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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Psycho Penguin

    Version: 0.10 | Updated: 05/05/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    |                     TMNT 2 (NES) FAQ/Walkthrough v0.10                     |
    | Author: Psycho Penguin  |                       | Submitted: 5/5/05        |
    *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-|                       |*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*
                                  TABLE OF CONTENTS
         [ 1.0 ]  INTRODUCTION
           1.1      Author Introduction
           1.2      Game Introduction
           1.3      Guide Introduction
         [ 2.0 ]  GAME BASICS
           2.1      Storyline
           2.2      Points System
           2.3      Controls
           2.4      Other Basics
           2.5      Turtles
         [ 3.0 ]  WALKTHROUGH
         [ 4.0 ]  FAQ'S
           4.1      Arcade Game Differences
           4.2      Gameplay Issues
         [ 6.0 ]  CONCLUSION
           6.1      Other Information
           6.2      Revision History
           6.3      Wrapup
                                [ 1.0 ]  INTRODUCTION
    Song to download as you read this totally awesome guide: "Let Me Go" by Three 
    Doors Down. Go ahead!
         | 1.1 |       AUTHOR INTRODUCTION        | 1.1 |
    Why hello there! My name is Steve and I believe this is going to be my 33rd 
    submitted guide to GameFAQs. I've been writing for the website for over six 
    years now and I can truly say it is one of my favorite hobbies. I love writing 
    guides, and lately I have been on a real retro game kick, hence the reason for 
    me writing for one of my childhood favorites!
    I'm glad I decided just to go ahead and do this guide in an entire night, 
    because it's been one of those guides that I've procrastinated on for a long 
    time, and eventually I just got sick and tired of doing that. I finished my 
    super crazy good Adventure Island guide the other night, and remembered that 
    there were two games I loved playing at my cousin's house when I was a kid, 
    and TMNT 2 was the other game. Hence this guide's existence!
    Thanks to my new found motivation, expect to see plenty more works from me pop 
    up in the coming months. I miss my baby like crazy and need something to do, 
    after all! Thanks for the support everyone has given me over the years, 
    though, I really do appreciate it!
    I love writing, music, wrestling, games, and ESPECIALLY sports. I am a huge 
    sports nut and will watch just about any of the major four American sports, as 
    well as Australian football and some international sports. Movies is also a 
    big interest of mine, especially Predator, Terminator, Jerry Maguire, and the 
    almighty classic Milo and Otis. (The new adventures will be better, though.)
    Feel free to say hi to me at penguin_faqs@yahoo.com . That's also the address 
    to email questions and stuff to. See how sneaky I am?
    I LOVE YOU CASSEY BOO, ALWAYS! Just checking to see if you're reading this. ;)
         | 1.2 |        GAME INTRODUCTION         | 1.2 |
    TMNT 2 is one of the all-time best NES games, in my opinion. The game is not 
    terribly complicated, as all you really do is go from left to right, jump 
    kicking and attacking various enemies all game. It's incredibly addicting, 
    though. The soundtrack is one of the best ever, and the game is challenging 
    but not to the point that you can never beat it. It takes some patience at 
    first, but eventually I found myself completing it a lot!
    There's a lot of changes from the arcade version I'd say, so those differences 
    are listed in the appropriate FAQ section. I never have really gotten into the 
    arcade version sadly, but if it's anywhere near as good as this one, it's an 
    all time classic for sure! I'd definitely put TMNT 2 in my top 10 NES games, 
    and I'm glad I finally got off my ass and wrote this guide!
    Right now, I am trying to beat the game without getting a game over. I'm 
    pretty close to doing so, and will update this guide when I manage to do so.
    The big drawback to this game is, of course, the boring linear nature of the 
    game. All you really do is beat up on enemies by going left to right all game. 
    There's not a high level of fun factor, variety, or various enemies here, so 
    if you expect that, then maybe you should play another game.
         | 1.3 |        GUIDE INTRODUCTION        | 1.3 |
    This won't be one of my more complex guides, as the game is rather short and 
    can be completed in an hour. I did work hard, however, to make this guide as 
    good as it could possibly be. The story is rather simple. I'm currently 
    working on three rather large RPGs, and therefore none of them will be 
    completed for a while. Therefore, I'm writing smaller guides that can be 
    completed in a day to let everyone know I'm alive and I'm not going anywhere!
