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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Celtic Forest

    Version: 1.6 | Updated: 05/20/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                     ______    __                   __
                    /      \  |__|   ___    _  _   |__|   ___
                    | ***__/   __   /   \  | |/ |   __   /  _|
                    | ***  \  |  |  | * |  | || |  |  |  | |_
                    |______/  |__|  \___/  |_||_|  |__|  \___|
       /    __|   ___    _  _  _    _  _  _    ____    _  _    ___||   ___ 
       |   |     /   \  | |/ |/ |  | |/ |/ |  /    \  | |/ |  /    |  /   \
       |   |__   | * |  | || || |  | || || |  | *  |  | || |  | *  |  | * |
       \______|  \___/  |_||_||_|  |_||_||_|  \__/||  |_||_|  \___||  \___/
         A FAQ/Walkthrough for the game BIONIC COMMANDO (NES-Version only)
                                  Version 1.6
                     Written by Celtic Forest (Linus Olsson)
                       FAQ first submitted: 15 August 2005
                           Latest update: 21 May 2007
                       Copyright (c) 2005 by Linus Olsson
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    |>                          TABLE OF CONTENTS                             <|
    |                                                                          |
         3.1. About Bionic Commando
         3.2. My thoughts on this game
         3.3. Why I wrote this FAQ
    4. THE GAME
         4.1. Story
         4.2. Cast of characters
         4.3. How to play
                4.3.1. Basic controls
                4.3.2. How to use the bionic arm
         4.4. Before entering a level
                4.4.1. Title screen
                4.4.2. How to navigate the map
                4.4.3. Different types of areas
                4.4.4. How to choose equipment
         4.5. When playing a level
                4.5.1. Contact rooms
                4.5.2. Increasing your health bar
                4.5.3. Game over
         5.1. Powerups found in levels
         5.2. Equipment
                5.2.1. Weapons
                5.2.2. Communicators
                5.2.3. Accessories
                5.2.4. Protective items
         5.3. The bad guys
                5.3.1. Enemies
                5.3.2. Bosses
                5.3.3. Dangerous terrain
         6.1. Walkthrough:s
                6.1.1. Enemy areas walkthrough
                     Area 1 - Level 1: Sea Fortress
                     Area 2 - Level 4: The Sewers
                     Area 3 - Level 5: The Wilderness
                     Area 4 - Level 2: The Caves
                     Area 5 - Level 3: Desert Of The Red Sun
                     Area 6 - Level 6: Nightsky Harbour
                     Area 7 - Level 9: Red Stone Valley
                     Area 8 - Level 7: Computer Center
                     Area 9 - Level 8: The Garbage Dump
                     Area 10 - Level 10: High-Security Complex
                     Area 11 - Level 11: The Fire Plant
                     Area 12 - Level 12: The Imperial Fortress
                6.1.2. Neutral areas walkthrough
                     Area 13 - Neutral Zone 1
                     Area 14 - Neutral Zone 4
                     Area 15 - Neutral Zone 2
                     Area 16 - Neutral Zone 3
                     Area 17 - Neutral Zone 6
                     Area 18 - Neutral Zone 7
                     Area 19 - Neutral Zone 5
                6.1.3. Enemy field stages walkthrough
                     Enemy Field Stage 1 - The Mountain Cliffs
                     Enemy Field Stage 2 - Blue Gravel Pit
                     Enemy Field Stage 3 - The Hidden Base
         6.2. Locations of 1-UP:s
         6.3. Locations of bonus boxes
         6.4. Special moves
         7.1. FAQ Epilogue
         7.2. Thanks
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    |>                         1. REVISION HISTORY                            <|
    |                                                                          |
    VERSION 1.6.
    Date of submission: 21 May 2007
    Changes: - Jason from Honest Gamers sent me a mail and asked for permission
               to host my FAQ:s, and I thought: "why not?". So now you can find
               this FAQ at http://www.honestgamers.com as well!
    VERSION 1.5.
    Date of submission: 27 June 2006
    Changes: - Apparently, I had listed one of my helpers - Gricksigger - with
               an incorrect e-mail adress. My apoligies. His true mail is
               "gricksigg.er@gmail.com", and nothing else.
    VERSION 1.4.
    Date of submission: 21 April 2006
    Changes: - For some reason, the last 5% of this FAQ vanished without any
               trace. I have no idea why. This is a resubmission just to make
               the FAQ complete again. My apoligies.
    VERSION 1.3.
    Date of submission: 2 September 2005
    Changes: - Added a very important part to the "2. Legal info" section
               that I had forgotten to include from the beginning
             - Fixed some formatting so the FAQ looks better
    VERSION 1.2.
    Date of submission: 21 August 2005
    Changes: - Fixed some spelling and formatting errors
             - Put in an ASCII-picture of a NES-controller in section
               "4.3.1. Basic controls", for a more detailed explanation
             - Put in some nice-looking statistics on the weapons in
               section "5.2.1. Weapons"
             - Created this "Revision History" section
             - Updated the table of contents, to make it fit in with
               the new material added in this update
    VERSION 1.0.
    Date of submission: 15 August 2005
    This was the first version of this FAQ.
    | ________________________________________________________________________ |
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    |>                            2. LEGAL INFO                               <|
    |                                                                          |
    Bionic Commando and all its characters and logos are copyrighted properties
    of Capcom.
    This FAQ is copyrighted, and ripping, stealing or imitating any piece of
    information from this FAQ is not allowed! If you want to borrow some ideas
    or info from this FAQ, mail me and ask for permission, and I will allow
    you to do so on condition that you make it clear that you got the information
    from this FAQ, and that I made it. Also make sure my e-mail is displayed.
    This FAQ is for private and personal use only. It is never to be used in
    cases involving money. This includes any form of selling and hiring this
    FAQ for money, or situations like paying people to read it and so on. It is
    made to be freeware, and for single gamers wanting help or information
    This FAQ is only to be hosted at the following sites:
    GameFaqs     [http://www.gamefaqs.com]
    Neoseeker    [http://www.neoseeker.com]
    GameNotOver  [http://www.gamenotover.com]
    HonestGamers [http://www.honestgamers.com]
    No other site is allowed to use this FAQ without my full permission. If
    you find this FAQ on the net on any other site, you must immediately
    contact me. Give me a mail at: Linuso@hotmail.com
    Getting my permission for hosting this FAQ is not very difficult. Just
    send me a mail asking politely, and tell me about your site and give me
    a link to it, and I am very willing to give you thumbs up. The only
    condition for this is that NO part of the content is to be changed in
    this FAQ. The only changes allowed are the ones that I will do myself when
    I update this FAQ. If you want to have something changed in this FAQ,
    contact me via mail and discuss it with me. If I find your comments and
    suggestions wise and useful, I will update the FAQ.
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    |>                    3.1. ABOUT BIONIC COMMANDO                          <|
    |                                                                          |
    Bionic Commando is made by the Japanese gaming company Capcom. The NES-
    version was made in 1988, and was released under the name "Top Secret" in
    Japan, although the name was changed to "Bionic Commando" when the game
    arrived in USA and Europe. Despite an innovative gameplay and a terrific
    production, the game never sold as much as Capcoms other big projects like
    the Mega Man games. It did however give a great addition to the platform
    action genre, and also made the gaming world get their eyes up for the
    bionic arm swinging movement, which was copied into many later games, like
    Super Castlevania IV, Mickey's Magical Quest and Super Metroid.
    However, in later years, the Bionic Commando has got more attention and has
    now got a quite high "cultural vibe". The famous gaming site IGN made a list
    of the world's 100 best games ever in 2005, and Bionic Commando was actually
    put in place #59, before giants like Final Fantasy VII, Pokemon and Sonic
    The Hedgehog.
    Bionic Commando is not just NES-exclusive. It was first released as an
    arcade version in Japan, also named "Top Secret", which appearently was
    not like the NES-version at all. Apart from these two versions, BC also
    exists on Commodore 64, Game Boy and PC. There was also a remake of the
    game on Game Boy Color.
    The Japanese version of Bionic Commando had a slightly different style
    in the graphics and story. The bad guys were in fact Nazis. Instead,
    of the term "Badds", they used the term "Nazz", and all the eagle
    badges and signs that are around everywhere in the game were swastikas
    instead. And no one has failed to notice that Master-D looks a lot
    like Adolph Hitler, right? I guess that the Americans and Europeans
    thought the content was a little too disturbing when the game was
    brought here, so they changed it all.
    (Thanks to Metool [static@nstar.net], Gricksigger [gricksigg.er@gmail.com]
    and IGN's Top 100 games 2005 [http://top100.ign.com/2005] for much of the
    above information)
    | ________________________________________________________________________ |
    |/                                                                        \|
    |>                   3.2. MY THOUGHTS ON THIS GAME                        <|
    |                                                                          |
    What do I think of this game? Is it good? Of course it is! And it's not
    just simply "good", it's "very great"!
    Bionic Commando's most succesful parts are the concept and the playability.
    The idea with the bionic grappling arm is awesome, and it works so well.
    It's not just simply a cool idea, that the programmers wasted away with
    poor level design, like in many other games. It actually redefines and
    enhances the whole idea of "platform action". And the best thing is that
    the controls are awesome. If you fail on a swinging, you know it is
    never the game's fault. You know that you could (and should) have done
    better. It's never about luck in Bionic Commando. You can improve on
    the game, and you will improve if you keep on trying. Unlike many other
    difficult games, you actually feel that you master the game, and that
    it was never about luck. If you have beaten it a couple of times, you know
    that you can put it on anytime and beat it again, with just pure skill.
    Another big plus is all the different types of levels you will encounter.
    No level is like the others, and they all give you different types of
    challenges, fears and wonders. From the depths of the dark caverns in
    Area 4 to the creepy swinging passages over deadly water in the harbour
    in Area 6, and from the hellish computer mazes of Area 8 to the quicksand
    pits in the wilderness of Area 3, Bionic Commando gives you pure gaming
    action that only few games can provide.
    All this, and together with excellent graphics and music, and a nice
    story with interesting dialogues, give a perfect platform action game
    with a great atomsphere and attitude.
    | ________________________________________________________________________ |
    |/                                                                        \|
    |>                     3.3. WHY I WROTE THIS FAQ                          <|
    |                                                                          |
    So why did I wrote a FAQ for this game? Didn't I notice the game is quite
    old nowadays, and that many FAQ:s were already up on the net? Well, there
    are a couple of reasons.
    First of all, a big reason why I wrote it was for my own personal enjoyment.
    I like to read and write FAQ:s and other things. Besides, I wanted to get
    something up on Gamefaqs and other sites on the net, and this game felt
    like a good one to begin with. This is not my first FAQ ever. I have
    written FAQ:s and guides before, but never put them up on big sites like
    this one. My previous ones were mostly for smaller sites or for my friends.
    Another reason for writing this FAQ is that I, although I knew that this
    game already had been covered a number of times, felt that such a great
    game like this deserved some more FAQ:s.
    But the biggest reason why I decided to sit down and create this FAQ was
    because I simply felt that all the FAQ:s I had found on this game so far
    were simply not satisfying on all points. They all had some flaws in them.
    Some of them had information missing, and some weren't even finished.
    Others had a lot of good information, but were simply not funny to read.
    Either they had a very bad layout, or they were just very unpersonal,
    saying things like "Go up. Kill the guard. Enter the door. Go down" etc.
    Those guides that were well-written and had a professional layout had
    another problem however: They sometimes kept on refering to other websites
    and asked you to put in URL:s in your web browser to watch different
    pictures and so on. As we all know, NO ONE does that when browsing the
    Gamefaqs after that critical piece of information. Having a FAQ in that
    way only creates frustration.
    Finally, almost all the FAQ:s were written for very experienced players.
    They expect the players to take advanced and dangerous shortcuts just
    to save time, and so on. Having advanced tactics in a walkthrough is fine,
    as long as there is an option available. Think of all the inexperienced
    players that play this game.
    So that's why I decided to make this FAQ perfect on all points. I wanted
    to include everything important in the game and for the player. I wanted
    everything to be into this single FAQ, and not spread out on different
    places. I wanted the FAQ to be easy to read and simple to navigate, and
    finally, I wanted to write the FAQ for the less experienced players.
    I am very well aware that I might fail myself on these points. People
    might think that my FAQ has serious defects in it, and if they do, then
    blame me. Here is the deal: If you feel that this FAQ could be improved
    in some way, then drop me a line via the mail. I wrote this FAQ for YOU,
    not for myself, and the most important thing is that you feel comfortable
    with it. Just remember to give constructive critiscism, and don't flame.
    And please mark the mail with "Bionic Commando FAQ" or something like
    that in the subject line so I know what it is about. The mail adress is:
    | ________________________________________________________________________ |
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    |>                            4.1. STORY                                  <|
    |                                                                          |
    Unknown country. Some time in the 1980's...
    Many years ago, an enormous war was held between two big organizations.
    The first one was the evil Empire, often nicknamed "The Badds", who wanted
    nothing else than to take over the world and rule it with strong
    dictatorship. Against them was the Federation, an organization who fought
    for peace and democracy, and did all they could to stop the Empire's
    plans. Eventually, after a long battle, the Federation won, and the
    Empire was put back for a while, reforming their battle units.
    A while ago, some top secret plans were found by the Federation. It was
    the old plans of the Empire. The plans described a very detailed
    construction process of a terrifying and deadly new super weapon called
    "The Albatross". However, the plan was scrapped when the person with
    the key knowledge, Master-D, was killed.
    However, the Empire's new leader, general Killt, reformed his army.
    He also started top secret research projects in order to finish The
    Albatross. Although the chances for these plans to succeed looked slim,
    the Federation didn't take any risks. If The Albatross was ever to be
    completed, chaos would rise in the world. They sent out one of their best
    soldiers, Super Joe, to infiltrate the Badds' mainland, and stop the
    Empire's plans.
    Unfortunately, the Federation lost contact with Super Joe not long ago.
    He was assumed to be alive, and held captive in one of the well-guarded
    areas surrounding the imperial main fortress. The Federation decided to
    send out one of their best new soldiers: Ladd. Equipped with the bionic
    arm and a cannon, Ladd went out on the battlefield.
    His two objectives:
    * Locate and rescue Super Joe
    * Stop the Empire's plans on finishing The Albatross
    | ________________________________________________________________________ |
    |/                                                                        \|
    |>                       4.2. CAST OF CHARACTERS                          <|
    |                                                                          |
    This is you. The hero of the game. You are the bionic commando soldier,
    who wields the bionic arm and several powerful weapons and tools. You are
    the one sent out to save Super Joe and destroy the Badds' secret weapon.
    You are very young, a thing many of the characters in the game taunt you
    for. Overall, you are very cool-looking, skilled with your weapons and
    don't talk too much. A perfect example of a great action hero.
    A hero of the federation. A very experienced and skilled veteran soldier,
    who was sent out to stop the Badds' plans, but suddenly went missing.
    He is assumed to be alive, and held captive by the Badds in the well-
    guarded Area 7. He has important information about the Badds'
    plans as well as about their secret weapon.
    The general and leader of the Badds' army. He is very large and snobbish,
    and likes to taunt the federation and its soldiers whenever he gets a
    chance. He has big plans to take over the world, and is currently holding
    top secret research projects in finishing the mass-destruction weapon
    called The Albatross.
    A high positioned man in the Badds', who died long ago. He was the one with
    the key knowledge on how to construct the Albatross. Since he is dead,
    general Killt is yet unable to complete the weapon. There are rumours
    saying that Killt is holding a secret research project in attempt to
    resurrect Master-D...
    A weapons expert and a good friend of Super Joe. He holds Super Joe's
    legendary Machinegun, and will only give it away to a true hero of
    the federation. He currently guards the neutral area 18, and knows a
    lot about other neutral areas as well.
    A great soldier of the federation, willing to sacrifice his life for
    peace. He holds the powerful Bazooka, that can destroy choppers. He will
    meet you in the final area 12.
    | ________________________________________________________________________ |
    |/                                                                        \|
    |>                         4.3. HOW TO PLAY                               <|
    |                                                                          |
    | 4.3.1. BASIC CONTROLS |
    In this section, the basics of the controlling will be explained. Whenever
    a button instruction says "bionic arm usage", refer to the "4.3.2. How to
    use the bionic arm" section below this one.
    This is an ASCII-picture of a NES-controller:
    |                |                 |               |
    |      ___       |                 |               |
    |     |   |      |                 |               |
    |   __| _ |__    |                 |               |
    |  |   / \   |   |                 |    B     A    |
    |  |__ \_/ __|   |  select  start  |   ___   ___   |
    |     |   |      |  _____   _____  |  /   \ /   \  |
    |     |___|      | |_____| |_____| |  |   | |   |  |
    |                |                 |  \___/ \___/  |
    The big cross-button is called the "Directional Pad". All the other
    buttons's names should be obvious.
    - Move elevator up
    - Bionic arm usage
    - Crouch down
    - Move elevator down
    - Bionic arm usage
    - Walk right
    - Move cursor right in option menus
    - Bionic arm usage
    - Walk left
    - Move cursor left in option menus
    - Bionic arm usage
    - Bionic arm usage
    - Confirm decisions in option menus
    - Advance dialogues
    - Fire your weapon
    - Exit conversations and screens
    - Use accessory
    - Start the game
    - Pause game
    - Choose options on title screen
    Exits the current area you are in and takes you back to the map screen.
