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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Apathetic Aardvark

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                  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Arcade Game
    Copyright 2004, Apathetic Aardvark            Email: sinenomine@gmail.com
    All rights reserved                           Version 1.1    3   12/12/2004
                             Index/Table of Contents
       Version History....................................................ii
       The Turtles........................................................iii
       The Enemies........................................................iv
       Frequently Asked Questions.........................................vii
                           i)  Disclaimer (Legal stuff)
    Copyright 2004, Apathetic Aardvark
    All rights reserved.
    The following sites have my permission to post this;
    Any site, magazine, or other form of media, that is not included on this list
    caught hosting this guide without my written consent is in violation of 
    copyright laws and will be prosecuted to the full extent of the laws.  In 
    addition, a terrible curse will be placed upon you and any subsequent 
    generations of your family. 
                                 ii) Version History
    3/6/2004 - Began the guide... finished it too.  Damn I love this old game <_<
                                  iii) The Turtles
    All four of the ninja turtles are usable.  You may pick one per player.  While
    they all do the same damage with all of their attacks, you may wish to consider
    the weapon range issues. Raphael has pretty poor range whereas Leonardo has 
    great range.  The B button swings, most enemies will not die with a single 
    swing.  A button jumps, but A and B together do a power hit.  This will kill a
    good majority of normal enemies in one shot.  Press B and a direction while in
    the air will cause you to do a jump kick.  This is generally a good repeat move
    for bosses, but don't use it if you're outnumbered as you'll be hit often when 
    you land.
                                  iv) The Enemies
    The Turtles have many types of enemies to go up against.  Most of them are
    Foot Soldiers but some are animals or robots.  Some hazards can not be damaged
    and must just be avoided.
    Standard Foot Soldiers - These guys have no weapons on them.  They are a 
    pinkish purple shade.  They can jump kick, punch, and hold you from behind.  
    These are the most frequent types of foot soldiers.  When they enter the screen
    from the sides they will always jumpkick their way in.  Only three of them may
    be on the screen at a time.  They only take two regular hits to kill.
    Knife Foot Soldiers - These guys are blue and carry small daggers.  They can
    throw them or poke at you with them.  They don't leave the ground so you can 
    outrun them with jumpkicks if you need a bit more room to deal with them.  They
    are quite common as well.  Only three of them may be on the screen at a time.
    They take only two regular hits to kill.
    Katana Foot Soldiers - These Foot Soldiers carry long swords.  They wear white
    outfits.  They can hack with their swords or jump high in the air and strike
    you as they come down, which will knock you back most of the time.  These guys
    don't appear very often and are perhaps the easiest of the Foot Soldiers to
    defeat.  They take only two regular hits to kill.
    Roadkill Rodney - These little machines run around on a wheel.  They stop every
    so often to shoot a small laser at you.  Sometimes if you strike them they will
    extend their whip which can electrify you.  There can only be three of them on
    the screen at a time.  They take eight regular hits to kill.
    Machine Gun Foot Soldier - These guys carry around machine guns which they 
    sometimes shoot at you, very limited range at that.  When in close quarters 
    they may elect to hit you with the butt of the gun.  Only two of these enemies
    may be on the screen at one time and they take only two regular hits to kill.
    Dynamite Foot Soldier - These guys throw dynamite at you.  The range isn't all
    that impressive but they have a seemingly unlimited amount.  They are not very
    common.  Three of them may be on the screen at one time and they take only two
    regular hits to kill.
    Boomerang Foot Soldier - These guys wear their yellow outfits.  They punch at 
    you if you are too close and toss their boomerangs out for a ranged attack.  
    They are very rare enemies and appear three to a screen.  They die with two 
    regular attacks just like all of the other foot soldiers.
    Sludge Hammer Foot Soldier - These foot soldiers walk around carrying large
    hammers.  Their only attack is to slam it on the ground in front of you.  If it
    hits you, expect to be sent flying, but it is not likely you will get hit.  
    These guys appear three to a screen but are fairly uncommon.  They also only
    take two regular hits to kill.
    Punching Foot Soldiers - Perhaps the most pathetic foot soldiers in the game, 
    these guys can not do anything but punch.  They come mostly in purple, but 
    sometimes in red as well.  They're fairly common and appear three to a screen
    falling down after two regular hits.  These are not threats at all.