    I sincerely hope you enjoy this guide. It was a lot of fun to write, and the 
    game is quite challenging, making for a lot of deep breaths as I wrote this 
    guide. I know it won't hold a candle to Apathetic Aardvark's amazing guide, 
    but hopefully I help you progress through the game, and make you laugh during 
    the process.
    Also, I mainly just wanted to include my killer boss section later on. The 
    bosses are EASILY defeated with my tried and true methods, unveiled later on 
    in the guide!
                                [ 2.0 ]  GAME BASICS
    This game is so complex, it needs its own basics section! Haha.
         | 2.1 |             STORYLINE            | 2.1 |
    As you may expect from such a game, there's really not that much storyline. 
    First, April gets kidnapped, then she gets rescued, but then Shredder gets 
    kidnapped. But then he gets rescued, so you have to destroy the Technodrome, 
    but Shredder gets away. That's pretty much the entire game spoiled for you 
    right there. You're welcome!
    I am going to type what the manual says the story is, because I am a KB whore.
        Welcome to the crime infested boroughs of New York, where one wrong look 
    at the right person can be your last. But the turtles sleep contentedly, for 
    they've made Manhattan a safer place for all. Especially since they've sent 
    Shredder to the local landfill. Or so they think. 
        While dreams of pepperoni pizzas dance through their heads, the turtles' 
    worst nightmares blast into Earth's atmosphere. Two irrtergalactic bounty 
    hunters have been attracted by the price that Shredder has placed on the half 
    shell heroes' heads. Shredder's alive and looking for payback!
        Although the turtles tossed Shredder into the metal jaws of a garbage 
    huck, titanium battle helmet protected his maniacal mind from being mauled.
    Upon awakening on a seabound garbage ship, Shredder vowed vengeance.
        After floating back to land on a pile of non-biodegradable styrofoam Cups,
    Shredder began training a new breed of Foot Soldier. One that is better 
    trained in the lethal art of Taekwondo. And one that will make the ultimate 
    sacrifice to defend leader. But that was only the beginning. Shredder 
    journeyed throughout the universe, via his Translocation Matrix Beam, 
    recruiting the top bounty hunters. He chose two. 
        Tora is a ten foot, half ton blizzard beast who, in 2000 years, has never 
    known defeat. Journeying from the distant ice planet of Traglodoon he has come 
    to Earth needing only one weapon, his devastating daws. His partner in cosmic 
    crime is Shogun, an inhabitant of Sector Six in the Oead Star Zone, and the 
    mastermind behind the Ultimate Galactic Sword. 
        But that's not all, Folks. Shredder and his professional punishers have 
    again captured April O'Neil and plan to use her as turtle bait. Fail to save 
    this lovely journalist, and that's all she wrote!
        Shredder's ten levels of terror, with a lethal leader at the end of each 
    one, are the deadliest the turtles have ever had to face. Even if you 
    survive the eight action riddled arcade arenas, you still must contend
    with the two new unbeatable bounty hunter stages. But the turtles stand 
    ready to fight through this shell squashing mess. 
        For Splinter has taught these turtles to fight with the ferocity of a 
    Well... that certainly explains a lot about why I'm fighting random bosses 
    during the game. I wish I read the manual sooner, as the game doesn't bother 
    to explain any of this.
         | 2.2 |           POINTS SYSTEM          | 2.2 |
    This is not really the hardest thing in the world to figure out. EVERY enemy 
    in the game, from weak foot soldiers to the bosses, gives you one point. For 
    every 200 points, you get an extra life. I'm not entirely sure how many points 
    you can get in one gameplay setting (you'd have to play two players and kill 
    EVERY enemy you could, I guess, and you could always cheat at the Baxter 
    Stockman 1st boss as well if you wish.)
    Energy works fairly unevenly. Sometimes, attacks will take 2 HP away, and 
    sometimes you can get hit several times without losing a HP. I'm not entirely 
    sure how that works, but I am convinced it must be some sort of glitch or 
    My high score is 903, by the way. I cheated in the Baxter Stockman part but 
    got bored eventually. Here's the high score list:
    1. Psycho Penguin - 903
         | 2.3 |             CONTROLS             | 2.3 |
    The NES controller only has a few buttons, so the controls are not complex at 
    Control Pad - Moves the Turtles around.
    A Button - Jump
    B Button - Attack
    A then B - Jump Kick
    B then A - Special Attack (I think it costs Hp to use though)
         | 2.4 |           OTHER BASICS           | 2.4 |
    - Sadly, it doesn't really matter what Turtle you use. This was a huge flaw in 
    this game that was fortunately rectified in the equally impressive TMNT 3: 
    Manhattan Project. You can use whatever turtle you want. I always use 
    Donatello because he's my favorite, but it really doesn't matter at all.
