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    FAQ/Walkthrough by AdamL

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 06/19/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Game Guide/Walkthrough
    V1.0 - Completed 6/19/03
    Written and maintained by Adam Lamontagne
    Copyright 2003 Adam Lamontagne (alamont1@maine.rr.com)
    An 8-bit Famicom game published by Namco 1987.  All trademarks owned by
    Lucasfilm Ltd. 1987.   All rights reserved.
    I.    Revision History
    II.   Introduction
    III.  Story
    IV.   Main Characters
    V.    Controls
    VI.   Icons
    VII.  Walkthrough
          A. Stage 1...Tatooine
             1. Moisture Farm
             2. Sand Crawler
             3. Guardian
             4. Outside Sand Crawler
          B. Stage 2...Aboard the Falcon
          C. Stage 3...Planet of Doom
             1. Caverns
             2. Temple
             3. Guardian
             4. Find Obi-Wan
             5. Temple Getaway
          D. Stage 4...In Search of C-3PO
    	E. Stage 5...Water World
             1. Go For a Swim
             2. Guardian
    	F. Stage 6...To the Death Star
    	G. Stage 7...Inside the Death Star
             1. Find the Princess
             2. Garbage Masher and Escape
             3. Guardian
    	H. Stage 8...Fleeing the Death Star
    	I. Stage 9...Hoth
             1. Through the Cold
             2. Whale Ride
             3. Echo Base
             4. Guardian
    	J. Stage 10...Destination: Yavin
    	K. Stage 11...On Yavin's Moon
             1. The Rescue of Han
             2. Yavin Escape
             3. Stone Temple Pilot
             4. Guardian
          L. Stage 12...Death Star Approach
          M. Stage 13...Assault on the Death Star
          N. Epilogue
    VIII. Game Enhancement
    IX.   Help Wanted
    X.    Disclaimer
    6/19/03: v1.0
    -First version submitted to gamefaqs.com and vgstrategies.about.com
    -Finished the Walkthrough section.
    -Added Introduction section.
    -Added Story section.
    -Added Main Characters section.
    -Added Controls section.
    -Added info to Icons section.
    -Added Game Enhancement section.
    -Added Help Wanted section.
    6/16/03: v0.5
    -Finished Death Star portion of walkthrough.
    -Added info to Icons section.
    6/13/03: v0.2
    -Worked on a lot of the walkthrough (up to Death Star).
    -Added Disclaimer.
    -Added Icons section.
    [NOTE: All of my revisions up to 1.0 are based roughly on about what percentage
    of the FAQ/Walkthrough I think is completed.   When I finish all the sections
    and consider the FAQ/Walkthrough complete, that will be version 1.0.  Any small
    updates after that will raise the version 0.1 points and any major update that
    really shakes things up will raise the version 1.0 points.]
    Many people outside of Japan do not know this game exists.  Namco published it
    in 1987 for the Famicom and the game never got a US NES release.  Instead we
    had to wait a few years for a different version of Star Wars which was released
    by JVC.  The Namco version is a completely different game.
    This game only loosely follows the movie.  I guess you could look at it as a
    "What would have happened if..." version of Star Wars.  Not only is Luke's hair
    black (Han's is blond at one point too!), but you'll run into such oddities as
    Vader appearing in a Jawa Sand Crawler, having to rescue Han late in the game,
    though you've been flying his ship around, and also a little side visit to
    The game is pretty difficult and unforgiving too.  There are no continues, so
    once your lives are spent that is it.  No passwords or battery back-up do not
    make things any easier.  Your best bet is to play it on an emulator.  Not only
    can you save your progress if you feel like taking a break, but there are some
    really difficult "Ninja Gaiden-esque" type jumps you have to make later in the
    All in all, I consider it a pretty solid game, especially considering it came
    out in 1987.  Since the text is in Japanese, there are probably a few things I
    am missing out on, but I've pretty much figured out what you need to do to
    succeed in the game.
    As always, if you find anything I have left out or can even translate any of
    the dialogue between characters, I would greatly appreciate any and all info
    and will create a special "Acknowledgements" section just for you.
    If you are not familiar with the Star Wars story you might as well crawl back
    under your rock.  Though Episodes 1 & 2 have not nearly lived up to the
    original trilogy, Star Wars is probably the most familiar space story of all. 
    Trekkies will probably refute this, but in my opinion I believe it to be true. 
    If you want the full story to Star Wars, get the movie.  If you want the story
    according to this game, just read through the walkthrough, as it goes off on
    several tangents, some of which have nothing to do with the movies.
    Contrary to popular belief, Luke did not achieve his fame as a member of 2 Live
    Crew.  He is the son of Anakin Skywalker (aka Darth Vader) and is the main
    character in this game.  Even though he is blond, he died his hair black for
    the action sequences in this game.
    The little droid will be of great value to you in the game.  Don't let his
    diminutive stature fool you...he's a life saver.
    Luke's mentor.  He will offer "assistance" during your battle with Vader.
    He's a chatterbox and best friend of R2-D2.  Don't overlook C-3PO's usefulness
    and knowledge of different forms of communication.
    You must rescue her from the Death Star.  She is later revealed to be Luke's
    sister, though it's kind of sick to think he had a crush on her at one point.
    He owes Han Solo a life debt for saving him years ago and has since paid it off
    multiple times over, but chooses to stay with the smuggler out of friendship. 
    As hairy as they come.
    Everyones favorite smuggler.  You get to fly around in his ship for most of the
    game...perhaps Lando Calrissian is actually piloting it.
    You will fight many incarnations of Darth Vader throughout the game.  He
    definitely makes his presence felt wherever you go.  If you lose all your lives
    you get to hear his familiar breathing...
                   |                       |
                   |     +                 |
                   |   +++++     (*)  (*)  |
                   |     +        B    A   |
                   |     D                 |
    D: Directional Pad (Up,Down,Left,Right)
    B: Button B
    A: Button A
    START: Brings up the Sub Screen
    SELECT: No Use
    Normal Stages:
    B: Swing Lightaber; Fire Blaster
    A: Jump
    Down: Climb down ladders; Crouch
    Up: Climb up ladders
    In the Water:
    B: Swing Lightsaber
    A: no use
    Millenium Falcon/X-Wing Stages:
    B: Fires Cannons
    A: Activates Shields
    You can collect a maximum of 99 Diamonds
    Small Diamonds=1
    Large Diamonds=2
    King-Sized Diamonds=10
    Press Start to bring up the subscreen.  As you collect Diamonds you will be
    able to access special abilities from the subscreen.  Collect 5 Diamonds and
    the FLEET ICON will appear.  Select it to run faster.  Collect 10 Diamonds and
    the HOURGLASS ICON will also appear.  Select it to stop enemies for a limited
    time.  Be warned that once you use an Icon your Diamond count goes back to 0
    and you have to start collecting them all over again.
