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"Hey, didnt I see the same background 20 minutes ago?"

Tiger Heli was one of the many games I got from my cousin in the ''great christmas gift of 1996''. I remember I used to love this game and play it a lot when he had it. Now, as I look at it collecting dust in my NES game collection, I wonder why I even bothered to play it. Sure, it can be fun after a while, but the gameplay can now officially be considered tedious and boring. Sure, the game did offer some fun points to it, but it is now not enough. I have not played this game in a year (besides the hour i went through it last night, just so I can review it today) nor do I plan on playing it again any time soon. Anyways, enough talk, on with my Tiger Heli for Nintendo Entertainment System review!

Graphics (7.1/10)
At first glance these graphics seem pretty good. The backgrounds are wonderfully designed, and the enemy deisngs are pretty well done in terms of basic designs (gotta love the tanks). But then after a while, you should realize that they repeat the same basic graphic scheme over and over again! Same background, same enemy designs, same verything. Oh well. Overall, the graphics are good, then they get plain annoying after a while.

Music/Sound (4.8/10)
I remember this game a while back, and I remember I used to love the music in this game. Now, with my evolving music changes in taste, I knew for a fact when I booted the gamr up last night that I was not going to like the music anymore. And I was correct. I got sick of hearing the same old music after a few minutes. The sound effects are suprisingly decent, as somehow they did not get on my nerves right away. That is the ultimate compliment in my opinion. Overall, the music and sound effects are repeitive, but they sound pretty good at first.

Gameplay/Control (5.2/10)
Behind the reptetive music and graphics, there is also repetive gameplay. First off, this is basically your basic horizontal shooter. Not much innovation here. Basically, you bomb enemies while collecting items. Not much fun at all. Well, actually, it is fun, until you realize that the game is never going to end. Once you go through the same stage a million times, you quickly want to bash the game with a sledge hammer. other than that MINOR flaw ^_^, its a good game.

replay Value
Depends on how long you play it for.

Pretty average, although the game has no ending I believe.

Overall (5.2/10)
Repetious shooting game. I am still wondering why I liked this game so much as a kid, because I certainly do not like this game that much anymore.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 04/21/00, Updated 07/16/01

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