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Reviewed: 08/17/00 | Updated: 08/17/00

Instead of paying $60 for a good game, you can pay $2!

Note: This reveiw is used on the games in general.
Why would you want to get this system? For starters it has all the classic Nintendo games like the ORIGINAL Mario games, the Legend Of Zelda and Donkey Kong. If that does not convince you to buy this system, get this. Most of the games are 4 dollars or less! Now that you want to try this system, I will tell you more.

Graphics 6/10
This depends on the game, but most games had average sound. A example of a game with good graphics is Super Mario Brothers 3, and an example of a game with bad graphics is Jaws.

Story N/A
Some games had WAY better stories than other games. There are so many games with bad stories, and so many games with good stories, it would not be fair to judge all the stories because it depends on your game.
An example of a game with a good story is Legend of Zelda. A example of a game with a bad story is Jaws.

Sound 5/10
The NES's weak point. The sound effects tend to be like ''Bloooop'' and ''Bleeep''. The music was ok in most games, but it didnt sound like it was supposed to to. An example of a game with good sound is Super Mario Brothers 3. An example of a game with bad sound is Wrestlemania Challenge.

Gameplay 9/10
Most games were really good. You could spend hours playing a game like Mario 3 or Zelda. It had ok games like Double Dribble and Duck Tales. But it also had games like Jaws and Heros of The Lance. These terrible games were no fun to play, and after a half hour you wanted a refund,( all two dollars back). Most games were fun but there were some terrible, terrible games.

Controls 8/10
The controller had five buttons and was shaped like a rectangle. From the left is the direction pad,( Just like the one on the Playstation and the Nintendo 64), the select button, the start button, the ''B'' button, and the ''A'' button. In most side scrollers, ''A'' was to jump and ''B'' was to attack. You would press Start to pause the game. Some games used Select but usually this wasnt used, and you move with the direction pad,( if you dont know what a direction pad is you should not be playing video games.) A example of a game with good controls is Super Mario Brothers 3. A example of a game with bad controls is Heroes Of The Lance.

Replay Value 6/10
You would probably come back a while later with most games. Not much to say here exept it depends on how much you like the individual game.

Challenge 8/10
Most games had great challenge, they for some reason are harder than most games today. I have beaten very few NES games, while I have beaten most of my Nintendo 64 games.

Buy or Rent?
Buy. It is a good system and is very cheap. Most of the games are under four dollars too. Now as soon as you finish this review, go out and buy this along with Super Mario Brothers 3 and/or Ninja Turtles 3:The Mannhatten project.

Overall 8/10

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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