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    FAQ/Walkthrough by JMLee

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    Wizards & Warroirs 3: Visions Of Power guide by Justin M. Lee
    Final Version 		Completed 2/13/02
    devilman337@lycos.com (feel free to compliment the guide!)
    Legal Notice: Please do not copy this guide and pass it on as your own. A lot of 
    time was put into this guide, and I'd appreciate it if you didn't do so. But 
    feel free to view my helpful guide whenever you need help with this great game. 
    Would you like it if some stranger ripped off your work and peddled it around 
    claiming it was THEIR creation?
    Why did I make this guide, you ask? Turns out that GameFAQ's.com doesn't have 
    any guides for this game whatsoever, so I decided to make one myself :) hope you 
    enjoy it!
    Section 1 - Story
    Section 2 - Changes in the game
    Section 3 - Controls
    Section 4 - Areas
    Section 5 - Kuros' abilities
    Section 6 - The Inn
    Section 7 - Useful items
    Section 8 - Walkthrough
    Section 9 - Riches side quest
    Section 10 - Quotes from the game
    Section 11 - Hints, tips, & codes
    Section 1 - The story
    After defeating Malkil on top of Fireice mountain in his last quest, Kuros 
    thought that Malkil was no longer a threat to the world. Turns out his spirit 
    survived, and it proceeded in shooting Kuros with a nasty fireball. After his 
    sneak attack, Malkil flees to the city of Piedup, where he disposes of King 
    James and transforms using his image. Meanwhile, Kuros searches for Malkil. 
    Along the way, an upstart punk tries to attack Kuros, but he managed to get 
    defeated with 1 hit. Kuros takes his sword and finally arrives in Piedup, 
    unaware of what lies ahead.
    Section 2 - Changes in the game
    The first noticeable change is that there is no magic meter, or spells, like in 
    Wizards & Warriors 2. Power ups are gained by acquiring character outfits, not 
    finding special items. Also, swinging your sword has been made effective :). 
    Also, there are no numbered stages, but different areas in one huge level. You 
    only fight bosses after taking specials tests instead of at the end of a level. 
    The inn is better looking too, & the innkeeper actually walks around and greets 
    you instead of just stand there ;) Unlike the previous games, you have a life 
    meter of 16 units, and a stupid bat can't kill you in 1 hit :). (A little secret 
    for you. After the story and high score list appears, the innkeepers, Knight 
    Guild and Thief guild owners are showcased. Seems they forgot the owners of the 
    Wizard Guilds. But, it's pretty neat nethertheless!)
    Section 3 - Controls
    A button - jump in the air
    B button - fires your weapon (if able to)
    Up - aims your weapon up
    Down - squat down (try walking while squatting :)
    Start - pauses the game so you can get a snack
    Select - brings up your forms menu
    Section 4 - The game areas
    The 1st area you are introduced to is the city area of Piedup. Here you will 
    obtain your Thief outfits & start your quest. You also have the (ahem) pleasure 
    of meeting the citizens of the city, which include stray dogs, men in coats, & 
    soldier-looking fellows. If you don't want to be attacked by the folks of the 
    city, use your thief outfits.
    The area below the city is the dungeon area of the game. There are some pretty 
    nasty monsters running around in here, including floating faces, leaping demons, 
    & giant worms who will try to eat you for lunch. Kuros will eventually learn to 
    be a Wizard in the dungeons of Piedup. There are 3 levels here: an upper orange 
    area, a middle green area, and a lower purple area. The tunnels in between the 
    upper & middle parts are red, & the tunnels between the middle & lower parts are 
    blue. However, the building that takes you to the dungeons is guarded by a 
    sleepy bouncer who jumps around as if he has a scorpion in his pants. There are 
    no irate fashion critics to worry about in this area :)
    The place above the city is known as the castle area. Kuros will eventually gain 
    the powerful Knight outfits in this area. There are 2 parts to this place: 
    outside the castle, & inside the castle. Outside the castle, there are spear & 
    fireball-throwing soldiers who want you out of commission, not to mention those 
    pesky eagles from Wizards & Warriors 2. The outer area consists of a lower white 
    base, an upper red top, and 3 blue towers.  Inside, the richer populous of 
    Piedup reside in the palace, being the snobs they are. Show off your chivalry 
    and walk around as a knight to avoid being whacked by the ladies with a handbag.
