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    FAQ/Walkthrough by PublicDomain

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    Worm Visitor
    NES 1992
    Version: 1.0
    D-Pad    Move the Worm
    START    Pause/Resume
    You can move the worm in any direction. A short tap of the left and right
    direction will make tiny steps, whereas a long tap is a long burst. You will
    need to make use of both to get through the areas.
    Start a new game, from Stage 01 to 30. If you already have a password, input it
    in the second option.
    The aim is to get across to the GOAL at the top of the screen. On the way there
    are many obstacles such as cars that kill you. It kind of plays like Frogger
    without a different goal and a more strategic approach to getting across. You
    do not actually have to land in the area marked 'GOAL', it sometimes isn't even
    possible. Instead you just have to reach the top of the screen.
    Leaf  - Points only
    Chili - Hyper Mode, makes your movements faster.
    Clock - Freezes everything for a few seconds.
    Leaf  - 300 pts
    Chili - 0 pts
    Clock - 0 pts
    For every second left on the clock you get 30 points.
    Stage 01:
    This is very open and quite easy to pass through. Just wait for the first few
    trucks to pass and make it across, grabbing a clock or chili along the way.
    Stage 02:
    Quickly go right and pass through the train gap to the second row of parked
    train cars. Ignore the chili. Wait for the small green line to have a long gap
    and take short but quick steps through to the next train cars. You have to be
    quick. Wait for a gap in the green lines above. The lower one is faster, so
    when you see them both having a gap at the same time, get to the higher one. It
    might be hard to see, but you can actually get between the upper green one and
    the pink one, dash left and go up towards the last row. Follow the pink train
    to the goal.
    Stage 03:
    Quickly got right and into the gap right of the gray block. Get up to the leaf
    and wait for the chance to continue. Don't go through when there is a long
    green pipe up ahead, you will die. Instead, wait for the next gap just before
    the top part of the gray block. You must do this while on the right side as the
    parts move aside as the move left. Get between the green pipe. You can get a
    chili, but it just means you must be more careful with your movements. Ignore
    the clock as you go left with this obstacle and then up into the gray wall at
    the top left. Now have a look at the movements of the next three lines and dash
    to the top when you can. Remember that you do not have to get into the middle
    of the goal screen, it might look like you should but it is just misleading.
    Stage 04:
    This is easy again, just like the first stage.
    Stage 05:
    Get around the first train and go left with it slowly. Grab the clock as soon
    as you can, then carefully get through the pink lines before the start moving
    again. You will be where the chili is between the parked train cars. When the
    next pink lines arrive, dash through them to the green zigzag lines. You will
    most likely have to go right a bit when in them. It's tight, so be careful.
    Wait at the first green line until you see a larger gap in the green zigzag
    below. Go back down and follow it right until the line above stops again.
    Follow it left and there will be a gap when you reach the end so you can dash
    Stage 06:
    This is quite easy if you know what to do. Wait a little bit to the left where
    you can see a chili behind the pipes. When a gap arrives, quickly dash to get
    that chili and you can speed into the area at the top just right of the green
    pipes. You can continue without getting hurt, between the gap of the green
    pipes and the blocks surrounding it. You can just squeeze through. When you
    reach the more open area above you can wait for a clock to appear as the gray
    block moves right. Grab it at the right moment to get the chance to reach the
    Stage 07:
    Another easy stage, there are just a few more vehicles to look out for but it
    leaves plenty of opportunities to reach the goal. There are some gray lines
    but it seems they are graphic glitches.
    Stage 08:
    The beginning is tough, but also more of a game of patients. Once you made it
    to the second row of parked trains this is quite easy. Start by going left,
    there isn't much choice. Wait for the chance to get across the green train and
    wait here. The yellow line will have a large gap coming up, it is larger than
    all the others. You must wait for this and make it to the chili. Go left a bit
    and wait for another large gap to get over the small train blocking the way.
    You should now be near a clock. Wait for the right moment to get this so you
    can dash towards the gap in the train row above. With the chili here, dash into
    the second pink line and follow it right until you hit a clock. This is your
    chance to get through the green barrels.
