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    ===TRACK & FIELD===
       VERSION: 1.0
         FOR NES
    Copyright 2001 © SKIP_STAR
    1. Introduction
    2. Updates
    3. Controls
    4. Events
    5. Scoring
    6. Legal Stuff
    Welcome to my Track & Field FAQ for the NES.  I was surprised to find
    there were not any FAQ's on the GameFAQ site so I thought I would have
    a crack at it.
    To me this has to be one of the most addicitive and fun games I have
    ever come across, and i am sure many would agree with me.  The idea is
    very very simple "Hit buttons as fast as possible to build up power".
    Sounds easy well it is, but it's the simple set up that makes for an
    addicitive and refeshing change to todays complexgames.  This one is
    certainly for the old skool gamers and the youger gamers are getting
    a taste of it now in the form of International Track & Field: Summer
    Games which has been released for the Nintendo 64.
    Enough of my rambling on to the FAQ. ENJOY!!
    2. UPDATES:
    03/07/01 Version 1.0
             ==Pretty much did the entire FAQ.  Only one section to be done now
    3. CONTROLS:
    Up:        N/A
    Down:      N/A
    Left:      Used in Skeet Shooting to shoot targets on the left.
    Right:     Used in all events that require angle.  Hold down and release
               when you have your disired angle.
    A:         Rapidly tap to increase running speed.
    B:         N/A
    Start:     Pause game, Select mode of play and event in which to start
    Select:    Scroll through modes of play and events.
    4. EVENTS:
    The game is made up of 8 different events which include 100 meter sprint
    , Long Jump, 110 meter Hurdles, Javlin, Skeet Shooting, Triple Jump,
    Archery, and finally High Jump.  Each event has it's own style to
    increase speed and distance.  Here is a run down event by event of how
    they work.
    I will list the aim of the event along with what is needed to be done
    to somplete the event.  Once i have multiple methods in which to do
    each event I will suggest the best method for each event.  Along with
    this I will list how to get bonus points in each event, and the default
    world record.  Followed by a round by round list of the qualifying scores
    needed to progress to the next event.  If you don't reach these then
    you will get game over.  The game just loops over and over till you
    don't reach the qualifying score.  So far i have got to round 6 and no
    further with a score of about 850,000.
    +100 Meter Sprint:+
    Aim:                Run 100 meters in the fastest possible time
    How:                Tap A as fast as possible to make the athlete run.
    Method:             ***Havn't come up with any yet***
    World Record Time:  9.93
    Bonus Points:       Finish with the exact same time as the CPU runner.
                        Hard to do on purpose but you will get 3000 points.
                        Not really worth it as you can get a higher score
                        running as fast as possible.
    Progressive Times Required
    Round 1: 14.00 sec
    Round 2: 13.00 sec
    Round 3: 12.50 sec
    Round 4: 12.00 sec
    Round 5: 11.75 sec
    Round 6: 11.25 sec
    Round 7: 11.00 sec
    Comment: None of these should be to hard as you should easily get
             between 9.7 and 9.3 seconds per run.  This should on average
             score you about 10,000 or so points.
    +Long Jump:+
    Aim:                Run up and jump as far into the pit as possible
    How:                Tap A to build up speed then hold right to get
                        the disired angle.  About 40 to 45 degree's.
    Method:             ***Havn't come up with any yet***
    World Record:       8.90 Meters
    Bonus Points:       Jump so that the last 2 digitd in your distance
                        as the same.  Eg 7.88 meters for 3000 points.
    Progressive Times Required
    Round 1: 5.50m
    Round 2: 6.50m
    Round 3: 7.00m
    Round 4: 7.50m
    Round 5: 8.00m
    Round 6: 8.25m
    Round 7: 8.50m
    Comment: This event would be the hardest to break the world record as
             the mark is quite high and it is hard to get over 8.5 meters.
             You will probably fall donw on this event more than any other.
             The consistantcy of distances is a little bit suspect so just
             persevre with it.  The first 4 rounds are not hard to clear
             but it gets very hard by round 6 and 7 onwards.
    +110 Meter Hurdles:+
    Aim:                Jump over hurdles every 10 meters and get to the
                        finish line as fast as possible.
    How:                Tap A to run and press RIGHT to jump the hurdles as
                        you come to them.
    Method:             ***Havn't come up with any yet***
    World Record Time:  12.93 sec
    Bonus Points:       Finish the race with the same time as the CPU runner
                        for 3000 points.
    Progressive Times Required
    Round 1: 15.50 sec
    Round 2: 14.50 sec
    Round 3: 14.00 sec
    Round 4: 13.50 sec
    Round 5: 13.25 sec
    Round 6: 12.93 sec
    Round 7: ?????????
    Comment: Quite and easy event which you will easily account for the
             world record with ease.  No real secrets to this, you should
             get times about 11.50 sec's on average.
    Aim:                Throw a spear as far as possible
    How:                Tap A to run and hold RIGHT to get the disired
                        angle which is about 42 to 50 degree's.