    ========  ====           =======
    5         FLEET          Luke runs faster
    10        HOURGLASS      Stops enemies for a limited time
    15        LIGHTSABER     Shoot lasers for a limited time
    20        LIGHTNING      Destroys enemies that are on the screen
    25        BLUE SPHERE    Makes you temporarily invincible
    30        WINGS          Hold down A to levitate
    35        WARP           This warps you backwards in the level
    Other ICONS you will earn along the way without having to collect Diamonds:
    ICON       HOW ACQUIRED                 USE
    ====       ============                 =======
    R2-D2      Rescued from Sand Crawler    In Garbage Masher
    OBI-WAN    Rescued from Temple          Against Vader in Death Star, Yavin
    C3PO       Rescued from Water World     To Get Past Guard on Ice Planet, Get
                                            a ride from a whale
    LEIA       Rescued from Death Star      Slow down the Wampa?
    CHEWIE     Rescued from Hoth            Opens a door on Yavin
    HAN SOLO   Rescued on Yavin             ???
    [NOTE: The game is being played on PRO MISSION difficulty level]
    The following will help you make your way through the game.  Playing through
    the first stage will lead you to believe that this is a pretty straight forward
    action game.  Not quite.  There are several areas where you have multiple paths
    to choose from.  Follow this walkthrough and it will lead you straight to the
    end of the game.
    A. STAGE 1...Tatooine
    1. Moisture Farm
    You get the CUT SCENE of Luke watching R2-D2's holographic message from
    Princess Leia.
    The stage starts with Luke watching 2 Jawas lug R2-D2 away from your moisture
    farm.  You must now chase after them.
    Move to the right, killing several small enemies to get small and large
    Diamonds, which will enable you to receive icons that bestow powers upon you
    (see ICONS section).
    Continue right, killing Tusken Raiders along the way.  After you dispatch of
    them you are close to the Sandcrawler.  Proceed slowly, as sinkholes will
    appear in the ground.  After you jump over the 2nd sinkhole a Stormtrooper will
    appear.  Wait until he shoots at you, then jump over his shot and the last
    sinkhole and quickly slash him down with your lightsaber.  Move to the right
    and jump into the Sandcrawler.
    2. Sandcrawler
    Start by killing the 2 small enemies, then take out the Stormtrooper at the top
    and go to the right to the next screen.
    Stay on the ledge and wait for the bird to come to you.  Kill it, then drop
    down to the bottom and destroy the small enemy.  You are safe from the cannon
    down here, so destroy the wall to the left and snatch up the 1-UP!  Now stand
    behind the wall that is guarding you from the cannon's shots.  Wait for the
    cannon to fire then jump the wall and stand right on the other side of it. 
    Wait for the cannon to fire again, then jump over the shot and over to the
    ladder above the cannon, where it cannot harm you.  Proceed up the ladder to
    the next screen where you...
    ...battle Darth Vader!?!  Inside a Sandcrawler??
    3. Guardian
    You find yourself in a small room with Vader.  Don't worry, it isn't what you
    think.  After a few words he will slowly come at you.  Approach him and slash
    him with your light saber once to reveal his true form: a Scorpion.  The
    Scorpion is really easy to beat.  Just wait for it to get near you and hit it
    with your saber.  About 4 hits will finish it off and reward you with a
    king-sized Diamond.
    With the Scorpion defeated, head to the left screen where R2 is being held in a
    force field by the Jawas.  Slash the force field with your light saber to knock
    it down and enter to rescue R2.
    4. Outside Sand Crawler
    Once R2 is rescued and you are outside the Sand Crawler, you have a choice of
    traveling by Land Speeder or by foot.  Land Speeder is definitely the way to
    go.  You will see its ICON right outside the Sand Crawler.  Grab it and you
    will instantly be in control of the Speeder.
    Enemies and their weapons will not hurt you while you are in the Speeder, but
    you must be sure to hit the A Button to jump over obstacles in the way. 
    Proceed to the right, jumping over only a few obstacles and eventually you will
    reach the Mos Eisley Cantina, where you automatically board the Millenium
    Falcon and blast off into space (nothing like condensing things a bit here).
    B. Stage 2...Aboard the Falcon
    You are now at the helm of the Millenium Falcon.  Obi-Wan Kenobi speaks to you
    (translation?) and you are off.
    The B Button fires your guns.  The A Button activates your shields.  You only
    have 3 shields, so only use them when the green globe that the TIE Fighters
    fire at you are about to hit you.
    The only thing of value I can offer you for this stage is to keep moving, avoid
    enemy firepower and pound away at the TIEs.  Just keep pounding away and
    eventually enough time will pass and the TIE's will stop.
    You will approach a planet, which wasn't a scheduled stop for our heroes in the
    movie, but perhaps Lucas didn't show us everything...
    C. Stage 3...Planet of Doom
    1. Caverns
    Start by killing the frog-like creatures, then the bird, then hop across a gap
    via platform and you will now have to climb upwards.
    Climb the first vine then dispose of the lizard.  Then jump to the single block
    over on the left.  From there, jump to the right and slash the weird looking
    grey block with your light saber while jumping.  You should dispose of the
    block and land on that platform.  Climb the vine and you will see a BLASTER
    ICON behind some blocks.  Smash the blocks with your light saber and collect
    the ICON to now own a Blaster.
    [NOTE: You only have the Blaster for your current life.  Once you die, you go
    back to the Light Saber]
    Shoot the blocks above where you got the Blaster and jump up on the block with
    the face in it.  Skillfully work your way up and you will come out of the
    canyon.  Go right and there will be a statue shooting fireballs at you.  Stand
    on the ledge one level down from the statue and the moment it shoots jump up
    and run over to the ledge that is right above and in front of the statue.  It
    cannot harm you here.
    Climb up a couple platforms and you will see a statue on the edge to the right,
    with a shooting statue to the right of it.  Time your jump to land between the
    statues, duck the fireball and jump over on top of the shooting statue where it
    cannot harm you.  Blast through the gray bricks to your right and continue
    Work your way up carefully, avoiding the shots from the wall cannons, making
    sure you stay in a safe place to study the cannons before you make your next
    move.  When you reach the top, head to the right.
    Dispatch of the Stormtroopers as you go and continue right until you reach the
    2. Temple
    Obi-Wan is being held captive in the Temple.  Before capturing you must defeat
    the guardian of the Temple.  Start by jumping across the gaps, avoiding fire
    from the mounted cannon on the wall, and move into the room on the right.
    In this room, drop down to the floor and shoot out the gray blocks.  Watch the
    pattern of the rotating fireball and go shoot out the blocks on the other side
    of the ladder so you can pass to the right side of the screen (DO NOT go down
    the ladder yet).  Work your way up to the top of the screen.  At the top, stand
    under the gap in the ceiling and jump up into the next screen.
