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"One of the best consoles of all time, a must own for gamers."

Story of the NES:
Gamers were upset with Atari due to some games they paid money for not being good, one of these games, E.T. one of the worst video games of all time was responsible for half of it. The sales of video games went into a decline. In an attempt to save it Atari released the Atari 5200, and it failed. Now you may be wondering what happened next well... WAIT A DAMN MINUTE!!!! Anyways, It was the darkest of times... when suddenly a gray box (it was different in Japan, I know) appeared out of nowhere and saved video games.

Games: 9/10 With games like Super Mario Bros, The Legend of Zelda, Contra, and Dragon Warrior, where could you go wrong? Well, there were still some bad games on the NES, many of which came from Color Dreams, (which later changed its name to Wisdom Tree and made Bible based games) they made games that weren't very responsive, played badly, and overall were not fun, and then there was Action 52 which was 52 games in one! How could that be bad you may be wondering? Well all 52 of the games sucked!!!! They were games which today, could be made in an hour, by somebody using some sort of program. Well anyways I should talk more about the good games. Super Mario Bros is known as one of the best platformers of all time, and hopefully will be known forever, it also can come with Duck hunt and World Class Track Meet if you get a certain cartridge. The Legend of Zelda is an overhead adventure style game, where you start out with nothing, quickly obtain a sword and go of on your adventure, you go through dungeons, fight monsters, and get new items, some of the games were even gold! Contra was a difficult side-scrolling shooter, where you and a friend could team up and play, there even is a cheat to make it easier by giving you 30 instead of 3 lives, this paved the path for other side-scrolling shooters. Dragon Warrior is a console RPG in which you have to defeat the dragon lord, it is a basic RPG, but a good one.

Design: 10/10 What makes the design so good is just the fact that it is different, it looks cool, and much different compared to the Atari 2600, Atari 5200, Colecovision, and Intellivision. There is not that much to say about it though, it has a door in the front that opens and closes, which keeps dust out, it has two controller slots, which is compatible with many different NES designed controllers, and it has start and reset buttons.

Controllers: 10/10 The NES controllers are simple and work very well, they have a control pad, and start, select, A, and B buttons, there are other controllers, but I'll put those in with accessories. The controllers work well, with every game except for games that just don't respond well.

Accessories: 7/10 There are many great NES accessories, but there are also many bad ones. Lets start off good, the NES Advantage is a turbo controller, which has a joystick instead of a control pad, but it is good if you want an arcade feel to your games, or if you jut don't want to tap buttons when you play shooters and you would rather hold a button down. The NES zapper is a gun accessory, which you use in games like Duck Hunt or Operation Wolf, I'm not sure if it works well, due to the fact that I own a third party zapper, but I'm guessing it works okay due to the third party zapper working well. The NES power pad is used for World Class Track Meet, and a few other games, but I'm also not very sure about this one, because I don't own one, but it seems like it works well. R.O.B. stands for robotic operating buddy, this one may be controversial, due to the fact that I don't own one due to the fact that on ebay they cost over 100 dollars and the fact that it only works with a few games like gyromite, but anyways I'm sure this is an okay accessory but I don't own one and doubt it is worth the price. There is also the power glove, which can be used with many games... but it does not work very well and I would not advise you to buy it. There are a few other accessories, which I saw on a episode of the AVGN, but I don't own them, and can't remember them.

Lifespan (by which I mean how long it will last, not how long it was a big game system)
8/10 I haven't had my NES very long, but I've on Classic Game Room, I heard he had to replace his NES twice, but what can you expect, they are old, but still Atari systems often out live them, but anyways, they sure last a hell of a lot longer then the Xbox 360.

Game Durability: 10/10 *Sigh* Here I am again about to tell you about part of the NES I heard about on youtube. Well anyways, on a video I saw these people did things to NES games that would destroy most other games, but they all survived except for half of one game which had holes drilled into it. These are the strongest, most durable game cartridges of all time.

Questions you may be asking.

What is the average price of an NES on ebay?
Answer: Anywhere from $5 to $30. Pay anymore than that and you may being ripped off. Unless the console comes complete with all of the cords a controller or two and then some games, then it can be anywhere between $25 and $80.

What is the best accessory?
Answer: Well based on what I know, about accessories (which is not much...) it really depends. If you like arcades, then go for the NES Advantage, if you like guns and shooting get the zapper, if you like running or DDR then the Power Pad is the closest thing to those, and if you like Robots and have plenty of money to spend, buy R.O.B. but make sure you have all of the things that come with it, though the worst I put on my review would have to be the power glove.

Any games you can recommend?
Answer: Yes, The Legend of Zelda, Contra, Balloon Fight, Excitebike, Ninja Gaiden, and Dragon Warrior.

Why should I get an NES?
Answer: You didn't read the review did you...

Should I get an NES or an SNES?
Answer: It really depends, why don't you compare some NES reviews, and some SNES reviews, and then for both systems, write down games you would buy, and if that doesn't help go ask a friend or see some youtube videos about them, there is not much I can help you with here.

Verdict: 10/10 The NES is pretty much perfect, the only problem I have with it are some of the accessories, and then Color Dreams/ Wisdom Tree. If you don't own an NES I'd advise you to get one.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/11/10

Game Release: Nintendo Entertainment System (Version 1 Front Loader) (US, 08/31/85)

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