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    FAQ by eyenot

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    - 0.1 -
      Bionic Commando Guide is copyright (c) 1999 Gabriel "Eyenot" Petrie
      "Bionic Commando", "Commando", "Super Joe", "Generalissimo Killt",
      "Master-D", "LADD", And the names of all other game characters and
      objects are the trademark copyrighted property of CAPCOM CO. LTD.
      and CAPCOM USA, INC. and licensed by NINTENDO OF AMERICA INC. and
      all images, names, and objects are used without permission.
      "Bionic Commando", "Super Joe", The characters and objects, and
      the Bionic Commando graphics are all copyright 1988 CAPCOM CO. LTD.
      and copyright 1988 CAPCOM USA, INC. and licensed by NOA INC. and
      are used without permission.
      Song lyrics are the express property of the quoted authors and the
      licensed owners and are copied here without permission.
    - 0.2 -
    - 1.0 -
         ____                                                   ____
       .' __ `--.___                                     ___.--' __ `.
       \ |::`--.__  `--,.._________________________..,--'  __.--'::| /
        \ \:::::::`---.__ __.-_____-..      _-,.__. __.---':::::::/ /
         \ \:::\-:__:::://:||:::::::||`\   |::||::||:::::::::::::/ /
          \ \:::\   /::/|::||:::-:::||::\  |::||::||::::::::::::/ /
           \ \:::\/:::/ |::||::| |::||:::\ |::||::||::::::/\:::/ /
            \ \   \   \ |  ||  | |  ||    \'  ||  ||     /   \/ /
    _________\ \   \   \|  ||  | |  ||        ||  ||    /  _./ /_________
    `-.         \--/---/|--||--| |--||--------||--||---/  /--/        .-'
       `-.       /____/ |__||__`-'__||__|-____||__||__`--'__/      .-'
          `-.  /_____/  |__|`-_____-'|__|  `-_||__||_______/    .-'
             `..---. .---. .-.-. .-.-. .---. .- -. .--_  .---..'
               | .-' | . | | _ | | _ | | + | | \ | | . | | . |
               | `-. | ' | | | | | | | | | | | \ | | ' | | ' |
               `---' `---' `-'-'.`-'-' `-'-'.`-'-' `--"  `---' __
                                 `-.     .-'                    ||\|
                                 _ __  __  
                          qiwoo' _>|/||2|
                T M   A N D  @ 1 9 8 8  C A P C O M  C O .  L T D 
                             @ 1 9 8 8  C A P C O M  U S A ., I N C .
                      L I C E N S E D  B Y  N I N T E N D O  O F
                                A M E R I C A  I N C .
    - 1.1 -
                                  .  ._ ._   .-.   .-. 
           bionic commando guide   \/(-'| .   /_ . |_| v 2.0 
                                    BY EYENOT
    8-02-198X ( actually my calendar is set to 1989 so that i avoid y2k )
    - 1.2 -
               Unpublished work titled "Bionic Commando Guide" 
               Copyright 1999-2000 (c) Gabriel Petrie "Eyenot"
        This guide is for private and personal use only.  It can only be 
     reproduced electronically, and if placed on a web page or site, may 
     be altered as long as this disclaimer and the above copyright notice 
     appears in full.  This guide is not to be used for profitable / 
     promotional purposes; this includes being used by publishers of 
     magazines, guides, books, etc. or being incorporated into magazines, 
     etc. in ANY way.
        This guide was created and is owned by me, Gabriel Petrie 
     <eyenot@cyberspace.org> <eyenot@lunarsurf.com> All copyrights and 
     trademarks are acknowledged that are not specifically mentioned in 
     this guide.  Please give credit where it is due.
    The above disclaimer was copied from Kao Megura FAQ Disclaimer style
    - 1.3 -
    == T A B L E  O F  C O N T E N T S ==================================
     0.1 Disclaimer of rights to CAPCOM and NINTENDO OF AMERICA
     0.2 Lyrics from KMFDM "Today"
     1.0 Bionic Commando Title Screen
     1.1 Bionic Commando Guide title page
     1.2 Disclaimer of rights to FAQ
     2.1 Game Introduction
     2.2 A Note on the origins of the Game Idea
     3.0 Disclaimer of the rights to the Official Manual
         Statements of License
         Game Introduction
         Names of controller parts and operating instructions
         Use map in subscreen
         Weapon selection
         Earned weapons
         Bonus Characters
         Enemy Characters
         Instruction Manualk by Paul Biederman
         Game counsellors available 8am to 5pm PST at 408-745-7081
     4.0 WARNING 
     4.1 If you choose to proceed
     5.2 The Map
     5.3 Island Geography
     5.4 A Rumor
     5.5 Island Strategy
     6.1 An Illustration and Description of Control Pad
     6.3 Navigation
     6.4 Commands
     6.6 Controls
     6.8 The Art of Grappling ("A" Button)
     6.9 Main Action Controls ("B", "Select", "Start" Buttons)
     7.0 AREA ENTRY
     7.1 Choosing your objects
     7.2 Controls
     8.2 Point system relative to losing points due to continue
     9.2 A Rumor
    10.1 AREA 1
    10.2 AREA 2
    10.3 AREA 3
    10.4 AREA 4
    10.5 AREA 5
    10.6 AREA 6
    10.7 AREA 7
    10.8 AREA 8
    10.9 AREA 9
    10.A AREA 10
    10.B AREA 11
    10.C AREA 12
    11.0 Neutral Area Obtainment
    12.0 WHAT'S IT ALL ABOUT - A Re-Cap of the Game
         Aerial Transport, Ground Battles, Continue Credit System
         My 45-Minute Pride
    12.1 A Quick Run-Through of Area 1
    12.2 Toughest Hazards of the rest of the Areas
    12.3 The Commpacks and notes on Various Communications Results
    12.4 Some Good Things To Know and notes on saving time
    14.1 Lyrics from Metallica's "One"
    15.0 Final copyright notice (c) 1999 Gabriel Arthur Petrie  
    - 2.0 -
    - 2.1 -
                      .:|-==|                                           |
    I'LL TALK ABOUT   .:|-==|                                           |
    THE PERSON I MET  .:|-==|                                           |
    WHEN I WAS        .:|-==|                                           |
    YOUNG...          .:|-==|                                           |
                      .:|-==|                                           |
    IN 198X WE'VE     .:|-==|        _________         _________        |
    FOUND THE BADDS'  .:|-==|           ------\  _..  /------           |
    TOP-SECRET        .:|-==|              ====\`-  '/====              |
    MATERIAL CALLED   .:|-==|                 :.'   `.:                 |
                      .:|-==|                 .`_____'.                 |
    ALBATROSS WHICH   .:|-==|                                           |
    WAS NEVER PUT     .:|-==|                                           |
    INTO PRACTICE.    .:|-==|                                           |
                      .:|-==|                                           |
    IMPERIAL FORCE'S  .:|-==|                                           |
    GENERALISSIMO     .:|-==|                                           |
    KILLT HAS SEEN    .:|-==|                                           |
    THE PLAN, AND     .:|-==|                                           |
                      .:|-==|                                           |
    DECIDED TO        .:|-==|                                           |
    EXECUTE THE PLAN  .:|-==|                                           |
    HIMSELF.          .:|-==|                                           |
                      .:|-==|                                           |
                      .:|-==|                                           |
                      .:|;==|                                           |
                      .:'. =`-------------------------------------------'
                      .( `.===========================================( |
                 -----            .                   .