    This option can be used to escape areas in dangerous situations or if
    you forgot to bring the correct item with you, and don't want to lose
    all your lives just to get back to the map screen.
    | 4.3.2. HOW TO USE THE BIONIC ARM |
    The bionic arm is your most important tool in the game, and it is very
    important to master its functions very well. In later levels, you will
    encounter dangerous and advanced swinging sections, which brings you
    death if you fail on its challenges. Read this section well, and practice
    a lot on the first easier levels until you understand the mechanisms. To
    simplify this FAQ, I will often use the term "arm" when I refer to the
    bionic arm.
    The arm is used to take you to new areas, swinging over gaps, climbing
    onto higher platforms and do other moves. It is also used to push away
    enemies or bullets that come from above or the side of you. The final
    use the arm has is to grab and pull in items far away from you. All
    those bullets the soldiers drop after defeat can be quickly collected
    with the arm. Remember that you can't jump in Bionic Commando. Even the
    smallest barrels or gaps will be uncrossable without the bionic arm.
    The A-button is the primary button for using the bionic arm. In the
    normal mode, not hanging, the A-button does these actions:
    Press the A-button:
    Shoots the arm diagonally upwards in the direction Ladd is facing.
    Hold Up and press the A-button:
    Shoots the arm straight up.
    Duck and press the A-button:
    Shoots the arm straight forward in the direction Ladd is facing
    Walk and press the A-button:
    Shoots the arm straight forward in the direction Ladd is facing
    The arm can only connect on certain objects and materials. First of all:
    It can only connect on horizontal objects like platforms. It can never
    connect into vertical walls and the alike. However, it can connect
    into objects like barrels, and into the sides of normal horizontal
    platforms. Second: There are some platforms that are built with a
    material that the arm simply can't grip. These types of platforms are
    rare, but they exist. Make sure you get to know the terrain of each
    level so you know when to use the arm and not.
    When the arm connects straight up, what happens next depends on Ladd's
    position. If he is standing safely on a platform, he will hold his
    position, with the arm connected in the above platform. He can fire
    his gun, turn left and right and either move up to the highest position
    or remove the arm, but he can't walk away. If he now hangs in the air,
    the controls and movements are the same, but Ladd will fall down if
    you remove the arm.
    Controls for this type:
    D-Pad button left/right: Turns Ladd left/right
    D-pad button down: Removes the arm
    A-button: Raises Ladd to the "highest position"
    B-button: Fires weapon
    If the arm connects diagonally, Ladd's position will also matter on what
    will happen next. If he stands safely on a platform, he will hold his
    position, with the arm connected. The controls are now somewhat different
    to when the arm is connected upwards though. He can fire his gun, but not
    turn around. If he removes the arm, he will go back to normal mode.
    He can raise up to the platform. If he moves in the direction he faces,
    he will enter "swinging mode" (read further down). If he connects the
    arm diagonally while in the air, he will automatically enter the "swinging
    mode" (read further down).
    Controls for this type:
    D-Pad button down: Removes the arm
    A-button: Raises Ladd to the "highest position"
    D-Pad button the direction Ladd faces: Enter "swinging mode"
    D-Pad button the opposite direction: Removes the arm
    B-button: Fires weapon
    In this mode, Ladd will swing quickly left and right over and over again.
    He will have a different speed and length in his swings depending on how
    close to the platform he is (I.E. how stretched the arm is). With the
    arm stretched to its maximum, Ladd will make huge swings. With the arm
    just barely out, Ladd will make tiny swings. While in this mode, he can
    jump away in different ways, or raise up to the top position.
    If he raises up to the top position, it will take longer time than if the
    arm was connected straight up and Ladd was standing still, due to the laws
    of nature. Whenever he jumps off the arm or climbs onto a platform,
    he will go back to the normal mode.
    Controls for this type:
    D-Pad button right: Ladd will make a huge leap out to the right
    D-Pad button left: Ladd will make a huge leap out to the left
    D-Pad button down: Ladd will drop off the arm in low speed
    A-button: Raises Ladd to the "highest position"
    In this position, Ladd hangs just below the platform in the arm. He can
    turn left or right, drop down or get onto the platform above him if it
    is possible. If he is hanging into the roof, and the only thing above it
    is a solid stone wall for example, then he can't get up. If it is just
    space above him, then he can climb up to it most of the time.
    Controls for this type:
    D-Pad button left/right: Turns Ladd left/right
    D-Pad button down: Removes the arm
    D-Pad button up: Ladd climbs onto the platform above if he can
    B-button: Fires weapon
    If Ladd is in the air when the arm connects straight, he will enter
    "swinging mode" directly, otherwise, he can either remove the arm,
    or pull himself towards the object he connected into. When he
    pulls himself towards it, if he falls off a platform, he will enter
    "swinging mode". Otherwise, he will just get next to it.
    Controls for this type:
    A-button: Pulls Ladd next to the item
    D-Pad button the opposite direction Ladd faces: Removes arm
    | ________________________________________________________________________ |
    |/                                                                        \|
    |>                      4.4. BEFORE ENTERING A LEVEL                      <|
    |                                                                          |
    | 4.4.1. TITLE SCREEN |
    This is the screen you will see when you start the game, and also when you
    lose all your lives and get a game over. The logo and the text will slowly
    appear on the screen. If you press START-Button, the whole title screen
    will appear directly. If you wait without pressing any button, the intro
    sequence will start, showing you the game's background story.
    On the title screen, you have two options:
    * Start:
    Starts the game from the beginning. You will see a new sequence, and the
    game will start at Area 1, with 3 lives, the Standard Cannon and the
    Red Communicator.
    * Continue:
    Continues the game from where you lost all your lives. You will start on
    the map, outside the area you perished in, with 3 lives, and all your
    equipment intact. However, your bullets amount will be reduced back to
    the level where you gained your latest health bar (see section "4.5.2.
    Increasing your health bar" for more info). The number next to the word
    "continue" tells you how many continues you have left. You start with
    no continues, so if you die, without any continues collected, this
    option will be missing. Gain continues by defeating the harder enemies
    in the enemy field stages.
    | 4.4.2. HOW TO NAVIGATE THE MAP |
    The map is an important feature in Bionic Commando. It is where you travel
    between different areas and enter levels. When you start from the
    beginning, you will start at Area 0, in the lower left corner, travelling
    directly to Area 1. If you use a continue, you will start outside the
    area where you perished.
    The blue chopper is your icon, and those green tanks are the enemies.
    The numbered squares on the map are the areas of the game. When your
    chopper reaches an area, you will get two options: "Decend" or "Transfer".
    "Decend" takes you down to the level itself, and you will reach the
    "Choose equipment"-screen (more about that later). If you choose
    "Transfer", you will be asked to choose a new destination. Press the
    Left and Right D-Pad buttons to change directions, and press A-button
    to confirm. You will travel there, and the enemy tanks will travel
    around as well. You can only travel along the drawn lines on the map.
    Travelling paths for the tanks:
    * Tank 1:
    Area 4 --> Area 5 --> Area 15 --> Area 4 --> Area 1 --> Area 4 (Repeat)
    * Tank 2:
    Area 3 --> Area 6 --> Area 5 --> Area 2 --> Area 16 --> Area 5 -->
    Area 6 --> Area 3 (Repeat)
    * Tank 3:
    Area 8 --> Area 19 --> Area 8 --> Area 7 --> Area 18 --> Area 7 -->
    Area 8 (Repeat)
    * Tank 4:
    Area 7 --> Area 8 --> Area 10 --> Area 8 --> Area 19 --> Area 8 -->
    Area 6 --> Area 8 --> Area 7 (Repeat)
    * Tank 5:
    Area 10 --> Area 12 --> Area 11 --> Area 10 (Repeat)
    The areas with low numbers and white background (numbers 1-12) are called
    "Enemy areas". The ones with high numbers and red background (numbers
    13-19), are called "Neutral areas". Those green enemy tanks that drive
    around hold the so-called "Enemy field stages". If you bump into a tank
    while driving on the map, you will be halted and forced to enter one
    of these stages. More info about the different types of areas in the
    next section.
    Also, there are two hidden paths (I.E. lines) on the map. To find out
    how to open them, read the walkthrough for Area 17. Whent they are
    open, you can use them to travel much faster between the areas. But
    everytime you use them, you will be forced to play another "Enemy
    field stage". Compared to the tanks, which you can avoid, this one is
    It is not possible to travel to all regions of the map from the
    beginning. There are certain passages that requires you to have all
    the necessary equipment before you are allowed to use them. They are:
    * Between Area 6 and Area 8:
    You must have both the Blue and Orange Communicator.
    * Between Area 8 and Area 10:
    You must have saved Super Joe in Area 7.
    * Entering Area 12:
    You must have completed both Area 10 and Area 11.
    There are three types of areas in Bionic Commando, as I already
    mentioned in the previous section. They are the following:
    * Enemy areas:
    These are the most common type of areas in the game. They all
    consist of a level with different challenges in different
    terrains. At the end of these areas, there will always be a boss
    room, with a special opponent (I.E. the boss), and a "final computer".
    The goal on these levels is to make your way to the boss room, and
    blow up the final computer. Sometimes you must locate and use the
    contact rooms to gain access to the boss rooms. See section
    "4.5.1. Contact rooms" to read more about them, and see the info box
    for each level to find out if using the contact room is necessary.
    Finishing an Enemy area will most of the time give you a new item that
    can be used in other areas to enhance your progress. Enemy areas are
    marked with white colour and have low numbers (1-12).
    * Neutral areas:
    These are also important areas. Neutral areas are zones where no
    acts of violence may occur. When you are in these areas, you are not
    allowed to fire your weapon. If you do, you will cause the alarm to
    go off, all the important persons that will aid you will escape, and
    the personel in the area will attack you endlessly. To reset the
    order, leave the area and come back again. In almost all areas, you
    will get important items or clues about the war and the areas.
    All neutral areas have the same layout, and most of the time, there
    will be no enemies that attack you here. However, there are some
    exceptions, and when these enemies come, you can't use your weapon
    to take them out, unless you want the alarm to go off. You must
    either ignore them or use your bionic arm to defend yourself. You can
    very well die in these areas, as they all have water pits and spikes.
    How is it that the personel is so strict about you not attacking, and
    then looks away when the enemies attack you? And why do they fill
    their health care centers with spikes? Beats me.
    Most of the areas are accessable directly, but some can only be
    entered when you have the correct item visible. Neutral areas are
    marked with red colour and have high numbers (13-19).
    * Enemy field stages:
    Whenever you run into a tank, or use the secret pathways, you will
    be tossed into one of these stages. Unlike the other stages, these
    are played with a bird-perspective, like in Zelda. These stages are
    quite short, and just consist of walking straight forward while a lot
    of different enemies attack you. There are not very much to find in
    these stages, but you can collect the precious Continues here by
    eliminating the harder opponents. Read the walkthrough about these
    sections to find out what enemies they are, and how to defeat them.
    In one of the stages, you can also find the Helmet. Refer to the
    walkthrough on Area 17 and that special enemy field stage to see
    how to get it.
    You can't use your Accessories or Protective Items in these stages,
    so be careful. If you have low health, these stages can be quite
    troublesome at times. After you have reached the truck waiting at
    the top of the level, you will exit it, and be brought back to the
    map, and the game will continue as usual.
    When choosing the "Decend" option on the map, or when running into
    a tank or using the secret paths, you will be brought to the Items
    screen. Here, you can select the specific equipment you want to use
    in the upcoming stage. There are several screens and types of
    equipment, and you can only choose one of each type.
    The types of equipment are:
    * Weapon
    * Protective item
    * Accessory
    * Communicator
    If you are entering an Enemy field stage, you will only select your
    weapon, otherwise you will select all types of items. Read more about
    the different types of equipment and their usage and rules in section
    "5.2. Equipment". Several areas require certain items to be accessable,
    so read the info box and overview of each level in the walkthrough to
    see what item you will need for each particular area. When you confirm
    your choice of communicator, and choose "End", the area will begin.
    | ________________________________________________________________________ |
    |/                                                                        \|
    |>                     4.5. WHEN PLAYING A LEVEL                          <|
    |                                                                          |
    | 4.5.1. CONTACT ROOMS |
    The contact rooms are spread out here and there in most enemy areas. When
    you enter them, and use the big computer in the middle of it, you can
    choose between two alternatives: "Communicate" and "Wire Tapping".
    "Communicate" puts you in contact with your own men, who will provide clues
    or information. If you choose "Wire Tapping", you will wire-tap your
    enemies' conversations, and can pick up important secret information.
    However, in certain areas when you wire-tap the enemy, an alarm will go
    off, and enemies will appear. This happens in areas 3, 8, 9, 10 and 11.
    When you have visited a contact room, you will begin the level there if
    you die in the level (unless you have no more lives left). That's why it
    is sometimes a great idea to visit the contact rooms even if you are
    not planning to use the communicator.
    Different areas require different communicators. If you bring the wrong
    communicator to the contact room, you will only get buzzings if you try
    to use the computer. Also, only certain areas require you to use the
    contact rooms to unlock the boss room door. Read the info box on each
    level in the walkthrough section to see what communicator you will need,
    and if you need to use the contact room.
    Right in the beginning of the game, you are very weak. Every single hit
    will kill you directly. That is a very harsh situation, and I recommend
    you to raise your health meter as soon as you can. How to do that? Well,
    it's simple really. Whenever you take out the enemies, they drop small
    things that look a little like white cans. They are in fact bullets,
    and when you pick up a bullet, your bullet counter raises up one step.
    When it has reached a certain number, you will get one extra health
    point on your maximum health. Your health will also be restored to
    max when this happens. Every time you gain more health, the number
    of bullets you need to collect to make the meter reach even higher
    increases. You can have a maximum of 8 life points. Remember that you
    will also be awarded with 10 bullets everytime you complete an enemy
    area. Every time you leave the level and go back out to the map, your
    health is completely restored.
    Here are the grades for the bullets:
      5 bullets: 1 life point
     15 bullets: 2 life points
     30 bullets: 3 life points
     60 bullets: 4 life points
    100 bullets: 5 life points
    150 bullets: 6 life points
    220 bullets: 7 life points
    300 bullets: 8 life points
    | 4.5.3. GAME OVER |
    Each time you get hit by an enemy's bullet or by the enemy itself, you
    will get knocked back and lose one energy unit. If all your energy
    units disappear, and you get hit one more time, you will die. You will
    also die if you fall down into the water, a hole or into quicksand.
    you have three lives to begin with, and can gain more as the game
    proceeds. If you die, you will begin in the latest contact room you
    When all your lives are gone, you will get a game over. This will
    bring you back to the title screen, where you can choose either
    to begin a new game or to continue (if you have gathered Continues
    in the Enemy Field Stages).
    | ______________________________________________________________________ |
    |/                                                                      \|
    |>                    5.1. POWERUPS FOUND IN LEVELS                     <|
    |                                                                        |
    On all levels of the game, there are a couple of powerups that can be found
    on different places. These powerups are not like the normal equipment, and
    will be used directly, and will improve your status in different ways. Some
    are found on the ground on certain hidden spots, and some are inside bonus
    boxes that sometimes drop down from the sky in the enemy areas. Some can
    also be achived by eliminating different enemies. To open the bonus boxes,
    either shoot them or hit them with your bionic arm.
    Location: On enemies, In bonus boxes, Rooms in neutral areas
    The most common powerup. Bullets look like small white cans, and are the way
    to raise your health bar. They are almost always found after defeating
    Location: In bonus boxes, Rooms in neutral areas, Hidden places in enemy
    Looks like a small doll version of your main character, and gives you one
    more life. Having collected these for certain difficult levels are often
    necessary, since losing all your lives means game over. Refer to another
    section to see where all the 1-UP:s in the game are located.
    Location: In bonus boxes
    This one looks just like your Energy Recovery Pills, and work in the same
    way, with the exception that you use them directly, instead of pressing the
    START-button. Taking this one gives you a full health bar directly.
    Location: In bonus boxes
    An icon with the small text "POW" gives you a short moment of protection
    from the enemies. It creates a big fireball that swings around you in high
    speed. Enemies getting hit by this one will die. Please remember that
    this item doesn't make you immortal. You can still get damaged on spikes,
    electricity etc. and if an enemy or bullet manages to slip through the
    fireball, it will hit you. When the fireball goes away, it will shoot up in
    the air and then fall down to the ground. It still works at this time, so
    enemies getting hit will be taken out. You can only find this one in the
    white boxes.
    Location: In enemy field areas
    Only found in the enemy field stages by defeating certain stronger
    opponents. It looks just like one of those eagle badges in the military.