    - Jump kicks are a vital part to your attack in this game. I advise using jump 
    kicks as much as you possibly can. It will really help out, especially later 
    on in the game. I rarely ever use the normal attacks now, as jump kicks are 
    just THAT good.
         | 2.5 |             TURTLES              | 2.5 |
    LEONARDO: He uses two swords as his method of attacking, and he's always been 
    known as the leader of the group.
    DONATELLO: My personal favorite of them all. He uses the kick ass wooden 
    stick/bo as his weapon, and he's the smart one of the group.
    MICHAELANGELO: Everyone seems to like him the best. He uses weak nunchucks 
    which are a pain in the ass, and he's the party dude of the group.
    RAPHAEL: The jackass of the group. He uses the equally weak sais and again, he 
    is the jackass of the group.
                                 [ 3.0 ] WALKTHROUGH
    The heart of the guide, as I take you through the game really quickly. Not 
    really a challenging or varied game, but here goes nothing.
    / SCENE 1 /                                               / BURNING BUILDING /
    The game begins! The song here is pretty awesome, don't you think? :) The 
    stage starts off in the burning building and remains there for the duration. 
    Start by going right and dismissing four purple basic foot soldiers. All they 
    do is stand there and walk around and occasionally bearhug you, nothing too 
    tough. After beating up on them, go right and face four of the ninja-star 
    throwing types of foot soldiers now. They are a little bit harder, but all you 
    have to do is jump over the stars or attack them with your weapon.
    Remember, jump kicking will come in handy, so start practicing it a lot now! 
    Go right and take out seven basic foot soldiers now. The foot soldiers that 
    you'll encounter knives, but you can take them out in the same way that you 
    did the ninja-star throwing ones. Watch out for the bowling balls coming from 
    the stairs here. That definitely has to be some sort of safety violation, I'd 
    Going right nets you into battle with even more basic foot soldiers, then even 
    more ninja-star throwing ones. The following section has the knife throwing 
    soldiers/bowling ball combination again, but you already handled it once so it 
    should be no problem again. Move on and take out a bunch of basic foot 
    soldiers again. They're starting to come from different places (the doors, 
    now), but they're still easier than ever. 
    The next group of foot soldiers have swords. They are also white. And very 
    easy to kill. Take care of them, just by attacking them really, then kill the 
    basic foot soldiers. After this, you'll be at the end of the hallway with 
    three robot mover things coming out of the ground. The easy way to kill these 
    is by moving one against the wall and then slapping it over and over until it 
    dies. Do that for the other two and you'll move on.
    In the next area, you'll be in April's apartment. Take care of the sword 
    wielding foot soldiers, then kill the new gun-holding and shooting foot 
    soldiers. They're a little tougher than normal, but you shouldn't have many 
    problems. After doing this, the ground shakes and a big gray module appears 
    from the floor. Who the heck designed this apartment?
    ----- BOSS FIGHT!!!! -----
    Rocksteady is the first boss in the game, and therefore he's not really all 
    that challenging. He does give me a little bit of trouble, but only if I'm on 
    low energy. He really only has three attacks. He shoots his gun, he punches, 
    and he runs at you. Simple, really. Avoid the gun, and when he fires straight, 
    jump kick him a few times. He'll counter with a punch, but you can avoid that. 
    Jump over him when he charges. Just follow this pattern and you'll win fairly 
    / SCENE 2 /                                                       / ALLEYWAY /
    Listen to that badass music! This game really does have excellent music. Kill 
    the basic foot soldiers. You can dismiss one by returning the sewer lid he 
    throws at you. Time it right to slice your weapon at it, killing the enemy 
    instantly. I don't think you get a point for doing this, however. The next 
    group throws knives, and then some more basic foot soldiers. Use the 
    surroundings to your advantage here, by throwing the parking meters at your 
    The following foot soldiers will simply throw dynamite at you. They're a tad 
    bit tricky, but just don't be on the ground when the dynamite lands, because 
    it explodes. Use your jump kicks to perfection here to take care of these 
    baddies. Take out the basic foot soldiers here, then after doing so (there's 
    six of them), collect the pizza as a reward. It's best to maximize the energy 
    production, so always wait until the enemies are defeated before grabbing the 
    Swing at the lady going by on a skateboard, as you'll get a point for doing 
    so. The screen now scrolls down for the first time, as enemies come crashing 
    through the windows now. First, beat up on the poor basic foot soldiers, then 
    the introduction of the yellow foot soldiers is here. They throw boomerangs, 
    so jump kick them as they throw the boomerang, then quickly jump over the 
    boomerang as it will come back, even if the enemy is dead.
