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    FAQ/Walkthrough by FByies

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    Who Framed Roger Rabbit - NES
    Final Version
    Written By Freddie Byies
                            # Who Framed Roger Rabbit #
    5/28/01 (v final) - Added Game Genie codes, reformatted.
    .::Table Of Contents::.
     1) Introduction
     2) Characters
     3) Controls
     4) Walkthrough
        -Getting Started
        -Ink & Paint Club
        -Entering Toontown
        -Mountains & Valleys
        -The Store
        -Magic Building
        -Final Fight/Judge Doom
     5) Items
     6) Punchlines
     7) Tips
     8) Codes
     9) Disclaimer/Credits
    10) Closing Notes
    The game "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" is based on the movie of the same
    name.  Your goal is to basically destroy the villian, Judge Doom.
    Throughout the game you will encounter many different people, places, and
    enemies.  You will even travel between two alternate worlds: L.A. and
    Toontown.  To get to one world or the other, you must travel through the
    Toontown tunnel.  Of course, that isn't as easy as it sounds.
    Roger Rabbit - He mostly just follows you around.  He will cause you
    trouble sometimes also.
    Eddie Valiant - The main character you control.
    Judge Doom - The evil villian.
    Jessica Rabbit - She is Roger's love.
    Weasels - Judge Doom's two henchmen.  Aren't to bright:)
    Baby Herman - A baby 'toon who is pretty old.  Has an attitude and smokes
    Benny The Cab - He is your ride around town(much easier than walking)
    Bongo The Gorilla - The bouncer at the Ink & Paint Club.
    (thanks to Roger Rabbit's Toontown site for character info:
    Directional Pad - Move your character, select items when used with
    Select Button - Hold down while pressing the directional pad and you can
    switch between items.  Used to get in and out of Benny The Cab.
    B Button - Press this to use the current item in the "Holding" box.
    Brake button when driving Benny The Cab.
    A Button - Use this to search and to talk to people.  Gas button when
    driving Benny The Cab.
                                 GETTING STARTED
    You will start off in your building, Valiants Office.  When you go
    outside, you will notice a wallet on the ground.  Walk over it to pick it
    up.  Be careful though, or else the potted plant will fall on your head.
    Also beware of any animals which may be outside to harm you.
    *TIP* - Go back inside, and search the left side of the dresser to find
    another wallet.  Then return outside to find the wallet in the same place
    as the first time.  Do this over and over until you reach the maximum of
    nine wallets.
    Whenever you enter a building, you can talk to people walking along the
    street.  They are very helpful.  Lots of time, they will tell you if a
    building is empty or not.  If there is an item in the building, they will
    tell you to try searching the building.
    *NOTE* - I cannot tell you where all items are found, as they are random
    each game.  Just talk to people and search buildings.
    When talking to people, be sure to press the A BUTTON only once.  If you
    press it while talking to them, it will cancel out the conversation.
    Also, make sure you do not get hit or that will also cancel out the
    While walking along the streets, stay on the sidewalk as not to get hit.
    If Roger gets hit, he will be fine.  Remember, he is a 'toon.
    If you hear an alarm sound, beware, Judge Doom's Weasels are coming for
    you.  Your best bet is to go inside a building.
    When at a building, and you see an item with an animal walking back and
    forth near it.  DO NOT TRY TO PICK IT UP!!  If you do, the animal will
    attack, killing you.  You must distract the animal to get the item.
    Rats - Cheese
    Cats - Fish Bones
    Dogs - Meat
    Also beware when entering a building.  Lots of times an enemy will run
    right into you as soon as you enter.  So quickly go towards the door to
    dodge being killed.
    At large buildings you can usually go a little ways down the sidewalk and
    find items on the ground, or in trash cans.
    *FUN TIP* - If you hit a person then talk to them, you can sometimes get
    funny responses like "Go away you horrid man!"
    While on the map screen, beware of birds.  If they pick Roger up and
    carry him off, it causes you to die.
    To build power, get caught by the weasels and answer their lame jokes.
                                  INK & PAINT CLUB
    To enter the Ink & Paint Club, you must find the password, which is a
    sheet of paper.  Once found, you can enter the club to find Jessica
    Rabbit performing on stage.  She will tell you to find her number and
    give her a call.
    If you have the rose item, use it in front of the stage.  Jessica Rabbit
    will jump off the stage, and if you talk to her, she will give you tips
    on where to find parts of the will.
                                 ENTERING TOONTOWN
    The entrance to Toontown can be found on the south end of L.A.
