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Reviewed: 08/05/01 | Updated: 08/05/01

The System that started it all


Yep, thats right. But what about Atari, you ask? Atari sold a lot, bu after 2 hours, or 10 minutes, they dmuped it in the trash. Then in 1985, something spectacular happened. Yes, DUH, The NES came to life. Mr. Miyamoto, and Mr. Gunepoi, showed off they're system to Hiroshi Yamuchi, and sold it in japan in 1983. After the delays,and the infamous video game crash, it was finally released here, in America. Thus starting, the Golden Years of Gaming.

Visuals--- 9/10

They might have been sucky compared to the PS2, N64, and the Gamecube. But back then, it sure was a hell lot better then any Atari. Since NES was full of color, and not constant Blue,Yellow,Red,and Black lights flashing, this made Atari almost bankrupt. (which it did, in the early 90s I think) Though what not made me give this score a 10, was that sometimes, the games would get scrambely, and sometimes not clear, making the characters look Discombobulated. Other then that, this was the best system with visuals at the time.

Music/Sounds--- 10/10

When I first played it, I popped in a cartridge containing 2 games. Pressed the start button and hear ''Dun Dun Dun Nun Na Na''...Anyone knows thats the famous Mario Theme. The music was great, but one problem. It repeated itself over,over,over and over again. The NES was better though, then the Atari's BEEOM! CRASH! And bad sounds, and no music! The sounds on this system we great also! You hear Ducks quacking in Duckhunt, and Money noises in Super Mario Bros. I loved the sound on the NES, and over the years it just got better. Some Games actually started to say stuff, like Big Bird's Hide and Speak.

Controlling the System/Acsessories---10/10

It was easy. Here are the steps, for people in dead sleep for 16 years.
1:Pop in the Cartridge
2:Press START on the NES
3:Then start playing.

The NES had a loooooong line of acsessories. You had a Grey or Red Zapper Gun, for playing Duckhunt, or Hogans alley. You had a Turbo Controller, with was good for sport/fighting games. You then had a basic controller. There also was a wireless controller, but didn't do good on sales. The NES, or Famicon, which they call in Japan, had 700 games in the USA. But in Japan, it has 1000+. Not like N64, with about 250 games.

The System looked nothing like a game console. It looked more like a huge doorstop to me. It was a fairly big box, with the START and RESET buttons. Very simple,even for a 2 or 3 year old. Not to mention in 1993, there was a cool top loading redisigned NES!

Lastability--- 9/10

I bought my NES in 86, and still works to this day, but there are still problems. It'll blink, and sometimes won't work, but if you got the '93 Top Loading one, you'll have no problemos!

Buy or Borrow????

BUY IT! Back then, about 70% people had it. They maybe gave it away or something, but if you see one, nab it! They sell on Ebay for about 10-50 bucks, while the games are 50 Cents, to $5.

Final Line: My faverite System, running from 1985-1994. After the N64 was released, the Golden Age was ruined. NES is my faverite console,still to this day.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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