you'll save Splinter.
     < Area 4: Locate Blimp >
     Stages: 17
     Best Route: Building 01, Maintenance Tunnel 02, 04, 05, 07, 09, 12, 15, 17
     Captured Turtle: unlucky old 13
       -- Building 01 --
     Comments: See that ?01" on the wall when you first enter? Each level in this 
    Area is numbered for your convenience. How considerate of those programmers. 
    The LSD they took before they designed the enemies must have worn off by the 
    time they reached this point. Splinter is surprisingly helpful at times here, 
    and informs you that you're looking for Tunnel # 18.       
     You're sure to be needing the Whole Pizza above the entrance after the battle 
    with Mecha-Turtle, so grab it and head up to the next floor. There're some 
    Ropes in case you didn't bother to get any in the last Area. When you reach 
    the rooftop, you'll need to use all three of them to get to the other side. 
    There aren't any enemies or anything. And that's the last you'll see of them. 
    Pointless? Of course! That's the fun of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!
     After the exciting Rope scene, there's a Half Slice of Pizza and a bunch of 
    middle-strength enemies (most likely Tank Bots and Foot Bandits). The Bots' 
    lasers can be a pain in the ass. If you have extra Scrolls, now's the time to 
    whip em out.
       -- Maintenance Tunnel 02 --
     New Enemies:
     Laser Security Alarm: This stationary device doesn't really ever make 
    problems in life. Found either on the floor or ceiling, one quick swipe 
    destroys it. Usually pairs of them are found, shooting lasers at each other. 
    Maybe they get bored...
     Comments: Donatello will make life very easy in this entire Area. Since Foot 
    Bandits fall in two hits, and any other pests in one, you should pass through 
    here fast. The Bandit Sub-Boss is a joke. 
       -- Maintenance Tunnel 03 --
     (Goes from 02 and 04 to 06.)
     New Enemies:
     Spikes: Well, it's not exactly an enemy, but guess what? They're a huge 
    annoyance. Spikes cause a steady life bar of damage per hit, and that adds up 
    fast. Trouble is, sometimes they're placed so that, if you fall in, you have 
    to backtrack a bit to reach safe ground.
     Comments: The first of a series of single-screen stages, these are really 
    just passages to the next part of the map. After you slash the Foot Balloons 
    from above, you shouldn't have a problem crossing the conveyor belts to the 
       -- Maintenance Tunnel 04 --
     (Goes from 02 and 03 to 05.)
     Comments: Pop the Balloons through the wall, but avoid the Schizo. Let him 
    chill and he won't make trouble.
       -- Maintenance Tunnel 05 --
     (Goes from 04 to 07.)
     New Enemies:
     Magnet: Another environmental hazard, the Magnets pull unwary turtles in 
    towards them. Most of them are harmless themselves and serve only to drag you 
    into Spikes and other stuff. A few, though (towards the end of the Area), 
    actually cause damage to you on their own. Glitch, maybe? And how do magnets 
    attract turtles? Maybe Splinter paid for braces or installed metal plates in 
    their heads or something...
     Comments: The Bandit is easy to take out with a short-range weapon or 
    Shuriken. If you aren't used to jumping around Magnets, you'll take some 
    damage, so have a B-list turtle do the dirty work.
       -- Maintenance Tunnel 06 --
     (Goes from 03 to 08.)
     Comments: Here's a rather difficult stage. While hopping conveyor belts, 
    Bandits and Hornets make life miserable for you. Raphael gives you a decent 
    shot at survival here, so use him to take out Hornets in midair and try to 
    kill the Bandits before the conveyors carry you into them. Getting hit usually 
    means falling on the Spikes, and if you get trapped beneath a platform, forget 
       -- Maintenance Tunnel 07 --
     (Goes from 05 to 08 and 09.)
     Comments: You should be seeing those annoying purple Planes with some 
    frequency now, so you can try out my neat trick I mentioned at the beginning 
    of this walkthrough. This stage isn't too much to handle if you're using Don. 