    You will notice the tunnel is blocked off.  You will have to blow up the
    bricks to get through.
                                MOUNTAINS & VALLEYS
    These are located north of L.A.  You can find some caves up here once you
    search the area.  The caves are helpful as some of them have peices of
    the Will.
    It is best to drive in this area.
    Beware of snakes.  Also beware of the moths.
    Inside caves you will need the spring shoes to jump over the gaps.  You
    must also give the rattle item to the snake so you can retrieve the item
    on the other side.
                                     THE STORE
    Inside the store, you can purchase an item.  The item will be setting on
    the shelf.  All you have to do is select the wallet item, and press the B
    BUTTON and the item will drop from the shelf to the floor.  Then you can
    pick it up.
    At times in the game, you will sometimes have to fight one of the
    weasel's in front of buildings.  You will know when a fight is going to
    happen.  You can tell because there will be no one left on the sidewalk,
    and you cannot leave or enter a building.
    Roger will jump up onto the menu and hang, while watching you fight.
    To fight, select a weapon, or your fist.  Then use it on the weasel.  If
    you are using your fist, repeatedly press the B BUTTON to build up
    strength.  If you stand in one spot and do that, you cannot move.  But if
    you start repeatedly pressing the B BUTTON while moving, you can move
    around while charging up.
    Just beat on the weasel for awhile, and you will win and get points.
    Toontown is about the same size as L.A.  There isn't to much to do here
    except get some peices of the Will and get some items.  You must, MUST
    get the baseball here.  It is a very important item.
    At the north end of town is Judge Doom's warehouse.  This is where the
    final battle takes place.  To enter it you must have the complete Will.
    Beware of the enemies here.  There are a lot more than in L.A.  Just
    about anything that isn't human is an enemy, except the pigs.
                                   MAGIC BUILDING
    The magic building is located to the east of Judge Doom's factory.  Just
    go a little north of his factory, up the road, to the small building.
    Then proceed to walk to the east.  Once you reach the coast, follow it
    down and around, you should see a building and a road.  Go inside the
    building and it will flash "Magic Building" in the top bar.  Just use any
    item here and it will drop from the ceiling without taking it out of your
    inventory.  Just do this over and over until you get 9 of each object.
                              FINAL FIGHT/JUDGE DOOM
    The final fight is a rather difficult one.  It is advised you do the
    magic building trick mentioned above.
    Punch - Occasionally Judge Doom will attempt to punch you.
    Short Shot - Judge Doom uses this attack the most.  He shoots an item
    just a short distances before it hits the ground.
    Long Shot - If Judge Doom jumps in the air and lands, then he is going
    for a long shot, which goes about two or three times farther than the
    short shot.
    After you take away Judge Doom's life, he will fall off the platform, and
    the dip shooter will turn on.  Quickly get down the ladder, and climb
    onto the truck.  Then use the B BUTTON to grab the dip shooter.  When you
    come back down, Jude Doom will be back up.  Use the dip shooter on him to
    finish him off.
    Good luck in this fight, you need it!
       Item Name:                            Description:
    Fist          - Infinite.  This is your basic weapon.
    Wallet        - 9 maximum.  Used to purchase items at the store.
    Fish Bones    - 9 maximum.  Used to lure the cats away from an item.
    Meat          - 9 maximum.  Used to lure dogs away from an item.
    Rattle        - 9 maximum.  Used to lure snakes away from an item.
    Baseball      - 9 maximum.  Used to distract the weasel at the factory.
    Bomb          - 9 maximum.  Used as a weapon.
    Boxing Glove  - 9 maximum.  Used as a weapon.
    Crowbar       - 9 maximum.  Used as a weapon.
    Brick         - 9 maximum.  Used as a weapon.
    Rose          - 9 maximum.  Used to get tips from Jessica Rabbit.
    Heart         - 9 maximum.  Used to get tips from lady in hotel room.
    Detonator     - Infinite(once gotten).  Used to explode the dynamite.
    Dynamite      - Infinite(once gotten).  Blows up wall to Toontown
    Spring Shoes  - Infinite(once gotten).  Used to jump holes in the caves.
    Custard Pie   - 9 maximum.  Used as a weapon.
    Six-shooter   - 9 maximum.  Used as a weapon.
    The Will      - Infinite(once gotten).  Allows entrance to factory.
    Password      - Infinite(once gotten).  Used to get into Ink & Pain Club.
    Whistle       - 9 maximum.  Used to hail Benny The Cab.