    Kill the group of basic foot soldiers, then the group of boomerang foot 
    soldiers. When the screen scrolls right, stay down at the bottom of the 
    screen, as the pizza hut signs will fall down, revealing some more enemies. 
    Kill the boomerang soldiers, then the basic ones, then some more boomerang 
    ones. The boss will soon arrive!
    ----- BOSS FIGHT!!!! -----
    Bebop is a little more challenging than Rocksteady, although really he's not 
    that hard. I did get beat by him the last time I played though, which still 
    pisses me off. He has a stronger laser beam attack, he counters with a punch 
    faster, and he charges a LOT at you, so be careful for that. The running move 
    is the one you DEFINITELY have to be concerned with. He uses it a lot and it's 
    always annoying to try to avoid. Jump kick a fair bit, but not all the time. 
    Wait for him to shoot the laser, then jump kick, then jump out of the way in 
    case he decides to charge. Play defensively and this battle will be yours.
    / SCENE 2, PART 2 /                                                 / SEWERS /
    This is not one of my favorite stages, but it'll do. It has a nice little 
    secret to getting extra lives, though. Kill the basic foot soldiers that jump 
    out of the water, then the knife-throwing ones that soon follow. The new enemy 
    introduced now is the hammer ones that have this big hammer and throw it on 
    the ground. They're really easy. Wait for them to throw the hammer down, then 
    jump kick them or attack them. Simple, really.
    The new enemy introduced now is the punching soldier. They like to punch a 
    lot, as the name indicates, so be careful for that. The next new enemy is the 
    mouser. Stand just at the edge of the water and attack them as they come out 
    of the hole in the wall. That's the easiest way to take care of these 
    nuisances. Five more appear in the next part, so again stand on the edge and 
    kill them as they come out. 
    Kill the six hammer soldiers after this, then a bunch of sword-wielding ones 
    next. Mousers await you in the upcoming part, so do the usual strategy of 
    standing on the edge of the water and waiting for them to come at you, killing 
    them as they do so. Take out the punching soldiers while avoiding the gate 
    that comes up and down, as well as the rockets in the water, then kill some 
    sword soldiers and mousers. The final soldiers before the boss are knife 
    throwing ones, they're simple enough.
    ----- BOSS FIGHT!!!! -----
    Baxter Stockman just flies around in a crazy machine, throwing mousers out. 
    This is really not hard at all. Jump kick him over and over again, avoiding 
    the mousers or killing them as you jump kick. You can cheat here and 
    repeatedly kill mousers to build up extra lives. It'll help in a no game over 
    / SCENE 3 /                                             / SNOWY CENTRAL PARK /
    This stage was not even included in the arcade version, so feel special, I 
    guess! Run by the ice blocks that fall down at you, then kill the basic foot 
    soldiers that appear. Then, run up to the top of the screen as a yellow 
    machine will quickly come by, and you don't want to get caught up against that 
    thing. Then you'll be introduced to the sucky enemies, Snowmen Robots. I hate 
    these guys. They're snowmen who shoot off homing rockets, so you have to kill 
    the rockets and then them. They have two forms: snowman and robot.
    After vanquishing those annoying ****ers, you'll meet up with soldiers who 
    throw snowballs at you. They really won't be hard to kill at all. Kill the 
    basic ones that come up, then go up again to avoid another machine that goes 
    riding by, then kill more snowball throwing punks. Grr, more snowmen robots, 
    just what I wanted to see. Not. Run past the falling ice blocks again, then 
    kill the basic foot soldiers before meeting up with the boss.
    ----- BOSS FIGHT!!!! -----
    Tora is a pretty simple boss. All he does is swipe at you and run backwards to 
    catch a falling ice block, then throws it at you. When he does that, either 
    jump kick him low so you don't hit the block, or attack him a few times with 
    your weapon. I prefer the jump kick method, as he can always swipe at you with 
    his nasty claws if you attack him too much with your weapon.