    Just remember to swing downwards to hit any Hornets that you can't duck 
    (likewise for any Bandits that are just below range, and Alarms). There's a 
    valuable Half Pizza Slice (from here on in the game any and all pizza is 
    ?much-needed?), which comes in handy for the small series of Magnets and 
    Spikes at the end.
       -- Maintenance Tunnel 08 --
     (Goes from 06 to 07 and 09.)
     Comments: Smash the single Foot Balloon and, as before, avoid the Schizos. 
    You may need to take the low road, but that shouldn't be a problem, since the 
    Schizos are dumb as bricks.
       -- Maintenance Tunnel 09 --
     (Goes from 07 and 08 to 10, 12, and 13.)
     Comments: Moving from ladder to ladder is a lot harder than the pitiful Sub-
    Boss you'll find here.
       -- Maintenance Tunnel 10 --
     (Goes from 09, 12, and 13 to 11.)
     Comments: The Hornets at the entrance will most likely get a cheap hit in on 
    you, but if you take out the others from above, the jump isn't too difficult.
      -- Maintenance Tunnel 11 --
     (Dead end.)
     Comments: Taking the conveyor belts confronts you with a Foot Bandit and a 
    chance to attack the Tank Bots down below. Unfortunately, though, when you 
    actually get to the bottom they'll all return, making the Whole Pizza more 
    trouble than it's worth. 
       -- Maintenance Tunnel 12 --
     (Goes from 9, 10, and 13 to 14 and 15.)
     Comments: The Whole Pizza at the end makes up for this stage being rather 
    difficult. A few awkward jumps over Spikes subtract energy quickly, and the 
    Laser Security Alarms are numerous. The pizza is in the upper right corner 
    over the second-to-last conveyor belt. Since the incredibly powerful NES can 
    only display so many images on screen at once, it may not be visible. Don't 
    worry, though, it's there. I promise.
       -- Maintenance Tunnel 13 --
     (Goes from 9, 10, and 12 to 14.)
     Comments: If you've lost any allies by this point (most def), you'll find one 
    tied to a girder.
       -- Maintenance Tunnel 14 --
     (Goes from 13 to 12 and 15.)
     New Enemies:
     Quicksand/Lava Stuff: If you're unlucky enough to have to jump over this 
    crap, switch to the turtle with the lowest health, since this espresso-looking 
    substance is fatal. Remember to look before you leap, too. The last thing you 
    want after making it across safely is some dude knocking you back in. 
     Comments: Make sure to take out all the enemies first before making the jumps 
    across the conveyors. Scrolls are always worth walking across a few Spikes 
    for, so why not grab them? Before you jump over the quicksand-type material 
    mentioned above (probably just flames), kill the Hornet that appears when you 
    scroll forward a bit. 
       -- Maintenance Tunnel 15 --
     (Goes from 12 and 14 to 16 and 17.)
     Comments: Any Scrolls you've got will make the trip through here a lot 
    easier. Always throw one before you make a jump, so anybody waiting to ambush 
    you will be taken care of. You can get the Whole Pizza without damage if you 
    knock out the Laser Alarms, then fall off the conveyor belt while holding 
    right. This second, alternative Mystery Substance jump is a lot easier than 
    the one in Tunnel 14.
       -- Maintenance Tunnel 16 --
     (Dead end.)
     Comments: Here's an interesting level that looks like it's going somewhere, 
    but doesn't, which makes it cool. You'll find Mr. Invincibility here waiting 
    for you (the second one, and you're well over halfway through the game), along 
    with a Half Slice and Whole Pizza. Pick up your friend first, give the Half to 
    whoever's in need, and hop over the conveyor belts to give the Whole to 
    somebody that's really hurting. If any of the Castlevania-like Schizos bug you 
    on the way back, feed them a Scroll or just let them walk on ahead.
       -- Maintenance Tunnel 17 --
     (The end.)