               --=========----                            .--.].
                     .                                   .-";-+.  . 
                                      ---------         <<|_|_]'        }
    }}}  }        .    -------========                   {_ :/>      . ::
    ||. |:. .:. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ||`'. . . . . .
    : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :
                                THE FEDERATION 
                                TRIED TO STOP 
                                HIS ATTEMPT BY 
                               SENDING OUR HERO       
                                SUPER JOE, BUT         
                                 LOST CONTACT           
                                  WITH HIM.              
                                ONE BRAVE MAN          
                               WAS SENT WITH A  
                               SPECIAL MISSION. 
                               TO RESCUE SUPER                
                                  THE STORY                   
    - 2.2 -
    [Note : I once saw a color print of a photograph of a screen shot of
    podium-screen with the word "BADD". This photograph was supposedly 
    a picture of the early finish of the game in a Japanese lab. Except 
    that the word BADD (in American version) was replaced with NAZZ in 
    the Japanese photograph. Evidently the American companies thought 
    NAZZ would be a bit too on-the-mark for this sort of propoganda, but 
    any purpose they hoped to fulfill by changing little texts here and 
    there are defeated when you reach one of the final scenes of the 
    game. And if memory serves me correct, the symbols on the banners
    were swastikas, not albatross. If I am still yet correct in my
    remembering, this photo was a rather tiny one on a page in a nintendo
    power from "way back when".]
    - 3.0 -
       Before I attempt to hand you the vast amount (it's pretty vast for 
    me) information that makes up all the details of Bionic Commando, I 
    am going to re-print the official manual which is copyrighted 
    property of CAPCOM and NINTENDO OF AMERICA (c) 1988 and is reprinted 
    here without permission . . . 
    - 3.1 -
    ,=::OFFICIAL MANUAL::=----------------------------------------------.
    |                                                                   |
    A Special Message From Captain Commando!
    Thank you for selecting fun-filled Bionic Commando(tm)...one of the 
    exclusive Nintendo Entertainment System video games from the Captain 
    Commando "Challenge Series".
    Bionic Commando(tm), created by CAPCOM(c)...premier world-wide arcade 
    game designer... features colorful state-of-the-art high resolution 
    graphics. This high quality game pack is Licensed by Nintendo(r) for 
    Play on the Nintendo Entertainment System (r)
    I'll talk about a person which I've met when I was young.
    In 198X we've found Nazz's top secret material called Abatros, a plan 
    which never was put to practice.
    Imperial forces Generalissimo Killt had never seen this plan, and 
    decided to materialize this plan.
    The federation decided to stop his attempt by sending our hero Super 
    Joe, but lost contact with him.
    Our brave man (you the player) was sent to the empire with a special 
    mission to rescue Super Joe, this story begins from here...
    Names of controller parts and operating instructions                 
    Controller #1 - Moves Player 1.                                       
    Button A: Shoots Guns.                                               
    Button B: To extend Bionic Arm.                                      
    1. Normal Gun, Wide Gun, Rocket Fun, 3-Way Fun, Machine Gun, Hyper 
       Bazooka are used by Button B.
    2. Flare Bomb, Medicine are used by Start Button.                     
    3. Items like 1 Up, POW, Medicine which come down on parachutes can
       be used by catching them.
    Use map in subscreen to proceed with your game.
    Player starts from area 0 and transfer along the route.
    Each numbered squares are the areas and as soon as your player 
    reaches, screen will change to battle scene.
    Helicopter will transfer your player to the destination area.
    When your player helicopter starts to transfer, enemy vehicles will 
    start to move also.
    When you reach destination without being confronted by enemy vehicle, 
    you have a choice of either to play that area (descend) or still 
    transfer to other area.
    Weapon selection
    Item selection can be done using your controller cursor.
    Move flashing squares to item you want, then press "A" twice to 
    start, you can cancel it.
    When player decides to "descend", weapons selections scene will 
    You may take weapon, protector, special weapon, and communicatiors 
    and you may select one each.
    You can obtain more items while you play and stock them as you go and 
    you'll have more to choose from.