    / SCENE 3, PART 2 /                                            / PARKING LOT /
    This stage is kind of boring, but I like the music. It's a remix of the theme 
    song, which I like. Beat up on the punching foot soldiers, then the easy white 
    sword-wielding soldiers that follow. I wish the entire game featured those 
    putzes. I'd never get a game over! Take out even more punching soldiers, then 
    eight knife throwing ones appear to be taken out. Why do they even bother 
    after a while, anyways?
    Beat up on the basic ones, then watch out for the blue car, as it'll come 
    screaming down, with foot soldiers appearing before it. Take care of the new 
    machine gun soldiers, then even more punching soldiers. The red car here will 
    come out, and you'll have to take care of more machine gun soldiers, followed 
    by more basic ones. Basic ones will come out of the following truck, so 
    dispose of them properly. A few more enemies ask to be killed before you'll 
    make it to the boss.
    ----- BOSS FIGHT!!!! ----
    I just remembered how cool the boss theme in TMNT: Turtles in Time was. Maybe 
    I'll play that game next for old time's sake. Anyways, there's a pizza here, 
    so use it when you're low on energy, if you even get that low. He's really 
    easy. He's flying, so you have to jump kick for almost the entire battle. He 
    just flies around, shooting his stupid weapon, and occasionally he'll come 
    down to give you a weak swipe. Pathetic. Kill him and you'll be halfway done 
    the game! April is now saved, as well!
    / SCENE 4 /                                                  / THE OPEN ROAD /
    Another gray level. If there's one complaint I have about this wonderful game, 
    it's the four stages in the middle that are almost entirely gray. Anyways, 
    take out the knife throwing foot soldiers, then you'll meet up with some 
    tougher adversaries, the spear throwing soldiers. They are tough as they 
    constantly throw spears at you, and they're overhead so jump kicking is a 
    little dicey. You can attack the spears to deflect them, however, so do so.
    After killing them, take out the hammer soldiers, then the annoying robots 
    from the 1st level, then some dynamite soldiers, then some more spear throwing 
    ones. Go up to the top because a car is about to drive by. When it's gone, new 
    bomb throwing enemies appear. They're not tough and they work similarly in 
    concept to the dynamite throwing soldiers. After killing them, kill the 
    motorcycle riding ones that come riding by over and over. Kill the basic ones 
    that follow, then the hammer ones, the knife throwing ones, and a bunch of 
    basic ones. The stage will be over after that. No boss or anything!
    / SCENE 4, PART 2 /                                          / SKATEBOARDING /
    Blah, another gray level. This time you're on a skateboard, at least. Kill the 
    two helicopters, they're rather simple. They just shoot slowly and directly 
    below them, so jump kick both of them over and over until they are defeated. 
    Then, a few enemies show up on skateboards, followed by a few more 
    helicopters.. and the level is over? Well, okay then.
    / SCENE 5 /                                                    / THE FACTORY /
    Hey, another gray level. The music is cool, at least. Go right and beat up on 
    the mousers. More basic foot soldiers await you to be killed, so do them a 
    favor and kill them. Then, kill some more mousers, and some knife throwing 
    soldiers will follow. The machine gun soldiers follow these nuts, and then 
    you'll get to kill the basic foot soldiers, followed by some spear throwing 
    assholes. I really don't like those enemies.
    Next up, the annoying cyclops enemies. They jump around and you can't hit them 
    until their legs are revealed. Once their legs are shown, you can kill them. 
    After seemingly taking seven years, you'll finally have them all defeated. 
    Kill some more basic foot soldiers, then you'll be.. at a boss? Nah, just a 
    mini boss. You'll have to kill some machine bugs, four at a time. Not really 
    anything worth sweating over, really.
    After this, go right and kill a bunch of boomerang throwing soldiers, then a 
    small army of basic foot soldiers. The final enemies are lasers that shoot at 
    you. Jump over the first and slice both of them repeatedly to stop them, then 
    you'll be up to the boss.
    ----- BOSS FIGHT!!!! -----
    Granitor is hard mainly because he takes sixteen million hits to defeat. 
    There's a pizza waiting if you need it though, so do the usual jump kicking 
    and attacking while avoiding his basic pattern. As usual, he runs, shoots, and 
    counters with punches. He just takes a lot more hits, that's all.
    / SCENE 6 /                                                    / SHOGUN DOJO /
    Finally a pretty cool looking stage. You can tell it's a NES exclusive. ;) 
    It's also DAMN HARD, harder than the final level. Kill the basic foot 
    soldiers, then some jumper enemies. More basic enemies follow, then some 
    punching ones. After killing a small wave of punching foot soldiers, you'll be 
    up to a part where the floor shoots off these bamboo poles at you. Be very 
    careful in navigating through this tricky part.