    In the cliffside enemy field, the one with dangerous pits on the sides, you
    will have to eliminate the shield guards with huge cannons. On the field
    stage with blue floor, you must defeat the jeeps that come from the side
    and fire at you. In the hidden base, you must defeat the blue soldiers with
    bionic arms. By collecting this item, you will get one extra continue,
    which you can use after you have lost all your lives to be able to try
    | ______________________________________________________________________ |
    |/                                                                      \|
    |>                          5.2. EQUIPMENT                              <|
    |                                                                        |
    There is a high number of equipment you will find and need to use in Bionic
    Commando. These items are important to be able to proceed in the game. They
    make you stronger, give you new abilities and open up new areas for you.
    There are 4 types of equipment: Weapons, Communicators, Accessories and 
    Protective Items.
    | 5.2.1. WEAPONS |
    The weapons are the primary items in Bionic Commando. They are all shooting
    weapons, and host infinite ammo. There are a total of 5 "real" guns in the
    game, and 1 special gun, mostly for the storyline:
    Salvo rate: 3 bullets per screen
    Strength: 3
    Speed: 4
    Range: 5
    The weapon you begin your journey with. It fires small green bullets
    straight forwards, with a maximum salvo of 3 bullets per screen. It has a
    very long reach (a whole screen), and a great speed. As it is the first 
    weapon you wield, it is naturally not especially strong nor effective, but
    okay for the first levels of the game, and in fact it is a totally
    acceptable gun. It is strong enough to take out the weaker opponents with a
    few shots, and the computers at the end of each stage can be taken out quite
    quickly, because of this weapon's high speed. Still, nothing you want to
    hold on to after you've got the tougher guns.
    Location: Acquired after completing Area 4
    Salvo rate: 3 bullets per screen
    Strength: 1
    Speed: 5
    Range: 1
    This second weapon is in fact not especially effective, and experienced
    players tend to avoid this one. It fires the same type of bullets like the
    Standard Cannon did, only that it fires three of them at the same time, in
    a wide spread: One straight ahead, one diagonally upwards, and one
    diagonally downwards. Sounds good, no? Wait, there's more. The biggest
    problem with this one is that its reach is horrible! The bullets disappear
    just as they leave the gun, meaning you must stand very close to your
    opponents to be able to hit them. This makes this cannon become one of the
    worst weapons in the game. Its only advantage over the Standard Cannon is
    that it is good for taking out flying enemies. The only areas with a lot of
    flying enemies are areas 5 and 7, and this weapon is in fact too weak to be
    Location: Acquired after completing Area 5
    Salvo rate: 1 bullet per screen
    Strength: 5
    Speed: 3
    Range: 5
    Yeah! Now we're getting somewhere! This gun increases your offensive power
    like a 1000 times! It is the weapon with the most attacking power in the
    game, finishing off ALL enemies with just 1 shot (including most bosses!),
    and takes out all final computers with just 3 or 4 shots! It fires a huge
    red/green glowing fireball across the whole screen, with an average speed.
    Only 1 bullet at a time may be on the screen. A huge advantage with this
    gun is that when an enemy has perished after being hit, the shot doesn't
    stop. Instead, it continues through him, meaning you can eleminate groups
    of enemies standing in a row. The best thing is that you get this one so
    early in the game. When you have this one, you don't want to change back.
    This is THE gun of the game. Trust me.
    Location: Acquired after completing Area 9
    Salvo rate: 3 bullets per screen
    Strength: 2
    Speed: 4
    Range: 3
    This gun feels like an enhanced version of the Wide Cannon. It fires three
    huge fireballs at the same time, one going straight forward, one going
    straight up, and one going straight down. In other words, its angle is much
    wider than the Wide Cannon. This weapon has a better reach than its older
    brother, but still shorter than the Standard Cannon. The crazy thing is that
    although the shots look like the Rocket Launcher shots, its strength is
    horrible. It gets even worse when you discover that this gun fires much
    slower than the Wide Cannon. This makes taking out bosses and final
    computers a very annoying job. Although I try to stay away from this one as
    much as I can, it is in fact necessary to open up Area 7 (where Super Joe
    is located), and can even be very useful for taking out those flying
    choppers in that area.
    Location: Found in neutral Area 18 (Getting this gun requires solving 
              a puzzle. See the walkthrough for Area 18 on how to do it.)
    Salvo rate: 3 bullets per screen
    Strength: 4
    Speed: 5
    Range: 3
    The final weapon. It is the fastest gun in the game, firing small white
    bullets in a spread. It has the same width as the Wide Cannon, but a much
    better reach, speed and strength. It reaches about a third of the screen.
    Although each single shot is weak, the enormous speed and width the bullets
    are fired in, makes this gun very effective for taking out big groups of
    enemies on different heights very quickly. Funny enough, although it is a
    machinegun, you can't hold the button down to keep firing. You must tap the
    button like a normal gun. It is a very great weapon, and it was probably
    meant to be the ultimate weapon of the game, but I still prefer to stick
    with my Rocket Launcher.
    Location: Given to you by Hal in Area 12 (final stage)
    Salvo rate: 1 bullet per screen
    Strength: 5+
    Speed: 3
    Range: 5
    This is not really a true weapon in the game, as it works just like the
    Rocket Launcher, and is given to you only in the very end of the game. The
    only difference it has to the Rocket Launcher is that it makes it possible
    to destroy the cockpit of Master-D's helicopter. You can pass Hal by, not
    collecting his Bazooka, but then you can't destroy the chopper, and will
    undoubtely die. Even if you have the Rocket Launcher with you, you can't do
    it. Talking to Hal and getting the Bazooka is the one and only way you can
    beat the game.
    | 5.2.2. COMMUNICATORS |
    The communicators look like rather big radios and are used to contact your 
    team mates, as well as wire-tap the enemies' secret messages via the
    computers in the levels. There are a total of 4 communicators in the game,
    and they all have a different colour and a Greek letter. Different
    communicators work in different areas. They are only used in enemy areas.
    The communicator you begin with. It has a wine-red colour, and works in
    Areas 1, 4 and 5.
    Found in neutral Area 16. It is forest-green dyed, and works in Areas 2, 3
    and 6.
    Found in neutral Area 14. You will need a Permit to enter this Area (the
    Permit is located in the enemy Area 6). Its colour is icy blue, and it works
    in Areas 8, 9 and 7.
    Found in neutral Area 15. Funny enough, although this communicator is used
    in the last Areas 10, 11 and 12, this is the first Communicator you find
    (not including the Red one you start with). To get it, you must either
    remove the armoured walls in Area 15 (but doing so will make you get
    attacked), or do a very dangerous bionic arm move that may cost your life
    (see section "6.4. Special moves"). See the walkthrough section for Area
    15 to get a detailed explanation on how to get this item.
    | 5.2.3. ACCESSORIES |
    The accessories are extra items that do not affect the game in an active
    way like the weapons or the communicators do, but they still have a good
    task, and can really aid you in harsh situations on your quest. All of
    them cause some kind of a special effect that helps you in some way, like
    opening new areas or making you stronger. Some of them are used by
    pressing the START-button, while others are used automatically.
    Location: Acquired after completing Area 1
    Now, I don't see why they call these "pills", since it looks more like a
    green liquid to me. But anyway, the words "energy" and "recovery" say
    enough, don't they? This item is incredibly useful, and is my favourite
    item besides the Rocket Launcher. It can be used anytime by pressing the
    START-button, and brings your health back to maximum,  no matter how high
    your health meter is. Unless I absolutely need another item, I always bring
    these with me into an enemy area.
    Location: Found in neutral Area 13
    A classical item. Like in most games, these are used to light up dark areas.
    In this game however, they are only useful in one level, and that is in
    Area 4 - the dark caverns. As soon as the lights go out, press START-button
    to toss the flares. The light will come back soon. To tell the truth, you
    don't need these to complete level 4. It is still possible to see enough to
    be able to complete the level, but it gets a lot easier if you use them. The
    reason I say this is because you might want to bring the Energy Recovery
    Pills instead. Especially since you probably haven't gained that much health
    yet. The choice is yours.
    Location: Acquired after completing Area 3
    As the name suggests, this device is used to create rapid fire. However, the
    developers were so lazy that they only programmed it for the first gun in
    the game. It makes it easier for you to fire, since you can hold down the
    B-button to keep firing automatically, instead of having to tap the button
    over and over again. However, this doesn't mean that the 3-bullets-per-
    screen limit disappears! It only saves you some pain in your thumbs. A
    rather useless item, since by the time you get your hands on it, you have
    probably acquired the Rocket Launcher, which gives you all the offensive
    power you would ever want, not to mention that you will have to give up the
    Energy Recovery Pills for it. The biggest joke with this item is that it
    doesn't work with Super Joe's Machinegun!
    Location: Acquired after completing Area 6
    This piece of paper is used to gain access to the neutral Area 14. And
    getting in here is very important, since we need the Blue Communicator. It
    works automatically, and there is no need to press any button to use it. It
    is a bugger, since it prevents you from using the spot for the Energy
    Recovery Pills, but fortunately, the Permit is only used in this area,
    where the resistance is very weak, so it doesn't feel too harsh. And don't
    even think about firing your weapon to make the guard disappear from the
    screen! This is the only neutral area where that doesn't work. The Permit
    is the one and only way to enter this place.
    Location: Acquired after completing Area 8
    Normally, when you swing with your bionic arm and hit soldiers, they just
    bump away. They get temporarely stunned, and are pushed away from you, but
    they still pose a threat. If you wear the Iron Boots however, kicking the
    soldiers while swinging with the bionic arm will kill them directly. This
    item is used automatically, and does not need a specific button commando.
    Can be useful at times, but I mostly skip this one since the system for
    hitting the soldiers correctly is very awkward. Often enough, you end up
    hitting them with parts of your upper body, which costs you a piece of
    energy, and also knocks you away from the bionic swing. As always, I prefer
    to bring my beloved Energy Recovery Pills instead.
    | 5.2.4. PROTECTIVE ITEMS |
    Protective items are a special group of items that are used for..uh..
    protection! All of them work automatically. They don't need a button
    command to be activated, and they work all the time in all areas. Also,
    they don't interfere with the accessories. There are 3 of them.
    Location: Acquired after completing Area 2
    This looks more like a cross, but hey, let's focus on its effects instead.
    The Pendant protects you from ONE shot in every area. The first enemy
    bullet that hits you will simply just bounce off you, not damaging you or
    stopping your actions. Only those red or green bullets from enemy
    soldiers/final computers, white laser beams from the vertical laser
    cannons and the choppers' diagonal bullets will be stopped. Diagonal laser
    beams, spike balls etc won't be halted. Once again, pay attention that it
    only stops one bullet per "Area session". If you leave or die and re-enter
    an area, you can use the Pendant again.
    Location: Found in the secret enemy base (Getting this item requires 
              solving some puzzles. See the walkthrough for Area 17, 
              and then the walkthrough for Enemy Field Stage 3 for an 
              exact explanation.)
    The Helmet works just like the Pendant, except that it works THREE times
    instead of just one. I don't understand how a helmet can protect your
    full body, but I guess it's just video game logic.
    Location: Acquired after completing Area 11
    This one works just like the Helmet and the Pendant, but works EVERYTIME.
    However, it has a big difference to the Helmet and the Pendant. It
    doesn't block a whole salvo, just the first shot. This means that if a
    soldier fires two bullets at the same time, you can only dodge the first
    one. A funny thing with this item is that if first shot in a salvo doesn't
    touch you, you won't be spared for the second shot! If you duck under the
    first shot, and then stand up in time to get hit by the second one, the
    Vest won't block that one! A very good item, but it's a shame you get it
    just before entering the very last stage in the game. I don't really know
    which one is the best of this one and the Helmet. Since you get the Vest
    just before the last stage, and the last stage has very few soldiers that
    fire the specific type of bullets, I usually skip over this one.
    | ______________________________________________________________________ |
    |/                                                                      \|
    |>                          5.3. THE BAD GUYS                           <|
    |                                                                        |
    The Badds have a well-armed and trained personel that wants to stop your 
    journey. There are two types of bad guys: Enemies and Bosses. Enemies are
    the regular opponents that dwell in almost any level, and normally take
    three or so shots to die. Bosses are the tougher opponents that usually
    appear at the end of each stage, and sometimes in the middle of it, and
    take a lot more to go down. There are also some opponents that are not
    bound to the Badds army, and attack you for other reasons. Enemies like
    these are for example the personel in the neutral areas and animals
    living in the wilderness. There is also a third type of obstacles:
    Dangerous terrain.
    | 5.3.1. ENEMIES |
    The most common enemy in Bionic Commando perhaps. He is either red or
    green, and patrols a small area. If he sees you, he will fire a salvo
    of bullets on you. Duck under them and shoot him. If you are on a
    platform below him, he will jump down to your level. In the enemy
    field stages, he will also toss grenades.
    Found in: Areas 1, 5, 2, 6, 8, 9, 12, All enemy field stages
    Works almost like the patrolling guard, except that he sits still
    instead, and ducks. Now and then, he rises up and fires a salvo,
    and then ducks again. If he ducks behind a barrel or a box, you must
    shoot him when he rises up, otherwise you only need to duck next to
    him and spray him with bullets.
    Found in: Areas 1, 4, 5, 2, 3, 8, 12, All enemy field stages
    Floats down from above in a parachute. He floats through walls somehow,
    and stops when he hits a platform. He then turns into a patrolling
    guard. He can be shot while in parachute, but not hit with the arm.
    Found in: Areas 1, 5, 2, 6, 8, 9, 12
    A barrier of electricity blocking your way. There is no way to pass
    through it without removing it first. In Area 1, you must destroy
    its generator in order to stop it. In Area 12, you must cut the
    electricity by shutting down the main system.
    Found in: Areas 1, 12
    A sitting guard that takes turns rolling bombs and shooting at
    you with a cannon. If he rolls bombs, you must hang in the roof to
    avoid the blast. When he shoots, you must duck. Take him out as
    fast as possible.
    Found in: Areas 1, 8, 9
    White medic men who keep the law and order in the neutral areas.
    They have a zero tolerance against people firing their guns, and
    if you do, they will attack you. They act like the parachuting
    soldiers, and then act like the patrolling guards when they touch
    the ground. However, they are much faster and fire more often.
    Found in: All neutral areas
    A guard wielding a knife. He patrols, and when he sees you, he charges
    at you in high speed. Be prepared for his charge, and spray him with
    Found in: Areas 4, 19
    A very annoying enemy that flies with a chopper engine on his back. He
    tracks you down, and then hoovers slightly over you while putting on
    an electric current. The best thing to do to avoid him is to move up
    the level as fast as possible. If he manages to turn on his current,
    you must drop down one platform to avoid it. You can knock him down
    a bit by using your arm.
    Found in: Area 5
    Fastened in the roof, this white laser cannon fires two beams now
    and then. One to the right, and one to the left. They are often put
    on platforms you need to get up on, so pay attention to their shooting
    and move when it is safe.
    Found in: Area 5
    A ball that hangs in a chain. When you get close, the chain breaks,
    and the ball will roll towards you. You don't get hurt by the ball,
    but it knocks you back, and can knock you down a pit or into an
    enemy. It can never be destroyed.
    Found in: Areas 5, 12
    A guard that moves back and forth and rolls bombs. You must either
    move away or hang in the roof to avoid the smash of the bombs.
    Found in: Areas 2, 8, 19
    This enemy does not belong to the Badds, but is still very annoying.
    It never damages you, but it moves quickly along the floor, and if it
    gets a hold of you, it will drag you away, often enough towards pits
    or spikes. The only way to escape if you get caught is to use your
    arm on a platform above.
    Found in: Areas 2, 10
    An armoured truck that has a long chain with a hook at its end. It
    patrols platforms above you, and now and then, it lowers its chain.
    If it does, it is invulnerable to your shots in the front. If you
    get onto its platform, it will charge at you in high speed. When it is
    destroyed, a squatting guard will always come out.
    Found in: Area 2
    A very short guard that works much like the patrolling guard, except
    that he is much faster and more aggressive. You must duck to be able
    to hit him. He always comes out of destroyed trucks.
    Found in: Areas 2, 7
    Terrifying huge plants that hide in the ground. When a human steps near
    them, they pop out of the ground, and bites fiercely in the air. They
    are very well hidden, and if you get eaten, you die directly. They are
    only found in the wilderness, on grassy ground, so move carefully and
    watch for changes in the terrain.
    Found in: Area 3
    Huge spiders that move in a very weird pattern. They stand still for a
    while, then they suddenly move towards you in high speed. The bionic arm
    knocks them down a bit, but it doesn't kill them, so try to advance
    away from them as quickly as possible.
    Found in: Area 3
    Flying bugs that live on the higher parts of the wilderness. They fly
    around you, slowly getting closer and closer. They are very annoying,
    but fortunately, they can be taken out by your bionic arm, so use it
    to clear up the area.
    Found in: Area 3
    Indestructable spiky balls that jump out of pits. They cannot be defeated
    in any way, so pass them by when you can.
    Found in: Areas 6, 14
    A cute but dangerous enemy. It patrols the floors and tries to hit you.
    You must duck to be able to shoot it.
    Found in: Areas 6, 10, 11, 16
    A fat guard that stays on his spot and controls small flying robots to
    attack you. Take him out, and all the robots will die.
    Found in: Areas 6, 8
    The flying robots of the commander.
