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    FAQ/Walkthrough by EntropicLobo

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 03/29/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    |                                 Ninja Taro                                 |
    Version 1.0 (08/6/2005)
    Version History:
    -3/27/2006, added 1up as a host.
    1.0: Basic Guide Complete - (08/6/2005)
    This Guide is Copyright, 2005, Matthew McIntyre
    This guide may not be used on a website or in any public forum
    where it is protected by copyright without the consent of the author.
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    Game by Jaleco
    *                            Table of Contents                               *
    *To jump to a section, hold the Control Key and press F, then type in the
    section number as it appears (ie type N1)
    N1: Intro
    N2: Items
    N3: Basics
    N4: Levels
    N5: Enemies
    N6: Scoring
    N7: Credits
    |                                 N1: Intro                                  |
    Yikes! Yet another Ninja game. You know, I'm really falling into a ninja
    groove here, writing about these ninja games. But why not? Ninjas as a basis
    for a game usually means it has a lot of radical potential. But how that
    potential is used makes the game. I could make a game about ninjas fighting
    dinosaurs and it could either be awesome or mega lame, just as any game could
    be. But Ninjas have an allure not seen in other games, to me at least.
    Ninja Taro is a game in the Ninja Kun series and features a relatively cute
    cast of characters. Well, the big guys aren't so cutsey, but most of the little
    dudes are. This artstyle is superior, you can't help but enjoy the animations
    Taro goes through. 
    But beyond the exterior of Ninja Taro is a hard game at the core. I'm going to
    warn you taht this game can become very frsutrating. The levels are often full
    of passages that lead to either nothing or doom, and the enemy placement can
    be insidious to say the least. So learn your techniques and use them wisely, as
    this game might just test you.
    |                                  N2: Items                                 |
    Shuriken: A quick weapon thrown forward with short range.
    Boomerang: Longer range than the shuriken but slower, and less allowed on
    screen at one time.
    Bomb: A powerful weapon that is thrown in an arc.
    --You get the weapons in thsi order from an old man (or what my friend calls
    "an ice-cube") Which do you use? Pick them based on the situation. The bomb is
    often the weapon of choice, but sometimes you need something quicker or that
    flies is a straight line.
    Flame Wheel: A magic attack with limited uses/time limit. The old man can give
    you these after he's given you all of the basic weapons, or pick them up in
    scenes. You may store the magic the man gives you, but not those you pick up.
    This is a radial attack that is useful for clearing out groups of enemies.
    Other Items
    Capsule: Used for end-of the round scoring and may contain a paper which is
    good for bonus points. These are dropped by enemies that are the same size as
    Donut: Worth 4000 points.
    Grapes: Worth 4000 Points.
    Triangle: Grants you flame-wheel magic.
    |                                  N3: Basics                                |
    Control Pad Left/Right: Move Taro
    A Button: Jump
    B Button: Attack
    Down: Crouch (more like down on your guts)
    Down (On Cliff): Drop down, if you're on a cliff that can be jumped through.
    Up: Cycle Weapons (when you have them)
    Crawl: Move while crouched.
    Wall Climb: Hold the control pad towards the wall as you jump at it to grab a
    hold of it. Press the jump button rapidly to climb.
    Wall Jump: Hold the control stick away from the wall you are jumping at and
    press Jump when you hit it. You can link multiple wall jumps together. This
    skill is super, super useful - but like most wall jumps kind of hard to pull
    off at first. But once you learn it, you'll be a true force to be reckoned with
    as you deftly scale vertical shafts. In fact, you can get away with climbing
    for most of the game but you must learn to walljump to be successful at later
    stages. I tell you to climb fairly often, but if the shaft width is appropriate
    maybe practice a wall jump.
    Falling Straight: If you want to fall straight down, grab a wall and let go.
    Rolling Fall: When Taro starts kicking his legs, press jump. He will go into a
    spin which will allow him to more or less land on his feet (possibiltiy of
    bonus points). Otherwise, he's flat on his back for a few seconds and very
    Alright, here's your screen:
    |    A                |
    | B  C                |
    |                     |
    |                     |
    |                     |
    |                     |
    |                     |
    |                     |
    |                     |
    |      D              |
    A: Score           C: Capsule Amount
    B: Lives           D: Time Remaining
    Running out of Lives: You can continue the stage with three lives and no core
    items (shuriken, boomerang, bomb) lost.
