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"Gaming Perfection in the 80's!"

Now let me tell you about a System called the Nintendo Entertainment System. You all know Nintendo right? This was Nintendo's first System from the Nintendo Entertainment System to the new Handheld the Nintendo DS. I will have to say this is the best System ever with a great lineup of games and the origins of are favourite Nintendo characters like Mario, Link, Samus, and Mr.Belmont from the Castlevenia series and for RPG, Final Fantasy Lovers, believe it or not, the first Final Fantasy game was on the Nintendo Entertainment System. The system was released in 1985 and is still played today probably much more than the newer systems, like the Playstation 2 or the Xbox360. Now a little History.

The Nintendo Entertainment System (NES from now on) was released in 1985. 1983 was the Dark Age of Gaming History. Atari did little to help the Dark Age. Nintendo was about to sign a contract to Atari and Colceovision that they could have Nintendo's well developed System the NES because Nintendo thought that after the Dark Age, no one would want to buy Video Games anymore. Luckily Atari saw that Nintendo was making a deal with Colceovision too, so Atari never signed the contract. Colceovision didn't want to sign the contract anymore, so Nintendo was stuck with the NES. It as a tough decision but in the end, Nintendo released the System. Now that you know some History on the NES, let me talk to you about the awesome games released for the NES.

We all know that Overweight Italian Plumber right. What is his name again? Mario! What about his Italian Brother? Luigi! Both of those guys are known across the Gaming globe. What were theses guys famous for? Super Mario Bros! Super Mario Bros is one of the best games ever. It made the NES very popular. Super Mario Bros was one of the very first of it's style. It offered a Side Scroller, Jumping and Platformer game which was new to gamers at the day of its release. Super Mario Bros was so popular it earned its self a sequel. The sequel was Super Mario Bros 2. Super Mario Bros 2 offered gamers a sort of different style of Mario games. This game was unique but lacked what Super Mario Bros had. It added bosses and added more of a challenge. Super Mario Bros needed a true sequel. Well guess what? It got one. Super Mario Bros 3 added what Super Mario Bros 2 lacked and took back what Super Mario Bros had. It added new stuff like items that would turn him into something. My personal favourite was the Tanookie Suit. It turned Mario into a Raccoon. Super Mario Bros 3 was even said to be better then Super Mario Bros and I couldn't disagree. Now let me show you my friend Link.

Legend of Zelda is one of the beloved series ever. It features are favourite Hero Link that keeps saving Princess Zelda over and over. Over the years Link has been known as the Hero of Time and the Hero of the Winds. The Legend of Zelda was the first of its kind. It had an overhead view that is still used in games today. Link got to obtain weapons such as the Wooden Sword, Bombs, Magical Sword, Bow and Arrows, and even a a Wand and Magic Book. Everyone knows Link as being the hero of Hyrule, and the slayer of Ganon. Link had to collect the Golden Triangles, known as the Triforce to stop Ganon from destroying Hyrule. Link has gone from overhead style, 3D, and even is Cel-Shaded now. Link got a sequel for the NES. It was Zelda ll: The Adventure of Link. Many will say it wasn't good because it was different from the original but I think it was great. It allowed you to gain levels and added a side scroller fight scenes. A little underrated, but still great. Link is a true Hero in a ture classic but we have more games to cover, so lets head there.

Metroid was an action, platformer, shooting game that is very popular now days. Back then there was very many unique shooter games like these. It featured are lovable Female character Samus Aran go fight the Space Pirates and destroy the Metroids. This made a big impact on Gaming since Samus was a Female because back then, every hero was male. Luckily this changed it all. Now we have female characters like Joanna Dark from Perfect Dark and Princess Peach even has her own game now. Metroid use to be a Platformer but now Retro Studios has done a great job with Metroid Prime in First Person Shooter form. You could get Power Ups and explore areas of the game which made it great. Metroid never got a sequel on the NES but has got many like Super Metroid, Metroid Prime, Metroid Fusion and Metroid Prime Hunters. On to the capabilities of the System!

Game Play 10/10
The System was great. It always had top notch games that were really fun that made it great. It had games for every age, every Genre, and every style. It had shooters, RPG's,Side Scrollers, and fighting games. It allowed you to explore the vast lands of Hyrule or Planet Zebes, or play around and hop on Goombas in the Mushroom Kingdom. Truly had every style and was always fun to play.

Graphics 9/10
Graphics weren't really important back then to Game Developers. Still the NES had good Graphics. I still think Developers should work on Game Play a little more now days, but back then they did both Game Play and Graphics great. Well not to mention Sound, but we will get to that.

Sound 10/10
Sound very simple back then with the Doo-Da-Ding-Dong. The Doin of Mario's jump was the greatest sound effect I have ever heard. Samus's Arm Cannon in the newer Metroid Prime Games is jut as good as the clank of Samus's Missiles when it hits an enemy. The classic sounds are the sounds that fill classic gamers like me with joy.

Overall 10/10
Best System ever. Best Game selection ever. So much Nostalgia of Mario, Metroid,Zelda,Castlevenia and maybe even a little Final Fantasy and Contra. It was Perfect System that could fill all those Saturday Mornings with Pure Gaming Fun. I would buy an NES from anywhere to $1 to about $50. $50 may seem a little over priced but not for this great System. It could offer anything a gamer could wish for and much more beyond his or her dreams. Hope you enjoyed the Review and never hesitate to buy a NES even if it's over priced. Trust me you won't regret it!

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Originally Posted: 05/09/06

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