    Found in: Areas 6, 8
    Spiky balls that roll on the floor down the tower. They cannot be
    Found in: Area 6
    A fat guard that tosses the rolling spike balls. Get rid of him as soon
    as you can since he is the one that makes the spike balls coming.
    Found in: Area 6
    Works like the bomb guard, but is blue, and parachutes from the sky.
    Found in: Area 8
    Guards the corridors, and is made up by a steel barrier, that goes from
    the corridors roof to its floor. On the steel barrier, a cannon moves
    up and down while shooting. You must hit the cannon to destroy the
    steel barrier.
    Found in: Area 8
    A guard that wears a backpack with a bionic arm. If you shoot him
    standing on the ground, he will jump up and hang in the roof. If you
    shoot him while hanging, he will drop down on the floor. You can't
    pass him by, so you must defeat him. The trick is to hang in the roof,
    and while dropping down, shoot a bullet in the exact correct moment.
    Then he will get fooled to jump up, but will get hit and die.
    Found in: Areas 8, 9, 12
    A very annoying enemy that runs around on a small platform with a shield.
    You can't hit this guy in the front, only in the back. However, getting
    behind him is a very hard job. I mostly try to pass this guy by, since
    he is so annoying.
    Found in: Area 8
    A truck that is totally invincible in the front, except against one
    weapon: The 3-Way Cannon. All other weapons must hit the truck in the
    back. The truck patrols a platform, and fires needles at you. You can
    duck under them. When the truck spots you, it will charge at you in
    high speed.
    Found in: Area 7
    Annoying helicopters that follow you via the air and fire diagonal
    bullets at you. Your arm won't do them any harm, so you must move up
    to their level to get them. The 3-Way Cannon is a recommended weapon.
    Found in: Area 7
    A cannon that hangs under a platform, and moves back and forth. It fires
    its beams diagonally, and in tight intervals. Passing this one by is
    difficult, since it fires so quickly. Hang in its platform and shoot it.
    Found in: Areas 10, 11
    A very big guard that patrols the platforms slowly. When he gets close
    to you, he will stop and punch you. Your arm can't touch him, but your
    bullets can. Move away from him and shoot him.
    Found in: Area 11
    A small moving electric current. It goes along the platforms, meaning it
    can pose a threat both in the roof and on the floor. All the currents
    go at the same time, so you can time how to pass them by.
    Found in: Area 12
    Moves left and right and fires huge shots at you now and then. They can
    only be harmed when they shoot, as they remove their shield at that time.
    Found in: Enemy Field Stage 1: The Mountain Cliffs
    They drive from one side of the screen to another in slow speed, and
    keeps firing bullets at you all the time. They are quite easy to take out,
    since they have no armour.
    Found in: Enemy field stage 2: Blue Gravel Pit
    A blue guy who wears a bionic arm like you. He swings it in a circle
    now and then, and if you get hit, you will get damaged. Your shots will
    bounce away if they hit his arm.
    Found in: Enemy field stage 3: The Hidden Base
    | 5.3.2. BOSSES |
    The main boss in every level. Its weak spot is in its eye, which is in
    the middle. It always has a platform on the perfect height next to it.
    Climb the platform and shoot into its eye to defeat it. On level 12, there
    are reactors that look just like the final computers, except that they
    don't have the platform next to them. Final computers are always heavily
    guarded, and at first, they don't do anything, but on Area 3, and then
    from Area 8 and onwards, they will start shooting at you.
    Found in: All enemy areas
    The plutoon is the type of boss you will encounter the most in this
    game. They consist of a large group of soldiers of different types
    that keep on ambushing you. The type of soldiers you will face is
    different depending on what area you meet the plutoon at. Most of the
    time, a higher Level number, the harder the plutoon gets. The only
    member of the plutoon who is always there is the leader. He is the one
    talking when you enter the room, and he stays at the same spot,
    ordering his men to attack you. You can defeat him, but it is not
    necessary for beating the level, and you won't get any extra reward.
    The soldiers will keep on attacking you no matter what. You won't
    get any Bullets for defeating the enemies in these rooms.
    Found in: Areas 1, 2, 8, 9, 11
    A really annoying opponent, which you fortunately only will meet
    once (or maybe twice if you are unlucky). He walks on the floor,
    and has a shield that protects him in the front. He has a long
    bionic arm that he shoots upwards if you try to pass over him.
    The arm doesn't harm you, but it knocks you back, preventing you
    from reaching the final computer. To get past the enemy, you
    must either move on the very top platforms, or swing forwards
    in high speed. That way, you will outrun the arm. If you wish to
    defeat him, you must hit him in the back, which is very difficult
    and takes a lot of time. You don't have to defeat him to complete
    the level in Area 4, but if you step into the trap room in the
    final stage, then you must defeat him to be able to leave.
    Found in: Areas 4, 12
    The enemy often nicknamed the "Pi pi pi guard" for its characteristic
    sound when it spots you. It's a very easy boss. It starts in the middle
    of the room, and when you approach it, it starts to move backwards,
    until it reaches the end of the room. It fires three bullets in a wide
    spread, one straight, one diagonally up and one diagonally down. Move
    left and right and go up or down the platforms to avoid its shots. Blast
    it with your cannon when you have the time. If you have a Rocket Launcher,
    you only need one single shot to finish it. A good strategy is to get
    behind it. If you do, it can't harm you anymore, and you can simply stand
    there and take it down.
    Found in: Areas 5, 3, 10
    Now this guy is a major pain. He is very big, and has a bionic arm
    just like you have, with which he tries to grab you if you get close.
    As long as you stay away, or move below him, he can't reach you. But if
    you get closer, next to him or just above him, he can grab onto you with
    his arm. If he does, he will pull you into him, and you will get
    damaged. He is armoured, so if you are going to destroy him, you will
    get a hard time. To do that, you must hang in the ceiling, and drop down,
    and at the right moment, fire into his head. That's the only vulnerable
    spot he has. Even with the Rocket Launcher, he takes a lot of shots to
    go down.
    Found in: Areas 6, 7, 12
    The Badds' secret weapon. You will meet this opponent at the very end
    of the game. They say it is a big laser cannon, but funny enough, it
    never shoots any laser at you. Its main concept seems to be to blast
    you with countless flames. To save space, I will give a detailed
    description on how to defeat it in the walkthrough to Area 12.
    Found in: Area 12
    | 5.3.3. DANGEROUS TERRAIN |
    Like in many old games, you can never swim if you land into water.
    Falling down into the water pits in the levels will cause you to die
    directly and lose a life. Try to stay away from it as much as you
    can. Most of the time, you can actually swing under the platforms
    next to the water. But it is never useful and not recommended. Refer
    to the "6.4. Special moves"-section to see how.
    Found in: Areas 1, 6, All neutral areas
    Like the water, pits always mean death. They will appear here and
    there in the levels. You cannot grab onto the walls next to the pit,
    so once you fall into it, you're history.
    Found in: Areas 2, 3, 9
    Spikes appear very often, and don't mean instant death, but a huge
    energy loss. When you land on them, you will get knocked back, and
    your only hope is to get knocked up on a platform or other safe ground
    again. You can take a maximum of 3 hits by the spikes only, if you have
    a long health meter, so unless you get back on the ground quickly, you
    are toast. A very unfair thing is that the enemy soldiers can step
    on spikes without trouble.
    Found in: Areas 1, 2, 3, 4, 8, 9, 10, 12, All neutral areas
    These traps look like small feathers, and are placed here and there
    on certain platform and floor parts. They do not harm you, but they
    make you bounce away either left or right, which is not dangerous
    in itself, but can be very lethal if you are sent towards spikes or
    a pit. Of course, the Badds placed these things only on the most
    dangerous places, so every time you encounter one, you will need
    to keep a cool head. You can direct in what direction to bounce if
    you hold that direction on the D-Pad.
    Found in: Areas 2, 5, 6, 8, 9, 11, 12
    Found out in the wilderness only. If you step inside these pools, you
    will start to sink slowly. You can still move left and right and use
    your bionic arm. Your only hope is to use the arm to grab onto a tree
    branch and pull yourself out of the sand. If you sink too deep, you
    will die.
    Found in: Area 3
    The fire works just like spikes. If you touch it, you will get knocked
    back, and lose a lot of energy. Your only chance is to get to the
    safe ground in time.
    Found in: Areas 9, 11
    Found only on one of the enemy field stages. They are at the edge of the
    screen, and if you step too close to them, you risk to lose your step,
    and fall down. Falling down means direct death, with no chance to get
    saved by your bionic arm.
    Found in: Enemy Field Stage 1: The Mountain Cliffs
    | ________________________________________________________________________ |
    |/                                                                        \|
    |>                          6.1. WALKTHROUGH:S                            <|
    |                                                                          |
    This is the walkthrough section of this FAQ. In here, I will write all
    important information about every single area in the game. For every
    area, the information is divided in 2 parts: Summary box and Overview. For
    the enemy areas, there is also a third section with a Walkthrough.
    * The Summary box is for those who don't want a detailed description for
    every single step in the whole level, but want to check quickly about the
    basic info about each level, or what you need to bring with you to be able
    to complete the level.
    * The Overview is there to describe the basic content of the level. This is
    good for players who want to get a quick description of the general terrain,
    as well as for people who have forgotten which level was which, and want to
    look that up.
    * The Walkthrough, which includes boss fights, is for those who want a 100%
    description of every single step through the whole level. This section is
    for the enemy areas only.
    Inside the Summary box, you will find the following information:
    * Area number
    * Area title
    Shows a short description of the level type and number. The truth is, there
    are no real titles or numbers of the levels. I've made up all of them for
    this FAQ, to make it easier for you. When I chose the names, I tried to
    look at the terrain of each level, and see what type of function it had.
    The level number is just a suggestion from my side of in what order most
    players may take the level.
    * Area status
    This will tell you what type of area you are dealing with. There are 3
    different classes:
       -Enemy base (the normal type of level with enemies and a boss)
       -Neutral area (neutral areas with items to pick up and normally no
       -Enemy field (the top view-short enemy gauntlet stages you find when you
        run into tanks or the secret paths on the map)
    There are also a couple of side-notes about some levels. These are:
       -Rocket Launcher required (you must have the Rocket Launcher to be able
        to enter this level)
       -Permit required (you will need the Permit to be able to enter this
       -Blue & Orange Com. required (you must have both the Blue and Orange
        Communicator in order to travel to this area)
       -Location of Super Joe (complete this level to rescue Super Joe, also
        notice that you must have the 3-Way Cannon to enter this level)
       -Super Joe must be saved (you must save Super Joe before you can
        travel to this stage)
       -Final stage (complete this level to beat the game, also notice that
        you must first complete Areas 10 and 11 to be ablet to enter)
    * Communicator required
    This tells you what type of communicator you must bring with you to be able
    to use the contact rooms.
    * Item awarded
    Describes what item you will collect when you complete the level (Enemy base
    levels only).
    *Item(s) found
    Describes what item(s) you will find in the level (Neutral areas & Enemy
    fields only).
    *Contact needed
    Tells you if you have to use the "Communication"-option in the contact
    rooms or not.
    * Level difficulty
    Gives my opinion on how difficult the level would be for non-experienced
    players. This is only a simple thought, and no big analysis. All people
    experience all levels differently. It is not a grade for masters of this
    game, since they will have no problem with none of the levels. There are 5
    grades: Easy, Okay, Intermediate, Difficult and Horrible.
    |                       AREA 1                          |
    |              Level 1 - Sea Fortress                   |
    |                                                       |
    |             Area status: Enemy base                   |
    |           Communicator required: Red                  |
    |       Item awarded: Energy Recovery Pills             |
    |               Contact needed: Yes                     |
    |             Level difficulty: Okay                    |
    So, welcome aboard! This enemy area is located in the middle of a sea. The
    whole complex is based on two separate islands close to each other. The
    first island has a contact room at the top which controls the entrance door
    to the underground base located at the top of the second island. Inside the
    base, there are spikes, elevators and lots of enemy soldiers. I put this
    level as "okay"-difficulty. I know many of you will think: "What? This level
    is sooo easy!", and yes, it is. But think of this: You have NO health bar,
    NO Energy Recovery Pills, and NO continues. This means, that you can die
    very easily, especially if you are a non-experienced player.
    You begin your journey at the left side of the first island. Walk to the
    right, and you will soon see your very first enemy - a barrel! To pass it,
    use your bionic arm diagonally and swing past it. After this, you will soon
    see a platform above you, with a soldier on. That is where we are going now,
    to the right it is only water. You can either climb up and shoot the guard
    directly, or wait until he jumps down himself and becomes an easy target for
    you. When he is defeated, pick up the Bullets he drops and continue up the
    platforms, and then go right. Here, another guard patrols on the platform
    above you. Use the same procedure as with the first one. When you have got
    rid of him and taken his bullets, proceed up all the platforms and enter the
    doorway at the top of the tower.
    Here we'll find our first contact room. You can contact your own men or
    listen to the enemy if you want to. The only important thing is that you
    choose "Communication" at least once, since we need that to open the
    doorway to the underground base on the other island. When you are done here,
    leave and go down to the platform where the guard patrols on. Be very
    careful!!! If you drop down on his head, you will bounce away to the right,
    and with a 90% security die. Especially if you are a beginner. Just wait
    until he leaves room for you, and drop down next to him and finish him of.
    Now go to the right until you stand on the very right edge, in front of that
    big bulb.
    Use your bionic arm on the bulb to swing across the gap. You will land on
    the second island. Move to the right, and drop down in the gap between you
    and the sitting guard, careful not to drop down when he shoots. When you
    reach the ground, walk right and be ready for the guard that is there. Kill
    him and go up on the platform with the previous guard, and finish him off.
    Go to the right and finish this guard. Now go to the top yellow platform.
    From here, stand on the very right edge of the yellow platform and fire
    your bionic arm diagonally right. Then you can climb up without hitting the
    guard there (though, watch out for his bullets). Finish him off and climb
    up. Keep climbing up and take the guards out until you see another doorway
    at the top. Enter there.
    Now you are inside the base! Take the elevator down. Ignore the first floor
    and stop at the second floor you see. To the right is a contact room, but
    you don't need it to proceed. Go there if you wish. It might be a good
    thing, since if you die, you will begin there instead of at the top of the
    base. Either way, eventually use your bionic arm to cross the gap to the
    left, and walk into the tunnel. Here, you will come across an electric
    current. Use your bionic arm upwards and go up. This makes you get in line
    with the device so you can shoot it and close the current. There are
    enemy soldiers dropping down here now and then. It is a good opportunity
    for you to gain some health by taking them out and getting more bullets.
    Advance to the left, and swing over the barrel. Swing onto the platform
    across the gap, but beware, since there is a guard with bazooka and bombs
    there! Swing directly up to the platform above him if you wish not to
    fight. There will be a box dropping down from above with a bonus in it.
    Be sure to pick it up before you continue. Your goal is now the platform
    up to the right. This can be a little tricky. Use your bionic arm
    diagonally to the right and get a grip. Then swing over and up when the
    coast is clear. From here, go up one platform, and then quickly go to the
    tiny platform with the barrel on it. If you don't hurry, a soldier might
    parachute down on it, and then you'll have to wait for him to drop down.
    Now, the path is quite simple. Walk all the way to the left until you reach
    the brown stone walls. Here, stand on the highest platform to the right of
    the stone wall. Stand by the violet door, and swing yourself to the left.
    Then you should land perfectly on the stone platform. Here, you will meet
    another electric current. Eliminate it the same way as the other one, and
    be careful for that guard with the bombs. Behind him and the barrel, the
    door to the boss is.
    ***BOSS FIGHT: Plutoon***
    Keep going to the right, and avoid or shoot all the soldiers. When you reach
    the final computer, stand on the lower platform and fire your shots into
    its "eye". Soldiers will drop from above, so you use your bionic arm to bump
    them away. It's not difficult. After several shots, the computer will go
    down, and you have completed the first level.
    |                       AREA 2                          |
    |                Level 4 - The Sewers                   |
    |                                                       |
    |             Area status: Enemy base                   |
    |          Communicator required: Green                 |
    |              Item awarded: Pendant                    |
    |		 Contact needed: No                     |
    |              Level difficulty: Okay                   |
    Welcome to the sewers! 99% of this area takes place in the underground
    sewers with green walls and a damn good song playing. The most unique thing
    with this level is all the holes in the wall that keep on spewing out
    slimes, that move on the floor. If you get caught, you can't move, and
    they will drag you with them. The only way to escape is to  use the bionic
    arm and get up on a platform. This can be quite lethal if they manage to
    drag you down into holes or onto spikes.
    Also featuring on this stage is some nice swinging passages. The good thing
    here, is that you mostly don't die if you miss a swinging. You will just
    fall down and have to backtrack a bit. From now on, being a good bionic arm
    swinger is a must, because on later levels, you will be toast if you miss
    just one swinging, so take this level as a practice. As soon as you've got
    the hang of the swinging, this level is quite easy.
    You start outside the sewers. Drop down to the right to avoid the bomb
    guard's bombs, and quickly finish him off. Then go inside. Also, this place
    is a very good place to collect bullets, since there are endless parachuting
    soldiers coming from above.