    Running out of Time: Wheels begin to fly across the screen when time gets low
    and are guaranteed to come at 0. These make getting around pretty tough, and
    they will also come if you linger in one place for too long. So keep moving!
    |                                  N4: Levels                                |
    ****Scene Access****
    The code for Control F to access a scene in this guide is in the format NSX
    (NinjaTaro Scene X) Alright Say you want to access Scene 4, no letter. Use
    NS4. If you want to access scene 1-A, NS1A.   
    When the scenes branch, things discovered in one scene will often be get
    another explanation later on because you may not have experienced that had you
    taken a certain path, there are two small branching areas in the game, they
    eventually converge, however.
    You start the game by picking a card. The first card takes you to 1-A, the next
    to 1-B and the next to 1-C.
    Scene 1-A (NS1A)
    Time: 100
    This scene takes place on a beach, and it's pretty simple. Just make your way
    to the right, fighting black ninjas and electric ninjas along the way. Don't
    let them crowd you too much. You'll eventually come to an item that looks kind
    of like a staircase in a box, this is an exit and it will take you to 2-A. You
    may keep going a bit after the exit, but it is only a path to more enemies, and
    you get nothing but their points for destroying them all.
    Scene 1-B (NS1B)
    Time: 200
    This is a small cliff with many Electric Ninjas, and one donut which can be
    collected for bonus points. Alright, destroy all of the ninjas to progress,
    and be sure to deflect their lightning with your shurikens. Use the terrian to
    your advatage and stun them if possible.
    Scene 1-C (NS1C)
    Time: 200
    You start on a tall cliff with some skeletons. Skeletons throw some quick
    blades and jump around a lot. There's a triangle item nearby. This gives Taro
    a flame-wheel magic which is a radial, limited use attack. It's quite useful
    for packs of enemies. There's two in this stage so use them wisely. Alright,
    so make your way to the top destroying enemies. When you've reached the top,
    if the stage ahsn't ended, descend the cliff and take out any remaining
    enemies. There's also some electric ninjas near the top, they shot a slow
    lightning bolt but don't underestimate them.
    Scene 2-A (NS2A)
    Time: 200
    You're on some grass in front of a forest. Start going right, you'll begin to
    be assaulted by black ninjas. Handle them in the way you handled them in 1-A.
    Don't try jumping over them here as you're likely to get killed by some ninja
    behind your target. Make a short jump straight up, this will likely bait the
    ninja to come after you. It will probably jump, so toss your shurikens. Move
    behind it and duck as it will be tossing shurikens if you've missed it. Kill it
    when it lands. Make sure you kill all of the ninjas you come across. You will
    eventually come to a cliff, there are plenty of black ninja and an electric
    ninja here. You must kill all Ninjas to proceed to the next level.
    Scene 2-B (NS2B)
    Time: 200
    You start in a cave withs ome ice platforms. There's some skeletons and elec
    ninjas here, as well as a triangle item which give you a flame wheel. The flame
    wheel is a limited use radius attack that is quite useful at certain points in
    the game for clearing out enemies. There are two in this stage. Destroy all
    enemies to win.
    Scene 2-C (NS2C)
    Time: 210
    Alrightm this is similar to 1-C, except more Electric Ninja, Less Skeletons,
    and one fire wheel. Just approach it ina  similar way and you should do okay.
    Scene 3-A (NS3A)
    Time: 100
    You are in a cave near a small red structure. If you talk to the man inside,
    the top choice takes you to Scene 4 (no letter). However, if you say no then
    the gate will disappear. You can climb the left wall to find an exit, but be
    careful of the wheel. Alright, so you get to the top. Take the exit, you will
    be awarded a boomerang and 10000 points! Now on to scene 4...
    Scene 3-B (NS3B)
    Time: 100
    This is the same as 3-A.
    Scene 3-C (NS3C)
    Time: 100
    This is the same as 3-A.