    Cigar         - 9 maximum.  Used as a weapon.
    Flashlight    - 9 maximum.  Used in caves to give light.
    Portable Hole - 9 maximum.
    Here are the jokes asked throughout the game when caught by the weasels.
    To answer, hold down the SELECT BUTTON while pressing the UP or DOWN
    directions to change the answer.  Press the A BUTTON to confirm your
    "-" = Question
    "*" = Answer
    -What tuba can't you play?
    *A tuba toothpaste
    -What is the best cure for water on the brain?
    *A tap on the head
    -What hand do you write with?
    *I usually write with a pencil
    -What do ghost ride on at the state fair?
    *The roller ghoaster
    -What animal can you never trust?
    *A cheetah
    -Where is Timbucktwo?
    *Between Timbuckone and Timbuckthree
    -How did you find out the weather on your holiday?
    *I went outside and there it was
    -What animal would you like to be on a cold day?
    -Why does a sheep have a wool coat?
    *He would look stupid in a plastic coat
    -Name nine animals from Africa?
    *Eight elephants and a giraffe
    -Why did the orange stop rolling?
    *Because it ran out of juice
    -Why are you so angry?
    *It's all the rage
    -Where do you find a wild boar?
    *Depends on where you leave them
    -What is worse than raining cats and dogs?
    *Hailing Benny The Cab
    -Why are barbers such fast drivers?
    *Because they know all the short cuts
    -What trees do thumbs and fingers grow on?
    *Palm trees
    -Why do birds fly south for the winter?
    *Because it's to far to walk
    -Why is a river rich?
    *Because it has two banks
    -Where did King John sign the Magna Carter?
    *At the bottom
    -Why are false teeth like stars?
    *They come out at night
    -Does your watch tell the time?
    *No you have to look at it
    -What are witches good at in school?
    -Why do you want to work for a bank?
    *Well, I'm told there is money in it
    -On what side of a school would an elm tree grow?
    *On the outside
    -What fish wears a cowboy hat and carries two guns?
    *Billy The Squid
    -How did the intruder get into the mansion?
    *Intruder window
    -What goes zzub zzub zzub?
    *A bee flying backwards
    -What food sings at the Ink & Paint Club?
    *A soup opera
    -What do you give a seasick elephant?
    *Plenty of room
    -Why did the toon throw his watch out the window?
    *He wanted to see time fly
    -What does an elephant do when it rains?
    *Gets wet
    -How do you make a coat last?
    *You make the trousers first
    -What is black and white and red all over?
    *A sunburned penguin
    -What did one rose say to the other rose?
    *Hello bud
    -Why is Baby Herman like an old car?
    *They both have a rattle
    -What goes tick tock woof?
    *A watch dog
    -What is a forum?
    *Twoum plus twoum
    Always watch out for enemies.
    When on the map screen, try moving up and down more rather than left to
    right.  This is to help dodge the birds that will try to pick up Roger.
    Stay on the sidewalk.
    If you want to dodge the weasels, then get out of Benny The Cab if they
    are chasing you, then when you see them, get back in and drive off.
    When in the mountains, stay near trees so you can run around them to
    dodge the snakes.
    When fighting the weasel, use the punch that allows you to move around so
    you can build up strenght without the risk of getting hit.
    Use the magic building to build up your items so you can kill Judge Doom
    Be careful talking to people while an enemy is around.  If you are in
    conversation, they enemy will not only knock you out of it, but most
    likely will kill you.
    (the following codes are for the Game Genie)
    Code:                    Effect:
    PESSSYLA                 1 life
    TESSSYLA                 6 lives
    PESSSYLE                 9 lives
    SXVOYIVG                 Never lose a life except in Punch lines
    SZSZXYVG                 Never lose a life in Punch lines
    SXKELNVK                 Infinite continues
    PAUKXTGA                 Harder to build strength
    EPUKXTGA                 Strength to full instantly
    This FAQ is written exclusively for www.gamefaqs.com, and may not be used
    in full, or partial form, on any other website, book, or any other
    publication without written permission from me.  To recieve my
    permission, please email me at cheesemonkey@worldnet.att.net.  I would
    like to thank the following:
    LJN Toys Ltd.
    Walt Disney
    Amblin Entertainment
    If you would like to use this FAQ on your website, book, etc., please
    email me at yagunoi@hotmail.com.  Also use that address if you have any
    questions, comments, corrections, etc.
    This document is copyright 2001 by Freddie Byies

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