    Section 5 - Kuros' abilities
    The Thief outfits are the fastest characters you possess in the game, & with 
    each outfit you gain, your skills as a break-in artist increase. The 1st Thief 
    level has a yellow dress and hat, along with a dagger as your tool. The only 
    good use for this form is sneaking by the giant Viking wannabe blocking your 
    path to the dungeons. The 2nd level sports a green outfit and has a crowbar to 
    match. Useful for breaking into buildings with red windows, & can be used to 
    travel the secret paths in the dungeons. However, the 3rd level is the ultimate, 
    & fastest, Thief form. It comes with a dark brownish outfit & the awesome 
    skeleton key. Although you can't attack with it, you can break into red windows, 
    secret dungeon paths, open chests, & unlock ANY door! Only the skeleton key will 
    open doors that have a keyhole on it.
    Kuros' 2nd batch of outfits are the Wizard outfits from the dungeons. The 
    Wizards are the slowest moving characters of all, but they jump very high and 
    have magic powers to make up for lack of speed. The 1st level has an orange 
    cloak & fireball staff, which shoots straight, up, diagonally down-forward, or 
    diagonally forward. They explode after they travel some distance however. This 
    form is VERY useful for killing enemies from a distance, & is needed to progress 
    early in the game. The 2nd level, however, isn't so useful. It comes with a red 
    cloak & has a force field staff, which ONLY protects you from the waterfalls in 
    the game. Against enemies, you're better off using armor made of tinfoil than 
    using that staff. But, the 3rd level is the sweetest one of all. You get a 
    purple cloak, but the staff enables you to levitate! The levitation is slow, but 
    the problem of getting those hard to reach goodies is a thing of the past. Using 
    this outfit, you can also jump the highest. 
    The last set of outfits are the Knight outfits you earn from the castle. Kuros 
    starts out in this form with a rather small sword, & is also the form used in 
    the tests you must take to get new character forms. Instead of increased speed 
    or jumping, Kuros becomes more powerful with each new outfit. The 1st level has 
    blue armor & a longer sword. Quite useful for killing pesky civilians and other 
    bothersome creatures. The 2nd level has turquoise armor & the infamous throwing 
    axe. Although powerful, it is not the best tool for murdering that rabid dog 
    that mistakes your leg for a chicken leg, due to the boomerang motion of the axe. 
    However, you DO need it to progress late in the game. The 3rd level is a 
    knight's dream come true. Interestingly enough, the armor is the same color as 
    your starter Knight form. However, the major difference is you get a HUGE sword 
    that's as big as kuros himself! Plus, the sword shoots fireballs! If there was 
    ever any trouble you had getting through the g
    ame due to pesky enemies, plow right through them using your shooting sword so 
    you can get the last laugh. :)
    Section 6 - The Inn
    This part of the game has been improved from Wizards & Warriors 2 & has varying 
    backgrounds & music as well. When you speak to the innkeeper, he'll offer 
    several choices to you. You can either buy food (replenishes 1 health unit), 
    drink (replenishes 1/2 a health unit), keys to open chests and doors, or gossip, 
    which can be interesting to listen to sometimes. But, if you don't dress 
    correctly according to area, he'll kick your butt right out the door (something 
    I always found to be funny :). Each inn will have different prices for these 
    items, so be sure to remember which inn has the best prices in case you need to 
    buy something!
    Section 7 - Useful items
    Along the way, Kuros will find chests filled with sacred riches, food to 
    replenish health, & money to buy whatever he needs. Here's a list of each item, 
    and what it does.
    For sake of simplicity, I'll refer to the money in this game as dollars.