    Scene 4 (NS4)
    Time: 140
    Alright you've got a boomerang now, you can scroll between boomerang and stars
    with the up buttons. Start the scene by heading to the right, after cliffs that
    are accessable from the ground, you will come to one that is somewhat taller
    and narrower than the previous cliffs. Climbing up here you should see a fire
    wheel item. If you do, you're going the correct way. Go to the right and climb
    to the top of this cliff. There will be a thin spire to the left, leap on to
    this and then leap to the left. If you linger, an electric Ninja may kill you
    or bounce you off. On this next cliff, you could drop down a bit and collect
    another fire wheel. There are loads of electric ninjas here too. You can jump
    to the left from the item, land on a cliff, jump to the left and land by a cave
    opening. You could also Go to the top left and drop down to this cave. If there
    is an electric ninja in front of it you'll probably be bounced away.
    Scene 5 (NS5)
    Time: 250
    You are dropping down beneath the waves! Here's your controls: A button is a
    quick swim, and B is to swing a sword. You can swing the sword in eight
    directions. Soon after starting three fish will be coming towards you, it could
    be best to kill them from above or below, but in front their curving path may
    lead you to death. If a fish is alone, from the front is alright. You may also
    encounter a small Octopus. This little dude swims straight for Taro. Just let
    him get in front of you and swing. Keep going and you'll encounter a large
    octopus eventually. Swim ahead of him quickly. There's more fish, octopi, and a
    crocodile up soon. Dodge the, You'll eventually arrive at these skeletal
    things with transparent bodies that look like Bio Strong from Sagaia. These are
    little different from the octopi. There's some donuts nearby, three of them,
    and an exit soon after.
    Scene 6 (NS6)
    Time: 100
    Another scene with a red gate near the beginning. Answering the top option
    will bring you to Scene 7. If you want to try for the exit and a new weapon,
    jump up onto the left and wall and climb all the way up. Make your way to the
    left across the top and then drop down the left-hand side of the wall. Climb up
    the right side of the wall and toss your shurikens at the blocks keeping you
    from the exit. When you break through, take the four donuts and exit the stage.
    You'll get 10000 bonus points and the old man will give you a bomb. The bomb
    has a short range, but large area of effect.
    Scene 7 (NS7)
    Time: 100
    You're in a temple now. Move to the right, destroy the ghost if you want.
    Ghosts jump at you but can't really defeat you, just bounce you around. At
    the pit, you can jump over and climb the cliff but there's nothing of interest
    over there. Drop down the pit, there are tons and tons of ghosts here. Switch
    to the bomb if you have it. Just clear the ghosts out as you head left and to
    the exit.
    Scene 8 (NS8)
    Time: 120
    You're back in the field in front of the forest. As you run to the right, a
    Daruma willc ome bounding towards you. These guys can't harm you and are easy
    points. In fact, you can't be truly harmed in thsi level, because after two
    darumas there's only ghosts. When you reach the cliff, you can take either the
    top cave to proceed to 9-A or the bottom cave to proceed to 9-B
    Scene 9-A (NS9A)
    Time: 100
    Another red gate stage, with very tight, restrictive corridors. You know the
    drill with these levels. If you want to go for the exit, destroy the ghosts in
    front of you. Get up to the next floor, and then the next. Get rid of the
    ghosts directly in front of you and you should be near a pit with a bunch of
    ghosts in it. _Bounce_ off these ghosts and either grap the ledge or land on it
    to get to the other side. I hope you have the bomb, use it to kill some of the
    thunder ninjas from behind the rocks. Otherwise, they'll jump up on the far
    left ledge and block your passage. Make a small jump onto the right wall and
    climb over. Jump onto the next ledge and kill the two electric ninjas. There
    will be one near the exit. Kill him, then get on top of the two block-high
    ledge. Make a small jump towards the exit and you should grab the wall. Exit.
    He will give you a fire wheel.
    Scene 9-B (NS9B)
    Time: 100
    This is the same as 9-A.
    Scene 10-A (NS10A)
    Time: 200
    Bottom Route: Go right from the start, you'll face a Daruma. Drop down the pit
    using the fire wheel to take out bats along the way. At the bottom, head right
    taking out spiders and bats. Drop down a hole, run from the dino. Drop down the
    next and take out the Daruma. Head right, kill the Daruma, then exit to 11-A.
    Top Route: Prepare for a long climb. Jump onto the left wall and climb all the
    way up, probably losing the fire wheel along the way. To the left are some bats
    and a giant skeleton. These take a number of hits to destroy. Why come up here?