    Mousers - These are the creations of Baxter Stockman.  Mousers bust out of 
    walls or floors and walk near you.  They are quite uncommon and appear one to
    several on a screen.  They have no attacks other than biting you and grabbing 
    on.  The longer you have one on you, the more damage you take.  They only take
    two regular hits to destroy.
    Snowman - These snowmen have a wicked surprise, they are actually missile 
    launching hopping guys.  After three regular hits the snowman disguise will
    fall off, after a few more the machine under it will die as well.  These only
    appear in the first part of scene three.  Only two of these can be on the 
    screen at the same time.
    Snowball Foot Soldiers - These foot soldiers can punch you or throw a snow ball
    at you!  They only appear in the first half of scene three and seem to be the
    replacement for knife and star throwers for that part of the game.  They go
    down after two regular hits.  Up to three of these guys can be on the screen
    at one time.
    Star Throwing Foot Soldiers - Another spin on an old gimmick, these guys throw
    shurikens at you.  They also punch if you get too close.  They're very rare and
    only take two regular hits to defeat.  Three of these guys can be on the screen
    at the same time.
    Spear Foot Soldiers - These guys carry around spears which are huge.  They can
    poke you with them or throw them across the screen.  They have an unlimited 
    amount of them.  Only two of these guys can be on the screen at any given time
    and it takes two regular hits to defeat one.
    Bomb Dropping Foot Soldiers - These guys carry huge bombs over their heads.
    They can toss them at you, but they only have one.  After that they just punch.
    If you kill one while he still has his bomb, it will fall to the floor and hit
    you.  They only appear in Scene 4 and three of them can be on the screen at one
    time.  They take only two regular hits to defeat.
    Biker Foot Soldiers - These are just regular foot soldiers riding on 
    motorcycles.  Just power swing them off to the ground.  They only appear in 
    Scene 4 and have no attack other than colliding with you.
    Helicopter - These are in Scene 4 only, they can shoot at you with a gun or 
    drop bombs on you if you get under them.  They take eight regular hits to 
    defeat and appear only one to a screen.  
    Cyclops - I'm not sure what these are in the cartoon show, but they walk around
    on four legs shooting rings of energy at you.  They take two regular hits to 
    defeat and appear three per screen being dropping in from above.  The farther
    away you are, the bigger their rings get.
    Flying Mini-Copters - These guys fly around and shoot little laser beams at 
    you.  They appear four per screen and take four regular hits to defeat.  They
    fly around in very predictable patterns and only appear on one level. 
    Auto Cannon - These just fire while moving up and down on the screen.  They can
    appear two at a time and take five regular hits to defeat.  They are not very
    challenging and only appear in two levels.
    Jumping Knife Throwers - These appear only in scene six.  They toss daggers
    when airborne to try and get you.  If they land on you, you'll be hurt as well.
    They take four regular hits to defeat and appear two to a screen.
    Tiger - These things are nasty.  They take twelve regular hits.  There are only
    two of these in the entire game though.  It will dash across the screen.  When
    it leaves the screen it will turn around and head back.  I recommend using weak
    little hits and charging it when it gets knocked back over and over, otherwise
    you will get hit quite often trying to jump or power hit it.
    Scorpions - The other annoying enemy of Scene 6.  These things appear two at
    a time and take eight regular hits to defeat.  They shoot lasers from their 
    tails and try to sting you when you get close.  They have a nasty ability to
    dodge attacks by jumping backwards.  There aren't very many of these though.
    Freezer - These pop up from the floor of the technodrome and will try to freeze
    you in your tracks.  You'll have only a moment to power hit or avoid these.  
    There are not very many but they can do some real damage.
    Bowling Balls - You can not hurt these, they try to roll over and crush you.
    Cars - These try to run you over, there isn't much you can do about them.
    Fences/Bamboo Vines - These fall from the ceiling or jump up from the ground, 
    there is no way to hurt them, just try to avoid them.
    Ice balls - these fall from the sky, you can see them coming with their shadows
    but all you can do is avoid them.
                                  v) The Bosses
    Bosses are generally very tough.  Power hitting doesn't work on many as they 
    can recover and pound you away without much effort.  Jump kicking is the way to
    go here, or just a double team of weak hits if you're playing with a friend.
    It has been suggested that my "Jump kicking is the way to go here" is a bit too
    vague.  I would like to thank Psycho Penguin for offering up a more in depth
    way of how to defeat these bosses.
