Review by Frostmanblues

Reviewed: 01/03/05

An adptation from the Arcade which is a gem all its own.


An adaptation of an obscure Arcade is a gem in all its right.

Even if the carbon copy is not exactly what one wishes to be, it is comforting that at least tried its best to mimic the Arcade version in all aspects.

Thus, we have Toki, the only simian I took a liking to from his first appearance at Coin-Op games. It is quite amazing that this little 8-bit version retained most from the Arcade. Amusing, but impressive.

Gameplay- 7

Well, it is not that hard, since you have multiple hits instead of that one hit, one life loss from the original. Although jumping seems awkward most of the time, and it leaves you falling into a pit full of lava or any other fatal scenario our monkey hero faces.

Graphics/Sound- 6

It's not that ugly, really. Every enemy and frame seems to be intact, including those grimaces from that butt-ugly first boss whenever you riddle her with pellets. Although everything is quite tiny and flat-colored, making it hard to see what comes your way most of the time. Not a lot of shading for that matter, but I guess it would prevent some sprites from being unrecognizable. It is still a nice adaptation.

The sound includes the complete two variations of the BGM original, and its adapted nicely. Although some effects sound like whistles from time to time. Not bad at all, it did not distract me enough to stop playing it.

Story- 5

A young couple live their lives in tranquility. Evil guy appears and steals handsome girlfriend, turns handsome boyfriend into an ape. Ape must go and rescue girlfriend to become handsome man once more. Oog, oog, oog...

Another aspect of the story is the little “board” appearing between stages narrating Toki’s adventure, it even gives you a few hints of what’s to come to be prepared.

Replayability- 8

So it’s not a perfect copy...big deal. You will still play this every now and then like any other Arcade adaptation, and even consider a nice rival to other games of its type. Most of the Arcade stages are remained intact, including the story line as you progress through.

Final Recommendation- 7

Renting it would be your best bet, but owning it can give you more time to explore the weird stages in the island where Toki ventures. This port was worked to its fullest to give what it could from an Arcade adaptation. You can’t go wrong with an ape spitting pellets to freaky creatures.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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