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This game has been released by Sachen, an unlicensed Taiwanese company, and no wonder it is not a Nintendo product because they would never ever allow this game being played by a large audience on their console.

Gameplay: 1/10

Oh my god. The whole game consists of playing rock-paper-scissors and that is it. What a pathetic excuse to make a game, bundle it with some cheesy nudity and people would probably go for it. So apart from the horrible gameplay, there is also absolutely nothing else to do. I would think one can not win this in one playthrough due to its random difficulty, however, there are codes for the girls to skip ahead. Well, there are supposed to be codes. Once you win and see the "kewl" guy winning pose, the screen quickly shows you the code for the next stage, for less than 1 second!! How you are supposed to write down the code is beyond me, perhaps remembering a few characters and then re-playing for the next bunch, eventually one would have that code pieced together.

Graphics: 3/10

Well the cute girl pictures are not so bad, but I wouldn't be crazy about it. Graphics are probably the best thing about this game, from the title screen to the girl poses. However, there are also several glitches bugging the release, which often cover up pixels from those much anticipated winning screens.

Sound: 2/10

There is one tune throughout the game, and a short fanfare when the girl takes off a piece of clothing. The SFX is poor. And having to play an annoying game already does not help if that plays in the background either.

Overall: 1/10

The game is just so bad, and short-lived. If you were suckered into buying this I truely feel sorry for you and all real game developers that did not get the money for making proper games instead. This game has "I want to check it out" written all over it, because it has a revealing girl on the cover, but there is no value in this, no re-play value and no purpose apart from seeing a few badly drawn pixelated girls after enduring a horrible time bashing buttons. Do yourself a favour and play rock-paper-scissors with a girl and make her take off clothes when you win, now THAT would be something to play.

Reviewer's Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

Originally Posted: 08/02/06

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