    Jump kick. Turn left. Jump kick. Turn right.
    As for Krang, use the same strategy, again, that is:
    Jump kick. Turn left. Jump kick. Turn right. But, hit him lower than usual so
    that he can not counter with his nasty punch. 
    Rocksteady - Rocksteady is the boss of the very first level as he seems to be 
    in every TMNT game.  He can shoot his gun at you, swat you away or put his head
    down and charge.  While charging he can not take damage, so just get out of the
    way.  He's only got about thirty hits or so of damage that he can soak up so 
    just be patient.
    Bebop - Bebop is the second boss of the game.  He is a bit harder than his
    mutant counterpart Rocksteady.  Bebop has the same arsenal of moves but charges
    far more often than Rocksteady.  His gun also shoots expanding rings rather 
    than bullets giving it a bit more area to cover.  He's good for about thirty
    four regular hits.
    Baxter Stockman - Baxter flies around in a little machine.  It has no weapons
    but it does occasionally drop some mousers.  Just stay in the middle of the
    screen and power attack him as he comes by.  He'll go down with twenty or so
    power shots.
    Tora - I think this is his name, he's a giant polar bear who looks like he 
    should be riding a Harley.  His attacks are mostly just punches, but every so
    often he'll run off to catch an ice ball and toss it at you.  He can take about
    fifty five regular hits.
    Baxter Stockman - Baxter has transformed into a fly now.  He is actually a 
    threat this time.  He can drop energy charges on you or try to swat you with 
    a fly swatter, somewhat ironic.  He still doesn't have a lot of endurance and 
    will go down with only forty or so regular hits.  Power hits from below are the
    best way to kill him though.
    Kraag [?] - The blue rock soldier from dimension x.  He packs a mean punch and
    carries around a flamethrower which can do some real damage and stun you for a 
    short while.  Jump kicks and quick weak hits are very effective, power hits 
    will get you very dead, very fast.  He has a lot of life, seventy or so regular
    hits worth.
    Samurai - This boss carries around a bo staff, though it looks more like a 
    hockey stick and swings it at you.  After you've hit him for a while his head
    will come off and fly around trying to bump into you.  Just ignore it as you
    can't score hits on it and keep drilling the body with any kind of hit.  The
    body can only withstand about forty regular hits.
    General Traag - This guy is a beast.  His rocket gun can send you backwards,
    often into an electrical fence.  His punching hurts and he has great range. 
    Power hits are almost worthless in single player, jump kicking isn't bad but he
    often hits you as you land.  If you have a partner just have on person weak hit
    from the front and the other power hit from the back.  He has a hell of a lot 
    of life, nearly one hundred regular hits worth.
    Krang - Damn, talk about rough.  Power hits are useless, quick hits aren't 
    quick enough and jump kicking gets you a foot in the ass.  If you're playing
    single player, you are going to die at least once.  His attacks include a kick,
    which has great range, eye beams, which are easy to dodge and a rocket punch,
    which he'll kneel down to fire.  He doesn't use the punch very often.  Team 
    play you can get one person to quick hit and the other to jump kick or power
    hit.  Single player, stick to jump kicks, even though you're going to get hit
    quite a bit doing so.  He's got at least one hundred regular hits worth of life
    to deplete.
    Shredder - Finally the bad guy.  Shredder can swing his sword at you, which is
    very annoying, but not nearly as annoying as his mutagen gun, which will take
    away an entire life if it hits you.  He can also clone himself and always does.
    The clone can use the gun too, if they both use it at once you're pretty much
    screwed.  After a few hits the clones helmet will come off.  A few more after
    that and the clone will die, but he'll just re-clone himself.  Instead of this,
    when the clones helmet comes off, hit the other one.  Jump kicking works best
    as you don't want to hit the clone by accident.  After about eighty hits the 
    helmet of the real one will come off, he'll stop using the gun now.  Hit him
    about a dozen times after that and you will beat him.  He is also very fast
    running around.