    Inside the sewers, you will get in touch with those annoying slimes. You
    will get caught by the first one, so don't worry. Let it drag you along the
    floor, but on the way, make sure you grab onto one of the platforms above
    you. Otherwise, you will eventually drop down into a pit. When up on the
    platform, watch out for more slime, and make your way to the far right.
    Dodge the slimes and move up until you get to the platform with the spring
    board and the tank on the platform above you.
    If you have the rocket launcher, you can destroy the tank unless it has its
    chain out. When the tank is far to the right, quickly bounce right on the
    spring board, and grab onto the platform with the tank. Shoot with the
    rocket launcher. One shot will take it out, but watch out for the kneeling
    guard that comes out and attacks you. Now do the same with the tank above
    you. Get up and shoot him quickly when the coast is clear. Now go to the
    left, swing yourself from this platform's edge to the platform just higher
    than yours. Pass the barrel by using your arm just above the door, and pull
    yourself up to the max, and then drop down. Now, you can enter the contact
    room if you want to. It is not necessary on this level since the boss room
    door is always open, but you might want to do that anyway, since if you
    die, you will start from here instead from the beginning. Either way,
    you'll have to drop down to the platform below you and take out the tank.
    Make sure you drop down behind him. Then he can't use his chain to block
    After this, look to the left, and VIOLA! Our first true swinging obstacle!
    You must cross this spiky passage, or you will not make the level.
    How to pass? By using the bionic arm on the white roof, of course! Don't
    worry about the spikes. Yes, they are deadly, but only if you are very
    unlucky you will land on them. Usually, the first swinging takes you past
    them. But anyway, now let's go! Don't use the spring board. Instead, stand
    just to the right of it, and use your arm diagonally left to grab onto the
    roof. Swing out to the left, and before you start to fall down, shoot the
    arm again and swing over to the edge. Hooray for you!
    Now, there are two paths you can take. One is shorter, but requires a little
    more timing, and one is longer, and also requires timing, but allows you to
    fail as many times as you wish. Both are about swinging yourself correctly,
    so you won't escape that. The short path is like this: From your platform,
    swing yourself up to the platform up to the left with the boxes on it. Now
    keep going left from here (do not fight the tank, and do not let any slimes
    drag you down, or you will have to take the long path). Go left until you
    reach a low yellow platform right of an orange platform in a hole in the
    wall. From this platform, drop down, and in the exact moment in the fall,
    grab onto the first yellow platform you see below you. This is the boss
    room. Watch out for those slimes too!
    The long path is like this: Let the slimes you see now drag you down the
    hole. You won't die, don't worry. If you are nice, you can catch the orange
    platform in the fall, otherwise you will go down to the very bottom of the
    level. From here, catch the box that is coming down, and go to the left
    until you see platforms leading up. Go up these platforms, until you reach
    an orange platform. Climb it, and while standing on the far right of it,
    swing diagonally right to catch the roof, and swing yourself out to the
    right. In the jump, grab onto the new orange platform you see (this is
    where you end up if you grabbed onto the platform in the fall I told you
    about before). From here, do the same procedure, but stand on this
    platform's far left side. Swing yourself up to the yellow platform. This
    is the boss room! But beware those slimes! If they drag you down, you will
    have to do it all over again.
    ***BOSS BATTLE: Plutoon***
    Like in Area 1, advance to the left and avoid the enemies. If you swing
    over to the low platform close to the final computer, beware, because there
    will be a sitting guard there, and you will be damaged unless you take him
    out first. Take out the computer like you always do, and use your arm to
    take down soliders jumping from above.
    |                       AREA 3                          |
    |              Level 5 - The Wilderness                 |
    |                                                       |
    |             Area status: Enemy base                   |
    |           Communicator required: Green                |
    |         Item awarded: Rapid Fire Device               |
    |                Contact needed: No                     |
    |             Level difficulty: Difficult               |
    Compared to the previous levels, which consisted mostly of buildings made
    by humans, this level takes us right out in nature, with all its horrors.
    The first part of the level is outdoors, and lets you encounter quicksand
    pits, huge man-eating plants and lots of nasty wild animals. The second
    part is indoors, and gives you the normal complex with soldiers, spikes &
    elevators. But this time, you will meet a VERY difficult swing section right
    at the end of the level, and this one is gonna give you some major pain if
    you are not experienced. Trust me. Be sure to collect many continues before
    going in here.
    As soon as you begin the level, you will see the first quicksand pit. To
    avoid it, use your bionic arm on the tree branches, and swing right over it.
    If you land in it, don't worry. Move forwards and use your arm on the next
    tree branch, and you will pull yourself out of it. Now, if you climb the
    tree here, a box will drop down from the sky, so be sure to take it. Then
    drop down on the safe ground and shoot your arm into the leftmost tree
    branch's very right end (close to the tree trunk). Swing over the next sand
    pit and you will land in it. Keep moving forwards and before you vanish
    beneath the surface, shoot your arm into the final tree branch and pull
    yourself over to the safe ground.
    Okay! We made it! Now, you will encounter the dangerous spieces of this
    area. There are three of them: Man eating plants, giant spiders and bugs.
    The man eating plants are hidden here and there in the ground, and will pop
    up and try to bite you if you pass over their hideouts, and if you get
    caught, you will die directly, so watch out. You will see the special spot
    on the ground "shake" about a second before they pop up, so move carefully
    forwards, and as soon as you hear a noise and see the ground shake, step
    away from the special spot. Okay, I will now guide you through this area.
    Read carefully and advance with caution.
    Go to the right until you see the platforms. The first plant is hidden just
    below the left edge of the lowest platform. Avoid it and get up on the
    platform. There will be a lot of spiders here. You cannot kill them with
    your bionic arm, only with your gun. This means you must be at their level
    to take them down. They will stand still, and suddenly move quickly towards
    you, so pay attention to their movements and take them out when you get the
    chance. Anyway, go up one platform, and then the one above you to the left.
    From this platform, go to the platform above you, but make sure to do it
    from this platform's very left edge, since a plant is hidden to the right. 
    When you get up, go to the left. The spiders will now be replaced by giant
    flying bugs. They are easier to defeat than the spiders, but also more
    annoying. They circle around you, slowly getting closer and closer.
    Fortunately, you can take them out with your bionic arm, so use it in all
    directions to clean up the scene before moving on. The last thing we would
    want is to get knocked down again, right?
    Stand on the left edge of this platform, and then go up. The plant will pop
    out of the ground, but don't worry, it won't touch you. Go up one more
    platform, and go all the way to the left edge. Go up one platform here, and
    then go up on the next platform's left edge (otherwise you'll be eaten by a
    plant). From this position, go straight up, and DON'T MOVE! A plant is
    biting wildly right in front of you. You must pass this one, so wait until
    it bites, and then run over it when the coast is clear. Now you can enter
    the inside.
    Ah! No more animals! No. But a lot of soldiers and spikes! Your aim is to
    get down the hole in one piece. Forget about the elevator. It takes too
    long time. The soldiers can hit you with their bullets, and besides,
    beginners will probably miss it anyway trying to swing to it. Instead, drop
    down directly, and you will land next to another elevator. Watch out! It
    doesn't work like the others! When you step on it, it will fall down, and
    you with it! You must let it fall down, and then quickly step of it before
    it crashes down on the spikes! Step on any of the platforms to the left
    before the elevator falls too low. On the top platform of these ones, there
    is a contact room. You don't need to contact your buddies to open the boss
    room door, but I highly recommend that you enter the room, since you are
    probably going to lose a couple of lives soon. There is a really difficult
    part coming up...
    Swing over to the right side, and swing over the spikes. Don't mind if you
    fall down here and miss the elevator. It's just another trap anyway. When
    you get to the bottom, go to the far right edge. Here, you must drop down
    in the hole and manage to shoot your arm diagonally to the left while
    falling in order to grab the platforms. If you fail, you will fall down in
    a pit and die. When you get onto the safe ground, go to the lowest platform
    and continue left. Oh no...
    Welcome to hell! You are right now looking at a long swinging passage with
    spiky floor. The objective is simple: You must swing over the spikes to the
    other side without touching the floor. If you land on the spikes, you are
    toast. No Energy Recovery Pills can help you out. This is how you do: Shoot
    your arm to the lower right corner of the green roof above the first spikes.
    Swing over to the left, and in the air, shoot your arm into the bottom of
    the little thin bar hanging down. From here, swing yourself to the left
    again, and shoot into the second bar, swing left once again and you are
    across. It takes a lot of timing and skill to get over in one piece. I can
    guarantee you that you will die many times before mastering this part. But
    practice makes it perfect, so don't give up. On the other side of the
    spikes, the boss room is.
    ***BOSS FIGHT: Guard Robot***
    Like the one you met before, but this time he is a piece of cake, since
    you have the Rocket Launcher! One shot, and yes, I mean ONE shot, takes
    him out for good. Just blast him directly and he goes down. Then, without
    an enemy, go to the final computer and finish it off. This time, it shoots
    at you, but with the Rocket Lanucher, you will finish it off long before it
    can hit you.
    |                       AREA 4                          |
    |                Level 2 - The Caves                    |
    |                                                       |
    |             Area status: Enemy base                   |
    |           Communicator required: Red                  |
    |            Item awarded: Wide Cannon                  |
    |               Contact needed: Yes                     |
    |             Level difficulty: Easy                    |
    The second level of the game takes us deep into some dark caverns. This
    level has the same easiness as the first level, but still becomes a lot
    easier since the player has now achived some more energy, the Energy
    Recovery Pills and maybe even a continue. This level is more straight
    forward than the first one, and gives no new challenges. The biggest thing
    with this level is the darkness. As soon as you enter the cave, the light
    will go out. You can use the Flare Bombs found in Area 13 to prevent this,
    but then you can't bring the Energy Recovery Pills with you. It's up to you
    to decide what to do. Personally, since I know the level so well, and master
    the controls, I always bring the Pills with me instead. But for beginners,
    it might feel bad to walk around in the darkness.
    Enter the cave, and when it becomes pitch black, use the Flare Bombs if you
    brought them with you. Otherwise, wait for a second, and a tiny light will
    go on. Swing over the spike pits, and when you cross the last one and land,
    shoot immediately, since a knife guard will charge at you. Swing across the
    spike pit, and when you land, get ready for another guard. Kill him and move
    up the platform and enter the contact room.
    This room is also necessary to open the boss room. Listen as much as you
    wish, then exit the room and climb up the platforms. Just don't do it on the
    far right side, or you will hit a guard. When at the top, move to the left
    and climb up the first platform above you. Here, a knife guard will charge
    you, and directly after him, a sitting guard will wait. Take them both out,
    and start swinging out in the big room. You will land on a platform. From
    here, it is quite easy to keep swinging to the right and land safely on the
    platforms. Your aim is to get to the top right corner of this big room.
    Keep swinging to the right until you get there. The final platform might be
    a little difficult to get onto. Stand on the platform before it, to the very
    far left, and swing diagonally to the right to get on it.
    Now move up and cross the gap to the left. A knife guard attacks you right
    away, so beware. Right above him, the boss room is. Beware!!! If you play
    without the Flare Bombs, the guard in front of the boss room won't be
    visible at all! But he is there and can injury you if you don't watch out!
    Take out the guard and enter the room.
    ***BOSS FIGHT: Bionic arm soldier***
    This guy is a bitch! He walks on the floor and follows you, having a shield
    which blocks your shots. Besides, if you walk on the platforms above him, he
    will use his bionic arm to knock you away from the final computer. To avoid
    this, either make a swing towards the final computer from the lower
    platforms, or walk on the top platform. Then his bionic arm won't come in
    time to reach you. I suggest to avoid killing him, as it takes both time and
    will cost you damage. Go directly for the final computer instead.
    |                       AREA 5                          |
    |         Level 3 - Desert Of The Red Sun               |
    |                                                       |
    |             Area status: Enemy base                   |
    |           Communicator required: Red                  |
    |          Item awarded: Rocket Launcher                |
    |               Contact needed: Yes                     |
    |           Level difficulty: Difficult                 |
    Whoa! Compared to the earlier, quite easy levels, this one really proves a
    challenge, and will definitely make many unexperienced players go furious.
    If you aren't an expert player, I suggest you stack up on lots of energy
    and try to find continues and 1-UP:s before entering this realm.
    This base is set out in the desert, and is really nothing more than a tower.
    And that means climbing. Endless climbing. The level is very long, and has
    many tricky passages. Besides, there are lots of evil enemies that can both
    damage you and - even worse - knock you back down. The level takes place in
    the evening, so the sky is blood red, and the sun is setting. It's a really
    atmospheric level, with a very good music theme that sets the scene nicely.
    Walk to the right, cross the barrel and after that, it's just up up and
    away. But first, go right until you reach the second gray house. Take out
    the guard and then go up. Take out the guard that is three platforms above
    you, and continue up. Eventually, you will find yourself on a platform with
    two light bulbs. Use one of them to get up to the platform high up in the
    air. Stand under it, and shoot the bionic arm upwards and reach up, then
    immediately shoot the bionic arm upwards to grab the platform, before you
    slip off the bulb.
    Move two platforms up, and then go to the right until you see a high bulb.
    Use this one to reach the platform above you. To do it right, you must
    first climb up onto the bulb, and then shoot your bionic arm diagonally to
    the left, and climb up. Take out the guard here and go up. Climb the gray
    building and go to the left. Shoot the guard from the distance, and drop
    down. Go left, shoot the guard and climb up until you reach a door. This
    is a contact room. You must use the "Communication" to make the screen
    scroll upwards outside.
    Now the real hell starts. Now, there will be lots of evil chopper men
    following you. A good way to avoid them is to move up as quickly as
    possible, but that is probably very difficult for an unexperienced. The
    longer you linger in the same spot, the worse it'll get. You can avoid their
    electricity if you duck most of the time. Take your time and proceed only
    when you feel it's safe.
    Move up until you see a horizontal laser cannon. Wait until it fires a
    laser, then quickly move up on its platform. Do the same with the next
    horizontal laser cannon. From this platform, go to the right edge and fire
    your bionic arm diagonally to the right onto the bulb. Get up on the bulb
    and quickly fire your arm up to reach the platform above. Here, a box should
    drop down. Pick it up. Continue up until you see another high platform and
    another bulb to the right. Sigh. Do the same thing with that one to get up.
    Climb the gray building, go to the left and shoot the guard on the other
    side, and drop down. Shoot the guard and climb up until you reach the second
    door. No, the hell isn't over yet. This is just another contact room, which
    makes the screen scroll even FURTHER up!
    Did I say the hell started before? Forgive me, for I was wrong. NOW the real
    hell starts! The chopper men are gone, but instead, soldiers will parachute
    from above, making it very easy for you to get knocked back down and lose
    health. Get up on the roof, and choose the left platform. Avoid any guards
    coming down and shoot your arm on the right side of the spring board
    platform. Climb up there, and hold RIGHT-directional button to bounce off to
    the right. While bouncing up, quickly throw your arm upwards and grab onto
    the platform.
    Now go to the upper right platform, and get onto the right side of the
    spring board platform. Hold to the right to bounce there and quickly grab on
    to the platform above you before falling down again. Now go up and into the
    boss door. Finally!
    ***BOSS FIGHT: Guard Robot***
    The robot moves backwards in a diagonal, slow motion. It fires three bullets
    at the same time, one forwards, one upwards and one downwards. Climb onto
    the lower platform, and follow the robot back in the room while shooting it
    and avoiding its bullets. When the robot has reached the back of the room,
    it will remain there, just going up and down and shooting. You can defeat
    it by keeping up with the motion, or you can simply sneak behind it and
    shoot it in the back, while it can't do anything at you! Nice and simple.
    When the robot has gone down, the final computer is an easy task.
    |                       AREA 6                          |
    |            Level 6 - Nightsky Harbour                 |
    |                                                       |
    |  Area status: Enemy base (Rocket Launcher required)   |
    |           Communicator required: Green                |
    |               Item awarded: Permit                    |
    |                Contact needed: No                     |
    |            Level difficulty: Horrible                 |
    If you thought the last level was a nightmare, then you don't even want to
    think of this one! This level is by far the most difficult you will
    encounter this far, and I personally consider this level to be the second
    most difficult level in the whole game (the worst one comes later on...).
    The area takes place in a harbour city, and is the only level that is played
    at night. The nightsky is really beautiful, and the music theme that plays
    sets the atmosphere perfectly. This is definitely the most beautiful stage
    in the game.
    The level consists of two parts. Both are terrible. The first part sets you
    up against some horrible swinging, like in the Areas 2 and 3, but this one
    is a whole lot worse. Being a harbour city, it is naturally filled with
    water, and water means, as we all know, death. The swinging part is long
    and complicated, and one single mistakes sends you to your doom. The second
    part is climbing a high and complicated tower, while being showered by an
    endless rain of spike balls. These spike balls cannot be bounced off or
    eliminated, so they will cause a whole lot of trouble. Stack up on as much
    continues and lives as you can!