    Stage 09:
    Timing is everything. Quickly go through the gap and pick up the chili. Run
    through the next gap, you can squeeze through it. As you go along, there is a
    clock, get it to stop the blocks so you can get through to the right where
    there is another chili. As you dash through the rest of this you can come
    across yet another chili. The top is more relaxing. Park yourself just on the
    left of the last pipe and wait until a gap opens up. It might take a while but
    don't miss your chance.
    Stage 10:
    The usual easy stage. You might have trouble in the center when the coaches
    block your way. Simply wait a bit in that case.
    Stage 11:
    Quickly go up to get the clock, it will stop time long enough to reach the mine
    carts in the middle. When the clock runs out, shimmy right along with the mine
    carts and then go up on the right. For the second part, get the clock and reach
    the leaf at the top. Wait for here for a gap in the pink line to reach the gap
    at the lower part of this path. Now you need the exact pink parts to make it
    through to the next section. When you see a large gap, a small pink part and
    another large gap, make a run for it before it to reach the chili and then
    quickly reach the gap on the left of here. Wait for another gap (well it's a
    bit of luck as you can't see what's coming) to reach the end.
    Stage 12:
    Very tricky. Follow the X left and when it returns from there, quickly go up
    through the gap to the chili. Now you must be careful to get through the top
    right to the middle, but don't do it too fast because you also need to get
    through the gap in the green pipe. There is a clock to make this slightly
    easier. When you are the punk pipes you only need to wait for the right moment
    to dash past the last obstacle.
    Stage 13:
    The usual, try your best to find your own way trough all the gaps. There are
    plenty of clocks and chilies to help you out here.
    Stage 14:
    Quite easy. First go through the small gap and wait for the opportunity to dash
    past the thing green lines. You can then continue through the blocks and the
    barrels, waiting for the opportunity to reach the goal.
    Stage 15:
    See that snaking path through the first mosaic? That's where you have to go. It
    looks harder than it is, because your moves all fit into this. To get this done
    the best way, as soon as you start dash left and quickly enter that maze. If
    you miss it, it will take lots of time off and you will need to rush later on.
    Inside the maze you can move around by using the movement of the maze itself.
    Don't stay too close to the right side. When you reach the end you will have to
    wait for the whole thing to turn left anyway and dash up to the next area. Wait
    for a large gap between the pipes and when you see it. It will take some time,
    you have to linger in the orange block area for now. When you see the large gap
    you must dash up and to the left, then back down into the gap. Now you have to
    wait it out once again, I think it is two more gaps until you can actually make
    it past the pipes to the purple block. In there, shimmy right along with it
    until you get the opportunity to go between the skull blocks at the very top.
    Finish this horrible stage, and do not feel bad if you cannot make this quickly
    because there is more or less only one true way to complete this.
    Stage 16:
    This is one of the easiest stages that exist, even easier than some of the
    earlier Frogger-like ones.
    Stage 17:
    The first part is a little trickier than the rest. Quickly dash right and take
    the only gap that continues north. In that gap, wait for the opportunity where
    the green line has a little wider gap that usual and then dash to the small
    safe spot above it, still to the right of course. The next few trains make it a
    little easier to move around, there are plenty of gaps. After you made it past
    the pink one, wait for the opportunity to dash underneath the pink line near
    the top. It doesn't hurt you there, it just looks like you are actually
    standing on it. Instead, this is only way to really finish the stage. The clock
    on the right side will help you make this, and it is not as hard as it sounds.
    Stage 18:
    The way I see it, you have to do the following: As soon as you start, go left
    and up behind the gray block. Stay in this area until the top part of this
    block comes back and go underneath it, then stay at the right side of it.
    Follow it left but do not take the chili yet, instead wait just in front of it.
    A few seconds later, go through the chili and then get close to the block, dash
    up through the gap and quickly left so the green pipe doesn't hit you. If the
    green pipe is too close then you did not wait long enough. There is a safe spot
    with a leaf just above. The rest is simple: just wait for a gap to open up
    between all rows - it will come.
    Stage 19:
    Another one of those, just grab a clock and dash to the goal. There are quite a
    few public service trucks but this is really not tricky or anything.
    Stage 20:
    The way I solved this was quite fast, but also requires good timing. The train
    near the start has a gap almost immediately. Dash up to the pink lines but do
    not take the clock yet. Instead, wait just to the right of it. Wait here until
    you are nearly stabbed and there is an opening on the left that continues
    north. Grab the clock and get there, but to the left of the chili, do not take
    the chili yet. The objects will have started moving again. When the pink lines
    above have a gap you can get through, take the chili and make a run for it.