    Upon jumping into this screen, you should grab onto the ladder.  There is an
    object flying around pretty fast that you want to avoid.  Just stay on the
    ladder and eventually it will bound into the hole in the floor and disappear. 
    Now work your way up the ladder, onto the moving platform, and over to the
    other ladder where you will climb up into the next room.
    There are 3 moving objects in this room.  Disperse of them with the Blaster or
    lightsaber before you do anything else, then climb up the platforms and up the
    ladder into the room above.
    3. Guardian
    Again, it seems like Darth Vader is your nemesis here on this lousy planet. 
    After saying a few words (translation?) he will come at you.  Approach him
    right after he swings his lightsaber and give him a cut from yours.  He will
    transform into a flying skeletal bird.
    The bird flies around the room pretty slow, so it is not too tough to dodge it.
     When it swoops down at you, get out of the way, then turn around and hack it
    with your lightsaber.  At some point it will travel along the floor at you, so
    just jump out of your way and hack at it when it goes by.  After hitting the
    bird 4 times it will blow up, surrendering the king-sized Diamond.
    4. Find Obi-Wan
    Now that the Guardian is defeated, you can go rescue Obi-Wan Kenobi.  From the
    Guardian's room, head down into the room with the 3 flying objects, then down
    into the room below that with the ladders and flying platform.  In this room,
    be careful not to land on the spikes.  Rather than falling through the hole to
    the floor below, take the ladder down into the next room.
    In this room you will see that ladder at the bottom of the screen, surrounded
    by the rotating fireball.  You DO NOT want to take the ladder this time either.
     Instead, go left, to the screen where the level started.
    This screen is pretty tricky.  At the lower bottom left of the screen you will
    see a little alcove, just big enough for Luke to fit in.  That is where you
    want to get to, so jump across the two platforms and down into the alcove.
    Now standing in the alcove, face to the right.  You will see a ladder at the
    right of the screen, surrounded by blocks.  If you haven't died and still have
    the Blaster you picked up earlier, you can just blast through all the sets of
    gray blocks that seperate you from the ladder.  If you don't have the Blaster,
    there are 2 other ways.  First, you can activate your LIGHTSABER ICON from the
    subscreen and use your lightsaber as a blaster, making short work of the gray
    blocks.  That is the easiest way.  Another way would be to levitate over to the
    gray blocks next to the ladder and cut them up, but you have to be really
    quick.  The LIGHTSABER ICON is the way to go.
    Once you have all the gray blocks blasted out from between you and the ladder
    on the other side of the screen, jump your way over to the ladder, avoiding the
    fire from the wall cannon and down into the next room.
    In this room, knock out all the gray blocks that are in your way and jump into
    the gap between the spikes to get to the bottom of the screen.  Go right into
    the next room.
    Obi-Wan!!  When you enter, the gate lifts up because you dispatched of the
    Guardian earlier.  Don't go lunging in for Obi-Wan quite yet.  Shoot your
    Blaster or use your lightsaber on the force shield that surrounds ol' Ben, then
    get in there to get him out.  You are reunited with your old pal!  He will now
    show up as an ICON on your subscreen.
    5. Temple Getaway
    You are outside of the Temple now.  Grab the Landspeeder Icon and hit the road.
     There are more hazards this time around with the landspeeder.  You can still
    kill the stormtroopers, but now there are stormtroopers in landspeeders chasing
    you.  If they touch you you lose the speeder, so don't dally too much.
    The first 2 objects you jump are spikes and blocks, which aren't too bad. 
    After jumping the 2nd group, gain some speed, as you will have to make a super
    jump to get over a block in the middle of the screen.
    Now gain some more speed, as you will have to jump over 2 groups of rocks and
    spikes at the same time.  After you clear these, let your speeder plow through
    a couple stormtroopers and plow into the stack of blocks you encounter.  Defeat
    the lizards and bird that come at you, then jump and stand on the left side of
    the pile of gray blocks, specifically the 3rd block up from the bottom.  If you
    want the 1-UP located under the pile, this is the time to activate your
    LIGHTSABER ICON, then shoot the row of gray blocks (5th row up from the bottom)
    so you will be able to drop down into the center of the blocks to get the 1-UP.
    Continue moving to the right, killing stormtroopers and other vermin and
    eventually you will enter a rock structure.  From here you will blast off again
    in the Millenium Falcon.
    D. Stage 4...In Search of C-3PO
    C-3PO gives you a message (translation?) before you take off in the Falcon. 
    This stage is identical to Stage 2.  Just fly around, blasting TIE's and
    avoiding their shots and eventually you will find yourself heading to yet
    another planet.  Not really much more to say here.
    E. Stage 5...Water World
    1. Go For a Swim
    Yeah, the boy from Tatooine must now swim.  He seems to be a pretty good
    swimmer, considering he grew up on a planet with two suns.  Perhaps this book
    is a take-off on Splinter of the Mind's Eye, where Luke could swim and Leia
    could not.
    Anyway, take the plunge into the water and work your way to the right.  Stay
    toward the top of the screen, slashing any fish that get in your way.  You will
    get to some spiked entry ways you have to swim through, but they aren't much
    trouble once you get the swim controls down.
    Swim all the way to the right, past more enemies and obstacles, and you will
    have to work your way down farther into the water.  As you head down, proceed
    slowly, as squids shoot up at you from the bottom of the screen, making life
    difficult.  Once you get past the squids, the blue fish come up at you.  They
    come from the bottom of the screen pretty quick, with the first one coming from
    the left side, the second one from the right and the third one from the center.
    After these, keep going down avoiding more enemies, including a tight squeeze
    past more squid, and you will reach the bottom.  Go right and you will reach 3
    more of those big blue fish.  Quickly get by them and head into the dwelling
    you find at the end of the path.
    2. Guardian
    Another guardian greets you.  Could this actually be Vader this time?  Swim at
    him and he will speak something to you (translate?).  After he's done talking,
    he takes the same approach as the other Vader's took.  This time you have to
    fight him while swimming, which is a bit awkward.  Swim down to him, wait for
    him to thrust, than give him a slash of your own.  He will turn into a Shark
    this time!
    The Shark is pretty tricky to beat, but with this strategy he should be a piece
    of cake.  Swim down to the very bottom of the screen.  If you are flat against
    the bottom, he cannot get to you at all.  Now wait for him to approach.  He
    will swim near you, then swim back up.  Quickly follow him up and slash him in
    the tail as close as you can get without touching him.  If you hit him just
    right, one slash will do him in.  This is the only place you can hit him.  If
    you try for his mouth you end up missing and he kills you.
    Swim out of the water to the right, where you will enter a room with a captive
    C3PO inside.  Swing your weapon to remove the force field and enter to rescue
    3PO.  Upon rescuing him he will be rejoined with R2-D2 and you and your friends
    will leave the watery world in the Falcon.  C-3PO will now show up as an ICON
    on your subscreen.