     New Enemies: 
     Sarcophagus Wall: On your way to the Blimp, you'll encounter these strange 
    spiked panels that attempt to crush you. Make the drops fast because, that's 
    right, one hit will mortally wound you. This is definitely one of the most 
    difficult parts of the game.  
     Comments: If you've got any Scrolls left, the first part of this stage should 
    be fairly easy. Use them to combat the Laser Security Alarms and other enemies 
    (usually Foot Bandits and Hornets) from long range. Hold left when dropping 
    off the last conveyor belt to reach safe ground. Grab the Quarter Slice on the 
    next screen, and drop down again. Switch to a wounded turtle and avoid the 
    enclosing walls of spikes by dropping first to the right, then the left, and 
    left again. Be sure not to hold the directional button for too long, or 
    instead of gracefully landing on the next tier, you'll step across. If this 
    turtle has Scrolls or something you want to hold onto, change to someone 
    empty-handed, since you can't avoid the Triple Shuriken. The third and last 
    screen in this vertically-scrolling nightmare has more spiked walls, so make 
    the drops quickly and accurately, but don't try for the Whole Pizza. This is 
    the only item in the game which there is NO way to collect. It's just a trap. 
    If you find yourself still trying to get it, you're an idiot. When you reach 
    the bottom of the shaft, get ready, because another Boss confrontation is just 
    inside the door.
          __ Mechanical Monstrosity: Big Mouser __
     Tactics: So, what do you do when you're out of ideas for an enemy Boss 
    character? Well, if you're Ultra, you take the weakest enemy in the game and 
    make it really huge. You can always slap on an innovative name like they did, 
    as well. 
     Basically, if you didn't lose Don, this guy's about as difficult as a blind 
    quadriplegic on Valium. Have Donny stand directly below the creature, between 
    its legs. Swing upwards steadily. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. The lasers from its 
    eyes will miss you. You'll destroy the normal Mousers it belches out at you 
    while hitting the light bulb in its mouth. 
     He's not too hard with any other character, either. If you're down to your 
    last man and almost done for, try this neat trick. When he opens his mouth to 
    expose his weak point, press Start to enter the subscreen and come back. His 
    mouth will be closed, but the ?tongue? will be barely glimpsed and you can get 
    him from the side if you watch the lasers. Combine this with Donatello and you 
    can wipe him out in seconds.
     < Area 5: Assault on Technodrome >
     Stages: 5
     Best Route: varies
     Captured Turtle: Storage Facility 2     
       -- Storage Facility 1 --
     (Location: Western fenced-in building.)
     New Enemies: 
     Wall Scorpion: It looks more like an octopus, but this medium-strength bad 
    guy doesn't bother you much unless you're climbing the walls, in which case 
    he's the most annoying thing on Earth. He only moves once in a while, and 
    can't change direction mid-flight. That's your chance to sneak by him on the 
     Roc: This weak little avian menace can dive at you, similar to the Patriot 
    Bug but not nearly as strong. It sometimes carries a small boulder in its 
    talons. Like the Scorpions, this guy is a pain while climbing. Don't bother 
    trying to destroy the stones; they're a lot stronger than the bird. 
     Comments: Raph is a good choice for this one, since he can take down 
    everybody in one hit, and fast. Destroying the bricks leads down to cleverly 
    placed Spikes (on the left) and Boomerangs (on the right). The only other 
    points of interest are on the second floor. Getting up here is daunting, but, 
    thankfully, unnecessary. Remember two things about the Wall Scorpions. One: 
    once they start moving, they cannot change direction until they stop. Don't 
    forget that you can shimmy left and right while climbing the walls, and you 
    shouldn't have much trouble avoiding them. Two: when a Scorpion goes off the 
    screen, he is gone for good.
     The Whole Pizza on the left isn't all that difficult to reach. There 
    shouldn't be any Scorpions here, but if some do show up, move back to the 
    right and return until there aren't any. A Roc may appear with a boulder to 
    drop, but you can avoid it easily. When you reach the extreme left side, you 
    can jump to the Whole Pizza with no problems. 