    First of all, you need the rocket launcher to be able to blast away the wall
    in the beginning of the stage. If you don't have it, you'll have to leave
    and come back later. Destroy the wall, and go to the light bulbs over the
    holes. Spike balls will jump out of the holes, so watch out. They will
    damage you, and can also remove your arm. On the platform above you, there
    is an extra life. To get it, swing over the first hole via the bulb, and
    directly shoot the arm upwards to reach the high platform. Now drop down
    and go over the next hole in the same way. You can grab onto the next high
    platform too, and get to the green building that way. If you miss or choose
    the lower way, then keep going right, but beware the next hole, since a
    small guard robot will patrol the platform behind the next hole. Take it out
    and get over the hole. Now, bounce on the spring board and shoot your arm into
    the platform to get to the green building.
    Go up two platforms, and go to the right. Get over the box and continue to
    the right. Soon you will encounter a soldier commanding small choppers on
    you. Shoot him from the lower platform and continue right. Now use your arm
    to get over to the blue platform. Go to the right and meet another chopper
    guard. Climb up to his platform and shoot him. Use the bulb to swing
    yourself to the right. Now, the first difficult part begins...
    You must swing yourself over the water gap using the bulbs. You will use the
    higher bulbs to swing in, and the lower bulbs to stand on. Beware that the
    bulbs are very slippery, so you can only stand on them for less than a
    second. Swing to the right via the first high bulb, and when you land on
    the low bulb, quickly toss your arm into the next high bulb. Keep going like
    that until you land on a small island with a door. This door leads to the
    next section, and not a contact room. There are no such rooms in this level.
    Here comes another hard swinging part. Swing to the right via the bulb, and
    directly shoot your arm upwards and grab onto the platform. Get to the high
    platform, and look at the platform above you with the boxes. Now, for the
    safest way to swing here, connect your arm to the very right edge of this
    high platform. That will make you land with good balance on the low bulb
    when you swing out to the right. This gives you much more time to shoot your
    arm into the high bulb and swing on. When you now swing to the right, be
    ready to shoot your arm into the green platform you see. You have to catch
    it, or you will die. Get up on the platform and then up on the top one.
    Here comes the second part: The tower. You have to climb the tower in a
    zig-zag way, I.E. moving right until you cannot go any further, then move up
    one step, then move all the way to the left and so on. Spike balls will roll
    on the floor, and you will need to avoid them. This reminds us a lot of
    Donkey Kong, doesn't it? Anyway, go to the right until you stand next to the
    box, swing to the right and in the air, grab onto the ceiling, since a spike
    ball will roll under you, but do not grab it while over the hole! Then you
    will get a hard time getting down safely. Continue to the right and get up on
    this platform. Get up on the green spot, not on the spring board! When the
    coast is clear, use the spring board to get up to the next floor.
    Go to the left, and climb the ceiling if spike balls come. When you see a
    spring board above you, climb onto it and hold right to bounce up on the
    correct side. Watch out for spike balls though. Now, in this corridor,
    you'll see that the blue roof prevents you from hanging in the ceiling and
    let the balls pass you by. You must now use the spring boards in the floor
    to jump over the balls. Go all the way to the right, and hang on the green
    spot next to the spring board. Get up when it's safe, and bounce up to the
    left. This corridor is also filled with blue roof, so you must find a row in
    the stream of spike balls, and sneak in and use the little spot with normal
    roof without getting hit by the balls. Go through the corridor to the left,
    and shoot the fat guy tossing spike balls as soon as you see him. Now you
    won't get any spike balls on your floor anymore. Balls will still drop down
    from above though, so watch out.
    When no ball falls on you, use your arm diagonally left onto the green piece
    next to the spring board. BEWARE to not let the arm touch the spring board,
    as dragging yourself up on it will make you bounce away and fall all the way
    down to the beginning! Climb up onto the green platform, carefully not to
    touch the spring board, and swing yourself up to the floor to the right.
    Cross the corridor and use the spring boards to jump over the spike balls.
    When you reach the end of it, climb up on the little green part of the
    platform, and use the left springboard to bounce up on the roof of the
    tower. Here is a small building with the boss room, and a fat guy tossing
    spike balls atop it. Don't panic here. Jump with the first spring board,
    and climb onto the fat guy's platform in the jump. Quickly take him out, and
    you will finally get rid of those spike balls. Now drop down and enter the
    boss room.
    ***BOSS FIGHT: Bionic Arm Cyborg***
    This guy has a bionic arm just like you. He will throw it at you, and if it
    catches you, you will be dragged into his body and get damaged. Remember
    that he will only stay at his platform, so if you stand on the floor, you
    can't get damaged. Keep very calm on this boss and don't panic. You are
    probably very short on health when you get here, and we don't want to die
    and risk needing to start over, right? Stand under the right edge of his
    platform, and when he moves away from you, be ready. Directly after he
    tosses his arm, quickly climb up and blast a few shots in the final 
    computer. If you have the rocket launcher, the process will be very quick,
    otherwise, it will take longer time.
    |                       AREA 7                          |
    |            Level 9 - Red Stone Valley                 |
    |                                                       |
    |    Area status: Enemy base (Location of Super Joe)    |
    |           Communicator required: Blue                 |
    |                   Item awarded: -                     |
    |                 Contact needed: No                    |
    |             Level difficulty: Difficult               |
    Like the info box says, this is the final location of Super Joe. The scene
    takes place in a prison camp in a valley with red stone walls. The level
    is not very long, but has some awful swinging passages and several
    annoying enemies. Hence the "Difficult" title in the info box. There is no
    contact room anywhere, so if you die or fail on the swinging parts, you
    must start all over again. The whole level is built for a player that
    wields the 3-Way Cannon, and you can't enter the stage without it.
    You start in the bottom left corner of the area. The first red wall can
    only be blasted away with a 3-Way Cannon. The Rocket Launcher won't do.
    Although the level is made to fit the 3-Way Cannon perfectly, I still like
    to use my Rocket Launcher for most part of the level. But then again, I'm
    an experienced player, so the choice is yours. If you want to use the
    Rocket Launcher, enter the level with the 3-Way, remove the wall, then use
    the A + B + START-button exit method to leave the level and come back with
    your precious.
    When the wall is gone, go right. Swing over the barrel and get up at the
    green platforms. Your goal is to get to the highest green platform and then
    go as far as you can to the right. Those annoying trucks will pester you
    all day long though. The best way to get rid of them is to use the 3-Way
    Cannon. That's the only weapon that can damage them in the front. If you
    have a Rocket Launcher, you must sneak up behind them and finish them.
    Either way, the 3-Way is so weak, so you will probably end up losing a
    couple of energy bars anyway. Be sure to duck under their projectiles
    though, and remember that a squatting guard comes out of the truck when it
    is destroyed.
    Anyway, get up to the highest green platform and go to the right. You will
    find a corridor to the right above you. Get up there, and beware the truck
    that comes at you. When you see a platform made of red stone above you,
    get up on it. Get up on the green platform above it. Here, a box will drop
    down from the sky. Get its contents. Now, the chopper madness starts...
    Your mission here is to get to the top platforms, and then swing over to
    the left side. However, there will be lots of chopper guys that will
    attack you. And they will always respawn if you eliminate them. The 3-Way
    shoots straight up, so it will help in taking them out, but it is also
    a weak weapon, so the Rocket Launcher can finish them off more quickly.
    But then you need to be at their height. Anyway, from where you are now,
    go left until you reach the third column of platforms (the column you're
    starting at counts as number 1). Here, go up to the top platform (the one
    with a bulb on it). Now the swinging challenge begins.
    You see that gray little square on the rope? These squares are the things
    you are going to use for your swinging. Shoot your arm into the square,
    and swing out to the left. Watch out for the choppers and their bullets
    before swinging. Keep on swinging to the left. If you fall down, you will
    have to go back to the red stone area with the trucks and get back up
    again. Very frustrating. In the middle of the swinging path, there is a
    platform which might save you some breath. Keep going to the left, and
    you will eventually end up on a platform in the top left corner of the
    stage. Here is the boss room, and the location of Super Joe!
    ***BOSS FIGHT: Bionic arm cyborg***
    Our old friend comes back again! Funny enough, he seems to like to appear
    on those stages that are extra annoying (remember Nightsky Harbour?). As
    before, if you have the Rocket Launcher, you don't have to kill him. Just
    walk under his platform, and stand under the far right edge of his
    platform. When he is moving back, and just after he shoots his arm,
    quickly go up and fire into the final computer. It will go down quickly.
    If you have the 3-Way instead, you're gonna get more trouble. You can use
    the strategy above if you wish, but it will take a lot more time, and risk
    you getting killed because of lack of energy. If you wish to destroy the
    cyborg, you must stand on the low platform left of his platform, and hang
    in the roof with your arm. When he comes close, drop down, and in the air,
    shoot so the shot hits his face perfectly. Otherwise, the shot will bounce
    off. When he is dead, nothing can stop you. Okay, the final computer fires
    at you, but that is nothing you should worry about.
    |                       AREA 8                          |
    |            Level 7 - Computer Center                  |
    |                                                       |
    | Area status: Enemy base (blue & orange com. required) |
    |           Communicator required: Blue                 |
    |             Item awarded: Iron Boots                  |
    |                Contact needed: Yes                    |
    |          Level difficulty: Intermediate               |
    Compared to all previous levels, which were quite straightforward in their
    construction, this level is a cryptic maze! My suggested name "Computer
    Center" might not be the most appropriate, but since the major bulk of the
    background is composed by reactors, cords, computer screens and microchips,
    I thought the name was fitting. Besides, computer centers tend to be built
    like mazes and be very confusing. This level is like a huge labyrinth, with
    several doors leading to different areas, connected via different corridors.
    This is the only level in the game where you'll have to visit two contact
    rooms in order to open the door to the boss room. The level is actually not
    that difficult once you have got the hang of the basic layout, but before
    that, it can be a real hell.
    The first objective is to get to the top left corner of this room. It is in
    fact not that difficult to get there. Just climb up all the way with your
    bionic arm, but pay attention to all the soldiers and spring boards, and
    advance carefully and take your time. When you get to the top left area,
    enter the door.
    You'll now enter a corridor with a cannon guard. You can't pass the cannon
    without defeating it. Just stand next to it on the ground, and when the 
    "head" of the cannon comes down, shoot it before it shoots you. It
    shouldn't be too much of a problem. Exit the corridor via the door at the
    end. Now you'll end up in a high elevator room. The doors at the top lead to
    the boss room, but you can't enter them right now. Go up just one floor, and
    enter that door. You will now end up in another corridor with the same
    cannon guard as before. Eliminate it, and go to the other door. Now you'll
    come into a new corridor, with a very annoying enemy. A grappling soldier.
    If you shoot standing on the ground, he will use his bionic arm to hang in
    the roof, and if you hang in the roof trying to shoot him, he will get down
    on the ground. To defeat him, hang in the roof with the bionic arm, and let
    go, and exactly at that moment, shoot a bullet. The guard will get up to the
    roof because he sees you going down, but will get hit by the shot and die.
    This might take some timing, and you might need several tries before
    succeeding. When you beat him, exit the corridor.
    Now you will come into another door room. Ignore the elevator and walk
    straight over to the door on the other side. You will now enter another
    computer complex. In here, you will be ambushed by several annoying blue
    bomb soldiers. Go right and climb all the way up until you come to the
    platform with a spring board, and can go a long distance to the left. Go
    left here, use the spring board to get up to the next platform and enter
    this door. This is the first contact room. Use the "Communication"
    option, and leave the room.
    Now go left and go all the way down, and when you reach the bottom floor, go
    to the right and enter the door. You will now come back to the room with
    many doors. Take the elevator down one floor and exit it via the middle
    door to the left. Pass the two corridors in the same way you did before,
    and when you come to the big elevator room, take the elevator to the top
    floor. You will see a locked door a floor below, that is the boss room,
    but we can't enter there yet. Enter the door on the top floor.
    You will now end up in a room with green walls. Drop down to the right.
    Here, a box will fall from the sky, so be quick and get the bonus inside of
    it. Here is the second contact room. Enter there and use "Communicate" to
    unlock the boss room. Now get up to the left and leave the same way you
    entered this room. In the elevator room, take the elevator down one floor
    and enter the boss room.
    ***BOSS FIGHT: Plutoon***
    Aaah...That endless plutoon again! However, this time they have an annoying
    new member in their group: The shield soldiers. They will block all your
    shots (including the rocket launcher ones) that hit them forwards. In other
    words, you must hit them in the back to eliminate them, and that can be
    very difficult to do. Climb the first platform and go right. Watch out
    though, as a shield guard is on the low platform close to the final
    computer. Maybe you want to take the top road to the final computer this
    time, to avoid trouble. When you are by the computer, get up on the
    platform and shoot it. If you have the Rocket Launcher, it should go down
    quickly, and the shield guard shouldn't cause you much trouble.
    |                       AREA 9                          |
    |             Level 8 - The Garbage Dump                |
    |                                                       |
    |             Area status: Enemy base                   |
    |           Communicator required: Blue                 |
    |            Item awarded: 3-Way Cannon                 |
    |                Contact needed: No                     |
    |          Level difficulty: Intermediate               |
    This level takes place into an area that looks like a factory for
    disposing garbage. The first part is located in what seems like a basement,
    with brown brick walls and old dumps of garbage. The second part has the
    main complex, with engines, rolling mine carts and a lot of fire pits. The
    level is quite straight-forward and simple for a level this far in the game,
    but people may have trouble with those mine carts.
    The first thing you will see in this level is one of those pesky hanging
    guards. Take care of him in the same way as with the others. Now continue
    and you will see some stairs. Hold on a little! Go down the first step
    only, not the rest. From here, shoot your arm into the low ceiling part,
    and swing over. You will land on the other side of the gap and get a
    precious 1-UP! Now drop down the pit, and look to the right while falling.
    Right after you've landed, you will encounter another hanging guard. If
    you are quick, you can shoot him right before landing, and take him out
    directly, but this requires a lot of skill, so most players might want
    to step backwards a little, under the roof, and take care of him in
    the normal way. After he is dead, keep moving right until you reach a
    big spike pit. Shoot your arm into the gray platform and climb up. Now go
    up to the top, and swing over to the brown platform. Here you will meet
    another hanging guard. Take him out, and don't use the spring board. Shoot
    your arm into the roof instead, and swing forwards to the gray platform.
    In the air, shoot upwards and climb onto the platform. Now go straight
    up. Welcome to the factory!
    To the left, there is a contact room. You don't need it for the boss, but
    if you want to have a better starting point if you die, you can enter it.
    On this place, the mine carts will keep rolling around, so pay attention
    to them while stepping on their platforms. They roll on every platform,
    except the bottom one. They keep coming in straight intervals, and all
    come at the same time on all platforms. You can stand on them and ride with
    them, but watch out so they don't hit you in the side. They will pass over
    all holes too, so don't get surprised if they slide over it and damage
    you. When they hit a wall, they will explode. If you stand on them at that
    time, you will get hurt.
    Go right, and pass two gaps in the roof. Climb up on the little part of the
    platform before the spikes. Watch out for the mine carts though, and don't
    accidently climb up so you touch the spikes. From here, go up one floor,
    and hang in the roof with your arm, and be ready. When a mine cart comes,
    drop down on it and ride away. Go with it all the way until you have passed
    that orange wall, and see a big pit. Hop of the cart at that place, and
    climb up onto the platform above. Now go right and swing yourself over that
    little gap. Continue right until you see a number of white platforms
    leading up. Go up there, and keep going up until you reach the top. Here is
    the boss room.
    ***BOSS FIGHT: Plutoon***
    The mean leader tells you that Joe has been transfered to another location.
    Bugger. This platoon is really no different from the other ones. The guards
    on the lower platforms have bazookas and roll bombs. But they are still
    very easy to defeat, since you can just blast them with your Rocket
    Launcher. This boss is really one of the easiest. Just climb the lower
    platform and go straight ahead, cleaning up in front of you with the
    Rocket Launcher. When you reach the final computer, destroy it, while
    watching out for men jumping down from above.
    |                      AREA 10                          |
    |         Level 10 - High-Security Complex              |
    |                                                       |
    |   Area status: Enemy base (Super Joe must be saved)   |
    |          Communicator required: Orange                |
    |                Item awarded: 1-UP                     |
    |                Contact needed: No                     |
    |            Level difficulty: Difficult                |
    You are now near the end of the game, and the resistance is only getting
    tougher. This area takes place in a quite odd area, which looks like a
    mix between the sewers and the boss rooms. The reason for the title
    "High-Security Complex" is because of the high amount of security systems
    you will face. There are no human resistance in this area, only machines
    or creatures, such as laser cannons and mini tanks. There is a large
    number of dangerous passages and challenges you will face here.
    On the first part of this level, you will be harassed by laser cannons
    hanging in the roof, moving right and left, shooting diagonally. Passing
    them by without killing them is very difficult without getting hurt
    since they shoot in a very tight interval. There are 3 laser cannons
    hanging from the lower platforms, and 1 hanging from the top ceiling.