    There's three grapes worth 4000 each. Come up here if you dare.
    Scene 10-B (NS10B)
    Time: 200
    You start in the water. Start swimming to the right, after four donuts be
    ready for a big Octopus. Shortly after is the exit. Yep, this a pretty short
    Scene 11-A (NS11A)
    Time: 300
    You are in a cave. Keep an eye out for little white dots. These are the eyes of
    bats which fly around this cave. Just continue heading right. You'll arrive ar
    some skulls with a black stream coming off them. These phantoms take a few hits
    and are big enough to warrant taking them out. Farther right you'll run into a
    large blue fish with big lips. Take it out from a distance. The giant fish will
    kill you touch them and they become excited when you near - running forward.
    Spot them and take them out before they can reach you. Eventually you reach a
    pit. You can jump across to eventually find a donut, but ultimately you need to
    go down into the pit. Drop down the _left_ side of the pit. This is because of
    the giant fish down here which will run at you if you're too near. And you'll
    be paused briefly at the bottom afterall. Head right, there's a hole in the
    ceiling that leads to some grapes, to right are two Darumas. Head up the hole
    and keep going up, you'll see some skeletons.
    It gets hard here. After you've landed with the skeletons and taken them out,
    climb up the wall a bit. Let the skeletons jump at you and when you reach the
    bottom destroy them. Alright, now that the skeletons are destroyed, climb up
    and get on the ledge they dropped from. There is a skeleton above you. Lure it
    down by jumping from the ledge to the wall and back, it could take a while but
    it's essentially the only way to get by him. After it's out of the way, run and
    jump at the wall, bounce off of it and climb the wall above the ledge you were
    just on. Keep going right but mind the bats. Just two giant fish to kill then
    you'll find the exit. Phew!
    At theDarumas there is a hole in the ceiling which you can bounce off of them
    to reach, by the way, However, you will come to a skeleton and the cliffs will
    prevent your continuing.
    Scene 11-B (NS11B)
    Time: 200
    Interesting and rare environemnt in this game, a bamboo forest. Head to the
    right and a crow will approach from the left. You'll come to a cliff with some
    dog-masked dudes that spit fires. When these fires stop, they keep burning
    where they stop so watch out. Pass this cliff and run through the next bamboo
    area. The bottom-right corner of the next cliff holds the exit.
    Scene 12-A (NS12A)
    Time: 100
    Very hard if you try climbing. Let's see, what could you do? This is another
    red gate stage, but are you up to the challenge?
    See 12-B for a strategy.
    Scene 12-B (NS12B)
    Time: 100
    This is the same as 12-A. Need a hint? This is a good time to learn how to
    wall jump. Well, I'll tell you how to reach the exit more easily. Wall Jump!
    Yes, wall jump. You should recall that wall-jumping will help you grab a cliff
    after getting bumped by an enemy. That skeleton that's been causing you trouble
    by knocking you off or throwing swords in your face? No problem, you should fly
    right past it. It _will_ probably jump at you but if it hits you grab the right
    cliff. Wall jump up to the top and immediately kill the three skeletons. Now,
    if you've made it this far you will probably have trouble reaching the exit.
    Jump down from where you are and wall jump back. If you've dropped enough, you
    should be able to wall jump off the cliff you were just on. Radical. Now grab
    the ledge under the exit and climb to victory.
    Scene 13-A (NS13A)
    Time: 200
    You're on a cliff with a light blue sky background. You can see on those ledges
    are some black ninjas, take'm out. Go forward and jump into the water. Swim
    down but be careful of the Skeleton jellies, octopi, and fish. Keep swimming
    down. There's a lot of enemies here, so take some time to deal with any real
    threats. Down and down you go. Eventually, the screen goes black. A Big Octopus
    will come, so dodge it and take off to the right. You'll hit the stage boundry,
    head up. The biggest threats on the way up are octopi. Make sure you know where
    your sword will swing to. For example when you are facing up it goes left, and
    the octopus can still get at you from the right. It's probably best to get
    level with them and attack them ehad on. Continue until you are out of the
    water and get onto the cliff, head right. Just past the dino is the exit.