    Bronze, Silver, & Gold Thief statues - Used to gain entry to the Thief tests
    "	"	"	" Knight statues - ditto the above
    "	"	"	" Wizard statues - ditto the above
    Small gem - gives you $10
    Big gem - gives you $50
    Chest small gem - gives you $100
    Chest big gem - gives you $200
    Coin - gives you $50
    Chest coin - gives you $200
    Sack O' cash - gives you $100
    Chest sack O' cash - gives you $300
    Meat - replenishes 1 health unit, gives you $10 (I wish I could get money from 
    my food. I'd be rich by now! :)
    Tiny bag - gives you $10
    Riches (Orb, Scepter, Amulet, Coin, Crown, Chalice) - gives you $1000!
    Crown Jewels - Needed to open the gate to reach Malkil, gives you $200 each
    You can only carry 4 riches, statues, or Crown Jewels at a time.
    Section 8 - Walkthrough 
    In this walkthrough, I will give you the quickest way to beat the game using the 
    least amount of keys, but a good portion of the fun comes from exploring and 
    collecting enough treasure to make the snobs up in the castle look like filthy 
    beggars, so be sure to explore in the game!
    You start off in the city area, right in front of the building you use to get to 
    the dungeons. Walk around & collect $180 so you can buy 2 keys. There is a sack 
    o' cash all the way to the left from your starting position, so be sure to scoop 
    up the loot as you go. Go to the building to your left & jump up to the next 
    building. That's the first inn you'll enter.
    (A little hint for you. Your starter Knight form will NOT get you kicked out of 
    any inns in the game, so don't worry about the fashion code yet :).
    Food - $170  Drink - $155  Keys - $90  Gossip - $45
    Buy 2 keys, then leave the Inn. Go down to the ground and go to the leftmost 
    building. Enter to get the Bronze Thief statue (that was easy!) Then go back 
    where you started and enter the building on the right. This is where the 1st 
    Thieves' guild is located, and it is owned by Fingers. In order to take any test, 
    you must return the proper statue, or the owner won't let you take the test. The 
    Thieves' test is an area filled with small jumping platforms, teleport doors, 
    flying pointy weapons, and spikes on the floor, not to mention the screen 
    automatically rolls to the right. Be careful not to fall down onto the spikes. 
    Doing so will warp you back to the owner's area, & you'll lose 3 health units as 
    well. Anyways, travel to the right end of the test area to meet the Bronze Thief 
    Boss. (Another useful tip for you. All Bronze Bosses have 4 health units. Silver 
    Bosses have 8, & Gold Bosses have 12. Whenever they hit you, you lose 2 health 
    units, so be careful!)  This guy is a pushove
    r. All he does is stand there waving around his little toy dagger thinking he's 
    the hardest boss in the game. Whenever he isn't waving that excuse of a weapon 
    around, get close to him and reduce him to cold cuts with your sword. If you 
    stand just outside his reach, you'll be able to kill him without getting hit! 
    After you beat him, you'll earn the 1st thief outfit, along with a cool $1000. 
    After you complete each test! Leave the building, and then buy some more keys 
    from the inn. Then, go back to your starting position and enter the building AS 
    A THIEF. If you don't, the dumb putz will wake up & start attacking you. Give 
    him the slip by wearing your Thief outfit.
    You are now in the upper dungeon area. There is a flashing floating face 
    blocking your access to the lower levels, so ignore it for now. To the immediate 
    left of the entrance is the 1st Wizard's guild. But, you need to get the statue 
    first, so go down and to the right. There is a door at the end. Enter to get the 
    Bronze Wizard statue (another no-brainer!) Go to the Wizard's guild to take your 
    1st Wizard test. In this test, vertical is the way to go! Be sure not to fall 
    off the moving platforms as you go up, or else you'll pay the consequences. Once 
    you get to the top, you'll face the Bronze Wizard Boss. Once again, he is a 
    pushover. All he does is stand there and wave that skinny wand of his thinking 
    he is Merlin the magician. Beat him to obtain the useful 1st Wizard outfit, 
    along with a nice wad of spending cash. Go back into the city, remembering that 
    the" fashion officer" will pounce on you for not wearing a thief outfit. Once 
    back in the city area, go as far up as you can, 
    then go to the building farthest to the right. It'll be a wide 2-floor building, 
    the lower having 4 windows, the top floor having 1 window. Don your Wizard 
    outfit and creep as close as you can without falling off. Shoot at the beehive 
    until you kill it. Then jump up and continue going up. However, if you go 4 
    buildings to the left and 1 building up, you'll find the 2nd city inn. (There 
    are always 2 inns per area. In the castle area, they are inside the palace.)