    F. Stage 6...To the Death Star
    Princess Leia greets you with a message when you get on the Falcon.  Like the
    other Falcon stages, this one is pretty much the same, with the added exception
    of the Death Star being in the background.  Again, blast as many fighters as
    you can while avoiding their firepower.
    After a bit of fighting you eventually make your descent into the Death Star.
    G. Stage 7...Inside the Death Star
    1. Find the Princess
    This Stage is one big maze.  There are many different ways you can go, but in
    order to pass through the barrier at the end you have to do two things: rescue
    Princess Leia and escape the Garbage Masher.  You will also want to make sure
    your Diamond count is high.  There is one area where you have to levitate
    across a shaft without any platforms.  There is also another spot where it is
    very helpful to be able to zap the enemies in the room.  If you are low on
    Diamonds, reenter rooms to kill enemies, as they regenerate each time you enter
    the room.  The following will lead you through the Death Star correctly.
    Work your way to the right, killing a couple mouse droids and a stormtrooper,
    then exit the room.  You will now be in a shaft room.  Hop across the platforms
    and into the next room on the right.
    You will see 2 mouse droids to the right of the spikes when you enter the room.
     Carefully time your jump so you land just to the right of the spikes and
    quickly crouch down and hack the two droids (you can also Levitate to make it
    easier, but keep in mind you will need Diamonds at the end of the level).  Now
    jump up and smash the top block of the column, then jump up on the column. 
    Wait for the floating eyeball droid to get close, then dispatch of it.  Before
    jumping over to the next column, know that it is almost impossible to make this
    jump normally.  I advise levitating across, since you can find a spot to build
    up your Diamonds somewhere along the line.  If you insist on jumping, get down
    off of the column to the left, the quickly get a running jump back up to the
    column then without stopping leap hard to the right.  I've made the jump a
    couple times, but it is tough.  When you get across these high columns, drop
    down to the floor, where Stormtroopers will greet you.  Kill them and exit to
    the right.
    You are in another shaft.  Jump across the platforms over to the right side of
    the shaft, but do not enter the next room.  Instead you will want to fall down
    the shaft.  Trust me.  Fall down into the shaft, hugging the right side.  You
    will fall 2 screens and land on the platform on the right.  Instead of going
    into this room here (there is a Blaster, but you DO NOT want it) fall down the
    right side of the shaft AGAIN, falling downwards another 2 screens, where you
    will land on the right platform again.  Now you can enter the room to the
    You will be in a room with what looks like an open doorway and a Stormtrooper
    coming at you.  This is the Detention Level.  The doorway is there for design,
    so run past it, taking out the Stormtrooper on the way.  Right after it you
    will see what looks like a door with the number "11" on it.  There are a bunch
    of these doors in this room.  You must slash them open with your lightsaber
    (the Blaster won't work).  DO NOT slash open the first 2 doors as you go, as
    they only lead to empty rooms with enemies.  Go into the 3rd door if you want a
    1-UP.  The 4th door is the one you really want, as inside rests Princess Leia! 
    Go touch her and you get a message on the screen (translation?).  You are then
    dumped back outside the room.  Work your way to the right and to a dead end? 
    There is actually a grate there, so slash it open with your lightsaber and
    quickly jump in before the Stormtroopers catch up to you.
    2. Garbage Masher and Escape
    You now find yourself in the Garbage Masher, aka the Trash Compactor.  A
    creature (the Dianoga) will emerge out of the murk you are standing in. 
    Quickly kill it.  Now the walls will start closing in.  There is only one thing
    you can do to avoid being crushed.  Go to your subscreen and select the R2-D2
    ICON.  You will get a message from R2 (translation?) and the door will open,
    allowing for your escape.
    You are now in an empty room.  You can only exit to the left, but as you exit
    continue to hold to the left as you enter the room as you will safely run by 3
    orbs bouncing in the narrow corridor.  Go left again into another shaft.
    [NOTE: This is where you have to start thinking about stocking up on Diamonds,
    as you will need to use some of your ICONS near the end of the level.  If you
    find a room where you can easily kill an enemy and reenter to kill it again, do
    so when you can.  You will want to stockpile your count up to 99 during the
    next 7 or 8 rooms]
    From this shaft you will drop down a screen, hugging the left wall, and land on
    a platform, then drop down 1 more screen, hugging the left wall, and enter the
    room on the left.  In this room jump to avoid the Stormtroopers blaster fire,
    then cut them both down and enter the next room on the left.
    There will be an orb and a spark moving towards you.  Time it so you jump in
    between the 2 of them as they approach, then exit to the left.  In the next
    room there is an exit to the left and a ladder leading up.  Climb the ladder up
    into the room above.
    Carefully get past the sparks and climb the next ladder up into the room above.
     In this room just avoid the spark and the floating eye droid and exit to the
    Another shaft.  Notice the force barrier above you.  If you had tried to jump
    down this shaft from above you would have been fried.  In this shaft room you
    will fall down the left side of the shaft and land on the platform 1 screen
    down.  Enter the room to the left.
    There are 2 columns in this room.  Jump over to the leftmost column and wait
    for the floating eye droid to approach and destroy it.  Now you will have to
    make a most difficult jump.  There is another floating eye droid moving between
    the spikes and the wall.  Wait for it to hit the spikes and start moving left. 
    Right as it starts moving left make a high leap so you jump up and in between
    the droid and the spikes.  It is tricky, but it works.  Exit to the left.
    In this room are 4 orbs which are bouncing all over the place.  You will want
    to find a safe place to hide until about 3 of them bounce out of the room. 
    You'll notice 3 sets of blocks on the floor: a stack of 1, a stack of 2 and a
    stack of 3.  Get in between the stack of 1 and the stack of 2 and crouch down. 
    Now simply wait for the orbs to leave the room.  Now you can get up to the
    ladder and climb into the next screen above.
    Your goal in the next room is the ladder.  Knock out 2 of the blocks in the
    middle of the column on the right of the screen, then jump into the space you
    just created and up to the ladder, avoiding the floating eye droid in the
    In the next room there will be a moving platform and 2 orbs bouncing around. 
    Stay on the ladder until one of the orbs exits the room.  It is easier to make
    it up to the ladder with only one orb bouncing around.  Jump up onto the moving
    platform and over to the ladder and up into the next room above.
    This room is tricky.  You want to climb to the top of the ladder, but must
    avoid the Stormtrooper's blaster fire and the spark circling around.  Stay on
    the ladder where you entered the room to get a sense of the pattern, then when
    you have an opening, quickly climb to the top.  Smash the 2 blocks at the top,
    then when you have another opening, drop down and run out the door to the
    The room you just entered is a bitch.  I recommend using a LIGHTNING ICON to
    zap the cannon and mouse droid, making the room easy to pass.  Otherwise, you
    will be doing a lot of jumping around just to make it past the cannons.  Exit
    the room to the right.