    Scene 13-B (NS13B)
    Time: 100
    This scene _can_ be hard, it's a battle against a giant skeleton - defeat him
    to win. Sounds easy? Well you're on a platform surrounded by lava. The fire
    wheel is a huge help here, but use the bombs if you don't have the wheel. If
    he approaches you, use a wall jump to get over him, probably bouncing on the
    big guy's head en route. Okay, so what happens if you fly too far and are
    bouncing into the lava? Use a wall jump to get out of the pit and back on the
    platform, though the lava will kill you.
    Scene 14 (NS14)
    Time: 200
    Back in a cave like 12-A. Jump off the ledge, then head left, there's plenty of
    giant fish in this tunnel. When you reach the end, jump up to the right-hand
    wall and climb to the top. Head right from here and past the giant fish to the
    end of this tunnel. Jump to the left wall and climb all the way up. Go left,
    two dinos will be after you. Get to the end of the tunnel and get on the right
    wall. You can use the dinos as spring boards if you'd like. Climb to the top
    and wait for the bats to clear away, if a bat enters the vertical tunnel with
    you, it is likely that you will need to drop back down. Keep going right until
    you come across the giant skeleton. Get over him and climb the right wall to
    the exit, possibly using the skeleton as a springboard. Be _careful_ as some
    bats will probably come from the left. Get to a point on the wall where they
    won't hit you and let them ricochet off it. Climb to the exit letting any bat
    that may have snuck up there clear out, of course. If you aren't so daring,
    destroy the skeleton first.
    Scene 15 (NS15)
    A small, one-screen stage. Scale all of the walls until you're at the far right
    killing ghosts if you wish on the way. Don't kill the ghosts in the last pit,
    use them to get up on the top ledge. Kill the fish and exit. Get the two donuts
    first, if you wish. Also note that with the bomb you can kill the fish before
    you even get on the platform. could be prudent! Reach the exit and an old man
    will present you with an item, likely a fire wheel.
    Scene 16 (NS16)
    Time: 500
    Back in a grassy field near a forest I see! Start heading right, you'll enter
    a cave just past the black ninjas. Head right, killing bats, until you find a
    pit. Make your way to the bottom, mind the skeletons. When you get to the
    bottom, enter the water. Head left and you'll be assaulted by a big octopus.
    Swim quickly to the left. Stick to the bottom to avoid most of the fish.
    When you come to the end, you'll see some brown blocks sticking down. Jump out
    of the water here and begin your ascent by jumping from alcove to alcove.
    When you come to the straight shaft, climb the left wall.
    Jump down the hole and you'll have arrived in a room with columns and lava.
    Lava will _kill_ you, in case you didn't figure it out by now. Proceed to the
    right, jumping. It is _essential_ that you plan your jumps. You should know how
    far Taro can jump by now, so move to the appropriate place on a ledge before
    making the leap to the next. There's some electric Ninjas here, so watch out.
    A little ways to the right, some bats will start coming as well, farther right
    is a giant skeleton. You have no choice but to destroy it, I hope you have the
    bombs because it is above you. Farther right, a swarm of bats comes from the
    left and there's a juicy amount of electric ninjas to the right. There's also
    two grapes on perilous perches. There yours if you dare.
    Jump up and you'll see a ledge smothered in skeletons. Wipe them out then jump
    onto that ledge. You will begin a long climb between small alcoves up a
    vertical tunnel. You will likely get a firewheel enroute. When you reach the
    more spacious area, watch out for the fish.
    At the top, to the left is an icey looking cave. Samurais will attack you with
    their bow and arrows. You need to stomp on them first, then attack them before
    they get back up. Start heading up, this area is _polluted_ with samurai so if
    you want you can get some nice points. At the top, run right through the long
    tunnel then dive down into the water.
    Head straight down. When the big octopus appears it is time to go right. When
    you hit the end of this chase, head up. When you reach the top, get onto the
    cliff and run to the right. You arrive eventually to a field with a cherry
    blossom tree background, a Daruma, and the... EXIT! That stage was quite long,
    so be on the look out for wheels which will appear regardless of your movement
    at 30 seconds remaining. 
    Scene 17 (NS17)
    Time: 200
    Start by heading right, but beware of the spiders lurking in this tunnel, and
    later bats. The bomb is seriosuly recommended here. The tunnel is long but take
    it slow. Running and jumping ahead could get you slaughtered. At the end it
    opens into a room with a giant skeleton. Dispatch and continue. You could use
    the ledge as cover, but if you do beware of the bats flying in from behind. The
    exit is just up the far right wall.
