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                      :::  === :::====  :::= === :::===== ::: ===
                      :::  === :::  === :::===== :::      ::: ===
                      ======== ===  === ======== ======    =====
                      ===  === ===  === === ==== ===        ===
                      ===  ===  ======  ===  === ========   ===
                      :::====  :::===== :::====  :::===== :::  ===
                      :::  === :::      :::  === :::      :::  ===
                      =======  ======   ======== ===      ========
                      ===      ===      ===  === ===      ===  ===
                      ===      ======== ===  ===  ======= ===  ===
    NES 1990
    Version: 1.1
    The main objective of the game is to win several rounds against a girl so she
    has to take off her clothing. When you start, the game asks for a password.
    They are listed in the next section along with the girls, simply press Start
    to get the game going with the first girl.
    A-Button:       Paper
    B-Button:       Rock
    Up:             Scissors
    Both characters start out with a red heart and 3 pieces of clothing. A loss
    turns the heart blue, and a second loss means a loss of clothes. In other
    words, best 2 out of 3. Once the first piece of clothing is taken off, the
    rock-paper-scissors game restarts until one person has no more clothes left.
    Sounds simply? It is. Ties mean nothing, and you don't take off any clothes
    yourself. Once you lose all pieces of clothing, however, you get a Game Over
    style screen and have to start from scratch.
    Strategy? Hmm...hard to say, there isn't really one. Good luck!
    After winning against a girl, the next challenger comes along.
    **Warning, the following are descriptions of the pictures you get to see after
    winning, don't read them if you want to see for yourself first**
    Girl No.1:
    This girl looks of Indian heritage and is only slightly covered by a thin
    purple cloth.
    The first time you win, her cloth drop down a little, too bad her hair is so
    long though.
    After the second win, her hair is restyled so you get to see a little bit
    At the end she is fully nude, just not from the best angle you wished for.
    Girl No.2: (RX6502CA)
    This girl wears some kind of Latino outfit. Green trousers and dark red top.
    When she loses, she takes off the green trousers and shows off her long pink
    Next she takes off the red top.
    And finally the pink underwear to become fully bare, unless you count her
    shoes of course.
    Girl No.3: (PH3193DH)
    This girl is Asian and wears a white top with purple skirt.
    At first she reveals her pink undergarment.
    She then lowers the nighty to her lower body.
    Then she is fully nude.
    Girl No.4: (NA6164WY)
    Entirely blue dress and red hair, of course not to mention
    the big eyes.
    At first she reveals her purple two piece underwear.
    Afterwards she takes off her top.
    Finally she's fully nude.
    Girl No.5: (DC8051HZ)
    This girl is wearing a white navy top and long purple skirt.
    At first she reveals her white underwear.
    Then she takes off her bra...
    And finally she is fully nude.
    Girl No.6: (MO7821YI)
    This woman has red hair, purple stockings and wears a short black shirt with
    a white top.
    She reveals her dark purple bra and panties after the first loss.
    She takes off her bra second.
    And is finally naked.
    So you have beaten all six girls, and you think you get a nice ending picture
    or message? Think again...thank you for playing :)
     | Girl|Password|____|
     |  1  | 442396 |
     |  2  | 198427 |
     |  3  | 613189 |
     |  4  | 932743 |
     |  5  | 512994 |
    /~~~~~~~~~~~/   |
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