    Method:             ***Havn't come up with any yet***
    World Record:       99.72 meters
    Bonus Points:       Hold the RIGHT button until it gets to 80 degree's
                        when you release and you will knock down a space
                        ship for 3000 points.  You can only do this once
                        per round.
    Progressive Times Required
    Round 1: 65.00m
    Round 2: 70.00m
    Round 3: 75.00m
    Round 4: 80.00m
    Round 5: 85.00m
    Round 6: 90.00m
    Round 7: ??????
    Comment: Very easy event with a toughish world record to break.  But
             the qualifying scores give you little to no challange and you
             should average about 85 - 95 meters a throw with the occational
             going 100+.
    +Skeet Shooting:+
    Aim:                Shoot clay targets with a rifle.
    How:                Use the A button to shoot the targets as they pass
                        through the right hand red aim box, and use the
                        LEFT button to shoot the targets as they pass through
                        the left hand red aim box.  As you get on a roll the
                        boxes get bigger.
    Method:             ***Havn't come up with any yet***
    World Record:       4300 Points
    Bonus Points:       If you hit all the targets in a run then a space
                        ship with pass by.  Shoot it on the left hand side
                        for 3000 points, then you can shoot a crow once in
                        each sight for 5000 points each time.
    Progressive Times Required
    Round 1: 2400 Points
    Round 2: 2800 Points
    Round 3: 3000 Points
    Round 4: 3200 Points
    Round 5: 3400 Points
    Round 6: 3600 Points
    Comment: Very simple reflex based event.  Not hard to get perfect runs
             everytime with a little practice.  You should be aiming for
             18,100 or 18,200 in every run as it is not hard to do.
    +Triple Jump:+
    Aim:                Jump as far as possible with a hop, step and jump.
    How:                Tap A to run, and press LEFT once for each stage of
                        the jump.  Aim for about 43 - 50 degree's each time.
    Method:             ***Havn't come up with any yet***
    World Record:       17.89m
    Bonus Points:       Jump so that the last 2 digitd in your distance
                        as the same.  Eg 18.88 meters for 3000 points.
    Progressive Times Required
    Round 1: 13.00m
    Round 2: 14.00m
    Round 3: 15.00m
    Round 4: 16.00m
    Round 5: 16.50m
    Round 6: 17.00m
    Round 7: ??????
    Comment: Very easy to clear 22 meters on this event and smash the pre
             set world record.  No real secrets to this one.
    Aim:                Shoot 8 arrows at a target closest to the middle as
    How:                To set the wind press A at the begginning of the round.
                        Hold A down to release and hold till the angle reads
                        5.00 for the best chance of a bulls eye.
    Method:             ***Havn't come up with any yet***
    World Record:       3500
    Bonus Points:       Not to sure how to do it but occationally a bunny
                        with a apple on it's head with go by.  Hit the apple
                        for 1000 points and you will get an extra 3 arrows.
    Progressive Times Required
    Round 1: 2500 Points
    Round 2: 2700 Points
    Round 3: 2800 Points
    Round 4: 2900 Points
    Round 5: 3000 Points
    Round 6: 3100 Points
    Round 7: ????
    Comment: Can be quite easy or very hard.  The wind will play a major
             part in success or failure.  You have 3 rounds in which to get
             the score neeeded to just adjust your shoot's accordingly.
    +High Jump:+
    Aim:                Jump over the bar without knocking to off.
    How:                Tap A to run, and use the LEFT button to adjust your
                        angle.  Once when your first jump second to arch your
                        back over and finally to get your legs over.
    Method:             ***Havn't come up with any yet***
    World Record:       2.36m
    Bonus Points:       Clear the bar at the set height all 3 times in one
                        round for a bonus 3000 points.
    Progressive Times Required
    Round 1: 2.26m
    Round 2: 2.28m
    Round 3: 2.30m
    Round 4: 2.32m
    Round 5: 2.34m
    Round 6: 2.36m
    Round 7: ?????
    Comment: Not to hard but if your don't time your initial jumo right you
             will come unstuck.  Try to build up alot of speed and jump
             very near the actual bar then quickly make adjustments to your
             angle to get over.
    5. SCORING:
    I have set myself a challenge of getting over 1,000,000 points on this
    game which i think is very achieveable but a little bit of practice
    is needed.  I have worked out that I can score about 150,000 - 175,000
    points a round.  Consistancy is the key.  When i get some time I will
    write how the scoring for each even works.  But for now I will leave
    it here.
    If you have any tips or sectrets i have not mentioned drop us a line
    through the e-mail and i will give credit to who ever contributes to
    this guide.
    Unpublished Work By SKIP_STAR 2001
    None of the contents of this guide\FAQ may be reproduced in any way
    shape or form for profitable purposes.  This guide should only appear
    on Internet sites specified by me, the author, in it's original
    unaltered form and remain free to the public to view at these sites.
    This work is to stay unpublished unless specified by me, the author
    of the guide\FAQ.  If you want to publish any of this material you will
    need to contact me, the author, for authorization.
    E-mail me at Skip_90@Hotmail.com
    ICQ: 25687883
    This FAQ should only be available at: WWW.GameFAQs.com

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