    Now you are in a shaft with no platforms to get you across.  This is where you
    MUST use your WINGS ICON to get across.  Activate it and maneuver across the
    chasm, avoiding the fire from the wall cannon, and enter the room to the right.
    This is another room where it is very important to use the LIGHTNING ICON so
    you can zap to of the objects in your way and only have to worry about the
    spark.  If your Diamond count is too low, just stand on the bottom and watch
    the pattern of the enemies and hope you get lucky.  Just know that you can kill
    the moving spikes with your lightsaber, but you cannot harm the sparks.  
    Proceed up into the next room.
    You will be met immediately by a Stormtrooper in this room.  Dodge its blast
    and do away with him.  You can destroy these spikes for extra Diamonds if you
    want.  Now move into the room on the left.
    A shaft with a force barrier above it must now be crossed.  Jump over the
    platforms and over into the room on the left.  In this room, quickly hop over
    the sparks on the floor and get over to the left before the cannons fire on
    you.  Enter the room.
    Upon entering this room a gate automatically lifts up.  If you had not rescued
    Princess Leia yet, the gate would stay down.  Since you rescued her, proceed
    through and into the next room.
    It's Vader time!  At this point in time in the movie is where Obi-Wan and Darth
    Vader dueled it out.  In this Famicom game however, Luke gets the honors. 
    Approach Vader like you have every other time, with caution.  Wait for him to
    swing his saber, then quickly step in and slash at him with yours.  The first
    time you hit him he will jump back.  Instead of transforming into a creature,
    you are now fighting the real deal!  Once you hit him once, none of your blows
    will affect him afterwards.  This is when you must use the OBI-WAN ICON.  Use
    it to get a message from Obi-Wan (translation?) and now your blows will mean
    Carefully step in after he swings and get in your own blow, quickly jumping
    away from him afterwards.  Hit him 4 times (after talking to Obi-Wan) and Vader
    will be no more!  You do not get a king-sized Diamond for defeating him, though
    I guess you should be happy for just escaping with your life.
    H. Stage 8...Fleeing the Death Star
    You now get a message from Chewbacca as you take off in the Millenium Falcon. 
    Approach this stage as you did the other Millenium Falcon stages.  This one is
    no different.  When it is over you will land on an icy planet, which I believe
    to be Hoth.
    I. Stage 9...Hoth
    1. Through the Cold
    I figured at this point in the game you would be on Yavin preparing for the
    Death Star trench run.  Not so in this game, as you take a detour to this icy
    Work your way to the right until you reach the ledge.  Before jumping across
    the ledge, jump out a bit and land back on the ledge you were standing on.  Do
    this a couple times until a Stormtrooper appears on the opposite ledge.  If you
    would have just jumped across you would have been fried by the Stormtrooper. 
    Now you can see him and time your jump accordingly.
    Walk to this ledge and now you must make a few jumps onto dissolving platforms.
     Once you set foot on these platforms they disappear in about 2 seconds.  There
    are also enemy birds that will be flying overhead, so here is the best way to
    cross these platforms.  Jump onto the first block then quickly jump onto the
    second block.  Wait about 1 second before jumping to the third block...if you
    jump right away you will bump into the bird.  Delaying for 1 second lets the
    bird pass by just enough so you can make the leap safely to the third block. 
    Now jump over to safety onto the stack of blocks.
    You will see a Landspeeder Icon underneath the blocks.  Avoid it.  Trust me,
    you will probably die if you jump in the speeder, as you are only in it for a
    few seconds and when you crash and leap out of it there is usually no place to
    land, so you plunge to your doom.  Plus you need to Levitate to get to it, so
    just avoid it altogether.
    Passing through the narrow opening between the spikes at the top of the screen
    isn't as hard as it looks.  Your head can actually touch the tip of the top
    spike and it will not register as a hit, so tap the button to jump through the
    aperture and continue on.
    Next you have to jump onto a series of ice platforms, but take your time.  The
    jumps aren't too difficult and there are enemies to kill for Diamonds along the
    way.  The hardest jump to make is the jump from the last icy platforms up to
    the ledge.  You will be standing on a 4 block platform...actually, here is a
       A           [***********
      [] B         [***********
    [][][]         [***********
    You start standing at Point A or Point B and you have to jump up to Point C. 
    If you activate your FLEET ICON, which I highly recommend, you can make the
    ledge by leaping from Point A.  If for some reason you squandered all your
    Diamonds, you can make the jump from leaping at the absolute last moment from
    Point B, but it is quite difficult to make it.  On top of all this, when you
    land at Point C you have to jump IMMEDIATELY, as there is a Stormtrooper
    waiting to blast you.
    Now get ready to do some hopping.  The next series of blocks you have to jump
    across are of the dissolving variety.  You'll jump out to a single block and
    then have to act quickly to make it over the top of the next "block" of blocks.
     There is an enemy coming down from the top of the blocks to make things
    interesting, but if you make sure to jump up the second you land on a block to
    avoid falling down to the next block, you should make it over without a
    problem.  If you feel comfortable on these blocks make sure to pick up the
    Blaster Icon along the way.
    After a couple more of the dissolving blocks you will reach a white platform
    the takes off to the right once you land on it.  Ride it to the right then jump
    to another moving platform that takes you through a set of 3 enemies and to
    another ledge.  Jump off to meet what looks like a purple Ewok holding a spear
    guarding the entrance to a cavern.  Approach it and it will say something to
    you (translation?).  If you try to touch it it will kill you instantly. 
    Instead use your C-3PO ICON and C-3PO will say something to this adversary
    (translation?) and he will move out of the way to let you pass.  You can now
    move on to the next section.
    2. Whale Ride
    Move to the right, avoiding or killing 3 purple bats, until you reach the
    ledge.  Now jump across the dissolving blocks to reach the other side.  Once
    you reach the other side move to the right and you will come upon two cannons. 
    Wait until they both fire then jump in front of them and destroy them both. 
    Now slowly continue right until a flying Stormtrooper comes at you.  Wait until
    he fires for the second time then jump up and kill him.  Keep going, killing a
    ground Stormtrooper and a couple more flying Stormtroopers until you reach a
    block wall.  Go up and over the wall, ignoring the blocks you can smash with
    your lightsaber, and continue right.
    You are now standing on a ledge overlooking the icy water of Hoth.  There is a
    whale in the water, but jumping towards it will only lead to death.  Instead,
    put the C-3PO ICON to use again.  This will call the whale up out of the water.
     Hop onto the whale and take a ride across the frigid waters over to the
    landing on the other side.  Enter the base.
    3. Echo Base
    Move right, jumping over the 4 fireballs.  There is a Stormtrooper right after
    the 4th fireball, so be prepared to jump over the blaster fire and do in the
    Stormtrooper.  Enter the room at the end.
