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Reviewed: 01/27/01 | Updated: 02/22/01

This truly is the best system....

The NES (Nintendo Entertainment Center), is probably the best system in video game history, next to it's partner, the Super NES. The Nintendo Entertainment System revolutionized the gaming industry with it's graphics, gameplay, and even its controller. All the systems that are popular now (PSX, N64, DC) have to thank the NES for their popularity.

One thing that the NES excels in is game variety. There are over 300 games for the NES. The games range from Action/Adventure (Metriod, Blaster Master), to more complex Role Playing Games (Final Fantasy, Dragon Warrior).

The systems graphic power is very good, but I am really not sure the exact statistics of its power. Some of the newer games really showed the maximum power of this system (Kirby's Adventure comes to mind.)

The controller is the backbone of all the controllers out today. Instead of controller a joystick like the Atari did, the NES uses a gamepad, which I believe is Copyrighted by Nintendo. The controller is quite small, but remember, this is the first time any video game system made the gamepad.

The sounds of the NES are certainly memorable. Some of the games put NES's sound effects to the max (Contra), while other don't even take use of its power (Back to the Future).

There are some problems with the NES. The older models required you to put in the game and push the cartridge in. This isn't very clean, and the system never seems to work the first time you turn it on. You will probably spend more time getting the system to work than actually playing the games. Then, when you finally get the game to work, you will play for about five minutes until the game resets, or freezes. The new model of the NES works more like SNES, in which the games are inserted in the top of the system. This model is supposed to fix these problems, but I don't have a new model, I am looking for one (they are not that easy to find.)

The Nintendo Entertainment System is truly revolutionary. I recommend getting a new model, but if you can't find one, get the old model. As for games, ask your friends in school and they will probably be glad to sell them to you (or give them to you!)

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