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"One of the finest 8-bit systems"

I remember when my sister bought her NES in NJ, but I never let her play (she could not play the games at all), and I was way better than her (I was 7, she was 9, shes stupid). Well any ways, I really liked this system for the time being, and I still play it today (and yes it still works).

Graphics 8/10
These graphics are nothing beautiful, and nothing awful. Even though it is inferior technically to the Sega Master System, it still was funner. The color capabilities were 56 total pallette, and it can have up 30 on screen at once (and some games looked great with the advantage the games took of it).

Sound / Music 7/10
The sound was nothing spectacular, just a simple (very simple) FM chip (the FM stands for frequency modulator). So was the music, but programmers took the music chip (FM) to its fullest. Most themes were memorable, such as Mario bros. or The Legend of Zelda I.

On the systems processor was something around 5mhz (The master system was and astounding 7.834 mhz, ooo). The Nintendo Entertainment System was a huge hunk of silicon and plastic, and one thing I will never understand is why it was a feeder style opposed to a top loader (like the Master System was). The NES had more support than any other system out there (that is a BIG fact).

One big fact here is that I still have not beaten Zelda I, I dropped it too many times, but it was my cousins (the same is for The adventure of Link). All the other games were fun, but not alot of my favorites that were on the Master System (Space Harrier, Fantasy Zone), due to the power of the system (the NES was weak). This is not as rare to find now adays.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 04/04/00, Updated 04/04/00

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