     The Scrolls in the upper right corner are a different story. Make sure the 
    screen is scrolled all the way to the right before you head on up. The only 
    way to negotiate the Scorpions is to keep away from them until you have an 
    opening. Wait until a couple leave the screen before you take a shot at it. 
    Keep in mind that you can only get on a ladder from the ground. So if you miss 
    the jump, you have to go all the way back to the bottom. To add to your 
    enjoyment, getting knocked down also means being juggled for heavy damage (you 
    can change turtles during your ?hit? animation). Hey, maybe you should just 
    think about passing these up, huh? 
       -- Storage Facility 2 --
     (Location: Lumberyard, dead center of the map.)
     Comments: There's a Half Pizza Slice that's easy to obtain at the right end 
    of the ground floor. Go downstairs and make a cheesy jump over Spikes (it's 
    pretty hard to get by unscathed, just tap the A button) to find a captured 
    buddy. On the top floor, there's a Quarter Slice on safe ground, and a 
    surprisingly accessible Whole Pizza. Since you can get on the ladder from this 
    floor, you can destroy all the enemies and work your way up to it comfortably. 
    This is the last really good spot to regenerate Pizzas in the game, so make 
    use of it.
       -- Subterranean Cavern 1 --
     (Location: Northeast manhole.)
     New Enemies:
     Maneater: I can't tell exactly what this thing is supposed to be (as usual), 
    so bear with me. It has pretty good defense (three hits with Donny) and can 
    roll around in a ball, making it hard to hit. If you have any kind of 
    Shuriken, use it to pick at him from far away. You can squat under his shots, 
    so you should be okay if you chuck stars at him quickly. 
     Hanging Things: It looks like a little hand or something, but if you travel 
    under this weird creature attached to the ceiling, it drops bubbles on you. 
    The weaker turtles have to hit it a couple times, so don't just rush past 
     Brain Cells: Floating serenely through the air, this transparent being will 
    burst into four pieces if you approach. If there's more than one or lots of 
    other enemies are on the screen, it may split into two, or one, or none at 
    all. One hit nullifies it.
     Mohawk Porcupine: You'll encounter this goofy-looking being deep within the 
    caves. He moves around in small hops, stopping occasionally to launch a 
    barrage of needles at you. He can take quite a beating, too. But on the plus 
    side, he can't attack you through walls, so nail him from above or through an 
    obstruction of some sort.
     Comments: Your goal in this Area is to find the Boss, who is holed up in one 
    of these three caves. If you use a Continue, its location will usually change 
    (but not always). Head down from the entrance, and you'll soon reach a door 
    with a Foot symbol above it. You'll discover one of these in each cavern. 
    (Back in the days of my rather retarded youth, I referred to these as ?Foot 
    Lockers?.) Just inside lies one of two things: a dead end (which you can jump 
    around in but holds absolutely nothing for you), or the Area's Boss. If you 
    encounter the latter, skip down to the Tactics section for details. I don't 
    really know the odds of finding the Boss, but it usually seems to be the 
    second or third cave you check. If this wasn't it, you'll have to return via 
    the ladders all the way on the right side of the second floor. There's a Half 
    Slice of Pizza here for any damage you incurred on the way.
       -- Subterranean Cavern 2 --
     (Location: Southeast manhole.)
     Comments: You'll probably be ambushed by Maneaters upon entering here, so 
    have any special weapons ready. When you reach the bottom passage of this 
    remarkably short level, wait a bit to see if the enemies on the ground will 
    move out of your way. If it looks like you'll be hit, just drop down. Taking 
    damage here is nearly unavoidable. There isn't anything of note in this cave, 
    so if the Boss doesn't turn up, book out of here.
       -- Subterranean Cavern 3 --
     (Location: Southwest manhole.)
     Comments: You should probably visit the central building to heal everyone if 
    they aren't at decent health already. You'll encounter several Maneaters and 
    Porcupines in wide open areas, so try to get them to leave the screen instead 
    of wasting energy in a fight. Except for the floor with the pair of Maneaters, 
    you won't have the luxury of waiting at the top of ladders for the melee to 
    clear up, either; the Hanging Things and Brain Cells will knock you off. Woe 
    to thee that finds not thy enemy in the door. The return trip is hell. 