    This is a great place to stock up on Diamonds, which you WILL need later on in
    the level.  Go back left into the room you just left and quickly kill the
    Stormtrooper for the Diamond, then return back to the room on the right.  Rinse
    and repeat until you accumulate 99 Diamonds.  The rest of the walkthrough will
    assume that you are keeping your Diamond levels high, as you will need to
    perform some Levitations later in this level and each one (WINGS ICON) uses up
    30 Diamonds.
    [REPEAT: It is IMPERATIVE that you gather AT LEAST 60 Diamonds for use later in
    the level]
    After leveling up check out the room you are in.  You will see 4 dissolving
    blocks and 3 spikes hanging from the ceiling.  As you jump onto a block, a
    spike will drop from the ceiling.  Your goal isn't actually the ladder.  You
    will want to hop onto the first dissolving block and let yourself fall straight
    down into the next room, hugging the left wall as you go.  Make sure to hug the
    left wall as you want to land on some dissolving blocks on the next screen and
    quickly run left when you land to enter another room.
    Standing on the icy ledge wait until the 2 purple blobs jump near you and kill
    them before running across the dissolving row of blocks to the next screen. 
    Here you will be on a screen with 2 dissolving blocks, 2 ice blocks and 2
    purple bats flying around.  Avoiding the bats, jump out to the first dissolving
    block and simply let yourself fall to the screen below.  If you fell straight
    down you should have landed on an ice block.  Move left to the ladder, avoiding
    the cannon fire, and climb down it.
    Climb down the ladder to stand on the ice block below it.  Your goal is the
    opening on the upper right side of the screen.  Quickly fall down to the
    dissolving blocks in between the 2 blobs, kill the one on the right, and make a
    running jump up to the opening on the right but DO NOT enter into the next
    screen yet.
    When you enter the next screen you will enter onto some dissolving blocks. 
    Quickly jump over to the first dissolving block in the middle of the screen and
    let yourself fall straight down through it to the floor.  Now time your jump
    just right to jump next to the Stormtrooper and do him in.  Now either jump up
    onto the block (which I recommend) or try to jump under it to get over the
    spikes and exit to the right.
    In this room are 2 moving platforms.  Just stand where you entered and watch
    the platforms move back and forth to get a feeling for them.  Your goal is the
    ladder above.  You definitely do not want to fall into the room below, as there
    are 4 fireballs that make life miserable for you. When you are ready, make the
    necessary jumps and climb up to the room above.
    This room is a pain.  You want to enter the room to the left, but there is a
    fireball and some spikes that make things difficult.  Watch the fireball's
    movements and the second it passes by you, quickly jump to the first dissolving
    block, then up and left to the second one (going under the fireball) and over
    the spikes to the left.  Hopefully you are using an emulator and have save
    states available to you.  Of course, if you have a ton of Diamonds you can just
    WING your way through the spikes to the left, but I don't recommend it, as you
    will need to that shortly.  Enter the room to the left.
    4. Guardian
    Ahh, Vader again!  He says something to you (translation?) and moves towards
    you.  Wait for him to swing his lightsaber then quickly move in for a hit of
    your own.  He will turn into a Wampa!  Now before you fight him, I believe
    using the LEIA ICON before battling the Wampa will slow him down a little bit. 
    I can't prove it, but it did seem to slow him just a bit.  Anyway, the Wampa
    has a pretty simple pattern.  He will move towards you and jump.  While he is
    moving towards you move away from him and when he jumps, quickly jump over him
    AFTER HE LANDS and take a swipe at his back.  Make sure not to jump over him
    while he is still coming down from his jump or he will turn to face you as you
    land and kill you.  Repeat this process about 4 times and you will get a
    King-sized Diamond for your troubles.  Exit to the right.
    Now if you have at least 60 Diamonds like you should at this point, the rest of
    the level is a breeze.  [NOTE:  If you don't have at least 60 Diamonds, you
    will need to work your way all the way down and around to the room that I am
    about to describe, where you will find the exit]
    Standing in the room to the right of the Wampa's, you will see a small opening
    in the upper right corner surrounded by blocks.  Use your WING ICON to levitate
    up to the blocks.  Smash the smashable blocks then get ready to use the WING
    ICON a second time.  Before using it, read this: the second you activate this
    time, you will have to hurry.  Activate it and quickly fly up through the
    opening to the next screen above, then continue straight up to the next screen
    above that one and grab the ladder as soon as you can.  The wall on the upper
    right will open to reveal an exit.  Jump through it.
    It's Chewie!!  Chewbacca is frozen in a block of ice.  Jump over to him and
    carve away the blocks to rescue your furry friend and notice how he strangely
    kisses you...
    J. Stage 10...Destination: Yavin
    Yet another Millenium Falcon level.  If you don't know what to do by now, I
    recommend the NES Sesame Street series of games by Hi-Tech Expressions.  They
    should help you get a jump start not only in life but also in your video gaming
    career.  Oh yeah, you also get a message from Han Solo, who you should have met
    by now, considering you have been flying his ship all over the galaxy...
    K. Stage 11...On Yavin's Moon
    1. The Rescue of Han
    Alright, you are now on one of Yavin's moons, where the rebel base was in A New
    Hope.  Perhaps that trip to Hoth was a scouting mission for the future rebel
    base.  Nah.  I think the programmers were just having fun messing with the
    story line.  Either way, you are finally at the final planet of the game.
    Again, I cannot stress enough the value of collecting Diamonds, especially for
    this level.  You will need to use several of your ICONS, including the FLEET
    and BLUE SPHERE ICONS, as this level becomes insanely difficult.
    You start the level with a nice view of a Massassi Temple in the background. 
    Work your way slowly to the right and when an enemy appears, let it come to
    you.  Kill it and move on slowly.  If you move too fast you will have too many
    enemies on the screen at once making life difficult, so ease your way through
    the first part of this level killing the enemies slowly as you go.
    Eventually you will reach a pillar with a cannon on top of it.  It shoots down
    at you every few seconds, so keep an eye on it while dispatching of the enemys
    on the ground and in the air.  Right before the 3rd pillar is a block wall 4
    blocks high.  You will want to get a running start to jump over it, timing it
    so you don't get blasted by the cannon in the process.  Proceed cautiously and
    you will eventually enter a darkened area.
    Avoid the fireballs on the ground and move to the right, killing enemies.  Keep
    going, disposing of enemys or running under the ones that jump high in the air
    and eventually you will reach 3 pillars of blocks, the middle one having an
    enemy on top of it.  The best way through this is to use your LIGHTNING ICON to
    zap the enemy so you can safely jump up there.  Otherwise you will need to make
    a perfectly timed jump and slash, trying not to land on the fireball moving
    around underneath you.  Once past this section you will reach a pile of 3
    blocks on the ground with another set of 3 blocks just above it in the air,
    with 2 of those blocks being blocks that can be smashed with your lightsaber. 