    Directly from the start, the first laser gun is an easy one. It moves away
    from you. Hang in the low platform with your arm, and take it out. Now
    go right. On the next platform, another laser gun will hang, which moves
    towards you and shooting in your direction. Defeat it in the same way,
    but be quick, since its shots can easily catch up on you. Now go up on
    its platform, and go right. You will encounter a laser gun in the top
    roof. It is possible to pass this one without killing it, since it is
    positioned high up, but it is difficult to take out the final laser gun
    and avoiding this gun's shots at the same time. If you wish to take it
    out, hang in the roof and shoot it. Now drop down on the floor again, on
    the final platform to the right, you will meet the last laser gun. Take
    it out and move on.
    Now you'll see a quite odd structure of the platforms. At first, it's
    difficult to understand how to move on. But the trick is much easier than
    you think. Shoot your arm diagonally right into the first low ceiling part
    you see after the platform where the final laser gun was. Swing to the
    right, and in the air, shoot your arm upwards and grab onto the high
    platform, be sure not to grab onto the platform just under the boxes, or
    you won't get up.
    Right here, you'll see another brain teaser. How to get up to that platform
    up to the right? Simple! First, get behind those gray boxes by using your
    arm and swing left. When standing there, shoot your arm diagonally to the
    right and swing out, and in the air, grab onto the upper platform. If you
    miss, you will end up on the spikes. Now go left, and welcome to a real
    difficult part! You must get over to the other side, without landing on
    the spikes. How to do? Well, get up on the small platform above you. From
    here, stand far out on the left edge, and swing out to the left. In the
    air, shoot your arm and grab onto the platform above the spikes in the
    last second. This is very hard to do, and will probably cost you a lot
    of trials before you get it right.
    Go left and get up the platforms. Here you will encounter those slimes you
    saw in the sewers before, remember? This time they're red, but otherwise,
    nothing has changed. At the top of each column, their holes will be, so
    when you get to the top, watch out for the slimes, and don't let them
    push you down again. Go over to the other side, and be sure to bring one
    slime with you. Why? Because you will need its "pushing" effect to be
    able to cross an obstacle. At the bottom, there are some low spikes hanging
    from the ceiling. The only way to cross here is to have a slime that
    pushes you left, while you're ducking. When you have crossed the spikes,
    quickly use your arm to break free and get up on the platforms. Go to
    the top in this column, and make sure you don't get down the next
    column via a slime, because at the bottom there are only spikes. It
    is better to get down here by yourself. When you see the contact room
    door, swing over the box.
    You don't need the contact room, but I highly recommend it. Not only
    because a very difficult part is coming up, but because it enables you to
    pull off a very useful and time-saving trick. To the left, there are only
    a lot of spikes. There is also a platform hoovering left and right over
    the spike pit. The problem is, you don't know when it is going to come
    close enough for you to be able to swing to it. If you miss, you will die.
    So how to do? The hard way is: Shoot the arm into the low ceiling, and
    swing forwards and backwards all the time (DON'T let go!) over the spikes.
    Now and then, the platform will be seen in the far left side of the
    window. Try to learn its time pattern, and swing over to the left to time
    it exactly. That sounds hard doesn't it? Yeah, I though so, because I
    will now tell you a much easier way to do it.
    Enter the contact room, and when you leave, IMMEDIATELY shoot your arm
    into the low ceiling and swing out to the left and let go. Suicide? Nope!
    The reason is that the platform starts at the far left side, and the time
    elapsed from when you leave the contact room until you swing out is
    exactly what it takes for it to get to your side, so if you do it this
    way, you will complete the task 100% of the time! Hooray! While riding
    the platform over the pit, be aware of those low spikes coming later on.
    Duck under them, and immediately afterwards, shoot your arm into the last
    part of the ceiling that isn't covered with spikes, and swing over to the
    safe ground. You can also step up on the ground from the elevator, but this
    is clumsy and very risky to do, and you might as well fall down on the
    Now the difficult parts are over. Go to the left, and you'll see something
    that looks like an acid bath. Don't worry. The red coloured stuff is only
    the background. Drop down here, and go to the bottom. There will be small
    mini tanks raining down from the roof and attacking you. Avoid them and go
    to the left. When you see the high platform column, climb up there. Here is
    the boss room.
    ***BOSS FIGHT: Guard Robot***
    Haha! Our old buddy the Guard Robot! He won't do you any harm. You should
    know by now how to take him out with the Rocket Launcher. Just shoot one
    shot and he will go down. Quickly go to the final computer and spray it
    with shots until it gets the chance to shoot you.
    |                      AREA 11                          |
    |             Level 11 - The Fire Plant                 |
    |                                                       |
    |              Area status: Enemy base                  |
    |            Communicator required: Orange              |
    |           Item awarded: Bullet-Proof Vest             |
    |                 Contact needed: No                    |
    |             Level difficulty: Horrible                |
    So here we are! The most difficult stage in the game! Believe me, this one
    is going to give you some real pain. The whole difficulty on the level
    is based on just one thing: Swinging passages. Yep! Those dreadful
    swinging-over-pits challenges are here to bug you once again, and this
    time they took their full force, it seems.
    The level consists a whole lot about fire pits. Hence the name "Fire
    Plant", and hence the high difficulty, since landing in fire means
    high damage, and normally, death. Gather all your energy, lives and
    continues you can get until getting here, since you will definitely
    need them.
    The level begins directly with a swinging challenge. Forget about the
    moving platforms over the fire pit. They are all bogus, and only used for
    those unlucky ones who fall down from the swinging passage. What you must
    do is to swing from the start to the end in the roof. Begin on the edge of
    the fire pit, and swing onwards to the right. Try to shoot the next arm
    when you are at the absolute peak of your jump, and just about to fall
    down again, that way, you will get the longest and most balanced swings.
    If you want to, you can do many short ones, but they are more risky, since
    you might very well miss the roof when it gets higher up. After about 4 or
    5 (long) swings, you will end up on a high platform. If you land on a
    platform just above the fire, you can't make it and will have to go back.
    From here, go right and kill the fat guard. Keep going right and drop down
    on the spring board platform. Watch out now, since it will keep bouncing
    you to the right, and eventually down in the fire pit. Be ready with your
    arm and shoot it into a high platform before it is too late. Now drop down
    on the platform with the spring board on the other side, and go right.
    You will see a platform above with a mini tank patrolling it. Go up there
    and destroy it. Now, you will see a long platform with three spring
    boards above you. Go up there, and use one of them to bounce up. When
    you are high up, shoot your arm straight up and get onto the high
    platform, but watch out for the small tank. Take it out and go to the
    right. Climb up this pathway, and take out the fat guard, and go to
    the top corridor.
    To the right, there is a contact room. You don't need it for the boss, but
    please enter it anyway, since you don't want to start from the beginning
    if you die on the upcoming challenges. When you are done, go left, and
    prepare for the worst part of the whole game!
    Stop in front of the barrel. What will await you? A looong swinging
    passage over fire! This passage is very long and challenging, with ceilings
    in diffrent heights and construction, making it very difficult to time the
    shootings of your arm. If you fall down, you will land into fire.
    Fortunately, most of the time, you won't die, but you will get highly
    damaged, and will have to start 90% of the level all over again, which is
    horrible enough. From the barrel, shoot your arm to the left, and swing
    out. As before, try to get as long swings as you can by throwing your arm
    when you are at the higest peak of the current jump. It can feel safer to
    use small swings instead, but then there is a high risk that you might
    get stuck in the ceiling, and will have to fall down. If you fall down,
    you must travel back, over the fire, until you find a small pit, and drop
    down there. That will lead you back to the beginning of the stage. After
    4 succesful swingings, you will land on a platform far away to the left.
    From here, you have just one more annoying swinging to do. Step on the
    spring board, and just at the right time, shoot your arm diagonally left
    and grab onto the yellow ceiling and swing over. You must do two
    succesful swingings here. Finally! The boss room!
    ***BOSS FIGHT: Plutoon***
    Another plutoon, but this time there is only one human - The commander. He
    is assisted by three laser cannons, all hanging in the roof, acting in the
    same way as before. It's truly an easy boss, but since you probably will
    be very damaged by the time you get here, it can prove a challenge. Climb
    the first platform and take out the leader, then climb the top platform
    and take out the laser guns one by one. Oh, and remember that the final
    computer shoots at you, so take your time and attack it when it is safe.
    |                      AREA 12                          |
    |          Level 12 - The Imperial Fortress             |
    |                                                       |
    |        Area status: Enemy base (Final stage)          |
    |           Communicator required: Orange               |
    |                   Item awarded: -                     |
    |                 Contact needed: No                    |
    |              Level difficulty: Difficult              |
    This is it. The final stage. To soothe your fears, I can tell you that it
    is easier than the previous stage, but that doesn't mean it's going to be
    a simple task! The level itself is not that long, but contains a lot of
    labyrinth-like navigation and backtracking, like destroying reactors to
    cut off the security systems and such things. The HQ itself is a highly
    guarded structure, with high walls and flags on the outside, and an
    electronic complex on the inside. And of course, it has its own music
    theme. At the end of the stage, you will encounter some new and quite
    troublesome challenges.
    You'll land on top of the entrance to the complex. There is nothing to the
    left and the right, so just go down the elevator. Soon you will see two
    doors on each side of the elevator. The door to the right is a contact
    room. You need no contacts in this level, but I suggest you visit them
    anyway, if you would die. Enter the door to the left. You will now be
    in a room with platforms leading down. Electric currents flow through
    the platforms, so pay attention and move only when secure. If they seem
    to catch up in you, hang in the roof with your arm, but make sure you
    don't climb up to the platform above or you will have to do it all over
    again. Go down until you see a new door. Enter here.
    This is a reactor room. The reactors look like the final computers. Step
    on the spring board and grab onto the platform. While hanging there, shoot
    the reactor and destroy it. Soldiers will parachute from above, but if
    you are quick, they won't catch up on you. When the reactor is finished,
    leave the room. Now go back up again and take the elevator straight down.
    Those two hanging guards will be no match for you while on the elevator.
    Take them out and go right. The electric current that was here before has
    now ceased, so go right, take out the guard and go down the elevator.
    In this new area, you see two new doors. The one on the floor below you
    is another contact room. Use it if you wish. The door on the top floor to
    the right is the door you must use to advance. Enter there. You will end
    up in a new corridor looking like the previous one. An iron ball will
    roll against you. Hang in the roof and let it pass you by. Go down two
    platforms, and watch out for the electric current. Now, you must drop
    down to the right, but you can't see the electric current. The trick is
    that all currents are connected with each other. This means that when the
    current above you has flown past you, the current below (which you can't
    see) also has. So drop down when the current above you just have passed
    and you won't get damaged. Keep going down.
    You will find a door here. DON'T ENTER! It's a trap! You will have to
    battle a boss in an empty room, and then go back to the previous room!
    The boss is no other than the shield guard with a bionic arm. Meeting
    him costs only time and energy, so don't go in there. Continue down.
    Eventually, you will reach a pair of platforms that are very close to
    each other. Passing here without getting hit by the electric current is
    very difficult. The best way is to go forward as much as you can, then
    duck under the current in the roof, and then run away from the floor one.
    Go down again until you reach the bottom of the room. Here is a new door.
    Enter here. This is reactor number 2. Take it out in the same way and leave
    the room. Now go to the top of this long room and leave to the main area.
    Go down the elevator, and use the contact room if you wish to. Go to the
    bottom floor, take out the two guards, and go to the left. Ride this
    elevator down. Oh no! Another swinging passage over the spikes. This one
    isn't so hard though, since you don't need to bother with long and timed
    swings. Just swing over in very short and secure swings. It might take some
    time, but it's better to waste some time than to risk dying on the spikes.
    When you reach the other side, you will enter the boss room...
    ***BOSS BATTLE: The Albatross***
    Enjoy the cool cutscene! General Killt tells you that he has finally
    completed the Albatross, and that he won't resurrect Master-D anymore.
    However, Master-D has other plans, and kills off Killt with a flash! Then
    he exits his tank, and orders the Albatross to attack you.
    The Albatross can be a peril the first time, but when you have got the
    hang on it, it is not that difficult. The Albatross moves back and forth,
    having several cannons that shoot fire flames at you. Move along with the
    machine, and make sure you don't get hit by the flames. The important thing
    is: You can use the flame cannons to stand on for a short while. They work
    just like the bulbs. The weak point of the Albatross is its orange eye
    in the upper right corner.
    The way to defeat the Albatross is this: Go to the two cannons in the
    lower right corner of the Albatross. When the machine moves towards you,
    and no flame is present at these two cannons, and the cannon next to the
    eye, climb up on the leftmost one of the two cannons in the lower right
    corner, and quickly shoot your arm upwards. You will grab on to the top of
    the machine. Hang there and keep pumping shots into the eye. Beware though,
    because the machine's movements make it sometimes slide out of the screen.
    If it does, you will get pushed down, since you don't follow the screen in
    the same way. Also, the cannon behind you might blast you with a flame if
    you stay too long, so time your actions very carefully. As long as you pay
    attention to the Albatross's movements, you won't get hurt while on the
    floor. If you have a Rocket Launcher (which you SHOULD have), then the
    boss won't handle more than two sprays with it. There is one last little
    thing you should know: Often enough, you won't connect the arm correctly
    to the roof in front of the eye. If this happens, you simply can't move
    up to it, even though the arm is connected. If that happens, you must
    release the arm and try again. With some practice and much energy and
    1-UP:s, it should go down soon.
    ***FINAL SCENE A: Hal and Master-D's chopper***
    Thought you were done? No way! There is more! Master-D, that coward, now
    tries to flee in his chopper, after his Albatross went up in flames. Keep
    going to the right, and swing over the spike pit. You will now meet Hal,
    who is damaged, but he lasts long enough to give you the Special Bazooka
    (which looks just like a Rocket Launcher), and to tell you how to
    defeat Master-D once and for all. You must get this Bazooka, so don't
    skip over Hal. When you've got it, move to the right until you reach a box.
    From here, swing out to the right and fall down. This is very tricky. You
    must shoot the cockpit (those windows at the top) with your Bazooka in
    perfect timing, while falling. If you miss, you will crash down on the
    ground, and die from the chopper's shots, with no chance to avoid it.
    The good thing is, that if you get a game over, and use a continue, you
    will begin here, and don't have to start the whole level over again.
    This will probably take many trials before getting it done, but keep
    fighting, and you will make it. When you destroy the chopper, Master-D
    will die once and for all, in a very nice scene for the NES.
    ***FINAL SCENE B: Escaping the HQ***
    What!? There is still more? Yep! Now, the whole base will go up in
    flames, which means you will have to escape as fast as you can. This
    whole scene is just one annoying climbing room all the time. Move
    towards the platforms, and a message will come up saying the base will
    explode in 60 seconds. Move up the platforms, and when you see two
    different columns of platforms, choose the left one. Stand close to
    the left wall and go up all the way. You will soon meet an annoying
    thing: a Bionic Arm Cyborg. You can defeat it, but with the time limit
    ticking down, and the little space to move on, it's better to try and
    escape it. That is easier said than done though. The best way is to
    sneak up to the left of it, go to the left wall and climb the platform
    above you, then go to its right edge, and shoot the arm straight forward
    to the right into the platform on the other side, and swing over to it.
    When you reach that area, just climb straight up all the time until you
    reach the surface. Congratulations! You just completed Bionic Commando!
    |                      AREA 13                          |
    |                  Neutral Zone 1                       |
    |                                                       |
    |             Area status: Neutral area                 |
    |        Item(s) found: Flare Bombs, Bullets            |
    This is your first neutral area. Although it isn't necessary to come here
    to complete the game, it is very recommended for beginners, if you wish to
    get the Flare Bombs and some bullets, and experience a safe neutral area. In
    the first room, there is a bullet for you. The Flare Bombs are in the final
    room. There is not much more to explain about this area.
    |                      AREA 14                          |
    |                  Neutral Zone 4                       |
    |                                                       |
    |    Area status: Neutral area (Permit required)        |
    |     Item(s) found: Blue Communicator, Bullets         |
    This neutral area is very welcome after all those annoying levels. To enter
    this area, you will need the Permit, which you get after beating Area 6.
    You must equip the Permit from the equipment screen to be able to enter.
    Just having collected it won't do. In this area, you will encounter
    enemies. Those annoying jumping spike balls that you met on the previous
    level will harass you each time you try to cross a bridge or a water gap.
    If you fire a shot, they will disappear, but then you will be attacked. The
    choice is yours.
    The first room contains the Blue Communicator, which you will need on the
    next level. The second room contains no less than 10 BULLETS!!! However,
    getting them all is a very difficult task. I will tell you how to take them
    all in one row in section "6.4. Special moves" in this FAQ. Remember that
    you will only get one chance to take them all. They will disappear after a
    short time, and never come back.
    |                      AREA 15                          |
    |                  Neutral Zone 2                       |
    |                                                       |
    |             Area status: Neutral area                 |
    |      Item(s) found: Orange Communicator, 1-UP         |
    In this area, you will get the very important Orange Communicator, and also
    a 1-UP! Besides, you get a chance to meet the leader of the Badds - Killt!
