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    Version: 1.01 | Updated: 06/06/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

           __________.__           ________               _________.________
           \______   \__| ____    /  _____/ __ __  ____   \______  \   ____/
            |    |  _/  |/    \  /   \  ___|  |  \/  _ \      /    /____  \ 
            |    |   \  |   |  \ \    \_\  \  |  (  <_> )    /    //       \
            |______  /__|___|  /  \______  /____/ \____/    /____//______  /
                   \/        \/          \/                              \/ 
    NES 1990
    Version: 1.01
    A-Button:     Bet. Choose small.
    B-Button:     Insert Coins. Choose big.
    START:        Spin slots.
    Up:           Payout chart at Demo. Hold slot.
    Down:         Release slot.
    Left & Right: Choose slots.
    SELECT:       Double up
    Getting started:
    At the start of the game, you will need to insert coins to get credit. Press
    the B-Button to gain 100 credits each time. Bet with the A-Button. The first
    bet will place 1 credit on row I. Betting again will place 1 credit into row II
    and III. Continuining with this trend will increase the bet in row I to 2 and
    so on. The highest bet is 5 in each row.
    After the slots have stopped, choose to hold slots double up. Select the
    desired slot and hold it with the UP direction so it says "HELD". Release it
    with DOWN if you have changed your mind. Otherwise, simply cash out and start
    the process all over again.
    Double Up:
    Press A to choose Big, press B to choose Small. If you win you will double your
    winnings to the amount is states at the top. The last 5 data are supposed to
    give you an idea of what kind of cards have been turned up previously. Ignore
    them, really. All you need to do is say if the next card will be lower or
    higher than the previous one in the list. The order is: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9,
    10, J, Q, K, A. After you win the double up round, you will see a picture of a
    girl, slowly losing pieces of clothes with each time. And you get to keep the
    winnings of course.
    Object of the game?
    There is no real point, it just goes on forever. You could either have fun
    playing slots and making money, however, credits are free and the slots aren't
    fun forever. The double up mini- game needs to be won several times to undress
    the woman in the picture. I suppose this is your ultimate goal of the game but
    does not seem worth the effort.
    I   = Bet x  50
    II  = Bet x 100
    III = Bet x 150
    Payout Chart:
    Symbols:                                                                 Cash:
    F      E      V      E      R                                          JACKPOT
    STAR   STAR   STAR   STAR   STAR                                         BONUS
    7      7      7      7      7                                            x3000
    BAR    BAR    BAR    BAR    BAR                                          x2000
    MELON  MELON  MELON  MELON  MELON                                        x1500
    BELL   BELL   BELL   BELL   BELL                                         x1000
    PLUMB  PLUMB  PLUMB  PLUMB  PLUMB                                         x500
    BERRY  BERRY  BERRY  BERRY  BERRY                                         x400
    CHEERY CHERRY CHERRY CHERRY CHERRY                                        x200
    7      7      7      7                                                    x500
    BAR    BAR    BAR    BAR                                                  x300
    MELON  MELON  MELON  MELON                                                x150
    BELL   BELL   BELL   BELL                                                 x120
    PLUMB  PLUMB  PLUMB  PLUMB                                                x100
    BERRY  BERRY  BERRY  BERRY                                                 x80
    CHERRY CHERRY CHERRY CHERRY                                                x50
    7      7      7                                                            x50
    BAR    BAR    BAR                                                          x40
    MELON  MELON  MELON                                                        x20
    BELL   BELL   BELL                                                         x18
    PLUMB  PLUMB  PLUMB                                                        x15
    BERRY  BERRY  BERRY                                                        x10
    CHERRY CHERRY CHERRY                                                       x10
    CHERRY CHERRY                                                               x5
    CHERRY                                                                      x2
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