    Definitely check the other two caves before scouting around in here.
          __ Shredder's Mobile Fortress: Technodrome __
     Tactics: If you don't have Donatello, this battle is going to be a trial. 
    Hang back for a while before jumping onto the tank treads, because the red 
    fork in front of the vehicle will create electricity after a bit. Be careful 
    hopping on; for some reason, the small steps on the left side cause damage. 
     The Technodrome has six targets: two side-mounted guns (you should take out 
    both), two red forks that emit electricity (one in the front and back), a 
    hatch that Red Foot Soldiers leap from, and the eye itself. If you're hurting 
    and want to get it over with, destroy the two guns first, since they cause 
    unneeded hardship. The shells aren't hard to avoid. You might also want to rid 
    yourself of the Foot-producing hatchway, since they can kick you or throw 
    stars at you from behind while you're busy with the Boss. Donatello is really 
    the only character that can safely scrap the tuning forks (or whatever they 
    are) with his regular weapon without getting hit by the electricity, so don't 
    bother with them unless you're feeling peppy. (Wasting weapons on them is not 
    recommended, since you're safe from them in the middle anyway.) When you 
    finally do get around to attacking the eye, make medium-height jumps so that 
    you don't touch it (big damage). You can also get it from the side, but this 
    is slightly riskier due to the way it moves. Once you have the timing of the 
    opening and closing eye down, you've won. A final note of caution, however: 
    remember how those little steps mysteriously hurt you earlier? They'll hurt 
    you again as you walk off the edge while the eyeball explodes*. If you have 
    less than a life bar and a half, you're about to get very pissed off. So if 
    everyone's as low as this, it's time to throw in the towel (use Mike).
     *: For some reason, you can occasionally make it by this ?glitch spot? 
    unscathed. I have no idea what triggers this little oddity. Most of the time 
    you will take the hit, however, so if everybody's near death, it's usually a 
    good idea to just give it up, since you'll save yourself money on the Rogane 
    bills when you inevitably rip your hair out.
     < Area 6: Assassinate Shredder >
     Stages: one, and it's huge
     Best Route: up at first intersection (third floor)
     Captured Turtle: lowest right corner of ?pink? section
       -- Technodrome Interior --
     New Enemies:
     Laser Soldier: You're getting awfully close to your destiny, and the 
    resistance is especially heavy in the final stage. This jetpack-propelled 
    nightmare is as bad as they come. Duck him when he flies by, and don't attack 
    him unless you've got spare Scrolls. He has too much energy to bother with, 
    and he's passive unless you hit him. Dodge the stray lasers and you should be 
    able to escape mortal harm. 
     Wall Cannon: A sharp contrast to the previously mentioned killer, the Wall 
    Cannon doesn't do much except swivel around and shoot incredibly slow bullets 
    at you. Hit it a few times and it'll explode, making a hole in the wall. The 
    best part is, if you go down a ladder and return, it'll still be destroyed. 
     Whirlybird: Yet another abstract creature, this thing merely flies 
    horizontally, waiting to be destroyed. You've seen it dozens of times before.
     Metal Ostrich: Who could ever guess that such a dumb-looking creature could 
    be so strong? If you're lucky, this guy'll kick the bucket after four hits 
    from the bo. He hurts you a lot, too, so take refuge on a higher platform when 
    you can, and just keep plugging away until he goes down.
     Comments: This final level is big, and if this is your first time here, 
    you'll probably perish quickly. If you've already used both your Continues, 
    don't get your hopes up.
