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Reviewed: 05/26/00 | Updated: 05/26/00

No wonder the Master System and the Atari 7600 didn't stand a chance!

Ah yes, the 80s. Back then, there were many different systems to choose from, the most high-tech of the group being the NES, the Master System, and the Atari 7600. What was the best choice of the three? The NES, without a doubt! Sure, the Master System had slightly better graphics than the NES, but it didn't have the great third party support the NES had! Hundreds of classic series have started with this wouderous little system, including Mario, Zelda, Contra, Mega Man, Castlevania, Bionic Commando, Dragon Warrior, Final Fantasy, Ninja Gaiden, and much more! Although the NES graphics weren't as good as the Master System's, it kicked the old Atari graphic's butt! As far as sound goes, the NES introduced a new thing into video games: music. Now you could run and jump through the levels while a peppy little tune played in the background! The NES also had more room capacity than the Atari 2600, and games could have many more levels as well as a better plot than just walking around the same couple of screens looking for certain items. Then, in 1990, Nintendo released a blockbuster: Super Mario Bros. 3. This game had incredible success, and rightfully so too! 8 new worlds, each containing 6 or more levels each! Definately a memorable experience! Unlike many of the other 8 bit systems, the NES is still fun to play today, and some games are still much funner than the games you'll see today! The games aren't too simplistic, nor are they too complex. If you ever get tired of all the latest games, play the NES. The NES didn't rely on 3-D graphics and CD quality sound like many games do nowadays. Back then, the only thing that mattered in a video game was fun.

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