    Earned weapons
    Normal Gun - You have it to start with
    Wide Gun - You can shoot at wide range but reach is shoot
    Rocket Gun - It penetrates and destroys enemies, you can shoot 
    3-Way Gun - You can shoot in 3 ways It can break the shield
    Joe's Machinegun - Range - 22.5 degrees
    Hyper Bazooka - Federal Army's new weapon. It can go through the 
    cockpit of choppers
    Flare Bomb - Use in the cave, use with start button
    Player - Shoot in 8 directions, wave wires
    Bonus Characters
    Medicine - Recovers player's energy up to max. Use with start button
    Iron Boots - Kick and kill enemies
    Permit - Needed to enter certain neutral areas
    Magazine System - You can combine with Normal Gun and make a Machine 
    Helmet - Will protect you from enemies' bullets 3 times
    Charm - Repulse one bullet
    Bulletproof Vest - Repulse one out of two bullets
    1 Up - Add one player
    POW - Energy ball will appear and go around the player to protect him 
    for 7s. Communicator - There are a, b, c, d communicators, You can 
    communicate with compatible ones
    Bullet - Appears when you defeat enemies
    Enemy Characters
    Knife Wielding Soldier
    Soldiers - Run towards the Player and shoot
    Suicide Bomber - Throw bombs at Player from a certain distance
    Jeep - Move sideways and shoots downwards
    Bearded Soldier
    Giant Soldier (Boss)
    Barrier Soldier
    Double Deck Cannon
    Laser Cannon
    Wired Gunner (Boss)
    Construction Soldier
    Wired Soldier
    Crane Caterpillar
    Normal Soldier
    Remote Control Soldier
    Heavy Object Throwing Soldier
    Cannon Mobile
    *Instruction Manual by Paul Biederman
    *Game counsellors available 8am to 5pm PST at (408) 745-7081
    |                                                                   |
    - 4.0 - 
      /\      |  |   /--\   |-->   |\ |   -||-   |\ |   |---  |      /\
    /_!!_\    |/\|   |--|   |--\   | \|   -||-   | \|   |-->  .    /_!!_\
    Now you probably don't need ME to tell you that reading any further 
    into this player's guide will give away anywhere from some to ALL of 
    the secrets of the game. It will also give away all the surprises of 
    the plot, and once you have debriefed from this player's guide you 
    will have a knowledge equal to one who has listened on the phone
    to a friend play through the entire game one whole time from 
    beginning to glorious end. The game will lose some of its 
    characteristic charm and flare. It will not be such a "big surprise" 
    when certain things happen. In essence, if you read this entire 
    player's guide you will be opening your holiday present a day early!
      /\      |  |   /--\   |-->   |\ |   -||-   |\ |   |---  |      /\
    /_!!_\    |/\|   |--|   |--\   | \|   -||-   | \|   |-->  .    /_!!_\
    - 4.1 -
       Of course, if you are stuck at some point in the game and you need 
    some help getting through a tough problem, or if you just want to 
    know everything there is possible to know about the game, then read 
    on. I suggest, however, that you play this breathtaking wonder of the 
    8-bit world at least once through before filling yourself in 
    second-hand on all the various nuances of the game. I know it's 
    possible that your skills may not permit it, that the mission may 
    prove too 'tough' for even your NES-enhanced Hand-Eye-Coordination 
    (which all of us NES players have, as advertised in Nintendo Power.) 
    Even my old and wisened digits have developed their layer of 
    subdermal scar-tissue that causes nervous pain everytime I play an 
    action-packed game, and slows down reaction time drastically. I still 
    play, though. And I still beat the game with a quickness. So please 
    give it a whirl before you put the smack down with my science. After 
    you've wasted the BADDS (Nazis) once yourself, go ahead and read 
    through here about all the intricate things that make this perhaps my 
    most favorite game in creation.
    `=::END OF WARNING::=-----------------------------------------------'
    - 5.0 -
    ,=::EYENOT'S @#$(%!@&* INSTRUCTIONS::=------------------------------.
    |Introduction                                                       |
    |  The Map / Island Geography / A Rumor / Island Strategy           |
    |The Control Pad                                                    |
    |  Illustration and Description of Control Pad                      |
    |  Overhead Map Controls / Navigation / Commands                    |
    |  Ground Battles / Controls                                        |
    |  Actions Screen Controls / The Art of Grappling / Main Controls   |
    |Area Entry                                                         |
    |  Choosing your objects / Controls                                 |
    |The Hit-Point System                                               |
    |  Bullet-Point System and Point-Earning Table                      |
    |  Point system relative to losing points due to continue           |
    |Communicators                                                      |
    |  The finer points of grapple-technique in acquiring Delta Pack    |
    |  A Rumor                                                          |
    - 5.1 -
    ,=::ANOTHER INTRODUCTION::=-----------------------------------------.
    In BIONIC COMMANDO, you are LADD and your mission is to rescue 
    Super-Joe and defeat the Albatross plans of the BADD nazis. The 
    leader of the BADDs is Generalissimo KILLT.
    - 5.2 - 
    The map you see is a grid of 26 east-to-west positions and 18 
    north-to-south positions. Each square of the 26 x 18 square grid is 
    colored in with a special coded color. Blue is water, Green is low 
    land, Orange is high areas and Red is mountains and cliffs.
    - 5.3 -
    As you can make out, you are launching from a mountainside southeast 
    of a valley tucked away in the island. The island itself is a huge 
    sheer-faced hunk of rock rising high up out of the water, 
    unapproachable and strategically a powerful launch site for any 
    attack on the mainland. 
    - 5.4 - 
    Rumor has it that 20 years later, in the year 200X, another battle 
    involving two factions of renegade robots led by a couple of mad 
    scientists will battle for the fate of the world using this island as 
    the theatre of war.
    - 5.5 -
    Already you can see how Albatross Island is a very strong strategic 
    point that the BADDS have siezed. Not only will you be fighting 
    against the BADDS' armed forces, you will also be fighting against 
    the island itself.
    `=::END OF ANOTHER INTRODUCTION::=----------------------------------'
    - 6.0 -
    ,=::THE CONTROL PAD-------------------------------------------------.
    - 6.1 -
                                _         |   _   ::===========::       |
     ___ . ._                  |-'`-.   . | _| |_ ::-----------::       |
      / /-/(-'                 |  .-| .-| |[_ o _]::___________::       |
            `                      `'  `' |  |_|  ::<SEL> <STA>::(B)(A) |
                                          |       ::___________::       |
    The cross-like thing on the left is the directional pad. Pressing on 
    the directional pad corresponds to pushing LEFT, UP, RIGHT, or DOWN. 