    He won't attack you, as this is a neutral area, but he will taunt you. The
    first door holds the 1-UP in the top right corner. Use the elevator or swing
    from the platform left of the elevator to get up to the item. Watch out for
    the spikes as you go down. The Orange Communicator is in the room behind
    the iron bars in the middle of the stage. To remove them, you must fire a
    shot, thus causing enemies to attack you. You can also do a high-risk
    maneuver, but that is never recommended, as even skilled players often fail
    on it. And failing here means death. See section "6.4. Special moves" to
    learn more about this move.
    |                      AREA 16                          |
    |                  Neutral Zone 3                       |
    |                                                       |
    |             Area status: Neutral area                 |
    |         Item(s) found: Green Communicator             |
    In this neutral area, the first enemies are introduced. It is a small
    guarding robot who patrols outside the second room. It moves just left and
    right, and poses no real threat, but since you can't shoot it without
    causing the alarm to go off, it is an annoying little bastard. The first
    room here contains the Green Communicator. The second room has nothing but
    a man who tells you to proceed with caution and not to be hasty. A good
    advice, but he is too late, because I already told you that in this FAQ,
    didn't I? The earliest birds, you know...
    |                      AREA 17                          |
    |                  Neutral Zone 6                       |
    |                                                       |
    |             Area status: Neutral area                 |
    |   Item(s) found: *Locate the secret passageways*      |
    No bonuses in this one. But there are some really valuable information.
    In the first room, there is a prisoner from the Badds being held captive
    by the Federation (your guys). He knows important information, but refuses
    to tell it. The man outside asks for your help. To help him, enter the room,
    and the prisoner will taunt you. To make him talk, the only thing you need
    to do is to get over to the other side of the spikes. Do this by using the
    old diagonal arm swing over the spikes, from the lower middle platform,
    onto the top right one. When you get over his side, he will tell you the
    secret of the underground paths running between certain areas.
    From this moment, the map will display new pathways between Areas 14 and 17,
    and between 15 and 18. These make your progress a lot faster, but remember
    that everytime you use them, you will have to go through an enemy field
    stage, just like the ones you get when you hit a truck on the map. And you
    can't avoid these. A good thing is that you can find the Helmet in these
    The other room contains a man that gives you the final location of Super
    Joe! He is in Area 7. Great, dude! But I already told the reader of this
    FAQ that information, so once again, you are late.
    |                      AREA 18                          |
    |                  Neutral Zone 7                       |
    |                                                       |
    |             Area status: Neutral area                 |
    |       Item(s) found: Super Joe's Machinegun           |
    This area holds the Machinegun Super Joe was talking about. However, you
    can't just walk in and take the gun. There is a quite smart puzzle you need
    to solve before you can get your hands on the correct Machinegun.
    In the area, there are three special men you can speak with: Destroyer-1,
    Destroyer-2 and Destroyer-3 (creative names!). Each one of them will ask
    you if you need a Machinegun. If you say "yes" to a specific Destroyer,
    the other two will vanish from the level, and that specific Destroyer's
    Machinegun will appear in the room he is standing next to. However,
    remember that Super Joe told you about his friend called Destroyer-THREE?
    That gives us a hint of what Destroyer you should say "yes" to. The first
    guy you meet is Destroyer-1. Then you will meet Destroyer-2 and 3 next to
    eachother outside the second room. If you pick up the wrong Destroyer's
    gun, you won't get anything. To get Super Joe's Machinegun, you must say
    "yes" to Destroyer-3 only. He will then make the correct Machinegun appear,
    and will give you a hint of where the Orange Communicator is hidden.
    |                      AREA 19                          |
    |                  Neutral Zone 5                       |
    |                                                       |
    |             Area status: Neutral area                 |
    |               Item(s) found: Bullets                  |
    Welcome to the weirdest area in the game. It is absolutely not necessary to
    visit this area, as it holds nothing more than some Bullets. The only use
    you would have for this level is if you want to gain bullets, but I'll list
    this level just in case you want to know about it. In this area, you will
    encounter two enemies, that attack you actively! The first one can't be
    killed with your gun, unless you want those white guys to ambush you. The
    second one is indoors, and can be taken out with the gun. The first enemy is
    a knife guard that claims you to be his 100th opponent, and that he will
    take care of you. If you don't want to set of the alarm, you must use your
    bionic arm straight forward to push him back, and eventually toss him down
    into the water. Funny enough, even though this kills him, the white guys
    won't take notice!
    The first room contains 5 bullets, on different platforms. It seems
    impossible to get them all. I have yet to find a strategy for that. They
    will only appear once, and will disappear after a short moment, so take as
    many as you can. The second room contains enemy number 2, a bomb guard. He
    will tell you to shoot him, and then keep tossing bombs at you. He is
    absolutely no match for your gun, so just take him out if you wish. He will
    drop a bullet upon defeat, and if you exit and re-enter the room, he will be
    there again. So you can gather an endless amount of bullets here if you wish.
    |                ENEMY FIELD STAGE 1                    |
    |                The Mountain Cliffs                    |
    |                                                       |
    |             Area status: Enemy field                  |
    |             Item(s) found: Continue                   |
    |              Level Difficulty: Easy                   |
    This short level takes place on a high cliff close to the ocean. The most
    important thing here is that you don't get too close to the edges of the
    level. If you do, you will fall down directly and lose a life. Quickly move
    forward to avoid those annoying soldiers coming behind you, and shoot
    all the time as you walk to eliminate the soldiers in front of you. After
    a while, you will reach two soldiers that hide behind boxes. You can only
    shoot them when they rise, so either time your shots or just walk past
    them. Now a guard with a shield will appear. Your shots can only reach
    him when he removes his shield, which he does when he shoots at you. If
    you kill him, you will get a Continue. Move on and take out the hiding
    guard. This is pretty much the main concept of this level. If the enemies
    or their bullets get too close to you, use your arm to push them away.
    This doesn't work for the grenades and the shield guard's bullets
    however. Remember that you can't use your Energy Recovery Pills here,
    so make sure you don't get too injuried.
    |                ENEMY FIELD STAGE 2                    |
    |                  Blue Gravel Pit                      |
    |                                                       |
    |             Area status: Enemy field                  |
    |             Item(s) found: Continue                   |
    |              Level Difficulty: Easy                   |
    On this level, there are no dangerous cliffs to worry about, so just move
    forwards and to the left and right to avoid the enemies. The enemies are
    the same hiding guards and walking guards as usual. The new enemy here is
    the jeep, that comes driving from the side of the screen to the other,
    firing bullets at you. If you take it out, you will get a Continue. This
    one is very easy, since it has no armour. When you get to the field of
    boxes, stay at the very right of the screen to walk past all obstacles.
    If the enemies or their bullets get too close to you, use your arm to
    push them away. This doesn't work for the grenades however. Remember that
    you can't use your Energy Recovery Pills here, so make sure you don't get
    too injuried.
    |                ENEMY FIELD STAGE 3                    |
    |                  The Hidden Base                      |
    |                                                       |
    |             Area status: Enemy field                  |
    |          Item(s) found: Helmet, Continue              |
    |              Level Difficulty: Easy                   |
    Just like the other two stages, but with two exceptions. This one is a lot
    more narrow than the other two, which makes it harder to escape the enemy
    fire, and also, this is the stage where you find the Helmet. Most of the
    stage is like the other levels, with hiding guards and walking guards.
    The extra enemy for this one is the blue soldier, which wields a bionic
    arm, just like you. When he swings it, all your shots will bump away. If
    you get hit however, you won't bump away, but get damaged. Pay attention
    to his swings and shoot him when you can. He will leave a Continue when
    he is killed. The Helmet is located in the very end of the level, next to
    the exit. Don't get too close as it will make you leave the level! When
    the screen stops to scroll, and the exit is fully visible, stop and keep
    eliminating the enemies. Eventually, the Helmet will pop up on the ground.
    Pick it up and leave the level. If the enemies or their bullets get too
    close to you, use your arm to push them away. This doesn't work for the
    grenades and the blue guards' bionic arm however. Remember that you can't
    use your Energy Recovery Pills here, so make sure you don't get too
    | ________________________________________________________________________ |
    |/                                                                        \|
    |>                      6.2. LOCATIONS OF 1-UP:S                          <|
    |                                                                          |
    This section will describe where all the hidden 1-UP items are located. Be
    sure to save these gadgets until you really need them, as there are very
    few of them. Keep in mind though that you can also collect 1-UP:s from the
    falling boxes in the enemy levels. These 1-UP:s are infinite, and can be
    taken as many times as you wish, but there is a quite small chance that
    there will be a 1-UP, and not just another item coming out of the box.
    1-UP:s are found in:
    * AREA 15 - Neutral Zone 2
    The 1-UP is located in the first room. It is in the top corner of the room.
    To get there, stand on the very right edge of the platform in the middle,
    and shoot your arm onto the platform of the 1-UP. Then swing right, and you
    will bounce up to the 1-UP without any damage. When getting down, jump down
    on the elevator so you avoid the spikes.
    * AREA 6 - Level 6: Nightsky Harbour
    The 1-UP is on a platform high up in the air directly after the first pit
    you will encounter. Swing over the first pit by using the bulb, and when you
    are at the peak of your jump, shoot the arm upwards and climb onto the
    platform with the 1-UP. Might take some practice before you get it right.
    * AREA 9 - Level 8: The Garbage Dump
    The 1-UP is on a platform just after the pit in the beginning of the stage.
    Take out the hanging guard, and when you get to the stairs, go down ONE
    step, but no more. Otherwise, you won't be able to take the 1-UP. Now, shoot
    your arm diagonally right up on the piece of the ceiling that hangs down a
    bit, and swing yourself over the pit. The 1-UP is on the platform you will
    now land at.
    * AREA 10 - Level 10: High-Security Complex
    You will acquire this 1-UP when you complete the level, just like you
    normally get awarded with items or weapons.
    | ________________________________________________________________________ |
    |/                                                                        \|
    |>                     6.3. LOCATIONS OF BONUS BOXES                      <|
    |                                                                          |
    The bonus boxes provide a useful tool for you in all those harsh levels.
    They only appear in the enemy areas. They come floating down with a
    parachute from the sky, and you can pick up their content by either
    shooting the box or by using your arm on it. The boxes only appear on
    certain locations in certain areas. This section will list all of them.
    * AREA 1 - Level 1: Sea Fortress
    The box is located inside the fortress. Go down with the elevator two
    floors, and go into the left tunnel. After the electric current, swing over
    to the green platforms, and then swing up to the green platform up to the
    right. The box will drop down here.
    * AREA 5 - Level 3: Desert Of The Red Sun
    This is the only level with two bonus boxes. The first one drops down
    some distance after you have entered the first contact room. Climb up
    until you get to the platform just above the bulbs. The box should drop
    down somewhere close. The second one is after you have visited the
    second contact room. Climb up the tower with the spring boards, and
    the box will drop down somewhere around here.
    * AREA 2 - Level 4: The Sewers
    You find the box right at the bottom of the level, in the part where
    you end up after you swing over those spikes. At the very bottom of this
    area, where you will get if the slimes drag you down, go to the right and
    the box will soon appear.
    * AREA 3 - Level 5: The Wilderness
    The box is right in the beginning of the stage, after the first
    quicksand pit. Climb the high tree just before the second quicksand pit.
    The box will come floating down very soon.
    * AREA 8 - Level 7: Computer Center
    Obtain the box inside the room with green walls, with spikes at the bottom,
    where the second contact room is. It is in the top of this room.
    * AREA 7 - Level 9: Red Stone Valley
    The box is right where the part where choppers begin to attack you starts.
    Go up one platform, and you will get the box.
    * AREA 11 - Level 11: The Fire Plant
    Just after you have passed the swinging passage in the beginning of the
    level, go to the fat guy's platform, take him out, and swing out to the
    right to the platform with four "balls" above it. The box will drop
    down from the sky.
    | ________________________________________________________________________ |
    |/                                                                        \|
    |>                         6.4. SPECIAL MOVES                             <|
    |                                                                          |
    This section will list some advanced bionic arm moves that can make you do
    things you never thought were possible. Most of these moves are not really
    helping you on your quest, and many of them are very risky to pull off, and
    can make you lose lives or get damaged. Nevertheless, they are a cool
    addition to the normal swinging.
    (Thanks to Gricksigger [gricksigg.er@gmail.com] for showing me this trick)
    In neutral area 15, you must get the Orange Communicator to be able to
    proceed in your quest. But the house where that Communicator is found in is
    blocked by steel walls. The common way to pass these walls is to fire your
    gun. This makes the walls disappear, and the alarm to go off. But the
    secret is, there is a way that you can pass the walls without shooting! To
    do this, you must stand on the lower platform next to the steel wall, and
    swing yourself out over the water. Make sure you don't get knocked by the
    wall, but fall down to the water next to it. Immediately before you
    splash down in the water, shoot your arm diagonally right, and if you are
    lucky, you will grab onto the low platform to the right of the steel wall,
    and the wall will now knock you right instead of left, and cause you to
    get up on the platform behind the wall. Keep in mind that this is very
    hard to do, and if you fail, you will lose a life. There is a video on
    Gricksigger's Bionic Commando website (http://www.elitecoder.com/bionic)
    showing how to do it.
    This is a useless, but funny trick that is not super-difficult to do, but
    might require a little practice. In areas that have water at the bottom of
    the screen (Area 1, 6 and all neutral areas), you can actually swing UNDER
    the lowest platform that is closest to the water. To do this, simply drop
    down into the water from the lowest platform, and just before you splash
    in, shoot your arm diagonally in the direction of the platform, and you will
    grab onto it. You can now swing below it as long as you'd like. Keep in
    mind though, that make sure you don't connect the arm too high up on the
    lowest platform, or you will get back up on it again. And don't connect
    too late, or you'll risk falling out of the screen and lose a life.
    In this area, there is a room that contains 10 bullets on different
    platforms. Getting them all is a difficult task, since they disappear
    after a short while, and you only get one chance to take them. However,
    there is a way to get them all, and can be done without too much trouble
    once you know your bionic arm well.
    Directly when you enter the room, climb onto the first low platform and
    take all the bullets, then go to the far left edge of it, and climb up
    and take all bullets there. Drop down on the previous platform and go to
    the far right edge. Shoot your arm diagonally right and make sure it
    connects into the far upper right platform. Swing yourself over, and you
    will get knocked down to the platform just below the one you connected
    in, and get all the bullets there, now quickly climb up onto the platform
    above you, and take the last bullets. If you are quick, and don't fail on
    connecting your arm correctly, you will now get all the bullets.
    (Thanks to Gricksigger [gricksigg.er@gmail.com] for showing me this trick)
    Now this is a very cool trick, which solves a mystery I had been
    thinking of for so long. Inside the complex in Area 3 - The Wilderness,
    there is a secret room in the top right corner. If you swing over to
    the platform on the other side of the contact room, and keep on swinging
    in the roof, I guess you must have seen this room. How to get up there?
    You'll need to do a very difficult arm movement! There is a video on
    Gricksigger's Bionic Commando website (http://www.elitecoder.com/bionic)
    showing how to do it. I haven't yet been able to do it myself,
    and I don't really know how to explain it, but go to this site and
    download the video about Area 3, and you will see how to do it.
    | ________________________________________________________________________ |
    |/                                                                        \|
    |>                        7.1. FAQ EPILOGUE                               <|
    |                                                                          |
    Thank you for reading my FAQ on Bionic Commando. I hope that you found use
    for it, and that you had a good time reading it. If you didn't know much
    about Bionic Commando or had something against it, I hope that I have
    converted you to the righteous path (haha!). Bionic Commando is truly an
    excellent game, and a video game classic.
    Like I said in the first sections, I wrote this FAQ for you, not for myself.
    That means: Any complaints, praises, comments, ideas, requests etc. are
    very welcome. If you have any ideas on how to improve this FAQ or want
    to discuss my opinions and goals with this FAQ, then mail me. Make sure
    to mark the mail with "Bionic Commando FAQ" or something similiar in the
    subject line. And please only write constructive critiscim, and do not
    flame. I am very open for improvments and other people's opinions, so
    writing in a nice and constructive way works very well.
    My mail is: Linuso@hotmail.com
    | ________________________________________________________________________ |
    |/                                                                        \|
    |>                          7.2. THANKS                                   <|
    |                                                                          |
    Before closing down, I would like to give my thanks to people and
    organizations that provided a lot of help for me with this FAQ:
    For hosting my FAQ, and for being the universal all-knowing domain for
    frustrated gamers who seek help.
    For hosting my FAQ.
    For hosting my FAQ.
    For hosting my FAQ.
    * CAPCOM:
    For making Bionic Commando, one of the best games ever.
    For making the NES (Famicom), one of the best consoles ever, and the
    home of the Bionic Commando game.
    * GRICKSIGGER [gricksigg.er@gmail.com]:
    For providing me with very important information about some parts of
    Bionic Commando, and for having the excellent site Bionic Commando
    Headquarters (http://www.elitecoder.com/bionic). You should all go
    there! It is an excellent site!
    * METOOL [static@nstar.net]:
    For providing me with information on Bionic Commando's background.
    * IGN:
    For their "Top 100 Games 2005"-list, that gave me some good material
    for the "About Bionic Commando"-section.

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