     The inside of the now-defunct Technodrome is split into three parts: the 
    ?pink? section (floor and ceiling color), the ?white? section, and the ?blue? 
    section. There are a couple of different routes to take, but they don't vary 
     As soon as you enter the subscreen, you'll notice your radar's broken. That 
    doesn't really matter, since there's no map. You should be fighting Foot 
    Soldiers and Mousers when you begin, so try to keep them as long as possible 
    by only killing the ones you have to and letting the others follow you. This 
    doesn't matter much, though, because they're sure to be replaced by the new 
    enemies by the time you reach the third floor. 
     If you want to run down and grab the Whole Pizza, destroy the Wall Cannon 
    from above first. Use Don to kill the Whirlybirds in a single blow. If you're 
    missing a turtle, you might want to head down the ladder to get him back. Be 
    warned, though: the path is not easy. Otherwise, take the ladder leading up.
     If you went up, you'll meet the Ostrich enemy for the first time. Don't drop 
    down next to him. Wait for him to hop over to you, and beat him with the bo 
    until he gives up. If another one appears before you jump to the top, you'll 
    take some abuse. Avoid the second Ostrich and enter the door. See that 
    vertical shaft? That's the point of no return. If you want to take the lower 
    route for some reason, turn back now.
     If you pass the two gaps and head to the left, you'll find Scrolls, which are 
    helpful, but not imperative. Make sure you take out the Wall Cannons using a 
    special weapon before you jump or you're likely to get knocked down to the 
    next screen. If you have no throwing items, Don or Leo can jump and tag it 
    from a decent range. Just make sure to wait until it's done firing. 
     If you go down two floors and to the right, you'll find a Half Slice of 
    Pizza. Don't be fooled by the amount of enemies in the hallway; they're not 
    guarding anything special. Pass this pie and instead move left, jump the hole, 
    and go down the ladder, where you'll find a Whole Pizza just waiting for you. 
    How about that...
     If you went down at the fork in the road, you'll be confronted with a room 
    full of huge Spikes and your new Ostrich friend jumping around on them. Still 
    wanna go this way? Head to the left (making a series of horribly difficult 
    leaps) until you find a minuscule gap in the floor, and drop down there. 
    You'll fall into another passage lined with those big Spikes. I have no idea 
    how you're supposed to get through this without being hurt. Just jump to the 
    left (try to avoid the multiple Ostriches that are following you) until you 
    reach safe ground. Take the ladder down, and cross yet a third floor of Spikes 
    (once again without the benefit of platforms, folks) to find one of your 
    friends tied up. He'd better hook you up with a free lunch at McDonald's or 
    something, after what it took to find him. If you return to the corridor above 
    and walk left, you'll find the door to the ?white? section, guarded by a Laser 
    Soldier. Wait until he hovers around without doing anything, then make a break 
    for it.
     The Whole Pizza in the enclosed space is where the separate routes meet up 
    again. If you took the lower way, the Pizza will be hanging just out of reach. 
    Go left from here and down into the pit. On the right side of the next screen, 
    you'll find the third, and last, Mr. Invincibility. Take it and jump down to 
    the last ?white? area screen. You can make it to the door easily; just be 
    warned that you'll no longer be invulnerable when you emerge on the other 
     The ?blue? portion of this level is very brief and linear. However, it is the 
    most physically torturous part of the game. Even if everybody's at full 
    energy, expect to have at least two or even three of them near death by the 
    time you reach the ladder on the right side. 
     Basically, the only thing you need to remember when attempting to pass 
    through this stage is that the Laser Soldiers will become very violent if you 
    attack them. Try to duck beneath them as they pass, then walk on ahead of 
    them. Of course, if they're flying really low, you're screwed.                
     Hopefully Don has full energy, because he's the only one that can destroy 
    Whirlybirds in one hit. When you reach a tiny, enclosed passage, advance very 
    slowly. When you run into a Laser Soldier, kneel. He'll fire a few shots over 
    your head, then move back and disappear. Be patient with this, as there are 
    about a dozen of these guys in here. Take out the Whirlybirds with throwing 
    weapons if you have them. If a Laser Soldier should happen to follow you into 
    this claustrophobic little hallway, you'll have to defeat him or he won't 
    leave you alone.