    After doing so, you'll have to fight two tigers. These tigers are pretty 
    tough. They run back and forth, shooting fire occasionally. You can't jump 
    kick them, so simply attack them a few times and let them jump over you. Watch 
    where they come out and attack them some more. Rinse and repeat until one is 
    finished, then move to the right and you'll have to do it all over again.
    Told you it was annoying. After you're finally finished with them, you'll have 
    to kill two scorpions, which take a lot of hits and are very tough to hit. 
    Forget about jump kicking, as their tail will hurt you every time. You'll then 
    have to kill two more, ugh. After that, kill the jumper enemies, followed by a 
    bunch of basic foot soldiers. The boss soon awaits.
    ----- BOSS FIGHT! -----
    Shogun is surprisingly easy considering how tough his stage was. I barely even 
    get hit by the guy. Just attack him a lot and soon his head will go flying 
    off. Keep working on the body and he'll soon die. There's even a pizza there 
    if you really need it. I really think they should have taken pizzas out in 
    this game, as you don't get game over on one life, but oh well.
    / SCENE 7 /                                                    / TECHNODROME /
    LISTEN TO THAT SONG! I love this stage's music! I listen to it all the time on 
    MP3. Anyways, this is the final stage. Kill the boomerang throwing foot 
    soldiers, then jump behind the laser shooting things and swipe at them until 
    they both shut down. Kill the easy sword wielding soldiers next, while 
    avoiding the cleverly placed lasers, then kill some basic foot soldiers. Avoid 
    the pipes that come up next, as they have an ice attack that can freeze you.
    Kill the knife throwing enemies now, then beat up on all the cyclops enemies 
    that soon appear. Avoid the laser shooting things next, then kill the dozen 
    machine gun soldiers that dare stand in your way. The sword wielding soldiers 
    again appear with a laser trap. Heh, that doesn't make them any harder. Four 
    more freezing attack pipes appear, then you'll go down an elevator.
    On the elevator, avoid the bowling balls (a much better place for them, I 
    think) that come down from the sides, then kill the machine gun soldiers when 
    you get to the bottom. Follow them up by killing the robot movers, then kill 
    the knife throwing soldiers, followed by more robot movers. Kill the hammer 
    soldiers, then a bunch of basic ones. You'll now be up to the bosses!
    ----- BOSS FIGHT!!!! -----
    Traag takes like a kazillion hits to kill, so be patient and slowly wear him 
    out. He has the usual attack pattern, so be very defensive and avoid the 
    lasers he shoots out, as they are pretty harmful. Jump kick a lot, but don't 
    overdo it. He counters a lot, so mix up your attacks and you'll eventually 
    have him defeated.
    ----- BOSS FIGHT!!!! -----
    Krang has the bestest boss song ever, I swear. He's also pretty challenging, 
    harder than Shredder I'd say. Krang counters with punches a LOT, so avoid jump 
    kicking for the most part. Instead, worry about mostly weapon-based attacks. 
    He takes a lot of hits and has some strong attacks, including a kick, eye 
    beams, and a rocket punch. The rocket punch and eye beam are easy to avoid, 
    but the kick is NASTY and will do some serious damage. He has long legs so 
    good luck consistently avoiding that kick attack. 
    ----- FINAL BOSS!!!! -----
    Shredder will finally await you. His boss music is awesome, but not quite as 
    awesome as Krang's. He's kind of a letdown. He splits into two parts, so you'l 
    have to fight them both until one's helmet falls off, then attack the real guy 
    for a while. If you accidentally kill the fake one, he'll split again and you 
    have to repeat. Shredder has a killer sword attack, as well as a badass beam 
    attack that INSTANTLY turns you into a baby turtle, killing you. Might want to 
    avoid that one. After a bunch of hits, he'll combine into one and start moving 
    super fast. Continue the onslaught and he'll be PWNED soon enough!
    Yay! You beat the game! Good job! Just turn it off without watching the 
    ending, it'll save you some pain.
                                    [ 4.0 } FAQ'S
    I'm sure you all have millions of questions to ask me, but since I don't have 
    time to answer them, I incorporated a FAQ section into the guide instead! 
         | 4.1 |     ARCADE GAME DIFFERENCES      | 4.1 |
    This is not really a FAQ, but more or less a list of all the differences 
    between the NES version of the game and the Arcade version:
    1. Music has changed. The music from the arcade version has mostly stayed the 
    same, but some revisions have been made.