    There are also diagonals; UP-LEFT, UP-RIGHT, DOWN-LEFT, DOWN-RIGHT.
    In the middle of the controller are two small rubber buttons which 
    are <SELECT> and <START>.
    The two red buttons on the right side of the pad are (B)-button and 
    - 6.2 - 
      [=::OVERHEAD MAP CONTROLS::=======================================]
       When you are navigating around the map, you will be facing along a
         navigational line towards a square with a number in it, and both
         the navigational line and the square will be flashing. This line
         is just there for reference, but the square is the location of
         an AREA. The number in the square corresponds with the number of
         the AREA located there. 
    - 6.3 -
       When you push a direction on the control pad, you will switch 
         through the AREAS that are connected to your current area by one
         of the navigational lines, and that line and the AREA block that
         it leads to will begin to flash. This means you are pointed to
         fly over to that area.
         If you push (A) now your aerial transport will fly along that 
           line until it reaches the AREA square, while your pilots say
           "OK, WE'LL MOVE." If you run into an ARMORED PERSONNEL CARRIER 
           (APC) on your way to the AREA, then you will engage in an over
           head view of the ground where a battle will take place between
           you and your opponents, which is described in GROUND BATTLES,
         If you push (B) you will return to the state where your pilots 
           are waiting for a decision from you, which is described in 
           COMMANDS, below.
    - 6.4 - 
      COMMANDS : 
       When you are over a new AREA square waiting for a decision, the 
         pilots will ask you for a command. When they are saying "PLEASE
         INSTRUCT US" then Press (A) button and the two choices you have 
         will appear. 
         If you choose to TRANSFER, then you will enter the NAVIGATION 
           mode, which is described above. 
         If you choose to DESCEND, then you will enter the AREA-ENTRY 
           screen which is described below.
    - 6.5 - 
      [=::GROUND BATTLES::==============================================]
       Before you enter the actual ground battle, you will enter a screen
         that works just like the AREA-ENTRY screen which is described
         below, except that you will only choose now between which weapon
         you want to bring along. Use the direction pad to change which 
         weapon you are highlighting, then hit (A) to select that weapon
         to bring along. Hit (A) while you are highlighting "EXIT" to 
         begin the ground battle.
       While you are on the ground, you can accumulate little pairs of
         wings, each one worth one Continue should you lose all your 
         lives. The wings are held by armored opponents.
       The object of the Ground Battle is to reach the top of the battle
         zone and take over the armored personnel carrier there.
       If you get hit on ground battle you will lose a reserve hit point
         and if you lose your body hit you die, just like in the action
    - 6.6 - 
      CONTROLS :
       While you are ground battling, your (A) button still deploys the
         grappler, but this time it swings it in a full circle once 
         around your body. The grappler will deflect any bullets flying
         towards you and send them careening off in another direction, 
         but enemy fire will not harm enemies. The grappler cannot 
         deflect larger ballistics such as rockets, grenades, or 
         missiles. If you hit an enemy body with the grappler, and the
         enemy is not behind a barricade or armored, then they will be
         thrown back a ways.
       Your (B) button still shoots in the direction you face, only now
         you can face any of eight compass directions. 
       Pressing in a direction will move you in that direction, including 
         along the four diagonals.
       Pressing <SELECT> will bring up the info screen and is the only 
         way to pause the action.
       Pressing <START> does nothing.
    - 6.7 - 
      [=::ACTION SCREEN CONTROLS::======================================]
       The Directional Pad will run you left and right and aim your 
       (A) will deploy your Grappler and
       (B) will shoot your weapon in the direction you are facing
    - 6.8 - 
       The Art Of Grappling...
       If you just hit (A) you will grapple 45 degrees into the air in 
         the direction you are facing.
       If you hold RIGHT or LEFT and hit (A) then you will grapple 
         straight to the RIGHT or LEFT.
       If you hold UP and hit (A), you will grapple striaght up into 
         the air.
       If you hold DOWN and hit (A) you will duck down and then grappler
         in the direction you are facing.
       If you grapple a surface while standing...
         And you don't touch anything, you will stay there with your arm 
           out and the grappler attached to the surface you grappled.
         If you push opposite of the direction you are facing, you will 
           break your connection and turn around facing the other way.
         If you push DOWN, you will break the connection and duck.
         Hitting (A) will take up the slack on the grapple-line.
       If you grapple a surface while ducking...
         And you don't push anything, you will stay ducking with your 
           arm out and the grappler attached to the surface you grappled.
         If you push opposite the direction you are facing, you will 
           break your connection and turn around facing the other way.
         Pushing in the direction you face or DOWN will do nothing.
         Hitting (A) will take up the slack on the grapple-line. If you 
           run out of floor under your feet, you will begin a free-swing
           at the grappler's current length.
       If you grapple a surface straight above you...
         Pushing in either direction LEFT or RIGHT will just make you 
           face that direction, but you won't move from your spot.
         Pushing DOWN will break your connection.
         Pushing UP won't do anything.
         Hitting (A) will take up your slack until you hang from the 
           surface you've grappled. If it's a climbable platform, and you 
           push UP at this point, then you will flip over onto the top of 
           the platform.
       If you grappled a surface at an upward angle from where you are...
         Pushing the direction opposite of the direction you are facing
           will break your connection. 
         Pushing DOWN will break your connection. 
         Pushing in the direction you are facing will start you swinging
           back and forth on the line.
         Hitting (A) will take up your slack, and you will start swinging
           back and forth on the line. When the slack is all taken up you
           will stop swinging and you will be at minimum line.
       If you are at minimum line, the only thing you can do is break 
         your connection. That means pressing DOWN on the control pad 
         and dropping to whatever is below. You can't start swinging from 
         this point and you can't give yourself more slack, that I know 
         of. If you are at minimum line underneath a climbable platform 
         you can also push UP to flip and over onto the top of the 
       There are more or less three lengths to which the grappler will 
         adjust itself for you.
    - 6.9 - 
       Hitting (B) at any time will fire your current weapon in the 
         direction you are facing. 