    Food - $175  Drink - $160  Keys - 110  Gossip - $55
    In the middle of the area, at the very top, there is a green building with a 
    tower reaching off the screen. This building will take you to the castle area, 
    outside the palace. The small gate takes you back in the building, while the 
    bigger gate to the left takes you in the palace. Up a little bit and to the 
    right is a door. Enter it to get the Bronze Knight statue (this will be the last 
    easy statue in the game.) To the left of the entrance is a door that contains an 
    Food - $180  Drink - $150  Keys - $85  Gossip - $60
    Keep going left and you'll find a door that has the 1st Knight's guild, which is 
    owned by Sir William of Odd. Return the statue so you can take your 1st Knight 
    test. This test area contains lots of hazards, including spears that jut out of 
    the platforms, spike balls that shoot out of various places, fireballs coming 
    out of the walls, & knife like protrusions that'll try to knock you off a 
    platform. In this 1st test, there are no protrusions or spears, so you'll have 
    little difficulty reaching the Bronze Knight Boss at the far right of the area. 
    Like all other Bronze Bosses, he's very easy to beat. He stands there and waves 
    his sword around hoping to end your quest to destroy Malkil. Whenever he isn't 
    swinging his sword, stab him with your sword until he falls. You'll get the 1st 
    Knight outfit, along with the usual bonus. IMPORTANT: once you get the 1st 
    knight outfit, your starter form is no longer available! 
    Head out the palace & go back into the city area, either by taking the gate, or 
    falling off either side of the castle. You won't lose any life falling off the 
    castle area, but if you fall too far in the game anytime, you'll lose a health 
    point. Anyways, from the starting building, jump up 2 buildings and enter. 
    You'll encounter a pink, demon looking creature. He has 8 health units, and 
    he'll attack you by spitting fire diagonally down at the floor, then he'll frog-
    leap at you in a feeble attempt to injure you. (The fire he spits moves a little 
    bit across the floor, but it shouldn't be too much of a problem for you.) Use 
    your 1st Knight ability & keep attacking him until he's dead. In the next room, 
    you'll get the Silver Thief statue as reward. 
    Leave the building and go back up to the castle area. In the outer castle area, 
    there are 2 mini towers surrounding the base. You can't reach the left tower yet 
    because if you try to jump over, you'll encounter an invisible barrier midway. 
    Go inside the palace and go up and to the left. The floor will resemble a 
    staircase as get high enough. Go through the door, and you will be at the RIGHT 
    door near the edge of the base. Head to the right mini- tower using the 2 ledges 
    in mid air, then go through the gate at the bottom. You'll return to the top of 
    the city, in between 2 buildings. Jump to the right building to enter the 2nd 
    Thieves' Guild, owned by The Cat. (Important: the 2nd and 3rd Guilds only let 
    their own kind take the tests. If you're a Knight or Wizard in the 2nd Thieves' 
    Guild, you'll be forced to leave.)
    Now you'll have to take harder tests than before. This time around, there are a 
    lot more teleport doors, so be careful not to teleport into the spikes. There 
    are no arrows though, which is a slight relief. Once you get to the end of the 
    test area, you'll face the Silver Thief Boss. Unlike his pathetic Bronze cousin, 
    the Silver Boss constantly moves back and forth, swinging his dagger furiously. 
    In order to avoid getting hit when he moves forward, jump back into the narrow 
    tunnel and wait for him to retreat right and rest. This will be the only time 
    you can safely attack him. (A little side note. When you fight the Silver and 
    Gold Bosses, you'll be able to rapidly hit them because their "invincible time" 
    after being hit is reduced drastically.) You should be able to get 4 or 5 hits 
    on him before he hits you with his dagger. Repeat this process to win the nifty 
    2nd Thief outfit! 
    Once you get your 2nd Thief outfit, head back down into the dungeons. Remember 
    Mr. Flashy Face? You can now kill him using your 1st Knight ability with 1 hit. 