    Scene 18 (NS18)
    Time: 100
    Another red gate stage. Scale the left wall until you can go no higher. Drop
    to ledge to the right. Climb up and wall jump to the exit. There are no enemies
    (barring wheels) in this scene.
    Scene 19 (NS19)
    Time: 200
    Jump down the hole, there's a tunnel in the right hand wall. If you drop all
    the way down, you can get two donuts in a room with three ghosts. Climb up the
    right wall and start down that tunnel. Again, you can drop down and get two
    donuts, but this time there are three skeletons. Climb up and look out for the
    bats. Down and to the left at the next pit is a giant skeleton and two donuts.
    There's a tunnel in the right wall of the fall that you will need to go through
    however. There's bats here again. Alright, you can drop down to a room with a
    dino and two bats, two donuts. However, the bats will probably kill you as you
    drop. To get up to the next area, climb the left wall by jump kicking to it.
    There's a tunnel to the left, but there's only enemies in there.  You will need
    to jump kick again off the right wall and climb the left wall to the top. There
    will be a giant skeleton in here to the left, and many bats. When you try to
    climb to the exit, a swarm of bats will come in from the right. If you have the
    flame wheel still, jump a little into the air and use it. Otherwise, take them
    out as best you can. If you let the wheels start coming, you're in for a truly
    hateful experience.
    Scene 20 (NS20)
    Time: 300
    Start by heading right, jump over the pit, there's only enemies down there.
    Alright, so you come to a second pit. There is a tunnel in the left wall with
    a Daruma. If you want to get here, jump over the pit then leap in bouncing off
    walls until you land in here. If you try going to the bottom, there's no real
    prize and you'll likely be killed by a bat. The next pit ends with bast and a
    dino, but in the right wall there is a tunnel with a giant skeleton. This is
    the path to take. Otherwsie, you'll be climbing up a wall that just leads to
    two grapes. Take this path if you want them, of course, but you'll need to
    backtrack to finish the stage.
    After the giant skeleton, you'll come to a place you could either climb or
    drop. Well, if you drop you'll probably die from the many bats, so climb.
    Jump to the right wall and you'll come to a tunnel. This tunnel and the way
    you were going ultimately takes you to the same place, unless you go down
    after the tunnel straight into the bats.
    Head left after reaching the top and you'll face a Daruma. There are bats here
    as usual so again, watch how the Daruma bounces you that you don't fly into one
    as a result. Continue left and you'll find a Giant Knight. This is similar to
    the skeleton except larger. Take him out and continue left.
    Scene 21 (NS21)
    Time: 100
    Another red gate stage. Try bouncing off electric Ninjas near the left wall and
    wall jumping off it into the centre tunnel.
    Scene 22 (NS22)
    Time: 200
    You start in an ice cave with two kabuki. Begin climbing, killing kabuki along
    the way. Kabuki hair has some seeking properties, so be careful. There's a
    flame wheel here as well.
    Scene 23 (NS23)
    Time: 200
    This is similar to the previous scene except with Samurai. Again, you need to
    run into these guys in some shape or form to be able to harm them - even with
    the flame wheel.
    Scene 24 (NS24)
    Time: 100
    This is the same as 21.
    Scene 25 (NS25)
    Time: 100
    _If_ you got a flame wheel in the last stage it will be invaluable here. There
    is a cliff covered in Kabukis. Destroy them all to win, there's also a donut
    here. The bottom corners are _excellent_ places to launch your assault from.
    Scene 26 (NS26)
    Time: 200
    These little masked dudes that look like dogs will come bounding after you.
    Take them out quick because they shoot fireballs, and when these fireballs hit
    something like your weapon, they will burst into fires that burn where they
    start. Destroy them all to win the stage - use the cliff to your advantage and
    drop under the fireballs instead of jumping over them if there's a lot of dogs
    with you.
    Scene 27 (NS27)
    Time: 140
    A cliff with samurai. There's a flame wheel here, but again it's not going to
    do a lot of good, but you can't save it. Defeat all the samurai to win.