       Hitting <SELECT> at any time will bring up an info screen that 
         shows you what item, armor, special object, weapon, comm pack, 
         you brought along. It will also display the current map. It will 
         also display in the lower right-hand corner of the screen, your 
         current collected bullets next to the number of bullets you need 
         to have collected to reach the next extra hitpoint accumulation 
         for your character. Underneath this is the number of reserve 
       Hitting <START> from the action screen will activate whatever the
         special item is that you brought along. If your special item
         activates in some different way, this will not do anything.
    `=::THAT'S ABOUT IT FOR THE      PAD::=-----------------------------'
    - 7.0 -
    When you chose to descend into an AREA, first you must choose what 
    implements you will bring with you. You will have four objects to 
    - 7.1 -
    The first object you choose is your weapon, second is your armor,
    third is your special object and finally you choose which comm pack 
    you will be bringing into the level. 
    - 7.2 - 
    To choose which object you are bringing, use the directional pad to 
    move the flashing highlight frame so that it is indicating the object 
    you want to bring with you. Press (A) to choose it. The object will 
    appear in its catagoric location in your objects bar at the bottom of 
    the screen, and the highlight frame will indicate the "EXIT" sign. If 
    you hit (A) on the exit sign, that means your selection for that 
    object is decided and you will go to select the next object. If you 
    hit (B) at any time, you will cancel your entry into the area and 
    return to the NAVIGATION screen, where your aerial transport pilots
    will say "PLEASE INSTRUCT US." For help on the controls in the 
    NAVIGATION screen, see above.
    `=::THE AREA-ENTRY SCREEN::========================================='
    - 8.0 - 
    ,=::THE HIT-POINT SYSTEM::=-----------------------------------------.
    When you begin the game, you will die if you are hit by even one 
     bullet or opponent. At this time you have only the one "Hit Point"
     which is reserved on your body. As you kill enemies they will leave
     behind bullets. When you pick up a bullet, it will count towards you
     earning an extra Hit Point which allows you to absorb another bullet
     or collision before counting it against the one on your body. When
     you lose that hit point on your body, you die.
    - 8.1 - 
    Below is listen the table of bullets that you need total (The total
     amount you have collection in the entire game) to earn each Point:
     1st - at 5 bullets     2nd - at 15 bullets     3rd - at 30 bullets
     4th - at 60 bullets    5th - at 100 bullets    6th - at 150 bullets
                  7th - at 220 bullets   8th - at 300 bullets
    - 8.2 -
    When you continue your game, the number of bullets you have will drop 
     back down to the last number you had when you earned a Hit Point. If
     you continued when you had 2 Hit Points, then you will go back to 
     having 15 bullets even if you had 29 before you continued.
    Here is a list of the amount of bullets you must pick up from point
     to point as you earn each point, consecutively: 5 bullets, then 10, 
     then 15, then 30, then 40, then 50, then 70, then 80.
    `=::END OF HIT-POINT SYSTEM ESCRIPTIONS::=--------------------------'
    - 9.0 -
    |=::AND THE FINER POINTS OF GRAPPLE-TECHNIQUE-----------------------|
    You begin the game with Communicator Alpha or "a", which is Red.
    You can find Communicator Beta or "B", which is Green,
     in area 16. In the first door of the area, there is a room with
     a spike hazard and some ledges. On the ledge in the upper-left
     corner of the room is the Green Commpack. Use the grappler to get
     up there and get it. 
    You can find Communicator Gamma or "C", which is Blue,
     in area 14. In the first door of the area, there is a room with
     a spike hazard and some ledges. On the ledge in the upper-left
     corner of the room is the Blue Commpack. Use the grappler to get
     up there and get it.
    - 9.1 -
    You can find Communicator Delta or "D", which is Orange,
     in Area 15. In this area you have to shoot in order to cause a 
     barrier to move so that you can progress through the level. This 
     means you will now be under constant attack by the Peacekeepers 
     until you leave the area. Proceed right and head into the only
     door, and the Orange commpack will be on the high ledge to the
     right. To reach this platform, stand on the rightmost block of the
     ledge that makes contact with the swinging orange platform. When 
     the orange platform is headed towards you and is about half a block
     away from making contact with the ledge, walk to the right and onto
     the platform. Now stand on the rightmost block of the swinging 
     orange platform and when your gun makes contact with the lower of 
     the two ledges on the right side of the room, press (A) to deploy
     your grappler and you will grapple the ledge and free-swing from
     it at minimum length. Press (A) once more to stop the swinging,
     and then from the minimum-length stationary grapple position,
     press UP to climb onto the ledge above you. Then hold UP and press
     (A) to deploy the grappler again, and then while still holding UP
     press (A) again to automatically take up the length of the grappler
     and climb the ledge above. You will pick up the orange commpack. 
     Now stand on the leftmost block of the top ledge, and wait for the
     swinging orange platform to make contact with the ledge in the
     middle of the room. As soon as it does, step to the left off the 
     ledge and free-fall onto the swinging Orange platform. You will land
     safely on the platform, unless you were 'on your toes' before you
     dropped from the ledge above and then dropped just at the second the
     platform hit the ledge in the middle of the room, in which case try
     to avoid 'getting on your toes' so to speak unless you know what 
     you're doing or unless I instruct you to. If you managed to hit the
     spikes below anyways, you didn't follow my instructions correctly.
     There are altogether three ways of getting to the pack from the door
     and then to get back to the door you have the choice of either using
     the platform or not, and the way I told you is using the platform
     to get there and then using the platform to get back again. If you
     want to, you could also from the door grapple onto the ledge above
     you and then get to the ledge in the upper-left corner of the room.
     The easiest way to reach the upper-left corner ledge is by getting
     'on your toes' at the leftmost point of the ledge in the middle of
     the room so that you are occupying the least amount of space on the
     ledge as possible and are as close as you can really get to actually
     falling off the left side of the ledge. Then tap the controller to 
     the right and now you're 'on your toes', specifically you are 
     hanging from the ledge only by the grace of your left foot's toes.