    If you need to buy keys or food, there's an Inn not too far away to the left. 
    Food - $250  Drink - $145  Keys - $75  Gossip - $60
    Then go back to where the flashing face was and head down into the green middle 
    area of the dungeons. 
    Keep going down and left, you'll find a door next to a tunnel leading into the 
    purple lower area. Enter and go into the middle of the room. The giant blue worm 
    in there will appear out of one of the 6 holes. The best way to kill him is to 
    use your 1st Wizard ability and keep moving around. He'll lose a section of his 
    tail after a couple of hits, but with each section lost, he gets faster. He'll 
    also spit green globs at you too as he travels around. Kill him, and you'll get 
    $170 in treasure! You'll also find the Silver Wizard statue in the room the worm 
    was guarding. 
    Leave the rooms, and then travel upward. You see that orange blob on the ledge? 
    That is one of the secret passages of the dungeons. They are used to travel from 
    one section of an area to another quickly and easily. Use your 2nd Thief ability 
    to travel through these convenient tunnels. There are also money items and food 
    in the tunnels as well. You'll appear in the next section of the dungeon. Go 
    upward and you'll see a door. This is the 2nd Wizard's Guild. Enter as a Wizard 
    and take the next test. 
    The test itself as almost the same as the last one, except when you reach the 
    area with 3 platforms in a row, a googly-eyed piece of crap for a monster will 
    slide down the wall trying to knock you down. Kill it and head up to the Silver 
    Wizard Boss. He's tougher than his weakling Bronze cousin because he can shoot 
    fish out of his wand that crawl across the ground. (Fish out of his wand? I was 
    expecting lightning or fireballs but fish? Interesting.) Beating him will get 
    you the rather useless 2nd Wizard outfit, but the $1000 makes up for it somewhat. 
    Go back to where the flashing face was & jump over to the other side. (In order 
    to do this correct, stand on the 2nd closest platform and jump using your 2nd 
    Thief ability. It took me a while too, so don't feel dumb or anything :). Then 
    head ALL the way back up to the castle area and head inside. Go all the way up 
    and you'll be in an area with a different colored background. In the upper left 
    corner is another inn if you need anything from there.
    Food - $200  Drink - $150  Keys - $100  Gossip - $50
     Exit out of the gate directly above where you entered. You'll be in the upper 
    red part of the outside castle. Then, jump to the left and land on the ledge 
    above. There is a door a couple of squares to the left. Enter it to face off 
    against an irate knight with an axe. Use you 1st Knight ability against this guy. 
    NOTE: when you hit him, he'll put his axe out in front of him and hop back. Once 
    you get him pinned in a corner, he'll jump and try to land on you. Defeat him to 
    get the Silver Knight statue. 
    Leave the room and fall to the left side of the castle. You'll end up in the 
    city by a waterfall. Use your 2nd Wizard ability to pass through these falls & 
    you'll be at another warp building. Enter, & you'll be on the left mini tower in 
    the castle area. Enter the door and you'll be in the 2nd Knight's Guild, owned 
    by Sir Timothy of Brookton . Give back the statue and you'll take a harder test 
    this time. The spears and knife life protrusions I described earlier and now 
    present in this test. Be careful crossing over, or you'll end up falling out of 
    the test area. At the end of the test area is the Silver Knight Boss. This boss 
    is harder than his Bronze cousin because he continually swings his sword around, 
    but he still remains in 1 place. Once he stops swinging, keep slashing away at 
    his health meter until you get hit. You'll eventually kill him, earning the 2nd 
    Knight outfit & $1000. Leave, and then drop back down into the city. Drop down 
    to the left until you come to a pink bui
    lding with a red window. This is where you'll get the Gold Thief statue. 
    However, you're in for a rough time. The same guy you fought for the Silver 
    statue is back, except he's green now. The only way you can attack him is with 
    your crowbar! Whenever he isn't spitting fire or leaping like there's a lit 
    match between his toes, get up close and personal (Literally!) and whack him 
    upside his ugly horned head. You should be able to beat him eventually if you're 
    good. Once you get the last Thief statue, refill your health, & then return back 
    to the building you used to get to the castle area. To the immediate right is a 
    flashing soldier-like citizen. Use your 2nd Knight ability to kill him, then 
    jump over and enter. 