    There is a space between the sets of blocks where you can stand...it looks like
    [#] - Solid Block
    [*] - Smashable Block
    Now you can keep moving on to the right, but it will just loop back to this
    point.  Here is what you do:  First, kill any enemies that are in the area. 
    Now stand on the blocks at "A".  Jump up and to the right and turn back to
    smash the smashable blocks [*].  When you destroy these two blocks it will
    reveal a hidden door!  Enter the door.
    You are in a room, which actually makes it look like you are in a tree.  Here
    you will find some of the hardest jumps in the game.  Since there are a lot of
    dissolving blocks you will be jumping on, you have to be quick.  Here is how
    you will do it:
    From the block you start out on, jump to the dissolving block to the right and
    jump quickly again onto the block directly above it and rest for a bit.  You
    will see a vine in the upper left part of the screen.  You actually do not want
    to go for that...you can, but you will have to make a couple really tough
    jumps.  If you stay cool and do the following, it will actually be a bit
    easier.  Just keep in mind you have a full second to stand on the dissolving
    blocks, so don't panic.  Here we go:
    -From the solid block, jump left to the dissolving block...
    -Jump up and left to the next dissolving block...
    -Jump up and right to the next dissolving block...
    -Jump up and right to the next dissolving block...
    -Jump up and left to the next dissolving block...
    -Jump over to the right to the column of dissolving blocks...
    -Make a high jump up and left to the solid column of blocks where you will get
    a Blaster Icon.
    There, that was the tough part.  Now work your way up the remaining dissolving
    blocks, avoiding the enemy along the way, and up the vine to your old buddy
    [NOTE: If for some reason along the way you stepped on a dissolving block and
    screwed up and now the block you need to step on is no longer available, feel
    free to use your WING ICON if you have the available Diamonds.
    Go up and touch Han and you will automatically spring him from his prison.  His
    captors must have bleached out his hair.
    2. Yavin Escape
    Now you have to get out of here.  This stage is a beast, with a virtual army of
    Stormtroopers coming at you.  You should be armed with the Blaster at this
    point, so creep along until an enemy appears and blast it.  You will have to
    jump over some gray quicksand on the ground after the first few enemys.  When
    you have to make your first long jump, fire your Blaster at the peak of your
    jump to take out a flying Stormtrooper.  You will then reach a cannon stuck to
    the bottom of a block.  Shoot it and notice the incredibly difficult jump you
    will now have to make.  You will have to activate your FLEET ICON to make the
    Continue along and you will reach an area with a Blaster Icon and some lifts. 
    You probably still have the Blaster Icon.  If not, use another FLEET ICON to
    reach it then jump on the moving platform.  Time your jump well to the second
    platform and now it looks like you are screwed.  You have an incredibly long
    jump to make...you can't even see the blocks you have to land on, as they are
    off the screen.  You can either use another FLEET ICON and make a running jump
    off of the platform when it is at its highest position or you can just use a
    WING ICON to levitate over to the platform if you have enough Diamonds.
    After you get past the quicksand area you will enter a brief forested dark area
    with a few jumping enemies, then the fun starts.  Move slowly to the right
    until you blast your first Stormtrooper.  Once you blast him, stop and activate
    your BLUE SPHERE ICON for invincibility and run like hell to the right and to
    the next section.
    [NOTE: if you did not have enough Diamonds to use the BLUE SPHERE ICON, just
    move along slowly, taking out the Stormtroopers one by one.  It will be the
    flying Stormtroopers that give you the hardest time, as a couple of them are
    out of reach of your Blaster fire.  Try to stand directly under the flying
    Stormtroopers, as they cannot hit you while you are under them.  Good luck
    making it through this section without invincibility!]
    3. Stone Temple Pilot
    You are greeted by a ceiling-mounted cannon.  You can blast it if you get a
    running jump for height.  As usual, proceed cautiously, taking one enemy at a
    time.  When the corridor opens up you will climb some steps and then can take
    the high road or the low road.  Take the high road, killing the flying enemy
    and avoiding the 2 boxed in enemies, and before jumping back down to the low
    road you will be able to shoot down the four 16 ton weights that are hanging
    from the ceiling.
    Quickly get to the bottom level and you will reach a column of blocks.  Break
    through the blocks, avoiding the following Stormtroopers and you will reach a
    corridor with a couple cannons.  Get by the cannons and enter the room to the
    This single room is VERY dangerous.  You have 2 cannons shooting down at you, 2
    fireballs on the floor moving at you and an enemy bouncing around the room.  I
    suggest using an HOURGLASS ICON right away to at least stop the bouncing enemy.
     After doing this quickly go to your subscreen and activate the CHEWIE ICON. 
    The door to the right will slide open and you can escape!
    You will be in a corridor room.  Exit to the right to another room.  Shoot the
    enemies and ceiling cannon and go right, killing a Stormtrooper.  Move next to
    the block with the spike on it and wait for the Stormtrooper to come towards
    you then go back the other way.  Make the tight jump through the spikes,
    tapping the jump button, then kill the Stormtrooper.  Now jump into the area
    between the next sets of blocks with spikes on top of them.  Here you will be
    safe from the cannon fire and can also, if you have the Blaster still, shoot
    out the blocks in the column to the right.
    After getting by the breakable block column, jump into the small area between
    the 2 spike patches and IMMEDIATELY shoot your Blaster to nail a Stormtrooper. 
    Go right and there will be more blocks and spikes.  You will see that you have
    the option of jumping through spikes on either the top or bottom of the screen.
     Opt for the bottom set.  Before making the jump, activate the FLEET ICON and
    when you jump through just tap the A Button.  Since you are moving faster you
    should get through the gap with ease.  Continue right into Vader's chamber!
    4. Guardian
    This Vader battle is an absolute pain.  He doesn't transform, so like on the
    Death Star, you are battling the real deal.  Wait until he takes a swing at you
    and then move in and slash him.  Once you hit him you can no longer do any
    damage to him until you activate your OBI-WAN ICON.  Now that you activate it,
    your blows will damage him.  However....
    Vader now shoots lasers out of his lightsaber.  You will have to time your
    jumps over the lasers and slash at him when you land, then jump over the laser
    again, and slash again.  When you hit him, jump up and backwards IMMEDIATELY to
    avoid his blow and laser fire.  It is difficult at first, but once you know his
    pattern he is actually quite easy.  He takes 4 hits after the initial
    pre-Obi-Wan prep talk hit, then leaves you a King-sized Diamond for your
    After beating Vader for the LAST TIME (!!!) head out into the room and then
    into another room where the Princess awaits.  I'm guessing she was recaptured
    somewhere along the line :)   Blond hair and all, she hugs Luke and you race
    off to your X-Wing.