    2. There are new stages in the NES version. Namely, the Ice level and the 
    Skateboarding level.
    3. The graphics are considerably worse from the Arcade version, as can be 
    4. The game can be played without quarters (duh) and each game over lasts 3 
    lives now instead of 1 like in the cheap Arcade version. (WASTE 10 DOLLARS 
    5. At the end of the boring road level, you fight Bebop and Rocksteady 
    together instead of just Baxter Stockman in fly form. 
         | 4.2 |         GAMEPLAY ISSUES          | 4.2 |
    I can't imagine anyone having any difficulty with the game, but here's a few 
    things people may be wondering about.
    1. Are there any codes for the game?
    SURE! Here are some good game genie codes.
    PEOIAPZA: For seasoned pros only, this code throws you into the fray with a
    single life to your name.
     TEOIAPZA- You can get a small jump on the competition with six lives, but
    that's kind of dumb when you have a better code built into the game.
     PEOIAPZE- If you've got lazy fingers or the code won't work for some reason,
    this will give you nine lives.
     AAEAULPA- Why not just go all out with this one for infinite lives? It's not
    hard to remember, either.
     PEXTKZZE- This fun code gives your normal attack four times its normal power!
    Damn! Use a turbo controller and you can waste Bosses in seconds.
    Unfortunately, any challenge there might have been vanishes completely.
     PEOVKZGE- Special Attacks cause double the damage using this, but how
    exciting is that?
     ZEOVKZGA- Your Specials have about half power, making your jump kick the most
    powerful move. Combine this with the first one and you might actually see the
    Game Over screen.
     PEXTEZLE- Jump kicks deal about the same death as two Specials, so those
    Bosses should bite it a lot quicker.
     PEXTEZLA- Having the opposite effect, this code cuts down the jump kick's
    power to roughly a third, making aerial attacks pretty much useless.
     SXEAPZVG + SZUAYZVG- This is pretty ineffective, but it lets a wounded player
    steal a life from the survivor without actually subtracting it from the good
    Samaritan's stock.
    In addition, use the code (B A B A Up Down B A Left Right B A select, start) 
    to get a kick ass stage select code.
    2. What game is better, TMNT 2 or TMNT 3?
    TMNT 2 is a little better in my opinion, but then again it's all subjective. 
    Read my reviews for more details, but I just think this one has better stages 
    and the fact that it's not as easy as the 3rd one kind of helps, as well. I 
    will admit that 3 is the technically superior game, but I still like this one 
    3. How do I get extra lives?
    Level up! JK... get 200 points. That's it. Each enemy is worth one point, as 
    mentioned above.
                  [ 5.0 ]  THE BEST BOSS GUIDE IN THE ENTIRE WORLD
    I have defeated a tried and true method to defeat every boss in the game. 
    Here's how:
                                                                    / ROCKSTEADY /
    Jump kick. Turn left. Jump kick. Turn right.
                                                                         / BEBOP /
    Jump kick. Turn left. Jump kick. Turn right.
                                                               / BAXTER STOCKMAN /
    Jump kick. Turn left. Jump kick. Turn right.
                                                                          / TORA /
    Jump kick. Turn left. Jump kick. Turn right.
                                                               / BAXTER STOCKMAN /
    Jump kick. Turn left. Jump kick. Turn right.
                                                                      / GRANITOR /
    Jump kick. Turn left. Jump kick. Turn right.
                                                                        / SHOGUN /
    Jump kick. Turn left. Jump kick. Turn right.
                                                                 / GENERAL TRAGG /
    Jump kick. Turn left. Jump kick. Turn right.
                                                                         / KRANG /
    Jump kick. Turn left. Jump kick. Turn right. Watch out for his punch counters 
    once in a while.
                                                                      / SHREDDER /
    Find the right Shredder. Jump kick. Turn left. Jump kick. Turn right. Avoid 
    his silly beam that kills you instantly.
    Congratulation on beating the game. A winner is you!
                                  [ 6.0 ] CONCLUSION
    THE END IS HERE! Finally!
         | 6.1 |         OTHER INFORMATION        | 6.1 |
    | CREDITS   |
    I'd just like to thank the following people for their support:
    - Cassey Blankenship, my baby boo: She is my reason for living, really. Maybe 
    not that far, but life is WAY better with her in it, and I am counting down 
    the days until I get to be with her again. I love you with all my heart, baby 
    girl! You are my only, my only one! 