    This is the 3rd Thieves' Guild, owned by Slippery. (Just for the record, the 2nd 
    and 3rd Thieves' Guilds are only 1 building apart from each other!) Be prepared 
    to take the toughest test so far. Although the number of teleport doors is 
    reduced a bit, you still have to contend with the narrow platforms and avoid the 
    spikes. To make things worse, there will be arrows flying at you again, & 
    daggers will shoot up from the floor! Reach the end of this area to face the 
    Gold Thief Boss. He attacks the same way as the Silver Boss, except he has more 
    health now. However, he sometimes makes a FATAL mistake; he flinches back 
    sometimes if you attack him while he is resting. When he does, pound him into 
    the ground! Once you beat him, you'll received the infinitely awesome 3rd Thief 
    outfit & $1000!! Now you'll never have to buy keys again!! 
    After receiving your newest toy, head back down into the dungeons & go all the 
    way down into the lower purple areas. The section farthest to the left has the 
    3rd Wizard's Guild. The section next to it has an Inn if you need to buy health.
    Food - $235  Drink - $150  Keys - $70  Gossip - $65
    Enter the next section to the right. Travel upward and to the right and you'll 
    find the entrance to the Gold Wizard's statue. This time, you have to fight 2 
    green worms in a row. Use the same tactics as before and it shouldn't bee to 
    difficult. Once you get the statue, head all the way back to the Wizard's Guild. 
    Unlock the door & come back in again as a Wizard. Return the statue, take a deep 
    breath, & tackle the HARDEST test in the entire game. I really hope you're 
    vertical skills are good, because the revolving platforms are half the size of 
    the previous ones in the earlier Wizard tests! One slip up here will spell 
    certain doom for you, so times your jumps very carefully. The ugly slime 
    creature I warned you about is more of a pain now due to the tiny platforms. 
    Hopefully, you'll reach the top and duke it out with the Gold Wizard Boss. Make 
    sure you DO NOT fall, because he can shoot those magic fish AND shoot balls that 
    roll on the ground! However, beating him will immediatel
    y relieve your torture by obtaining the 3rd Wizard outfit!! 
    Leave the guild & levitate upwards. You'll go through a blue tunnel and into a 
    cut off section of the middle green dungeon. Go all the way to the top & enter 
    the secret passage. You'll be teleported to where you began the game! (Sweet!) 
    Then, head ALL the way back up to the castle area but do not go in yet. Levitate 
    straight up, & you'll see a yellow wire mesh not too far off to the left. Land 
    there, then break in using your 3rd Thief ability. You'll be inside that little 
    window area of the palace. Enter the skeleton key doorway to face off against 
    the knight guarding the Gold Knight Statue. Once you gave him a lesson in knight 
    combat tricks, return back outside, then meditate up to the tower part of the 
    castle. You can either travel up the towers inside, or levitate outside. The 
    door on top of the left tower has the 3rd Knight's Guild, owned by Sir Graham of 
    Gardena. Go inside to take your FINAL test! The test area is the exact same as 
    the Silver Knight test. Once you reach th
    e Gold Knight Boss, keep up your guard. Not only does he swing his sword a lot, 
    but he will also move back and forth! To avoid him, stand on the last 2 blocks 
    of the floor by the edge. When he recedes back to his starting position, run up 
    to him and whack him as much as you can. Retreat, and repeat to kill him. After 
    you do, you'll receive the 3rd Knight outfit, the best weapon in the game!! 
    Now that you have all of the power-ups, the only thing left is to collect all 4 
    Crown Jewels. You can get the red jewel by levitating to the right tower top (or 
    walking and killing the flashing soldier) & rescuing princess Joanne. (Once you 
    talk to them, you have to say yes when they ask you to marry them. Otherwise, 
    you can't leave!) Then drop down into the city. Do you remember where the 
    beehive was? The building to the immediate left of it has princess Julia and the 
    yellow jewel. Then head into the dungeon area, & enter the middle green sections. 