    Scene 28 (NS28)
    Time: 100
    Ah, recognize this place? It's a previous red gate stage but the gate's absent
    this time around. And there's loads of Samurai. But, there's an exit! Alright,
    slay the two samurai in the pit with you, then climb the right wall. Jump over
    the next three pits, bounce on the samurai if you must. On the next use a wall
    jump to get up top with the samurai. immediately bounce on them and kill the
    bat in the process. Take off to the exit.
    Scene 29 (NS29)
    Time: 300
    Another cave, head right as usual. Wall jump here and attack at the bats if
    they don't leave. This is very, very hateful. There's a big fish up here that
    without a doubt will kill you if you try to climb the righthand wall. You
    have to kill him while wall jumping in, so the bats had better be cleared out.
    If you can manage this, you'll eventually come to an area with a hole in the
    ceiling and a tunnel to the right. Then tunnel holds a giant knight which
    guards a donut, the hole will take you to a floor with some bats and another
    fork like below. The right tunnel holds a Daruma guarding a donut.
    The tunnel up. Well even going near this tunnel will bring a brigade of those
    damn bats. Climb up the right side of the tunnel either get up before bats
    can reach you if possible or drop if they are after you. Bats from the bottom
    will likely kill you if you drop, and some on the bottom may enter the tunnel
    themselves - lovely. You could also try a few wall jumps, toss a few bombs,
    then grab the wall but you'll have a hard time controlling yourself.
    When you get into the horizontal tunnel, head right. You'll pass a Dino. When
    you come to the pit, grab the right wall then drop. Make sure you roll as you
    fall so you get up quickly. If you don't fall straight, you'll probably hit a
    bat. If you don't roll, you probably won't get up as that tunnel-high swarm of
    bats closes in on you. There's a big skeleton at the far end of this tunnel.
    Destroy himm or jump over him bouncing on his head. This is dangerous because
    he's almost as high as the tunnel so you have little room to bounce. It's
    possible, however. Past him is the exit.
    If you dropped down at the start of the level:
    Going all the way right will land you fighting a giant skeleton whom ultimately
    guards a donut. To progress through the stage, find the hole in the ceiling and
    climb on the right wall. There's phantoms up here so destroy them and continue.
    You come again to a hole in the ceiling. To the right is a giant knight, it
    guards some grapes. Climb the right wall of the hole and you'll come to a floor
    with nothing of interest.
    So ultimately, it's not worth it. Points? Yes, but consider that wheels are
    likely to appear as you swaunder your time down here, and with a stage this
    complex, you do _not_ want wheels.
    Scene 30 (NS30)
    Time: 300
    Above you is a long, long tunnel. Climb the right hand side. You'll come to
    a tunnel eventually, yet the tunnel you're in continues up. The tunnel to
    the right leads nowhere. Climb or wall jump to a tunnel in the left wall. It
    has dounts guarded by giant fish. Climb or wall jump to the next righthand
    tunnel. To the right is a giant knight and a donut. Wall jump and some elec
    ninjas and skeletons will fall down towards you. Wall jumping will give you the
    momentum to grab a wall if they hit you, grab the right wall and climb up.
    From here you can go up or right. Right just leads to a inescapable area with
    If you go up, there will be a tunnel to the left which drops you into a room
    with a dino and a donut. Higher still is a tunnel right which eventually leads
    to a daruma guarding a donut. Even higher, after some falling electric ninjas,
    there are two thin tunnels in the wall. The blocks in front of the left can be
    destroyed, and going to the end of the right tunnel drops you down into the
    wall and this lets you walk in midair, to the left, under the blocks and into
    the tunnel. I don't recommend doing this as you can fall into oblivion.
    Instead, drop a little down and grab the left wall. _Hopefully_ the electric
    ninja won't fall until you're almost on the ledge. Head left then go up this
    tunnel. Use wall jumps so when you encounter the falling group you can bounce
    on to the right wall. Climb up and make sure the bat's clear before you get up
    on the ledge. Head to the right. There will be lots of bats before you enter
    this room. Destroy the large skeleton. What's wrong? Nothing here? Destroy the
    top block on the far right wall to reveal the exit.
    Scene 31 (NS31)
    Time: 100
    The battle with Asura. Alright, you have some cliffs to climb, but stay at a
    point where you can hit Asura at pelvis/chest level, and let him have it. If
    he comes close to you, jump out of the way. You could try crawlign under him
    but if he points a sword down while you are crawling it can still kill you.
