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"Very interesting game, to say the least"

I have never really been able to fully grasp the concepts behind a game for the Nintendo Entertainment System called Time Lord. It is a fun game to play, but unfortunately the basic gameplay is very screwy and therefore that decreases from the fun factor of the game a lot. The game is fun to play, and there is a good variety to it. Basically, you are thrust into time or something and have to around from time period to time peroid, or some crap like that. It is a very interesting game that isn't for everyone. The basic gameplay is too confusing for some feeble minds (like mine) to understand. Anyways, on with the review!

Graphics (8.3/10)
The graphics in Time Lord for the Nintendo Entertainment System were very cool, and had a nice variety to them. The backgrounds had a nice variety to them, and you will not see the same background repeated every few stages. Enemy and character designs are top notch, as the enemies have their own unique look to them. The boss designs are also very varied. Overall, the graphics in Time Lord for the Nintendo Entertainment System are varied and overall very well done. Great graphics.

Music/Sound (7.3/10)
Time Lord has cool music, but I feel that the music could have been better done. A little more variety in the music would have gone a long way in improving my opinions of the music in this game. Sound effect wise, Time Lord is effective. The sound effects all sound like they're supposed to. Overall, the music and sound effects in Time Lord are very well done.

Gameplay/Control (6.1/10)
Time Lord has an unique type of gameplay that is weird in terms of its basic structure. Basically, Time Lord is an unique side scrolling action/adventure game in the reins of a Double Dragon. The unique thing about is that you must go around and collect certain items. It takes you a while to find them, and certainly took me to find a lot of them. Overall, the gameplay and control in Time Lord for the Nintendo Entertainment System is very well done yet somewhat weird.

Replay Value


Overall (6.1/10)
Weird and not very good game.

''What do you mean, I have to collect all the orange thingies??''

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 04/22/00, Updated 07/16/01

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