                                  vi) Walkthrough
    Scene 1 -
    There is a fire in the apartment complex which April lives in.  Of course it is
    up the green machine to get her out.  You'll start out with a group of four 
    Standard Foot Soldiers.  After moving right some you'll be encountered by four
    Star Throwing Foot Soldiers.  Head right to encounter seven more Standard Foot
    Soldiers.  Dodge the bowling balls falling from the stairs and battle the six
    Knife Foot Soldiers.  Head right again.  Kill the six Standard Foot Soldiers
    and keep moving.  Six more Star Throwing Foot Soldiers are here.  Defeat them 
    and move along to the next staircase and do battle with six Knife Foot Soldiers
    while avoiding the large bowling balls falling down the stairs.  Nine Standard
    Foot Soldiers will come in two half waves, a couple breaking through doors.
    Some new Foots, Katana Foot Soldiers will attack you.  Six more Standard Foot
    Soldiers will follow.  Three Roadkill Rodney’s will block the door to April's
    apartment.  When you defeat them you'll run inside.   Two Katana Foot Soldiers
    and Two Machine Gun Foot Soldiers will greet you.  When they are defeated 
    Rocksteady will arrive and challenge you.  Defeat him to save April...  but...
    Shredder snatches her first and dives out the window.
    Scene 2 -
    Eight Standard Foot Soldiers will greet you.  One will throw a sewer lid at you
    as another dives out of a window.  Seven more Knife Foot Soldiers will come 
    after you.  April and Shedder will appear on the monitor in the background.  Do
    Not be afraid to use the street post and fire hydrants to your advantage in 
    many of the outdoor levels.  Five more Standard Foot Soldiers will appear.  Try
    not to fall into the sewer from the missing manhole.  After this five Dynamite
    Foot Soldiers will make their first appearance.  Six more Standard Foot 
    Soldiers will appear along with a slice of pizza to heal your wounds!  A girl
    will go by on her skateboard, if you swing at her and she screams you'll get 
    credit for a kill.  Now the side scroll allows you to move downward, how damn
    amazing.  Enemies will jump out of windows so be warned.  Three Standard Foot
    Soldiers lead the way.  Three Boomerang Foot Soldiers will attack you, followed
    by three Standard Foot Soldiers.  Three more Boomerang Foot Soldiers will 
    attack and then you will be walking right again.  Stand WAY down at the bottom
    as two soldiers will appear from the Pizza Hut signs, they are part of six
    Boomerang Foot Soldiers.  Six more Standard Foot Soldiers will come after you.
    One final Standard Foot Soldier will toss another manhole cover at you before
    getting attacked by three final Boomerang Foot Soldiers.  Bebop will then jump
    down onto the broken car and do battle with you.
    Scene 2, Part 2 - 
    Two Standard Foot Soldiers will jump out of the water to attack you.  They will
    be followed by a trio of Knife Foot Soldiers.  Four Sludge Hammer Foot Soldiers
    will attack you after this.  Four Punching Foot Soldiers will attack you after
    this.  Then five mousers will eat through the wall.  Be careful throughout this
    entire level, sometimes there are rockets in the water area which will fly out
    and attack you.  Five more mousers will appear from the next wall.  Six Sludge
    Hammer Foot Soldiers will come try to flatten you, show them who is boss.  They
    will be followed after a while by eight Katana Foot Soldiers, some of whom may
    jump out of the water to get you.  Five mousers will come out of a nearby wall
    again.  Six more Punching Foot Soldiers will appear with a slamming gate, try 
    not to get crunched by the gate while fighting them.  Five Katana Foot Soldiers
    will follow them up and be topped off by five more mousers.  Five final Knife
    Foot Soldiers and you will have to defeat Baxter Stockman in a crazy invention.
    He will drop mousers around so be careful of them.
    Scene 3 - 
    Hey look, it is snowing all over New York City!  Someone must be using a 
    weather control device.  Dodge the falling ice blocks, it should be rather easy
    as their shadows appear well before they do.  You'll be greeted by nine 
    Standard Foot Soldiers.  Get up to the top of the screen to dodge the snowplow,
    if it catches you off guard you can get hit twice in a row!  Three Snowmen will
    attack you.  They are rather challenging, make sure not to fall into the nearby
    sewers too.  Seven Snowball Throwing Foot Soldiers should amuse you.  Again, be
    careful of the sewers.  Nine more Standard Foot Soldiers will attack around 
    some more wonderful sewers.  Get up high as you walk again to avoid another
    passing snowplow.  Nine Snowball Throwing Foot Soldiers will follow up the 
    plow.  Four more Snowmen will attack you, when you're done with them it is time
    to play dodge the ice balls again.  Ten Standard Foot Soldiers will follow up
    the storm.  Time for the boss, I THINK he is named Tora.  When he is defeated
    you will destroy the weather control device and move on to the second part of
    this scene.