    L. Stage 12...Death Star Approach
    Now you get to pilot an X-Wing, which controls exactly as the Falcon did.  The
    control panel looks different, but it is just the same basic controls as every
    other Falcon stage you have played, plus the Death Star looms in the
    M. Stage 13...Assault on the Death Star
    Now on to the last stage, lucky #13.  This stage is unlike any other in the
    game.  You have 60 seconds to make it down the Death Star trench.  Along the
    way you can grab "T" symbols which freeze the timer for a few seconds.  Hold up
    to fly faster and hold down to slow down.  You die if you crash into an enemy
    fighter or crash into a wall.  The laser fire that comes from the top of the
    screen doesn't seem to do any damage to you, so don't worry about it.
    There are 6 checkpoints along the way to let you know that you are getting
    closer.  If you lose all your lives or the timer runs out, sit back and watch
    the Death Star annihilate the planet Yavin.  You don't want that, so here are
    some helpful hints to get you through the trench.  Be sure not to fly too fast.
     I will tell you where all the "T" Icons are so you will not have to rush
    through too fast.  I suggest pausing it and referring to the following guide as
    you go:
    -From the start, stay on the left side of the trench until it narrows, then
    when you come out of the narrow passageway, the first "T" Icon will be on the
    right side.  The trench will then narrow again.  When you come out of this
    passageway veer to the left side of the trench for the next "T" Icon.  Right
    after grabbing that Icon, veer to the right to get a third "T" Icon.
    -After zigging and zagging through a few narrow corridors, when you come into
    the open there will be a 1-UP Icon on the left side.  Check Point #6 is right
    after this.
    -Fly on the right side of the screen and you will hit another "T" Icon.  Stay
    on the right as the trench will get split into 2 parts.  Go through the narrow
    corridor and when you get dumped back into the open stay on the right side as
    the trench splits into 2 parts again.  Stay on the right to collect another "T"
    -Slow down a bit after collecting that last "T" as you will be zigging from
    left to right to left to right and finally to the next check point.
    -Go through a corridor, then stay to the left to avoid a wall on the right,
    then after passing the wall fly to the right for the next "T" Icon.
    -Stay on the right as the trench splits again, then slow down a bit and fly
    through the narrow passages.  When it finally opens up, stay on the right side
    while you pass about 4 blocks, then get in the middle to fly through a tiny
    -After dodging a couple obstacle blocks, the passage really narrows, then
    spills out to the next check point.
    -Stay towards the left side of the trench where you will fly over the next "T"
    Icon.  The path then splits, so slow down and stay on the left side and you
    will immediately encounter an intersection where you must take the right
    fork...take the left route and you will crash into a wall.
    -When the passageway opens up move over to the left side of the trench and stay
    on that side for awhile until you approach the next "T" Icon.  Right after you
    grab it, quickly fly to the right side and stay towards that side until you hit
    the next check point.
    -Stay on the left side, fighting off TIE Fighters for a bit and eventually you
    will get the next "T" Icon.  Immediately after that on the same side is another
    "T" Icon.  The passageway will now narrow, so slow it down a bit then you will
    have to zig to the right to avoid a wall, then to the left to avoid a wall,
    then if you quickly cut back to the right you can pick up a 1-UP, but quickly
    get back to the left so you don't crash into the next wall.
    -The next check point is right after that.
    -Almost there!  Stay on the right side for a little bit until you pass by a few
    solo blocks in the center of the trench, then move over to the left side, as a
    wall will be approaching on the right.  This wall is the first of walls that
    alternate right, left, right, left.  After you pass that last wall on the left
    stay to the right side as the trench splits into 2.
    -Stay on the right through another split of the trench then veer to the left
    side, where you will enter a narrow passageway.  Exiting the passageway brings
    you to the next check point.
    -Stay in the middle and you will get a "T" Icon, then quickly get to the right
    or left side.  Slow it down, as the trench really gets narrow.  When it opens
    back up quickly get to the right or left again as it splits, then it will
    narrow again.
    -When the trench opens back up hit full throttle as there are no more obstacles
    (other than TIEs) until the last check point.
    -Once you hit this last check point you are pretty much on auto-pilot.  Your
    X-Wing will line up in the middle of the screen and you can bank it left or
    right, but it will stay lined up in the middle.  You will pass a few arrow
    markers and will automatically fire a Proton Torpedo into the exhaust port.
    N. Epilogue
    -Sit back and watch as the X-Wing and the Millenium Falcon race away from the
    exploding Death Star.
    -You are given a screen that says: PRO MISSION (assuming you beat it on Pro
    Mission) followed by some Japanese text.  There are also 3 numbers highlighted
    in orange.  I assume these numbers have something to do with what occured
    during gameplay, but I have no idea what.  I have a screenshot available and
    would love to know what it says, so please email me at alamont1@maine.rr.com if
    you think you can translate it.
    -Han, Luke and Chewie walk down the aisle to receive their medals from Princess
    Leia and a nice little ending sequence ensues.  Actually, poor Chewie gets
    denied a medal this time too...poor Wookiee.
    I have no idea if there are any built in secrets to this game.  There might by
    some Japanese websites with codes and tricks for it, but I have not made the
    time to look.  I have, however, made a few cheats of my own using FCE Ultra's
    cheat mode (will also work in other emus, like NESten, which support cheat
    searches.  If you are familiar with this cheat mode, then you will understand
    the following:
    $007D: Infinite Shields in Falcon stages (freeze at value 3)
    $0145: Infinite Diamonds (freeze at 99)
    $018E: Invincible (Must Activate BLUE SPHERE ICON first; freeze at value
    $0187: Infinite LIGHTSABER ICON shots (Must activate LIGHTSABER ICON first;
           freeze at value 9)
    $0170: Freeze Death Star Trench Timer (freeze at value 60)
    $0143: Unlimited X-Wings in Death Star Trench (freeze at value 5)
    This is where I try and solicit help for the things I could not figure out.  If
    anyone can provide me answers to the following or provide anything that I may
    have missed along the way, please email me at alamont1@maine.rr.com
    I need to know:
    -What the HAN SOLO ICON does?
    -What all the dialog is when you rescue characters or talk to Vader?
    -If there are any significant difference playing through the NOVICE MISSION?
    -What that ending screen says where the 3 different numbers are displayed?
    -If there are proper names for "Planet of Doom" or "Water World"...Alderaan
    -If there is any significant reason why you would have to use the WARP ICON,
    other than going back to get more Diamonds (though it uses 35 Diamonds to
    -What exactly does the LEIA ICON do?
    -What are the names of the Guardians on each level?
    -Are there any Japanese sites that cover the game?
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    Nintendo of Japan.  The information contained within this document is provided
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    This FAQ may be reprinted, posted in newsgroups, or placed on web sites, as
    long as the proper credit is given to the author.  The most recent version of
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