    He has the basic pattern of a Giant Skeleton or Knight, so just keep wailing on
    him and he'll be defeated. If he kills you at the far left side of the screen,
    expect to die again and again and again. This is beacuse you will start here
    on your new life and Asura will still be here as well.
    Defeat him, watch the ending (Don't expect too much!) and the game will loop.
    |                                 N5: Enemies                                |
    *Bat: Fly around in caves.
    *Big Octopus: Huge Contopus that chases you underwater. Just swim for your life
    and utter safety.
    *Black Ninja: A basic enemy that can jump, and throw the same shurikens that
    Taro can. They have a certain range to the shurikens, so look out. They throw
    fast so it's best _not_ to get locked into throwing shurikens at his. Either
    get a little out of range then run back in or jump on him. Jumping on him will
    cause you to bounce higher, and running into him will stun him.
    *Crocodile: Moves around underwater after you. Just swim away.
    *Crow: Flies around. They don't do much to attack you and they're relatively
    slow. They're only a real threat if you are falling or crowded.
    *Daruma: A large enemy based on the good luck Daruma dolls, these big guys
    bound towards you or waddle. They will make the screen flash when they die,
    the times till ticks down but it doesn't last long (you're frozen while they
    explode). Darumas mostly knock you around, but _can_ crush you if you're not
    *Dino: Looks kind of like Bub and Bob. He will chase you but cannot harm you.
    If you jump on his head he'll pause to cry.
    *Dog: Fires fireballs at you which burst into flames that burn where they burst
    for a while.
    *Electric Ninjas: They shoot lightningbolts horizontally towards you. You can
    destroy these with a shuriken, and these ninjas are sufficiently slow that you
    can get away with throwing your shurikens and edging in closer. While you could
    try jumping a them, it isn't recommended as if they launch an attack as you're
    approaching them you could get hit.
    *Fish: An underwater enemy that swims towards you in a curving path.
    *Kabuki: Dude in a karate suit with long red hair. They jump around relatively
    quickly and throw their hair at you. Dispatch them quickly before they
    overwhelm you. Their hair has some seeking property and can turn midflight.
    *Ghost: An enemy that jumps at you to bounce you around, but can't really
    defeat you.
    *Giant Fish: Sits still until you come near, but then charges at you.
    *Giant Kingh: Moves around slashin at you with its sword. It's a very tall
    enemy and takes quite a few hits.
    *Giant Skeleton: Moves towards you swinging its blade. They take a good deal of
    *Octopus: Swims towards you, just let it get in front of you before you swing.
    *Phantom: Flies back and forth. Decent endurance but will go down eventually.
    *Samurai: Shoots its bow and arrow at you. You _must_ bump into it before you
    can kill it.
    *Skeleton: They can jump at you and throw some mean swords.
    *Skeleton Jelly: A transparent aquatic enemy that slowly follows you.
    *Spider: A large spider that runs towards you.
    *Wheel: A large wheel that follows a curving path horizontally across the
    screen. Comes if you waste time.
    |                                  N6: Scoring                               |
    If an enemy has N/A by it, you cannot defeat it, If it turns out you can defeat
    it, it's probably not worth it.
    The enemy scores are the _core_ enemy scores. IE, you may see a "1000" when you
    kill an enemy, but this is a bonus and the real enemy value may be 300.
    Bat: 300
    Big Octopus: N/A
    Black Ninja: 100
    Crocodile: N/A
    Crow: 300
    Daruma: 10000
    Dino: N/A
    "Dogs:" 400
    Electric Ninja: 300
    Fish: 400
    Kabuki: 600
    Ghost: 400
    Giant Fish: 400
    Giant Knight: 10000
    Giant Skeleton: 10000
    Octopus: 200
    Phantom: 800
    Samurai: 500
    Skeleton Jelly: 400
    Spider: 500
    Donut: 4000
    Grapes: 4000
    Capsule: 200 (w/o bonuses)
    -~-End of Round-~-
    Points/time unit: 10
    Points/Capsule: 100
    Beating red gate stage by reaching the exit: 10000
    |                                  N7: Credits                               |
    Thanks of course to my hosts, and to the people behind Ninja Taro. This is a
    truly killer game.
    Websites with permission to use this Guide:
    Game by Jaleco

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