A total play and learning experience for all ages

The new electronic game of thought, action and reaction

ODYSSEY is the new electronic game of the future. It easily attaches to any 18" to 25" (diagonal) television set to create a closed circuit electronic playground. Odyssey is the excitement of Wimbledon, the snow covered slopes of the Rockies, the fast casino action of Monte Carlo. Odyssey is tennis, football, hockey, ski, roulette, cat and mouse, haunted house, table tennis, submarine warfare, states, Simon says, and Analogic. Odyssey is thought, action, and reaction; a host of games of infinite skill and chance. Odyssey is also an electronic teacher of letters and numbers. Odyssey is a total play and learning experience for the entire family. Odyssey includes one master control module, two player controls, six printed circuit game cards, playing accessories, eleven game overlays for 18" to 21" (diagonal) television sets and eleven game overlays to fit 23" and 25" (diagonal) television sets. Odyssey is powered by six "C" cell batteries (included).

ODYSSEY is thought, action and reacion. And it's an eletronic teaching aid, too! It can help your child learn numbers, letters, geography - even abstract thinking! Best of all, ODYSSEY makes learning fun. OFYSSEY is truly a total play and learning experience for the entire family.

ODYSSEY . . . from MAGNAVOX, a leader in the field of quality electronics for over sixty years.

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