FOOTBALL! All the proaction! You captain a team of realistic electronic superstars! Call the signals! Drop back into the pocket and pass--run for the yardage--or try for a field goal! There's a full complement of offensive and defensive play options including widely varying running and passing situations. Just about anything is possible including interceptions! Unique on-screen electronic sensors automate play action! The defensive linemen automatically follow the ball! On-screen digital readouts count down the clock and show the score. Full sync-sound! An electronic crowd cheers! The whistle blows after each play! A triumphant bugle sounds "charge" after every touchdown! Odyssey2 football has everything except instant replays! You'll never see the same thing twice! Two players.

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#8 lowest rated O2 sports game (#26 on O2, #25452 overall)


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#3 easiest O2 sports game (#14 on O2, #3087 overall)


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#8 shortest O2 sports game (#43 on O2, #5987 overall)


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