BOWLING! A true electronic simulation! You go straight for the pins--or hook from either side of the alley! but once you commit to the hook--you're on the hook! There's no going back. Digital scoring! Sync-sound action! Two to four players. (Lanes change color to let you know when it's your turn.)
BASKETBALL! For ultimate realism, there's even a built-in electronic gravity field! The electronic basketball bounces like a real basketball. If you don't get a clear shot into the basket, the ball hits the rim or the backboard and bounces back into the court! On-screen digital scoring and timer. Sync-sound action! Two players.

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#2 lowest rated O2 sports game (#15 on O2, #18647 overall)


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#7 easiest O2 sports game (#23 on O2, #5768 overall)


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#5 shortest O2 sports game (#22 on O2, #739 overall)


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