     When you finally get upstairs, you'll fight a Laser Soldier Sub-Boss. Put 
    this guy away as fast as you can, because he'll only bring your health down 
    even lower. If he hovers right above you while you're ducking, switch to 
    Donatello and swing downwards. This will actually hurt him. When he's 
    finished, enter the door and get ready for the finale.
          __ Mastermind of the Foot Clan: Shredder __
     Tactics: Shredder appears on the center platform, so position yourself on the 
    right one. Change to Don (no matter how badly he's hurt), and hit him as soon 
    as he becomes substantial. He'll be knocked off to the left corner, so use 
    this valuable time to gain a footing on the left ledge. When he jumps back up 
    at you, time your swing to get him in midair, and he'll fall back again. Be 
    careful, because if he touches you, be prepared to lose at least four life 
    bars, possibly more. You can keep this pattern going until you beat him. If 
    you lost Don prior to arriving here (I commend you for making it here without 
    him), somebody better be packin Scrolls. Use Don's technique with the Scrolls, 
    and you can win easily. Any other attacks will not push him away from you, so 
    this will not work with anyone else's normal weapons. Got it, pal? One last 
    word of advice: don't get hit by Shredder's gun. As in all other TMNT games, 
    one hit reverts you back to an ordinary, garden-variety turtle (in other 
    words, you're dead). After you drain Shredder's eight life bars, you get to 
    enjoy the corny ending. 
     FIVE: Miscellaneous Stuff
     Here's some random info on the world of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, some of 
    it helpful, most of it not, but all of it fun. If you have any tidbits you'd 
    like to contribute, don't hesitate to drop me a line at phunruss@hotmail.com. 
     Back Attack and Downward Strike: Some turtles, like Leo and Don, can hit 
    enemies standing behind them if they are close enough. Don's bo actually 
    covers a good distance behind him. This is extremely helpful for crowd control 
    and lets you clear out an area. Conversely, if Don swings downward, the ?hilt? 
    of his weapon can damage foes hanging out over his shiny green head. Remember 
    this when you're dealing with low-flying enemies, since his standing attack 
    usually misses them.
     Roller Car Magic: If you encounter a Roller Car in a tight passage while 
    cruising in the Party Wagon, hit Select to emerge on foot. The rival Car 
    should disappear, allowing you to continue safely. This doesn't always work, 
    though, so leave yourself enough time to reenter the Wagon before you get 
    squashed (this can be good for laughs, though).
     Rationing Boomerangs: It's a bit tedious, but if you toss out a few 
    Boomerangs, switch to another guy and catch them, he'll possess them afterward 
    (until you get a new weapon). Keep in mind that if he's got anything good on 
    him (like Scrolls), it'll be lost. You can use this to distribute these neat 
    trinkets to everybody.
     Pizza Regeneration: Well, this is almost universal knowledge, but here goes 
    anyway. If you exit a level that had a pizza of any sort in it, it will return 
    upon future visits. (In case my occasional mentions of ?regeneration? during 
    the walkthrough confused you, this should clear things up.)
     The Confounding Conundrum of Enemy Groups: While the specific time and place 
    that the enemy changes will take place are random, some elements such as the 
    stages and the villains they will become are not. In fact, it's not that hard 
    to predict who'll be chasing you around on the next screen if you get to 
    familiarize yourself with the level you're on. There are usually only two 
    groups of bad guys in each stage (Area 6 can have several). If you've been 
    doing your homework, you'll notice a pattern for them. Each set of creatures 
    has a ?weak? enemy, a ?flying? enemy, and a ?strong? enemy. Some of them have 
    one or two additional guys thrown in, but this little formula remains pretty 
    constant. Check out this list for the full details... 