     Now hold UP and press (A) to deploy the grappler to the ledge above
     and then while still holding up press (A) again to climb atop of it.
     You should be now standing so that you are occupying the rightmost
     block of the ledge in the upper-left corner of the room. From where
     you are, press (A) without holding the directional pad, which should
     deploy the grappler diagonally to the right. If it deploys to the 
     left, then disengage the grappler by holding DOWN on the control pad
     and then walk to the left a little so that you are occupying the 
     rightmost brick of the ledge and not 'on your toes', then face to
     the right and press (A) to deploy your grappler. You should now be
     standing on the rightmost block of the ledge in the upper-left 
     corner of the room, with your grappler deployed at an angle towards
     your upper-right. Now, get ready to press DOWN and then (A) again.
     Don't do it yet, just get ready. First you will press RIGHT to get
     yourself free-swinging to the right, but if you let yourself free-
     swing all the way you will run into the large brick on the ceiling
     and get knocked down to one of the surfaces below. So you have to be
     ready to press DOWN to disengage the grappler from the ceiling and 
     then press (A) to deploy it diagonally so that it will attach to the 
     bottom of the large brick on the ceiling and swing you from it at
     minimum length. So, when you are ready, press RIGHT to begin a free-
     swing, and when you are half-swing, which is when your grappler-line
     is striaght up and down, press DOWN to disengage it from its contact
     with the ceiling which will begin to drop you. As soon as you have 
     pressed DOWN you will start to drop, but don't let yourself drop.  
     Press (A) again to deploy the grappler diagonally to your 
     upper-right, which will contact with the bottom of the brick and 
     put your into free-swing from it. I predict that you will have a bit
     of length at this point but not much, and likely minimum length.
     You might even find yourself with parts of your body smashed into 
     the brick. Hooray for your glitchy self. Now when you are at your
     right-most swing, press DOWN to disengage the swing and your
     momentum will take you towards the ledges to the right. Immediately
     press (A) which should grapple the upper ledge, and begin swinging
     your towards the right wall. As soon as your swing begins, press 
     DOWN again and you will disengage your swing and your momentum will
     bring you to a gentle rest on the second platform from the top of
     the right side of the room. This is only the most crude way of 
     describing what is really three repetitions of a maneuver that is
     good to learn. To get back over, use this maneuver of grapple-swing-
     detach to drop yourself over onto the middle ledge again. There is
     the one other way of getting to the commpack without using the
     swinging platform, but I will leave it up to you to know how to get 
     there. Practice in this room until you are in control of it like
     a spider in a box of cards. When you can just swing there for hours
     with as little movement as possible and attaching to all the 
     surfaces around you from mid-air, then you are really getting the
     hang of using the grappler.
    - 9.2 -
    Rumor has it that far in the future, a top-secret high-espionage 
    group will use the same communications technology located on 
    Albatross Island to communicate between deep-space command posts
    known as "Dragons".
    `=::END OF COMMUNICATORS::=-----------------------------------------^
    Man, what the #@!! was that ?!?!?!
    - 10.0 -
    ,=::AREA CLEARANCE::=-----------------------------------------------.
    - 10.1 -
       The Alpha Communicator is expected in this area.
       You have to talk to the COMMUNI-CATE section of the commlink near
       the beginning of AREA 1 if you want in the door that leads to the
       underground half of AREA 1. You can skip the other commlink tho.
       Don't forget to hang out near the BOSS ROOM door killing those
       easy parachuter guys to build up your extra hitpoints.
    - 10.2 -
       The Beta Communicator is expected in this area. 
       Watch out for bottomless pits, and the slimes. Slimes can't be
       walked out of, you have to have some vertical lift to get up and
       out of them. Otherwise they will drag you into a bottomless pit
       or into a trap. Be very quick. You don't have to go to the 
       commlink in this area, the BOSS DOOR will already be open for you.
    - 10.3 -
       The Beta Communicator is expected in this area.
       This area houses one of the toughest traps in the game. You will
       not only have to deal with two quick-falling elevators, you will 
       also have to make it over a long carpet of spikes with only two
       of the thinnest possible anchors for you to mount your grappler
       on hanging from the ceiling. I once used three continues learning
       how to get over this, I think it's better for you to get it on 
       your own. No master can ALWAYS make it over this pit : I don't
       know anybody besides myself who considers themself 'successful'
       at this trap, and that means to me that if I die one time against
       it, i -will- get it the next time. By the way, you don't really
       have to go into the communicator room in this level, the BOSS DOOR
       is already open for you.
    - 10.4 -
       The Alpha Communicator is expected in this area.
       If you don't bring the Flares to Area 4 and activate them with the
       <START> button, then you will have to make it through here in the
       dark. There are no bottomless pits, your biggest worry will be
       spike hazards. I first played this game without a manual, so I 
       didn't know how to activate the flares and I had to play through
       this level without any lights on. It's not all that hard.
    - 10.5 -
       The Alpha Communicator is expected in this area.
       I don't suggest bringing the Wide Cannon to this area, or any area
       for that matter. In fact I don't suggest ever using any guns 
       besides your Machine Gun, the Rocket Launcher, and in area seven
       the 3-Way because you have to bring it. In this area you will have
       to climb up a large tower past two communications rooms before you
       reach the Albatros door at the top. You don't have to do anything
       in each comm room, just go in the door and go back out again. Try
       to do away with steel balls by swinging and kicking them.
    - 10.6 -
       The Beta Communicator is expected in this area.
       You have to bring the Rocket Launcher to blast down the door at 
       the beginning of this level. If you brought something else then 
       you will have to press (A)+(B)+<START> to leave the mission. 
       Rather than fight lots of little remote droids, just destroy the
       soldiers who toss the helicopters out and all the helicopters on
       the screen will blow up. This area has some of the hardest 
       swinging in the entire game. You will have to navigate the lamps
       to reach your objectives, and they are sort of 'slippery'. Also 
       climbing the tower is nearly impossible if you don't have lots of
       hit points and the Medicine with you, due to loads of springs and
       spiked steel balls thrown at you by the large soldiers. Ner the 
       top of the tower, you will see a lamp on the right side just above
       the top floor level. If you can swing out from the bottom of that
       floor level and then swing from the lamp to the left, you can get 
       on top of the top floor without facing the very difficult passage
       below it. To get over the boxes, swing left off of the lamp.