    Scene 3, Part 2 -
    It is time to save April from the evil Baxter Stockman who is now a fly.  You
    will be in a parking lot area for this entire level.  Six Punching Foot 
    Soldiers will greet you.  Make use of the cones which are nearby.  Six Katana
    Foot Soldiers will follow them up, you can blow up a barrel by hitting it and
    waiting a few moments, but get out of the way!  Nine more Punching Foot 
    Soldiers will attempt to slow you down, cream one of them with the speed limit
    sign while you're taking care of them.  Eight Knife Throwing Foot Soldiers will
    follow them up.  Finally, eight Standard Foot Soldiers to tussle with.  See the
    Blue Car?  Be careful, it's going to try and run you down.  When it is out of 
    the way you'll encounter some Machine Gun Foot Soldiers.  You'll have to fight
    six of them before running into five more Punching Soldiers.  Ah, another color
    car, this time red.  Look out!  Six more Machine Gun Foot Soldiers.  Seven 
    Standard Foot Soldiers will follow them up jumping out of the trucks.  Three
    more Standard Foot Soldiers will pop out a few trucks later along with Five
    Star Throwing Foot Soldiers.  After that you will see a Pizza.  As you walk to
    it the elevator will open revealing April and Baxter Stockman.  Use the pizza
    when you need it.  When you win you'll save April!
    Scene 4 -
    This level takes place on the open road.  You'll start out with seven Knife
    Foot Soldiers.  After them are some new friends, Spear Throwing Foot Soldiers.
    There are eight of these.  Then get up the top as a car will rocket by you.  
    Eight Sludge Hammer Foot Soldiers will try to ground you into the pavement now.
    Defeat them and you'll have three annoying Roadkill Rodney’s to mess with.  The
    next six enemies are Dynamite Foot Soldiers, they're just exploding happy to 
    see you.  Nine more Spear Throwing Foot Soldiers will follow them up.  Another
    car will whiz by you, so get up high again.  Now some Bomb Dropping Foot 
    Soldiers will try to get you, there are five of them.  Some Foot Soldiers on
    Motorcycles will strut their stuff trying to hit you, just knock them off.
    There are six of these guys, the last two on the top and bottom of the screen
    as a car breezes along the middle.  Nine Standard Foot Soldiers will make their
    first appearance in this level.  Seven more Sludge Hammer Foot Soldiers after 
    them.  Eight Knife Foot Soldiers and finally thirteen Standard foot Soldiers
    will attack you, three of them able to throw tires at you.  You can knock the
    tires back at them with an AB swing.
    Scene 4, Part 2 - 
    Perhaps the best level in the game, it is a shame it is so short.  You will be
    cruising down the highway on a jet propelled skateboard.  All the enemies are
    either on them too or flying in machines.  You'll have to face off with two 
    Helicopters one at a time to begin with.  Five Machine Gun Foot Soldiers will
    then try to bust some holes in your flesh.  Six Boomerang Foot Soldiers will
    toss their toys at you before you come to the final two Helicopters.  After
    this your character will get into the turtle van.  Alas, it crashes!
    Scene 5 - 
    Splinter is carried off by some mousers.  It would seem it is time to
    save him too.  Five Mousers will eat up through the earth, punish them.  Seven
    Standard Foot Soldiers will follow them.  Five more Mousers will come up after
    this.  Now onto Nine Knife Foot Soldiers.  After them are seven Machine Gun
    Foot Soldiers.  For the next several groups there are ground lasers to avoid or
    you could simply jump onto the short roof.  Nine Standard Foot Soldiers after
    that.  Eight Spear Throwing Foot Soldiers after them.  After that nine Cyclops
    Robots will drop down.  You can't hit them until their legs start to show.
    Five Standard Foot Soldiers back them up, followed by another six.  After that
    a machine will come up and release eight flying bugs which in two waves of 
    four.  Nine Boomerang Foot Soldiers are next followed by Ten Standard Foot 
    Soldiers.  Make use of the barrel if you can.  Finally you'll reach two Auto
    Cannons, though only one faces you.  Walk right and you'll see a pizza, if you
    have lots of life left, just leave it.  Splinter is tied up on the wall.  As
    you approach him the Rock Soldier Kraag, I think that's his name.  Beat him and
    you will be able to save Splinter!
