Review by Rick L

"Screw Arkanoid! This game does it better!"

This has to be one of the best NES games I've played. It's from a company called Romstar. This game is basically an Arkanoid clone, but a very good one. Let's see the facts!

I wanted to add a quick comment in on the storyline. While I never bias my scores on the storyline of a game, I must say that it is pretty neat. I think it's, like, ''Mr. Chin has to escape the 32(?) Walls of Regret using only a paddle and a ball'' or something like that. I must say that the ''Walls of Regret'' name seems really cool.

Graphics: 10/10

These things are pretty damn good for the NES. The title screen is just awesome, and things are really detailed well. Everything is easy on the eye, and everything is well-colored. Mr. Chin does look slightly blurry, but nothing really to complain about there. Very good!

Sound: 10/10

Very unique type of sound. I enjoyed it. The music was very catchy and upbeat, which made it very easy on the ears. As far as I know, the game has only one music for all the levels, but it's a pretty damn good tune that you might not get sick of. The drum beats are very obvious in the music as well. Just give it a listen!

Gameplay: 100/10

Whatever Arkanoid does, this game does it a million times better! The control is very basic, so any idiot can pick this up and figure out how to play it. The variety in the power-ups is unbelievable. There's a power up that will split your ball into three balls. If you lose one or two at first, one of the balls will split back into three again! There's a power up that splits your ball into SIX balls! Next is my favorite power-up, which is the Big Ball (Or the big mother&#^%er, as I like to call it.), which basically gets rid of any block in one hit, no matter what type it is! There's a slow ball, which slows down the ball, there's a baseball glove which lets you catch and re-aim the ball (Which is a blessing in this game!), a power-up which lets you shoot missiles at blocks, and a power-up that makes your board longer! There's also a rare 1-Up that appears, too. You have to get these power-ups by hitting a little vehicle that goes by every so-often. Let's not forget enemies! A few of them are plants that will eat your ball, and split it into two faster-moving miniature balls, a red thing that looks like a balloon, and when hit, releases an octopus that tries to latch onto your board and slows you down. (Press left and right repeatedly to get rid of it), and turtle blocks that will re-build the wall if you're not fast enough. There's countless numbers of things in this game to talk about!

Replay Value: 10/10

This game is HARD. If you're going to sit down and beat it, be sure to set up camp, because you're going to replay the first levels quite a bit. There is no continue feature in this game, which is a bummer, but that only gives you more determination!

Overall: 10/10

A great game made by a little-known company that fell on deaf ears. This game had such potential to be a classic! Sadly, it faded out quickly, and all that's left are memories and ROMs. I'd definitely buy this game if I were you. You don't know what the hell you're missing!

This is The Rick, sayin' to BUY!!!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 03/23/02, Updated 03/23/02

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