    (If you want to, you can permanently get rid of the fashion bouncer by using 
    your 3rd Knight ability. I personally do every time, just because I don't like 
    the fact that he is a fashion critic ;) The section all the way to the right has 
    the last princess. Levitate up to the skeleton door & rescue princess Lindsay to 
    receive the orange jewel. Once you've collected the 3rd jewel, drop down to the 
    lower purple dungeons and enter the sk
    eleton door on the right. You'll be in a room with a GIANT gate and 4 slots for 
    the gems. But where's the 4th gem? It's right above you! Use your 3rd Wizard 
    ability and levitate until you auto-scroll upwards. 2 platforms will appear, and 
    you'll face the 3-headed dragon! He has 12 units of health, and shoots fireballs 
    at you from his 3 heads. Use your 3rd knight ability, stay on the lower platform, 
    and keep shooting at his heads. If you get knocked off, you'll have to fight him 
    over again! Once you reduced him to a handy dandy suitcase, you'll get the 
    purple Crown Jewel, and you'll return to the gate room. Fill up your health 
    meter, then return here. Stand in the middle of where the 4 slots are and the 
    gems will be placed in the slots. The gate will open up and you'll automatically 
    enter the secret back passage to Malkil. 
    This tunnel is very long, impossible to exit, & covers every area in the game. 
    However, this is the richest area in the game! Keep heading upwards (the only 
    noticeable glitch in this game is that you can open up the skeleton key doors 
    without using the 3rd Thief ability.) Once at the top, you'll find king James 
    tied up to a pole. He'll tell you to destroy Malkil in the next room. 
    Be prepared to get your butt seriously kicked, because Malkil is the hardest 
    boss in the game! He has a full health meter, he flies around, & he shoots 
    fireballs that are unavoidable 90% of the time! Refuse his offer to join him, 
    and he'll fight you. The strategy I found that works best is to stay in the 
    middle and shoot him when he floats for a bit. When he flies over you, shoot him 
    from underneath. He should lose a health unit every time you lose one. If you're 
    lucky, you'll avoid being hit by his fireballs! When he is almost dead, he will 
    float for a while, then swoop down at you! When you beat him, you'll get........a 
    very, VERY bad ending! Kuros jumps into a time portal and the game says that no 
    matter where Malkil shows up, Kuros will be there to defeat him. Personally, I 
    could have thought of a better ending if I was designing the game, but oh well. 
    Hope you enjoyed the game!
    Section 9 - Riches side quest
    Although you don't need to return the riches to beat the game, it's worthwhile 
    to at least collect them for the money and advise you gain from them. You must 
    return the riches to the wise man in the area you found them in.
    The city wise man is found in a pink building 3 buildings to the left of the 
    The palace wise man is located on the opposite side of where the orb is located. 
    You must use the skeleton key to enter a secret room, then again to see the wise 
    The chalice is located inside the right tower in the outer castle area. You'll 
    know it is the correct tower because it plays the Knight theme music regardless 
    of which form you take on. 
    The dungeon wise man is located on the upper orange level on the other side of a 
    waterfall. You must use the force field staff to cross the fall.
    The orb is located in the upper right corner inside the palace before you reach 
    the upper part of the palace.
    The coin is located 1 building to the right & up from the 1st Thieves' Guild. 
    The background will be purple inside the building.
    The amulet is located in the building where the beehive is located. The 
    background will be purple inside the building.
    The scepter is located in the middle green dungeons. It's in the section above 
    the 3rd Wizard's Guild, next to the section you have to use levitation to reach. 
    The crown is located in the lower purple dungeons, right below the Inn.
    Section 10 - Quotes from the game
    Advise the old men give you when you return their riches
    Orb - "You must find the 3 princesses & rescue them to complete your quest"
    Chalice - "You will need the 4 Crown Jewels to open the giant rock door"
    Amulet - "The 3-headed dragon has swallowed a very valuable object..."
    Coin - "The throne room can only be entered from the back entrance"
    Scepter - "There is a secret passage to the throne room. It is found in the 
    Crown - "To open the large doors, you need the skeleton key"
    Boss taunts
    Dungeon guard - "Hmmm...you're not coming in this place dressed like that!"