    - The instruction manual that came with my COMPLETE (w00t) copy of the game. 
    It helped me with the game basics section, and I also stole the entire 
    storyline from there, so, uh, thanks.
    - The group of friends I made on GameFAQs: Thanks to you guys for supporting
    me when things got tough, and you know I always got your back. Especially to
    Dan, Gbness, Dyse, Positively Posterior, Ryan Harrison, MTincher, Fox, etc. 
    You guys are the best friends a guy can ask for, and I appreciate it. I know 
    some of you have bad taste in football teams, but you're all excellent people 
    and great writers. Except for Fox, but he's deaf so HE CAN'T HEAR ME ANYWAYS 
    - Music, for helping me to stay focused. Especially Savage Garden and Phil 
    Collins. Also, Apple for providing the awesome iTunes which helped me get most 
    of the music I have on my computer LEGALLY. 
    | OTHER     |
    You can check out all of my other guides on GameFAQs, which will hopefully
    include a very sexy Final Fantasy Tactics guide soon. I can't wait to finish
    that thing. I am most proud of Final Fantasy 9 and ToD2, but I did guides for
    a lot of Final Fantasies, as well as some random Castlevania and wrestling
    games, and both Tales of Destiny games. Check them out!
    In addition on my quest to write for all the Final Fantasy games, I will try
    to finish my Aria of Sorrow and NCAA Football 2000, as well as some random NES
    games (Predator, NOES, Jeopardy Jr., and Puss and Boots, anyone?) and guides
    for the other 2 Castlevania games that employ the new style. Oh, and I might
    do a Wild Arms 3 guide. And a Grandia guide. And a FF8 guide. And a FF7 guide. 
    And there's always Final Fantasy 12 and NCAA Football 2006 to look forward 
    I appreciate any information you can contribute, especially to art moves and
    side quests, as well as stuff I missed, walkthrough, etc. Anything can help.
    Also, feel free to email any questions that would be good for a FAQ section,
    as I plan to add one to a future update.
    Any errors and omissions that you may see can be corrected if you inform me of
    them. I'll also credit you, if your error or omission is actually correct and
    worth an update for me to fix. I am somewhat busy, you know.
    That's about it. If anyone would like me to add anything, you can always email
    AIM: JuanDixonFor3
    MSN: mcfa4834@bellsouth.net
    YIM: nicklacheysnightmare
    If you contact me on one of the instant messengers, and I do not respond, it
    probably means I am busy. I am always talking with my girl, and friends, so
    sometimes I just ignore some instant messages from people I do not know. Be
    nice, and I will talk to you, just don't come out and ask the question and be
    all rude if I do not respond in five seconds, otherwise I probably will just
    block you. I will answer all e-mails about the game, however.
    You can contact me by emailing me at penguin_faqs@yahoo.com
    One last note: Only email me about the game at penguin_faqs@yahoo.com, all
    emails about TMNT 2 sent to my other e-mail addresses will be deleted and/or 
    ignored. Thanks to all those that have emailed me so far, I appreciate it!
    1. Check my email backlog. If it's filled up, you may have to wait a while
    before you get a response.
    2. I check my email once in a while. Please wait for a response, because I
    will respond to all emails.
    3. Please read my guide before asking questions, thats why I have a FAQ and
    Reader Tips section.
    4. I will only post your question/tip in my guide if it is good, and has not
    been answered in this guide.
    Also, I have AIM and Yahoo. My AIM name is JuanDixonFor3, but PLEASE do not
    harass me with annoying questions or I'll block you. I only wish to chat with
         | 6.2 |         REVISION HISTORY         | 6.2 |
    v0.10 - May 5, 2003 - 43.5K - Finishing Adventure Island gave me inspiration 
    and motivation to work on another NES classic, so I just typed this entire 
    guide in about three hours, from start to finish. Enjoy.
         | 6.3 |             CONCLUSION           | 6.3 |
    That will just about wrap it up, folks. Thanks for checking out my latest 
    guide, Adventure Island. This was quite an experience, as the game was 
    challenging as hell and had a lot of secrets. Much thanks to everyone in my 
    credits, especially my girl. I hope to get back into the writing flow now, and 
    this was definitely a good start.
    Until next time,
    Psycho Penguin

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