    - 10.7 -
    AREA 7 - WIRED GUNNER - Super Joe
                                 P.O.W. CAMP
       The Gamma Communicator is expected in this area.
       The swing along the lamps to the door on the far left tower is a 
       real toughie, but if you clear out the midgets in the forklifts 
       you shouldn't have too much trouble. Have patience with the 
       midgets in the helicopters, or else they will tear you up. The 
       aqueducts far to the right on the bottom of the level have no
       purpose, avoid the inside of them and climb up and over to avoid 
       getting hit. 
    - 10.8 -
       The Gamma Communicator is expected in this area.
       In this area you will have to talk to the COMMUNI-CATE in both of
       the communications rooms to open the boss door, though you don't
       have to listen to everything they say. To save time you can make 
       the connection and break it as soon as you see somebody's face. 
       From the elevator room with three passages on the left and one on
       the right, go through the right passage, climb up past the 
       bombers, and then left to the communications room. Go left to the
       door which will lead you to a room with huge spikes. Use the 
       swinging platform to climb up and into the communications room. 
       The door above will lead you to an elevator shaft with the BOSS
       DOOR one floor down.
    - 10.9 -
       The Gamma Communicator is expected in this area.
       First off, learn how to kill the guys who have grappling packs.
       When you are up, they are down, and the other way around. You will
       have to either fire and grapple up or fire and drop down to hit 
       them. From the second step down, grapple the brick on the ceiling
       and swing all the way to the right to get the 1-UP. You don't have
       to talk to any of the communicators on this level. Be careful of 
       the spiked railways, and just ride on top of one of the railcarts
       for the easiest negotiation. Avoid the floor, it's covered in 
    - 10.A -
       The Delta Communicator is expected in this area.
    - 10.B -
       The Delta Communicator is expected in this area.
    - 10.C -
    AREA 12 - KILL !@%#ing Adolph Hitler
       The Delta Communicator is expected in this area.
    - 11.0 -
    AREA 13 + Obtain Flares
    AREA 14 + Obtain Gamma Communicator (Blue)
    AREA 15 + Obtain Delta Communicator (Orange)
    AREA 16 + Obtain Beta Communicator (Green) 
    AREA 17 + Learn about Secret Passages and Joe's Location At 7
    AREA 18 + Obtain Joe's Uzi
    AREA 19 + I don't know what this is all about . . .
    `=::END OF AREA CLEARANCE::=----------------------------------------'
    - 12.0 -
    ,=::WHAT'S IT ALL ABOUT::=------------------------------------------.
    you move your aerial transport around a system map and descend upon 
    areas one at a time. if your coordinates match those of an armored 
    personnel carrier (APC - it looks like a green whiskey tin) then you 
    will descend to meet and destroy the enemy troops. if you can kill 
    the specially enabled troops (those who are riding in a vehicle, 
    armed with a grappler, or carrying a bazooka) you will find eagle 
    wings that count towards a game credit (continue point). I suggest 
    running into these APCs ASAP and AOAP (as often as possible) and 
    scoring as many of those eagle-wings as you can. This way you will be 
    insured to not run out of continues. I am an expert at this game and 
    I still have a one-in-three chance of needing one continue to finish 
    the game.
    but I can still finish with all items, full continues, and full 
    hitpoints and bulletmarks in under 45 minutes.
    - 12.1 -
    first, descend upon area 1 and bring the only things you have with 
    you - the regular gun and the alpha commpack (it's red). go right to 
    the buildlng and grapple up. kill everything in the way that moves. 
    communicate with MA-ONE. maybe tap a wire. swing on the tall 
    floodlight to the next island. skip the soldier on the first ledge. 
    continue to the right and then up. by the time you reach the door, 
    which is open if you talked to MA-ONE (even if all you did was open 
    the commlink and then quickly break it), you should have 8 little 
    bullets. collect these bullets whenever you can; they act as 
    experience points. you can see how many you need in the info. when 
    you got what you need, you get another max hit point which looks like 
    a green pill bubble on your action screen. when you get hit, you lose 
    a hit point. when you have no more hit points that level, you die and 
    the P in your info goes down by one. when you have no more P, your 
    game is over. if you have a continue point now, you can keep going at 
    the same place you left off on the overhead map with the same items 
    and max hit points.
    anyways, skip the elevator unless you want to use the comm room two 
    floors down on the left. swing in, pull above the barrel, and destroy 
    the shield laser. now go left and up through the room and enter the 
    albatross door. if you want alot of bullet points early on, stick 
    around outside of this door and kill the soldiers that drop from 
    parachutes. this will get tedious after around your sixth accumulated 
    max hit point, but you should be safe - after each new max hit point 
    you recieve a total refill of hit points. in the albatross room, 
    destroy the people and the machine core. get your reward. move on.
    [note : if there is any way of getting through this game without 
    picking up every single object along the way, i intend to find it 
    (though i haven't really tried yet) and i will release that 
    information as soon as i have it]
    - 12.2 -
    as far as the rest of the game is concerned, it's all very simple 
    except for four points in the game that require expert grappling 
    skills. you will know them when you get there. one is in what i call 
    'the nature zone' which is the one with spiders and monster plants in 
    it. avoid those monster plants -- they will chomp and kill you with 
    one strike. you can see the spots they pop out of before they pop out 
    so stay away. don't even let them get your foot. the spiders will 
    knock you off your grapple and bounce you around, sometimes right 
    into a chomping plant. inside of the mountain, there is a spiked 
    floor with a few little grapple points. i can't tell you exactly how 
    you get across this, you just gotta do it. in another zone are two 
    expanses of floodlights that you have to swing from in order to get 
    across two giant endless pits, as well as in that same area there is 
    a large high tower full of spiked rolling balls and springing floors. 
    it might take a few continues at first. also, there is a zone with 
    midgets in helicopters. you will have to avoid them while you swing 
    across a series of transformers strung across a high-tension wire. if 
    you fall, you will have to start the attempt over again. inside of a 
    refinery in another zone, there are alot of tanks against the wall 
    and underneath you is a springy floor with trenches of molten core 
    running through them. if you fall here, not only will you have to 
    start over -- you might die. and then finally in the last zone is a 
    long narrow corridor lined with spikes. you will have to glitch out 
    and smash your head inside of the ceiling while you swing with just a 
    little more than the smallest swings possible, over and over again, 
    until you get across.