    Scene 6 -
    This level takes place in a dojo and is probably the hardest of all of the
    levels.  You'll start out with nine Standard Foot Soldiers.  After that you'll
    have to fight seven Jumpers.  Nine more Standard Foot Soldiers will follow.
    Seven Punching Foot Soldiers will attack you, some jumping up through the floor
    creating holes which you can fall in.  Nine more Punching Foot Soldiers will do
    the same thing followed by another nine Punching Foot Soldiers.  This set you 
    can send a candle stick flying at.  Just in time for nine more Punching Foot 
    Soldiers and another candlestick.  Getting sick of these guys yet?  Sadly, now
    is the hard part.  The floor will send up bamboo vines as you try to cross it,
    these things hurt and are not very easily avoided.  When you're done you'll 
    encounter two tigers which escape from their cages.  They come one at a time 
    and run back and forth on the screen and off of it.  Now come four Scorpions,
    these things are insanely annoying, luckily they appear only two at a time. Six
    more jumpers followed by seven Standard Foot Soldiers who come out of the walls
    will attack you next.  Two more waves of seven and nine Standard Foot Soldiers
    will come from the walls.  You'll be able to see a pizza now, you're about to
    fight a boss, but you can eat it while you fight him.  The Samurai boss is 
    perhaps the easiest in the game.  After a while his head will fly off, don't
    worry about it and cream his torso.  It is time for the final level.
    Scene 7 - 
    This level is an all out assault on the Technodrome.  You'll get a good mix of
    all types of soldiers here, start with eight Boomerang Foot Soldiers.  After
    them are two auto cannons firing forwards.  Get behind them for the easy kill.
    Nine Katana Foot Soldiers will fight you near a laser trap, try to avoid it
    from tearing you up.  Nine Standard Foot Soldiers will pop out of a nearby
    door, more accurately, three will and six more will join in.  Next some pipes
    will come up from the ground trying to freeze you.  If you keep walking and
    power swinging, you'll encounter about six of them.  Nine Knife Foot Soldiers 
    will hurl their blades at you after this chilling affair, followed by about a
    dozen little Cyclops’s.  Two more auto cannons will try to hit you as well, 
    both facing forward.  A dozen Machine Gun Foot Soldiers will attack you next, 
    followed by fifteen Katana Foot Soldiers again near a laser trap.  Four more
    freezing pipes assuming you walk across as fast as possible will try to halt
    you before reaching a lift.  The lift will head down, but it is no time to rest
    as bowling balls will fall down the lift.  You'll need to avoid them.  When the
    lift reaches the ground level you will be greeted by fourteen Machine Gun Foot
    Soldiers.  Three Roadkill Rodney's will appear.  Make short work of them and
    four Knife Foot Soldiers will appear before another three Roadkill Rodney's.
    Four Sludge Hammer Foot Soldiers will try to flatten you, when they fail you'll
    fight your final fifteen Foot Soldiers of the game, of the Standard variety.
    General Traag will bash the door at you.  Try to avoid the electrical beams
    beyond it as they will fry you.  When you defeat him you'll enter the next
    room and do battle with Krang in his human suit.  Finally you will fight 
    Shredder, concentrate on him, not the clone.  When you have beaten him the game
    will be over, prepare yourself for the worst ending in NES history [I think].
                           vii) Frequently Asked Questions
    1) Are there more enemies on multiplayer?
    Yes, the amount of foot soldiers roughly doubles.
    2) How do I get more lives?
    Kill 200 enemies, you will get an extra life.  You may also restore your 
    current life with Pizza.  In addition, if your partner has lives left and you
    do not, feel free to steal one by pressing the action button.
    3) Codes?
    When the title screen loads
    B A B A Up Down B A Left Right B A [select] start for 9 lives and a stage 
    selection screen.
    Up, right, right, down, down, down, left, left, left, left, B A [select] start
    for 9 lives from the first level. 
    Oh, and of course, 
    Jump kick. Turn left. Jump kick. Turn right. 
                                   viii) Credits
    CJayC/GameFAQs - for hosting
    Psycho Penguin - Because he likes being under... erm.  For his kick ass boss
    strategy!  Where would we be without it!
    Myself - just because I can.
    Apathetic Aardvark - 2004 |

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