     Group A
     1: Mouser
     2: Winged Mouser
     3: Winged Mouser
     4: Foot Soldier
     5: Foot Soldier
     Group B
     1: Wall Leaper
     2: Wall Leaper
     3: Spaceship Dude
     4: Chainsaw Maniac 
     5: Rock Guy
     Group C
     1: Eyeball Creature
     2: Patriot Bug
     3: Patriot Bug
     4: Giant Frog
     5: Flaming Guy
     Group D
     1: Blue Cockroach
     2: Foot Balloon
     3: Foot Balloon
     4: Multiplying Zombie
     5: Mech-Knight
     Group E
     1: Hamburger Laser Shooter
     2: Hornet
     3: Hornet
     4: Foot Bandit
     5: Foot Bandit
     Group F (you only find these guys in the last Area)
     1: Spinning Flying Thing
     2: Spinning Flying Thing 
     3: Spinning Flying Thing
     4: Laser Soldier
     5: Metal Ostrich
     As you can see, the enemies in the groups roughly correspond to each other 
    somehow. An enemy will be replaced by its relative of the same number when 
    changes occur. Let's say you were fighting group C and it suddenly became D. 
    The Flaming Pyro would turn into a Vulcan Bot, the Eyeball would become a Blue 
    Mangler, etc.
     Each Area also seems to have a default group that stays the same whenever you 
    play. Area 1 has group A as the set you start with in the first two sewers, 
    group B in the fourth sewer and first warehouse, and group E in the second 
    building. Notice the Area 5 enemies aren't included in this little bestiary, 
    since they never change. Area 6 is also special since there are several enemy 
     There are a couple of ways you can (slightly) control the changes. If you're 
    a fighting a really easy group, like A, have one of the Mousers follow you 
    around so you can keep these guys for a while. You can do this with any group 
    you like, of course, but make sure you let only the weakest enemy follow you 
    around, since the other ones are usually slow. If you want to switch groups, 
    you can try entering and reentering a level until the one you want appears. 
    Keep in mind there're only a couple of groups in each stage, so if you're 
    looking for Foot Bandits in the Hoover Dam, you're going to be disappointed.
     A good question is if there's a Game Genie code or something to keep one set 
    of enemies for the whole game, using group A to beat it quick or F to make 
    your little brother cry. I've tried random codes with a few friends, but so 
    far all we've found are some stupid color changes (we've been pretty busy 
    playing Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 and Onimusha). So if anybody knows of a way to do 
    this, mail me about it and I can have my brother take you out to dinner or 
    something as a symbol of my gratitude.  
     I'm sure I've succeeded in making this sound a lot more complicated than it 
    is, but if you've actually played this game, you should know exactly what I'm 
    talking about. It's strange that an innovative concept like this hasn't been 
    used in any other games (at least that I've seen), but that just gives me one 
    more reason to put off disassembling my NES and turning it into a toaster or a 
    salad shooter or something.
    Other Things of Note: When I was a young little bastard (say, oh... fifth 
    grade), there was a rumor that if you waited around near the railroad tracks 
    in Area 5, Shredder would appear on a train at midnight. (Too bad Splinter 
    wasn't wearing a watch...) Another one concerning the exact same spot claimed 
    that you could find a new bo for Donatello on the crates at the very bottom of 
    the screen. Of course, there has been absolutely no confirmation of these 
    rumors at all, but isn't it nostalgic to remember how we used to talk about 
    that sort of stuff during lunch at school?
     6. Legal Crap
     Special thanks should go out to Al Bass for the tip on rationing Boomerangs. 
    God bless ya, Al.
     It should also be noted that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and all related 
    characters are trademarks of Mirage Studios, Inc. The Teenage Mutant Ninja 
    Turtles NES Game Pak is a trademark and copyright of Konami Industries Co., 
    Ltd. Lastly, this entire document is a copyright of Melzo McPhun, its author, 
    and if anyone uses this as a means of profit or displays it without 
    permission, they are subject to a legal ass whuppin courtesy of yours truly. 
    This is just a friendly warning, folks.
     That about wraps it up. Thanks for taking the time to read this. If it helped 
    you in any way at all or made you enjoy this game half as much as I did, I 
    feel I have helped our nation's suffering. Take it easy and feel free to mail 
    me if I missed or botched something.

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