    City demon boss "Hurr! Hurr! You'll never beat me, weedy little man."
    Dungeon worm boss "Uuurrgh...worm think you look tasty!"
    Castle knight boss "None shall pass me whilst I still stand..."
    Malkil - "So, you've managed to find me even here Kuros. You're obviously a very 
    powerful warrior      now. Why should we fight? We'd just destroy each other. 
    Let's work together instead. With you by my side, we could rule the world. Will 
    you join me?"
    1st city inn (Firey Dragon)
    Owner - Amos (green outfit)
    Greeting - "Hello! What can I do for you?"
    Kicked out - "You're not welcome in here dressed like that." (Sound familiar?J)
    Gossip - "It'll be dark by nightfall."
    	   "Give up now you fool...it's madness! You'll never destroy the evil 
    	   "Beyond the waterfall is a secret entrance to the palace."
    2nd city inn (Lazy Wizard)
    Owner - Malone (blue outfit)
    Greeting - "Hey! Welcome to the 'wiz' buddy. What d'ya like?
    Kicked out - "This joint is for city dwellers only y'know."
    Gossip - "My wife swears by chicken soup y'know..."
    	   "They say there is magic down there to make you leap tall buildings in 
    a single bound!"
    	   "There is a statue hidden in a room at the entrance to the city."
    1st palace inn (Red Dwarf)
    Owner - Mr. Wilks (red outfit)
    Greeting - "Welcome, sir, to my inn. What can I get for you?
    Kicked out - "I am afraid I only serve knights at this inn."
    Gossip - "Rumor has it that one of the princesses is locked away in the right 
    hand turret."
    	   "A fearsome monster lives deep in the underworld...it's as big as a 
    	   "I believe that the king has been tied up & locked away behind the 
    throne room."
    2nd palace inn (The golden dragon hotel)
    Owner - Ernie Shuttleworth Esquire (white outfit)
    Greeting - "At your service, good sir. What is your desire?"
    Kicked out - "We regret that sir's attire is improper..."
    Gossip - "The golden dragon is the most exclusive establishment in the whole of 
    	   "A reliable source tells me that the king has been eaten by the sickly 
    	   "A word of advice to you my boy, don't hesitate to make promises to 
    1st dungeon inn (The goblin's armpit)
    Owner - Tubby Gilroy (brown outfit)
    Greeting - "How do? What can I do for you?"
    Kicked out - "Oi! We don't like your kind around these parts."
    Gossip - "Beware, the last fool who went to fight the 3-headed dragon never 
    	   "I am told that beyond the waterfall is a wise old man. You should see 
    	   "My customers tell me that my prices are the cheapest in Piedup!"
    2nd dungeon inn (The naughty damsel)
    Owner - Newton N. Ridley (light green outfit)
    Greeting - "Alright? What's your pleasure?"
    Kicked out - "On your way, mate! I'll not have your sort in 'ere!"
    Gossip - "Strange things have been happening in the underworld of late. I say 
    it's magic..."
    	   "I hear that a 3-headed dragon lives in the lowest dungeon...beware!"
    	   "You should speak to the wise old men. They will give you some good 
    Section 11 - Hints, tips, and codes
    You need only to buy 14 keys for the whole game. Each key is used to open:
    All 3 Thief Guilds, The 1st and 2nd Knight and Wizards Guilds, the Bronze and 
    Silver Thief and Knight statues, and all 3 Wizard statues.
    Beat the Wizards Bosses easily: Stand right where the tip of their staff would 
    be if they were thrusting it, and keep stabbing them until their dead. They 
    won't be able to hit you! It might take a bit of practice, but you'll get it!
    Best stabbing technique: Hold down the B button and press down. This is the 
    easiest way to kill enemies without getting too close.
    Game genie codes (only the best ones are listed here)
    SXVTGLVG - infinite lives
    SXXNITVG - infinite keys
    SZNYZNSE - sometimes the innkeeper won't charge you
    ELKZGYEA - have more energy
    NNSAGGZU - coins are worth $255
    NNSAZKZE - tiny bags are worth $255
    I hope this guide has been helpful to you, and I hope you enjoyed this game! 
    Have a nice day!
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