    - 12.3 -
    the following commpacks work in the following areas :
    red 1,4,5 . orange 10,11,12 . green 2,3 . blue 8,7,9 .
    [ 1.0 note : i once played this game for hours and tried each 
    commpack in each area. some commpacks in some areas provide very 
    interesting and strange results. i suggest that if you want the full 
    gaming experience you go back through each level and try out each 
    commpack in each area. a later version of this file should have every 
    result of every commpack in every area for both normal and wiretap 
    communications. right now i don't have the time -- version 1.0 is 
    just meant to get you through with everything. ]
    [ 2.0 note : maybe my head just doesn't work right. so far I have 
    gone through the area with various different commpack combinations 
    and so far all I get if it's the the comm pack expected by the area 
    is "GA.GA.GA..." but i distinctly remember that there are one or two 
    communications room where if you bring a certain transmitter you get 
    a real wierd message. might be worth checking into, might not. i'm 
    not going to clarify this by the end of version 2.0, maybe in another 
    version in the future. ]  
    - 12.4 -
    unless you want to play in the semi-dark (which is the way i learned 
    how to play in this area until i found out how to use special items) 
    then you will need flares in area 4. they are available in the first 
    neutral-zone, straight north from the start point on the system map. 
    the communicators and other items are located in these zones.
    if you  shoot in a neutral zone, you will be attacked by the PEACE 
    you will receive a rocket launcher in area 5 that you need to enter 
    area 6.
    you will receive a permit in area 6 that you need to enter area 14.
    you will want to attack areas 8,9, and 7 in that order.
    the secret paths, revealed late in the game, are 14-17, 15-18.
    fly over these areas to enter a battle scene and find the helmet.
    you will need the 3-way in area 7. if you enter area 6 or 7 without 
    the necessary weapons then press (A)+(B)+[START] to leave the area. 
    this (A)+(B)+[START] to escape will work in any area any time.
    destroy area 10 and 11 to open up area 12 for destruction.
    be sure you don't equip joe's suggested messy <45^> uzi when you go 
    into level 12 - bring the rocket launcher to defeat the final 
    guardians quickly.
    [ 2.0 note : these are the basic necessities. you don't need most of 
    the other items in the game, unless i studied this right, you don't 
    even need the green or orange comm packs. i haven't tried this yet, 
    but there is a small chance that you also do not need to rescue super 
    [ 2.0 note : if you can avoid getting the various extraneous items in 
    the game, that should cut your time by alot. not rescuing super joe 
    might even change the outcome of the game, but i'm not sure... if i 
    remember right, you can't enter the door to area 12 without rescuring 
    him. i know you can't get into area 12 without beating areas 10 and 
    11, but i'm not sure if you really have to rescue super joe to beat 
    the game. ]
    [ 1.0 note : LIke I said, in another version I will tell you how to 
    get through the fastest way possible, which means with the least 
    amount of equipment and the least hitpoints, etc. There are some 
    doors that won't open unless you go through the communicators so I 
    feel that you will need every commpack to get through the game, at 
    least. You for sure don't need joe's      uzi. And you don't need the 
    helmet and some other things for that matter. ]
    - 13.0 -
    | You should be able to find the "bionic commando dialogues" file of| 
    |  a recent version at the same place you found this file.          |  
    |                                                                   |
    | As of 8-05-99, the newest version of "dialogues" is 1.0           |
    | BIOCD10.TXT                                                       |
    - 14.0 -
            _   _  .  _     _     _
           ' ; ; ; ; ; ;   ;_;   ` ;
           /'_ `_' ; `_' , `_' , /`_
                                .        _____.-----.
                              .'`.------'     ___.--'
                           _.'       _   .---'
                          :    __.--' |  |
                           `--'       |  |                   
                                     |  |   .---.      _.--.
                                     |  | |`, -. |  .-' ._. '.
                             _______|  |_.'| `.` `-'  -'.__:. |
                        _.--'___.--.   .-'||   |.-.  .--------' , 
                       `-_  ` -----'  |   `.`-' | `._ `--------'.'
                          `---______.'      `--'     `---------'
                             I Can't Remember Anything
                        Can't Tell If this Is True or Dream
                         Deep down Inside I Feel to Scream
                           This Terrible Silence Stops Me
                        Now That the War Is Through with Me
                            I'm Waking up I Can Not See
                         That There Is Not Much Left of Me
                            Nothing Is Real but Pain Now
                         Hold My Breath as I Wish for Death
                               Oh Please God,wake Me
                         Back in the Womb its Much Too Real
                           In Pumps Life That I must Feel
                          But Can't Look Forward to Reveal
                          Look to the Time When I'll Live
                       Fed Through the Tube That Sticks in Me
                            Just like a Wartime Novelty
                          Tied to Machines That Make Me Be
                             Cut this Life off from Me
                         Hold My Breath as I Wish for Death
                               Oh Please God,wake Me
                         Now the World Is Gone I'm Just One
                 Oh God,help Me Hold My Breath as I Wish for Death
                               Oh Please God Help Me
                              Darkness Imprisoning Me
                                   All That I See
                                  Absolute Horror
                                   I Cannot Live
                                    I Cannot Die
                                 Trapped in Myself
                                Body My Holding Cell
                            Landmine Has Taken My Sight
                                  Taken My Speech
                                  Taken My Hearing
                                   Taken My Arms
                                   Taken My Legs
                                   Taken My Soul
                             Left Me with Life in Hell
                                - Metallica "One"
    (_oO) EYENOT

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