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Reviewed: 07/15/03 | Updated: 09/06/07

Easily one of THE best VG systems ever made. (Despite a couple of substantial technical flaws.)

Ah yes the Nintendo Entertainment System, one of THE most highly praised game systems EVER made. I see nothing wrong with this, do any of you?

Granted while I may seem like no more than a senseless fanboy I do realize that not every single NES game out there was great but hey no VG system is TRULY devoid of any remotely bad games. So thats no problem, however there is one significant problem. The Connector pins for the NES cartridges just simply weren't meant to last as in they can be messed up and the NES won't work all that much anymore. Which is rather sad really since game systems such as SNES, Atari and the like can work just fine and be able to age a lot better than most NES consoles. However that problem can be fixed via NES re-pair methods such as getting a new Pin Connector and try to replace your old one with it and others. (Though not all repair plans that you may find on the WWW actually work so you probably should be careful on whom you listen to.) Cleaning Kits won't do a thing if they start going bad but hey do help prevent it from getting there. And original-styled NES consoles that work good DO by all means exist however you should try to take care of it as much as possible. (Such as use Cleaning Kits and don't leave any games in the NES when your not playing them.) And if you can't utilize any other option & such you can always play the NES games with a Game Genie. (Doesn't matter if its from Galoob or Camerica.) Now mind you it doesn't make them perfectly fine 24/7 any time you use it. However it DOES increase your chances of playing them a lot more substantial. (Then again the NES Game Genie has better Connector pins than the NES.) However I must also warn you all that even if your "connecting pins" are fine and the system and your games are clean you still might get problems. That can be due to the "Regional Lockout Chip" that can get faulty in NES systems and be much trickier to fix than the connector pins. But its not impossible to find info on that online. So overall those two problems are the only true flaws of the original-style NES system however if you can't do any of that then you could try to use the more recent ''Top-loading'' model that plays the games just fine all the time but they are a lot harder to find than the original and a lot more expensive as well. (And unless you have those rather rare adaptors those who like playing NES games with the NES game genie will have problems to put it mildly.) But still despite that its pros easily make up for the flaws very well.

However enough of the flaws, now we should go over on why there are MANY things that make the NES such a excellent system that more than make up for its flaws. First off its Nintendo's debut in consoles in the USA and they simply don't disappoint at all since many of the greatest games ever made are on the NES. While the Graphics may seem dated compared to more modern systems many of the games by all means still have very good graphics and they also have very good gameplay beneath them too. And while they have plenty of the best popular games ever made they also have a very good amount of great ''underrated'' games as well. It's game library of over 700 games have quite the fascinating variety, and just for a minor note it also is one of the biggest VG-related sources of funny english mistranslations for all you Engrish fans out there. (I mean the fame of lines such as ''A Winner is You'' from ''Pro Wrestling'' for example give ''All your base are belong to us'' some pretty darn decent competition in funniest engrish and besides while there are plenty of folks who are getting tired of ''AYABABTU'' not all that many people are tired of NES English.) The ergonomics of the console are also quite competent and how its such a nice square shape with cool gray & white color design and the basic NES controller design scheme & control are good too. Not all NES accessories are winners but those such as the Zapper and ESPECIALLY the Game Genie are definitely recommended to buy. (Though its a shame that those such as the Disk System didn't get a US release but thats for another review.)

So overall this is by all means definitely one of the best Consoles that Nintendo has ever made. (Alongside with the Super Nintendo of course.) And its one of the best consoles ever made as well. It is definitely recommended for ANY Video Gamer out there.

+ One of THE best VG consoles made by Nintendo and ever made.
+ A great classical VG design of console & controller.
+ A GREAT selection of games to go with it.
+ One of the best things from the 1980's
+ Playing a Game Genie with it increases the chances of it working.
- The connector pins weren't made to last
- The "Regional Lock" can get rather defective and be the true culprit
- Its easier to find than the Top-loader but the Top-loader works better
- The only US Nintendo system that works well with a Game Genie
- A real shame that certain aspects such as the Disk System never made it to US shores.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: Nintendo Entertainment System (Version 1 Front Loader) (US, 08/31/85)

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