    There should be a gap between the green razor things and free space above it.
    The green lines will also form a gap above and you still have the chili that
    makes this all possible.
    Stage 21:
    Really easy. Go left a bit where you can see a chili just behind the pipes.
    When the chance comes, go up to grab it and dash to the empty space above.
    Continue through the gap above the green pipe and around the corner. This is
    all quite fast thanks to the chili. You are nearly at the top, but wait for a
    clock to appear and take it when there is a clear path.
    Stage 22:
    Do not let the long bus fool you, there are tons of empty spaces and plenty of
    power-ups to make it across within 20 seconds or so.
    Stage 23:
    Quickly run right and if you are really fast you can make it up to the gap as
    you arrive there, else you need to wait a bit for a longer gap again. Wait for
    gaps between the yellow lines as you make it to the chili. It isn't too useful
    right now. Wait for another long gap and wait in front of the clock. When you
    get a big enough gap in the yellow line you can grab the clock and snake up to
    the train gap. You need a good eye to recognize when this is. The rest of the
    level is a waiting game. Look out for a larger gap between the green barrels
    and then work out a way to grab the chili and get through the pink lines that
    go back and forth. They will leave a big enough gap at certain points that you
    can make it without much trouble - it just needs the chili to work.
    Stage 24:
    Another easy one. Go right and through the gap, then around to the left. Grab
    the chili and finally a clock when it looks like you can progress further. The
    path is all quite nice and nothing tricky. As you get out there will be another
    chili waiting for you, but it's not necessary if you don't hit it. Get into the
    orange blocks and walk left along it. Go up at the left side and when you see
    the only available path through the gray pipe - take it! It's quite a close
    shave there so be quick with your approach.
    Stage 25:
    For a change, this one isn't as easy as the previous styles. The middle bit
    alone is quite stuffed with long vehicles. Do not threat because there is a
    way to get through it, and a combination of clock and chili will make this
    work best. Wait for the chance and then dash up as you can. If that is not
    possible in one chance then just grab more power-ups.
    Stage 26:
    This is a long level, and you may run out of time if you miss your chances to
    move ahead when you can. First get through the early parts with the chili and
    the block, there isn't much strategy involved you have not done before.
    Once yo made it past the yellow train it gets trickier. You need to lie and
    wait each for a large gap each time, that can be 10 seconds or so. Move left
    via the small niches and eventually you will make it all the way to the end.
    Stage 27:
    Go left and wait underneath the chili. As soon as the X moves back right and
    quickly go up to grab it. Snake up to the middle but don't worry about reaching
    the clock right now. When the X goes back left, grab the block if you want but
    what you really want to do is wait for the X to move into position so you can
    reach the gap in the green pipe above, but in the middle - not the left. Go
    along with it until you can reach the gap in the middle and then simply wait
    for the chance to reach the goal.
    Stage 28:
    This is the hardest Frogger-style mission. There are so many cars that it seems
    really tough first, but with a single chili you could actually make it across
    with ease.
    Stage 29:
    The way I solved this, I think is the only way to get through. Go left and wait
    until the large gap returns, you can't make it at the start. Grab the chili and
    immediately turn back down, left and go through the small gap. You must do this
    quickly, then as the gap turns left continue up and grab the clock. This should
    give you enough time to get up to the barrels. You could also wait in front of
    the barrels and then dash through. The last line of defense is quite fast but
    there is one large gap that makes it easier.
    Stage 30:
    The first maze part is just like before. Wait the 20 seconds until the maze
    comes back and then go through it as you did earlier in another stage. As you
    come out between the orange blocks, wait for the chance to get up between the
    gray pipes and if the opportunity opens up to advance, dash up to the left next
    to the purple wall. Be careful as it moves back and forth and it's not nice to
    be trapped in there. If you want to make it a little safer, go to the niche at
    the orange block and wait for another opportunity to open up. The rest is all
    about timing as you make it to the final goal.
    Stage 04 472
    Stage 07 301
    Stage 10 606
    Stage 13 342
    Stage 16 902
    Stage 19 765
    Stage 22 332
    Stage 25 331
    Stage 28 929
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